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tiik inquest into this cause*
or (hr Recent Ha 11 road Disaster Do
volops Toatinioi.t Showing that
tho Fr«l|{ht Kii((liiner wan Hi
lariously Intoxicated.
Tinrilf, O., J inutry 8. —The coroner be
K»n bU examination into the causes leadinf
to the recent wreck ou the Baltin) >r» an.:
Ohio at Republic. The inquest was held it
the luwii Hall, which has a venting inpeciti
of 2,000, atul it was crowdei with spactator*.
K >ough has a)re id/ been ellcite I from the
testimony to exc.te tho u'iniHt in liquation
among all classes here. It is now | rAty cer
tain that th» engineer of the freight train
wa« bofudde I with drink when the accident
occurred, or it would not have been so disas
trous in Lts effects. The testimony shoe*
the freight iuen were running on the known
time of the limited exprest. The first wit
nt*ss wss F. Fletcher, conductor of th*
freight train, He said:
Kd. Kiler was engineer of the freight, anti
W. J. Cull is in Orem in. We ran fro n Tifltr
to the Hmeca siding, al o.it three an 1 on«
half miles cast of here, a id side-tracked for
the oa»t-txunl expr'ss. Arter this trail
passed we had 45 minutes in which to make
tho 1 to put >li 3 siding. We leTt this place with
14 ) pounds of steam. After going two inile*
I noticed that the train was slackening. J
went forward over the cirs. 18 in nunilior
to tho engine to see what was wrong. I
found that the steam hat run down to 4
(icunds. I < p no 1 the door of this furnace
and looked at the fire, then 1 >oked at my
watch, and saw that we had but four min*
utes until N). C, tho west-bound express, wr«
duo. I to >k a red and white lantern and ran
ahea 1 to fl ig hjr, 1 got all tut 100 yardi in
vui vo HIM lO (4top.
A* the express approached I noticed that
tbe eugin or ha I M'vrwl bis engine. In
tbs moantime the freight had come to a
stand, an<t th» engineer had shu ■ . (T steam
and Jump *d i IT sruen the collision occurred.
The engineer ha l been drinking. I saw bin.
tak> two drinks of whisky at Bloom lali and
two at Fostorla. When i saw wo had bu<
four minutes to make the siding at Republic
tbe engineer did nit seem to realize the dan
ger ahead. I tried to get pissengers out ol
the burning cars O.ie man was j mime l be
tween the smokor and ladies' car. I tried to
get him ou. but the (1 lines drove me away
and he had to burn. I heard no shrieks or
cries of others in the burning cirs.
W. J. Cullison, tlreman on the freight, win
next called. He aa'd he was a farm hand
and had ba?n on the road tut threo weeks
and never knew anything about the business
before. IlecoutinuMi:
We had trouble in keeping up the (Ire. We
bai 140 pounds of steam whan we left t^enecs
s.ding. The train ran four or five miles when
the steam was down tofU pounds. We were
then going about three in les per hour. The
c-inductor came in and looked at the (Ire and
said it was all right. Then th» couiuctor
went ahead to ti g, and seeing tho express
coming, he ye lei back for ui to jump. After
tbe collision I tried to get parsons out. I saw
parsons in there burning, but I was so excited
I oould tell but little about it.
Caarlei, onydar, of C)lumbu«, O., was
front brakom nn on the freight. Ha sold:
1 was in the cab of the engine and noticed
that they had but one gauze of wa'er when
they should have at least three. 1 was going
ahead to li ig, but tbe conductor grah'ied t >o
lantern an 1 went. I knew nothing about
either the conductor or engineer drinking. At
the collision I saw a man hanging ha'f way
„U5 of the smoker, wdo call ad to me for God’s
take to help him out. The man was supposed
to be M. H. Parks, of Washington. I heard
uo one on the inside of tho smoker.
Thomas F. Heskett, of Wheeling, W. Va.
conductor of the express on t>*e night of the
collision, testified:
Tbe express was three m<natea late at Rv
public. I had about sixty (>as*engt,r<, 14 or
15 in the smoker. O.’ that number 5 escaped
from the smoker, 2 by being thrown out
of the top of the car umnjn-el anl 3
somewhat injured. I tbink there were not
more than ten killed. I have in my posses
sion a card thrown from the smoker bearing
the oame of M. H. Parks, Washington. D. C.
There was writing on the card which a broth
er of the deid min recognizjd. Of the num
ber killed the names of 7 are known. B. J
H ile ,of Rowan, Ind , was the rear brake
wan on the fre'gat, and wbe » the collision
occurre i he took a lantern and went to the
rear about a milo to fl ig any other train that
might be coming.
John H. Gardner, of Meclnnlcsville, la.,
who was returning from a budnes* trip to
Maryland, was a pueengor on the doomed
express, and is among the dead. He was a
memiier or Helmer & Co., dealers in general
merchan 1i«e.
John Ober, of Milton Center. Union
couuty, O., is looking for his father, Divid
Cbser, who purchased a ticket Monday morn
ing at Harrisburg. I’*., for Chicago, and is
supposed to have been on the tra n, in is much
•s ha has not ben heird from.
A Itnnn u ay Match Which Almost
Ended In a l-'nuernl.
Miss Emma Harrit, and Mr. Peer Owens
were rnirried at JefTersoavilU, Ky., by
Vqulre Kdgwin. Mr. Ow ns is the owner
»>f a saw indl near Williamsburg, Ky., while
the young lady is ihe daughter of a • M ,un
taiu Crcult" preacher. The young lady's
father was np/ntl to ihi matci an I threat »
ene»l to short tin groom, but the
latter hire I a boitmnn Hiturday
night, and, taking the girl, male the trip
from Rarboarsvilie, her b >me. to Williamse
burg by tie Cumberland river. The distanc
by water Is aliout seventy lire miles, and
the p irty arrived at Willi tmdnirg, Him lay
< vening at fi o’clock. The gr<.orn’s ears were
badly frost bit’en and the girl w«a nearly
fr< t -n.
The irate father, supposing that the elopers
hid driven to Jdlfc >, the neirest railroad
itiMon to B irb rnrsvl I- went thither with a
party of mou itain ers Htturdsr night, but,
o'd fl wlmg them, it is suppoed, gave up
lbe search.
\ll on Board go Down wlib i|ir
Mhip W rn ke«| on Virginia It *, h
Eater pirticular* from the wreck of the
< t tman ship K1 t iheth, which went aahore
on Virginia leach, 14 miles south of flaps
Henry. put tb* numler of the crew at 22 In •
*t#ad of 15, not a mm of whom was save!
This fact la learned from the two men of the
Ufa Having crew who survive and who re
oavered consciousness. The bodies of five
man of the Ltfe Hsvlng crew and four of the
ship’a crew whlcT were rec >verwI, were in
life preaerv. rs, end three more of the ship's
crew without life preserves were pfcked up
lower down the coaat. A tody which has
l*en identifl si as that of the captain is among
those rec. vered. On bis person was a photo
graph marked -4*ptajn F {fslberrnan
The Inquest Fut abllshlng tli« Iden
tity of Those Killed at llcpubllc.
Coroner Lspper'4 inquiry into tba Republic
horror wu continue 1 Monday morning. The
drat testimony taken wan that of Kl. L.
Wagoner, of Meehan ictburg, Pa., and spe
cial agent for the Baltimore and Ohio road
■t that point. H»a evidence clearly estab
lished the fact that Frank D. Bowman, of
Ennark, Ilia, en route from Mrcbanicsburg
to his home, was a victim of the wreck.
Young Bowman was a coach painter ami
•arried a can of brushes by which he lias
b.-en traced all along the line of his j inrney.
can was found in the debris of the
Jacob Brenner, of Berrien Centre, Mteh.,
leslillid in reference to his brother-in-law,
j David Ober, of Oberlln, as did also Ben*
jtinin K.Otier, of Harrisburg, a son of Mr.
1 Qber. There is now no doubt that Mr. Ol«er
! i* among the victims, as the evidence shows
; 'hat he bought his ticket, got on the train at
t H irrisburg, and was transferred In an oninl*
j bus at Martinsburg, W. Va , to the Balti*
more f ,d Ohio road In tlm » f >r the fast train.
He was on his way to Michigan to visit his
I children Bring there. He was 74 and a
i widower
| John Toaea, the Irish immigrant Injured
m the wreck, was taken to MtmfleM Sun*
! lay morning for treatment Information
I has lie in receive 1 of two other passenger*
who ascsped from the wreck, and Coroner
j L»pper will endeavor to secure lhair afll la
vita Markham Parks, of Ooonomawao,
j Win., and his brother*!n-law, H. A.Thoma«,
j of Washington, identitUi the remains of M.
H. Parks an 1 this morning took thorn to
I Washington.
Attorney J. I* Co’.e. of lt-qiuhlic, says that
1 after the fa*t train had passed tho curve
the engineer still had 14 > rods, or 2,1110 feet,
in which to have stoppi-1 the train after it
hail corns in full view of the headlight of the
Mr. William (i irtner, of Baltimore, and
Mrs. J. 8. (lortner, of Mecanlcsville, la.,
have found substancial pro if that Mr. J din
S. Oortner was among tlu victims. A tele*
{ram to CJTuiiar 1 states that an at or*
tjey of B oomiugton, III., who was on hi* way
horn» from the Fast, has been missing since
Pie wreck, an 1 fears are entertained that he,
too, is among the iniss ng.
I’ROZKN IN His ill,no|».
Hriitul Treatment ofn Man Who If ml
Been Shot at n Dance.
Friday night, when the thertnimsUr indi
I rated some thirty old decrees helow zsro,
H 1 ward McsgliT, ah ut 8> years o'd, n nrtel
to walk from St. Paul, Minn., t> Fort Snsl
Bng, a distance of six miles At Mmdota, a
mile fn in Ft. Sidling, li» stopp'd in a pub
i'c hall whore a dawn was in progress. Bev.
eral of the men present word intoxicate I, and
••mo of thorn not upon Meagher. After a
quarrel shotguns wrere produo *d and
four of the half drunken dancer*
lie’.pod fill Meagher's lo ly full of shot. One
charge took efTs-t in his h-nl and neck and
the other in his limt.8. E gbt of the ruffians
then bound Meigher hand and foot, and,
placing him uncovered in a long box sleigh,
I drove him three nnlew to the bouse of JuUics
! Bryant, where he was left.
The msn ha l bled profusely, and as the
I warm blood IIowed it frcxi mtautly, fas*
• toning the wounded man to the boards thnt
formed the bottom of the s'oigh. His hands,
face and fee; were badly froxin. and it soems
almost a miracle th it any 1 fe was left in
him. He was ta'ten to Kt. Paul awl
is now at the City II sspital. Justice Bryant
| released the asslilants on their own recogni
zance, because, he siyf, they to’.d h m Mea*
gher began the tlght. Meigher cannot re
cover, b!o xl prisoning having set in, In ad
dition to his wounds and exp xure,
‘‘a«l I- ate of .Vow Hampshire Hunters
—Snow Four Fcvt Deep.
George Leighton an J Frank Mel ityre, of
Farmington. New II impshire, went hunting
last Fri lay afternoon. A'.out 2 o’clock in
the afternoon a blizz »rd cune down from the
mountain4, (tending the mercury far h-low
zero, while at the lami time a terrific snow
storm »et in. Ho intense was the cold that
when the g«.lw fpruog up the nv>n, only two
m las from home, were unable to return.
L ighfon while walking half a mile fell
five timet, the latt fall rendering him
unconscious. McIntyre too;: < ff his
roufil *r, and tried to carry his companion,
hut, giving on , had to drop him. L ighton
at tne fall regained his senset long enough to
re die' his position, and feeling he was dying
gave McIntyre a nvsmage to his wife and
children, and the i d. zd eff McIntyre set
out for help 1 ut was two h-tin and a half
making a powder<ml I, a m le distant. II >
h mtelf fell exhausted as he reached the door
and was only found by acc.dent. When
brought to ha told bis story an I a parly
went for his companion. It was midnight
before they found him, fr< zen stiff. McIntyre
will also die, F.ve other (lerson* are also
missing supposed victims of this storm. The
snow is four fret on a level
MI 8T RFI’Olir FOil linY,
German Residents of Belgium Or
ilcred to ff«>|«| Tlicmxclves In
It is r p »rted that German residents In
Belgium have l>een ordere 1 to ho’d them
selves In readiness to Join their reipiotive
army corps, and in the meantime to notify
their Government of any change of reti«
Advices from Vienna say that the influence
exercised by Pr no* Bumnrck is hiving the
♦ ffectof smoothing ihe relations between
Austria and Ru>*i*.
The German Government has f.irhidden
Prenchmen of the territorial armr to stay in
Alsace Lorraine, longer than a few days,
some marinfacturers in that province who
are In empathy with Fran«’w, having evinc»1
a preference for Fren-h workmen. Tha
Prankfort /situnrj says that Turkey has
Joined Germany ami Russia in the adop
lion of a common Balkan policy, and that
they are trying to Induce France to eo op-r
The British Admiralty has ad »pted I*ord
Benaford’s advice to build a fl-et of fast
cruisers. The new fl et will tie oomple'ed in
I two years.
In a Trsme,
F. irly in It ice fiber. Klien. the invalid wife
, of A () J inn, of J <n « and II i ctiing*. of
Portland, Me,, w s prmcivel to bj dead.
Having a hwr w of hting t>u'iel ahv*, she
had r <\ i «»ad that tha fn mral shotil I be dw
iayel u nil the evi Isnci <»fd«a’h was un
mistakeah.e. Thre* dayt lat»r she was
hear I to gr >an. Htim iiantt were appltel
and in four hours sh *eoul I oo*n bar eyes and
In eight hoar* cm tit*. Hinwthm sho has
c tntinue I tj imp. ova, a’though she is week
and emaciate |, having taken Iju*. little n ur
lahmsnt for mm/ days. Hhe has made
known t> her frh.ndi w.nat sha axperie®cad
while in the tr_<v
Higher Price* Tor I, -'ailing Pro
duut*—Dlsturbano) Threatened
b/ Accumulation of Treasu
ry Murplu*.
Tbs new you opeus with higher pricer, j
Wh#tt h&t iilraa.* 1 on» «nl one-half cent*
thU week on *»le« of 25.00),Ok) budnl*. O.l
ha» advance! on* cent ci s.les of 10,000,000
barrel*. Cotton rise* cne-si cteenth of a cent
*lih m iterate truiMC'Irnt. II >z*, coffe*.
Iron atnl silver are higher. Own and oats j
have !»een a little weaker, ami large rvalue ng 1
by foreign' r* hu checked the tendency to
advance in stocks. But the expansion of
currency and irves'inent of large dividends
and pr^ilta realized tend to lift priesa for
lhe preseut in spite <>f f.*ar* ngar llng legis
B ink circulation has decreased *10,020,401
anl the leg il (eiders nit in tho Treats
ury ha ve dim iii-hed over 5 V£ per cent, not
3 Hinting th > a I litiot t j g >11 in circulation ,
Following an exprisii' of ah »ut #51,000,0.0
liucj 1878, thU mile>« tie circj’.a'l'jn par
cap ta the largntever rsoar-Ied. It is now
11 lie noticed th it the silver d illsrs liegin to go
back to tbo Treasury in place of small I'ertiil*
cates is-uil, and the Oovernnimt during tho
past week has tnk*n in as much money as it
h*« piid out, in spite of ha f yearly interest
pay incuts. Co mult ilium at Waihington
make re luctiou of reve me at this se.sion Im
probable, and tho accumu ntion cf surplus
threatens disturbance after July 1.
0>er 8,000 ini'os of ra iwjy wore built
last year—only 1,.V» in ihf K intern and
K >utheastern S ates, arid over 4,000 miles in
Kaos is, N)br«<k i, Dikota Minnesota «nd
Tex is, ilonco tho rise in iron. Pitt.burg
pricas advanced #1 o i Wedieilsy, th mgh
tho pro luctiou nowexoed* 50 yHM tons every
Collection? are generally satisfactory and
the increasing numbar of b.lls give? greater
activity lure in ths dry g >>1* trade. Cial
advances Imcuiu of a i impircant strike of
handlers. H >st >n shipments of Biots and
shois for 1S>6 were 3.875,310 cases, against
3,078,381 in 1HS5. YVoil Male? at Philadelphia
w.-ra )‘.»,0X),iM>j p >und* less than in 1HV», but
New Y >rk import? of foreign wool were IS,
lUJ/JJUpmili largir. Higher prices hero
for wheat mi 1 otton also imp'y belief that
production will hi curtails* 1 next yoar as a
re.-ult of unsatisfactory returns to farmers,
Kiilroad e irnings in Pic on'ser on twon
ty-on? reals ex Me to 1 this© of 1885 about
13 p r cent, an 1 bulk exihaugn for the year
•dio.v larger transactions than over, except
in parts of the s>uth; but railway foreclos*
urea a? reported by tin Chicane "It ail way
Age,1’exceeded in lltMi time of any previous
year, lu Outing firt/-ll/a roads with 1371,
013,003of sto'kail boils, Tin lato deem
ion of ail Ohio Court invul.dating tho
tint ra irtga^e on th» Nickel Plate roil
served to excits distrust of foreign investors
apparently with some effec*. Foreign ex'
change h is a I varies l and shipni »nts of gold
hith»rare sUspenlal. Ilut Colira to reports
her output of prec’ou i metals 4,334,058 dol>
lars greiter in 18x1 than 1385.
The fat u es during the last Sevan rlays
nil nber for the United States 371; for Cana"
da 38; total, 333, against 371 last week and
303 the week previous. The increase arises
in the 8 uth, whire ill i failures are except
Ion iliv mini rous tb iurh n it itmurUiut.
1 here is still on deposit In the United
States Treasury to s vure circulition of na*
tional banks thesum of 13,001,45) in called
3 per cert, binds which hive matured.
These bonds are held by 196 banks, ami are
all include 1 in cills from ibe one hundred
and thirty-aecon 1, which maturel February
1,1886, to and inclu ling the one hundred and
forty-fourth, which maturol December 1,
In view of the Attorney General’s opinion
that non-interest nearing bond* cannot be
need as a baste for nationul bank circulation,
considerable interest la felt as totheprobv
t>le course of tho Treasury Dejwrtment
toward the banks holding the b>nds in q ios
tlon. Mr Trcnholm, Contro ler of the Cur
rency, was this afternoon questioned as tc
what steps he prop ee l to take in this mat
ter, and he *ai 1 he woul I probably ack the
Attorney General for advice t>efore taking
any radical action. He was now engaged,
he said, in making a list of the banks and
the amount of matured bonis held by each,
and he wante 1 to cornu t with the law
i fll WBof the Government as to what it b
his duty t»d> next under the o rcumstances
He was disposed to be lenient with the banks,
but he felt that he cou d not longer delay en
forcing a strict compliance with the law>
bear.ng on the subj jet of national bank secu
ritiea. He did not, bo a ever, apprehend any
trouble with the bmks, as he thought they
would do their duty in the premises as soon
as it was made e'ear to them.
From other tources It wa* learned that the
(sinks will be allowed a week or to i day
more within which to replm-e the matured
l<ond», after which time all banki in default
in this respect will ba proceede I against, a «
tention boing paid first to those longest in
When 8rnator Cameron was appeaiel to
«t the time the Ijogau fun I was started, he
declines! to subscribe ••f.*■ reasons that wou'd
be aatiafac ory »o Mrs. Logan,” but which
he dll not care to give. Hi, Slid, however,
that be intended to do snrnothiug f>»r her ben
eflt in his own tiro's and way, an I It wou'd
I* quite as gratifying to her as to see his
name on the published list. While the Hen
ator wou’d not peaks any m >re defi dte ex -
planatlon, It is irferrwd that he has returned
to Mrs. Imogen a note for a c insldcrali e sum
of r.vmey which the General borrowed of
him some time a ?o. Th i fact of the loan is
well kn >wn among the General’s friends,
and the amount Is variously
estimated at from tl.OOQ to #7,00». Th >.e
who would bo apt Pi know best siy it was
VX). and all agree tba it would he Just
tike I) m Cameron to *»n I Mrs. L *gan the
note cam-sled. H *nstor Htmford, also when
invited to mhecrlb %, ask* I in tm excused,
merely rcmirkl ig t'>at he never signed mite
scrlption papers, tiut would en lesver to shoe
his tympilhy and regard f ir Mrs. L >gan In
his own way. His generosity is proverbial,
and what he does g.ve will come from a rnan
who dose not cou it the do’lai* when he is
doing good. Mr. Htanford recently sent 110,
>.(*> l/> a ciiaritable institution wh ch he heard
was In ne»d of funds, with positive lnstru>
tlon a that the name of the giver should not
tie revealed to the managers nor to th <
fllew Out Her llnthia
Mrs W 1 |«m Dirtln, living eight miles
from Cincinnati, b’ew out her brains while
her husband was aslm-p by her si ie ami he
b*ba was In her arms. 8be had lw»*a Inatne
for som» time, having been rendered so by
her eff >r s to obtain the pardo i of her
brother, who is in the Indiana penitentiary
for life for the murd«r of her bits'.aud’s
brother ip 16*7
Jas. 1 1 i the Senate to-day tbe anna vl r»~
port of tbe I'ublic Printer and a protest from
tbe Mississippi River Conrmiaion against
tbe failure to pr.v.d j for their ex senses were
submitted by the chair. Nuud oui petitions
for an l against the Inter-State C jiiim*rce
bill were presented.
On motto i of Mr. Allis wi, a reio’u'.ioo was
|)u«wl directing the Secretary of the Senate
topiytbe Arthur, Logan and P.ke funeral
'XpetiMM. approved by4 the S.uin‘e commit
The calender was then liken up Tin bd’s
to settle claims of States for expanses in -
•urred in tbe defense of the Uuitel Stats
«nd of foreign steamship cim aiiei f >r to i*
()ago tax »Uy exictesl. were p lose I.
In the House the Hunts bill ameudi »jc the
let providing for the * il» of the S ic anl K »x
mil Iiwi I idia i r<s*erv.itions in K in* is an 1
Nebraska vaspMiJ. [ The anna lmn". pro
vides for tue ail >tm »n', of Ian N to orphan
in 1 minors).
The Senate bill for tin erection of a public
building at Wilmington, N *rth Cirollna,
was paved with an aiinndm jut, limiting the
cost to • 150.000.
Mr. Dingley, cf Main's, peseutel a nie<
mortal from s vernl iiiMirance companies of
Boston, praying fir tin passags of a b 11
p’aoing tin coastWHe trail vj<ssi* on the
<anrnbidsas steam vessel s ©ng ijg >d in that
tra le >n tin pol it o' pi l a tag a. it f »rred.
Mr. Hit*h, of Missouri, tried without sn *
3ess to liavs pr vato bill nisi set aside for the
lay so that t ie hill for the ere it on of a Dr
pirtins it of Ag i-ulture an 1 L ib >r might bo
jaw. s. — l be senate was not in session.
In the House the Heuate bill was reported
back repealing the tenure of office act. In
Committee of the Whole a bill appropriating
(500,000 for the erection of a public building
Charleston, 8. C., and the sale of the present
postoflloe building in tbaccity, was taken up,
and on a motion to reduce the amount to
(200,000, the morning hour expired without
action. The bill for tho consolidation of the
bureaus of the Navy Department was de
lta te<l without action. Tho River and Har^
bor l»ill was reported and recommitted.
Jax. 10— Among ibe communications pre
sente I by the presl ling offloir to-day to the
K nate, an 1 referrei, was tho following:
From tho Secretary of War, transmitting the
report of tho Bari of Kuglr.eersin regard to
the bridging of tho Missisiippi nt or near 8 •
Fetitions were presented and referred n»
11/ Mr. (’ameron, praying a reduction ot
Internal taxes.
By Mr. Kvarts from the New York C'hani
l)or of Commerce on the subj *ct of the Inter
State Commerce bill favoring a commhslon,
hut presenting o'd actions to tho ‘pooling’
and short and long haul’ sections of the b lb
He asked tiiat it l>e printed in the Record
and laid on the table, as no desire 1 to make
some comments on it. So ordered.
Hy Mr. Mane j, from certain manufactur
ers of North Carolina, asking the rejteal of
internal revenue laws andpi reduction of the
Hy Mr. Blair, from the Women’s Christiun
Association, in references to the alcohol trade
with ths Congo Siate*.
H/ Mr. l.igalls, of the Hinrda of Trada of
Lawrence an i Topika,Kan.,for certain mod
ificitions In the Inter-H ate Commerce bill.
Mr. Hoar, from the Select Committee on
the Cento mial Ce'obration, rep>rte.l resolu
tions d daring it ex,>e bent that action l>e
taken by tlio Congress for the due celebra
tion in Washingt >n, atnut April 3), 18S0, of
of the centennials of the adop ion of tho oil
s' itntion and the discovary of America, and
directing the commi tee to consider and pro
pose liest modes of celehrution. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Dawes, the House
amendment* to the Senate bill to p-ovide
1 »nds for Indians in soveralty were non-con
cur red in and a onference .asked.
Mr. Bider introduced a lull to prevent the
sale of adulterated food in tho District of
Co.umbia. and Territories. Referred.
The presideng offl *er presented a remon
strance of the Minnea|>olis Board of Trad-*
against section 4 and 5, ‘pooling* anil ‘short
and long han',’of tho 1 itor-State Cammerce
o* i. uruereu printed.
The Senate at 13:50 took up the Inter-State
Commerce bill, and Mr. Beck took the 11 >or
with a spoecb in favor of the conference re
Il>3 Speaker laid b fore the House a com
municaiton from the Secretary of the Treas
ury, in rep y to a resolution asking for the
’Uterprctatlone of the tariff law respecting
duties on fish. Hefei red.
The Senate b II author z ng the erect!m of
a public budding at Cim len, N. J., at m
ult im tie c >nt of $100,000 was imhmh!, on mo -
tion of Mr. Hires.
The forecast of ihi proceedings forth
wojk In the House of Representative* has
l»eon broken, The House set Aside Wednes
day and Thun lay for th) onsidcration of
measurer rep>r ol from the Committee on
the Judiciary, principal of which is the Anti*
Polygamy bill.
A 8TAKTMN (i Ul MOlt.
KiisnIii Sabi to ll.-ivc Ocniiplpd a for
linn of Afghanistan.
A Ht. Petersburg dtops c'j e'atesthat Hiere
are rumors on the Bourse there that Russia
has occ iipled a portion of Afghanistan. A ru
mor iscurrotit there that E igland isg ving i*>_
•untary assistance fo the Bulgarin Reg-nt*.
The Jhtily TeUffraph lays stress upon the
many rumor* of n ar now current, *n I af
firm* that Russia i« trying to fo ce a Franco
Herman confl ct In order to ermb'a her to
[ carryout her own Eastern p ans.
Turkey I* trying to per-imde Russia t
kiive to Emp-ror William the selection of*
Prince for the Bu'garian throne. R issian
i opinion resents England’s cordial rereptiot
of tbs* Hu garian da'egnto*. An important
political an I military agre>ment has lieen
ma !e U*t we«*n Austria an I Roumania, witi
the approval of (Germany,
A (sttllfy Mtirqul*
The M irq il« of Q i-ensbury, whs Is bsing
->u*d for a di vorc s, has not ilval w>th hi
wife for twelve years. HWtly after they
bs<an to live n-urt the M irqtils admlttel
another lady into Mahons*, who b*oams a
I regular inmate of the estahl * iment. His
c-nrpction with this woman is made the ba
sis for tin sjit. N d'.her tbs lily n ir the
VItrq lie will dsuy the ohirgt o' a lottery
whi-h the March'on is* mak-w against her
hus**and. The case will Im trlel in E lln
tei'-gh. b->ca ise the 8-* itch | iw grant* a wlfe
a dtvorcs for adultery alone
llelow /, -ro.
A’ Chicago, Mosdsy, tbs mirenry Indict
t*d H degrees below zsro m iking a conf irm i
i lion of an ii'iusually proton red spelt of cold
w«at,h*r. It w«« also very cold in th* valley
Htates we*t of the mlssisnippi. At Huron,
B T., It was IK d *gres>* below eiro; at Mt.
j Patti Id degree* bslow; at Lis Animas. IS
p-iew;atfl*s Moirie*, 10 below; at Haven
l*»rt 13 b»low; at, O n the, .*» below; A’
Milwaukee, only nlne’y mdes from Oh ct<o,
the thermometer stood at 5 degree* abov*
/ ro, a d fferancs of 13 degr <y<. at>d 0'9ty]
Havas •»* 2! degree* '
interesting reading.
The It Ban people are about to erect a
monument to (Janbaldi on the Janiculutn,
in Rome, to cost 1,000.000 franca.
Hiram P. Bevels, the first colored mao
elected to the United States Senate, is
now a well-to-do farmer in Mississippi.
A Rray fox, weighing 10} pounds, was
killed recently on the mountain north of
lieruardsville, N. J. It measured 3 feet
5 inches from its noee to the tip of its '
tail. 1 |
Japanese embroidery is very effective
for wrappers when used as upplhjue on
plain,fabrics. The designs are joined
or left single at pleasure, and are
fastened flown under braid or embroid
More than 1,000 congratulatory letters
were sent to Mr. Gladstone on the ??th
anniversary of his birth, and the mails
were overburdened with gifts of every
description from admirers in England, I
Ireland and Scotland.
Miss Anna Ballard, the only female
member of the New York Journalists*
< lub, writes ftom C’olomb), Ceylon,
that the Salvation .army has attacked
tho island, but that the soldiers there
are regarded with little favor.
Miss Annie Whitney's statue of I.ief
Ericsson is to be placed at tho main en
trance of the new Back Bay Park, Bos-;
ton. It is pronounced by competent ,
critics one of the best pieces of ideul I
work ever made in this coantry.
New ^ ear's Day was not observed as
a holiday in Sing Sing pi isos, the con
victs, who dislike being locked in their
ce Is all day, ns must bo the cose when
no work is to be done, having reques'ed
tho warden not to keep it as a holiday, ,
Black and white Spanish blende man
tillas arc employed to throw over the
head and shoulders at tho opera or then- ■
trc. Small hoods of ruby velvet liued
with pink are also worn. They are
trimmed with tufts and with bows of
pink satin.
There arc Oriental, Turkish, Syrian,
Grecian anti Bulgarian jackets. All arc
very short, nntt the sleeves are about a
liuti'l long, with Mlk chemise sleeves
falling below. These jackets arc of such
materials as Algerian tissues or cinbroitl- '
ered India gnuze.
Judge K. Lockwood Ifoar, (ho conn- t
sel for tlic complainants in the Andover
theological controversy now iu progress
in Boston, has, it is said, become so nb*
sent-minded that he recently shattered a
m rror with his tlst because his own re*
Hecticn wouldn’t move out of ills way.
A curious feature of Saturday's Oil
C ity “Blizzard” was a chronological
record of tiro looil events of tho year
ia motrical form. Th s departure is a
novel, decidedly novel, one, hut will
not be generally patterned after until
there are more poets laureate in the
newspaper business.
I ite IMnce of Wales is expected to
arrive nt Cannes about tho 2oth of Janu
ary, and may go on to Malta to visit his
brother, the Duke of Edinburg. An ef- |
fort is being made to have the Prince go
out to Australia to opca tho Centennial
exposition the next summer, but this
the ljuecn herself opposes.
Nearly one hundred lives have been
sacrificed in Philadelphia during the
past two years at tlie grade crossings of
the steam railroads and the streets. In
188"» there were 52 victims. In 1880 tho
number was reduced to J8. This docs
not include the persons killed while
walking on tho tracks, or of those who
lost their lives by fading from the cars.
A pastor in a State adjoining this,
preaching from the text, ’Beware of Cov
etousness,’ said: ‘Last Sunday n:ght the
collection in this house amounted to
$1.80, nnd this dollar was thrown in by
a Baptist brother from Bichmmd, Va ,
who happened to be here, nnd did not
know any better. Tho other GOO of you
dropped in tho 80 cents,’
The statement that Miss Winnie Da
vis at a rcoecnt ball wore sev
eral oid Con fed rat o badges has given
rise to a good deal of gossip. The
slntemcnt, however, is untrue, according
to a New York paper, which says Miss
Davis wore merely souvenirs presented
to her by social clubs in the South and
elsewhere. They had no reference to
the war in any way whatsoever.
It was a remark of Linnams that three
flies would consume a dead horse sooner
than a lion could. lie doubtless in- I
eluded tho fntnilies of tho three flies A
single fly, the naturalist tells us, will
sometime produce 20,000 larvtp, each of
which in a few days may be the prrent
of another 20,000, and thus the descend
ants of throe flies would soon devour an
animal much larger than a horse.
Mmo Rouclcaut, of the lion Marche,
Paris, has given her employes, outright,
a pension fund of over f 1.000,000. This
fund is available to all who have been
in her service 20 years, provided the
men are at least ?i0 ami tho woman 4-"i
years old, and not among ttie diare hold
ers ofwlbe establishment. Mme Ilouci
enut his in ndditinn paid tho fee which
the State charges on legacies, amounting
to nearly $140,00 >.
This story is told of the wife of an
eminent benefactor of tho town, whose '
residence was on the ‘Hill.’ «)no duy
while the lady was n tho midst of prop
agations for the midday meal (this was
<n the olden time when people got up in
the morning and had runner at the
proper timei a caller was announced,
I lustily leaving tho kitchon, where she
was overseeing operations, she entered
iho next room whero the visitor was,
Fiio door between the two was open,
and pretty soon tho * lady broke ofT the
convocation, and called to tho ‘help* in
tho kitchen: ‘Nancy, docs the kettle
boil?’ ‘No ma'am.' Then tho conver- J
vttion was renewed, to l»o broken again
in a few minutes by tho inquiry: ‘Nan
?y. does tho kettle boll?’ *No ma'am.'
* I lien take the pine stick in tho corner
md put it on the tiro.’ This was pre
-umablv done, for shortly after, when
ma’am’ rope tod the question. 'Nancy, j
loes the kettle boil?’ 'Yes ma’am,' was
the answer. ‘Then take off the pine
stick and put it in tin corner.’ This shows
% spirit of saving hardly to bo surpassed. I
When Irritation of the throat, cause* n Hek
llngcoiig-, use Ited Star Cough (!uro, which
#111 effort Ira ii'- IIa c anil per n&nent. re tef.
ine of Bro it|jr#'i H tard of Healih officer*
recomoifn Is It »i purely vc-r'.ahto and p*r- I
fectly harmless. Price. z\ cent*.
K*rd nsnl Ward s thin and haggard, an I
ihun* the ayee nf a I visitor* at Hmg Hmg.
fit.-la obs Oil dc.i'lens pain and maVes the
leme walk. Maji.r Arnold, of the Occidental
lintel, san Kranfisco, ('»!,, was completely
onral of r.ienmaM m by it* use.
A Texas prcao ier r»r-d eta that, the world
♦III c wne to an end In 10 years,
New York City drink* 0 0 O.i'iOO barrels of
»*er every yea*, at a cost of f3H.4'>0,00o.
Hale an t H«ill«-o’< c .unties Alatiama, have
piat J >ln*vl the prond*tt|nn iir'caalon.
For weak lnnr*. splitlntr nf hlnnd. aliortnr*a
>f hr'-alh, cons .nipt w, nigh'-sweai*. and
irnfrr ng con an a. i*f. Pier* e’* "Holden Medi
al Discovert’ lea ao-eretgn remely.
rior i® <y>d liver oil. Hy druggists.
l/ord Randolph f’hurcbtii deotaras that at
ST> years of age be espectg t* lead Burop®,
B'j«ton capitalist* are starting a fra:t can
nery at Belle view, Fa.
Rlra*|»r than Hrllo*
are the records of wm* of the cure* of c*>n
eumpt on effected by that moat wonderful
mneUy-Dr. M«rc»’» “Uold* n Medical Die
covery.” Thousand* of gateful men and j
women, who have been snatched almost from
the very Jaws of death, can testify that con
sumption, in it a <-ari v stages, ia no lo ger 1 -
curable. Th * DUeovery has no equal as a
pett »ral and a terative. and the most obstinate
affections of the throe: and lunge yield toll*
Dow er. All druggist*._
Mwnaelft ia epidemic In the tenement house
district of New York.
“What we learn with p’easvf 3 we never for- 1
Alfred MnrUr. The following is a rise |
in point: “I |utl l out hundred* of dollar* with- .
ot t reoelv ng any benefit ” eavs Mra Kinily ’
1th. a Is. of Me Ur des. Mich. “I had female
ccmplaim*. e peelally Mrn<g.n* down.’ for 1
liter si* ye*is l)r. it. V. Pit-rce’e ‘Kavorlio
Piescr pilc-n' did m ? more to *d than any med*
Icine I ever took. 1 silv.se every k lady lo
ttkeli.” And eo do we. It never dleapi-oinui 1
i a patron*. Druggist* sell It.
Kenator Mar*y calls a Mugwump *a pesti
lent ebullition.’
How to Sane .Money.
Wherever you live, you ■ hould write to Ila’- <
l ’ti Ac Co., Portland. Maine, and learn about ■
work • hat yon r an do « bile living at your own
home at a profit of at least from $■'> to D.i ami
upward* daily. Heine liavn nia le over fcfit) in a
day. Alii* new. Kilbersex. All axes. Jlaliett :
A Co. will start you. Capital no*, needed. All
par iculars fr-e. H*iul along your addreo* j
at once and all of the above will he 1 roved to
you. Nothing like it ever kuown to workiug
Xo doubtful Ingredients to do harm. Fresh
Hop*. Burgundy Pitch and (Jums In Hon
H<>1> Porous 1‘lttnln'M nresold by all druggists 1
and country merchants, Tlie twst in the
No lady should live In perpetual fear, and
sutler from the tonic serious troubles that so
often npixir, when I)r. Kilmer’s CoMIM.rrra
rr.iAiJ! Hkmkuy is certain to prevent and cure
1 umor and Caucer there.
If afflicted wltli sort* eyes uso Dr. Isaac
Thompson’* Eye water. Druggists sell at 25c.
per twit tie.
3 months* treatment forfiOr. Piso’s Remedy
for Catarrh. Hold by druggists.
Unable to Walk
There no affection which mo.-e quickly pro*.
,r»te« It* Tic I re than acute rheumatism. And Ihe-e
l« no re mol y w l<-h hi* hail greater sucreae In rals
Ing them up anil driving «T rheu i at lain than 11 jod'e
Ruraapar.l'a. R ml the To lowing :
"I h* flrat of lost winter I had a rerv Revere attack
of Inflammatory rheuina'hm my feet and Until
■welling i n1 of nil proportion. I wa* confined to
the home for aevcral week* and was a very great
sufferer. rcir -«ly able to wilk at all. After try:nj
medical advice and various preparations, all to no i
purpose, I wa« Induced to sir j Hi o I's Sarsaj arilla
atrial. I have taken two bottles with the host re
sult*. My pnl * and aches have all 1 ft me, my
llmlia k tve a*> trued their usual proportion*, and I
can truly say that I n ver felt better In my life than
I do now. My appetite I* flr-t rate for all of which
I give credit to llojd's Sarsaparilla.*'—Fhamkux B.
Hatch. 7» North 3d st.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Bold by all druggist*, fit; six for #T Prrpar* t only
by C. 1. IiOOII A CO., Apothecaries. 1.0well, Mass.
_IOO Doses One Dollar
Quaker Testimony. - j
Mrs. A. M Dauphin, of Philadelphia, lutr
done a great deni to make known to la lios
there the great value of Mr*. Pinkhnni's Veg
etable Compt and, as a cure for their troubles
anil diseases. Khe writes ns follow.*: "A
young In ly of this city while tnthing some
years ago was thrown violently ngnii ni the
life line end thy injuries ro cived resulted lu j
an ovarian tumor which grew and enlarged
until death acemei certain. Her physician
finally advised her to try Mrs. Pink hint's
Compound. Khe did so and in a short time
the tumor was dissolved and she is ioci
perfect health. ] al o know of many cases
where the medicine has been of great value
in preventing miscarriage and alleviating
the i ains and dangers of child-birth. I'hila
dolphin ladies appreciate the worth of this
medicine and its great value.’’
Kent by mail in Pill and Lozenge form on
rec eipt of price, f 1. Mrs. Pinklmin, I.ynn,
Mass. Also in liquid form, ail at Druggist*.
TUicninntism and Catarrh Can be Cured.'
Canandaigua, N. Y., May 38, IM6.
Pardee Medicine Co.:
Gentijcmkn:—Nearly nil wint*r I waioon- I
fino<l to my room with inflammatory rheu
matism. I common e l using br. Pardee*!
Rheumatic Remely, biu nftor taking it for
a time the pain be anie more intense, nml I
wras alarmed nnd feared the remo<iy wn*
making me worse, but continued its use and
soon the pain left me, nnd I gradually im
proved, the soreness leaving my arms and 1
shoulders and seeming t > pass out at my t< os. i
It has completely cured me. At tho tiino |
I commenced using tho romedv, I had a j
throat dull ulty and the catarrh, whi di l
found t > bo better aftor taking it, and it oc- !
currc 1 to me to ns> it as a gargl j, wlii h I
did, and to my great satisfaction 1 improved
rapidly, and to-day am free from both rhea
ma'.isu and catarrh. I consider it in listens- j
able as a family molicin). I takeonitea
s.joonful aftor breakfast, and find it a splen
did tonic. I would alvi e you to recommend
it a gnrglo for throat troubles and catarrh,
for l know it will cure. I have seen some
remarkable cures from the uso of this rem
edy, an 1 it is one I can recommend to all.
lam, very truly yours,
Ids* than Ono half the Amount Cured
John C 11‘iron, of -ifi fth street, Ro"he*‘er,
has l>een trouble I for years with rheumatism
in the shoulders nnd about the heart. Ho
gave a phy-ician ton dollars for an examina
tion, nnd he merely informed him th it ho
had rheumatism of tho heart. He wascured
by Dr. Pardee's Rheumatic Remedy, and for
less than one half tho money paid for the ax
nm nation.
Ask your druggist for Dr. Pardee’s Rem- 1
rdv, nnd take no other. Price, f 1 per hot do
six bottles, fC».
Pardee Medicine Co,, Rochester. N. Y.
For Liter. Bile, Indigestion, etc Free from Mcr j
rnrr i contain* only Purr VcpUWd Inure Ueni*.
Agent; C. H. CRITTF.NTON, New fork.
New and Specific
cun i<:
plaints and Dcranqe
nrtntt to onmmon with our
b«tt FEMALE Population.
elSETS?h' Phy.1
1 •*!/ Cl UK tho wont form of failing of
2* i''*'?'rrhfra, Irregular nnd fMinful
i'/-!* ^ °.n Oil fh’arlan Irtmhlr*, in iff imtnaiinn
ow/f r Iteration, Flooding*, all Ideidorement* »n<t
I nr ermmrcinr n t »pnAi wr-Ak nr***, wn«1 Hi pAj^iiiiy
l to lto* f'htinge of t,{fe.. /t will tl|««o|vp md
fnmorw fro n fh»» titr-rtu I t An pnrly of
i hw B HI
then* I* rWlcpd *pry «p«N*illr hjr IIa u«p
n^rrttu* Hu morn
ft KmiPAtu every portion of fh* *y«t*m, '
»' rnK'nli. correct* rh« rh«*ml«trr of
• Hw firlnp. rw*?/>rr« th#* norm*! fum Mon* of the
kHnityt nn* pf#»r#*nf0 tho or*ad p (!#»*<* n»ratlon
W hte If r i rs I, f * m ft. mm rs Am
►hk* I |Phd« to firight** iHntflMe.
irfjt.ls Mould nntl 1*111 fort
Prepereillii Mould nml Ptll form. I
by mail. -»Oc. Mould, * I n bottle. m
per doyen. HI If ** A l,F. fl \ Dlft i7|»f|
nr 1*7
■WBKK | |.jI HTi*. i
Corre-pondenee solicited nnd nnswered r>» a < nm
petent female correspondent Address, with stamp
ijhnulry Dej^nment) PRRIIY LINK, VT.
OPIUH Haf>,t ©uf*0. Trent stent sent on trim
PAIN in the BACK & SIDE?
The Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed Red
line* on wrapper.
Tha Or?at Nuraary of
ia 20U Imported Urood )Iares
uuoicent l* amUlea.
Ail .Vtfra, both Bu&m,
soo to 400 nironTF.n anniIaLi.t
from France, all r«conled aitkvCI'mIM petti (fr*M In lha
I’ercheron Stud Book*. The Poreheron la i h« only draft
b'eed of France pcaeartnif a afnd bn*th that haa tha
nipport and enrinnicnient of tba French llartmn—*
Fend for 120Otaloime, illo.tratlona bjr ~
Woyno, DuPogo Co.. Illinois.
von « nut to
lenru nil nliout \
a Homo f llim>
to Pick Out n
<-ooil Illli't lion
to li now I in nee.
frclioun nn<) m» J
t ■ mi nl n fu i nil j
Frninl? Hum in!
Hctcct 1Hhcii«i [
Mid rtTn-l a cti rc V
will'll mine In i
puMiblc * It in 1
jo Tell i lie Ago
«v iIk* Ten lif
'Vlint 10 cull llie
Iliftt rent I’nrto
Ho'V lo simp n Ilnl-»e I vnpiTlv < All ihla,
nnd ol her Yn I untile I iifnrmu I ion relating
lo the Famine '•iicrir* ran be ohinined by
rend I n ir our 1 00-IM i: K II,I,f hTIIATEIl
1IOIOF. HOOK, w hit Ii wo *»lll Ijirnurj,
?«rWT,"N5'v 25 CTS. ID STAMPS.
IjOKSK ROOK CO., 131 I.eonnrdHt., ff. X.
Marvellous Memory
Will'll?unlike ArlifV ill M'*t, m-- rnreof Mln<l Wnn
(li rlnir -Anv l>onk learned In one reading, Heavy re
diietiona C ti»iHalrln‘n‘<. Proaheetn*, wit’li opin
Ions of Mr l‘m cron, the Astronomer. Hone. W, W.
Aaron. Jr ham I*. I i vomis, I ra. Ml non, Woon
and others, rent roar i Btf, by
I’lU»I*’. IiOlSF.TTF,
‘23? Fillli Avi-nre, Jlrtr York.
va»rivii«in umj • warn**(i in PTfrj im
O ir nt of lpm <iurln« thp | »<t flva raar*
aitm t th* mar.tt n; your "tansiH’a Punch” 500111
cl ar. W.nik i tt Ccmiho, DraKVt>t«, l'rlnr*ton. 111.
Tho "Tanalir* Punch” 5c. cigar Rlrr* No. i natta
■•<*t on. A. Draou. kt. Waterman. III.
A»Mn«a U. \V. TAN*_1I.I, & l'Q„ ( Hlfata.
1 rman<H|alvu
-..k. itnl (Ii-rniui word* with Knitltah
. ■>. ¥, rv '■>'“*»> • k s.-mi a 1.00 uj
[1**/)^ I I H. HOI SK. till l.ronnril Hi., X,
■ • • 11 v« and n''t *»n<■ of 1 'u-ni. bonk* by return malt.
KINDS oroKpcniorf
L - ---” ItHoitl for nnlr**
t.'UT/'.V'JV.’., T'VKN 1 ' *T *'•» VKAIH' KX
PKItlKNit K. t#*('oiin lowwni hoiiitsd.
WAtiiivor in n. c. oi.f.v lwo.ohio
CHK’A't »,IL1. UKrno.T. MICK.
Plao’a Itemed v Pit Catarrh la th«
Ikst, KaaUv.l to and Cbcapait.
Alao cood for fold In thp Head,
Ilcuduclip, Hay Krvar, if.-. 60 cento.
HARTS horns
Hook*, ( irrulnr*. I.attar- nml Paper*
I? £ KT from firm, all o»r*r the 0. S. an I 1
— Mlldo If jn.n *end J. rrnt. to
navoyonr name In nr » of \uvnim’ Xnme
IMra.tory. AM KN A CO . no* 0. Kennedy, N Y\
l<f UPl tu« U.a.nui. »ul ,
If proflt*Ma • jhplormpnt to re
A mnn
or W4>ttimn ».♦■**! n*
pmntiiim • ^iplojrmpnt to rntnpeuiit tm In tfpr?
ponfitf **# *rN f ’i |er tn»ni*i mn«| fTitottaMi, or ■
<RFirr cmnmlir j on ff f»r«frrr«-<t i.*« .u «t«t>ta.
Krrrr on* tmv«. Outfit p»r».| tm* f Inilarw »>r
M'A.NIiAPH SII.VRKWAltft f »>.. llOfST/jf, KAMI
_Mallril Prep.
Prnnrl* It r 111» IIk .rtniti., M>|to I ml* an, X. Y.
Karpina Tank rerftrl and Uiim Healthy.
All. POII g* IKNTa
ropuiar St»in*
A)t*iirn VrfNfti100
Motto Verne*. 75 trick* and
■ ■, P<ad an «t»mp* taken.
iy Co . fir ■
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