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Have you began to figure on
?when you are going to take your
raeation, and what a good time
you expect to have? Why don't
jk>u also figure on bringing your
?isit home with you to be enjoy
ed over and over again.
THE ONLY WAY? Take a ko
dak with you ; buy it now and get
familiar with it. We instruct all
purchasers how to use the kodak
to get the best results, and it
might also be a good idea to have
?ome new photos taken of youi*
self to take along. You all know
the kind we make. A pleasure to
give to or receive from a friend.
Prices as reasonable as first-class
photos can be produced. A full
line of photographic goods for
sale. Finishing for amateur pho
$01 Wells Street.
Thone 39.
Improved City Properties
at prices ranging from
$200,00 to $10,000,00.
Call and see my list.
Seal Estate and Insurance Agt
Wells Building.
Sistersville, . W. Va.
"We want every man and women In th<
United States interested in the cure ol
Opinm, Whiskey or other drug habits,
either for themselves or friends, to have
one of Dr. Wool ley's books on these dis
eases. Write Dr. B. M. Woolley, Atlanta
Ga., Box 287, and one will be s?nt you free
Stores to Close at Six O'clock Af
ter June 1st.
We, the undersigned merchants
of Sistersville, hereby agree to
-close our respective places of busi
ness at six o'clock of each evening
excepting Monday and Saturday
evenings of each week, and the
10th and 11th days of each month,
tfcis agreement to take effect on
the 1st day of June, 1905.
It is hereby understood that no
merchant signing this agreement
shall be bound thereby, unless it
be agreed to and signed by every
merchant in his peculiar line of'
business in the City of Sisters
Dry gooods.
Edyin N. Fischer, A. D. Work &
Sons, E. Stewart & Co. Garry
Owen Grocery Co., C. E. Schup
bach, The Fair Store.
M. A. Sybert Grocery Co., Lee
L. Frantz, H. B. Hissom, Chas.
Monroe, S. C. Sybert, S. A. Black,
M. E. Appel, J. D. Shaw, Garry
Owen Grocery Co., W. M. & J. H.
Frame & Henderson
Durham Hardware Co., Tyler
County Hardware Co., W. II.
T. K. Smith, Belford & Guyton,
A. E. Hemiing, Stewart Sisters,
Dirkhoff & Bowers, Cutler &
Kotzebue & Murray, Star Shoe
Co., E. A. Nessbittt & Co.
Wertheimer Sons & Co., Henry
Fischer, A. S. Hassinger, Martin
They're Jealous Maybe.
Joe ? Is it true that you have
jmritten a play?
Ned ? Most every one seems to
think so except the dramatic critics.
?-Chelsea (Mass.) Gazette.
la the Honeymoon.
Adorlug Bride? Jack. darling, Is this
.Wednesday or Thursday?
Doting Groom? I think It's Friday
"Of this week?"? Life.
Base enry withers at another's Joy
j?nd hates the excellence It cannot
jfeach.? TLomsoa. ? ...
i Locally j
f Penned |
i!? *
W. F. Kaiser, of Marietta, spent
Sunday with friends here.
Wet, disagreable weathor still
Butler Evans, of VanCamp, was
a busines caller in the city to-day.
FOR SALE ? Five room house,
112 Williamson place. Inquire on
Mr. Haber, of Cleveland, Ohio,
is visiting his daughter, Mrs. S.
house, good location. W. E.
George Watson, of Middle
bourne, went to St. Marys this
Business place for sale. In
quire of Mrs. A. Terrill, corner
Wells and Virginia streets.
B. A. Wright, manager of the
Jarecki Manufacturing Company,
spent Sunday here with his family.
Diekholf & Bowers are selling
their entire stock off at 1-3 off,
during week of May 29 to June 3.
Miss Morgan, of Ravmswood,
W. Va., is the guest of Mrs. J. G.
Ex-Deputv Sheriff II M. Adams,
of Midlebourne, went to Wheeling
this morning.
Contractor and operator L. C.
Wilson, left for Pittsburg and
points east this morning.
0. J. Ilindman, Superintendent
of the Greenlee Oil Company,
left this morning for Mannington.
F. F. Furbee, of Middlebourne,
went to Wetzel county this morn
ing on a busiuess mission of a
The Queen City is due to arrive
here at 7 o'clock this evening en
route from Cincinnati to Pitts
Harry Meredith, of Midlebourne
went to Fiiirmont this morning on
a visit to his brother, James A.
Meredith, Esq.
On account of some needed re- j
pairs the Ruth did not make her
usual trip Sunday between this
city and, Wheeling.
On account of the low stage of
water the steamers Virginia and j
Lorena did not pas this point until j
7 o'clock Sunday evening.
The laxative effeet of Chamber
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets!
is so agreeable and so natural that j
you do not realize it is the effect i
of the medicine. For sale by Hill ;
Dr. C. E. Kahle has been ap- j
pointed to the Board of Pension
Examiners for this district, vice
Dr. II. Ct. Meek, who recently re
moved to Bellaire, * O. The va- ,
cancy caused by the resignation of j
Dr. .tames F. Means has been filled ;
by the appointment of Dr. V. IT. j
I)ye. The other member of the j
Board is Dr. E. L. Boone, of New j
Martinsville. The Board meets
every two weeks.
SanCura Ointment is guaran- 1
teed to relieve at once that itch
in? burning pain and permanent- i
Iv cure EczemeJTetter, SaTt Rheum
Itching, Bleeding or Produding j
Piles, Burns, Cuts, Bruises, Old i
Sores, Pimples. Boiles, Carbun- 1
cles. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Festers, Insect Bites an'd Poison
Ivy. All druggists 25c and 50c.
Yesterday C. M. Powers. of New
Martinsville, has just heen operat
ed 011 at the Fittro Hospital for a
nasal polypus, which had been a
source of much annoyance and
pain to him for a long time. Dr.
Fittro removed it. and aside from
the soreness which must neces
sarily follow the operation. Mr.
Powers feels much relieved. ?
This is not a common ailment
and few people are suffers from
it : and the surgeons are conse
quently not often called on to op
erate. In instance, however. Mr.
Powers states that the surgeon
was not long in rendering the
necessary relief.
, Alice Bets On
Ponies and Loses
| CINCINNATI, O., June 4,? Miss
Alice Roosevelt, who is the guest
of the Longworths of Cincinnati,
was the center .of attraction at the
Derby Saturday at Latonia race
track. The party, of which Con
gressman Nicholas Longworth was
host, occupied the left side of the
j upper balcony of the clubhouse,
find were separated from the other
guests of the club by a number of
Those few who were presented
to Miss Roosevelt during the after
noon were led through some of the
inner rooms onto the veranda and
through the window. Mayor and
Mrs. Fleischmann were conspic
uous in the throng which surround
icd Miss Roosevelt.
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cox
jwere taken to the club house by
Colonel E. C. Hopper, secretary of
I the club, and were presented to
jMiss Roosevelt by Congressman
Longworth. Mr. Cox, the noted
I Republican leader, stood the or
| deal rather better than expected,
, as society is not strictly his forte.
Miss Roosevelt was very pretty
| in a lavender linen suspender
I gown, with a white lace waist.
She wore a lavender straw polo
turban, with a bunch of brown
i ostrich tips at the side, and white
: kid gloves.
The clubhouse was crowded
? with society women in their gay
jest of spring toilets. During the
'entire afternoon crowds of people
(from the grandstand crossed over
i to the clubhouse for a glimpse of
the President's daughter.
Those who were without badges
ljorrowed them from the members
and those who were not so fort
lunate secured a glimpse of Miss
Roosevelt through their glasses]
'from the steps of the grandstand
i Miss Roosevelt was apparently
j unconscious of the attention she
(attracted, and laughed and ehat-i
! tec! in a girlish way. She greeted !
; t lie members of the club who were
[presented to her in a cordial, un
1 affected manner, and her bearing
I was exceedingly democratic and
Miss Roosevelt bet on the fifth
1 race and lost. Her loss was a few
j dollars. During the second race
'she became so enthusiastic that
| she climbed over the railing of the
i balcony and leaned far out over
?the edge of the veranda, in order
j to get a better view of the horses
After the races Mr. Longworth
land party waited until the crowd
! dispersed before returning to
(their private trolley car.
Huge Task.
It was a huge task to undertake
the cure of such a bad case of kid
ney disease, as that of C. F. Col
lier, of Cherokee, la., but Electric
Bitters did it. He writes: "My
"kidneys were so far pone, I could ;
not sit on a chair without a cush
ion, and snffered from dreadful
backache, headache and depres
sion. In Electric Bitters, however
I found a cure, and by them was
restored to perfect health. I rec
ommend this great tonic medicine
to all with weak kidneys, liver or
stomach. Guaranteed by D. A.
Hendershot, druggist, price 50c.
His Mlanloi).
"Yes." said the would be poet, *1 :
itarted as office boy for an editor. I
usod to hetp empty wastebaskets."
"Indeed !" said the tfrl who had seen
some of his effusions, "and now I sup
pose you help fill them?"? Philadelphia
San-Cura Ointment Cures Burns.
And Prevents Scars.
Gilbert Hard, of Rinard's Mills
m J
Ohio, says: My arm was badly j
scalded* with steam and was very j
painful. I applied San-Cura 1
Ointment, which stopped the pain
at once and the arm healed rapid- {
ly. 1 always keep it in the house, j
San-Cura is a wonderful Ointment. !
Druergists, 25 and 50 cents.
? ^ ? . ?
An Iaalnutloi.
Mrs. Brown? Mrs. Jones says she
never buys of peddlers.
Mrs. Smith-Well, It has Its disad
vantages. You have to pay cash, you
i know.? Xe\? York Press.
Low Rate Excursions to Portland
Acount Lewis and Clark
j Exposition, will be effect via the
Wisconsin Central Railway. If
you intend to go to Portland this
jyear ask the ticket agent to make
i your ticket read via Wisconsin
Central between Chicago and St.
I Paul. Pullman sleepers, free re
Jclining chair cars and a la carte
| meals make the journey comfort -
lable and pleasant. Further in
formation cheerfully given by ad
dressing W. H. Allen, T .A. 621
; Park Building. Pittsburg Pa.
Home Treatment.
"We hove a remedy for stomach
disorders, resulting in dyspepsia, '
sick headache and general weak
ness, that will put the organs of
digestion in first class condition.
Eat wholesome food, have it di- 1
gested, and you take away half j
of the ills of life. This medicine is
Dr. Gunn 's Improved Liver Pills.
Sold by druggists for 25 cents per
box. One for a dose. They do ?
not digest the food but put the ;
stomach in condition so that the,
food is turned jnto $)ure, irich
blood, driving ont and curing di- J
sease. These Pills prevent pim-i
pies and liver spots. "Women ;
write us they use nothing else for
the complexion. Address Dr. Bo
sanko Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Forj
sale by Arthur Corbitt.
Under and by virtue of a decree
and order entered in the District |
Court of the United States for the j
Northern District of "West Virgin- j
ia, in the Matter of the Tyler j
County Milling Company, a cor- j
poration, Bankrupt, in Bankrupt- 1
cy, in said district, the undersign- 1
ed Trnstee, will on the J
24th Day of June, A. D. 1905.
at Friendly, Tyler county, West j
Virginia, beginning at ten o'clock |
in the forenoon, on the premises]
of the Tyler County Milling Com- j
pany, proceed to sell at public J
auction, the following described
property belonging to the estate
of said bankrupt, to-wit :
All that certain lot known as the ;
Mill Lot on which is a mill build- j
ing four -stories high. 40 by 501
feet, and a two story shed lean-to, j
20 by 32 feet, with slate roof, and I
lying and being in Union District, .
Town of Friendly, Tyler county,
West Virginia, and bounded and
described as follows. Beginning
at a stone corner on the North
side of Main street, thence South
42% degrees E 110 feet to a stone
corner within 13 feet of C. B.
Owen's store house, thence N 47V2
degrees E 110 feet to a stone cor- 1
ner near an old public road lead- 1
ing to the Ohio river, thence N j
42-3-4 degrees W 110 feet to a j
stone corner and thence South 47 ,
1-2 degrees, West 110 feet to the!
beginning, containing37 rods,more
or less, and being the same lot j
conveyed unto the said The Tyler J
County Milling Company, by A.T.
Smith and Mary C. Smith, life
wife, bv deed dated the 8th day ot
April, 1901, and of record in the
office of the Clerk of the County j
Court of Tyler County, West Vir- j
ginia, in Deed Book, No. 48, Page j
One Flour Mill complete, four j
double stand. 6 by 18 inch rolls, ?
70 bbl., capacity, rigged for'
spring and winter wheat. |
Also the foil-owing personal!
property situate in said mill build- ,
ing: 135 IT. P. gas engine; 1
Fairbanks platform scales, capac- j
ity 500 lbs.: 1 bbl. 40 gal. Cres-j
cent gas engine oil : 1 feed crush- ?
er ; 1 meal burrow : 1 flour scale $ j
1 Fairbanks platform scales, j
platform 4 ft. eight inches by 6 ft. j
eight inches., capacity, 6.000 lbs. ; j
2 trucks; 1-2 bu. measure: 800 j
chop sacks ; 900 corn meal sacks ; ;
7.200 flour sacks ; old machinery |
and 4 hay rakes. |
Also the 1-8 Royalty interest in ,
oil well on the Mill lot.
The said property will be offer- 1
ed first, as a whole: second all;
property will be offered as a j
whole excepting the royalitv in-j
terest: and third, the royalitv in- i
terest will be offered separate!
from the rest of the property. |
Seperate sales will be made of the :
hay rakes. j
The sale will be made in the :
manner which is to the best inter- 1
est of the estate and will bring the.;
best price.
All of the property is sold free ?
of incumbrances, and will be sold ?
to the highest bidder.
TERMS OF SALE? One-third i
eash in hand on day of sale, and j
the balance on a credit of one- j
third in six months and one-third j
in twelve months, with interest, (
the purchaser to give notes with
approved security for the defer-!
red payments, and the title to be ,
retained until the purchase money
is paid with ricrht of any purchas- .
er to make payment in full at any'
time before credit expires.
If the royalty is sold seperate
from other estate, the sale is for
; cash.
S. Garland Butler,
Trustee, j
$2 To $20 for Cuba Land.
No. 99. $10 per acre for 5,330 i
acres in Santa Clara Province; 60 J
miles to railroad: nearly all fen- j
ced : buildings eost $12,000. WiLl j
you go Write W. F. Richmond, i
BariiesviMe. O.
Ninety-fifth Annual Exhibit
fire Insurance Company
JANUARY I, 1905.
Cash on hand, in Bank and Cash
items $ 667,558.38
Cash in hands of Agents and in
course of Transmission 2,470,382.10
Rents and Accrued Interest 11,621.87
Real Estate Unincumbered 946,500.00
Loans on Bond and Mortgage (1st
lien) 696,794.00
Loans on Collateral Security 4.800.00
Bank Stock, Hartford, market value.. 404,628.00
Bank Stock, New York, market value 45S.470.00
Bank Stock, Boston, market value.. 45,500.00
Bank Stock, Albany & Montreal, mar
ket value 99,883.33
Railroad and Miscellaneous Stocks. . . 1,337,301.50
State, City and Railroad Bonds 8,435,013.22
Other Assets 54,030.99
Total Assets $15,632,483.34
Capital Stock $ 2,250,000.00
Reserve for Re-insurance 9,010,890.59
Reserve for all Unsettled Claims.'.... 1,453,344.08
Net Surplus 4,026,248.67
Surpluj to Policy Holders 6,276,248.67
"We call your attention to the
item of losses paid of SEVEN
vast sum, yet it was paid without
the sacrifie of the company's se
curities. On the contrary, cask
assets show an increase of over
one million dollars, while the net
surplus has also increased nearly
one hundred thous and dollars.
We represent other large com
panies equally as well backed
financially, such as the
Pennsylvania, of Philadelphia.
Phoenix Assurance Co., of Lon
don ; home office, Wheeling, W.Va.
Pelican Insurance Co. of New
Phoenix Assurance Co., of Brook
lyn, N. Y.
Atlas Assurance Co., of London.
German Insurance Co., of Pitts
burg, Pa.
Rochester-German, of Rochester,
N. Y.
Calumet Insurance Company, of
The United Firemens' Insurance
Company, of Philadelphia, Pa.
The Metropolitan Plate Glass In
surance Company, of New York.
The Lloyds' Plate Glass Insurance
Company, of New York.
Continental Causaulity, of Chica
go, 111.
Under the Insurance rules and
regulations in force in this city
every policy has to be approved
by the Stamping Secretary, so it's
impossible to get a policy unless
all the rules and rates are follow
ed out. In other words, every in
surance company charges the
same rates. It is then aimply a
question of which is the best com
pany, as all charge the same
rates. The above companies are
old established insurance compan
ies, pay your losess promptly and
without any quibbling. Sclect
your company, and in choosing
any of the above named com
panies you can make no mistake.
We can insure you in any of the
companies above named. We do
not advertise big companies in
our agency and then write
your policy in a small, unknown
company. If von want insurance
in the big Hartford you can get it
from us. If you burn down or
are damaged by fire you can have
your insurance for the asking.
J. H. McCoy, Agent

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