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dhim" mfp "tKe I THE WEATHER? Partly cloudy tonight and Friday with occasional showers,
He Was Cleaning Revolver at His
f Home When One Of the Cham
. bers Was Discharged.
? t ?; 1 '3. 1 y ?
Harry Downs, a Wheeling po
liceman, fatally shot his wife at
| 12:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
lie was cleaning his revolver,
i when the weapon suddenly ex
ploded, the 38-calibre bullet pass
1 ing through his wife's abdomen,
resutling in her death about twen
i ty minutes later.
- Mrs. Downs was preparing din- I
\ ner at her home at the corner of
I Chaplin and Twenty-seventh
streets, at the time, and her hus
band was standing at the table
beside her. the two within a foot
of each other. He was oiling the
weapon, a blue steel US-calibre re
volver, and the weapon was point
ed in her direction, when, sup
posedly, an unintentional touch
upon the air trigger, sent the bul
^^let on its course of death.
P Nobody witnessed the pathetic
' act but their eldest child, a boy
| 12 yars of age. Frigthened by
f \he scene he could barely under
rjftand, he rushed into the street,
land though he eould not talk, his
fright rendering him speechless,
the neighbors saw from his action*
that something unusual had oc
curred. and ran into the home.
They saw the apparently lifeless
body of Mrs. Downs grasped in
the arms of her husband. Dr.
Mary Baron, who was at a near-by
house, was called, and a few min
utes later the family physician,
Dr. A. B. Nichols, arrived on the
scene, but the bullet had made its
work all too certain, and surgical
aid was powerless.
The husband was heart-broken.
He carried his wife to another
room, where , after tenderly laying
her on the bed, he knelt beside
her and held her to hiin. as though
he would prevent, by his strong
arms, her spirit fleeing from him.
Kneeling beside the bed, the
grief-stricken husband clung to
her, and sobbed as only a strong
man cam when his heart is broken.
For more than an hour he knelt
there, placing his wife's arms
around his neck and imploring
her to speak to speak to him, and
it was only by the earnest plead
ing of friends that he was taken
The kitchen, where the fatality
occurred, presented a most pa
thetic appearance. The table had
be<'ii set for dinner, and the dishes
were all in their places, filled with
food, but not a morsel had been
touched, as the accident occurred
just as they were aboult to sit
down to their dinner. Her sleeves
were rolled up, as was her custom
when working about the kitchen,
and the whole house was in the
disorder incident to cleaning
i The unfortunate victim of the
accident was, before her marriage,
; Miss Laura Friend, and the family
I home is in the country back of
I New Martinsville. Two brothers
j live in Wheeling, Fred and
<?eorge. Two sisters surviving are
Mrs. Anna Nelson and Mrs. Tillie
Ingold. The latter lives at New
Officer Harry Downs was but
recently made a member of Chief
Clematis' force. Previous to his
experience as a policeman he had
worked in the mills in the vicinity
I of Wheeling.
Mrs. Downs was 34 years of age,
and leaves three children, the old
est. a boy, Harry, is aged 12
years, and there are two girls,
Lola, aged 7, and Ilulda, aged 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Downs had been
married thirteen years.
^lew Phase Of Murder
^ Of Henry Blackshire
PA new feature of interest h;is
Fen developed in the filaikshire
purder ease, l?y the offering; of
_ reward by Mrs*. Blaekshire of
$250 for the arrest ;i n?l eorivietion
[of the persons who killed her hus
band. Th?s offer was innde pub- j
, lie in the (irantsville Chronicle
'Monday. On that s;mie day. Sher
iff Gainer thinks he earned part'
of the $2~>0 by putting Mrs. Black- j
shire in jail.
Taking; the ground that Mrs. i
Blackshire is guilty of the murder J
of her husband, her reckless J
throwing around of the money ex- j
pected to be realized from his in- i
sura nee in different kinds of re
wards, point to another and more
parent motive for the crime. Tl
the oftieials think they have found
in the woman's desire to marry I
her deceased sister's husband,
who. it is said, has been living at ,
the Blackshire home ever since tin
James Jones Makes Confession
Jam^s Jones, the suspect ar
rested and held for the robberies
and outrages committed in Wells
burg. W. Va., the last few months,
'which have resulted in arousing
the '-itizens to a prim determina
|L> find the guilty parties,
rday made a confession to
seeuting Attorney Geo. W. Mc.
implicating a number of
in the affairs.
a result of the confession
Miller. Miles Ralph and Harry
_th were arrested yesterday and
faged in jail. The prosecuting
torney is convinced, however,
t Roth had nothing to do with
| the case, and he will probably be
i discharged. The hearing of the
I accused men will take place to
Jones admitted being connected
with several of the recent out
rages. some of which. have resulted
almost fatnllv. Prominent citizens
returning home near midnight,
would be waylaid and struck
down from behind. Tuesday
j bloodhounds were placed on the
'trail of the guilty parties and a
scent which led to the home of
Jas. Pry or, a respectable colored
man, was followed. The authori
ties do not believe Prvor had any
thing to do with the case.
piaster Perry Strohl Meets With Accident
Master Perry, the 8-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strohl,
of West Rexford street, had the
misfortune to break a leg last
L even in <r. The limb was broken
half-way between the knee and '
hip joint. The accident was caused i
by the lad jumping over a small ,
ravine and aliirhtinjr across an
iron pipe. Dr. ('. E. Kahle re-,
dneed the fracture.
Waterways Convention
Will Soon Be Called
Special to Daily Review.
Cairo, 111., May 18. ? The
steamer Queen City, with the riv
ers and harbors committee aboard,
arrived from the upper Ohio last
night and passed into the Missis
sippi. The boat returned to this
city shortly after 8 o'clock. A
banquet was ten kr-*l t!*e com
mittee Inter in the evening
The following resolution was
adopted at a meeting on the Queen
City this morning:
"Resolved. That for thn pur
pose of inducing the government
j'o adopt a more liberal policy for
the improvement of tlu? water
ways qC our countr/, the Ob'o
Valley Improvement Association
be requested to invite within thir
ty cays from date one represent
ative from every waterway im
provePieat association in the coun
try ana such other persons as it
may deem proper fo a conferencc
at Cincinnati for the purpose of
di-vuiiK-g and carrying nit a i lap
fo.* h 'uing a national watr.rw>i>s
convention during the early part
of the next session of congress.''
The Queen City will depart
from Cairo at midnight.
Gompers and Mayer
i Still In Conference
(Special to Daily Review.
Chicago, May 18. ? Samuel
fJom pere. chief figure in the union
labor ranks in America, and At
torney Mayer, representing the
{employers' association of Chi
cago. held a long conference last
in? until last midnight. They did
not come to a definite understand
ing, hut arranged for a continua
tion of the conference until this
A Revolution Is Said
To Be Imminent
Special to Daily Review.
Manchester, Eng., May 18. ? ?
The Guardian says a crisis is im
minent in Turkey. Turks have
I suffered several terrible defeats in
Yomen, province of Arabia, which
have never been reported by the
press. The Sultan is furious with
the heads of his military depart
ment. It is thought a revolution
is imminent.
. ? .
Plague Report
Strenuously Denied
Special to Daily Review.
St. Petersburg, May 18. ? The'
reports that plague has broken
out among soldiers at Harbin,
Manchuria, are strenuously denied
Praying for the De
struction Of Fleet
Special to Daily Review.
Odesia, Russia, May 18. ? Tens
of thousands of copies of a re
markable proclamation issued by
social democratic revolutionists
calling upon people to hope nnd
pray for destruction of Rojest
vensky's fleet, has been scattered
broadcast. '
Garrison Well Equipped Tor Siege
Special to Daily Review.
St. Petersburg, May 18. ? Latest
Vladivostok advices state the par
rison now there numbers 50,000
and well equipped to stand a siege
for a year if necessary. Cattle,
coal, provisions and ammunition
are there in abundance. It is re
ported several torpedo boats be-,
longing to Rojestvetisky's fleet
have returned to Litant. Russia,
in a damaged condition.
Vessels Have Headed Northward
| Special to Daily Review.
Hong Konpr. May 18. ? Informa
tion has reached here that the
Baltic tlwt left Ilonkohe Bay last
Sunday, the vessels starting north
Mallory Is Now State Champion
P. K. Mallory of Parkersburg,
is the champion marksman of
1 West Virginia. He won the cham
i pionship yesterday afternoon at
|the meeting of the West Vir
ginia Sportsmen's Association, at
| Parkersburg, where one of the
features was the contest of this
Fifty targets were shot at in the
championship race. Mr. Mallory
and F. E. Sample both broke 45.
In the shoot-off, to determine
whioh of the two was entitled to
the honor, Mr. Mallory made a
score of 22 out of 25 targets, while
Mr. Sample broke 17.
Forrest Statue Unveiled at Memphis
The statue to Gen. N. B. For
r<?st, the famous confederate cav
alry leader, was unveiled at Mem
phis, Tenn., Tuesday.
Little Miss Bradley, a great
granddaughter of the dead hero,
pulled the siliken cord which ex
posed to view the handsome mon
ument. The ceremonies at For
rest Park began with an invoca
tion by the Right Rev. Thos. F.
Gailor. Protestant Episcopal
bishop of Tennessee. Gen. S. T.
Carnes then made a brief speech,
living a history of the monument.
He was followed by Gen. Geo. W.
Gordon, who delivered the dedica
tory address.
Supreme Court Decides Land-Own
ers and Not Lessee Must Pay the
Taxes On Oil.
A special from Charleston says
that a recent opinion of the court
of appeals will have a tremendous
effect on the land-owners of this
county. The decision was made
on March 28, in the case of Pet
erson vs. Hall from Wetzel county,
and the opinion was by Judge
Brannon. It is as follows:
"A lessee under an ordinary oil
lease has no vested taxable estate
in oil still in the ground either
before or after the discovery of
paying wells. The oil is taxable
only in the name of the land
This spells confiscation to many
of the farmers and land-owners
of this county.
A land-owner receives a royalty
of but one-eighth of the oil, but
he is responsible for the increased
value which the other seven
eighths has brouglrt to his land.
As the county court of this coun
ty has directed the assessors to go
back five years in assessing tuxes
on oil leases the laying of such
assessments and taxes will result
in taking the entire farm to pay
the taxes. The oil man is not re
sponsible. He will escape by pay
ing taxes only on what oil he has
stored while the owner of the land
will have to pay the taxes.
The agitation to ferret out and
locate the man who in responsible
under the new laws for taxes has
resulted in the discovery that the
land-owner already burdened with
the increase of taxes will have to
foot other heavy bills if he has
been so unfortunate as to have
had nil or pas wells oi> his farm.
He will also suffer in the case of
leased coal lands.
For some reason the decision
has been overlooked until the
; Southern Law Reporter in its is
| sue of yesterday takes up mat
ter. It thinks the question to he
one of the utmost gravity.
Specials from Fairmont state
that leading lawyers of that
town say the decision is plain and
its effects will be those stated.
They are very much interested on
account of the agitation which
has been started in the county and
believed also that it will prove a
veritable boomerang. They are
pointing out that it is merely an
other of the monstrosities foisted
on the people of the state under
guise of tax reform and its discov
ery is only confirmation of the
j claims of those who opposed the
laws while they were under dis
| cussion.
Stranded Vessel Is Now Afloat
Special to Daily Review.
New York, May 18. ? Cunardoi
Caronia, which grounded Tuesday
afternoon a mile off shore at San
dy IIooI, while en route to Liver
pool, was floated this morning.
The vessel was apparently unin
jured and resumed voyage with
out delay.
Over 50,000 Paid Honor To Late Veteran
Special to Daily Review.
New York, May 18. ? New York
paid honor today to tin* late Hi
ram Crook, the last soldier of the
war of 1*12. The body of the
veteran was taken to Cypress Hill
Cemetery this morning and in
terred in Vietoria Hill, where
sixty of his eomrades lie. with mil
litary honors. Over 50,000 paid
'honor to the late veteran yester
I day.
I An escort of U. S. soldiers and
National (Jnard of New York ac
companied the remains to the
j cemetery, where taps were sound
ed and three volleys fired over the
; tfrave.
I Man's Last Words Were
Protestations Of Innocence
j Spocial to Daily Review.
Hartford, Conn.. May 18.?
Gershon Marx, aped 74, was hang
fd in state's prison this mo mini:.
1 1 is last words wore protestations
,'of innocence. He whs convicted
of the murder of a farm hand by
'the name of Paul Rodecki. Marx
is also believed to have murdered
'another farm hand.
Three Buildings In Small Town Burned
Special to Daily Review.
St. Marys, W. Va., May 18.?
Kire destroyed the residence of S.
D. Snyder, the Junior O. U. A. M.
I hall and badly damaged the home
of Amos Wagner, at Hebron, a
I small town in the rear of Pleas
ants county. The origin of the fire
i ix unknown.
Delegates Being Lined Up For Election
i Special to Daily Review.
Winona Lake, Ind.. May 1*. ?
With nearly all 700 commissioner*
present, the general assembly of
the Presbyterian church opened
tbiH morning with a sermon by
Retiring Moderator llnnry. Del
crates are being lined up for elec
tion of a new moderator.
Novel Suit Instituted
The city of Clarksburg has a
damage suit on its hands which in
point of novelty exceeds any ac
tion of it* kind heard of for a long
time. E. E. S. Rogers of pola,
W. Va.. has instituted suit against
the city of Clarksburg, in Magis
trate Moses Shaffer's- court, at
Brown, for the recovery of $1.25
? the value of a quart of whiskey
taken away from him by the city
[>o)ice when he wax locked up in
the city calaboose a couple of
weeks ago for drunken new*, and
which he claims waa never re
turned to him, and also $10 for
damages resulting from the dep
rivation of the liquor from him
during the time he was incarcer
ated in jail. The aummons was
served on City Clerk W. H. Cole
last evening.

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