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Weekly Oil Review!
I j. h. KcCOT, Editor aid Prop'r, SisiersTUle, W. Ta
I SUBSCRIPTION, ia months, in Advance, |i.oo
? 6 5o
? m 3 25
I Kutered at the P. O. at Sistersville as Second
I class mail matter.
I For Representative In Congress, First Congres
I ssonal District,
of Doddridge County.
I For Delegate District,
W. R. R1NE,
I of Tyler County.
I The republican county conven
I tion is a thing of the past, and the i
nominees are men unknown to Sis
tersville, the two important officers,
the candidates for the House of
Delegates and County Commission
er are residents of Centerville and
Ellsworth districts, and Hughes,
the man who so grossly misrepre
sented us in the legislature two
years ago, is again the nominee of
! the republican party, and he has
been nominated, with the cxpecta
? tion that he will be a follower of |
and do only such things as will be !
well pleasing to Hardman and Lis
gang. We know from actual ex- j
perience, demonstrated beyond all
doubt, that Hughes is against this
city, heart and soul. We know that
Iris election means defeat of our
much needed charter, of the pre- J
posed independent court and every
thing else that the crowd who run
this county think would add to the
comfort and prosperity of this city.
Mr. Weeklv nominated as a
member of the county court lives!
on Muddy creek, in Ellsworth dis
trict, about 14 miles from this city,
and if our information is correct,
and we believe it is, he is a man
who will oppose Sistersville with
all his power and vim. He is an
out and out opponent to license or
anything else that would in
his judgement be of any aid to
this city.
We do not think thit any one
will for a moment dispute a single
statement we have made. Then
what'are we going to do? Are we
going to sit quietly down and allow
our city to be kept frcm "advancing
and improving to simply gratify
the unreasoning prejudices of a
few men, wonderfully small minded,
narrow, bigoted and unreasoning.
In other words, is ignorance and
prejudice to govern us longer, or
will we raise from sloth, go to
work and defeat these creatures so
openly determined to injure .our
In 1896, the total vote polled in
this county for McKinley and Bry
an was 4,218 votes. Of this num
ber Lincoln district polled 1,423
votes, one-third of all the votes
cast in the county. We think we
are entitled to some recognition, but
we have been turned down, and
delegates at the convention Satur
day openly expressed themselves as
being opposed to any man from this
city for the simple and only reason
.that tjiey lived here. In other
words, the leaders have openly de
dared war to the bitter end against
/9?r city. They make no effort
cow to screen their hypocrisy, but
come out openly and boldly and
declare themselves against the city.
This is the way matters stand to
day. Now, what are we as free
American people to do? Will we
sit down and let the infamous rotten
gang run us and domineer over us,
and we submit without a struggle?
We hope not, and the Review is
here to fight the battle as best we
can. We do nol oppose any pert
of the county. We do not ask for
the county seat to be located here.
We do not ask for anything that
will cost the county a single penny.
We only ask for laws that will en
able our city to grow, improve and
become more attractive and more
permanent. We do not try to run
the county or any town in it. We
do not oppose any man on account
of where he resides. We have no
ill will against any section of the
couuty or people. All we ask is
that we be allowed to grow and im
prove and govern our own city as
the almost unanimous verdict ot
our own people say it should be
governed. There is no politics in
this matter, it is simply a matter of,
prejudice and iguorance against
! progress and improvment.
We think the nearly fifteen hun
dred voters here will be heard from
this fall in a way that will count.
We believe our people are now
convinced that we cannot ever hope
for anything so long as the old po
litical gang control the candidates
as they now do, and have done. It
is a question of home protection
against prejudice and passion. \\ e
ought to win, and we must win.
In this issue appears a call for
a democratic mass canvention to be
held at Middlebourne on Saturday,
the 24th; also, for conventions to be
.held Saturday next to nominate
district officers for members ot the
Board of Education and constables.
There is to be nominated in this
city a President ot the Board of
Education and a member of the
Board, 3nd also two constables.
Uriah Kimble is the only man so
far who announced himself for con
stable. There is to be another
man nominated and any who want
the position should make their an
nouncements at once. It is impor
tant to all business men to have
nominated and el zcted two good con
stables. Politics should cut no fig
ure in selecting either constables or
school officers. An effort should
be made to select the very best
available men we can get. These
offices are very important and
should receive 'jareful and only the
| best selections.
m ???
Some people pretend to believe
that there is nothing in the many
reports about the way the soldiers
are being mistreated. President
McKinley seems to have a different
opinion and has ordered an inves
tigation of the charges. We hope
it will be a real and bona fide in
quiry and not a political white
wash. If our soldier boys have been
cruelly treated we want to know it
and we want to know who did the
inhuman acts; if the reports are
false, we want to know that. We
fear, however, that it will be a po
litical investigation and will amount
substantially to nothing.
? ?
There is only one remedy to
break up the crowd that runs our
county and that is to elect men not
their choice, just one dose of this
kind will forever after settle the
question and Sistersville will al
ways have a hearing in all the con
ventions. So long as our people
jujport the gangs nominees, just
so long will we be turned down.
The voters here have the remedy
if they only apply it.
m ???
Push the work along of number
ing the houses and naming the
streets. Jnst as soon as this work
is finished we will have our mail
delivered and we will take another
step towards having all the con
veniences of a metropolitan city.
. ' ' ' "f I .
Dr. Riley, of New Matamora?,
gives a description in this paper to
day of his trip in search of tfis son.
Read it and then draw your own
conclusions. The doctor does not
think our soldier boys are getting
very good treatment, but in arriv
ing at this conclusion he is backed
up by thousands of others. There
must be some fire where there is so
much smoke.
The republican bosses will now be
urging the republicans to stand by
the nominees of the party; When
you are asked to stand by Hughes
for the House of Delegates, to vote
for him because he is the nominee
of the bosses, just ask your ques
tioner if you have not the same
right to oppose Hughes and bolt
his nomination as Hughes himself
has, when he bolted the republican
convention at Wheeling only a lew
weeks since.
It will be remembered that
Hughes was in the Congressional
convention at Wheeling at which
time Hardman and his crowd
walked out of the convention. In
the crowd that in this way bolted
the convention was our dear and
sainted friend Hughes, the iden
tical man who now wants the re
publicans to vote for him. He
will no doubt urge all to support
him because he is the nominee of
a minority ot the dele
gate vote, but he should not try Ic
deprive other republicans of the
same right he exercised only a few
weeks since of bolting a conven
tion when he wants to do so. He
is a nice man to talk party. A fair
and square bolter against a party
nominee in which politics cuts a
great figure. Dovernor as a con
gressman represents the republi
can party on national issues, but
Hughes walked out of the conven
tion along with Hardman and bis
gang because they could not run
it. Now, you are asked to vote for
a bolter. Don't do it. He is an
unfair representative, and a bolter.
Vote him down; if you ever did a
good act in your life, you cannot
do a better one than to cast you *
ballot against this bolter- of only a
few weeks ago. And we believe he
will get it where McDougal got the
brick? in the neck.
We oppose Hnghes for the leg
islature because he is opposed to
Sistersvil'e and is always ready to
obey the demands ot Hardman and
his followers to the detriment of
all the rest of the county. If the
town of Friendly, Long Reach,
Alvy or any other town wanted a
new charter or to become a town
the Hardman gang would oppose
them just as bitterly as they op
pose Sistersville. There is no
doubt about this at all. They are
determined to control the county
and in order to do so must keep
the towns from growing and add
ing voters to the population that
will keep the vote down and so the
bosses can run and bleed the county.
^ ??i tm
The way the republicans here
are cussing Sheriff Pyle is a cau
tion. They claim he had the pow
er to nominate Gregory, but refused
or neglected to vote when the test
came. We don't know anything
about the matter, but the air is
pretty hot in republican headquar
ters when the sheriff's name is
* -??>? >
Oil news is very scarce* There
are a number of wells nearing the
top of the sand that will be in next
week and we hope they will all be
?? ^ hi
Talk up the project for starting
a college in this city. We could
not make abetter investment
- ?".* ? ?? ? '?
Just think of the bloody Star sup
porting a populist for office. The
Sta!r would support the devil for
lor Sunday school superintendent
if his majesty was on the republican
? ?
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dial cures it. That is the long and
short of indigestion. Now the
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tion? Yes, if you have pain or dis
comfort afcer eating, headache, diz
ziness, nausea, offensive breath,
heartburn, languor, weakness, fev
er, jaundice, flatulence, loss of ap
petite, instability, constipation, etc.
Yes, you have indigestion. To
cure it, take Shaker Digestive Cor
dial. The medical herbs and plants
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is composed, ielp to digest the food
in your stomach; help to strengthen
your stomach. When your stom
ach is strouS care will keep it so.
Shaker Digestive Cordial is for
sale by druggists, price 10 cents to
$1.00 per bottle.
One of the latest swindling tricks
is operated by two men, one of a
rustic appearance and the other be
ing stylishly dressed. The rustic
goes into a hotel and inquires for
the other fellow, saying that be
1 janed him $50 a few days ago and
that he was to meet him at the ho
tel and get it back. The landlord
laughs and plainly states the fellow
who borrowed the #50 is a swin
dler and will not turn up. The
rustic is confident that he will get
the money back and bets the land
lord $25 to that effect. In a short
time a well dressed man calls for
tbe other fellow, pays him $50 and
pocketing the landlord's $25, the
pair ?>f strangers disappear,
There is too much fiction in 6Uf
literature. Too much space given
and time spent over the story which
is neither innocent nor interesting.
One ot the magazines recently ap
peared without even one story, giv
ing as its excuse that the modern
story is "heavy" reading, and real
ly had no plot. It takes something
to make a story out of.
A new line of wedding invita
tions and marriage certificates just
in at the Review office.
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It certainly looks like it, but
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Wfdillnic Anniversary.
Last Saturday evening Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. McCoy celebrated their
fifth wedding anniversary. The
pleasant affair was in the nature of
a surprise to the husband. Mrs.
McCoy had quietly invited a few of
her brothers, sisters and other
friends to meet at her4home, while
the poor, innocent husband was re
quired to attend to his duties until
8 o'clock, when he was allowed to
go home, but he was not in an
overly good humor, but when he
opened the door of his home and
witnessed the crowd present, he
quietly admitted the good lady of
the house had surprised him fully.
After congratulations and the many
handsome presents had been ex
amined and admired, the happy
party spent a pleasant evening
in social amusements of various
kinds which were highly enjoyed
and will be remembered by all with
pleasure. A plendid lunch was
served and we almost foundered on
good things. It was certainly a
pleasant and memorable occasion.
Among the guests present were
Mrs. G. B. Slemaker, Mrs. Charles
Thistle, Misses Tulia and Pearl
Graham and Master George and
Harry Graham; Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
McCoy and children, Thomas J.
and Nella; Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mc
Coy; Mr. and Mrs. A.S. McCoy and
Mr. and Mrs. Friend Wells and
children, Frances and George.
Look down, you gods,
And on this couple drop a blessed
IHona $i io
Pennslyvania i oo
Barnesville *..... 90
Corning 83
New Castle 75
North Lima 73
South Lima 68
fndlana 68
From Monday's Daily.
The well drilled in the latter part
of the week on the Martha Thomas
farm in the Elk Run territory, by
Cowell & Altenberg, which was dry
in the Berea grit formation will
make a good producer from the Big
Injun. The first pay in that form
ation showed up for about 10 bar
rels a day and the second will be
good for even more than that
amount. It is the intention of the
owners to shoot the well tomorrow
or next day in the Injun, and it is
believed it will be good for about
50 to 60 barrels a day. These
people have so much confidence in
their territory that they have made
preparations to drill another well
on the same farm at once. The
location for the second well has
been made, and the rig will be
started as soon as it is possible to
get the timbers on the ground. It
seems to be the opinion among a
great many of those who have been
at the well that a new Injun pool
has been opened up by the Thomas
No. The formations in this
well are entirely different forms
than in any of the other wells that
have been drilled in that section. In
this well about 45 feet of Keener
sand was found and then a big
break before the Injun was gotten.
There is a showing of about 60 feet
of Injnc sand, and this is a great
deal more than any of the other
wells showed.
I11 this sdction the Carter Oil Co.
has a large amount of territory and j
^ it is the intention of this company
to commence the work of drilling
their holdings in a very short time.
They have a tract of about 2000
acres and a number of wells will be
drilled on it this fall and winter.
Kohl, Keeler and Simon, who
have a lease on the Harvey farm,
near the Thomas, made arrange
ments today to drill a well on it.
The site has been selected and the
rig will be started about the middle
of the week.
Out in the Elk Fork territory the
Henry & Macdonald Oil company
have made the location and are
building the rig at thtir No. 2 on
the J. T. A. Hawkins. The rig
will be completed the middle of the
week and drilling will be com
meeced as soon as it can be rigged
The same company have put the
8^2 casing in their No. i Margaret
Gorrell and with good luck this
well should get the sane the early
part of ntxt week. It is located a
little way in advance in the north
eastern extension of the Elk Fork
pool and will be of some impor
Tomorrow the same company
will commence spudding at their
No. i on the John Eastham farm
on Crow's run, next week, near
the Elk Fork pool. This well is
a wildcat venture and should it
come in a good producer, will open
up considerable new territory.
From Tuesday's Daily.
. Cowell & Altenberg went over to
their No. i Alartha Thomas in the
Elk Run territory this morning,
and the well will be shot some time
today. Yesterday they sent out a
tank, and as soon as it has been
built the well will be shot. There
is not the least doubt but that it
will make a good producer. It has
shown up first class in all the pays
of the Big Injun formation.
There will be a large amount of
other work started in that section
in a very short time. Kohl & Co.
have made the location for their
Nos. i and 2 on the Harvey farm,
Cowell & Altenberg have made the
location for their No. 2, and the
Carter Oil company, which has a
large amount oP territory in that
section has made arrangements to
test it and will diill several wells in
the near future.
Over in the Wilson run territory
Yost & Co. have drilled in their No.|
?4 " ? \
2 on the Poulton farm and will have
a producer good for about 75 barrels
a day natural. The well will be
shot and cleaned out and it is be
lieved it will make better than 100
barrels a day when this has been
In the Wilson run territory about
a mile to the northeast there is an
important well drilling on the
Hupp farm by Laugher Bros. It
is far enough ahead of develop
ments to make it extremely inter
esting and its advent will be
watched with a great deal of inter
est. The well will be due in the
sand this evening or tomorrow and
quite a number of the talent went
out this afternoon to see it drilled
Norris & Co., who have the rig
upon cne ot the Edwards farm
over there are rigging up and will
be ready to commence to spud to
morrow morning.
Gordon & Co.commenced rigging
up yesterday at their No. 5 on the
Reed and will commence spudding
the latter part of the week.
The Fisher Oil company has
made the location and are building
the rig for their No. 1 on the Snod
grass 200 -acre farm. The rig will
be completed the latter part of the
week and drilling will be com
menced as soon as it can be rigged
The United States Oil Company
have put the 8% casing in their
No. 1 on the U;lman. This well
is located about a mile north of the
production, and is a good test of the
territory in that direction.
i he Long Reach Oil company
have grilled in their No, 1 on the
Whetlatch farm, 5*4 miles b*ck of
Waverly, and will have a producer
good for about 40 barrels a day in
the salt sand.
The same company's No. 2 on
the Reynolds farm, near St. Marys,
will be due in the sand tomor
row; and their Nor 3 on the same
farm Should fre in tnc sand the first
of next week.
The Hyde & Campbell well oil
the Thomas farm, three miles north
of Elk Run, tame in dry in the
Berea grit, but will he shot tomor
row in the Injun, and it is believed
will be good ior 75 barrels.
Marietta parties are making a
location on the ? CoiFinan farm,
southwest of the ciry.
Vfilltona 4* iv*- 11 Awiij,
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wont cases of Servaaa Urblllty aro
absolutely cured by PEKFKll'O
TABLETH. Give prompt relief to In
ttonmla. falling memory and the waste
and drain of vital power*. Incurred bj
indiscretions or excise* of early years.
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tion. Brace up the system, (iive bloom to tfco
cheeks and lustre to the eye* of /_-TWvounn or old.
One 50c box renews vital energy, pilj# boxen at
S3. 50 a complete guaranteed cure TTtiZt or money re
funded. Can be carried In vent pocket. Sold
everywhere. or mailed in plain wrapper on tecelpt or
price by T11K PKKfKlTO CO., laxtoa BHg., Uteaf*. 111.
Hill & McCoach and C. W. Grier
95 !y Agents.
Dr, S. A< Cunningham
Rapture cured in from ten days to two week*
without the use of a kulfe or detention from,
Consultation at office or by letter, free.

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