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Xebr*»u* Kdltor Take* the I’ru
P*e lulu Ilia t ttafitlrm r
Thruuisli 111 a I’niM-r,

Trifles sometimes indicate the drift
• f th'ugs. particularly in politics.
OvVing to a number of recent uniin
jHirtuiit oc'irrctices. the discussion ol
Air. ktrvau % future as a democratic
lender and iO"il»lc presidential candi
date has l* -ii reviveti in the more
speculative section of the press. The
other day the Nebraska editor vvastli
r*iily questioned In a ( liicugo inter
viewer a■> to his attitude, and li-- w;is
distinctly noncommittal in his ex
pressions. Put there is an editorial in
the Commoner purporting to take the
public into Mr. Iirv an*s confidence, anil
it i.s interesting to glance at Its central
st atenveut.
I lie re is an air of ext reuie frankness
about it. but, after all. it does not tell
us anything definite. Air. Hryan says
that he is not “planning” for aunt her
. president ;al nomination. This is mi
r perfluous. The tiim f*.r planning 1 ns
not arrived. President McKinley's
second term is not v et two months old,
and the new congress will not convene
for several months. Air. Hryan adds:
“If ever I become a candidate again it
vvill be because it -i cuts necessary for
the advancement of the principles to
which I adhere, and tiiat lines not now
Keeni probable. I Khali, howi \er. take
an interest in polit it*s for several years
W bulr*mnr I'.tXcct of the ( kief Mag<
l»t rate's Talks >*itU tli*
As a maker of little speeches that
reach the mimls and the heart* of his
hearers, uml product* a deeper am]
more lasting effect than most longer
efforts of the kind. President McKin
ley is without a peer. On not a few
previous (evasions he has -hovtiihim
"*‘lf to he (’assessed of the ability to
-ay much of the right »ort iu few
words, ami the conditions vvh'cb con
front him everywhere on his present
trip are well caiculat ed to develop still
further the faculty which he possesses
in so high degree, lie is always the
staunch patriot, the cheerful optimist;
but his optiurisin never drifts from its
basis of fact. He does not color his
descript ion of conditions; but in brief,
forceful words, he bring* out their
gratifying detail- and compels utten
t .on to them even from tlyj.e who are
inclined to take prosjH rity ns a matter
of course, worthy of no ai notice,
and arc ordinarily arouxd from in
difference only when condition?* are,
or threaten to become, awry. There
5- in his utterances not a tr.v*e of
b«»a-t fulness, not the slightest ten
dency to exaggeration; he uppcll* to
common sense, to national pride, to
the optimism of his normally c'usii
t tiled fellow citizens. Hi point* out
the many rca-ou- f< r rejoicing that
yet. if I live, jind can Vie relied upon to
support those win* Candida tes advo
cate the democratic principles and
who can lie trusted to enforce them if
It does not now "seem probable”
that Mr. Bryan’s candidacy will be
necessary for the advancement «*f his
principles, blit if the necc-sity should
arise and the part'. should knock at '
31 r. Bryan’s door he is not the man to j
decline the burden of leadership. If
this does not mean that Mr. Bryan is |
willing, even anxious, to be a candidate 1
“for the sake of his principles” it
means nothing ut all. ami t his all erna- i
tive is not reasonable.
Bt< the necessity will not arise. The
democratic party is drifting and show- j
ing no signs of reconciliation, but it is
almost certain that none of the issues
of the late election will survive the
year B»0Free silver is dead beyond
peradventure, and th« question of im
perialism will Vie settled by the su
preme court. The Filipinos will he
pac-fieri and headed toward substan
tial autonomy and Independence. New
issues will doubt le-- arise, for stag
nation is nut a condition familiar to
Americans, but they will call for new
leaders, and the democratic party is
vigorous enough to furnish them with
out galvani/.ing t to political dead. Mr.
J try an stood for a Vnuly of doctrines,
pnd he will disappear w i. h it.—( liicugo
tT^Quite some time bo* elapsed in
which Mr. Itryun has not asserted
that this prosperity which we are en
joying isn’t real. -Albany Journal.
f Mr. Itrynn fears that the demo
enutie party will l*e rcpublicuni/.ed.
Something on this order happened
Just November. I'iiltimore Nmerienn.
tJ'The president i* talking about
marketing our surplus. not about al
lowing outside competitor* to mar
ket their surpluses here if by so
doing they will interfere with the
borne producer. Indianapolis .lour.
When Mr. McKinley became
president the deposits in »t| flip
banks of the I’nited ''tides wnount
» d to ?Ii.not*.OOO. I he las* report
makes such tie (mi* t‘ <'.‘.7'.".ooo.o(ki. aii
increase in nvailnbh fane* of 70 per
cent. Still, now and fi< m a man de
clares that then b n» prosperity
that is real. I ml in m;p<*;s Journal.
• '’’Having so 'ignnily ■'ailed to leap
into the presidency i bdund, W il
lin n Jennings I'-ryus reaping w is
dotn j»s the hnrves* jf exjierienee,
may conclude to ma*- his next ap
proach by the dow«e but -urcr nj>
proaelt of grad..** *eps. first the
governors!)ip of .Ni,*r.i*k 11 and next
the I'nited States w itt, The plan
has this virtue, fha* though failure
of ambit foils conwii rn.it ion come
again, the fiill w II* *>e less bruising
because of reduce* altitude of pre
cipitation. — I'incuuk-oU Commercial
w»* have as individuals anil as a m
li*>a; lie proclaims Ins own gladiies;
Iicriins»» our affairs are as ihey are
anil asks h.s fellow citizens to be glad
with liiin.
I lie effect of 11n- president's iittle
speeches cannot but be wholesome.
He invigorates the feeling- of [tat riot
ism and national pride in those who
hear him and in those who read wliai
he has said, and leave* them with a
fuller realization oj the fact that
American citizenship is a boon for
which till who enjoy it should he dc*
voiifly thankful. He makes the heart
of the optimist to beat higher with
pride and joy in the present and with
confident hope for the future, and even
tin* pessimist who hears him must ex
perience a new sensation that is not
the less pleasing because of its nov
In theve heart-to-heart talks with
his fellow citizens, President McKin
ley reveals himself agai n t o I lie musses
as tlie man whom those who have
studied him more closely know him
to lie patriotic, broad-minded, large
hearted. permeated with love of conn
trv and of his fellow men. and finding
his greatest pleasure in their prosper
ity and the promotion of it.— Albany
IkiiIiirMo \«* >lnri»r.
There is nothin# of tlie marf\r in
A#uinaldo; indeed, nothin# of liie
fanatic. He is simply u politician of
the oriental type whose party ha*
been defeated in aims, hut hopes to
he successful in office. As the l uited
States means to continue to hold the
Philippine* as possession*, its polict
will he to employ local talent in ad
ministration as Ion# a* that taleift
continues trustworthy, and A#uinal
do will he trustworthy so Ion# as it
is worth his while. We shall not be
surprised if A#uinaldo becomes con
spicuous a* one of the a#ents we
shall employ to solidify our doini- |
nation. There are a #ood innn\ peo
ple in this country who think that
the l uited Slates will #rant absolute
independence to the Philippines, hut
these people are doomed to see their
opinion discredited. They will see
j t rautpiifllty restored In the P!i|i;»
pincs under the \merirnn tin# as the
I Filipinos adjust th# inseltes to our sn
| premney and our people adjust them
| sehes to a “eoioniol system." Ilos
1 ton Transcript.
f^Mr. Pi van in stibftlnnre says he
is r»ut of it unless, perchance, he
I tiappcns to iw in it. “The heretofore
cannot he recalled, and the hereafter
cannot tn anticiptite«|.” The trouble
with Mr. Pryan'» party is that its
| hereafter is all heretofore its future
! is behind it. N. Y. Mail and K\
C^When Kiliior Hrvnn don* his
overalls and #oes a-plowin# on Id*
farm, or when he reaps Ins harvest
1 his year, there will !*• none that
will care to lake pictures of him
ami write syivdicnted article* about!
I his activity.—AI banj Journal.
t ,
To tlie Editor:
Thomas Kegan and C. Colluis. of
Kden Valley. Minnesota, went out to
Western Canada last December as dele*
gaU>, tv> look over the grazing and
grain lands that are being offered at
such low pricvsaud reasonable terms.
This is what they say:
“Wearrived iuCalgary about thcHOth
December and although we had left
winter in Minnesota and Manitoba,
we were surprised to find beautiful
warm weather at this poin t.quitr equal
to what we have in May in Minnesota.
There was no snow nor trace of winter
to be seen, and the climate was rrallv
splendid. llorsvs, cattle and sheep
were ruuning out. in prime condition,
with plenty of iced on the prairie, and
really better thau that of ours stabled
in the south. We are impressed with
this country as vine «*f the tiuest mixed
farming countries we have ever seen.
The immense tracts of fertile lands,
well sheltered and abundantly wa
tered. leave nothing to be desired.
leaving Alberta we returned east
and visitvd the Yorkton district in
Assiniboia. Me drove out about t«-11
miles at this point and were highly
pleased with the splendid samples of
grain we w. re able t«» see, wheat yield
ing 25 bu: lie!?-, outs 00 bushels, Hoots
w < re also g< nd specimens. Front what
we have seen. we have decided to
throw in • ;r bit with the Yorktoners
—-satisfied that this part of the coun
try will furnish good opportunities
for anyone anxious to make the best
of a really gnoel country. Any agent
of the Canadian Government, whose
advertisement appears elsewhere in
the columns of your paper will give
you full particulars of the new dis
trict' being opened out this year in
A-siniboia and Sa.-kntrhew an.
Yours t ml v.
i’runa? It tinlM Court In OUnl to *;*.
pel u Stubborn l > I <1 Man from
l*r l»o it.
Janie* Hat.non, (is years old, infirm
and gray-headed, declare* that you
can't make a man leave a jail if he
doesn i want to. lit* has been in the
county iuil at Scranton. |'n„ » nee
ls‘.U, and now says he won't leave.
1 he quest ion that *s concerning the
authorities is, tan a free man he
forced to leave a jail? reports a local
1 he old man was sent there seven
years ago for refusing to sign a deed
disposing of his own prop rty. lie
was accused of contempt. He do- ]
dared he would never sign. A hill
was passed giving county officers the
right to sign deeds of transfer, and
Scranton breathed free again. Hut
Gannon won’t budge out of jail.
*‘l'\e got used to jail life, and I like
It.” said he. "1 guess 1 won’t leave.
I'll suite them all.”
Then habeas corpus proceedings
were started. Gannon refused to
sign the petition. Now Scranton
wants somebody' to conic forward
with a scheme to get u man out oJ
jail against l.is wishes.
*>oulb I’nknlat l-'nriiin
Ts the Idle ut an illustrated bool.let jn-d
issued by the ( Imago, .Milwaukee A St.
Haul Railway, «!»■>< i iplive «»i the country
between Abcidccn and tiir .Minmiuri River,
a sortion heietJioic unprovided vv'itli tail
way facililhs bat which i-< now reached
by a new line <-1 the ( hicagn, Milwaukee
A St. Haul lt’y. I.v orvoiie con t crnplut ing
a change «f location will be interested in
the information contained in it and a copy
may he had hv sendir g a two cent stamp
to F. A. Miller, General Has.-tenger Agent,
Chicago, 111
Cincinnati, May 1Q.
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Extra butchers.4 90 fa 5 25
CALVES- Kxlra . 7 UU (a 7 25
JlO'iS Se lect shippers ft; 5 95
Mixed )>ackera . 5 80 (a 5 90
SHE El’ Extra . 4 00 Ca 4 15
LAMBS Spring?. 4 50 fin G GO
I’LOl'Ii.-Spring pat.. 3 bU Ca 4 JO
WHEAT So. 2 ml .. Or 70%
CORN .No. 2 mixed .. (a 40
OATS-No. 2 mixed .. fri 311 *
RYE . (a 51
HAY—Ch. timothy .. fa 14 75
PORK- Family . fa 15 00
LAUD Steam . fri 7 95
BUTTER—( h. dairy.. 13
(hoire < reunjery ... ffi 20%
APPLES— C h. to fancy 3 00 fa 4 00
POTATOES— Per brl. I 05 fri 1 75
TOBACCO- New . 7 95 fri 14 00
Old . 8 40 fie 9 50
FLOUR—Win. pafcnt. 3 SO (j53 *0
WHEAT No. 2 red .. 73*',,Gi 71%
No. 3 red . fin 7o
COHN —.No. 2 . 44' .0i 48
OATH No. 2 . Vo 30
RYE- No. 2. fa' 52
PORK Mm. . 1 4 75 fa 14 HO
LARD St earn . 8 10 fa 8 21%
tew York.
FLOUR Win. patent. 3 G5 (ft 4 00
WHEAT No. 2 rerl fa «■;%
* OU.N No. 2 ii ixerl .. Gi 50
OATS No 2 tiii.xtd .. Or' 33%
RYE . fa f.o%
PORK Family .10 00 Ca 10 50
LARD Si earn . fin 8 40
fin ll I more.
\\ MEAT No. 2 ceil . . ~'‘Y.Ca 74%
Soul hern . 70 (re 79%
( OKN No. 2 mi\eil .. 4 8 •,fa 4* (
OATS No. 3 mi v «l .. 31 Ca n%
< ATTLE Butchers .. 5 on fa 5 35
IlfKiH VNertern ..... li 25 fn G 30
l.oot«« 11 le.
FLOUR Win. pair nt. 4 50 (rr. 4 75
WHEAT— No. 2 red .. Ca 75
C Dli.N Mixed. fit) 18
OAT.4- Mixed . <© 3|
POIIK-Mrw . fri 14 00
LARD—Steam . fit 8 50
la lUnnnpnllR,
WHEAT—No. 2 red .. 72%
i CORN -No. 2 mixed .. CfO 44%
j OA TS -No. 2 mixed .. ^ 2V
Willing to I-s»y Any Price.
ny t\ vr pwple are willing to pny norr I
In.m the manufacturer*' price for uny *r- •
i f ** /lvfn *:,oi:R‘* .it be remarkably ^hi],
like Palmer?* laOtioti. SuiU \va* not tu%
i.i*r with Mrs. Martha M Johnson, ef
l*rtby, Connecticut. who wrote: "Plea^
to *en»i me some of your Lotion. 1 tun
willing to pay any price for it. lor 1 ha\e
lieanl if (uglily extolled and mvii it* won*
icrtul t*ne tk, fill* |in>ve* l*ulim*r* lx>
t ion. as nearly priceless as any remedy can
*.K“; 1 * >‘V,r doesn't have, it send to
Solon Palmer. 374 tana I street. New York
for sample* of Palmer * Lotion and Lotion
Kasi’.y Recognized: - "Where’s Mr.
Sr’.iiioiri"lie's in the next room.’’ "Are
Vou sure' "\es; I just overheard him
takiug a nap.* Pmladeipiiiu Time*.
Time, tide and soda wafer wait fj»
no man. l'imago Daily News.
Mosaic's Cr»np Cur#
The life saver of cliiliLvn. No opium. 50» fa.
»q>* ■
It is n good deal raster to become u hero
thau to slay one. l’u> k.
’Tis sweet to L.m so i« l\i«me tlum to
Pr«»speiity m>oi1» nobody who uses ill
pro|>erly. Puck.
| Tied Up f
5 When ihe muscle* feel drawn mid
j tied up and the flesh teudtr, that
0 tcasiuti is
O {
Soreness s
• o
0 and 4
• Stiffoess |
• o
from mid or over exercise. It •
• la*t» but a allott time afirr O
1 St Jacobs Oil I
o •
• o
O i* applied. The cure •
• is 1 tempt and sure.
O •
• o
S3. & 13.50 SHOES SSiS.
,Vrlh mf W' !-• Uaachu M ..4
94.H.A** ihaaa la «4 Im #V M jr •«
* d»f l.lae rnaaal tew ri|iwlIr4
•4 aay |»rlrr.
It la not alone I be boat
leather that tuakea a nr at
i I'laaa ahoe it ta tl r brama. i
blltal have planned the boat '
„ . :-;. .. _ %iylr. laaua |<arfe< l tm»del
• r llte ro»l and the oonatrm-tlnn of the oho*. It la tnerbannal akm and
htioarledtie that hava made W . |_ iK'Utlat ahoea the leal in the world for o.t-n
I take aaa aaballtate. Itatat nuhaviua W I. howalaa ahoea with name A
amlprliY atamped on boil "in ^ onr dealer ahoitlil keep them. If be diia ugl,
•cud lot oataiod diving lull matt iiitinna bow to order by tna’I.
W L. bOrULAk, Hretklaa. U«w. ||
Tills all about Winchester Rifles, Shotguns, and Ammunition
Send name and address cn a postal now. LHrn't delay if you are interested. s
v-'/ AT ONCE ^ ^
Willi rlm i*i hdl our I'oui'.ry Mixture; .tralirhl
ttliary telU.OO |k*«* wcrU mul f «i-rn-t t,; yt or »•
'uinrxrt: ww*kl< pay AOilrett urlih 11aiiiti' !
r I KKKA MMl. t 0.. lit ; t. Kurt M l.io.-., Ill 1
<ii 3 or 4 Years an Independence Is Assured
It t«u tike up tour tionnra
in V\««<vrn t'aiiaila > l>*
limit of plenty lluia
t fitted paiuplilela. « iin|
i'»i>nlpiHe« of farmer*
" tin li»*r Item true wealthy
in umwmp wheat. repntua
of ileli-MUli'a etc and full
Inforuiat Ion aa to re<lui*w4
railway ruteecan tie nail
... on application Ui tla*
I nitcralppcit who will 'null *on ntla*ea patupbltrte.
i«o'.. Tree of iiim, »• I’KIil.KV. Muni or Ininitwrat
tluu. Otln« « <’iii!Mlu M V MuINMo Mar
tin Kim k Detroit. Mich 11 T. HOI.MKK Root, t.
HIk four U.i1* , liidlaiiapoll*. lud.
a N. K. B IKOft
w •• whimmj to AiivriiTia».«*
plniar atnlc lltnl tuu aim the AAtrrUa*.
■nt'iil In ilila lullin'.
Storts the Afeot
If Vow t/«e a
'Wir'iri fcq bilue
No Fuss
No Muss
Jf your dealer
<tOd not keep
them, write to
the nearest
agency of
oil Am
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pnln* after M(lu, llrer (rookie, sallow eompleston
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alls poa, start (aklsf CAtCARRTfl (odat, for vas
wUl aorer g«( well sad ta well all (to tlaao aatll
IL-r:- r'^-~ t~

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