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The Orerio Advance.
Wednesday, March. ’ It, 1901.
The great trio : Sampson's pen ;
Dewey’s house; ami Hobson's
Jacan is following our good ex
ample in rapidly withdrawing its
troops from China.
Ex-President Benjamin Har
rison has been quite sick with the
grip for several days.
Although Congress doesn't ob
serve Leut, some of its members
are iu sackcloth and ashes.
American missionaries are los
ing uo time in the Philippines,
aud their work is meeting with
much success.
The llay-Pauneefote treaty died
March 4, but if desired by the two
governments its restoration to life
will be easy.
Reducing the number of Ameri
can troops in Pekin is only carrying
out the announced policy of this
President McKinley’s second
inaugural address would be hard to
beat, either as a common sense busi
ness speech or a patriotic talk.
An attempt is to be made to im
peach Gov. Beckham, of Ky , for
having used the pardoning power
♦ or gain and other corrupt purposes.
Gov. Dktkm ii says the Nebraska
legislature will certainly elect two
Republican Senators, but lie admits
that nobody can yet name either < f
Sensible persons are not worry
ing over the authority that Congress
has given President McKinley in
the Philippines; they know it will not
be abused.
Imagine the teelings of John F.
Dovey, who found out a few minutes
after enlisting in the navy that he
was one of ten heiis to a fortune of
The attendance at President Mc
Kinley s second inauguration was a
record breaker, which shows that
the people appreciate a good thing
when they have it.
It is only necessary to watch
Russia clinching its hold on Chinese
territory already under its control
to be convinced that lying is not
prohibited in Russian daplotnacy.
1 he Chicago evangelist who has
offered to wager $1,000 that he can
make fifteen converts in two weeks
in any church in that
town will be called “a dead game
sport if he isn’t careful.
Senator C. L. McGee, the poli
tician and owner of the Pitts
burg Times and News, died at his
Harrisburg (Pa.) home last Fri
day. He was the leader of the
anti-Quay faction.
1 mk establishment of a line of
wteamert. between Chicago and
Kurope recalls the fact that ('apt.
C. D. Pierce, about 25 years ago,
loaded a vessel at Chicago and took
it directly to Kurope.
Thk new code for the District of
( olmnhia, passed during the closing
hours of Congress, imposes a pen
alty of ten years’ imprisonment for
sending, receiving or carrying a
challenge to fight a duel.
Pkttiorkw, Allen and Lentz are
leading the push on the toboggan
slide which runs into the lake of
oblivion. Their fate should he a
warning to traitorously inclined men
who happen to break into Congros*.
Cotkrnok W in ihas announced
the appointment of two members of
the Penitentiary board. The ap
pointees are ex-SherifT Whyte, of
Welch, McDowell county, who is
named to take the place vacated by
the resignation of Col. T. K. Hous
ton, Klkborn, and Hon. Newton
Ogden, of St. .Marys, who is named
to take the place made vacant f»y the
resignation of Auditor A. C. Scherr. <
The new appointments are made'
effective at once, but it is also an
nounced that when the different
hoards are reconstructed under the
new law both of these men will be
made members.
Govkbnob A. R. Wiiitk with
the remainder of the State officers,
was duly inaugurated on Monday,
March the 4th, in the presence of a
large crowd of people.
The dignity with which Vice
1 resident Roosevelt presided
over the extra executive sessions of
the Senate, which were held to con
firm Presidential nominations, must
jar the readers of the yellow journ
Mu. h,. R. II of km .vx, formerly of
the Lincoln County C itizen, which
was burned out not long since, has
formed a partnership with Mr. S. K.
Dawson, of the Observer of this city.
Mr. Iloffman arrived here last night.
— Pt. Pleasant Register.
We judge, from the above, the
Citizen will not be revived.
rI uk question of how long Ameri
can occupation of Cuba shall con
tinue has now been passed along to
the Cubans; they can run their own
government as soon as they comply
with the conditions laid down by j
Congress and approved by President ;
As will be seen by reference to an
item elsewhere in this paper, Filbert
R. Iloffman, formerly editor and
proprietor of the Lincoln Citizen,
has associated himself with S. K.
Dawson in the publication of the
Pt. Pleasant Observer. Success,
Ax express agent at Pennsboro
named White has recently been
indicted and heavily fined for
delivering express packages of liquor
to parties other than those to whom
addressed. It has been the custom
with many agents when the one to
whom the package, or jug a* the
cane may be, failed to call for name,
to turn the liquor over to any one
who would pay the cxpressage, the
saloon - keepers (those who sent the
goods), giving instructions to this
effect. This has been interpreted
as selling, and express agents will
do well to bear this in mind.
Governor White’s inaugural
address was a splendid one and
we are sorry we have not room to
publish it m full. The new Gov
ernor starts out well aud we will
miss our guess if he does not
make one of the best Chief Magis
trates this State has ever had
There are doubtless higher hon
ors, too, for Mr. White.
Mu. William Waldeof Astor,
whose money comes from this coun
try and is spent in England, where
be has acquired citizenship and a
number of snubs, is said to belaying
wires for the purchase of a an En
glish title. We trust he w ill succeed;
there will be no danger of bis ever
coming back to us. We can get
along without bis kind.
- ^ ♦ m-- — —
At the “Inauguration banquet”
of the Woman’s National Republi
can Association, givqn in Wash
ington, Senator Depew was the
only man among the speakers. On
the back ot each of the menu cords
was the following: “The Repub
lican party is the party of action;
its breath is progress; its speech
is the language of the world; its
dialect the rhetoric of the house
and the farm and the shop. It
holds within its ranks the armies
of all reforms. It studies political
conditions, weighs popular senti
ment aud siezes the earliest hour
to crystalize that sentiment into
wise legislation. Its heroic con
stituencies are the thinking, mov
iug, vital elements of American
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Corner Tenth Street and Third Avenue,-^1*1 '
Huntington, West Virginia
Weekly Gazette.
20-Pngf* Newspaper
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Publisher! Mon- j
day, w erinesday
and Flr«l y. Is iii ,
real II> a 111 e, fi e-h,
every o t ii <• r ■ day
1 rally, it‘Villi' | he
latest new- *>ii «la\ s
«<f i-sne anil cuver
I nit news of i lie i
oi her i twee. I r !
emit a l ns ai I mi pur- j
taut foreiu ftili;
news whieli hi>
pear- m TH F I > A I
1. Y Tit I HUN E ot
-nine ‘late, also
Domes; |e anil For
elitn (’•irrespiind
enee, ’■‘linn Si«>- j
ries Kleuant Malt- •
tone I I lustrations, .
II uiiii.r<>u- it mu,
I lid list i la I tnlor I
niatioii. Fashion 1
Notes. Avricul1 ur
al N.atteis anil
s'oin rehe n 8 I v e
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Diinelal and Mar
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The Geredo Advance
$1.00 |>er Year, in Advance.
For Nearest Correct Guesses on the Total Vote of Ohio on November c
1901, will be distributed to patrons of the Weekly Enquirer, as follows 5’
For Nearest Correct O-uess. ’
For Second Nearest Correct Ouesa...
** 11 a ********... 1,600
•• «» 11 ******..•••••••»•• 1,000
*• •• 11 .... 600
'« •* << .... 400
each $ 1OO amounting to.... i....'. o
*' 50 " H "iOOO
*' 26 *« 11. 6,000
" 10 " 11 *****. 6,000
*' 5 a n.*****.•••.. 10,000
A total of 4,387 prizes, amounting to. $i^O OOO
In case of tie guesses, prize equally divided.
Contest closes November 5, 1901.
The Total Vote of Ohio in
8: xth
Next 20
“ 200
“ 1,000
" 3,000
Guess what it will be in 1901.
1896 was
1897 ••
1898 "
1899 “
1900 “
An additional prize of $6,000 for any person making an exactly correct
guess. If there be more than one exattly correct guess the ‘fcc, . 1
equally divided among them. 7 g ’ thC *6’000 10 **
The Conditions $1.00 for a year s subscription to th« txr v,
r'WuJrer entitle*? such subscriber to one guess ^ tne eekly
•}g*g° yearly subscriptions secures ton guesses
• 10.00 for one subscription ten years secures ten guesses.
No commissions or extra guesses.
Enquirer, bend all orders to
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hcWaRT. All orders nrouiptljr
d ten (led f .

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