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HHHM i'OOA.OH <te STEALE?.. jM jfl
I Opposite Oil IBM* Supply G?., <?V>"les St.
X&e solicit a sHare of ?our patronage. g at a bargain.
Good Rigs, Good Service, Good Feed.
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New Castle
North Lima
South Lima
From Monday's Daily.
The past week, while quiet
showed a decided improvement'
over the week preceding, and wild
catting is not brisk, yet there are
several tests being started in vari
ous portions of the southwest fields.
A material change for the better is
noticeable, and field work will not
be without interest during the sum
mer, notwithstanding the low price
of oil.
In various portions of Tyler and
Wetzel counties many tests are now
under way and contemplated.
Mr. Armstrong, Capt. J.T.Jones'
manager, is greatly encouraged by
the result of their well on the Parr
farm, and is preparing to drill
several other locations in that lo
cality dnrinj the summer. The
Parr well is only a lew miles from
the city, and the supplies necesary
for the developing of adjoining
farms can be taken out at a small
The actions oi the South Penn
Oil company on the Pierpoint farm
at the Jug demonstrates the fact
that more oil exists in that locality,
and a big amount of work will be
started shortly on the strength of
that well. The dry holes that have j
been encountered are due largely j
to hard places in the sand.
The Klondike Oil company will
try their luck again on the Johnston
farm. It will be remembered that
they completed a duster on the
south end of that farm last fall just
after the discovery of that pool.
The Hickman Oil company are
making preparations to drill Nos. 3
and 4 on the Hickman heirs' farm
provided their No. 2 is completed
with satisfactory results.
The Victor Oil company are
planning for considerable work,
and from present surface indica
tions that locality in a few weeks
will be the busiest in the West
Virginia fields.
Childers' Cow Run sand well at
Plum Run continues to hold up at
more than 100 barrels per day and
will cause a second boom for that
pool which was supposed to have
been "rounded up."
The talent is watching the weli
on the Eakin farm south of Elk
Fork with more than ordinary in
terest. It will be completed by the
latter part of the week.
Drillers left this morning for Elk
Fork to start the South Penn's well
on the Cunningham farm. This
location is east of north of develop
ments in the northeast extension,
and is a very important well.
The well on the Lacy farm, five
miles east of this city, should be
spudding by the middle of the
week. The rig was completed last
t 96
, ' 86
Mrs. M. Yost has completed her
No. i oil the Poulton farm 1-4 mile
southwest of Yost & company's No.
2 Bever in the Wilson run pool
Washington county, O., and has a
50 barrel producer from the first
pay of the Big Injun sand. It will
be drilled to the second pay today
or tomorrow.
This shows an encouraging ex
tension to that pool aud will doubt
less stimulate operations materially.
Metzker, Russell & company have
completed a Cow run zander near
Hebron, Tyler county and have a
140 barrel producer.
Joseph A Kennedy reports
everything very quiet in the Whis
key run pool at the present tim<\
He says there is not over a half
dozen wells drilling within the
limits of what might be called the
Whiskey mn pool. T. N. Barns
dall is drilling the major part of
this number and none of them are
yet near the sand.
Tee Producer's Oil company are
drilling a test well about three
miles east of Ellenboro on Dog
Comfort run. It is due the latter
part of the week.
Since it is given up by oil men
generally that the deep sand terri
tory of Tyler and Wetzel counties
is destined to be the stellar attrac
tion during the summer it would be
well to submit a few facts concern
ing the cost of developments in
that locality. A great many peo
ple have been misinformed concern
ing the cost of a completed Gordon
sand well and are of the opinion
that itcostsagreat deal more than it
really does to operate. We are re
liably informed. by a man of wide
experience and knowledge of the
deep sand territory that a well can
be completed for $6,500. This in
cludes everything, even transpor
Our informant is associated with
a company that has been operating
in the Wetzel county deep sand for
the pasi four or five years, and is
thoroughly posted on the subject.
It li3S been claimed by some that
to drill a deep sand well would re
quire at least $10,000, and for this
reason alone several of the inde
pendent producers have been kept
out. After the well is completed,
however small, it would be a pay
ing investment. It is conceded by
all that the deep sand possesses the
greatest lasting qualities of any oil
bearing rock.
Many instances can be sighted
where deep 3and wells have pro
duced oil in paying quantities for a
period of nearly twenty years and
in some cases these figures are ex
ceeded. Taking this view ot the
matter based upon fact operations
in the deep sands are surely profit
able. The sand too, is more evenly
distributed and dusters are not
Mr. W. L,. Armstrong will leave
tomorrow for the deep sand terri
tory to look over some leases with
a view of drilling a well in the near
From Tuesday's Daily.
D. S. W. yesterday, in his week
ly summary o? oil news, gives the
whole state of West Virginia a
roast, not even mentioning favora
bly his famous fields in Wood and
Ritchie counties, where he has
been reporting ten-barrel wells as
something simply fabulous. This
is probably caused from the fact
that the late developments in oil of
importance have been discovered
near Sistersville and in this county.
For example, Saturday this same
reporter that said yesterday there
was nothing new in our state, re
ported the new well on the Pieri
point farm, in this county, as pro
ducing 700 barrels of oil a day
from the Big Injun sand, but the
well in fact produced 900 bairels,
and opens up an entirely new field.
But this is not important, but a
ten-barrel well in Wood county is
something immense.
Again, he reported the well on
the Parr farm as a 5 barrel well.
This is not true but if it was, it is
the opening wedge of an entirely
new field not to exceed 3 miles from
our city. It is a very important
test well because it is the opening
up of what will no doubt be a good
field. Mr. W. L. Armstrong, Capt.
Jones' efdeient manager says that
he has always been of the opinion
that there was at least a ''sucker
rod" belt running out through that
part of the country and he is sure
now that he has opened it up. He
will do more drilling, is ot the
opinion that later some very fine
wells will be drilled in that field,
Again, the Standard's man re
ports a half mile extension of the
Wilson run field, not knowing it
was only 6 miles from our city but
of course the extension of a Big
Injun pool for half a mile is noth
ing worth mentioning.
Again, he has reported two wells
in the Hebron field in our county
in the Cow Run sand, producing
250 barrels a day, but these are too
'nsignificant to mention, either.
The deep sand territory in this
county is also too insignificant to
mention. These facts and many
more ^e can mention only goes to
show how ridiculous and silly is
this report. The fact is, he either
had to say Tyler county was lead
ing in new production and new
pools or say nothing, or else roast
j everything, so he gives the whole
state a roast, not even mentioriing
that wonderful Wood county field.
Any person who is at all ac
quainted with the oil fields in the
state knows now that the prospects
in this section have not been so
bright since the Elk Fork field was
[Opened up. Business has revived
with better roads and every pro
ducer is quietly pushing his work
and is meeting with good results.
We need an increase in the price
of oil now so producers can sell
and put their money into their
business. With oil at a dollar a
barrel our city will be more active
than it has ever been.
Our readers have no doubt
noticed the fact that the shimments
ot both Pennsylvania and Lima oil
both exceed the runs this month so
far by many thousand barrels a day.
And this is the more significant at
this time of the year when the de
mand for refined oil is not nearly
so great as it will be when the fall
trade opens up.
Another important fact to' re
member is, that the stocks of re
fined oil in Europe are reported as
being very low at this time. Anoth
er important fact is, that no new
pools outside of our county are be
ing opened up and producers are dis
couraged with work in the lower
counties. Another very important
matter is the electing of a new con
gress this fall which the Standard
wants to be a trust congress. So
everything points to a rise in the
price of oil, and when it comes it
will be a big one. Even now the
independent pipe lines are paying
2 cents a barrel more for oil than
| the Standard does, showing they
| can make money at this advanced!
! price. We do not think it will be
; very lone now until we get a good
; big advance or else all signs will
i fail.
When we published the fact that
the Pierpoint well was a gusher the
nasty, spiteful malicious little, ass,
that runs the Sentinel at Parkers
burg, said our report was a fake,
and gave for its authority the
Standard Oil man's report. Since
then the Standard's man says this
well made 700 barrels of oil in a
day, but in fact it made 900 barrels
but the Sentinel has forsaken the
Standard's report now and is silent
on the matter, thus demonstrating
the dirty, low, maliciousness back
of all his so called oil news. Such
actions do not hurt us, but might
do so if Parkersburg newspapers
were not known the State ovTer as
the worst sheets to lie in the whole
The South Perm Oil company's
No. 2 Leroy Pierpoint is reported
having fallen away off in produc
tion during the last 4S hours. Sun
day the well made but 300 barrels.
This decline is due to the heavy
flow of salt water which is so great ;
as to draw out the gas flow. It is
also reported to have ceased flow
jug yesterday and will have to be
The Victor Oil company are now
busily engaged in drilling their No.
i Armstrong Smith deeper. They
expect to find a more prolific pay.
The credit balance prices were
marked up again today, i cent,
making Pennsylvania oil 85c per
barrel. Just why it was marked
down last week and then shoved up
again today can hardly be surmised, j
We think it was simply a trick on j
the part of the Standard to shake
out credit balances held by weak
ened producers.
Just how well their scheme
worked is best known to them
selves, but at their office here very
little oil was sold.
There should be a further ad
vance and the only way to insure
better prices is to hold fast to what
oil you may now have.
Developments on Elk run, Wash
ington county, are attracting con
siderable attention at the present
time- Several wells are drilling
and several locations, have been
made. Just how this prospective
pool will "pan out" can best be de
termined later.
Shay &. McMullen will be due at
their No. 1 Eowen the latter part of
the week.
Karner & Alford have made a lo
cation one half a mile southwest of
the Smith farm which they will
drill at once.
Myers & Co., of Marietta, are
ready to spud on the Dye- Brooks
Cuuimings & Co. have also made
locations on the Gorby and Meade
farms. The first named farm must
be drilled within the next 60 days,
or they will forfeit their lease.
Seabold & Co. drilled in their
No. 1 Groudhouse 5-aore tract, in
the Cameron, O , field, yesterday,
and have a producer good for 25
barrels per day.
A Clever Trick.
It certainly looks like it, but
there is really no trick about it.
Anybody can try it who has Lame
Back and Weak Kidneys, Malaria
or nerveous troubles; We mean he
can cure himself right away by
taking Electric Bitters. This med
icine tones up the whole syslem,
acts as a stimulent to the Liver and
Kidneys, is a blood purifier and
nerve tonic. It cures Constipation,
Headsche, Fainting Spells, Sleep
lessness and Melancholy. It is
purely vegetable, a mild laxative,
and restores the system to its
natural vigor. Try Electric Bitters
and be convinced that they area'
miracle worker. Every bottle
guaranteed. Only 50c a bottle
at Hill& McCoach's drug store.
At the Front? A Letter I'roiti Jack
Jack Costello and Jim Swartz
lander, who left here ten days ago
and joined a Parkersburg company,
writes to their friend Will Kinney
as follows: "We belong to Com
pany E, 4th Regiment of U. S.
Volunteers. We struck camp at
Fredericksburg, Va., on last Mon
day and have fine camp grounds
as well as plenty to eat." They
are both very well satisfied and
claim soldier life is the only
There is at present 10 companies
stationed at that place and more are
arriving daily.
- ? i
V _____
At Ink?? Incen?lii%rj Or?;elu? C'foi l*ti?n
or Cuiiiph llilr C hurch.
Friday night the Christian or
Campbellite church at Iuka was
totally destroyed by fire. The
structure was frame and it was im
possible for the people who lived
near to save the building or its
contents. The conflagration was
caused by the work of firebugs.
The loss is partially covered by
J one*' Dilemma.
Jones had an office on W ? street,
and when an agent came around
he bought a typewriter, not that he
needed it but rather because he
considered every office in order to
be complete should possess one.
He was a married man, very much
married and when he approached
his wife on the subject of employ
ing a young lady typewriter she
fiigidly suggested that he did not
need her and to do [his own work.
He succumbed to the inevitable
and after devoting several days to
practice concluded he was suffici
ently expert in his work to write a
legal letter to a lady client for
whom he was settling a land claim.
The letter started:
"My dear Miss L : ? It is with
pleasure I am able to state that
matters are fast assuming a posit'on
when I can call upon you and have
a final understanding. At the in
stance of our last meeting, you will
remember ? " but at this point he
struck a half dozen keys at once,
and the result was that the paper
looked as though a spider had just
crawled out of an ink. battle and
had performed sundry acrobatic
feats thereon. He was disgusted
and decided to give up the attempt
and practice. Hence the following:
"Remember me, remember me.
Many men of many minds, many
birds of many kinds. Free silver,
we must have it, have it, have
it. And if matters should as
sume a definite light I may be
able to call sooner. Dear. Dear.
Dear." At this point the 'phone
rang and he hurried down street
in answer to a business call. When
he returned a half hrur later and
opened his office door he was
promptly pou net d by two police
men, who hel'd him frautically by
the arms, while, in a corner of the
room, his wife sat sobbing convul
sively, holding his type-written let
ter in her hand. "I've noticed how
strangely he has been acting lately,
but I never thought his mind
would break down like this," and
she burst into another floud of
tears, while Jones stood looking
like a big interrogation point, at
tempting to explain. Now, there
is a sign in front of the office,
"Typewriter for sale."
Why FoMniPNter Work** Snlurv W?*
The redheaded freckle-laced boy
entered the postofficeand marching
straight up to the delivery window
"Any mail for Mike McCarthy?*'
"Nothing," quietly answered the
"Anything for Pete McCarthy?"
"No, nothing."
"Anything for Kate McCarthy?"
"No sir."
"Anything for Bill McCarthy?"
"Anything for my school teacher,
Jenny McCarth}?"
"No! nor for Jim, Clarence, Den
nis, Sarah, Pat, Jane nor John Mc
Carthy. No sir, there is nothing
tor any McCarthy, either living,
dead, born or unborn, black or
white, franchised or disfranchised,
native or foreign, civilized or bar
barous, naturalized or otherwise.
There is positively nothing for any
of the McCarthy's."
The boy looked up in astonish
ment for a moment; then with a
solemn face said. "Would you
please look if there is any mail for
my cousin, Alice McCarthy."
The annual convention of the
National Educational Association,
will'be held in Washington, D. C.f
this year, commencing Thursday,
July 6 and ending the following
Tuesday. Arrangements have been
made with the railroad companies
by which tickets will be sold at the
rate of a single fare for the round
trip, plus $2.00. Time for which
tickets are good can be extended to
September 1st. For particulars,
address State Director, W. H. An
derson, Superintendent City School,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Futberlaa* imrlea!
(Air? "Maryland, lly Maryland:")
Spain's despot heel shall rest no
Fatherland, America! ?
On weeping Cuba's bloody shore.
Fatherland, America!
Awake, as in the days of yore.
When Washington thy banner
Awake and be thyself once more.
Fatherland, America!
Where palms and lofty cedars grow,
Fatherland, America!
Where nature's bounties richly
Fatherland, America!
A band of greedy cut throat slaves
On high Spain's bloody banuer
While each for death and plunder
Fatherland, America!
Manilla's isle has heard the roar,
Fatherland, America!
Of Yankee guns along her shore.
Fatherland, America!
While Asia's dusky hordes pro
The glory of brave Dewey's fame.
And all our children bless his name,
Fatherland, America!
From where the broad Atlantic
Fatherland, America!
To California's golden shores,
Fatherland, America!
One cry goes forth, "They shall be
Our Stars and Stripes shall ever be
The oriflamme of victor)',
Fatherland, America!
Close up the ranks from East to
Fatherland, 'America!
Let North and South alike be
Fatherland, America!
One country shfll our homage
One land in deed, as well as name,
With heroes worthy of thy fame,
Fatherland, America!
? John Anketell, A. M., St. An
drew's Rectory, Walden, N. Y. ^
? ??? ^
Thnt OH Tux.
The following is from the
Chicago Dispatch:
In protecting trusts the Repub
lican party is paying a premium
to enemies qf the government.
No institution which refuses to
pay a fair share of the war tax ex
penses is friendly to the govern
ment. The Standard Oil company
through its general solicitor, S. C.
T. Dodd, announces that it will
fight the proposed tax of one
fourth of one per cent, on it# gross
business. This company has esti
mated assets of $i, 000,000,000 and
pays more than $30, coo, too divi
dends a >ear. All this on a plant
that according to the best estimates
does not represent more than $20,
000,000 of investment.
But there is another oil company
the Columbia, which has not been
crushed uy a great monopoly. It
is not a trust, but does legitimate
business carried on by a private
capital. Hugh King, the president
of the company, in reply to a ques
tion as to the proposed tax asked
by the New York World, said:
"I can only speak for the Colum
bia Oil company. If the tax ap
plies to us? and I should think it
would apply to all refijers of oil ?
why, we will pay it. We do busi
ness under the protection of the
laws of the United States, and we
will obey and uphold those laws."
Thus is illustrated the differencej
between the attitude of trusts and!
that of legitimate business enter-l
prises. I
Million* UItcb Awn y.
It is certainly gratifying to the
public to know of one concern in
the land who are not afraid to be
generous to the needy and suffering.
The proprietors of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and colds, have given away over
ten million trial bottles ol this great
medicine, and have the satisfaction
of knowing it has absolutely cijred
thousands of hopeless cases. Bron
chitis, asthma, hoarseness aud all
diseases of the throat chest an4
lungs are surely cured by it. Cau
o 1 Hill & Mc Coach's druggists, and
get a trial bottle free. Regular size,
50c and $ 1 . Every bottle guaran
teed or price refunded.
? m -
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