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For the Baer Grocery Company
of Wheeling.
Trouble Anions; the Rockboltfcrs (be
Wheeling, June 8. -Before Judge
J. J. Jackson, in the United States
Circuit Court of Parkersburg, appli
cation was made Monday for the
apooiutment of receivers for the
Baer Sons Grocery company of this
city. The court appointed as re
ceivers Messrs. Morris and Bernard
Horkheimer, of this city. The ap
plication was made by Bernard S.
Baer, Edward M. Brash and Jos
eph Laucheim, stockholders in the
company. The receivers appoint
ed by Judge Jackson immediately
furnished bond in the sum oi $100
ooo, and took possession of all the
assets of the company.
Similar applications were made
and receivers appointed in the state
of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Mary
land, where the company holds
merchandise, real estate and bill ac
Mr. B. S. Baer, one of the three
stockholders who asked for the ap
pointment of receivers, said to a
"The application was made be
cause of dissatisfaction among the
stockholders. I don't think the
nature of the dissention in the corn
pa w is a matter which should be
public, but may say that some of
the stockholders are dissatisfied
with the policy of the company. It
is not true that there are any finan
cial embarrassment, nor any press
ing obligations which cannot be
met No suits have been brought
by cteditors of the company. It is
the intention to eventually reorgan
ize jthe company, and every cred
itor will be paid in full. The as
sets of the company are fully
double its liabilities."
Wanted? A good solictor to can
vas Tyler county in the interest
of the West Virginia Farmer.
Good offer to right man. Ad
dress, D. T. McWilliams & Co.,
Sistersville, W. Ya.
Special Sale
of Caps
Men's Caps
Sc, 15c, 19c and 25c.
Boys' Caps
ioc, 15c, 19c and 25c.
Babies' Caps
ioc, 15c, 19c, 2 ic and 38c,
Wells St.
Fill a bottle or common glass
with urine and let it stand twenty
four hours; a sediment or settling
indicates an unhealthy condition of
the kidneys. When urine stains
linen it is positive evidence of kid
ney trouble. Too frequent desire to
urinate or pain in the back, is also
convincing proof that the kidneys
and bladder are out of order.
There is comfort in the knowledge
so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp Root, the great kidney rem
edy, fulfills every wish in relieving
pain in the back, kidneys, liver,
bladder and every part of the urin
ary passages. It corrects inability
to hold urine and scalding pain in
passing it, or bad effects following
use of liquor, wine or beer, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of
being compelled to get up many
times during the night to urinate.
The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp Root is soon real
ized. It stands the higher for its
wonderful cures of the most dis
tressing cases. If you need a medi
cine you should have the best. Sold
by druggists, price fifty cents and
one dollar. You may have a sam
ple bottle and pamphlet sent free
by mail, upon reciept of three two
cent stamps to cover cost of postage
on the bottle. Mention Sisiersville
Weekly Oil Review and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
hampton, N. Y. The proprietor ol
this paper guarantees ..he genine
ness of this offer.
Was the Petition Fop an Injnuction
Treated by Juri^e Freer.
The Brewing companies have
been wilfully defying the present
administration since they were in
stalled in office. They have been
playing a stiff "bulldozing game"
which is being resented by Mayor
It seems that last year by some
means or other ? the public can
best judge ? they were only re
quired to pay a fine of $25 per
month. When Mr. Lawrence took
charge of affairs he demanded $50.
The Brewing companies kicked
and refused to pay. Mr. Lawrence
has been fining them regularly and
they have been furnishing bond and
apperling every case.
Wednesday, their attorney, Jol.11
A. Howaid appeared before Judge
Treer, at New Martinsville and
asked for an injunction restraining
Mayor Lawrence from interfering
with the brewery's agenU Judge
Freer treated the petition with con
tempt and indignantly refused to
grant the injunction. The town
officials mean to keep en fining
their agents and if this will not
bring them ? to their senses the
agents will be thrown into jail and
the Reyman and Schulbach brew
ing companies will be prohibited
from keeping and delivering their
stufi in the city. Their actions are
becom'ng repulsive and monot
onous and we have been informed
that Mayor Lawrence has an un
pleasant surprise up his sleeve for
them one of these days in the near
future.- Judge Freer is familiar
with the situation and deserves
credit for the manner in which their
bluff was treated.
If you want to quit tobacco using
easily and forever, be made well,
and strong, Magnetic, full of new
life and vigor, take No-To-Bac-from
your druggists, who will guarantee
a cure. Many gain ten pounds in
ten days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy
Xo-To-Bac from your own drug
gists, who will guarantee a cure.
Booklet and sample mailed free.
Ad. Sterling Remedy company,
Chicago or New York.
Everything is progressing nicely
and a grand celebration for the
Fourth is assured.
An Important Deciftlon.
The circuit court last week
at W ocdsfield, Ohio, rendered
a decision in the case of Pool
vs. The Henry Oil company that
will be of great interest to this
county. A lease was entered into
between the plaintiff and defendant
for oil and gas purposes, one stip
ulation in the lease being that fail
ure to pay the rental would render
the lease null and void. The Henry
company after a time attempted to
give up the lease by refusing to
pay the rental any longer. The
common pleas court decided that a
refusal to pay on a contract
would not invalidate the con
tract and ^ decided in favor of the
plaintiff. The case was appealed,
and the ciicuit court sustains the
common pleas. The amount in
volved is about $5,000.
All the Taxes Prescribed by the
Following Law.
As It Has Been Dacided Upon.
The Various Interests
Tbat nre Affected by the Act of Con
gress? War Is Costly and by the Fol
lowing Levies the United Staffs Will
Stand Pat.
Washington, June 9. ? The war
revenue bill as agreed upon by the
conferees of the house and senate
will no doubt become a law. It
provides that the act shall take
effect on the day succeeding the
date of its passage except as other
wise specially provided for.
A tax of $2 on all beer, lager
beer, porter, ale and other similar
fermented liquors brewed or manu
factured and sold or stored in ware
house or removed for consumption
or sale for every barrel containing
not more than thirty one gallons;
and at a like rate for any other
quantity or fractional parts of a
barrel with a discount of 7 per
cent on all sales by collectors to
brewers of the stamps provided for
the payment of the tax. An addi
tional proviso was added as follows
by the conference: That the addi
tional tax imposed in this section
on all fermented liquors stored in
warehouse to wnich a stamp had
been affixed, shall be assessed and
collected in the manner now pro
vided by law for the collection of
taxes not paid by stamps.
First? Bankers employing a cap
ital not exceeding $25,000, $50;
employing a capital exceeding $25
000, for every additional thousand
dollars, $2, surplus included in
capital. The amount of such
annual tax to be computed on the
basis of the capital and surplus for
the preceding fiscal year. Saving
banks having no capital stock and
whose business is confined to re
ceiving deposits and loaning or in
vesting the same for the benefit of
their depositors and which do no
other business of banking are not
subject to this tax.
Proprietors of theatres, museums
and concert halls in cities of more
than 25,000 population, $100. This
does not include halls rented or
used occassionally for concerts or
theatrical representations. Bowl
ing alleys and billiard rooms $5 for
each alley or table.
In lieu of the tax now imposed
by a law, a tax of 12 cents per
pound upon all tobacco and s-nuff,
however prepared, manufactured
and sold, or removed for consum
ticn or sale; upon cigars and cig
arettes manufactured and sold or
removed for consumption or sale,
the following taxes to be paid by
the manufacturers; $3 60 per 1,000
011 cigars, weighing more than
three pounds per 1,000; $1 per
i.ooo 011 cigars weighing not more
than three pounds per i.ooo; $3 60
per 1,000 011 cigarettes weighing
not more than three pounds per
1,000; and $1.50 per i.ooo on cig
arettes weighing not more than
three pounds per i.ooo; provided
that in lieu of two, three and four
ounce packages of tobacco and
snuff now authorized by law, there
may be packages thereof contain
ing one and two thirds ounces, two
and one-half ounces and three and
one-third ounces respectively and
in addition to packages now au
thorized by law there may be pack
ages containing one ounceof smok
ing tobacco.
Compromise ? The compromise
proviso in regard to the taxation of |
the stock on hand is as follows:
There shall be assessed and col
lected with the exceptions herein
after in this section provided for
upon all articles enumerated in this
section which were manufactured,
imported and removed from factory
or custom house before the passage
of this act bearing stamps affixed to
such articles for the payment of the
taxes thtreon and cancelled subse
quent to April 14, 1S9S and which
articles were at the time of the pas
sage of this act held and intended
tor same by any person, a tax equal
to one-half the difference between
the tax already paid on such articles
at the time ut removal from the
factory or customs house and the
tax levied in this act upon suc^
articles. Dealers having on hand
less than i,ooo pounds of manufac
tured tobacco and 20,000 cigars or
cigarettes on the day succeeding
the date of the passage of the bill
are relieved from the necessity of
making returns and thus relieved
from the necesity of paying the tax.
Insurance ? Life ? On each policy
for each $ioo, ten cents 011 the
amount insured. Policies on the in
dustrial or weekly plan, forty per
cent of the first weekly premium is
charged. Fraternal beneficiary so
cieties and orders, farmers' purely
local co-operative companies, em
ployes' relief associations, operated
on the lodge system or local co op
erative plan, "organized afid con
ducted solely by the members
thereof, for the exclusive benefit,"
are exempted. Insurance (marine,
inland, fire) each policy one-half of
one cent on each dollar. Co-oper
ative and mutual companies are ex
empted. Insurance (cosualty, fidel
ity and guarantee) each policy and
each bond for the performance of
the duties of any office or position
or other obligation of the nature of
indemnity and each contract or ob
ligation guaranteeing the validity
of bonds or other obligations issued
by any state, county, municipal or
other public body or guaranteeing
title to real estate or merchantile
credits, executed or guaranteed by
any surety company upon the
amount of premium charged, one
half of one cent on each dollar.
Lease, land or tenement, not ex
ceeding one year, twenty-five cent*;
exceeding one year and not exceed
ing three years, fitty cents; exceed
ing three years, $1. Mortgage of
real estate, or personal property ex
ceeding $1,000 and not exceeding
$1,500, twentv-five cents, and on
each $500 in excess of $1,500, twen
ty-five cents.
Manifest for custom house entry
or clearance of cargo for a foreign
pore, if the registered tonnage of
| such ship, vessel or steamer does
jnot exceed 300 tons, $1. Exceed
1 ing 300 tons and not exceeding 600
tons, $3. Exceeding 600 tons, $5.
Power of attorney, twenty-five
cents, not to apply to the collection
of ex- soldiers' claims against the
government on account of the mili
tary or naval service.
Medical Proprietary Articles and
Preparations. ? Upon every packet,
box, bottle, pot, or phial, or other
inclosure containing any pills,
powders, tinctures, troches or loz
enges, syrups, cordials, bitters, an
odynes, tonics, plasters, liniments,
salves, ointments, pastes, waters,
(except natural spring waters and
carbonated natural spring waters),
drops, essences, spirits, oils and all
medical preparations and composi
tions whatsoever, made and sold or
removed for sale by any person
wherein the person making or pre
paring the same has or claims to
have any private formula or any
exclusive right where, such packet,
etc., does not exceed at retail price,
five cents, one-eighth of one cent
tax; when the retail price is be
tween five and ten cents, one fourth
of a cent; between ten and fifteen
cents, three eighths of a cent; be
tween fifteen and twenty-five cents,
five eighths of a cent, and for each
additional twenty five cents in
value, five-eighths of a cent tax.
Petroleum and Sugar Refiners ?
Every person, firm, corporation or
company carrying on or doing the
business of refining petroleum or
refiuing or owning or controlling
any pipe line for transporting oil or
other product whose gross annual
receipts exceed $250,000 is made
subject to pav annually a special
excise tax equivalent^ ) one-quarter
of one per cent, on the gross
amount of all receipts in excess of
that sum. Returns %vill be made
monthly. The penalty is a fine of
from $1,000 to $10,000. A stamp
tax of one cent is to be collected on
every seat sold in a palace or parlor
car and on every berth sold in a
sleeping car, the stamp to be affixed
to the ticket and paid by the com
pany using it.
Inheritance Tax ? A tax on in
heritances and legacies exceeding
$10,000 on personal property is
provided as follow?: Ou sums be
tween $10,000 and $25.000 ? First
on benefits to the lineal issue or
lineal ancestor, brother or sister of
the deceased at the rate ot seventy
five cents for every $100.
Second, to the descendant of a
brother or sister at the rate of $1.50
for every $100.
Third, to the brother or sister of
the father or mother or the de
scendant of a brother or sister of
the father or mother at the rate of
$3 for everv $100.
Fourth, to the brother or sister
of the grandfather or grandmother
or a descendent ot the brother or
sister of the grandfather or grand
mother a: the rate of $4 for every
Fifth, to those of any other de
I gree of collateral consanguinity or j
strangers in blood or a body, politic
or corporate, at the rate of $5 for
every $100
Thoni|n<iu\ funic Ten,
Mildly find effectually carries oft
all impurities of stomach and bow
els, strengthens, regulates and re
stores thetn to a healthy and natural
condition; invigorates the liver, re
duces inflammation in the kidneys;
purifies and promotes a healthy cir
culation ot the Mood, and is an in
valuable remedy in giving tone and
vigor to the system generally. It
agrees with the most de'icate stom
ach, cures constipation and does not
gripe. 25c. Sold by C. W. Grier,
druggist, and Opera House drug
store, d-w-tf
. . m
Benefits Paid.
The National Protection society,
of Bay City, Mich., have paid the
following Sistersville members, sick
and accident benefits:
Harvey Sprague, $15, sprained
thumb, Jacob Patterson $30,
bruised shoulder, Clarence Kerr,
$75, burned fingers, J. R. Croll,$75,
thrown from buggv, K. Queen,
$43.52, typhoid fever, Wm. Gear
hart, $17, burn, Perry Nelson $14 20,
kicked by horce, Wm. Kahle,
$56.56, typhoid fever, Wm. Wetzel,
mashed finger.
Too much cannot be said in
praise of this excellent society, as
they ha^e paid every claim in full,
and with the greatest promptness.
Mr. P. h> Sargent, agent, informs
us that they have a membership
of 127 here, and new ones added
daily. It is the very best and
cheapest insurance.
m ^
The Slar Etidon** the Court Once More
County court adjourned Wednes
day afternoon. Among other
things it was decided by the court
to pay grand jurors for full time,
instead of for four days a* has been
the rule. The court did right. Why
in the world a grand juror should
serve without pay any more than a
petit juror should, passes our un
derstanding. II the county ueeds
the service of these men it should
pay them for their time and the ac
tion is proper and just. ? Star
.9 m
Prof. S. * M. Hoff, who taught
school in this city two terms, is a
candidate for the office of superin-j
teadent of free schools in Ritchie!
j county, this state. We wish him
I success and bel'eve he is the be:?t!
I man in t*ie race. j
For Ibe Fonrih of July m Partially Ar
ranK?d-.Vor? Attraction Will b?
Balloon ascension and parachute
Grand parade of the secret so
cieties and Fire companies.
Grand Sweepstake shoot by the
Sislersville Rod and Gun Club.
Tennis game between the Eu
reka and Carter employes.
Three bands and splendid music.
Bicycle races, hub and tub races
by the firemen, fat man's race,
greased pig race.
Patriotic speeches by G. M. Mc
Coy, P. A. Shanor and others.
Grand fireworks display from the
point of the hill overlooking the
Grand cake walk by the . "Famous
Tennessee Jubilee Singers" that
made such a hit during the fire
men's fair.
Pole climbing.
To end with a grand ball in the
city hall.
Many other attractions will be
added and the day will be one long
to be remembered. Let everybody
come to Sistersville. Excursions
from all points by boat or rail.
* ??? *
Life is brief; how soon wedit!
A breath of air, a whifl;
Three-quarters of it a "lie"
And half of it an "if."
?Up to- Date.
Prepare to celebrate at home the
Fourth. We are going to have a
big time in the old town.
fladiini tstfkbt Dean's
A Mfe, certain relief for Suppressed men
struation. Never known to fail. Safe!
Sure! Speedy' Satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded Seat prepaid for li.oe
per box. Unite ' Medical Co.. Box 74,
Do not accept a substitute LaucaaU * Pa.
For sale by *11 first-c|sss druggists every
where, and in Sistersville, w. vs., */ D.
A. Hendershot.
ru?il? Suppository
Ts guaranteed to cure Pilts
snd coustipation or money refunded. 50c
j>cr bo*. 8-fld for list of testimonial*
ii?d Free Samples to MAKTIN KUDY,
R*gi*t?red Fhnnnscist. Lancaster, Pa
Foe s*le by drugjri?t? everywhere, and ia
Sts ewville, W. Vs., by O ?. Hendershot
and C W Orier A Co
Regulate the
iu iilir an j * v- w-0?.r-?w.., , ?
_ titf. BPTfr rrip or rripe.but raase tntj natural rfaulta.
pl7 and booklet free. Ad. STERLING KE*J PT CO., Chlo- * ntreal, Can., or Haw Tor*.
J. T. JONES President. A. C. JACKSON, V ic* Presidm*
S. L. ANGLE, Cashiee.
Capital Stock $70,000, Surp!
Robert McCormlck, F. D. McCoy, H. W. McCoy, E. A. DorhMI
G. W. Stocking, D. C. Garman, O. W. O. Hardman, 3. T, Jonea,
A. C. Jackson, J. C. Morrison. E. R. Hutchison, C. P. Ruaaail,
L. A. Brenneman. C. Thistle. E. W. Talbott. ?
Unpnualed faellities for th?* transaction of every branch of the banking buaineM.
We Issue Drafts on New York and all Parts of Europe.
GEO. B. WEST, P??tde*t. X M. JENNINGS, Vice-Pees. J. 14. WALLACX. CASBIBS
SO. li 02*.
CASH CAPITAL ;?* S 100,000.
SURPLUS $15,000.00.
| G B. West, Samnel McCoach. Clint Moore, D. A. Bartletl,
R M ^Jennings, Edward Roome, Joahua Ruaaell, P. A. Broa?rf
M. M. Smith. C. C. McCormlck. G. B. Slemaker, Anthony Satin
E. A. DURHAM, President. ROB'T McCORMICK, Vlo# President
Tyler County Bank
SURPLUS S20.000.00. I
SlSTERSVII.LE, W. Va. . ? tS
I RECTORS- J. T. Jones. , '
Rob't McCormlck,
I.* ^Durham, *** Bo?|ht Mi t*4
A. C. Jackson. w
F. D. McCoy.
John J. Carter,

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