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The West Va. Argus.
A First class paper, entered at Second
class matter in a Third-class PostoAtce
biagwmrf, October 12, 1
1 .1
l>r. Ales Leeds, Dentist. Grafton.
Wilson Martin of Fairmont, has been here
this week visiting his mother and brothers.
Mr. and Mis. Al Reese and baby from
Grafton, are heie visiting fi tends and
Mu. W. R Iiraudan and childten from
Huntington, strived here Friday to visit
her old borne.
Shep Shears of Irons, had a turn >c ampu
tated from his face at the Stricklcr Hospital
here last Saturday.
Miss Bess Haney returned to Unioniown
last Saturday after a visit at home here. She
is nurse in a hospital there.
David J Gibson was at Clarksburg last
week attending Federal Court, having been
summoned as a Grand Juryman.
A *>.1 cud id granite monument was plsced
in the Kingwood cemetery last week by D
V’. Morris io the memory of his wife.
L. S. Buck lew has been working over nt
Kodaiuers on a line new house beiug built
over there by one of the cititensof that place.
Havelin tlahh of Morgantown, was here
this week in the interest of Swisher A
Swisher, the well-known investors of that
Dahid R Beavers went to Morgantown
last week to visit his son, Ami W. Beavers,
and get some of the yellow-legged pullets
on tap over there.
Charles W. Wolfe left Tuesday afternoon
tor Martinshurg to attend the Grand l.odge
of Knights of I'ythias as the representative
of Brown I,odge of Kingwood.
Editor-Fanner Shaw of the I-eader was
up al his farm near the Camp Ground last
week to see if anything had lieen raised on
it Ibis year (resides the assessment.
A son *»f Orval Shafter fiom Kolir, was
under treatment at Ihe Hospital here for
bone abscess of Ihe thigh. He was operated
on and was stile to go home this week.
A public sale <<f personal properly will be
held next Thursday at Ihe home of Ihe late
I- H. Smith, near Itruceton. The adminis
trator, W. W. Smith, is advertising the sale.
Now is the time to order your reading
matter for Ihe long winter evenings. The
Argus has a 'vety attractive list at greatly
reduced prices. l.ook it over and send in
an order.
I)r. II. I. Henry of Morgantown, the
eye, ear, nose and throat specialist, will be
at Tunnclton, Wednesday and Thursday,
October nth and 12th, and at Grafton from
the 13th to the ittth.
A son of Wilbert Liston got Ins ar.u
broken while out gathering chestnuts last
Saturday. The boy was plucky and walked
home and refused to go to lied. The
fracture was reduced and will loon be well.
I he snow this morning was a very un
welcome guest in this section and the first
time we ever had snow before a froat, as we
have had no fjost hete yet to hurt anything.
We will likely have a month yet of good
J. W. Hull, eye specialist, will be at the
Exchange Hotel, Kingwood, October iKth
kind 19th. If you have any kind of trouble,
^■ave them examined, which will cost you
^Hothing. See me at the hotel afternoon of
reach date, till 5 o’clock.
It ia reported that all the farmers within
five miles of Morgantown are now buying
alarm clocks to waken them of a morning,
as there is not an old rooster left anywhere
in that section on account of the big session
of Conference just closek over there.
fienlon foreman from down near Valley
Point, came up to the Strickler Hospital
here last week with symptoms of fever but
upon a close examination was found to have
an slices* under hi* arm which was lanced
and a pint of corruption taken out and he is
rapidly recovering.
G V. Krankhouser, son of Jonas hank
houser of Grant district, was here Monday
on his way back to his work on the railroad,
with headquarter* at Ml. Clare, Harrison
SyCoonty, where he is foreman. He dropped
in' .ip leave a dollar for The Argus to keep
posteti* on the news from old Preston.
We ha vie received quite a number of new
subscribers 'during the past ten days who
hsve taken,’ advantage of our SPECIAL
fifteen Months offer for one
DOLLAR, f If you have not joined the
procession y>Wu should get into the band
wagon at oftcr before it turns the corner and
gets out of fsight.
Patents were granted to inventive West
Vlrginians/Ust week as follows: John II.
lluhn «| Gypsy, on a machine for operating
cnal angr %. Hugh A. Jauney of Middleway,
rm avrt.rl retainer; Sherman R. St a t la rd of
Kdmona, on a calculating machine; and
■,m- ’ M. Wyjor of Mannermg, on a device
for holdtiif checks on mine car*.
Samuel T. 'Riley, the well-k nown historian
and educalbr, '«u heen sick at his home
neer Wtrsing, Ps , for a monfi., suffering
from a renewal of his old lung troubles.
W. Scott Garner passe..' through tows on
Tuesday last, returning from a visit to Mr.
Wiley, and reports that while he is a very
sick man he ha* shown some improvement
in the last few days, and with his magnificent
courage and strong will power enliated in
the tight there is strong hope that Mr.
Wiley will pull through and recover.
The Rev. H. J. Taylor, who used to live
*n Weil Kingwood and later on in Morgan
town where he served on the police force
and then In the grocery business and left
there between two days with a lot of billa
unpaid, Charley Bishop of this place Ireing
the heaviest loser, is now located at Far
mington, this State, where he ia engaged in
the jewelry business and repairing and
fixing watches, clocks, etc. While at
Clarksburg last week and stopping at the
Walker House he was taken suddenly ill
end came near getting hie own clock fixed,
The doctors pulled him through however.
Mr. and Mra. W. J. Bryan, accompanied
by their son and daughter, William and
firace, have left Lincoln, Nehraaks, for
their loar „f ,he world. They Mj|ed ffnm
San Francraco for Japan on Septemlier *6ih,
stopping in Honolulu for a day or two.
They expect to reach Tokio October 15th.
From |apan they will go to Manilla, and
will spend some time in ilse Philippi*
They will then vis's Australia and Niew
Zealand, ami will reach India in the wf Inter.
They will proceed to the llolv, V>and and
other rou iiiiee and will wpend next summer
In the large rt^es of Kurope. Mr. Biyan
expects to ba/g,»ne not less than a year.
E. J. BowermasUr hat been confined to
the house the past week with symptoms of
Mi. and Mrs. J. L. Stone have been at
Grafton this week visiting friends and
Mr*. K. E. Huike it here this week
teaching for her huslmmi who it at
Ptof. Ilcnry Meshci went to Morgantown
Saluiday to take in the Masouic blow
out over theie.
II. C. Klylhe is veiy busy putting in new
heaters in ditiercnl parts of the county. He
made three new sales last week.
James G. Menear, the editor and publisher
of the Reform School News at Piuntytown,
was here this week visiting h one folks.
Justice of the Peace William Henry
Murdock was at Morgantown last week
mising up with the preachers over there
Adam W. Albright was up at Welwter
Spring* last week looking up some propeity
up there with a view toward making an
Leroy Hucklcw was up at the Lamp
Ground the past week putting a slate roof
on the tine new residence erected by
William G. Miller.
Prof. K. E. ilurke of the Kingwood
Schools is at Martinsburg this week attend
ing the K, of P. Grand I<odge, lie is a
Grand Lodge officer.
Matcellus E. Stone of neat Kingwood,
has two fine cows for sale. They are half
Jersey and half Durham and each gives
three gallons of milk per day.
W. L. Ormond of Pisgah, was here on
Monday oil hi* way to Martinsburg to at
tend the Grand Lodge of the K. of P. a*
representative of Gordon Ixklge of Pisgah
The big steam shovel of Talbott Bros,
that was in use out at the big fill below John
Dill’s was moved last week to some point
•n New York State where they have a big
Hon. F'dward S. Elliott and wife from
Chicago, arrived here last Friday, being
summoned by the critical illness of Mr.
Elliott’s mother, who died Satuiday morn
ing altout nine o'clock.
Mrs. II. C. Howard, Mis. George A
Walls, Mrs. Jennings M. King, Mis.
Edward C. Everly and Mrs. Thomas I).
Craig were all at Moigautown during the
past week attending the special seivices of
the M. E Conference.
Don’t fail to read the big half-page ad
vertisement to be found in this issue, of the
Morgantown Investment Company. We
know the people and have no hesitancy in
recommending them to our people as
entirely reliable and trustworthy.
Circuit Court convenes here today. The
Grand Jury will lie sworn in and instructed
by His Honor, Judge John Homer Holt, and
aent to their room to tind out who has been
impairing the peace and dignity of the law.
We will give a report of the proceedings
nest week.
A meeting of the Hoard of Trade was
held last Saturday night and about fifteen
members were present. The Slate Board
has been in session at Parketsburg this week
and Mayor W. II. McDaniel, Gus J. Shaffer
and Dr. E. W. Strickler left Tueaday after
noon to attend as delegates from the local
Spencer Cole was here last week visiting
his brother B. F. Cole. He is an employ
of the Keystone Drill Company of Beaver
Falls, Pa , and is iust back from FIgypt,
where he had lieen the past year in charge
of some machinery for his company, drilling
wells in the Sandy Deserts over there. They
had to go about four hundred feet to get
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Holden and son
Eugene, returned home last F'riday from
Grafton, where they have been for some
lime at the home of Mrs. Holden’s mother,
on account of the delicate health of Mrs. If.
and the birth of her child. Mr, Holden
having been absent from his office for some
time, has been necessarily compelled lo
neglect his business more or less, but is now
here and will be found at bis office every
day, ready fo attend to all huiiness that
comes his way.
The new pastor for the King wood M. K.
Church is Kev. J. II. Hess, Isle Presiding
Elder of the Charleston District and comes
very highly recom mended as an able and
earnest divine. The charge is one of the
best in the State with a splendid church
building and brick parsonage and pay* ft 150
■alary, 'the retiring minister Kev. Harry
C. Howard ha* been here six year* and
leaves a host of friends who bid him God
speed in hi* new home. But tew changes
were made by the Conference for this coun
ty. We will publish full list next week.
Rev. Josiah B. Feather of Lenox, this
county, was here Tuesday on his way home
from attending Conference at Morgantown.
He called at this office to subscribe for The
Argus for a year. The Morgantown
Dominion has this to say of Kev. Feathers:
Kev. J. B. Feather of Preston county,
whose period of service is second only to
that of kev. Dix, was called on, and he too
made a short address that was greatly en
joyed. Kev. Feather has the reputation of
knowing the West Virginia Conference as a
whole heller than any man in it. He ha»
served ro>re churches than any other man in
the Conference, and not to know him marks
6 mininister as Iteing t new man in the State.
Five prominent young men from Kingwood
weal to Morgantown last Saturday morning
to be initiated into the rites and mysteries of
higher branches of Masonry. They took
Six degree* in the new chapter lieing
established over there. The work lasted
fr -m one o’clock in the afternoon till early
nest morning and the boy* are enthusiastic
over it and well satisfied that they got their
money’s worth The crowd was composed
of Attorneys W G. Conley and A. G.
Hughes, Dr. J M. King, Frank M. Mur
dock and F- P. Albright. Two or three of
them were limping when they got liack and
all of them had a yard and a half grin.
The Morgantown Dominion says:
A tebgram was received this morning
from I^fke Charles, U., by Capt. J. W.
Parsons wnnooncing the appointment of his
•on, D. W Parsons, to a poaition of teacher
of Mrte».>ce in the high school at that place.
Mr I arsons 1* on the survey of the trolley
line from Morgantown to Mannington and
wg« imme-flatr-ty notified of his appointment,
f^e will leave at once to assume hi* duties.
The young man is a graduate of the Uni
iversity and a toother to Mrs. f. Slidell
' Brown and Miss Fannie Parsons of King
wood. The other brother William Ewing
Parsons, who is also 9 graduate of the Uni
versity, wss recently elected Principal of the
High School at Roanoke, Virginia, at a sal
ary of f t,ooo per year and la now down
there in charge of the duties of his position.
I hocuas Dailey moved last week front this
place lo Austin.
Mi*. |uhn C. Murdock left today fur
Ironist, Oiiiu, to visit Iter old home.
Miss Minna Flynn was at Grafton and
I'runty town, visiting fioni Saturday till
M >nday.
Miaacs Maty and l.ydia Campbeu of Mor
gantown, aimed heie Monday evening to
remain awhile.
II. B. Fveilv, one t»f the well boring men,
got his collar bona fractured last Satuidav
while lioting a well for Boh Stevens. Dr.
Strickler fixed him up ah ,-ight.
Mr. and Mi*. I)ra|>er C. Hughes arrived
last week from Buckhaunon, being summon
ed here by the critical illness of Mr*. Felix
Klliott Sr., mother of Mr*. Hughes.
Dr. George L Homberget and wife fiom
Irondale burtiacr, were in town Tuesday,
droving a fine Kentucky horse. We ac
knowledge a pleasant call fiom them while
here. •
Dr. J. M. Hack lew, editor of the Christian
Advocate, published in New York, is here
to attend the conference. He arrived last
evening and is the guest at the home of Mr .
and Mrs. David Chadwick.—Dominion.
1 he new M. F. Cfiuich at Ihuceton wil
not lie dedicated Del. tjih as snnounced
heretofore, on account of the seats Iteing de
layed. Due notice will be given of the ded
ication, as soon as the dale is fixed upon.
biauk Kennick, a brother of II. Kennick,
the M & K. contractor who lives about a
mile out of town on the road towaid Pleas
ant Dale, is at his broihci's home sick with
typhoid fevet. Dr. S. A. Pratt is attending
John G. 7. ,-iglcr of near Hethlehcm, was
in town yesterday and gave us paying call.
He has had a big rush of work this season I
and is one of the best plasterers to be found
anywhere. He has been doing considerable
woik at Htets and in Kingwood.
Senator S. It Montgomery and family
from Tunnelton were here Sunday attending
a family teunion at the home of Maj ir U.
N. Oir on Iteveiley Hill The children and
grand children of the Major as well at his
son-in-laws and daughter in-laws etc. were
all gathered at the hospitable home, making
ab rut thiity in all and they had an enjoyable
Mr*. It. C. Flythc arrived home last week
from Charleston where she had been visiting
her sister, Mis. W. M O. Dawson. Mis.
Klmer Cuban, another sister, was visiting at
Chat lestiin with her and came as far as Graf
Ion where the Slopped off to spend a couple
of days visiting friends and then go from
there to Morgantown to spend Sunday
before leturning to her home in Masontown.
Itev. II. C. Howard is track from Con
ference and is busy packing up and getting
ready to move to Grafton to lake charge of
the Andrews M. E. Church of that place to
succeed Rev. John Reddow, who goes l i the
Charleston district as I’r eliding Elder. This
is a promotion for Rev. Howard, as the
Grafton appointment belonga it the front
row of the Conference appointments, and
(tays a salary of $1300 per year and |>arson
age besides. Rev. Ilowaid will not leave
for his new home till next week. Our peo
ple are very loth to give hint up.
Cut respondents of The Argus.
Miss Mattie Freeland spent Sunday with
friend* in Keyscr.
J. K. IVaslee of Lenox, was in town Sat
urday calling on his many friends.
Mis. Margret Lewis of Grafton, was the
guest ot Kelley Carrico and family last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Morgan of Al*
brightaville, was visiting relatives in town
Mts. O. A. Reerbower of Morgantown, is
visiting her sister-in-law Mrs Alex Zeller at
Dismal Swamp.
I*ay day at the Rigg Woolen Mills on
Tuesday making glad the large force of
hands employed there.
Cashier O. C. Crane left Tuesday evening
for Washington where the National Rankers
Convention is in session.
Ed. Slahlingt of Cumberland, Md , has
purchased the slock of goods and store of J.
II. Riggs at the Factory.
Mr and Mrs. C. Walton Davis and son
are spending the week at Mr. Davis’ hone
on the winding rivet of Cheat.
W. M. Trickelt and Henry A. Wagner
two of Union dislricts hustling farmers were
business visitors in town Saturday
Guy Elliott moved his fajpily the first of
this week from the Kelley property on State
street to the Elliot property in the Grove.
I. . M. Albright and J. T. Dailey of King
wood attended a meeting of the Directors of
the Rigg Woollen Mill Co., Friday of last
II. H. Albright of Crauesville, was in
town several days last week having tome
work done at the Reeilrower & Stafford
Dental Parlms.
C. W. Forman the hustling merchant of
Dnoit, was in town Saturday enroute to
Keyser to visit his Son, Clet, who it attend
ing college there.
W. T. Jenkins el Waynesboro, Pa., was in
town Saturday. Troy it a former f’rettonian
and ia well known here and at Kingwood
where he run a jewelry store for some lime
S. II. Kodeheaver the well known buck
wheat man of Preston county is now out on
his annual buckwheat cakes business and
stopped in town a few hours on Saturday to
joke with friends.
L. R. Parrack our hustling Racket man
had quite a racket raised in his store build
ing one day last week and in consequences
thereof it is now L. R. Parrack & ton.
bather, mother and son doing well.
O. II. Parsons has let the conlract for a
fine new dwelling on his lot on High street.
Terra Alla is not on a boom but she keeps
steadily on the build all the time and will be
ere long the best residence town in Preston
J. M Teet* formerly of Aurora, but now
of Cumberland, has rented the Feather
property on High street and expects to move
hia family into same in a short time. He
has also rented rooms in the Crane building
and I understand will open a grocery store
We welcome Mr. Teels to our town.
Rev. Stoneking of Evansville, bas suc
ceeded the Rev. I>. W. Cunningham as
pastor of the United Brethren Curch at this
place. The Rev. Cun.ngham going to
Clarksburg. The many ftienda of Bio.
Cunningham regret to see him leave and
v ish him God speed in his new location.
We welcome Bro. Stoneking to our town.
The Store of J. N. Ringer A Son was
entered by thieves on Saturday night and
about >150 00 worth of jewelry and clothing
Itolen. And Offutt A l.akin store was broken
into some time ago but nothing was missed
from the store. We understand that Ringer
A Son offer a reward of hfly dollars for the
arrest and conviction of the parties who did
the thieving.
Hr* Heerbower A Stafford, dentists, will
be at—
Fellows villa October IS and 13
F.vanaville •• i4 •• |£
Independence *• 17 •• rg
Oladesville »* 19 *< to
Masontown »• si ••
Kingwood. October axth for 4 days.
Sol Iff.
All persons indebted t o f'he Adams A Co.
are hereby notified to call and make set
tlement by November 1st. 1905 All ac
counts not settled by that date will be put
In the band* ef an attorney for collection.
We need wb it you owe us.
Very truly,
Adams & Co.
Tttnnelton. W V*.. Oct. to. 190c. it
' I hr '"Fridays' I'anunt Ammrr this
Lottrr with Facts and Arirunu'nt
To the Kditor of I hk Arcus
1 he last letter of my "Republican" friend
hat been scanned by me w ith due caie in
an effort to discover, if I could, one reason
why we farmers should uphold the Dawson
tax laws. I must confess that I failed to
lind it. He does not even attempt to an
t»er the questions w hich 1 propounded to
him lor elucidation or explanation, it he
has any argument that he can produce to
tutlaiu ins position on the tax question,
other than it is the "duty of alt Republi
cans to stand by their party." he has my
consent to make it public. 1 am open for
conviction, but my conviction cannot be
purchased by the promise of a piece of
pie I im not. and never have been, a
pieman As the dear departed Archie
Campbell told the talented but imperious
and dictatorial Roscoe Cockling in the
Chicago National Convention. "I wear my
sovereignty under my own hat."
In his delusion on the tax issue my 1 Ke‘
publican friend is chasing the phantom.
He is pursuing the fleeing shadow on the
wall that he can never hope to overtake
1 have never uttered a word or written a
line on the Dawson tax laws that I would
not, if I could, hnd lodgment in the hearts
of my fainter brethren. In their prosperity
I thrive, and In their adversity I mingle my
tears with theira.
I have never l>ecn an applicant foi an
elective or an appointive public ortice in my
life, an<l my "Republican" friend cannot
Charge my opposition to the Dawson tax
laws to a case of "sour grapes " The Com
mittec never had a blinder and more faith
ful follower during all these tears than I
was. And I must say to their credit that
they seemingly appreciated my loyalty, for
ntore than once they urged me to announce
mtself as a candidate for office, pledging
me their support In justice to myself. I
must say that I always declined with grate
ful thanks I make this statement that my
fainter birthreu may understand my posi
tion and give me credit with being honest
in liiy convictions that the Dawson lax laws
will woik a greater hardship upon tlie
faimers titan any oilier class of taxpayers
Now. I want to ask my "Republican"
friend in all candor and good faith, if lie
can say that he never held public office and
would decline one if offered him by the
Committee ? "Thrice is lie armed wlmse
cause is just." believing my cause to be
just, it is not necessary for me lo resort to
vile language and personal abuse.
I will say to my "Republican" friend. i(
lie is capable of writing an article that will
appeal to tlie sense of reason and tlie pride
of justice, I guarantee him I will lake pleas
urc in reading it. Nothing which he has
written so far would be pietcribed by com
petent judges as food for thought. I am
sorry to say that my friend is not possessed
of tlie faculty to clothe his letters in the
humor and wit which so many enjoy, al
though lie makes a liercu'ean ATTEMPT
lo do so
It is noticeable that my "Republican"
friend lias not been able lo disprove tlie
iniquities of tlie Dawson lax laws, fits
letters are simply a reiteration and a repi.
lilion each week. Going on tlie piinciple,
I presume, that "cold hash' warmed over
will satisfy his clientage
My object is to state the fat is and leave
it to the reading public lo inveatigate for
themselves. There must have been a mo
tive for changing our tax laws What was
lhai motive ? In his message to tlie Legis
lature Gov, White gives us tlie motive
when lie says, "To raise moke revenue."
Acting upon tlie recommendation of Gov.
White, the State Tax Coinmisrion w-as cre
ated by a joint resolution of botli brandies
of the Legislature- So stupendous a task
was it that It took tlie Commission about
two years to prepare a tax bill that would
do justice lo all classes of taxpayers After
the bill was presented it did not suit Hie
Machine. What was the result ? A coin
mitiee of six gentlemen, who were not
MEMBERS of tlie LEGISLATURE, were ap
pointed by the Machine lo draft a new tax
bill. Inside of Two weeks ihc committee
of six gave us the present Dawson tax laws.
Whal it took the State Tax Commission
two years of labutious research and work
the committee of six did In Two weeks. It
it any wonder that the Dawson tax laws
teem with iniquity and inequality ?
Now Gov While gave us the motive for
the new tax laws - to "raise more revenue"
Will my "Republican" friend tell us how
the Slate is going to raise more revenue
and lower our taxes ? Calling me a
"liar," a “hypocrite" and a "damned fool"
will not convince the farmers of 1‘reslon
county that by a juggling of the tax laws he
can raise more revenue and at the same
time lower their taxes It doex not appeal
to their reason and common sense
So you see, my farmer brethren, that it
was a gigantic scheme of Gov. Dawson to
hoodwink ut poor farmers into believing
that lie was our friend in order to attain
the Governorship of West Virginia. In the
primary contest Mr. Dawson told us a dif
ferent alory of the tax laws he lavored,
which he afterwards had enacted into
laws. The tax laws which he advocated in
hia primary contest for the nomination met
my hearty approbation, for I felt down In
my heart that they would do just ice to us
farmers. What a snare and a delusion
they were!
As Gray has so beautifully and truth
fully said (iov. Dawson will find that "The
path to glory leads but to the grave." It
was to satisfy his ambition and glorify his
name, which, no doubt, led Gov. Dawson
lo forget the sacred promise which he
made us farmers when lie was seeking the
And my "Republican" friend i* unkind
enough to call me • liar," "hypocrite" and
"damned fool" for defending mv God given
right* a* a free born American citizen,
forsooth, because I denounce the Dawson
tax laws as unjust to the pakmkk We are
told that there are two things we cannot es
cape- taxation and dealt). This is only too
true of the farmer If he docs not pay hi*
taxes they will sell his land At the pres
ent time the farm is not producing any
more than will meet the family expenses
and pay otir taxes What are we to do to
meet the incrkask In taxation t f,ei my
"Republican ' friend answer
No, my farmer brethren, the old farm
will not stand the increase in taxation
Something is got to be done to gain relief
With POLITICS I have no concern I plead
the cause of no political patty, but I do
plead with all the strength I have for my
farmer brethren lo support no ( ANOIOATK
who says the Dswson lax law* are jt'ST to
the fammkr Now Is U>t time for you to
study the tax laws and make tip your mmd
what to do Do not wait until the heat of
the political campaign when everything is
excitement snd the only appeal that Is
msde to you is to "Stand by your party'"
It is not the appeal of thoughtful men, but
the ranting of office seekers.
I know how feeble I am to write for the
public press and convey my idea* snd
thoughts to my farmer brethren. Hut I feet
the injustice of the Dawson tax laws too
keenly not to enter my protest, feeble
though it be. If I have written anything
that will give my farmer brethren a better
insight to the injustice of the Dawfon tax
laws. I shall feel amply repaid.
In conclusion, I would ask my bright
young 1 Republican ' friend lo eschew per
zonalities and enlighten u*. if he can. where
the Dawson tax laws will benefit u* as
farmers Oni.v a Tarmr*.
Reno District. Oct 7, iye<
IfQ IIn fit Vnil I Remember it’s Free. See
0 Ur ™ |UU • this Machine, Read Offer.
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New Hooka Needed For 'I lie l.lhrnry.
Jeweler B. I, Cole hat put up a lute tug
clock in the principal * room, 1‘his is a
great convenience, betides adding a home
likeness to the room. Mr. Cole is an oblig
ing gentleman
The Teachers' Beading Circle meets this
week at the home of Miss Nellie Ciodwin.
The Cuclc meets weekly. The text for the
present is McMurrays’ The Mvjhod of the
Recitation. This valuable work" on Ped
agogy and I’acliycology is used as a text in
the Snmiuer School at the University.
The teachers are discussing ways and
means whereby a numlier of much needed
hooks may lie added to the library. At
least $75 should he available to this end at
once. It is proposed to have a couisc of
(ropular ami instructive leclines and enter
tainments, extending through the schools
year. The lust one will be given soon, and
it it Imped ami expected that the good,
progressive and intelligent people of King
wood will heatlily support this movement,
considering how worthy the cause is.
From all parts of this country of outs
conies Hie cry that our Uiys and gnls, not to
*l*eak of the men and women, are miserably
poor readers And what is worse, they do
not do any cousideiahle amount of leading
of any kind; and what they do lead ia often
of a very poor kind. This applies in King
wood ns elsewhere. To do all that is being
done in all first class schools to remedy this
great defect, our progressive Board of
education has empowered the principal ami
teachers to put into the hands of all the
reader pupils an Alternate Reader, lit con
sequence, the parents are now being asked
to help the teachers in this important move
ment, by generously furnishing their children
with these hooks. ’They arc lieautiful, de
lightfully readable, inspiring books; and they
will be worth many times their cost to the
boys and girls long as they live. Let us
teach them how to icad well and much, and
that much of the very best. 'There is noth
ing too good foi the youth of King wood.
Correspondence of The Argus.
Mrs Ssrsli Schnoppreturned from Qninili
NV. II. Smith war out near Orr on busi
ness Saturday.
Walter Spiker was visiting re.stives at
Florence last week.
F.arl Spiker was over at Sugar Valley on
business lust Monday.
Grant Hishop was at Friendsvdlc Wednes
day on business for J. J. Kelly.
I’eter Fickey went to Uniontown '.ast Wed
nesday with a load of produce.
Miss May Miller was visiting friends at
Lenox a few days the past week.
Miss Maude Guseman who has been tick
the past month, has walking typhoid fever.
Miss Daisy Teets of nAir llatelton, was
visiting her uncle, Alfred Cupp's, the past
J. II. Cupp and Miss Nina Smith attended
preaching service at Mountain Dale Church
Sunday evening.
Or. Wilkinson of Hrandonville, and Miss
Prince of Somerset, Pa., were in our vicinity
Saturday afterno nt
R. VanSickle of Somerheld, I'a , and a
gentleman from Haltiinore, were Iteie on
business Monday last.
Allen Moyers of Terra Alta, and Clint
Albright of near Craucsville, were here
Wednesday on business.
Mrs, Maishsll Henson ami her mother
Mrs. Kichatd Waddell of (Iran lonville, weie
guests of Mrs. Tens Kelly recently.
J. J. Kelly snd Gsy Guseman were over
at Morgans Glade Friday after calves, Mr.
Kelly had Irought of William Miller.
Marshall Itileman and wife of Addison,
Pa., who have been visiting friends here and
at Gladesville returned home Friday.
Mis. I'Mgar Wmsmute of Friendsville,
snd Mrs Plum of Kowleshurg, were visiting
their sister Mrs. K. K. Miller recently.
Mrs. Marshall Harned and little ton Isaac,
of Hrandonville, were visiting at Isaac
Guseman'* Thursday and Friday of last
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spiker of Morgan
Glade, and A. S. Chide tier and wife of
Cuz/art, were guests at John (}. Kelly’s
Mr. and Mra. F.hsha Ringer of Guseman,
Grant Kelley of Gorily, Allen Crane and
wife of Cuzzart, were visiting at Ezra Kelly's
It is a bad habit to borrow anything, but
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Tlie Gocke Supply Co., of Howesvlllc;
iA l.enhsrl. of Kingwood: and Irona
upply Co , of Irona
• r*|H>r road by A. M Monro at tho
Educational Mooting In 1'iiiiiicltoii
September 80, IDOo.
Published by Request.
_ We are living in s coarse and ciucl sgc.
Capitalism is isnipanl ami the competitive
ayatem ia rrutoialcstdy crucyfing ita nil lions
on an industrial cross. Superstition and fear
still possess the minds of men and poverty
and vice stalk like giirrly phantoms through
the land.
Everywhere we behold the result ol stilish
giecd—of mans inhumanity to man. Great,
strong men aie compelled to foiswear their
inalienable light to life, liheity and the pur
suit of happiness and humble themselves in
the dirt before an irresponsible corpoiaiton
boss in older to obtain bread. Women are
of leu forccil to abandon then homes and
liiesidrs an.I enter into the slupyfying
scumble for something upon which to
Little children U|*>n whose shouldeis will
soon full the responsibility of perfecting the
social fabric of our civilisation are diiven
Out of the schools into the wage slavciy of
th< lields, mines and factories.
Hut however terrible, to contemplate these
conditions ate not quite so icvolting as were
the conditions of men 500 yesrs ugo. Then
was the uge of Feudalism, Religious and
political liberty were yet to he won. Free
dom of expression wssabsolutely prohibited,
and the peasanliy of every land weie the
most ignorant serfs nor were the conditions
of this age of Feudalism as bad as the age of
barbarism that preceded it. 2000 years ago
even among the mast enlightened nations of
the earth cruelties unspeakable and outrages
in finite were common among mankind.
The winkers were the veriest slaves and
their liven were altogether dependent iqion
• heir lords and masters. Then they winked
in blocks of live and were spitted to their
work by the speais of a heartless soldiery.
Marriage and home life were unknown to
them. They herded together like cattle and
swine. Hcfoie this epoch authentic history
lecoids a system of anarchy leased upon brute
force which wus the order of life.
Canibalism reigned red handed and
murder, rapine and savagery made confusion
worse confounded, many drank the blood of
innocents out of the skulls of their enemies.
Hack of these conditions we have only the
hypothesis of speculation. Scientists put
foith the claim that evolved from the lower
forms of life which in turn, countless millions
of yeais ago, had their origin in the fire
mures of the universe. However that may
he, we know that duiing the last 6,000 years
the Conditions of mankind have passed,
through the following succcsives changes
1*1—Canibalism or savagery , 2nd—bar
barism or slavery, 3d—Feudalism or serfdom
ami from that to the present system of
capitalism or wage slavery. Wc also know
Hint during all this stretch of time the
religious, political, social and economic con
ditions of men have improved, that although
tlieie have Ireen war and blood shed and
wasteful dislruction of property and life, the
human mind has grown nobler and broader
and the human heart more responsive to the
emotions of joy and pain. The sweep of
the centuries have been grandly upward. !
Wc are today heir of all the ages and j
occupy the summit of intellectual develop- |
ment and indescribable achievment. We are j
yet just on the verge of the great ocear. of !
discovery. With the unanswerable logic of 1
sconce to back our argument, we know that
continued political, social and economic
progress is not only possible but inevitable.
I he steady trend of history has been from
anarchy to order and at this time the transi
tion from individualism to collectivism is
more rapid and more certain than ever be
fore. What does this mean? Nothing less
than the fulfilment of the universal dream of
the poet, prophet and seer the unification of
the race the realization of ttic tune, when the
war drum shall he muffled and the battle
Higs be furled, in the parliament of nations,
the federation of Hie world.
#100 -Reward— #100.
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constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh
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of the disease and giving the patient
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ft Geo. Comminos. | k
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Does not cost any more than bread
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The quantity and quality of gluten (the essential element in flour) in so much
‘V»d Spring wheat, (the only kind used In the
V . ,^“rVel Vl°lT); V*“‘ moM’ lo‘‘vcn ,,f hr-'ad are possible to the
mUling process 0l" mad* °f info,ior whoat-tnU,ud bX a cheap, inadequate
Is the most r*aaonabt» flour to Ik- had. Your grocer, if he is conscien
lions, will recommend it, and any grocer is authorized by us to allow any
housewife to try Mnrvcl l-lour three limes if she wishes, and if not perfectly
^turned bringUCk WhM floUf ,H ,oft a,,d ful‘ purchase price «ill bo
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you arc supplied.
LISTMAN Mil L CO., La Crosse, Wls.
Gibson Bros^- Tunnelton, W. Va.
ITn all Its bcaUn^s#
this bank combines
and never loses sight
of either. Let us
serve you. : : : :
^Ebc Ikinowoob (Rational Bank,
fdng\x>oot>, m. Da.
I have removed my Stock of
Hardware from the Old Hard
ware Store to the
Stuck Building, Piice Street.
Come in and see us in our new
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E. J. Bowermaster.
Began Business Sept. 1st, 1903.
Capital Stock, $50,000, Fully Paid up. Surplus, $3,000
Docs a Safe and Conservative Business.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Solicits the Patronage of the Public.
Jomn J. McKone, Cashier, • A. J. Bonafield, President
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Cumberland, - - Maryland.

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