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oil mm.
Pennsly vania
New Castle
North Lima
South Lima
From Saturday's Daily.
The well drilled in on the Clark
Martin farm, about three miles
back of Friendly, in Union dis
trict, by Messrs. Hosford, Holden
and] Barnsdall is a gusher. The
well is flowing and is reported by
the Standard Oil company's re
porter as being a one hundred bar
rel well in the Cow run sand.
The well is about 830 feet deep.
A number of wells have been
drilled in this neighborhood prior
to this time; some were drilled to
the Big Iujun sand aud made a fair
showing of oil, but all the wells that
produced oil have been from the
Cow run sand on the farms of
Thorn, Shinn and others, but ow
ing to a few dry wells being drilled
operations have been very quiet in
that neighborhood tor a long time;
but things are different down that
way now. There is a regular old
time boom on hands and leasers by
the hundreds are flocking to the
new field.
This well is a wildcat venture
pure and simple, and that makes it
all the more important. It is also
interesting to us because it is not
to exceed five miles from our city.
It is also important that it shows
that old Tyler county is chock full
of oil and it is a good play to drill
for oil here almost anywhere. This
new field is going to make things
very lively|here for a while at least,
and we think with ninety cent or
dollar oil things will fairly hum
around the old town this summer
and fall.
? Yesterday two more locations
were made on the Clark Martin
farm by a company who had a lease
on 40 acres of this same farm on
which this gusher was drilled in.
The company who have started
these two new wells are composed
of Sam Xeeley, C. C. McCormick,
Frank Swetland and others. The
wells will be drilled at once.
We understand that D. Daly, of
this city, leased 70 acres from Mr.
Martin yesterday for a bonus of
$700, and will drill a well or two on
the lease at once.
There is still a great deal of land
in this neighborhood that can be
leased, but just at present the farm
ers are asking pretty stiff prices for
$ 96
. 86
? 76
. 69
. 56
. 56
Another firm, whose name could
not be learned, has started a well
in this same locality, between two
dry holes. The rig is going up and
the well will be drilled at once.
From the best information we
can get at this time, inside of the
next week or ten days, at least a
dozen or fifteen new rigs will go up
in this neighborhood, and inside of
thirty days we will know more
about what this new pool is going
to amount to.
Mr. Martin, on whose farm this
well has been drilled in, is one of
our old citizens, an honest, ' indus
trious and prosperous farmer, a
man who has in comfortable cir
cumstances always made his
money by hard work and industry.
We, therefore, congratulate him
most heartily on his good fortune.
We hope he will live many years
to enjoy his good fortune, and that
every acre of his land will prove to
be good for a gusher.
Messrs. Hosford & Holden have
clung tenaciously to the south end
of the field and we congratulate
them on their good luck at last.
The town of Friendly has taken on
a boom. A livery man down there
is running a hack to the new field
from Friendly and everything is on
the boom. Everybody is feeling
encouraged and this new pool
means a great deal for every work
iagman and business firm in the
As several new wells are being
started you can look tor D. S. W.
to begin to "round this field up" in
about four days from now. A 30
barrel well in the Berea grit sand
in Wood county is something sim
ply phenomenal in the eyes of D. S.
W. but a hundred bairel Cow r)in
sander in Tyler county don't
amount to shucks. Old Tyler is
all right if she does get roasted,
worlds without end.
Washington county, O., has
never been an oil man's Klondike.
If the ledger of Washington county
was to be properly footed up the
balances would be in unmistakable
figures on the wrong side, but oil
men now are of the opinion that a
redeemer has been discovered.
About seven years ago, "The Big
Fellow," T. N. Barnsdall dropped
over on Archers Fork and drilled
a well. It was purely, a wild cat
venture and a fair well in the Berea
formation was the result.
This test was located in Inde
pendent township, about 4 miles
back of Newport. He continued
to drill until the total number of
producing wells numbered 43. He
then overstepped the defined limit
to the north and west and drilled a
test in advance of production which
resulted in a rank duster. This
condemned a vast scope of country.
Everybody was thoroughly con
vinced that the pool was defined,
and further attempts to enlarge its
dimensions would only prove dis
astrous. Mr. Barnsdall, content
ed with what he had already
achieved, suspended further opera
tions, laid off to allow his wells
to pay back the capital invested.
They have done this with usury.
Out of the 43 producing wells only
3 are pumping. The remaining 40
are flowing, and not a well in that
pool is today producing less than 5
barrels. Considering the fact that
some ot them have been flowing
for seven years, and still holding
up nicely, makes that pool almost
Only two men are required to
operate the wells and they are not
kept extraordinary busy. Mr.
Barnsdall said not long since, "If I
were offered $1,000 per barrel for
my production on Archer's Fork I
would hesitate to take it."
About two years ago Myers &
Co. started a well about one mile
in advance of Barnsdall's wells to
the northwest on the Dye-Brooks
farm. After an unsuccessful fish
ing job they had to plug the hole.
A second well was drilled and a
small producer was the result. This
was in advance of the dry streak
which most surely existed and upon
the strength of the Dye- Brooks
well Woodward & Cox, of Parkers
burg, took up a block of leases
comprising 700 acres, about one
and a half miles north of the Dye
Brooks farm. They finally made
arrangements with Will Cummings,
of this city, to drill a test well for a
one-half interest in the block.
The well was located on the
Mary Smith farm. They had to
plug the first location, but at the
second they were more fortunate,
and when the Berea sand was
reached the well started off at 35
barrels per day, natural.
This has caused a revival of field
activity, and everything in sight
has been leased. New rigs are
springing u *>, and a busy season is
promised during the next few
Cummings and others have the
rig building for their No. 2 Smith.
Myers & Co. have made a loca
tion on the Dve Brooks farm, Shay
McMullen, Kennedy and Lawrence
on the S. J. Bowen, Shay & Mc
Mullen on the Smelterback, and
the Carter Oil company is reported
having made several locations re
The average depth of a well is
i.Sco feet, and the average cost is
$3, #00.
Back of Friendly Holden's well
on the Martin farm is attracting a
great deal of attention.
Neelev, McCormick & Swetland
have secured a lease on a portion of
the Martin farm and will start a
well Monday within 50 feet of the
initial well. The well is badly
caved and no one can determine its
Robert McCormick yesterday
purchased J. L. Flack's }? interest
in the Argus Oil company. This
company owns the E. P. Snider
lease which has 9 producing wells.
Consideration about $10,000.
A late telephone message say s:
"The Kanawha Oil company have
drilled in their No. 23, Mills tract,
Wetzel county, and is making 30
barrels per hour."
From Monday's Daily.
The week Just ended has been
the most quiet in the month. The
only ripple of excitement was
caused by Holden & Barnsdall's
strike on the Clark Martin farm
back of Friendly. This well com
ing in good, in many times con
demned territory, caused quite a
little excitement, but its capacity is
yet an unknown quantity. A bad
cave occurred and the well will
not be in shape for at least a week
hence. The owners are confident,
however, they have a fine well and
are in no haste to get it to pump
The advance of 4c in the price of
credit balances was another incident
of the week which buoyed up the
depressed spirit of the operator.
With a gradual drain on accrued
stocks ic is generally believed the
Standard will be compelled to mark
up the price. Considerable buying
continues on the Exchange, and
unless a new pool is soon discov
ered, a marked advance will follow.
While the unexpected may happen,
it is not at all probable. The inde
pendent producer should not forget
his duty to himself and try to pro
mote competition. Until competi
tion is effected and permanently es
tablished the independent produc
ers may be subjected to arbitrary
low prices by the Standard Oil com
The Elk Fork Oil and Gas com
pany have completed their No. 10
J. T. A. Hawkins and have a 40
barrel producer.
Barring accidents, Nicholls &
Barnsdall should get the pay today
at their No. 4 T. G. Hawkins.
The Eaken well on Gorrell's run,
south of the Elk Fork pool, will "be
drilled. Captain Flack stated yes
terday that as soon as he returned
Irom his trip to Pennsylvania he
would start up.
On Archer's Fork, Washington
county, Ohio, things are beginning
to assume a busy air. Several
strings of tools will be running by
the early part of next week.
The situation at the present time
is encouraging and the outlook for
the summer is decidedly better.
Several wells in the Whiskey run
pool are due this week.
From Tuesday's Daily.
There is little being said about
Elk Fork, but considerable work is
going on notwithstanding. The
field has become commonplace and
only the extension elicits excite
ment from the talent. In defined
limits a very creditable well is now
and then completed and the north
east extension is becoming decid
edly active. Ai least a half dozen
or more wells are drilling or being
made ready for the drill. The latest
acquisition to be made to that di
rection was the Fisher Oil com
pany's No. 3 Isaac Hawkins. This
is a fair well and has added new
territory to the producing limits of
the field.
Nichols & Barnsdall will com
plete their No. 3 T. G. Hawkins
The Henry Oil company is drill
ing at 1200 feet at their No. 1 Loyd
Brown & company have started
their No. 2 John Duval.
The Eastern Oil company is due
Thursday at their No. 3 M. A.
Gorrell and have the rig building
for their No. 4.
Nichols & Barnsdall are drilling
at their No. 5 T. G. Hawkins. At
Lone Tree the test well on the
widow Hays farm was cased yester
day with the 6]/x casing. They ex
pect to be able to reach the sand by
late Thursd ; evening.
Thompson's Tonic T*?n.
Mildly and effectually carries off
all impurities of stomach and bow
els, strengthens, regulates and re
stores them to a healthy and natural
condition; invigorates the liver, re
duces inflammation in the kidneys;
purifies and promotes a healthy cir
culation of the blood, and is an in
valuable remedy in giving tone and
vigor to the system generally. It
agrees with the most delicate stom
ach, cures constipation and does not
gripe. 25c. Sold by C. W. Grier,
druggist, and Opera House drug
store, d-w-tf
How a Bridgeport Policeman
Figured in a Recent Eject
There is a good deal of truth told
about the evictions made in Ireland
and the north of Scotland during
the early and middle part of the
present century. It is hardship
for any family to be summarily
dumped on a roadside, without
friend or wealth, half famished and
half clad; but such ejections or evic
tions, are not, by any means, con
fined to the British Isles. Scarcely
a day passes in free America
without a similar case being record
ed and often in place ot extending
gratuitous sympathy across the
Atlantic, we could find abundant
opportunities to lavish it at home.
Policeman L. Dondee, ot Bridge
port, became involved in an eviction
a short time ago. Some time the
Sistersville reader may be forced to
adopt the same measures, knowing
how Mr. Dondee saved a heap of
trouble and many dollars.
He says: "Twenty years ago
while doing some logging I was
placed in a position where it became
necessary to exert my strength to
the utmost to prevent myself being
crushed by rolling logs, and it is to
overstraining myself at that time
that I attribute the trouble I have
had of recent years with my kid
neys. The last two or three years
it has been worse. I had a con
stant dull, aching pain in my kid
neys and my back was so weak and
sore that I could scarcely stoop
over and could not find a comfort
able position. There was also dis
tressing and annoying urinary
weakness. The ordinary remedies
prescribed had no effect whatever
and seeing Doad's Kidney Pills so
highly recommended I got a box
from a drug store and took them.
The effect was most gratifying.
The pain and weakness of the back
left me and the kidney secretions
were regulated. The remedy
acted as a general tonic and I feel
better in every way,.'
Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by
all dealers. Price 50c. Mailed by
Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United States
Remember the name ? Doan's ? and
take no other.
Memorial l)?y Celebration.
Memorial day will be celebrated
at Sistersville in the good old fash
ioned style and all that goes to
make up the day's attraction will
be looked after by those in charge.
Adjutant Turner who has agitated
the celebration, and has been
working hard to make it a success,
will be assisted by Mr. Warren
Burch, and the fact that these two
gentlemen are in charge guarantees
its success. There will be a meet
ingofthe promoters in the Elks'
club room tonight, when the pro
gramme for the day will be decided
definitely upon. The gentlemen
propose having all the civic socie
ties in the city in the line of
march also the school children and
other organizations that are willing
to lend their presence to the honor
ot the day. It will be suggested
tonight that the line of march leave
the Elks' hall on Charles street at
9 o'clock and march to the ceme
tery where services will be held
over the graves ot the soldiers, af
ter which the procession will mo ye
to the city hall where speeches
will be made by some of the best
orators in town as well as the
school girls and boys. Nothing
will be left undone to make the
day's events a success and those
who have contemplated leaving
town wili do well to* remain at
home and join in the celebration.
Llshfninff Played Havoc in Hemler
Ktiot and Hannitijctoa.
Yesterday morning lightning
struck two tanks belonging to the
South Penn Oil company in the
Hendershot field, located on the I*.
E. Grant farm, and set them on
They were both consumed on
short order, there being considerable
oil in both tanks. A w ell had just
been drilled in on the farm and
turned into the tanks when they
were struck. Strange to say the
fire was not carried into the rig.
Out at Mannington the company
also lost two rigs yesterday by fire
started by lightning.
? ??? ?
Monarch over pain. Burns, cats,
sprains, stings. Instant relief. Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. At any drag
Joseph Sharp, of Green Bank. Dies at
the Advanced Age of 110 Year*.
Marlinton, W. Va., May 21. ? Jo
seph Sharp, of Green Bank, this
county, died last week, aged 110
years, and as "the oldtst person in
the state," whc recentij7 died in Par
kersburg, had but 108 years to her
credit, it is safe to say that the late
Joseph Sharp was really the oldest
person in the state. His age can
be very well proven. His neigh
bor, the late Thomas Kerr, was a
man of great intelligence, and would
have been 98 years if he had liv::d.
He and Sharp were raised on the
same farm. His earliest recollec
tion of Sharp was that he was a
man grown, and that when he was
five years old, Sharp was doing a
man's work and carried him across
a stream that was high. He always
put Sharp's age as twelve years
more than his own.
The centenarian passed his entire
life in this county, and for a num
ber of years has been of feeble
mind. In answer to questions for
a dozen years, he has answered 100
He remained a poor man all his
life, accumulating only enough to
buy the land he lived on. He was
a man of even temper, a hard
worker and a chewer of tobacco.
He used liquor sparingly.
Friendly Visited by the Officers of the
Law nnd Hake a Biff llanl.
Saturday morning the county of
ficials made a raid on the speak
easies at Friendly, and after an ex
citing time, closed up the joints of
Ben Kidd, Mon Dickey, a man by
the natre of Taylor, and a girl who
helped him. They were all taken
before Justice Haddox, who re
manded them to jail to await the
action of the grand ^iry, and also
requiring $500 bond from each, to
be forfeited if they sold "boozs"
again in the county. A lively time
was anticipated by the officers, and
when they attempted to arrest Nel
son, a man who worked for Kidd,
found they were not mistaken, for
he opened fire on them with two
guns, and the officers returned it
until all guns were emptied. Nel
son escaped to the Ohio side of the
river, and has not been caught. W.
F. Smith, Esq., of this place, acted
as prosecuting attorney, and is of
the opinion that it will be the last
of the speakeasy business in that
A stomachful of undigested food
is about as unhealthy a mass as one
can well imagine.
What can be done with ii?
There it stays. It want digest.
It churns up, ferments and decays;
becomes poisonous (a? all putrid
matter does) and causes great pain
and deep-seated disorder.
In order to change all this, take
Shaker Digestive Cordial.
It stops fermentation and decay
at once, so that no more poisons are
It clears the stomach of poisons
already there. It healps it to turn
the food that remains.into healthful
nourishment. It strengthens the
stomach for the next meal.
Here is the whole philosophy or
and cure of indigestion in a few
words. And whats more it's all true.
Tr yit.
Shaker Digestive Cordialis for
sale by druggists, price io cents to
$1.00 a bottle.
Col. Carter In Town.
Col. John J. Carter, president of
the Carter Oil company, came down
from his home in Titusville this af
ternoon and will remain here for a
few days in the interest of his com
pany. The colonel is extremely
patriotic and has requested his em
ployes to be ready to go at the call
of the President. We understand
positions will be reserved for those
who go to war.
PILES Sl",i)0,lt9r>
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ind constipation or money refunded. 50c
per bos. Send for lint of testimonial*
awl Free Samples to MARTIN RUDY,
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Siaiererille, W. Va., by D. A. He ndcrskot
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where, and in Ststercyille, W. Va., D.
A. Hendershot.
Win lb? Made Id Wcatminater Abbey ^9
Action of Ibe Common*. ?
London, May 20. ? It is now vir- V
tually decided that Mr. Gladstone's ?
remains will be interred in West- M
minster Abbey. The Associated 1
Press learns that the family does \
not oppose the nation's desire and
that the only direction he left was
that he should be buried at Hawar
den unless there should be an un
mistakable national wish for an
interment at the Abbey.
Mrs.Gladstone'sonly objection is
the natural wish to be buried in
the same grave devoted to her hus
band, and it is rumored that ar
rangements are in contemplation ^
whereby the feeling need not prove
an insuperable obstacle to a burial
in the Abbey. Mr. Herbert Glad
stone is coming to London to ar- %
range the matter. \
The house of commons was
crowded today and the members
were generally attired in black.
All the galleries were full. The
house went into committee to con
sider the address to the queen in
regard to the interment of the re
mains uf Mr. Gladstone iu the col
legiate church of St. Peter at West
m n ter, otherwise Westminster
Mr. Balfour, on behalf of the gov
ernment, in spite of his illness*
which is officially acknowledged*
was able to move the address.
He prefaced the motion with
a lengthy eulogy of Mr. Glad
stone, speaking with evident
The Liberal leader, Sir William
Vernon Harcourt, seconded the
motion. In so doing, the Liberal
leader paid a heart-telt tribute to
the deceased statesman, and Sir
John Dillon, the Irish leader, did
the same. The address to the queen
was then adopted.
? - ^
Mr. Kenner S. Smith, aged 60,
and Mrs. Mag Buckhannou, aged
50, were married at the bride's
home, on Court street, in Harris
ville, Ritchie county, W. Va.>
Wednesday evening, May 1 Sth.
The marriage ceremony was per- ^
formed by Rev. C. Warman in his J
usual happy manner. Aftei the 1
marriage ceremony, refreshments. 4
were served to the happy couple \
and invited guests.
Mr. Smith is a respected and well ,
to do farmer, of this county, and is
realizing a handsome income from 1
several oil wells on his farm.
Mrs. Smith has been living in
Harrisville for several years and is
respected by a large circle of friends
for her pleasant ways and true
Omeut Factory.
What is to be known as the Buck
horn Portland Cement Company
will be incorporated for the pur
pose of buying a i ,ooo acre tract of
land near Rowlesburg, W. Va.?
along the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road. which contains all the neces
sary4ingredients for the manufac
ture of Portland cement. For the
purchase of this property and the
erection of the proposed cement
plant, an outlay of $350 oco will
be required. The plant will have
a daily capacity of x.000 barrels*
and the capital stock will be $400,
000. ? Charleston Gazette.
An Awful Crime.
One of the most heinous crimes
that has ever been committed in the
annals of this city occurred yester
day at an early hour on lower Fifth
Mattie Gooden who has been!
living with her sister, this morning
gave birth to an illegitimate child ,
and then without the least coi
punction, threw the child,
alive, down into the vault, whj
it was discovered shortly aften
by her sister Mrs. Syphus.
The police were notified ai
the meantime, the child wj
covered by Mr. Eaton, who
in the same house.
The Gooden girl first denied,
then confessed the crime, accusing |
a resident of Marietta as the pro
genitor. It will likely result ser
iously for both parties concerned
as the chLd died at noon.? Parkers
burg News.
?*? m
The river men are enjoying a
good business.
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A way.
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