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From Wednesday's Daily.
C. W. Snider has just returned
from the Whiskey run field and
claims that Gartlau & Co. 's No. i
Williamson, of which we made men
tion yesterday, was equally as good
if not better than our report of yes
terday claiming 20 barrels per hour
for it. The first hour after the pay
was struck the well flowed 35 bar
rels. This well is located 300 feet
from the Alhrecht No. 1 to the
southwest and 4C0 feet west of the
No. 1 Payne 12 acres. It shows
almost no extension and is not in
dicative of what exists or may be
expected from that territory.
The wells on the Butcher & Ham
ilton farms are reported due tomor
row. The Butcher is located 900
feet south of the Williamson and is
the most important location now
drilling in that locality.
Edward Dalton and several other
real good fellows 01 this city own
this lease and if a good well is
found they will be "in it."
The Albrecht No. 2 is reported
due about Saturday.
The Elk Fork pool placed to its
credit another small well yesterday.
The well, however, is in defined
territory, and being in close proxi
mity to the oldest wells in the field
and nothing large was anticipated.
The well is No. 9, E. S. Snider, in
the southeastern portion of the pool
and belongs to the Argus Oil com
The rock pressure is exhausted
in this locality, and the well will
only be an average pumper.
The Elk Fork Oil & Gas com
pany have located their No. 6,
James Eddy, and will drill at once.
The well on the Aaron Morgan
farm, about ten miles from New
Martinsv:l!e on Fishing creek, is a
gasser in the Injun sand. This well
was drilled by Thos. Mills and oth
ers of New Martinsville as a test for
that locality, and unless they decide
to drill to the deeper formations
their chances for oil are not flatter
ing. At 30 feet in the sand yester
day a very nice gas pressure was
developed. There may be some
thing in the second pay should
one exist, but the chances
are seemingly against them
A. P. Boyd, of the producing
firm ot Boyd Bros., who are drill
ing an important test near Weston,
Lewis county, left for that point
this morning. He received word
last evening from their drillers that
a strong gas pressure had been de
veloped above the Gordon and the
boiler had to be moved back.
This location is on the farm of
Col. Woodward and was started
last fall. Mr. Boyd will attempt to
have it drilled through the sand be
forehis return.
From Thursday's Daily.
The credit balauce prices contin
ue to recede and while the decline
is not marked by any rapid tum
bling, yet it is sure and gradual.
Today the Standard is offering 77c
for Pennsylvania crude.
A telephone message from St. |
Marys this afternoon says Mallory
Bros. & Barnsdall's Xo. 2 Albrecht
was drilled in this morning and was
making 50 barrels per hour. Al
lowing 50 per cent, for expansion
between this city and the well it
would in all probability be about 1
the real producing capacity of the j
"The Wilson run field is looking
all right,'' said Mr. K. H. Stoever'
to the Review last evening. "If my 1
experience is worth anything to me
in forming an opinion or making a
prediction I should say that well on
the Walton farm, drilled some time
ago by the U. S. Oil company at a
mile ahead of developments is too
far west to be in the center of the
pay streak. This well has Jbeen
shot and cleaned out and is now
making about 12 barrels per day."
The Fisher Oil company's
No. 4 Edwards is doing about 160
barrels natural. It will be given a
1 shot today in the hope of swelling
k its present output. This well was
completed last week and was re
ported making 10 barrels per hour.
Liver Ills
Like biliousness, dyspepsia, headache, consti
pation, sour stomach, indigestion are promptly
cured by Hood's Pills. They do their work
easily and thoroughly.
Best after dinner pills.
25 cents. All druggists.
Prepared bv C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell. Mass.
The only Pill to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This same company have located
Nos. 5 and 6 and the rigs are now
The Carter Oil company will
move the rig at their No. 2 Kdwards
today. The present location neces
sitated abandonment owing to an
unsuccessful fishing job of several
weeks. A new hole will be started
this week.
The rig for their No. 4 on this
farm has been standing completed
for several days, presumably wait
ing the completion of the Fisher
Oil compan} 's No. 4, just 3cross
the fence.
Laugher & Co.'sNo. 2 Rinard is
drilling at about 900 feet. It will
be remembered that the No. 1 on
this farm was the first well ever
found in that locality.
Gordon & Co. will start up at
their No. 2 Beaver in the near fu
ture. Tne casing was being placed
on the ground yesterday.
The Whisky run developments of I
Ritchie county are by far the most
interesting at the present time.
The wells to be completed show
splendid staying qualities, and there
is reason to believe others of a
similar calibre will be found. As a
matter of fact, the two last wells to
be completed are not of any real
significance as far as extending the
field is concerned, yet they demon
strate beyond a question of doubt
that there is a real prolific little
spot just where they are fortunate^
When the roads become settled,
the operators who own the field
will go to St. Marys and drive across
the country, it being the most
convenient and practical route to
that locality.
The Hickman Oil company, af
ter having been delayed by an en
gine breaking down, started up yes
terday and this morning they were
reported drilling in the top of the
sand, having just encounter* d a con
siderable gas pressure.
Bartlett & Stancliff s Fletcher No.
i is also drilling in the sand and the
Victor Oil and Gas company's No.
6 Morris is reported due Monday.
[n the Elk Fork pool the Argus
Qil company found a second pay in
their No. 9 Snider, and last even
ing it was making at the rate of over
100 barrels per day. This location
was so very near the older wells very
little was thought of it but it is ex
tremely gratifying to note the stay
ing qualities of the pool.
Mallory Bros. & Barnsdall will
complete their No. 2 Albrecht to
day. This location is of consider
able moment and its final outcome
is anxiously awaited.
Gartlan & Co. have the rig for
their No. 2 Williamson up with
their No. 3 building. The rig has
been started by this same company
lor their No. 2 Payne 12 acres.
Guffey & Co. cased yesterday at
their No. 1 Hamilton with the 6 ]4
L. K. Mallory & Son will' com
plete their No. 1 Butcher by Mon
The Jug pool is again attracting j
considerable attention from the fact j
that two wells aie drilling in the
sand while a third is neariugthej
coveted spot where the golden treas
ure is concealed.
Special to the Review.
Fishers are pumping their Piatt
No. 2. The well is said to be mak
ing about 50 barrels a day at pres
ent, and is being pumped lull time.
Report says that Fishers will put
down another well on the Piatt
farm, soon.
Several other companies holding
land in that neighborhood will
likely do some operating in the
near future.
Henrys have been steaming
Holtsclaw No. 8 for several days,
but with no visible results for
good. They are thinking of having
a system of shackle work rigged up
to run the four wells on the Holts
claw lease.
The Sistersville company's King
well No. 3" at New Castle has been
greatly improved by the recent
drilling out which was admin
istered. The well is doing almost
as well as when first drilled in.
The Henry company's No. 2
Holtsclaw here is being cleaned out
with the design to better her pro
Erom Friday's Daily
The Oxford Oil company is still
of the opinion that oil exists in or
near Middlebourne. They have
for a number of years past held
leases in that immediate locality
and have drilled wells near the
town. Their latest proposition is
to secure a block of territory on
the east side of the town, known as
Ivers Flats and drill a test well at
once. This land they now covet
belongs to Mrs. M. E. Thistle and
is situated just across Middle Island
creek from Tyler's imposing capital.
Whitehill & Co., of Pittsburg,
have the rig completed for their No.
1 on the J. C. Leasure farm, and
the well will be started not later
than next week.
Capt. T. T. Jones is building a
rig on the Lemley farm on Middle
Island creek and will start to drill
at once.
The Oil City Oil and Gas compa
ny have completed their No. 3
Robt. Boreman in the Elk Fork
pool and will have a lair producer.
The Boreman & Strouss 1,000 acre
tract is credited with another small
well; the South Penn Oil company
are the owners. This same compa
ny are drilling at their No. 2 Israel
The Jug pool came to the front
today with a nice well, which will
be the incentive for the beginning
of itber work.
The Hickman Oil company have
drilled in their Hickman heirs No.
i, and while at the present time its
production can not be accurately
estimated, its production will not
be less than 100 barrels a day..
The Victor Oil and Gas com
pany's No. i Morris and Bartlett &
Stancliff's No. i Fletcher will both
be drilled in tomorrow, barring ac
A small fire occurred at Arm
strong Smith No. 2, but it was
extinguished without much diffi
culty and comparatively no loss.
The Hickman Oil company have
considerable material and supplies
011 the ground, and since their first
venture has "panned out" so favor
ably they will in all probability start
two other wells at once.
Should the Fletcher & Morris
farms show up good producers to
morrow a j^reat deal of new work
will be started. Both locations are
to the north and public opinion is
with that direction. The well being
drilled 011 the Eakin farm between
the Jug and Elk Fork pools should
get the sand the latter part of next
week. This is a very important
Excitement over this pool is un
abated. It would now seem that a
real Klondike had been tapped.
The No. 2 Albrecht that was drilled
in yesterday is said to be the banner
well of the four now producing from
this immediate pool. The first hour
of their production is not a corrcct
standard of the wells' actual gauge.
We are informed that the wells in
variably flow at the rate of 45 or 50
Darrels for the first hour and then
slump to about 20 or 25 barrels
per hour.
E. Mallory & Son's No. 1 Butch
er will be completed tomorrow.
This is the most important loca
tion, since the first well drilled, and
its outcome is awaited with much
Gartlan & Co. have located Nos.
3, 4 and 5 on the Williamson, while
the rig for No. 2 is about com
George Shryock, of this city, has
just issued a very fine map of this
field that in our opinion is superior
to any that has yet been published.
The publisher claims for" it the
best on the market.
m m ^
The Const Defence*.
.One half the number of improved
cannon, mortars and emplacements
will be located and placed in suit
able position ere the expiration of
1898. The Artillery Board is con
stantly making surveys, so far as
these relate to the army, and the
establishment of adequate military
protection of our sea board, fre
quently urged npon our goverment
bv the chambers of commerce of
our maritime cities, is recieving a
strong reinforcement from this
source. Meanwhile there is a
means of defence from greater
physical calamity which no one
afflicted with nervosness or dyspep
sia should neglect, and that is the
use of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
which by restoring the tone of the
nerves and stomach invigorates the
entire system. It also remedies
and prevents malarial, kidnev and
rheumatic ailments, and cures bil
liousness and constipation. It is a
capital appetizer, and promotes
sound repose. Those who have
been cured by it speak in no un
certain tones as to the effectiveness
of this celebrated medicine in dis
ease and as a medicinal stimulant.
Cradle Kocked by ? Motor.
A motor cradle is tho latest domestic in
vention, and a strong minded lady who
has purchased one declares that if science
goes on much longer with improvement*
of that kind there will soon bo nothing
left for her husband to do. Tho thing id
said to bo a great advance on the hand
rocked article, and can be worked with
either electricity or petroleum. The mo
tion may bo aocelerated or slackened by
simply turning a screw. ? London Tole
Filling a Tooth.
"How many times do you suppose a
dentist strikes each piece of gold that
bo puts into a cavity?" asked a recent
fugitive from the chair of dental tor
ment. "You can form some estimate by
my count today. On one piece of gold I
counted 80 blows of the dental hammer.
When the blows were struck in groups
? a number of quickly repeated strokes
and an interval ? I could not count, but
at one time, with even strokes, I count
ed 80." ? New York Times.
The Loudon Times declares it is to
England's interest to preservo China
intact as a vast field for the extension
of trade and to maintain her as a "go
ing concern. " China is a going concern,
in the auctioneer's sense, "going, go
ing, gone."
"China is today a nerveless, pulpy
mass," says General Foster. But what
could be expected of a country where
pigs are harnessed up as draft animals?
Of the $01,718,000 in gold mined in
this country the past year Colorado
produced $22,000,000.
The autonomy which Spain was to
enforce in Cuba Jan. 1 has not autoiined.
China at present seems to regard
England as her great and good friend.
Let your words ring true.
Lant Notice.
All persons indebted to Henry
Rauch by book account or note
must settle by the nth of this
month. After that date all claims
will be placed in the hands of a jus
tice to bring suit on the same.
There is no more extension to be
given to any one. This is positively
the last notice and you can save
costs by calling and settling on or
before the above date. This applies
to all. M. E. Mocii,
m vv s-wk] Assignee Henry Rauch.
lie Arrives at St. Augustine and lias Some
Hard Lurk.
John Allen <>r Mississippi, tho wit of the
house, arrived at tho Ponco do Leon, St.
Augustine, registered and was assigned to
a room. He had never seen apartments
so extravagantly furnished. Expensive oil
paintings hung on tho walls. The bed
stead was of mahogany and hand carved.
Carpeting a half foot thick covered the
dooring. There were vases filled with
llowers, velvet covered chairs, lace cur
tains, beveled mirrors and all the- other
appliances of modern convenience and
John became alarmed. He figured it
out that that room would cost as much
pt>r day as his salary as a congressman
would amount to in a half a week. lie
railed bellboy, gave him ?2 and told him
to quietly lind out the tariff on that room.
John didn't like to ask the clerk himself,
lie was a org man. and that would look
little The boy returned presently and in
formed the guest that the price was $5d
per day. Alien went down stairs, laid
down a dime and called for a cigar. They
didn't m'11 anything but two bit cigars.
He put down a nickel on the newsstand
and picked una New York paper. "Twen
ty cents more, please." said the clerk. He
got a drink and tendered locents. ' Where
you Ihvu stopping? At the Windsor!-"
asked the barkeeper. "Drinks here are a
quarter." Th .t settled it with Allen. He
went to his room, gathered his grips and
took them himself down stairs. Then he
called for his bill.
"Why. what is the matter, Mr. Allen?
We thought that you were going to spend
some time with us:-" asked the clerk.
"Very sorry," replied Mr. Allen, "but
I have just received a telegram that calls
1 me away."
The clerk reached out his hand to tell
him good by.
"But the bill?" inquired Allen.
"There isn't any bill. You are tn?
guest of the manager. Mr. >eavy. "
But Allen had to make tho bluff good
and he left on the evening train. ? Chi
cago Times-Herald.
In a few weeks the roads will be
come passable again, the operations
will be resumed in the field, and we
will be at the threshold of what
promises to be the best summer
this city has ever seen.
It is remarkable that so many
towns in the state face the coming
municipal elections with license
and anti-license tickets. This ques
tion seems to have assumed large
proportions in every com unity in
the commonwealth almost, and will
not down.
Quite a number of the readers of
both the daily and weekly Review
will notice by their labels that a
visit to the office of the editor would
be about the proper thing. We ,
have some new receipts, which we
would be glad to distribute among
the delinquent staff.
??? ? ?
We trust that the new opera
house scheme will materialize. A ;
good house in this city would be |
well patronized, and wov^ld secure
the very best attractions on the
road. We need such a building, and
believe that it would be a financial
success. We trust that it will come
Spain will insist that the Maine
was blown up by internal forces.
No one will believe this, and if the
government of the United States
will permit the matter to become'
the subject of international inquiry,
it will do that which will be con
trary to the wishes of three tourtlis
of our people.
m m
It is a peculiar fact that the bonds
of Cuba are rated higher than those
of Spain! The fluctuations of the
stock exchange is a pretty good
prophecy of coming events, and
judging by this fact, the chances
for the payment of the Cuban bonds,
accompanied with the independence
of Cuba seems to be reasonably
In a little while, work will be
resumed on the pike, and in the
course of a few months we will
have a most magnificent road to
the end of Lincoln district. We
had hoped that the other districts
along the pike would have taken
the preliminary steps in the same
direction during the winter, but it
is not too late yet. Whether we
get the railroad or not, we want a
good wagon road clear through the
county, and ieel certain that we will
get it, if not now, shortly after our I
pike is completed, and the people
taste the blessings of good roads all
the year round.
^ m ?
We have heard of some opposi
tion to the railroad. We are loathe
to believe it. We cannot think that
it comes from any other than the
prospect of temporary gain on the
part of such opposition. Certainly t
no one can imagine for a moment !
that a railroad through Tyler coun
ty with its terminus in this city
would not be better for the future
of Sistersville. We have no fears of
the opposition assuming such for- \
midable proportions as to defeat the
bond proposition, and hope that all
those interested in the permanent
prosperity of Sistersville will do all
in their power to spread the senti
ment in favor of the road, and lend
their aid to securing such an over
whelming vote for it that the will of
this people shall be almost unani
mously registered in favor of con
tinued progress for our little town.
? ? ?
Here is a biography in a nutshell:
Born, welcomed, caressed, cried,
fed, grew, amused, reared, studied,
examined, graduated, in love, loved,
engaged, married, quarreled, recon
ciled,- suffered, deserted, taken ill,
died, mourned, buried and forgot
Notice of Special Election.
County Court of Tyler County, West Virginia,
February special session, 189S', February 25th.
WHEREAS, The Sistersville and Salem Rail
road company, a corporation doing business in
this state, have by their petition presented to the
court this day, requested a vote to be ordered and
money to be "appropriated in aid of the construc
tion of a railroad of narrow guage from some
point at or near the Town of Sistersville on the
Ohio River in the county of Tyler, State of West
Virginia, and thence bv the "most practicable
route by the way of Elk Fork, Miodlebourae
and the* mouth of McElroy creek to intersect the
Doddridge county line at "or near the mouth of
Big Flint Run; said vote to be taken upon the
question of a subscription of $7,500.00 by the Dis
trict of Centreville; upon thequestionof the sub
script ion of 52s.ooo.oo by the District of Ells
worth; upon the question of the subscription" of
$10,000.00 by the District of Lincoln, a?id upon
the question of the subscription of $25,000.00 by
the District of McElrov, toward the said work,
WHEREAS, The County Court of the County
ofTyle*- deem it desirable for the said Districts to
appropriate money to aid in the construction of
such railroad in said districts of Ellsworth, Lin
coln. and McElroy and said District of Centre
ville. in said county, said appropriations to be
made by subscriptions as slock to the capital
stock of the said railroad company, or any other
railroad company doing business" in this State
undertaking the said work. Therefore, it is
ORDERED. By the said County Court, of the
eountv of Tyler, that a vote be taken upon the
qu'stion of the appropriation, by such subscrip
tion. by said district of Centreville. of the sum
of $7,500.00; by said district of Ellsworth of the
sum of $25,000 oo; by saiid district of Lincoln of
the sum of $10,000.00. and by said district of Mc
Elrov of thesum of $2>.ooo.oo.to the work above
specified to be expended in the construction of
said railroad, from, by way of and to the poiuts
Said vote shall 1*? taken at the several places
of voting in said districts of Centreville, Ells
worth. Lincoln, aiid McElroy at a Special Elec
tion, which shall Ik- held therein, on Saturday,
the yth day of April, !N>s.
It such vote shall be in favor of Mtch appro
priations. or either of them, any subscription
thereof by thisCourt. or its A cents, shall l?e upon
the following terms and conditions. to-wit:
The said subscript ios shall be pnind in coupon
bonds of said districts, respectively, in the de
nomination of $soe.oo, payable at or before the
expiration of thirty years from the date thereof,
with interest at the rate ijf six per centum per
annum. And it is further
ORDERED, By the Court, that in the event
that the aforesaid subscription should Ik* au
thorized by tlie votes of the said district of Lin
coln, at the election hereby directed to be held,
the bonds so authorized shall Ik* delivered when
said railroad is constructed through Lincoln
district to the Ellsworth district line, and not
before. That in the event that the ofaresaid
subscription should l>e authorized hy the voters
of the said district of EUswoith, at the election
herebv directed to Ik* held. one-half of the lKinds
so authorized shall be delivered when said rail
road shall be constructed to the Town of Mid
dlebourne. and the other half shall be delivered
when the said railroad shall l>e con
structed to the McElroy district line,
and not before: That in the event that the
aforesaid subscription should 1k? authorized by
the voters of said district of Centreville at the
election hereby directed to be held, the ltouds so
authorized shall be delivered when said railroad
shall l?e constructed to the mouth of .McElroy
creek and not before: That in the event that
the aforesaid subscription should be authorized
by the voters of said district of McKlroy at the
election hereby directed to be held, the liouds so
authorized shall Ik* delivered when said railroad
shall be constructed to the village of Shirley, in
said district of McElroy, and not before. Pro
vided. however, that said railroad shall Ik* con?
structed from the town of Sistersville to the
town of Middletxiurne, on or before the tirst day
of May. 1S9.1 ami to the village of Shirley on or
before the first dav of May, igoo.
The said special election shall be held by the
following named commissioners, who are hereby
appointed for that purpose, that is to say
Precinct No. 1 at Centreville, J. C. Warner, A. J.
Moore and A. L. Corbly.
l'recinct No. 2. at Deep Valley, Joshua Wag
ner, 1). W. Hess and llco. W. Davis.
Precinct No. i, at Court House, T. J. Sellers,
John Shepherd and S. B. Ankrom.
Precinct No. 2, at Laurel Run. W. E. Mayfiehl,
Joseph A. Twyman and B. L Clark.
Precinct No. 3, at I). J. Vancamps', T. B. Wat*
kins, D. B. Leap and Omar Christian.
Precinct No. 4. at Morey's Hall, *Wm. J. Hill,
W. A. Woodburn and I). M. Smith.
Prccinct No. !, at Citizens' Hose House: A. B.
Wilson, P. B. Lowry and F. I). McCoy.
Precinct No. 2. at J. T. Jones Hose House; ().
L. Lowther, W. I.. Armstrong and J. H. McCoy.
Precinct No. 3, at Buck's School House; U. (J.
Heslep, J. W. Meredith and I'riah Ice.
Precinct No. 4. at School House, Wells' l.ane,
George W. Sine. J. H. Black and H. W. McCoy.
Precinct No. 1. at Shirley: O. I). Underwood,
Lloyd Fur bee and F. M. Allen.
Precinct No. 2. at Moores; I,ot McCortnick, E.
T. Parks and Albert Lemasters.
Precinct No. 3, at Elders' School House; Win.
.v. Myer. James Tallin and Valentine Allen.
And the j>oll shall, in other resjxrets, Ikt taken
and the result shall Ik; ascertained and certified
as directed bv sections 24. etc., of chapter 39, of
theOxleof West Virginia of 1*01.
The ballots used in taking the said poll shall
have written or printed thereon, the words
or any other words that will show how the voter
intended to vote on the question proposed, And
it is further
ORDEKED, By the Court that, in the event
that the aforesaid subscription should l>e author
ized by the voters of said Districts of Kllsworth,
Lincoln and McElroy, at the election hereby di
rected to Ik- held, then the subscriptions voted
hytthe said districts *>ti the 25th day of August.
shall lie held to be inoperative, null and
void, otherwise the said subscriptions heretofore
voted to he made, shall remain in full force and
effect. The said Till; SISTERSVII.LE AND
Court good and sufficient guarantee that it will
defray all of the expenses of the said election in
case said company (ails to build and complete
the said railroad in this county under the provi
sions of this order.
i his order shall be published as required by
law, am! shall also b?- published in the following
newspapers printed in thiscouutv. viz. the West
Virginia oil Review, the Tyler Gazette and the
Tyler County Star.
The foregoing is a true copy taken from page*
?7S. ^?J. etc.. -ORDER BOOK NO. 4? i^?
TVLERTCOUNTY COURT" of the proceedings
of said Court. Attest?
I>. Hickman.
County Court of Tyler County, West Virginia,
February Special session. isy\ February 25th:
ORDERED, That the voting precinct line be
tween Nos. 2 and 3. of Lincoln district, in this
county, l?e. and the snid line is. hereby changed
so as to include the residence of Sh river Moore
in saiff precinct No. 2 I. T Jones Hose house; and
that copies of this onler Ik- published and (>osted
as required by law.
ORDERED. That the place of voting in Elec
tion precinct No. 4 of Ellsworth district, in thi#
county. Ik- changed from the office of J. H.
St rickliug. Esq., on Maine street, in the Town
of Middkbonrne, W. Va., to MOREV'S HALL
on Main street, in said town; and that notice
hereof l?e given as the law directs.
ORDEKED. That the line between voting pre
cincts N< ?. 1 and -. of McElroy district, in this
county. Ik-, and the said line i- hereby changed
?-o as to include the farnf- of the following per
son- in voting precinct No. 1. Shirley, namely:
John Grow s' Heirs. A. J Weekly. David Booher,
J.S. Booher and W. V. Hogc;and that noticeof
of this order Ik- posted and published in the
manner prescribed by law.
The foregoing are true copies taken from
jage 7 of the "Election Precinct. Record No. 1,
Tvler county." now In the office of the Circuit
Court ot Tvfer county.
At; est D. HICKMAN.
Clerk of the Court of Tyler Co.. W. Vs.
Alaininnm Feus.
We have taken the sole agency
in this city and county for the just
ly celebrated De Haan & Co.'s
Aluminum pens and carry a full
stock of all sizes. Price same as
ordinary steel pens ? $1.50 a gross.
Can be seen at Review office on
Catherine street tl
A new lot of Bag Tags and new
and novel pencil holders just in, at
the Review office.
Our blank deeds, deeds of trtitf,
mortgages are the best, at the Re
view office.

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