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UrttHi ttliVdllU
A Itepnhlienn Newspaper that
lias a la r;*e ei reiilat inn in the lii*:
Kandy and Twelve I'nle Valley*
—auexcellent advertising niedi
Published Every Wednesday.
TKKMS <)K Sl/lts' K I PTION:
One espy, one yeai, - - $1.00
Ou« copy, six months, - -
Strictly cash in advance.
Tw**nIy -tlv •• n r ct-nt will bo adilrd wbei
ca»b is not |>h!iI.
I oh printing ol all kinds neatly
and promptly execute* on rea
s >nahle terms.
"I'Al'K. | TIME. AMT.
* 1 column ... 12 months .
1 column ... t> months . . .loin*
I column. . . 3 months . . . ]f hi
1 column ... t .. him
t ’ column. . . 12 mouths . . 30i<t
column. . . li mohti-K. . . 1.3
’•column. . . 3 mouths . . . s.m
'j column ... l month ... 4i«>
l V« column . . 12 months . . . if on
‘.column. . . t, mouths . . . 7 5»»
>« column . . . 3 mouths . . . 4 no
‘4 column . . I month .... 2 5o
fc 1 column ... 12 months. . . x no
column . . n months . . . 4<a>
’» column. . . 3 mouths. . . 2m>
column l mouth ... 1 54.
1 *-r cent, off if paid in advance.
' t* per cent, off if paid in advance.
4 per cent, oft it paid in advance.
* 2 per cent, off if paid in advance.
To Subscribers.
A e cannot discontinue your paper until al
arrearages are paid. Don't ask us. Don't say
stop my pajs r until I get what I owe paid up
etc. In no case can we do this. It is a general
'ale we have to adopt to protect ourselves.
When you do not want the paper any longer,
pay up and stop it. Don’t have your |Mtstmas>
t*-r drop us a card that it is not taken out of the
office. If you were publishing a pajier you
wouldn’t want us to do you that way.
When you move from your present post-office
don’t fail to notify us at once of the change,
giving your former fstst-office a.« well as your
new one. 'I his is absolutely necessary.
Wayno Courts.
Terms «.f Circuit Court: Fourth Monday in
January. May and September.
Terms of County Court: First Monday in Jan
uary. April and July, and Third Monday in N»e
Sewing Maciiine
Don't delude yourself into
thinking that you can get a
high grade machine for a mere
song. It can’t he done. What
you can do is to read the Ad
vance's special notice on the
local page or this issue. It
tells the whole story
Mr. <L 1>. II. Tyree, who has
been quite sick with fever, is able,
to be out.
-^ -
Mr. Jos. II. Fletcher, of Ironton,
Ohio, was the guest of Slay or A. G. j
Brown last Sunday.
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve
should be promptly applied to
cuts, burns aud scalds. It soothes
aud quickly heals the injured
part. There are worthless counter
feits: be sure to get DeWitt’s. W. |
M. Bloss, Ceredo; II. N. Williams,
Dr. T. W. Moore,
Practice Limited to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Phone 155,Huntington, W. Va.
Mrs. N. A. Richards has returned
home from a visit to her old home
in \ irginia. Her mother, who was
seriously ill. was much lietter when
“he left her.
For Over Fifty Yearn.
nn« been u*cd for over fifty venr« by mil
lion* of mother** for their children while
teething with j«erferf »iicceM< It Hoothes the
child, -ofU us the gum*, Miiay* all pMlu.cure*
wind colic, and Ih the hent remedy for dl«r
rh<e« It will relieve the poor Utile *ofTerer
ImmedIhte|y- Hold by I'niggl*.* in every
part of the world. Twenty live cent* a hot
tie. He *nr«s *nd »-k for “Mr*. Wlnelow**
Hoothlng Hyrnp."end take no other kind*.
Mrs. Oliver Blood and children,
returned to their home at Ports
mouth. Ohio, last Saturday.
•» m ♦
A bad complexion generally re
sults from inactive liver and
bowels. In all such cases, De*
V\ itt s Little Early Risers produce
gratifying results. W. M. Bloss,
Ceredo; R. S. Williams, Kenova.
—--. ■
Price’s New Water (Jueen Float
ing Palace exhibited to a full house
at the foot of Main last Friday
night. It was a splendid entertain*
nil*: uau'diokk & okiio
1 He Passenger Department o'
•he Haiti more <Nc Oh o K. K. h.veis
*ued a Guide to Washington, whict.
m many lespects excels all
• tiler guides published, both in
n tist 'C appeara ce and careful de
-Ci'p'nm ol points ni interest in the
Capital Citv . I tie front cover ol
i ho<>k i- emhello lied with a
hordsnire sb el engtaved portrait
I the ‘•Siuari” Washington. The
• c\ erse cover heals an American,
ll «g in tile gi asp of an eagle. 1 he
n-'de pages Conta n recent photo
graph- ol all ttn Government huitd
tug- with collect in lot mat inn cot*
cerning them, together with other
■ntt r< -'mg feat in es ol the city, and
he v erv latest map Copies will
he sol*I at the principal 'Picket Of
tiers of the Halt inline tV Ohio H. I<
•>*r ten ( 10) cents cash or will he
mailed to any address on receipt of
ti'teen ( 1.») cents in stumps on ap
plient o i to tlu* undersigned.
“reasons wiiy.”
“Reason* Why” is a forty-two
page pamphlet giving in condensed
form the important facts concern
I mg the Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
It i* an argument setting forth the
claims of the tailroad for public
consideration. This artistic booklet
contains many half tones and draw
mgs illustrating the history, scenic
charms, the development and pro
gres* of the railroad, ami the su
perior service afforded to patrons.
Single copies can he obtained of
1’tcket Agents, or will be mailed t<>
any address on receipt of two (2)
cents in postage stamps on applica
tion to the undersigned.
I). B. Martin,
Manager Passenger Traffic,
Baltimore & Ohio R. R .,
Baltimore, Md.
M. I). Jarrell, of Kffie, in writing
to the T. S. Department of Agri
culture, W. Va. Section, says:
“Wheat above the average, if it
can be cared for; apples about one
half crop; quality fair.”
When the quantity of food tak^ti
is too large or the quality too rich
heartburn is likely to follow, and
especialy so if the digestion has
been weakened by constipation.Eat
slowly and not too freely of easily
digested food. Masticate the food
thoroughly. Let six hours elapse
between meals and when you fee)
a fullness and weight in the regeion
ot the stomach after eating indi
cating that you ate too much,
take one of Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets aud the heart
burn may he avoided. For sale by
R. Xey Williams, Keuova; W. M.
Blots, Ceredc.
Hoke Smith, who was a member
of Cleveland’s cabinet, is stirring up
Georgia politics in an effort to get
to the Senate.
The bucking automobile is an old
story, but Prof. Porter, of Lafay
ette college, had an experience with
an automobile that turned a somer
sault and scalded him. This sort
of thing is what prevents the addi
tion of an automobile to our outfit.
You can never cure dyspepsia
by dieting. What you need is
plenty of good food properly
digested. Then if your stomach
will not digest it, Kodol Dyspepsia 1
Cure will. It contains all of the
natural digestauts. hence must
digest every class of food and so,
prepare it that nature can use
it in nourishing the body and re
placing tne wasted tissues, thus
giving 1 ite, health, strength ambi
tion, pure blood and good, healthy
appetite. VV. M. Bloss, Ceredo;
K. N. Williams, Kenova.
*-- • •
South Carolina and the Federal
j government have a dispute over the
• question of whether the State is
legally required to pay the U. S.
, special tax as wholesale and retail
liquor dealers. Exemption is claim
ed because the dispensary is con
ducted by the State, but U. S. offi
cials contend that as the State is in
| the liquor business it must comply
with laws for the regulation of that
business, just as individuals are
compiled to do.
Huntington, W. Va.
Tut, lUiilv ^ UKLl)
Tliricc-a-Week FMitiuu.
The Most Widely Reed
Newspaper in
* A merica.
Time has demonstrated that the
Phrice-H- \\ eek \\ <>rt«1 stands alone
in its class. Other papers have '
imitated its form hut not its suc
cess. This is because it tells all
the news all l he time and tells it
in part ially, w het her that news he
political or otherwise. It is, in
I tact, almost a daily at the price of
a weekly and you cannot afford to
tO he Without It.
Republicans and Democrats
! alike can read the Thrice-a-Week
W orld wnh absolute confidence in
its t ruth.
In addition to news, it publishes
first-class serial stories and other
i features suited to the home and
I fireside.
'1 he 'I hrice-a-Week World’s reg
ular subscription pries ts only
£ 1.00 per year and this pave fur
loti papers. We oiler the World
|»ud this paper both one year for
* 1 65.
The regular subscript ion price ol
the two papers is .fd 00.
According to reports, Mrs. Mc
Kinley has acquired a cc mfortahle
fortune through some mining
claims iu Nevada, inherited from
her father, as well as her usual
health. \\ c trust the reports are
true. No good fortune is too great
for that little woman.
-■— •
We still have a few of those
splendid Sewing Machines left. See
1 “Special <)ffer.”
Seashore Excursions.
| Atlantic Citv and Cat*c Mar via C. A O. K'v.
July 5tlt anil ixth, Aucust 1st. 15th att<l 2'Mli,
I ami September 12th. The rate is J12.txt from
any of the following points: Wiiite Sulphur,
Ronceverte, Port Spring, Hinton, Sewell.
Montiron»«TV, Charles'on and Huntiiitrton.
Tickets will l»e sold for trains Nos. 2 and 4 of
! the above dates and will l>e fond to return for
' li> days including date of sale.
StojMivers for not to exceed 10 days, will be
i permuted on iroinir trip to Washington. Haiti
j more and Philadelphia by dt*p<isitiii^ ticket
| with depot ticket aifi'itt immediate!v on arrival.
i and on the return trip at same points for ten
days not to exceed the final limit without de
I posit.
Transfer of passengers not included, except
that passengers for At hint c City may yo via
Delaware llridce Route without extra charge.
• UlTifatfe will be checked through to Atlanta
! Citv or t ape May.
* ltildren between 5 and 12 years, half rates.
Secure your tickets at C &'0. R’v Stations.
Titos. A. (iAKXIOAN, S. E. P. A ,
Huntington, W. Va.
-— • ^
The business interests of the
country know that the Republi
cans in Congress can be trusted
not only to euact any tariff legis
lation that may he nepded, but to
head otf any attempts at tariff
tinkering that would he likely to.
prove injurious.
Tlie Best Liniment for Strains.
Mr. F. II. Wells, the merchant
at Deer Park, Long Island, N. Y.,
says ; “I always recommend Cham
berlaiu’s Pain Palm as the best lin
iment for strains. I used it last
winter for a severe lameness in
the side, resulting from a strain
and was greatly pleased with the
quick relief and cure it effected.”1
For sale by It. Ney Williams. Keu
ova, and W. M. Bloss, Ceredo.
-mimm w — --
Democrats must be reminded of
the adage, “Deliver me from my
friends” when the Washington
Post, the principal owner of which
is a former Democratic Congress '
man, speaks of the Democratic
party as “an organization of thick I
heads. ”
Seashore Excursions* I9'*l.
old Point Com fort via tin* C. A O. K'v. Junr
27, July II an.I 25, Auiru«t ti and 22. and Swot. 5. I
whit«* Snlphur. '
Konccvi'rtr.•) ;*i
Fort Spring. * o <o
. “i
r 1 ■. ]|| mi
< 11,1 rl#5Pf off.
IIuntlri^tofi .. * lll.iii
TicW«'tx> will hr on .ale for train* N.\«. 2 and
* of >h«-abnxe datr*; will h,-ir<N>d to return for
• lateen day* including date of *ale. and inn-t
t«e validated hv aifent at Old Point Comfort 1>. .
fore they will be *.**1 r.-t timing.
Stop-over, on return trip allowed at ached
tiled Ktoptdnir |M>int« of train n«ed.
Children lietween 5 and 12 tear*, half ate*.
Sec ure yotir ticket* at C A O. H \ station*.
Ttn>*. A. I.axhm.a.v, * |*‘. |>, a.
IIunt mirt"ii, W. Va.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially dlsrests t 1m* fortd and aids
Nature In strcntfthehintf and recon
structing tlie exhausted digestive or
gans, It Is the latest discovered ditfest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can appioach it In efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
IiVRpepaia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache,Oastraigia.Cramps and
allotherrcsiiltsof imperfect digestion.
Prior* MV. nnd ff. I,ar?e *l/e contain* times
•nmll.lze. Hook all aboutdjraprp'ila mailed froe
Prepared by E. C. DeWITT A CO., Chicago
K. Nkv Williams, Ken ova, W Va
W. M. Blosb, Ceredo, W, Va.
C«|»e -May, S«*a Isle City and
Ocean City, N.J., Ocean City,
Mil., and Kcliobntli Reach.
Del., at
Thursday*.»Jntie J Rand 27, July
I 1 and 2."». August H and 22,
and September *»,
Th** Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
have ai ranged a series ot Populat
Seashoie Excursion', to he run m
riuif'ih.ys. | une 13 A 2j, July 11 &
- ->. August 8 and 22 ami Septcmhet
5, h> Atlantic Ci’y. Cape Nl: v, Smi
Isle C’iiv and Ocean City, N. J..
Ocean City, Mil., and Kehoboth
Be well, Del 1 it kets Will he good
sixteen ( 16) days, including date of
sale. Stop-over* will he allowed
on the return t* p at Philadelphia
Baltimme and \\ ishmgtcn on t ck
ets so’il to New [fi'cy ie*orts. and
at Baltimore and \\ -t'liington <>n
tickets s..t«I t<( Ocean City, Mil.,
and Kt-hohnth Beach. D<*1.
I4 <*t tickets, time of trair-s, slt-pp
ing and j ai lor cat accommodations.
Call on or address nearest 1 icket
Agent. Balt-more A: Ohio R. R. tot
full information.
^ m -
The following pensions himI in
creases have been granted through
the agency ot Mark Poore & Co.,
of Hunt ingtou:
1 ncreases.
Eraetns Patton, Reid.$12 00
James Clay, Poppa. 12.00
Juo. Hoi royde, Barbcnrsvillo 8 00
C. M. Payne, Curia, Ark .... S ()()
Win.Pinkerman, Seottown.O 24.00
Juo. W. L)illoti (dec’d ) lda,0 14 00
Harriet Ransbotlom, Brad
rick, Ohio. 8.00
Margaret McMullen, Central
(“y. 10.00
Oeo. \V. Flowers, Getaway.O 8.()0
Preston Guthrie (war with
Spain) Proctorville, O. 8.00
Minors of Dadiel Ratliff,
Rockwood, ()., ain’t. $1,0(14 93
1 his old and reliable firm can
always be relied upon to render
good service. 10jul-2w
As tins is essentially the vaca
tion time of the year, The Deline
ator for August is the vacation
number. The spirit of midsum
mer breathes over its pages from
tiie fashions down to the household
notes. The daintiest dresses and
and dress accessories are gathered
into this number, just suitable in
their materilas aud their make-up
for the temporary use to which
midsummer clothiug is put.
-m • »
If you want choice Fruits or a
good Lunch, stop at King's Place,
cor. Main and B Sts., Ceredo, W.
^ a* 19jun-2w
——» -
Huntington was visited by another
destructive tire last Wednesday.
At noon on that day tire broke oiit
in the Fitzgerald Patent Prepared
Plaster Works, and the buildings
were totally consumed. The plant
had not been in active operation for
a year or more, and a portion of the
same had been used by 'I'. M. Carr
as a planing mill and paint establish
ment. '1'he Iosm will reach near
♦*J0,000, with about #8,000 insur
ance .
A Head
that throbs, pains and
aches, or feels heavy, stuf
fy, dull or dizzy, is a poor
head to do business with.
It irritates the temper, up
sets the stomach, interferes
with digestion and wears
out the brain and nerves.
Make the nerves strong,
the brain clear and your
head will be right.
r would begin to swim and
I would grow dizzy and so weak and
numb that f would fall to the floor
Since using Dr. Miles' Nervine I can
work 16 hours a day and feel good, f
relieve it saved mv life and cannot
recommend it too highly.-*
W. b. \V HITE, Met *regor, Te»«>r
Dr. Miles’
quiets the irritation, stimu
lates digestion and builds
up nervous health and
strength. Try a bottle.
Sold by druggists on guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
Operating wharfboat
And River and Rail Transfer.
I»E A Cl'ICS |\-——
Buckeye” Salt, “Mariou” and “Fostora” White Lime, “Black Dia
mond and Imported Cements, Glass, Nails. Flue Tile, Sewer
Pipe, Fire Brick, Fire Clay. Rock Plaster, Hair, Lath, Sbiuglee
Corn, Oa»B, C hop. Bran. Hay. Flour, Seeds ami ('oa!.
row 1M1K ESAM) ({I K K I)EL1 YEltlES.
Rntoi* and lima 1 d.li*. furniabod for ('incuiDati aud Pittsburg
I ac kets. Correspondence solicited. Send for price list.
Come to Our Bio store
Aii<1 secure what you need. A\ e guarantee
all who deal with us to^et the worth of
their money. We deal in Dry Goods,
Hoots and Shoes, Ilats, C1aps, Queens
wari', (ilasswarc1, Hardware, Notions,
Groceries and Furniture. We keep
anythim** to he1 found in a first-class
1 General Store1. (jioods deliyerod Free.
Wright Bros.. WEST VA.
REDUCING STOCK With a view to
$20,090 stock oi Boots and Shoes
to bo slaughtered.
You can now buy a man’s calf patent leather shoe for $298
| former price $4 DO and $4.50; a few pairs of Banister’s and Tory
I eurtis ifc Terrells, 85-00 and $6.00 shoes will go at $3.50; choice of all
patent kid shoes for ladies $3.00. regular prices $3.50 and $4.00. Ev
erything in our line will be cut in proportion, and most things even
more than the above.
Come in and get Trices. You had just as
well save 50 eents to 81.50
on a pair of Shoes.
Corner Tenth Street and Third Avenue.-^C3^"
Huntington, West Virginia.

The Chesapeake & Ohio leads all competi
tors in safety end luxury of railway travel.
Its track is laid with 'Vpoutid aieel rails.
iis bridges are new and built of Iron.
Its roadbed is a model of smoothness and
Its entire equipment is new and modern.
Its Block System has been completed
All It* through trains are vestlbuled
All Its through tralus aie heated with
' steam.
All Its through trains are lighted wltu
I electricity.
Its limited trains are the handsomest and
best equipped running between the East and
t he « esl.
It* Fatuous F. F. V. Limited runs solid be
tween Cincinnati, Washington and New
lork.with Pullman SI epers to and from
Lexington and I^mtsvllle.
Its new Washington and St. Louis Limit
ed rims -olid between Cincinnati and Wash
ington wit h Pit'I man Sleeper* to and from
I ndla n» polls a ml St. Louis.
Its dining cur* run iliimgli between Cin
cinnati, Washington, Kali)more, Phlladel
phui and New l ork, and in** service is uu*
H It'* M complete new Pullman vestlbuled
< qulpineiit, unequalled on any line la
.imeri a.
It I- the only l>ne in tween toe W'est and
the National Capita i-qnlt pp,i a* above.
11 mu- through i lie grandest mountain
river and canon mtiihj ea-tof 'he Kocky
iiioun tal us.
It rear es more point- of nvorlc Interest
ilia.ianv other I)ue Iti America.
It reaches Ine grt at b-11 lethl.lv of Virgin*
li reaches i lie g rea f coal and !mn field* of
t• \ |rgielans
| Ii 'eaches Hie great cities of (he East ai.d
the West.
It reaches the place von w I - h to reach
It Is t lie mad for you to lake.
fiigb Grade
are made in the good old
F rench way, of superior
lasting qualities, exquis
itely delicate and true to
the Flowers.
trade mark.
I* ©NB ©P ©V POPULAR ©1>©Rf».
; If ,T1y nrc not wold in your town,
send direct to me.
Also try ^^_
IW I S J\/l I The °f 0*1
* f ® ® 1"1 1 Breath Perfumes.
U>2 State St.f ROCHESTER, N. Y.

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