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When man and tiino itself were peon, '
In the far days before the flood,
And living souls had flesh and bloody
Five hundred or a thousand years, *
Till birthdays grew a misty guess,'
What signified one more or less / ^
Ah mo! no thought may now contemn ’
That unit of the lives of men, ^
Whose dwindled years are one to tea .
Of Adam and Methusalem,
And one bath all the cares that grew
In twenty when the world was new. /
A year! ’tis nature's mom and night,
The lifetime of a plant, with dower
Of seed and sprout and leaf and flower;
And yet before its snows are whits
We claim the next, ami plan to run
Another journey round the sun.
Our course of being hath no goal,
Alone in passing youth or age
The onward step, the further stage.
Is counted by the insatiate soul.
That haunts the Future's open door
And cries for one to-morrow more.
And though the new to-morrows boam
On thankless slight and wilful waste.
And greed of mortals crazed with haste, .
Who hope and scheme and wish and dream
Still, added to life’s growing sum,
In mercy one by one they coma
One more reprieve from sorrow's stress
One more delay for duty's stent.
One more probation to repent.
One more condition of success
We ever crave. The boon is lent;
W e take—but we are not content.
l)o New Years rise and set in vai
Because uneasy spirits frstf
Not so: the world hnth wisdom yet.
And punctual sense of present gain,
And faith, whose patience waits so long
Its yearning doeth time no wrong.
And Heaven,that chides the rash and blind,
Relents when love of life entreats.
And still with granted seasons meets
The common prayer of all mankind
And gives eternity—whose store
Of years forever yields one more.
—Theron Vrown, In Youth's Companion
Doing light work—Cleaning tho
Tho shirtmaker’s favorite exclamation
•—A hem.
A clever slight of hand performer—
The coquette.
The locomotive lever most always
travels “incog.”
It is the telegraph operator that has
his work at his lingers’ ends.
Advice to the dressmaker: “Bo sure
you’re right then go ahead.”
A barber’s shears shut up when at
work and so should the barber.
The man with the most accomplish
ments often accomplishes—nothing.
Tho most unhappy feature about being
a jail bird is said to be its inability to
A doctor may kill a man with the best
of intentions. A murderer kills with the
When an Indian catches cold on tho
warpath he has the war-whonninir
cough. * v &
‘“Waiter, this beefsteak is so tough I
< an’t cut it.” “A sharper knife for the
Patient —“Do you extract teeth with
out pain?” Dentist—“Yes; it is no
pain to me.”
Tho moths havo strange tastes. They
frequently appear in overcoats in sum
mer weat her. —Picayune,
India rubber is being tried as a street
pavement in Germany. It ought to give
every pedestrian an elastic step.
First Boy—“Is your father fond of
fish?” Second Boy—“Yes, I guess so.
He has C. O. D. printed on his business
The nuisance of the hotel was in the
parlor warbling “Oh, would I wete a
bird.” “Well, here's a beginning for
you,” said the landlord. And he handed
him his bill.—Argoxy.
The little girl who wrote on her ex
amination paper ,4The interior of Afr.ca
is principally used for purposes of ex
ploration” was wiser than she thought.
—Baltimore American.
“Don’t you know, Emily, that it is
not proper for you to turn* around and
look after a gentleman r” “But, mamma,
I was only looking to see if he waslook
ingtosec if I was looking.”—Sitting*.
Mr. loungman (after long thought)—
“I* there any way to find out what a
woman th.nks of you, without j ropos
ing'r” Mr. Pencdict (absently)—"Ves;
make her mad.”— New Yrk Weekly.
££ere 'Tas once a young man, n poor dabt.tr.
Who wrote to bis tailors a lebtor;
They answered at once,
Ana called him a donee,
And then the poor fellow folt bebtor.
— Washington CrUle.
It is said that a Minneapolis man who
attempted to commit suicide the other
day by taking poison was saved by the
active and indefatigable exertions of
four dictionary canvassers. —Chiron,
Tribun .
Miss I)c Pert (unfeelingly)— "This i»,
parhaits, the first refusal you have re
ceived, Mr. Do TomP’ Mr. he Tom
(sarcastically)—"And perhaps the first
you havo over given, Yixi Mauve.”—
Town Topis*.
hittle Hobby—"Eon’t you want to
take me up to the toboggan slide with
you some day. Mr. Jinks,'” Mr. Jinks -
"I never go to any toboggan slide.
Hobby; never even saw a toboggan,”
Hobby (a trifle nonplused) — "That’s
funny: I heard pa say something about
your going down hill at a furious rate.”
r.aov ci.ahk’s orcat head.
lla does not lore me for my birth,nor for my
lands so broad and fair,
He does not tell me f am worth more to him
than earth and sir.
He doss not take me on hi* knee an 1 kiss my
eras and nose and hair.
His sister I have said I'd be, and that is w*I)
said Lady Clare
— MinneapoUi Trlbnne.
The Texas Pony.
The most inexperienced hor«eman Skill
not have to wslk around the animal
twice in order to tell a Texas pony; that
is, one whi h is full bred, with no ad
mixture. He has fine deer-like legs, a
very long body, with a pronounced roach
just forward of the coupling, and pos
sibly a "glass eye" and a pinto hide.
Any old cowboy will point him out as
the only creature suitable for his pur
poses. Hard to break. Itecause he haa
any amount of latent devil in his dis*
voslfton, he does not break his legs or
fall over backward in the "p.trhing”
x>roce*s as doe* the 'Yayme ’ of the
*' ofthwest. I think he is small and
nke a ■>«... ^
walk m
Dr. Ta Imago Drawn a Loason From
the Return of the Prodigal.
[This jubilee sermon was preached by the
Bey. T. De Witt Talmage, D.D., at an es
pecial Communion for the reception of 210
persons, making the present communicant
membership of tho Brooklyn Tabernacle
4408. This was also moving day In that
church. The annual rental of pows bad just
occurred and many of the congregation occu
pied new places. Tho pews brought higher
premium* this year than ever before, and the
Income of the church this year will be $83,
804. But both plans are obeervod in the
church. A vast space le kept free from all
expense and only a part of the building is
mapped off for rent. I>r. Talmage took his
text from Luke xv., 21: "Bring hltbor the
tatted calf and kill ik”j
Jojl Joy! Joyl We banquet to-day over
this accession of a multitude of soula
In all age* of the world it has been cus
tomary to celebrate joyful event* by festivity
“"the signing of treaties, the proclamation
•f peace, the Christmas, the marriage. How
tyer much on other days of the year our ta
le may have etlnted supply, i»u Thnnkeglv
Ing Day there must be something bounteour.
And all the comfortable homes of Christen
dom have at some time celebrated joyful
events by banquet and festivity.
Homethiog hat happened in the old home
steed greater than anything that has ever
happened before. A favorite eon whom the
world supposed would become a vagabond
and outlaw forever has got tired or sight
seeing and has returned to bis father’s house.
The world said he never would come bock.
The old man always said his son would come.
He had been looking for him day after day
end year after year. Ho knew be would
come back. Now, having returned to hii
fathers house, the father proclaims cele
There is a calf in the paddock that ha*
b®an kept np and fed to utmost capacity no
M- Vv*6 r*»dy for some oc.-aslon of joy that
might oome along. Ah! there never will be
a grander day on thp old homestead than this
day. I/St the butchers do their work,
and the housekeepers bring into the table
the snicking meat The musicians will
take their places, and the gay groups
will move up and down the floor. All
the friends and neighbors are gathered in,
tnd extra supply is sent out to the
table of the servants. The father presides at
table, aDd says grace, and thauks God that
pie long absent boy is home again. Oh!
hdw they missed him; how glad they are to
have him back. One brother indeed stand*
pouting at the bapk door and savs: “This i*
* about nothing;’ tbjs bad boy
enoulq hove teen chastened instead
9* greeted; veal is too good
for Elm!" But the father eayk:
Nothing is too good, nothing is good
•oouca. There sits the younz man, glad nt
bearty reception, but a shadow of sor
row flitting across his brow at the remem
brance of the trouble he ha* seen. All ready
now. bet the Covers lift. Music. He was
Bead and ha Is alive again! He was lost and
pe w found! By such bold imagery doe* tho
Bible set forth the merry-making when a
«oul comes home to Gqd.
a. rim w an unere u the now convort's
rJT* **o tam® thing to becomo a Chris
J'j*0-, Th° most tremendous moment in a
5®*®* ***• i» when he surrenders h'mse.f to I
Uod. The grandest time on the fathers
homestead Is when the boy comes hack.
Among the great throng who in the parlors
« this churen professed Christ one night was
t young man who next morning rang my
poor bell and said: “Sir, I cannot contain
Wyse.f with the Joy I feel: I canto here this
morning to express it. I have found more
loy in five minutes Jn serving God than in
til the years of my prodigality, and I came
to say so.”
\ ou have seen, perhaps, a rann running
for his physical liberty and the ofllcers of the
law after him, and you saw him escape, or
geterward you heard the judge had pardoned
him. and how great was the glee of that res
cued man; but It is a very tame thing that,
compared with the running for one's ever
lasting life—the terrors of the law after him,
but Christ coming in to pardon and bless and
rescue and save, i ou remember John Bun
T*n hl" Erwit *tory tells how
the Pilgrim put his fingers in
RV ?frs’.an<1 rRn» cr/fng: “Li'e, life, eternal
mer A poor ear-dr.v*r in this city some
years ago. after having had a strugg'o to
lupport hi* family, suddenly was inform-Kl
that a large inheritance was his. and there
was loy amounting to bewilderment; but
teat Js a small thing compared with the ex
perienoe of one when he has put in his hands
the tit'O-deed to the joys, the raptures, the
Splendors of heavon, and he catj tru'y say:
Its mansions are mine. Its temp'os are
.. “"ff Rre ,n,n*» lfc» Ool is mine! *
Oh, it is no tamo thing to become a C'hris
tian. It is a merry making. It is the kill
ng of the fattel cilf. It is jubilee. You
know tho Biblo never compares it to a fu
neral, but always compares it to so net It in <
r right It Is more apt to be compared to a
ban-wet than anything elso. It is compared
In the Bible to the water—bright, flushing
Water; to the morning—roseate, fire
worked. mountain-transfigured morn
1 nJTV'b 1 0011,(1 todRy take
til the Bible expressions about pardon
and peace and life and comfort an l hope
and Heaven and twist them into ono gar
land, and put It on the brow of the humblest
child of God ia this assemblage, and erv:
no,lr’ weRr ,e forever, sou
or, !*??• d«u«hter of the Ix>rd God Al
i i>h’ }ojr o{ th* ,,ew convert!
Uh, th« glndnew of the Cnristian service!
. _J oa have seen sometimes a man in a re
lirfous MMnpbly get up and give his ex peri
enre. V\ ell. I and gave his experience. He
arose in the pro-em-o of two churchea, the
church oq earth and the church in li. a vtn.
ami be said: “Ko# this Is mv exnericn e
rorrowfc!, yet always rejoicing—poor vet
making many rich-having nothing, yet rvr»
py . R>l *h*n.g*-". If the people ill this
bouse this morn mg knew the Joys of tbs
Christian religion, tboy wou'.d all pav*
over Into the krnzdom of Gol tho
next mo mot. When Daniel Bandsman w.ts
djing of cholera his attendant said : "Havo
vou mu h pain »" “Oh,” he replied, “ since
I found the I.ord I havo never had any pstn i
axe pt an ” Then they said to him: “Would
you like to eend n message to your friends 1" I
| “ tea, I would ; tell them that only last i
night ths lore of Jesus came rushing into my |
•oul like tho surges of the see, ami I hod to I
cry out : 'Htoii. lord, It is enough ; stop, ,
Lord, enough Oh, the joys of this Chris
tian religion I
p*c-H orer from those tam* Joy* In
which you ar# indulging—Joya of thla world
—Into tba rupture* of thaOoepel. Tb# wor.d
canoot satisfy you: you have found tlmt* out
Alstandsr longing for other world* to con
quer, and yet drowned In hla own bottle;
Byron whippet by disquietude* around
tb# world j Voltaire cursing bis own
soul while all tha afreet* of far'.* w*r*
applauding him. Henry If, consumin'
with hatred against poor Thome* «
Beckett—all Illustration* of th# fact this
world cannot make a man happy The verv
man who poleooeri the pommel of the ram/*
on which vueen Kiiratwth rode, shouted lo
tb« street: “Ofijl Mar* th* Oueen"’ r>nt
I momer.t the world applaud* and tho nest
moment tb* wori«J anatheinatl*** Oh.rwp*
*▼ or Into tba Creator Joy, this mibtifo*
I aqjhM, this magnificent twntltud* Th* uight
aft*r th* battle pf Mhlloh. and (hero war*
th*u*end* of wounded on th# feld *»«.<! Vb«
ambulance* ha/J pot come, one Christian
rotdter lying there adyta1; under theater
light began <o mnj^:
“There l« a l^ntl of par* dotghf,"
And when be *ame te the n**t line there
were acorea of rojoes uniting!
• Where saint* Imworui relre ”
Tba *ong waa naught up a'J through th*
field* amonar tha wounded until It wna said
w*r* at J*a*t ten thou**nd wounded
men reunittag their voices aa they cam* to
the rara*
“There everlasting aprtnr #W4< a.
Aad rwrer-wttticrlnr flowers
*»<wth like a eerrow dream dlvMss
That heavenly land from our* ”
Oh. ft ts a great religion to Hr* hr. and It f«
• gr*at retlgTon to die by. Tb*r* 4 only one
b*art-tbroh between yon and that reflglon 1
thl# morning. Ju*t look Into the face of tour i
rardonlng Ood. and aurr*nd*r yourself for ‘
^ttme a
*• Tours and all * \o>i*« flome of
tth* roung nun of t».«. t**l, have gone
**• * kri< w
i know it. v\ 1, "i r- ouuy ru*n
hJuJo life, the legend say*, hfa
rwith t on. *„d
II- i I .# i !>i n-igal

El.Pt£fjrc,,V,**r *roan'1 *b*re the young
h^no^^ , U WM * c,rol« Ot virtue end
rU s™' 1** not *UP beyond that cir
ai*V. ^ 1 toja came down, but were
JoiVi „*? hal1 “ the cirole—they
^onld not pasa. But one day a
Tjth diamonded hand stretched
* cr«“«l that circle with the hand,
tempted soul took It and by that one
AiltcR. WM brought berond the circle and
Uo"}* of you have stepped berond that
^oula you not lik* thti da? by th*
grace of Qod to step back I This. I say to
u?u’ , F°ur hour of salvation There was in
the cloeing hours of Queen Anne what is
called the dock scene. Flat down on the
pillow In helpless sickness she could not
move her head or move her hand.
Bhe was waiting for the hour when
»• Ministers of State should
gather in angry contest, and. worried awl
worn out hy tne coming hour, and In mo
mentary absence of the nurse. In the power,
the strange power whiah delirium sometimes
gives one, she arose and stood in front of the
clock, end stood there watching the clock
when the nurse returned. The nurse said:
"Do you see anything pjcullar about
that clock I” Bhe made no answer,
but soon died. There is a clock
scene In every history. If some of you
would rise from the bed of lethargy and
come out from your delirium of sin and look
on the clock of your destluy this morning,
you would see and hear something you have
not seen or heard before, and every tick of
the minute, and every stroke of the hour,
and every swing of the pendulum would
say: "Now. now, now. now”* Oh, come home
to your Father s house. Come home, oh,
prodigal, from the wilderness. Come home,
come borne i
II. But I notice that when the prodigal
came there was the father’s joy. He did not
greet him with any formal "How do you dol"
He did not come out an I nay: "You are un
fit to enter: go out and wash in the trough
by toe well, and then you can come In; we
have had enough trouble with you.” Ah!
0o* ,b*n the proprietor of that eitato pro
claimed festival, it wa« an outburst of a
fat bar’s love and a father’s joy. God Is your
Father. I Lav? not much sympathy with
that description of God I sometimes hear, as
though He ware a Turkish Sultan, hard and
unsympathetic, and listening not to the cry of
His subjects. A man told me he saw in one
of the eastern lands a King riding along, and
two man were In altercation,and one charged
the other with having eaten his rloe; and the
King said: "Then slay the man and by post
mortem examination find whether he I.as
eatea the rice." And he was slaiu. Ah! the
cruelty of a scone like that. Our God is not
a Bultan. not a Caar, not a despot, but a
Father-kind, loving, forgiving, and He
makes all heaven ring again when a prodigal
cornea took, •*! have no pleasure,” be ssys,
lu tho death of him that dietb.”
If a man does not get to Leaven It la lie
cause ho will not gc there. No difference
tno cojor, no difference tbo history, no differ
enca the antecedents, no difference the sur
roundings, no difference tho sin. When the
white horses of Christ's victory aro brought
out to ce.obreie the eternal triumph you may
ride one of them, end as God is greater thau
f l 1*. f? groafcer, and when a soul come*
back there Is iu hie heart the surging of an
Infinite ocean of gladness, and to exprews that
ff’*5n*** t* takes all tho rivers of pleasure,
and all the thrones of pomp, ttnd all the a?es
of eternity. It is a joy deeper than all depth,
and higher than all he ght, and wider tuan
all width, and vast-r than nil Immensity. It
overtops, it nndergJrds. it outweighs ell tho
united splendor and Joy of the universe. Who
can tell what God’u joy is I
You remember read ng the story of a
King, who on some great day of festivity
scattered silver and gold among the peonlo,
and lent valuable presents to his courtier,
but methinks when a soul comet hack, God
is so glad that to express Ills Joy He flings
out new worlds Into space, and kindles up
new suns, and rolls among the white robed
ant bams of tho redeemed a greater hallelujah
whilo with a voloj that reverberates auionz'
the mountains of frankincense and is
echoed back from the everlasting gates, Ho
cries: “This, my son, wsk dead, and he is
nlivo again.”
At the opening of (he Exposition in New
Orleans. I saw a Mexican flutist, and be
played the solo, and then aftorward tho eight
or ten bands of music, accompanied by the
great organ, came in; but the sound or that
ono flute as compared with ail the orchestra
waa greater than ull the combined joy of the
universe when compared with the resounding
heart of Almighty God.
For ten years a father wrni three time* a
dav to the depot HU son went off in aggra*
vating circumstances, but tho father said:
‘‘IT# will come back. ’ The strain was too
much, aud his mind partoi, and threo times
a day tho father went, in tho early morning
be watched the train, its arrival, the step
ping out of tho pnesen.'ora. and then
the departure of tho train. At noon
be was there aeain watching the ad
vance of the train, watching tho depart
ure. As night, there again; watching the
coming, watching the going for ten years.
Ho was sure his son would come back. God
has been watching and waiting for some of
yon, my toothers, ten years, twenty years,
thirty years, forty years, perlinpi fifty ymrs
•—waiting, waiting, watching, watching; and
if this morning the prodigal should come
home, what a soene of glndnawand festivity,
nud how the great Father's heart would re
joice at your coming home- You will come,
some of you, will you not? You will, you
11T. I notico also that when a prodigal
comes home there is the joy of tho ministers
of religion. Oh, it is a grand thing to preach
this Gospel. I know there has been a great
deal said about the trials and tlis harrbthic*
of tho Christian ministry. 1 with somebody
would wt to a good, rousing book about the
joys of the Christian ministry. Sine® I en
tered tho profession I have e*en more of the
goodness ot God than I will to able to
celebrate in all eternity. I know some boast
about their equilibrium and they d > not rise
into enthusiasm, and they do not break down
with emotion: but I confess to you plainly
that wton I sea span cuinimr to GnJ. and
gtvlng up hit sin T feel In body,tnfnfl,and scut
a transport. When I see a man who is tounl
hand and foot In evil habit emancipated,
I rejoice over it as though it were my own
#tnancipat'on. When oday in our com
munion »ervice eorh throngs of young and
old stand at those n'tars. and in the j resenos
of heaven and ear»h and hell attest their al
leys n e to Jesus Christ. 1 feel a joy some
thing akri to that wlrch the apost'e de
ecribes when hasuys: "Whether in t-hs body
I cannot tell, or out of the body I cannot
tell: God knowstb."
' a, n»To nm minuter* a run* to reioi'-e
whon a prodigal comm home! They blew
the trumpet. RDd ought they not to be glad
of the gathering of the host! Ther pouted
to the fnl! eupply, and ought they not to re
joice when souls pent an tbe Bert for the
water brook** Ther come fort a urn?; "All
tiling* aro now ready;'* ought they not to
rejoice whon tbe* prollgal alt* down at the
Ire insurance men will afl tell you that
minister* of religion a* a clan# lire longer
*• >4ffl any o'her. It, la rant)/toed by the sta
tistic* of all those who calculate upon human
longevity. Why is It I There is more draft
upon the narrow system than in ony nttier
frofima'oM, and their Joy I* more exhausting.
hare seen ministers Sept on miserable *tl
pena* br parsluionlotxi congregations who ;
wpuderyd at the duilne s of the a «rrnons,when
Iht men of OoJ were perpleyed a linos' to
death by question* of livelihood, end had no*
enough nutritious food to keep any fire In
tbe*r temperament ?*o fuel, no fire I ham
•ouMtlmM skio tbe Inside of the life of manr
of the American clergyman--norer nceepc
Ick their lioniil'i’ltf, Ursun they cannot
afford It; but 1 bare seen thorn struggle on
with enlaries of flvo an I six hundred dot art
u venr—the aecrag* lots thin that
- their _ struggle well depict® I by
the We-.tern ui selcmar/ w.io saya
In a l»-t*er: "I’liank you f»r your iastrem.b
tone®: until It cam® we h.i I not any meat In
our h-.u-o for one year; and all last wmter,
although it was u *ercr>- w.ntcr, o r children
wore their summer cloth®o’* And tbiM rne;»
of Oc-d I find In different jar;* of tba land,
struggling a/ninst annoy ar»<scs and exaspera
tions Innumerable; some of them wor-k after
week criteria.ntng agonts win- have mafis
to end aubmttlinr t’lemsolv*, to ail
styles of annoy*»i<y\ sn i yet without corn
plaint, and cheerful of soul. How do you
account for the fn-1 that these Ilf® insurance
men tell us that mln'slers os n does lire
lonaer than any others* it i* lx* au*e of fh«
joy of their work, the joy of th® harrent
field, lh« Joy o? greet-n* prodigals home to ,
their Father's house
We are In sympathy w.th ail innocent
Miaritiea. We can en'oy a hearty song, and
•T **• fn« fy w|tn the married; bus
tbowi of us Who bare lolled in tbr-sarvk® are
ready to t««t!fr that all rhe** joy* are tom,
minparad wlu, t he satisfaction of seeing rnan
jmler the kingdom of llod. fh® great am*
ii finlster arc the outpourings of tbe
J.*h2tJ^2d l'U,5k HiMft seen
•igbtean of them. Ti-ank Ood, thank (iodl
. J )• J notice also when the prodigal comes
Isick alt r®rnMt * hrlstinns rejoice. If you
ytoad oa Monte ok r ,„t ao| there was a
•*!*•- *nl *k w** blowing toward
'n , .hZ™ 11 nd «_*”»> crashed into tba rock*
•Md you raw people get ashore in the Ui*
boat* and the very last man got on th# rooks
in safety, you could not control your Joy,
And it u a glad time when tbe Church ol
Uod sees men who are toseed on tbe ocean of
i heir stu* plant tho.r feet on the ruck Carist
Oh when prod gals come home just hear
tbost* Christian* sing. J ust hear those Chris
tians pray. it is not a stereotyped suppl ca
tion we have h* ard over aod over again for
twenty years, but a putting of the case In
tbe hands of (Jot with an Importunate plead
ing No long prayer*. Men never pray at
great length un!e« they have nothing to
ssy and tbetr hearts are hard and cold. All
the prayers in the Btblo that were answered
were short prayers: “God be merciful to mo
a sinner.” •'Lord, that I may receive my
eight.” "Lord, save me or 1 pensb.” The
longest prayer, Solomon's prayer at tbe
dedication of the Temple, Ices than eight
minutes in length, aocorJing to tbe ordiuary
rate of enunciation.
Aud Just hear then pray now that tbs
prodigals are coming home. Just see them
shake bands. No puu.ug forth of tbe tour
tip# of the Angers in a formal way, but a
hearty grasp, where the muscles of the heart
oeem to clench tbe Angers of one hand around
tlie other. And then see those Christian
faces, bow Illumined they are. And »«e that
old man get up aud with the same voice that
be sang Afty years ago in the old country
meeting-house, say: "Now, Lord, lettest Thou
Thy servant depirt in peace, for mine eyos
have seeu 'ihy sjlvation. There was a man
of Keith who was hurled Into prison In tints
of persecution, and ono day be got oft hi
thaoklea and he came and stood by the prison
door, and whon the ja I*r was opening tbe
door, with one »t. oko ho struck down tbe
man who bad incarcerated him. Passing
along the streets of Ixtndon, he wondered
wtmre his family was He did not dare
to ask jest be exc.te suspicion, but,
passing along a little way from the
pr.son, he saw a Keith taukaj^i, a cun that
belonged to the family from generation to
generation—ha saw it in a window. His
family, hoping that some day ha would gat
ol. or, came and lived as near as they could
to the prison bouse, and they set that Keith
tankard in the window, hoping be would see
it; and he aame along aud saw it, and
knocked at the door, and went in.
and the long absent family were all
together ogam. Oh, if you would start
for the kingdom of Uod today, I think some
of you would And nearly all your friends and
and nearly all your families around the holy
tankard of the holy communion—fathers,
mothers, brothers, sisters around that sacred
tankard which commemorates the love ol
Jesus Christ our Lord. Oh, it w ill be a great
communion day when your whole family sits
around the sacred tankard. Ona on earth,
, one in heaven.
unce more i remark, that when the
prodigal gets back the inhabitants of heaven
keep festival. I am very certain of It.
If you have never resit a telograpbio
chart, you have no Idea how many Cities are
connected together and how many lands.
Nearly all the neighborhoods of the earth
seem articulated, and news flies from city to
c.ty, and from continent to continent.
But more rnpldly go tho tidings from
onrth to heaven, and when a prodigal
returns it Is announced before the throne of
God. And if thes» smile th s morning should
enter the kingdom there would be some one
In the heavenly kingdom tosav: “That my’s
father,” “that's my mother," “that's my
son.’ that’s my daughter,” “that's my
friend,” “that the one 1 used to pray for,”
“that's the one for whom I wept so many
tears,' and one s ul would eay, “Hoamnal"
and another soul would say, “Hallelu ah! ’
“Pleased with the eews the saint* below
lu tong* their tonuue* employ;
Beyond the *k <** ibe tiding* go,
And heaven I* tl.iej witu joy.
“Xor sngel* ran their Joy contain,
But klnuie with new Are:
The e'.uner lost Is found, they sing,
And strlko th.* sounding lyre.’’
At the banquet of Lucullus sat Cicero th#
orator, at the Macedonian festal sat Philip
tho conqueror, at the Grecian Languor sat
Socrates the philosopher; but at our Luthers
table sit all the returned prodigals, more
than conquerors. The tab!** is so wide its
leaves reach uerors seas nnd across lands,
lta guests are the redeemed of earth and
the glorified of heaven. The ring of
God's forgiveriest on e\»i y hand, tho robe of
a Saviour's rightcousne .s adro p from every
shoulder. The wine that glows in the cups
Is from the bow is of ten lltou«nn<J sacramenrs
l*et all tho re*lsem* i of<a>th and ail tbs
glorified of heat en rise, and v* Ith gleaming
chalice drink to the return of » thousanl
prodigal*. Sin?! s n?! slog! “Worthy is
the Lainb that was slain to revive b'.ess’ng
and riebrs and honor nnd glory and jiowor,
world without end.”
Law mid Luwyers.
It cannot bo supposed that overy ono
who appears in a court of justice pos
sesses that amount of familiarity with
his country’s laws which would make
■ him a lit or capable exponent of his
own cause, although there are pome
j chronic offenders who, by long ex peri
j ence, have become ns expert in cheat
ing tho gallows and the jail ns a rogu
larly ordained oounselor at law.
Almost every person who attain ■
years of maturity, sooner or later, has
■ some eauso which can bo sottlrd only
at tho bar of justice, ns, for instance,
when the matured person refuse* to
comply with his promise to commit
matrimony, and refuses to meet his
I other obligations,
Tho duties of a lawyer ara not such
I can be discharged by one who is uu
: familiar with their requirements, for
| fie »rt of bullyragging witnesses and
j throwing dust in the optics of the jury
is not as easy 11s might be supposed. I t
requires time to harden the cheoli of
J the criminal lawyer to the requisite
j degree of toughness.
At all times tho harvest of lawyers
J has been abundant, and there is no im
I mediate reason for fearing that the
I "upjily will diminish, as the crop is not
j affecte 1 by late frost, or drunth or the
seven teen-year locusts.
haws are formed to guide tho good
| and restrain the evil, but. they do
neither the one nor the other, owing to
the skili with which the laws are per
vert* d by th* lawyers, who g.*t them
selves elected to the Legislature, where
they eon mix np th-* laws so as to pro
mote litigation, its afodlos nnd ex
pounders should try nhovc all others
to see its majesty maintained. Tho
fact that a man is a lawyer dor n not
argno that ho is wholly abandoned; i
that ho has notion? in common with
his fellow-man. ’J heir interos's are
identical with those of other citizens.
They can no1, harm others without
*<>on<*r or hit r tunning themselves.
Let the lawyer vindicate truth nnd *1 -
vide It *- prof.-mi >n from the labyrinths
of pa d darkness. — Ttjrah Sifting*.
Camp Chimney*.
Why is it fhat a gins* chimney makes
Miidi a differ otico to the light given 1 »y
n lamp? lieoanae it increase* tho sup
ply °f oxygen to the flame by prod no
tog n draught, and concentrates and
reflects tb* heat of the flame, in con
Hi'incneo of winch the combustion of
the carbon ia more perfect, and very
little escapesnnoonsnmed. Lamp glass
i s wero invented by Aime Argnnd, the
inventor of tho famous lamp which
hi ars his name. He had l>ecn experi
menting for some time in trying to in
crease the light, but to no purpose.
On the table before him lay the Woken
ne-k of an-old flask. This be took up
carelessly and placed it. almost with
out thought, over the wick. A brill
iant flame rewarded this act, and the
bint, was not lost upon the experimen
talist, who proceeded to put his dis
o»very into practical operation at
* no''.
‘I know wc era poor, devr papa,’ avid
Kvel) n, nestling l.er head against his I
shoulder, ‘but Atbolatano it h avo and
hopeful, and he save that love will make
* way.’ *f know it will,’ asH old ffy
«oo, grimly; ‘it’# made away with six
fo-»s of purler coal and t** wor.h of gas
since Christmas, and |t*a next Wioter
that’s worrying me 1
bt boukht ui'HDrrrr.
I inl»» you, my darling, my darliair,
The embers born low on the hearth t
And still la the at r of the household.
And hushed is tbs voice of its mirth;
The rain plashes fast on tba terrace.
The winds past the lattices moan ;
The midnight chimes out from the minster
And I am alono.
I want yon, my darling, my darling;
I am tired with care and with fret;
I would neetle In silence beside you.
And all but your presence for/et,
In tb# hush or the happiness given.
To those who through trusting have giown
To the fttllueta of love In contentment.
Hut 1 am alouo.
I call von. my darling, mr darling ;
My voice cohoes back on my heart;
I stretch my anus to yoir in louglng, ’
And lo! they fall empty, apart.
I whisper the awoet words von taught me
The words that wo only have known.
Till the blank of the dumb air is bitter
For I am alone.
1 need you, my darliug, my darling;
With Its yearning my very heart aches ;
The load that divides us weighs harder ;
f shrink from tbs jar that it makes.
Old sorrows rise up to beset me;
Old doubts make my spirit their own.
oh. come through the darkness* and eave me.
For I am alone.
An Old Familiar Air.
“What is that air you are whittling, Dick?”
inked Flipkins of the new humorous an
jum editor.
“ ‘I Am Wait'Dg, My Darling, for Thee,’ ” !
returned the jocose writer of obituarien.
“Ah, yea! I might have known. Very
itunid indeed of me! Why. that ought to ;
bo the moat fumiiiar air in the world to me.”
“Your sweetheurt used to sing it, 1 pre
sume, air?”
“Oh, no!”
“Your sister then, perhaps?”
“No, wrong again. When I used to stay
out late nights, that is the tuno my father
used to hum to me as ho stood behind the
door with a trunk-strum”
I waa reading a compilation of statistics
tho other day, and it cited a statement made
hy a prominent wiseacre that it is an actual
hict here in America oar greatest and smart
fst men never livo to grow old,” said a
country shyster to a citv attorney. “I
wonder if it is so?”
“Well, oven if it is, the fact should not
trouble you in the least; it ought toencour
nge you with the idev that you will live to
be a hundred years old, at least," returned
his colleague.
How 8he 8pest HEa Time,
Teacher (to small girl who had “skipped
ichool”)—Where have you been and what
hnve you been doing all the morning?
Small girl (working the heel of her shoe
into a crack iu the floor)—Part of the timo
riding down hill.
Teacher (with an eueouraging smile as a
recognition of veracity;—And what were
ion doing the retst of the time?
Small girl (naively)—Walking up!
If Sufferers front Consumption,
Mcrofu’a, Bronc’alti®, and General Debility
will try Scott's Emulsion of Co.i Liver
Oil with Hy pophosphites, they will find im
mediate relief and permiuate benefit. The
Medic >1 Prof*■ ion universally declare it a
remedy of tho greatest value and very pala
table, Bead; "I have used Scott's Emul
sion in severul cases of Scrofula and Docility
in Children. Result-* most grat fying. My
l.ttlo patients take it with p’e.nure.”—W. A.
Hclbert, M. D , Salisbury, III
Little Boston girl (a* the hair
brush is reached for)—Mamma, tho
consecntiveneas and tho prevalency of
thcao interminable castigations aro
slowly sapping my very life!
Cninrrh Cured.
A clergyman, after years of suffering from
that loathsome disease. Catarrh, and vainly
trying every known remedy, at last found a
prescript Ion which completely cured and saved
him fromdenth. Any sufferer from this dread
ful disease sending a self-addressed stumped
envelope to Prof. J. A. Lawrence, 88 Warren
St.. N. Y., will receive the reelin' free of charge.
Dd you ever answer a newspaper ad vert Is ?
inentr Try W. L. McKay, whose ndvertise
inent, "Men Wanted," appears In this paper.
A Rad'cal Care for Epileptic File.
To the. Editor—Please Inform your leaders
that I haven positive remedy for tho above
named disense which I warrant to euro the
worst cases. Mo strong is my faith In its vir
tues that I will send nee a sample bottle and
valuable treatise to any sufferer who will give
mo ids 1* O. and Express address. Resp’y,
H.G. ROOT, Jf, (J , Ib3 Pearl Ml.. New York.
If afflicted with sore eyes use Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye-water. Druggists sell at Mic.
per bottle.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Is carefully ]>r pared lrorn Sarsaparilla, Pandelion,
Mandrake, Pork. I’ipsis *-wa, Juniper Ilrtrlrs. and
otlie r well-known anti valuable ve-getable remedies,
I y a pevullar combination, proportion and proems,
si'Ins to Hood's Harsnparilla curative |<owrr not
losses «l by < the-r medicines.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Ja the brat Mood pmlflrr. It cure# Scrofula. Suit
Ilbeicm, Holla, I'iinples, < II llmnora. Dpp pa r,
IMlIr-uanrx*, Mick Headache, IndlffeaUon, Of tier* I
DrYd'lty, Catarrh, F.hcnmatiani, Kidney and I.laer j
complaint*, oveiN'Otne* that tired fcrMnir, create* an
appetite. a renxtheu* the nerves and hulld* up the
whole system.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Tfaa met peculiar and nnparallrled anoora* at home. I
Such la it* popularity In I/owell, Mara . wber • it la
made, that whole ne'ffhhorhnnla are taklntr ft at the
aamc time, and Ixiwrll drnffffl«ta aell more of Hr od'a
Haraapaiilla than of all other aar aparillaa or blond •
ptnHIrrr. It la aold by all dmfffftata. ft: alx for #s.
Vr pared only by C. I. UOOI» Ac CO., Lowell, Maas, j
IOO Doses One Dollar
The mother of a member of our firm baa l/ern
cured of a catieerona aorr on h-r fa/o of twenty
yeara' atandlnff by P. K M. I'ranucruff, Yrast h
Krt r.T, t>rnffffleta. rnrinerarine, T««.
Hwift a np*citl • cure-'nor bat/e of an anarry rrnp
ffon ealbd Ktntpi after the d<-rt/>r'a prn«ct,|'tlon*
r ad fulled, and »he I* now hale and hearty.
If. T. Kiimw, Rich Hill, Mo.
|-W Hell'I for our h/ikmui III/., ,1 and dim Inscaeia
•n>l Advice t«> Sufferer" mailed free.
•ilfKMWiri HPKc III' O'' . Draw, t I Atlanta. (**
EI.V8 Catarrh
/ iran nnrjerinetl
after uniny Kl i/'i
Cream Halm l>rt
namthn to find tfa
, I'/l,I , il irh i, I
tran elunetl for
yearn,Iran open <ltu>
free a« th'' other. /
i' •I very llwvn I ful
— fit Ft. Crrnneny
Hraot.tyn. _ fcVfc.|f
A (/article fa applied Into eae'i nnotrll and la a vree -
able. Price .*> cent" at Itpijjfftat*; by n..*tl. re/!*•
«» rd. *1 rents. FLY R R«n fI rIt*.
Ml Wsrr-m afreet. \rw York.
1I0MF jTf i»T. **k-kee|>;n/. Riiaineas r-rmn
M penmanahlp, Arithmetic. short band etc.
■ I tbomoffhly (annul by MAM- « irenluw free
Hrynwrs C elir*e, 457 Mein h?., Uuffal". >. f
If an addre«« Crime. * War nr. «: Rrn«/|wa v t
rn» t. farmtywyy. Art hM, f>* « ft i *>*«**•<*, Ma1*«.
1 Oc.
[ awin' r**n, ti at*»r, o t ttnni.n Seim n s*. .* *
JIAI.MA Mf'A, fO» MCML Pbliadr idita Pa.
A netsrahtpalto (•'•••lib n, A.Ill Write tor elixmlai
\ yents wanted a I an lr nr. An w a-rttc ea.e *t't£»
andaap>f»>< fee c K M«nha i. 1. ntoor*. K V
At DKt'oour and Dkalkks.
Diamond Vera-Cura
ImilturttoB, Hour Htomacb. llrartbuin Nau.ea.Hid
dlne-*. <<>u»tl|*tloi). F'ullnea* i/t*r eating. Food
ns ,n the Mouth atid diaatrree*bi« tube after
fating. rtrvourfim and Low Spirit*
At Drvayitt* < nil /Voirr* or gnJ by mall on rr
rtipt of 28 cl*. <8 bo.rrt 0!.U0>In rtamp*. Sampir arnf
on rtrrlpt of 2-crnl
The Charles A. Vcflelt r~Co„ Baltimore, Md
THE System Regulator.
Are your I,Ivor, Kidney* or Bowel* out of
order? M an-a-i.in will put them In order.
Are yon CoiiKtlputed and Bilious? Man-a
lin will correct both trouble*. Doe* your
head no he? M an-a-i.in will enro It. Are
you mu florin jr front Pile*? M an-a-i.in will
make them dlauppeaf. I* you Complexion
*:t I low, ■ your
T a * t e had and
your head
heavy? M A N
A-Ml* will give yon rosy cheek*, a pure
breath nnd a clear head. For a system that
'* outof order there 1h nothing like Man-A
i.in nnd nothing like It. to keep the system
*.n order. Try it. Hold by all tlrncg1«ts-<l a
hot tie; rt for y> Hend for l>r. Hartman's “Ilia
of Life. Man-a-lln t* innrufn<*t ured by
T UK l‘hltt.N.1 M£l). CO„ Coluiubtn, O.
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws
which govern the oja-ration* of dig. ntl<>D and nutri
tion. and by a careful application of the fine projwr
ti. » of well-relo te.1 Cocoa. Mr. Kpp* haa provided
our breakfast table* with a delicately flavoured bev
arage which inay*are u* many heavy doctor*' I.HIa
It 1* by the JtidMona tire of Hitch article* of diet that
a court)tutiou way Ijc gradually built up until rtron#
plough to re*i*t every tendency to dl*****. Hun
■re.1* of aubtle maladl) * are floating around ua ready
to attaek wherever there la a weak joint. W* may
many a fatal ehaft t.y keejdng our elvea well
fortifted with pure blood and a jumper I y nouriahed
muna.’—Cirtf Srrt'icr Gazette.
Made einij.ly with boiling water or m Ik. Hold
nly in half pound tin*, by Grocers. labelled thu»:
lA tltb KPl'H d CO., Homreopathic ChnnJata,
Loudon. Knglaua.
Here It Is!
want to team alt about a
Ilona t flow to Pick Out a
Good One? Know Imperfer ^
ticni and fo Guard agalnat
Fraud ? Detect Disease and
£ ITart a Cure whan aainela
possible? Tell the age be
the laeth / V> hat to call the Different Part* of the
Animal? How to Shoe a Horse Properly? All til
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f , lonu Hrarreter'e Safety Itein
f Koldera 111 V KXA \VA V to Intro*
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""»rV «»•'"' ,to th« «**•»
Mrai.lil. Made of sheet a tee I
n!<^ly jaianm d; nil vices for I.»
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Any boy cau put them ou.
Bindley Hardware Co..
I'ITTSItl It (ill. |*A ’
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AA'i.NI'^ W ANaI'.D! Addre**, Rocky MooitTAif
r-pccmrx Co, . . - DexvehCol.
I hnro a |*mltlrt remedy for than tor* ; hvit* u«
thousand* of «%i*a» <>ftln*Mor-t kind and of Inner atari din*
»!«%• »> •» ftired. S« id route i- m> faith in Its •ffl* a *y that
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jKvwt flowrr lovr r dyljctiV'd T« U all your
IfricacV 0. W. f ARK. rAMWKTTSBtIRO, TA.
tv l?«* Prompt* Thl* offer will appear bwl trvlrr.
NrilHp.nV stuck v in in Bf) j'lti BO!
■ S»\ c agi*nt * commission (>v ortlerlng dlrnct of
ns. Corrosnondsni'o soltHtoil. Address. Ksirri't
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KcCormlak ft Hons,Washington, D.C. ft Cincinnati, O.
DU|Je PSIle Graa! EnB,**h coutM<
Oldir 5 r IllSa Rheumatic Remedy.
Oral Hog, a It round. 14 PI1U.
OF 024 PAGES >
It rives Knell h Word* with the Herman l,|lv>
ImlinMl Pronunciation And Merman Words WM
Lnillah LsAumona. beet postpaid on receipt of ft I
AtiXM Mtaa., May 81. ML
Foot nib. /te»w. 134 Leonard KLf
The Herman Dictionary la re cel rad a—I I am moert
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r s i)7 J ^
I’ve Cot It!
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Colored Maps of each Mate «nd T.rrttorv in th*
United Htat. a. Also Mups of every Country in tha
World. Hie letter Pt.aa .tve* the sguare mill ■ of
ea.1i Mate: time of settlement: population; chief
elttra: average t»mi>eratiire. salary or official. sad
theprincipal postmaster* in the Mate; number of
fauna, with their production*and tha valua thereof;
dsttere: t manufacture. and number of .mploraaL
etc.. etc. Also the area of each Foreign Country!
fetm of roveninw nt; popniation; priori pal prod net*
and Ihefr money value; amount of trade; religion*
sire of army; miles of railroad and tcleirr*rh; uutni
ter of hor»ea, cattle, ahee;, nd a \aat amount of in
formation valuable toall.
All newspaper readers are constantly matin* an
Atlas for refer, me in order to intelligently under
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which Fowls to Kavo for DnMUi
Furnmes: and everything. n*1*e<i.
you ■ttonld knew e n tlit* Mii'iert to m»k« It rrofli
• I'li* Sent l>o_nt|>«iil fo 'i.V. KOOK PI H
ItOI'8*, 134 I.eonitrd MIimi, N. Y. tlir
To Builders
I'Mva. c» ntaiiilnif *oH4
iBrlB that etenr roen
<</tit< inplatloir Hut 14
i ii j f lmiiM buow before
m-huik n:* rumrirp; m ai cun* <>i plain a la eiewan*
homes. with plan" sod estimated coat. Hhortchap
tenon the kitchen. eh nineys. cistern. foundation,
brickwork. inortnr. cel ar. iieaiiiiir, \entUation, the
roof and rr.nny items of interest to lodldem. Mailed
free bn receipt of 1 0 rents Iti pculei >tain)M Addreea
CO.. AID Kmi Twentieth St., New York City.
tW~ Oat t.’.o Genuine. Sold Krery wham.
t7as>*4 l* rrerr fninf. Shrewd mr ti te*et under iMtrmttia
Insur Secret Service, t rcerlri,. . I,.! urcrinry. Particular! ft**,
Crxnnsn Detect Ire Borrsu Cd.4i Arc*4*,ClncluutLflL
brut >u»f Wage* 13 Per Day Pi-rtnanmi potltlon Ka
inetaH anrverrd Stoner adTiux td'for « «ce». adrertlataa. ,t*.
Centennial Manufacturing Co.. Cineinttaii. Ohia.
# wtmt a wliSanl rwwtn* a J!a*.
w :rc.io
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»1 II ll S,nS|l Owmrnt «faowloy fay flain Ink ; an fa. « U roach IM nmtmmt jfa
WMV" yowln fay rounder at a>ir din *rd a t rrewiaf » Hen TM wm,
1hr«* fonooa ofaewia* tfcroo way* to on«or will raraioa *•» »w fa, too fr.t fare yarwM okawtaw two
w«r» In outer will roroian |!«oa<fa, tfao Inti* prcnnr. rkaalrl tk»-» Vo Ifatl i wy,il>«*l|(Oao«m
tr rearht eoentor will r«.:*t*e i »*rh Ifjoo do a n wi ■ ear t-f lit Hryaot amotiala y a handH
thanfwfaria* nf i im*>t lt» af’or I< tudo tala r-.tore Tho Chtnuiaf Ooraario MW
homo* no.l c.-mpoil'ora m.t»* wa.l 1* roat* in payment f«r foar rrnltj «ohe^rlprna. It ooa|Wl— Id
rwfoa. frl Wllmrj, h lojidMinoly pHaroil and efaranlla iilarlrai* 1. F,vUor>onitaaatlana i i pwary
»*>*•• rilaair t'eraor l». larr. a far. iwfanld word ' r yr»-«. ( if i vlano* Ir tfn*i tod fairly an fw
pnfa i<fao»a of l> la yarn* know. Xan.l now i'» ;>«y. All far.:>« wi rot r* n-o'rod 1/ Ma-ch *1. Haaaa
and add-oaiaaaf f-toa wineorn wlti ayym'la i>a ( k nooy (Vary of Ayrtl 1*. Fair 10rowan yaw
®*FF** ♦'* 1 *• ar.yoroal jr«a ara oaro inrmotaa Ml rataa af woorrotir. 1 .'4* no U»s M
Wat >t an co and yot *kt lit Moo. < 'an root rta'ayo In ton lawn at r»-» Ad-irooo. —
twb cimutKi comj>»m.«7 wd cu owner* tv. tiucaro. tv
In th<j w«|(1, r.xamln* lili f
Wiki ovvi ikk MfiOlf,
% 54.00 II AMt si W KI) wr.t r KIIOK.
gi.r.o KXI M \ \t.vr. « AM M If OR.
W'.'.OOnntlSI.fJl IM)V# *< IfOOf. Mil OKU.
All maw In t'iingrr‘w, Rutinri anil Lace.
S3 shoe L/D°;..,
n 1 TTmTAw If.,--, . Mworlwl. Boot hfylo. Root rittfn#.
fiATTTTnN nitn7Ti»od*DrlooT«,Ln..,^S " r- W)rOU» SROM wlthont
V«U 1 lUi.1 SSdhV roii rV. 'iiVr - 1,7" 7.!'" ' V <'"w" no r> frond. If not
— 1 l.v your .1- mor. »rlf. tt ■ I.. MoHua*, I’.IHK KTON, MAMA.
IT HE WO V A I stamping outfiti
I— llV/ I M I—•"* lATr.MT t TnK f.aKATrWTM rmj: mJ,.
. An fh-tf.U Pair intB r^tir .'Alim r ,*_
.brought in vlti „ >r t.lttCA t itOt ft 111 rrtr** ,
V. ",r“ r' '* W,,J7 t..^
t *<■ MMfgni (, it. iwrriV»»ii IumTj fBrMflRKHLkM

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