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<j?he f&etv tlominiou
SstortUy, September 18, 1S80.
We are authorized to announce Emsod
Tewmaht. of District, as a candidate
for Sheriff of Monnngali» county, subject
to the will of the people at the October
rratica or the peace—Clinton District
We are authorised to announce SotoxoM
Faux as a i-aadidata for the otfice of Jus
tice of the Peace for Clinton District
fob asssbsob Eastern District
We are authorized to announce W».
Hnspeo* as an Independent candidate for
Assessor of the Eastern District of Monon
galia county, subject to the will of the peo
ple at the October election.
Western District
At the solicitation of my friends, of both
pnrties, I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Assessor of the Western District
of Monongalia County.
W. W. Taw.
7>> the Voter« of Monongalia County .*
At the urgent solicitation oi many Re
publican *nd Democratic voters of M ti‘vn
galia county. X hava, with no little reluct
ance, consented to become a candidate for
a member of the House of Delegate*. I
can only assure my fellow citizens that
should it be their pleasure to again elect
me, that I will strive to serve them wrth
fidelity, to the very best of my ability.
Uses Hake.
Please announce Smallwood G. Morgan
ns an Independent candidate for election
«s a meiahe.r of the House of Delegates
from the West Side. WEST SIDE.
Mb. Editob :—Please announce that I am
« candidal* for the House of Delegates, to
be voted for at the October election.
hoskttisg ATTORNEY.
W'e are authorized to announce John M.
Davis as an Independent candidate for
Prosecuting Attorney, subject to the will ot
the people at the October election
Mb. Enrron—The friends of Mr. S. 0.
Stewart have determined to run him for
County Surveyor, claiming that he is the
most competent surverer in the County.
Mb. Editob—At the request of many
voters, irrespective of party, we request
you to annonnee John K Ba iuiaokman, of
feast. District, aa a candidate for Comity
Commissioner. MANY VOTERS.
We are authorized to announce Wat. W
John as an Independent candid ale for Coun
ty Commixsieuer subject to the will of the
people at th* October election.
Democratic Meatings.— Democrat
ic Mass Meetings will be hold
At Oak Grove, near AroettsviUe,
on Saturday, September 18th.
At Blaeksville, on Saturday, Sep
tember 25.
At Morgantown, on Monday, Sep
tember 27.
w1 1 -
For neat, cheap Job Work call at
this office.
Don’t forget the meeting at Blacks
vilie on the 25tk.
A great many of our friends we-e
in to see us last week. Come again
I? you want to have a good appe
tite and enjoy health, take “D.'.Liid
Dos’ ? forget that our next Govern
or, Hon, J. 11. Jackson, wifi be at
Arnevtstille next Saturday.
Dr. CALLEr,of Det;oit, says: ‘ Sel
lers’ Liver Pills' are adm’.iably calcu
lated for biliousness and headaches.”
G. W. Lazeak is in New York lay
ing in another stock of goods, for the
excellent firm of Liuear, Finnell &
The Morgantown and Pt. ‘Marion
Brass Bands w;ll furnish music for
the Grand Rally here on the 27th of
this month.
Democrats turn out on the 27th,
and show the natives that the De
mocracy can hold a good meeting at
Our farmers are in the midst of
corn cutting and seeding. Corn is
very good and a large crop will be
will receive a fresh impetus next
Saturday. Go to Amettsville and
see how it is done.
Rev. Graham, of Kingwood, occu
pied the pulpit of the Presbyteran
Church in this place last Sunday,
morning and evening.
Tnr West Virginia Wool Grower’s
and Sheep Breder’s Association will
hold its annual meeting at Wells
burg, Brooke county, to-day (15th
i ist).
Tns Mite Society of the Presbyte
rian Church met at Mrs. Wilson’s last
Thursday evening. The attendance
was large and a pleasant evening was
Let the Democrats of every dis
trict or sub-district report to us im
mediately wheu and where they will
meet to come to town on the 27th in
There is some talk of organizing
a “Hancock Marching Club” at this
place, aud procuring a nice uniform.
This we call a wise move, and wish
it success.
Two or three heartless wretches
caught a dog. near the head of Main
street last Saturday night, and cut
its ears off. The law ought to reach
such cussedness.
Ih a private letter received from
Mr. W. L. Jacobs, of Indianapolis, he
says “Put dowu Indiana for Hancock
ami English. ‘ We say all right and
promise to do i t.
Those who want to make sure of
seeing the next Governor should go
to Amettsville on next Saturday, for
Jake Jackson will surely be there
and speak to the people.
Let every citizen avoid the dan
gerous experiment of trying to get
along without his county paper, or
If the Radical rowdies, who per
sist in disturbing the meetings of the
Hancock Club, do not desist irons so
doing, they will be taught a lesson,
which they will never forget.
The largest political meeting that
has been held in this country this
Summer came off at Morris X Roads
last Saturday, at which time a large
hickory Hancock pole was raised.
If according to dad Caldwell,there
is not a hole in hell hot enough for a
Democrat,” won’t "old Nick" have a
problem to solve when he gets hold
of Caldwell?’—Kinawood Argns.
Democrats of the several Districts
in this county should organize at
once and make arrangements for at
tending, en masse, the meeting to be
held at Morgantown on the 27th.
Read Hirschman’s big “ad.” He
U a live man, keeps good goods for
sale cheap and lets the people know
it through the eolum is of the New
Dominion. No wonder he does a
good business.
tD. J\EW liOMINiOH:-As CUT. i'lUMJ
land’sGreenliack fi lends are unanimous
for his election for Prosecuting Attor
ney, and declare that he must be a can
didate, can't you bulldoze him. II.
Decker's Creek.
Dr. 1 Ioksfy P. Fitch has located at
Stewarts tow a and is ready to attend
to the wants of suffering humanity
in that vicinity. We bespeak for him
kindness at the hands of the good
people of Union District.
The farmers of .his conn y should
lepra that it p«vs to cover their steep
hills w’.h sheen. Many oJ ihem are
fit for little else and are just the
jjlacos for this business and the
price of wool is sufficiently lion to
make it p.ofltable.
Good speakers from Pec ’sylvanin
will be he e oil t he 27,b, so let the
Hancock Clubs fit in Faye etc and
Greene counties come over c.id help
us to make it a tint’ long to be re
membered by the petiole of Monon
galia county.
We acknowledge the re ipt of a
complimentary ticket to the Clarks
burg Fair. This is probably the most
successful Agricultural Association in
the State. It gives liberal premiums
and endeavors in every other way to
please the people, and give an exhi
bition wor^h attending.
IIirjoiiman s inline iso stock of
Fall clothing is on his shelves and
for sale at bottom figures. He has
about twice as much clothing as any
one ever btought to town, anti can
su't aU in style and price He ia
v’tcs the public to call and see bis
Mr. Laishley Weaver has about
five hundred earn'd Hancock (lags.
They were bought So accommodate
the Hancock Clubs that are coining
here on ihe 27th, to he used by them
o i that dav. Let every Club procure
as ninny as they want at once. They
can be had for 5 and 10 cents a
A report has ga.oed some curren
cy here ilu.t Prof. Geo. D. Pin inton
was an applicant for the Principal
sh;p of the Clarksburg Graded
School. The report is entirety with
out foundation. Mr. Lynch, the
present Principal, thought of resign
iug anil Mr. Purin'on was solicited
to apply for it, but did not do so.
The young gentlemen of the Mor
gantown Batid are giv'ng much at
tention to their music, and several
times each week they may be heard
practicing. They make good music,
a id can be engaged for political
meetings at reasonable rates. We be
lieve in encouraging the boys end
help!ng them to keep up their organ
The Tims for Holding toe Fair
Changed.—The Directors of the Mon
ongalia Agricultural Association he'd
a meeting a few days eince and deter
mined to jKislponee the time for hold
ing the Fair one day,as the first day,
according to the first arrangement,
would fali on election day. The Fair
will open on the 13th, instead of the
12th, as heretofore announced.
To all Hancock Clubs in the coun
ty we will say, begin to prepare at
once for the GRAND RALLY here
on the 27th of this month. Procure
your banners and flags, and make ar
rangements to come to town in a
body. We will have the largest ] o
litical meeting ever held in Morgan
town. Hancock Clubs and Demo
crats from adjoining counties are es
pecially in\ ited to attend.
Death of Wm. Shank.—William
Shank died at Ids mother's residence,
on high street,last Friday, 10th inst.,
of typhoid fever,aged about 24 years.
Deceased was an honest, industrious
young man, and had the respect of
the whole community. He leaves a
wife and one child to mourn bis un
timely death, who have the sympa
thy of our people. The remains
were followed to their last resting
place in Oak Grove Cemetery on Sun
day afternoon by a large concourse of
Railroad talk is again rife here,
and is about the only thing to relieve
the monotony of politics. A. G. Da
vis informs us that he attended a
railroad meeting at Claysvillo, Pa.,
last week, and that the railroad fever
is still raging along the route of the
Pittsburgh Sou them, though Waynes
burg and lllacksville may capture
the road and we not get it after all.
In that event, possibly all the oth
er roads through this section will not
make a net work thick enough to se
riously interfere with farming opera
The camp fires of the Democracy
are burning brightly, in the county,
State and Nation. The republicans
doing the best they can under the
mg to keep up their courage.
Mess is. H. D. Hid N.lLMt’G forge,
in conjuuct'on w>th their brooui
works, have established a ma. tress
facto-y and are prepared to manufac
ture to order or to repair mattresses
on short notice. As mattresses arc
coming into such gene-al use,this w'U
be a great convenience to our people.
Governor Jacob B. Jackson has
bitn invited to attend the meeting on
the 27th. He has an engagement
previously made for that dav,bet pos
engagemept and be w'tb us. He will
tH,sif'relj/ be at Oak Grove on the
18th and may be induced to coco
to Morgantown on the 27ili.
Now is the Gene to ha\e your ban
ners painted to be used in .lie pro
cession hero on the 27th. Let every
Hancock Club have severs' ha icrs
pain.cd ibr that o fission. The Penn
sylva ia Clubs that come n"c re
spectiiil'y o^ked to Ini"g their ban
ners along with them and if any of
them have unuouari, to come in their
Ths 27th of this month is looked
forward to by ail ciiixeus of Move 1
galia cotiuiv, as the “biggest’ day
the county has ever ace. The |>eo
ple u'-e going >o turn out by the hun
dreds to hear the issues o' the day
discussed by p-undue at speakers
• f'otn Pen b sylvan'a, West Virg o’s,
a.id perhaps o* her .Spates, Como oue!
Court all!!
Oi:i,an jo Sjiav Esq., we u jde:
atsad. is a Candida e lor re-elee ton
to the cilice of Justice of the Peace
in New C' t'k Dis .ict. Mr. Shay
has he'd .be above panned office ,or
the past four years a id has shown
hi'use'' em'neil'y qualfied and a
man wo' .hv in every respect to hold
the position, and w:U without a
doubt, be re-elec. od by a large ma
jo iy,—A'cyser Tribune.
Died.-—Fits Maple-youngest son of
Mr. Thos. Maple who resides in Cass
Dist ict near Roecda'e, diet! at his
fathers residejee on Tuesday, Aug.
24 h. after a snort ibress. Deceased
was an exemplary boy, andli’.s early
death is deeply regie.'.'d by h's
friends. Ills boyhood gave protrisc
of a useful and noble manhood. We
extend our sympathies to his afflicted
A call Quarterly Conference will
be hold in Morgantown, at 2 o’clock,
p, m., Saturday, September 16th.
As many as can please be present.
To be ind:fferent to jour own inter
est and duty by staying at home and
leaving others to do the very best
they can and then to grumble, is
both utkind and unchristian.
There will be p••caching at Mafds
ville on the 19th rust at the usual
Diornieg hour. A. T. C halle,
Morgantown. Sept. 30. Pastor.
PitooEKuiMis of Cass District
Boabd or Edcca' ion.—The Board of
Education of Cass D:st ict met at
Osageviile, September 6th, 1880, and
ordered a levy often cents oa the
hundred dollars for teacher's fund,
and four cents on the h.i ’dl-ed dol
lars for building fund, they then pro
ceeded to appoint tile following
No. 1—Fort Martin. I. A. Eve iy.
No. 2.—Ma'dsville, <!. W. Smith.
No. 3.—1). 1!. Wale s.
No. 4.—Pin town W. FI. Hart.
No. 5.—Moua ain Tea. John Laird.
No. 6.— Stumptown, George C. Cole.
No. 7.—Cassville. M. C. Ramsey.
No. 8.—Buckeye, David Wi dman.
No. 9.—Osagev’lle. Oiis W. Waters.
No. 10.—CassviUe Waite • Majic1.
_ Sec’y.
A large and enthusiastic meeting
was held by the “Victor Hancock
Club,” at Dorsey's School House,last
Saturday nigh:. I)’. Mackey was
the orator, and we are sorrv we were
not p'-esent to bear bis speech, as wc
learn from persons who were present
that the Doctor made a ; el'log speech,
which brought down the House with
frequent demons' rations of applause.
He diseussed the issues of this can
vass in a forcible manner. As a
Democratic Club meeting it was
quite a success.
Since writing the above we learn
that MLouis Hagaik ri> our highly
esteemed Ge man friend a'so made
a No. 1 speech, which was highly ap
preciated bv the audience. The
Club will be out in power on the 27th.
FBv our Sooeial Renorter 1
There are 53 students euro lied in
the College Department and 57 in
the Preparatory—110 in all.
Cadet Lee Alik're, of Lewis coun
ty, has been quhe sick with typhoid
fever for the last week. He is some
better now and we trust he will soon
be out again.
The cadets have been divided into
squads for the purpose of instruction
in the rudiments. There were fifty
five present at the first drill on Tues
day evening, September 7th. Every
thing bids fa:r for splendid success
in the Millitary Department this
Tiie two new members of the Fac
ulty, Major Lee and Prof. Latham,
are both pleasant and cultured gen
tlemen and well fitted for their re
spective positions, and we predict for
them quite a degree of popularity.
W. II. Seamon, formerly Adjutant
of the Corps of Cadets, arrived in
town on Friday and remained with
us until Monday. He will attend
the University of Virginia this year.
We wish him unbounded success.
Cadet Lupton was called home last
week to attend the funeral of his fa
ther. He made many friends during
his brief stay among us, and he and
the bereaved family have our heart
felt sympathy.
Don't forget the meeting of the
Haueock Club at their Club rooui
this evening,
M k. Editor ;—The independent vot
ers of Monongalia county are deter- j .
mined to support Joseph Moreland, Ksq ,
for Prosecuting Attorney. The de
mand tor his candidacy is too general
to admit of denial, and we hope Mr.
Moreland will yield to the solicitation of
his fnends and announce himself with
out further delay.
Pehsonai. Mkxtioh.—Florence' M.
Wagner and wi e, of Wheeling, are
visiting at Mr. Wtn. Wagner's.
Mr. Will W. Robison, of Stewart s
towu, is prostrated with typhoid fe
We hud a call f ont old friend.
Sa u’l O. Robison, on Monday.
Mr. Joshua larw has our thanks
for a treat of most excellent apples 1
given us last week.
Mrs. E. T. C. Richmond left last
week to join her husband at Ca lisle
Pa., after visiting her pa-ents a d j
other friends here for a i'ew weeks. f
Miss Mattie Oohtiu is visiting I
Meads in Clarksburg,
Miss Matiie Protzmaa left here last
Monday for Kansas, where we learn,
she will teach during the coming
P. J. Wright is at home again, af
ter a s-ay of several weeks iu P'tls
The family of Mr. Wm. Smith, of
Maidsvillc, in company with James
Duzeubetry, have gone to Missouri.
Mr. S. still remains in this couiuy to
sente up his bus ness when he will
leave fo" the West.
51 8. F. A. Kindc-man wee Wal
lace, of Clio eland Ohio is visiting
her umdo, ('o*. A. Fairch'ld, in Dur
ba’inah. She w' II leave for her hone
this week.
Me. J, J. Fixh is suffering Com
the effects of hemorrhage of the
lungs, though we leaAi he is much
better at this time.
T. Pe rv Jacobs has been noxpn
a.ed by the Republicans of Wetzel
eountv for Prosecuting Attorney.
Pe ry is a nice man a id a good law
ye but Wetzel docsftt elect Repub
lican Prosecutors.
Our young friend. T. H. U. Stag
gers, was uo.nija.ed by *he Mtulon
county Repuhi'ea i Convention for
Prosecuting Atto mey.
llev. W. C. Snodgrass and wi re are
at Moiridsv 'e on a flying U'ip to
see sick f cuds. They w ill re, u. u
on F. iday O" Saturday.
Il«n. Jns. T. McCIrskey is off on
a visit to Rurhie, Wood aid other
counties, 11c w'U lie absent about
two weeks.
M rs. Lucy Ciise , of Front Royal,
Va., Is v'sil’ng lie mother, Mrs. C.
W, Fla tell and other relatives in
this place.
Miss Jen'be M’.Han. o' West Mo
ga.itown, who has been v'siling rela
tives in Ma' ion con , tv for some time
time past. • e.urned home last week.
Mrs. Il'liee Wilson, of C hicago, is
visiting her fa lie, M:\ 1). 11. Chad
wick, in this 'dace.
D". L. L. ('air and wife went home
the first of the week, a A er a short
visit with Are ids he e.
Among ihe numerous friends who
favored us with visits last week wee
Jackson Smith. W. F. Holt James
Robison, A. G. l)av!s, Chariie Late,
J. M. McCoy, E. A, Paid email ami
others, whose names we have forgot
Mr. J. W. Smith, is reading law
with Messrs. Wilfev and Moreland.
D. Clark Hoffman is attending the
Clarksburg Fair.
We were g stifled to meet Mr. W.
E. Watson, of White Day, in our of
fice last week.
Elza Slice s, of Row'esburg, was
in town on a visit the first of this
We noticed Re v. J. L.Simpson and
bis little son ou the Strait last Tues
Wm. G. Brown jr., of Klogwood
was in town yesterday.
Dr. H. B. Lazier pud little son, / r
thur, a~e on a trip East.
Mr.Geo. K. Iviger leaves for Louis
ville Ky., io-noorrow (Thursday') to
take a posit on in a telegraph office.
He informs us that Alias Ella Kra
mer, of Greensboro, will take his
place in the office here.
We are in rece’pt of screral com
munications from various par s of
the county railing upon M*. Joseph
Moreland to announce himself as a
Candida'e for Prosecuting Attorney.
The request or demand is bo general,
we do not see how he is to dodge it.
A tele on am received by* Mrs.
Dickey, on Monday, infix ming her
of the death of her brother by an ac
cident. We have no particulars.
Married.—Mr. Rawley Kiger, eon
of Lee Roy Kiger, and a Miss From,
of Clinton District, weie married at
Taylortov n last Thursday.
Professor Stevenson’s Paper.—
Prof. J. J. Stevenson who has charge
of the geology of Greene, Fayette,
Washington and Westmoreland
counties, for the second geological
survey of Pennsylvania, has finished
careful measurements and explora
tions in Virginia’s part of the “Great,
Ohio Canal Basin” in Lee, Scott,
Dickenson, Wise and Buchanan, and
prepared au elaborate paper on the
same, which he will publish through
one of the learned societies of Phila
delphia. Prof. S. has had a large
experience in the study of the north
ern portion of the Great Ohio Goal
Basin, in Pennsylvania and Ohio,
where it is most developed, so his
conclusions on the Virginia part of
the basin will be exceptionally valu
able and conclusive. We learn that
the analyses of the coals he collected,
made by McGreath, of the Pennsyl
vania survey, show surprising re
sults in purity and colorific proper
ties. This report will be eagerly
looked for.—ConntlUvillt Courier.
Mass Meetiny:
Monday, September 27,1880.
Then’ will he a GRAND RALLY
>f the Democracy at Morgantown,
W. Va., on the 87th of September.
The following are among the Sjieak
irs that will be present:
Hon. W. L. WILSON,
of Clarksburg,
hid prominent Sjteahers
from Pennsylvan ia.
All persons who favor good gov
■rnment, parity in the administra
ion of affairs, both State and Na
ionul, arc invited to come and hoar
he issues discussed by able speak
ts. Come one and all! Come with
'our banners and in processions and
nake the day a glorious one for the
an sc of Democracy.
The Mass Meeting to be held at
lorgantown on the 27th will be ad
dressed by some of the ablest speak
rs in the United States and nil
hould turn out and hear the speak
Lift of Jurors drawn on the 28th
ay of July, 1880, to attend before
lie County Court of Monongalia
-‘minty, September term, 1880:
East Side—Enoch Moore, Win. If.
’hillips, Joshua Mayfield, Zackwell
)unn, Win. J. Powell, Silas S. Pow
II, Amar.iah Shahan, George May
eld, Braddock Hall, Joseph Smell,
oseph II. Powell.
West Side—Moses L. Core, Wm.
i. Arnett, Aiidrew Arnett, Jr., M.
‘rands, John H. Spragg, Elijah
lovla, Alexander Ilcnnen, William
lineh, Win. P. Everley, James L.
iawliss, Thomas M. Gregg, James
V. Holland, Win. M. Thompson, Mu
ion Camp, Stephen Marker, Martin
’. C. Brookover, John W, Huught,
lobinson Layton.
Teste: A. Haymond, Clerk.
HACKSVILLE, September 25.
There will be a joint mass meeting
r the Democrats of Greene County,
a., and Monongalia county, at
lacksville, on September 25th.
mongthesjieakers that will be pres
it are J. A. J. Buckhannan, David
rawford, James Ingram, Esq., and
on. A. A. Furman. Ix:t all attend,
good time is anticipated.
Baltimore Cattle Markets.—
rices Iasi week for beef cattle ranged
5 follows 3 Best beeves, and 5j
:nts; that generally rated lirst qual
y, 3.j and 4^ cents; medium or good
uir quality,2} and 3^cents;ordinary
tin steers, oxen and cows, 2 and
jnts. Most of the sales were made
t from 3£ to 4^ cents.
ursons knowing themselves to be
idebted to Joe M. Wood are request
l to call at the Standard Store and
;ttle their accounts, as they are now
ne. Short settlements make long
Hurrah tor the Brave General
ancock! Give him a rousing boom
D the 27tb of this month. He fought
> save onr country and we should
ippoft him with all our might now
ir President of the country which
e saved at Gettysburg.
Mart Democrats complain of ill
eatmeut by the Radicals of Mor
antown, and for that reason object
) attending Democratic meetings
ere. We hope, however, they will
ly aside this prejudice and turn
ut solid on the 27th.
Has Returned!!!
and the Finest line of Cents’ Furnishing Goods,
Trucki, ValiiN. Umbnlhs ifi bit Variety Carried from tki Eiftera Mvti,
Now, let those buy who never bought before.
And those who always bought now buy the
Having the interest of our customers always at heart, and
with a fixed determination to make the coming Fail and Win
ter season one of unusual activity, we have, previous to the
advance in goods, bought and contracted for over f> 15,000
worth of goods, which we have now in stock, and are resolved
to place before the public at the
250 prs Heavy Jeans & Worst
ed Pants, lined, at 90 cts.
worth gl.25.
150 prs extra Heavy Worsted
Pants, lined,at $1.25 worth
Good Heavy Working Coats.
Jti. 75 worth JS2.50.
Good Heavy Suits, $4 worth JS6
Good Satinet Suits,$4.50 worth
The Genuine Keystone Worst
ed Suits, £5.85 worth-48.50
Fine Cheviot Suits, $6 to £10.
Union Cassimere Suits, #5,
£5.50 *6, #6.50.
French Worsted Suits, $12 to
Heavy Overcoats, $1.75 worth
Fine Overcoats, from #6 to $15
Remember the above is only a part of the prices of our im
I men.se Slock. To enumerate them all would reejuire the
space of this whole paper, We have our store crowded with
goods and invite your inspection. Call early and be re
I warded. Yours, Truly,
Carracos Building, MAIN STRKET.
At 25 cts. we offer good Un
dershirts and Drawers.
At 25 cts. we offer one dozen
At 25 cts. we offer good Work
ing Shirts.
At 25 cts. we offer 4 pairs of
good Hose.
At 25 cts. we offer all wool
At 40 cts. wc offer Unlaundried
At 75 cts. we offer fine Un
laundried Shirts worth 51.
At 90 cts. we offer Navy Blue
Shirts worth £1.25'
At 40 cts. we offer Heavy
Leather Bound Overalls.
Suspenders from 10 cts. up,
Linen Collars, jocts.
Factory Facts.—Close confine
ment, careful attention to all factory
work, gives the operatives pallid faces,
poor appetite, languid, miserable feel
iugs, poor blood, inactive liver, kidneys
and urinary troubles, and all the phy
siciaim and medicine in the world can
not help them unless they get outdoors
or use flop Bitters, made of the purest
and boat remedies, and especially for
such cases, having abundance of health
sunshine and rosy checks in them.
None need suffer if they will use them
freely. They cost hut a trifle. See
another column. _
< Iall at llirschnmu’s for the cheap
est and best Boots in town.
At Shisier’s New Iron Store, can
be found a full stock of the best Iron
and Nails of all sizes, at the very
lowest prices.
The largest stock of Boots in
town at. S. I). Hirschman’s.
“American Cider Mills,” none bet
ter made, for sale very cheap, at Shis
ier’s New Iron Store.
Immense stock of Clothing Just re
ceived at Hirschmau’s Morgantown
Clothing Hall.
Cooking Stoves and all kinds of
the nicest Hollow ware ever brought
to Moagantown, for sale at Shisier’s
New Iron Store.
Puke Rye Whiskey, for medicinal
purposes, for sale at t he Commercial
Hotel Saloon.
Dk. Geo. B. Morris, Dentist, will
be in Morgantown oa the 11th day
of October, and remain twelve days.
The new Dominion and Wheeling
Weekly Register $2.40 a year. Send
in your subscriptions now and get
two cheap, good papers.
Fine line of Men’s Furnishing
Goods just received at S. D. Iiirsch
A complete stock of Revolvers,
from $2 up, for sale at Shisier’s New
Iron Store.
A fuli, stock of general Hardware,
an hand and arriving, at Shisler’e
New Iron Store.
Messrs. Laze ah, Finneli. <k Ob,
have already received a lot of their
Fall Goods. Go and sec t hem. JSv
sry thing cheap as flirt, for cash.
Burden's Horse Shoes, the very
best Norway Nail Rod and Horse
Shoe Nails, at Shisier’s Ne\f Iron
Timothy Seed for sale at Shisler’s
New Iron Store.
For nice, cheap Dry GroaUs, Boots,
Shoes or Hats, go to Laze»r, Finneli
<fc Go's.
Subscribe for the New Dominion
from now until after the Residential
Election—only 23 cents.
I----it1—" ... . j.i_';-u!=->
Pursuant to the provisions of a decree
of the Circuit Court of Monongalia
<'minty, Went Virginia, rendered l>y
said Court, at Its sjieclal term, held on
the 2<>tli day of July, (880, in the can so
of George r, McBride versus Harvey B.
Chess, ei ul., the undersigned, Hpecial
Commissioner in said decree named,will
TUESDAY, the 28th day of SEFI’EM
BEK, 1880,
(being the second day of the September
term, 1880, of the County Court of said
County and State),on the public ground,
in front of the Court House door,In Mor
gantown, in said county and State, soil
the undivided moiety of the thirteen
thousand four hundred and eight acres
of land, more or less, situate, lying and
lieing in Monongalia and Preston coun
ties, West Virginia, known ns “THE
lively, and on the following terms:
Enough of said purchase money to pay
the costs of said suit and sale.to tie cash
In hand, and for the residue a credit of
li, 12 and 18 months to be given, the
purchaser executing bonds, with ap
proved personal security, for said defer
red payments, iiearing interest from the
ilay of sale, arid a lien retained on suit!
real estate, and its appurtenances so
sold, for said unpaid purchase money.
Upon said premises are several valuable
(arms, fine water power, a valuable
louring mill, iron furnaces, and several
valuable dwelling houses, Ac.
L. 8. HOUGH,
Aug. 21, 1880, HpecbdCommlsBloner.
Kureka Mills.
We have just added new Corn Burrs
uid other improvements to the Eureka
Mills and are now better prepared than
jver for all business in our line. The
best of work guaranteed to all our eua*
Loniers, We have all the facilities for
li*l>sU:hing work promptly.
Thompson & Aujsnder.
Foot of Walnut St., Morgantown.
Is it possible that nine pounds of
slogant white sugar can be bought
in town for a dollar? It is a fact.
Go to Lazear, Finnell & Co.’s store
for the proof. They are selling nice
White Sugar at 9 lbs. for a dollar, or
: Jeven pounds of Brown Sugar for a
Only Think of it!—Twenty yard*
>f good Brown Muslin, at Lazear,
Finnell <fc Co.'s for only one dollar?
Buy now, while goods are s» cheap.
Candidates who leave their an
nouncements at this oflice, finat-cofo
Janied by the usual fee, need not be
nrprised if we forget to insert their
T. W. Ani>ekson’s two large red
wagons are in constant use delivering
the black diamonds to customers
ibout town. His prices range from
cents to cents per bushel, ac
cording to grade. Orders may be
eft, at Geo. W. John’s Store.
A bally named Turner attempted
,o “clean out” the village of Taylor
own, Pa., last week,but was scrious
y wounded and arrested before he

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