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'The fleredo Advance.
W<m1 iiMulay, is, I'.mh.
The President is Dead.
President McKinley, the nation’s
loved one, '.s dead. His spirit has
gone to join those of the sainted
Lincoln and gifted (iartield, who,
like himself, fell, in the prime of
life and zenith of their glory, the
victim of au assassin’s bullet.
Words cannot express the nation’s
grief in this saU hour. While
another will take up the life work
of our noble President none can till
his place. lie was loved by all the
people, irrespective of party, not
only for his st ttesmanship, but on
account of his honesty of purpose
and his pure, Christian life.
It is indeed sad to think that this
land of civilization and Christianity,
where such a good mail as our
lamented President lived and labored
for the good of his country and its
people, should be polluted by the
murderous Anarchist.
The nation, bowed in grief for its
irreparable loss, which words fail us
to express, offers to Mrs. McKinley,
who was so recently near death’s
door herself, its tenderest sympathy
in her utter desolation and sorrow.
President Roosevelt.
Our new President, lion. Theo
dore Koosevelt, has had a remarka
bly career. lie graduated from
Harvard at the age of twenty-two,
since which time he has been gradu
ally climbing the ladder of fame
and prominence, until now'—stand
ing as he does on the topmost
round, lie has promised to carry
out President McKinley’s policy. If
he does'this, and we feel sure he will,
the people will be satisfied and
pleased and the country will con
tinue to prosper.
N\ e believe Mr. Koosevelt will
prove to he a wise and and an ac
ceptable President.
The Governor's Proclamation.
Governor White was one of the
first Governors :n the country to
issue a proclamation calling atten
tion to the death of President Mc
Kinley. The following excerpt is
from his proclamation:
“No sincerer mourners are there
in our broad land than West Vir
ginians. < >ur people knew McKinley
as neighbor, friend and comrade; his
face and voice were familiar to many
thousands of our citizens; he was
universally loved as a man and
trusted as our chief executive.
As a mark of respect, I direct that
the National colors be placed at
halt staff over the public buildings
in our Mate for a period of thirty
days; that the Capitol building be
draped in mourning until after the
obsequies; that the day of the funeral
be observed as one of prayer and
mourning; that so far as possible
there be a complete cessation of labor
throughout the borders of our State
during the hours of the funeral; and
I recommend that memorial services
be held at that time where practi
I he arrest of Krnina (toldman in
Chicago will he hailed with satisfac
tion l»y the people of the entire
country. It may not be proved
that she conspired with the assailant
of the President to murder the latter,
but her expressions since her arrest
indicate that she has no sympathy
whatever with the victim and
abundant pity for the base assassin,
- ♦ • ♦ — —
II on so n was at the Buffalo Exposi
tion, but he never got even one
hcad*line til the pan* r*. These arc
the things which c.i • one t«. reflect
whether it is really w »rt 1» while to
have sunk a ship and engaged in a
ki-sing campaign.
*• • •■
Koo.hevki.t is the youngest man
that ever occupied the Presidential
chair. lie is only forty-three years
The Pythian Banner, Bro. .1. M.
{Stanley’s paper, is ten years old. It
has done much for “the good of the
Hon. J. K. Ham. has been elected
President and Busim Manager of
the Wheeling Intelligencer Co.
The&t«t« oT Wm Virginia )
. . »»• In Chancerg.
Jimu Smith, et ale, )
Under and by virtue of a decree of the Cir
cuit Court of Wayne eouuty, West Virginia,
made amt entered lu the above entitled
cause, pending lu the said Court, at the May
term, 1901, the uuderslgned Commissioner of
ScIiihiI Lands for said Wayne eouuty. West
Virginia, In pursuance o said decree, hereby
gives notice, that on tlie
fdrd DnT OP bbPT EMBER. 1*01,
between tbelioutM of cue o’clock. In after
noon, and four o’clock, p. in , I will at tlie
front door of tin Court House of said Wayne
eouuty, West Virginia, proceed to oiler for
sale, at public auction, to Ihe highest bidder,
the following tract*, or parcels of land, situ
ate In said county, and described and set out
in the plai ul i IPs bill I n this cause, to-wit:
Tract No. HI, containing .*1154 acres, situate
on waters of Beech Fork, of 12-1’ole, In Stoue
wali Instrlci, being a part of a 227 acre tract
formerly belonging to Andrew Adkins, de
ceased,lor felted in the name of Berry Adkins.
Tract No.Its. containing 10 acres situab1 on
Billie's Branch, lu Stonewall district, for
lelted In the name of Colbert Lycaus
Tract No lift, containing l<ot No. 152. situ
ate iu the lowu of Cassvelle, In Butler dis
trict, forfeited lu the name of Samuel Brom
Tract No. HC, containing 10 acres, situate
ou 12-Pole, Just above the mouth of Pelrr
v. a ve Branch, lu Stonewall district, forfeited
lu the name of Maxwell Osburn K*t. This Is
a part of Ihe old Jolin O-burn farm.
Tract No. I0K, cmiaiuln one (1) acre, situ
ate at the mouth of Buffalo Creek, ou 12
Pole, In Ceicdu district, forfeited In ihe
name i f Stephen Willson, by reason of non
entery on tne laud books for more lliau
five years.
Tract No. IK, consisting of Lot No. 5 In Shu
mate's addition to the town of Falrview, »<
•aid off by H. H. Hamilton, tu tlie Chancery
cause of Wliz, Btdler A Co., v*. H. K. Shu
mate, el als, being part of 2V4 acres, formerly
belougmg to H. K.. shumutc, now owned or
claimed by J. 11. Thorubury.
Tract No. 16, containing I^ol No. 6, In Shu
mate's addition to the town of Falrview, as
laid off by K. B. Hamilton, lu the Chaucerv
cause of Witz Hldler A Co. vs. H K. Shu
mate, et als. Tins lot Is uow owned by J. H.
Tract No. 16, containing Lot No. 7, In Shu
mate's addition to t he town of Falrview, In
Uulou district, belug a part of 2S acres, sold
in the Chanceiy cause of Wltx, Bidier A Co.
This lot is now owned or claimed by A. W.
Tract No. 18. consisting of Lot No. one (1)
tu the Sh innate addition to tlie town of Fair
view, in Union district, being a part ol the
2'- acres formerly owned by H. K. Shumate
and uow owned uy B. J. Prichard.
Tract No 11, containing 12 acres, situate on
Uamp Creek, In Stonewall dislilcl, forielted
tu tne name oi Hurge-a «x Napier, aald tract
being a part of 130 acres convoyed io the said
Burgess A Napier l»y Nancy .1 Newman.
Tract No. 112, situate on Camp Creek, In
Stonewall district, forleited In the uaiue of
Burgess A Napier, lor noneutery on the
Laud Book for a period of more limn live
years. Burgess A Napier own this tract ol
Tract No. 113, containing 27 acres, situate
«>n » amp Creek, >u Htouewall district, for
felted lo lhe name of Burgess A Napier, loi
noneutery on die Laud Books tor more than
tlve years.
Tract No. 11(», containing three-fourths (',)
of an acre, situate on Buffalo Creek, in te
redo district, loi felled In the name of Jere
miah Thacker, tor i onentery on the Laud
Books for more than tlve years. This is a
part of a 21 acre trad, ot laud formerly own
eu by Wade Thacker In hla life time, and
conveyed to Jeremiah Thacaer, In the parti
tloti suit ol tlie heirs ot the said Wade
Tract No. 11T, containing three-fourths of
an acre, situ ite on Buffalo Creek, In Ceredo
j dislilcl, forleited m tne name of Columbus
Akers’ heir-, for nonenlery on the Laud
Hooks tor more than tlve years. This Is a
part of a 21 Here tract ol land formerly own
ed by Wade Thacker. Tills', of an acie ol
I land was laid oft to the heirs of Columbus
[ Akeitln the pari H loti of the said 21 acres.
Traci No llli, containing 51 acres, situate
on L inrel Cie. k. In .''tonewall district, for
letted In ihe name of T. ,1 Asbury, being
the same ir»ct of land purchased by T. J.
Asbury from C. Fry, Clerk ol the County
Tract No. 115, containing 15 acres, situate
on Sweet Water Creek In Lincoln district,
| forfeited lu the name ot James Perry, for
noneutery on the Land Hooks lor more t han
five years Tills land was conveyed to James
Perry by James Herald by deed dated March
, 20th, 1HII7.
Tract No. 151, consisting of Lot No. 151, sit
uate in the town of Cassvilie, m Butler dts
Irlet, forfeited in the name oi Samuel Brom
ley. Tins lot was conveyed io Samuel Brotn
I ley by H. J. Whitt and wife by deed dated
| December 1st, 1*111.
Tract No. t, containing lu acres, situate on
Twelve Pole Klver, iti t eredo d.strict, for
feited In the name of James Hkeao. James
Bkean i s I he owner of Mils i raet
Tract No. 22, containing ’!*', acres, situate
on Uragstone, in Butler distnci, forfeited in
the name of Joseph Ferguson Said Joseph
Ferguson Is entitled to redeem Mils tract.
Tract No. 23, containing £i acres of Miner
al. situate hi Bound Bottom, in Builer dis
trlct, forfeited in name of Ferloa Hull. P.
A. Powell ami the heirs ol L. T. .smith and
Kd M. Smith are theowners.
Tract No. 28, containing 7 acres, situale on
Big.•Sandy Hiver, In Butler district. forfeited
In mime of P A. Powell. P. A. Powell ow ns
this l rai l.
I ract No.'J7, containing fi acres', situate on
Big II urricaue, In Butler cll«ti let, fondled
In name of W. I>, Peter*. part m m, acre tract
forfeited In name of W I), Peters. W. 1».
Peters owns this tract.
Trad No. Js, containing 2M acres, situate on
Joel’s Brandi, in Butler district, l<,rfeited in
name of Zachertali Biggs. Zacheriah Kiggs
is owner ol this tract.
Traci No .’<t, containing .">1 acres, on Cireen
hriei. in Butler district, forfeited In name or
Ida Riggs, who now owns Hits tract.
I rai l No. .n, con la I ii tug -si acres, situate on
tiiagsiom i r*-* , in Bmler dlslrct, forfeited
in name of ,J. A. Hhlngleton, wiu» now owns
tins tract.
I rad No. fit, containing M7 acres, on
rrwe Fork, In Bullcr dis.rlct, fo> felted In
name of Alderson Workman. I hoinas H.
Harvey and L. H. York both claim this
Tract No. r>,containing3n acres of Miner
al. sii rate on Big Hurricane, In Bullcr dl«
• run. forte11eu in name of i» .1 Wilkinson.
Hep ms that <» J. W ilkluson owns this i rad
Tract No. .!»«, containing Lot No. I.', In town
of t assvllle, in Butler district, toi felted in
name of Kllsha Praahei. The heirs of Kllsha
Frasher, deceased, are the owners of tins
Tiwet No. fW,containing Lot No. It, In town
of Cassville. in Butler district, forfeited in
name of Kllsha Frasher. The heirs of Kllska
T tastier are owners of this tract.
Tract No. ft*. containing l.t.’u square feet. In
lown ot I assvllle, in Bmier dlsinct, forfeited
In name of .loon H. Ross’ estate. Heirs of
John H. Boss seem to own nils tract.
I rait No. IT, containing !o acres, situate on
Mill Creek, In Lincoln district, forfeited In
nun** of Altci Lambert Alice l.arnhert
own* Mils tract. Stephen Pinson also claims
fhis t . t.
Tract so l’». containing acres, situate on
High' f'.rk of I Helve Pole, In Lincoln dls
'' let forfeit* . o name of Mary K. Marcuin.
Katherine F>>we i* entitled (<> redeem this
I ra< t No. 71, containing W acres, on
1 wd ve Pole, in <<iant district, forfeited In
name of Arnold Meade. Arnold Meade and
Binds Meade seem to lie the owners of this
Tract No 71, containing fix acres, altuateon
Twelve Pole Uiver In tiiant district, forfeit
'*U In .re of .1 cksc \V. Maynard Jesse W
M in. I». and Z.T Maynard are the owner* of
ttds tract.
Tract No.au, containing '*< acres, on Hall
B m-h, In Oram district, forfeited In name
of Kinellue Terry F.tnellne Terry own*
t his t ract
I No. Ml, containing H acres, part of
Harvey Adkins estate. allotted to J. H.
Bos , situate on Little Lynn, In Stonewall
district, forfeited in name of llaivey Ad
it i ns’ estate. AI vie Watts ow ns this t ract.
Tred No. Mt, containing S .> ISO arte*, pari
of Harvey Adkins’ e*t*te, allotted to Cal
vaiy Adkins, situate on Little Lynn, In
HtonewaB district,forfaited in name of Har
vey Alikina’ estale. Calvary Adkins own*
Mils tract.
Tract No <*} containing 28 acrea. situate on
w ■ f Pen, In Ht one wall district, forfeited In
name of T. C. Adkins. Kmellne MrConm
Otna Johnson , Km My M MIh and Elizabeth
MeComax mwiii to own tbu tract
Tract No 1«1, *>n'itl tM ng lilt) acres, situate
on Big Lyun. mi Mtonswitll district, fm fitted
In uarueot l«aac Blows' »stale. Heirs .,1 Isaac
BIosmowii tins tract.
Tract No. W, containing Hyk acres, situate
on Two Mile Creek, In stonewall ilUtrlct.
For felled 111 name of Stephen Dean, wiiu
owns tbu tract.
One-half < f putebase prir*« cash In hand
on day of sale; for residue a credit ol six
month* will tie given, purchaser to give note
ta-arlng six per centum Interest irmn date,
with good personal security, to tie approved
by CoinmiHMiouer, and legal title will lie re
lalucd until all purchase money U paid.
J. H. Marcum,
Commissioner Scbc.ol Lands
for Way ne C ouuly.
Wllll.m McG««.
J. A Ml llrnder Lumber Co ■ In Chancery
a corporation, et al- J
Under and by virtue of a decree rendered in
the alaive entitled cause by the Circuit Court ol
Wayne County, on the Nth day of June, 1901,
the undersigned Sja-cial Commissioners, ap
pointed and directed to make sale ol the real
estate mentioned in said decree, will
Ontha flat Day of September, 1901,
at 10 o’clock a. m. of that day, on tlte premises
in Ceredo, Wayne County, vv est Virginia, offer
for sale at public auction to the highest bidder,
the real estate in said decree directed to he sold;
which comprises the following tracts, pieces or
parcels of real estate, situated in the towns of
Ceredo and Kenova, County of Wayne, and
State of West Virginia:
Tract No. 1. One lot in the town of Ceredo,
West Virginia, situated on Kast 11th Street,
near the Ohio River. This lot lias one siugle
aud two double houses on it, designated as
Nos. 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 of the J . H. Millender Lutn
lier Company's pro|ierlv. This is the same
property that was cot veyed to the J. H. Mil len
der LuniU-r Company by deed from J. H. Mil
lender A Co., dated July 9, 1NK9, and recorded in
Deed Book No. 31, at page 2** of the records for
deeds for Wayne County, West Virginia, and
having been conveyed to J. II. Millender ,v Co.
bv Eliratielli M. W illis.
Tract No. 2. One lot in said town situated on
Mill Street, containing 10,080 square feet. This
property was conveyed to said Company by C
B. Hoard, and conveyed from J. H. Millender
A Co. to The J. H.Millender Cumber Company.
This lot has on it one double house, No. 10 11.
Tract No. 3. Two lots in said town, t>eiug
lots 16 and 17, third range, second square east
of Main Street. Kach of these lots has a front
age of 25 feet. and runs back front the street
WO feet. This piece has on it one double house,
No 17 18, fronting on Second Street. This
property was conveyed by ft. F. Christian et
ux. In J H. Millender & Co. aud by J H. Millen
der .V Co. to the J. H. Millender f.umlter Com
Tract No. 4. One parcel in said town, con
sisting of three small pieces, one ol which was
conveyed to J 11 Millender A Co. b\ W. S
Napier et ux.,aml the other two were conveyed
to J II. Millender & Co. by Pitt and s. Floyd
Hoard; and all three pieces conveyed to the J
U Millender Lumber Company li\ .1. II. Millen
der <& Co., and has on it the Millender store
Tract No. 5. One lot on Bridge Street, being
the same properly conveyed to J. II Millender
el als. by Dicey Bartrani, and b> J. H. Miller
der <St t o to The J. 11. Millender Lumtrer l om
pany. This piece has on it two houses, Nos. 6
anu 7.
Tract No. o. One lot in said town, bring lot
No. 8, third range, second square Hast of Main
Street, conveyed to J. 11. Millender <v Co by U.
IV. Smith et uSt., anu conveyed l>v J II. Millen
der Co. to The J. H. Millender Lumber Com
pany It has on it house No. 22.
Tract No.7. One lot in Brownstown, a sub
urb of Ceredo. This is a vacant lot, and was
conveyed to The j. II. Millender Lumber Com
pany by K. K. Brown el ux. by deed ol record
in Deed Book 31, page .>4 of the records ot
Way ne County.
Tract No 8. One lot in town of Kenova, con
taining 5,300 square feel, being 5'f feet front and
inti feet long. This property was conveyed by
John A. Fischhaclt to The J. 11 Milieu
der Lumtier Company. It has on it one double
house. No. 25 2»>.
Tract No. 0. One lot in said town of Hrowns
towu, containing 7,5"*' square leet. 'I Ins prop
erty w as con v ey cd lo tin J. 11. Millemur Lum
ber Company by K. K. Diown el ux. by deed
of records in Wayne County in deed book 34,
page 03'*.
Tract No lo. One lot in Brownstown. This
is the same lot that was conveyed to The .1. H.
Mi.lender LiiiiiIht Company by B. l{. Brown
et ux., by deed of reconl in Deed Book 37, page
11 of said records. It has on it two double houses.
I iact No. 11. One lot in i eretlo, conveyed to
the J B Millender Lumber Company frout A.
L. Brown et ux. It lias on it three houses, Nos.
27, 24 and on.
Tract No. 12. One lot in t’eredo, conveyed to
the j. II Millender Lumber Company by M.
Karroo:ton. It has on it one house. No. ‘20.
Tract No. 13. Three lots in the town of IV'
redo, being lots In, ft and 12 in third range*
second square Last of Main Street. These lots
were conveyed to The J H. Millender Lumber
Company by f.eorge Wright et ux. and Max
W right et ux. This property is unimproved.
Tract No. 14. Lot No. 15 in Ceredo, third
range, third square east of Main Street, con
I veyed by r rank and William Johnson to The
•I H. Mil lender Lumber l mupany. This lot is
25xlim feet and has on it house No. 13.
Tract No 15. One b»t in Brownstown, con
veyed to I be J . II. Millender Lumber < onipanx i
by K. K. Brown et ux. It lias on it three double
houses. Nos. 3n,31, 32, 33, 34 and 35.
Tract No. lo. Lot No. 22, second square,
tirM range east of Main Street in the town of
i eredo, being 25x1ml feet, aud was conveyed by
Strother Mays et ux. to The j. H. Millender
: Lumber Compauy. It has one house on it,
I No. 53.
Tract No. 17. One lot in Krownstown, con
veyed to i lie j. 11. Millender Lumber Company
front R. R. Brown et ux. by deed of record tit
Heed Book 3<>, page 3u3, of records of Wayne
County. This property is unimproved.
I rat t No. lx. One lot in I eredo, conveyed to
the J. II. Millender Lumber t onipany bv John
Kelley el ux. It lias one house on it. No. 24
Tract No. P>, One lot on .Mill Street tu Cere
do, containing 13.Am square feet. This i- the
-.roe property that was conveyed by fn-orgc
I v,. B. I’arsous to c. II. Hoard et als., and has
on it a two-story framed house.
Tract No. 20. <»ne lot on B Street, Ceredo,
being 25xl<to feet, conveyed to J. II Millender
et als. by 11. C. Carsons. It has one house on
it. No. x.
I ract No. 21, Lots 21,22, 23 and i’4. recond
range, lirst square east of Mam Street, Ceredo.
These are four of the six lots conveyed hy .lex- I
*e Wright et at. to The j. 11. M Blender Liiml.tr
| Company. These lots are all unimproved.
I ract No. 22, All of the twelfth square, first
| range east of vlain Street in Ceredo, conveyed
to the j. If. Millender LvimtierCompany by John
j Henry Millender. This piece is known a- the
Cil Hanley property. It has two houses on it. 1
Nos. 45 and 4*., and contains 2,oof) square feet.
I ract No. 23. This piece is composed of the j
j west IimIf of lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 third range, third
, square, east of Main Street in Ceredo, contain
Ing in all .j.ono square fis t, conveyed to the I
II Millender Lumber Company by Hawkins
Coleel ux. It has on it one double house No. |
< 14 15 and one single house No. lb.
I Trat t No. 24. Lot No. 15, third range, fourth i
I square, east of Main Street, in Ceredo, convey - i
■ ed to I hi* j H. M 11 lender Lumlier Company bv
Hitt a ml S, I loyd Hoard, This lot is unirii
' proved.
Tract No. 25. Lot No. f>. first range, first
square east of Multi Street, « eredo, lOtlVeyi 1
i to T he J. II Millender Lumtier Company by
HIM silt! H. Floyd Hoard. It lias on it house
, No. 17.
Tract No. 2fi. fine lot on Bridge Street. Ce
redo containing 2rV4) square feet, Itelug’ ,*
b*» feet, conveyed to The .1. II. Millender
I .it i ii i ie r Company Ity Hitt and m. Floyd
Hoard hy deed of record lit l>ee«| Book T2.
I page It of flie records of Wayrie County.
Tract No. 27. Lots 13, 14 and 15, third range,
second square east of Main Street, Ceredo, cun'
1 feyed to the J. If. Millender Companv by 11. N.
Smith. It has on it honxe No. I'l.
Tract No. 2H. Two lots on Bridge Street
Ceredo, each being 2a feet front and Inn feet
long, conveyed to The J. H. Millender Him-i
her Company tiy Horace Millender. It ha
on M two houses, N»»s. i7 xmt .'4t.
, Tract No. 29. Two lots on Bridge Hi reel
, Ceredo, each being ‘ihn 100 feet, eon\eve<l to
The.l. II. Millender Lumber t'ompunv |»y
Horace Millender. It has on It house No. liH
| Tract No. *i. The J. H. Millender real
Here’s some news that will interest all the
women in WAYNE and adjoining counties.
The Variety exceeds all previous efforts in the extent of style shown by us.
Our positiou as leaders, handling the greatest quantities and transacting
the largest volume of business, gives us a command of the market which ena
bles us to obtain control of the most desirable goods produced at home or abroad.
Our line of DreSS StUllS for this season contains the most striking ideas
The Magnitude of our operations results in prices being ground down to
the lowest possible point.
deuce property in Ceredo. This piece con
sists of 21 lots and about one-fourth of an
acre, and is the name property conveyed to
J be .1. M. .\1 lllemb r I,umber Company by J.
H. Moulton, ti ustee. it lias on it one house.
No. 12.
I raet No. 31. Lot No. lit,second range, first
square, west of Main Street, Ceredo being
2.1X1U0 feel, conveyed to The J. ii. Mil lender
Lumber Company by W. W. Marcum. Spe
cial ( ommisslouer. It has on it house No. 51.
I raet Nii, .12. Lwis !i and 10, 3rd range,3rd so.
east o| Main street, Ceredo, each lot. having
a frontage of 2.5 feet on Second Strict, east of
Main street, and running back 101 feet, con
veyed to the J. II. M il lender Lumber Com
pany by W. W. Marcum, Special Commiss
ioner. it has on it house No 55.
Tracts Nos. 1 to pi inclusive, and tract No.
:o will lie sold tor cash iu hand on day ot
sale and tli*‘ balance of said propeity, being
traids No-20to32 inclualve,except tract No 30
will l.e sold upon the terms of one-fourth
cash and (tie balance In three tqtial Instal
ments, payable In six, twelve and eighteen
mont lis after date, with Interest at six per
cent.: purchaser to give notes with good se
curity for deterred payments, and the title
to lie retained as a furl her security uutil the
whole of the purchase money Is paid.
Uiven under our bands this 21th dav of
August, 100!.
Special Commissioners.
L W. H. Copley, Clerk of the Circuit Court
Of Wayne County, West Virginia, ito hereby
certify that bond with approved security
was given by the above named special Com
missioners as required by the terms of the
decree of sale.
<*1 ven under mv hand this 27th day of
August, 1001. J
_ W. 8. COPLEY, Clerk.
Notice to Home Guaros or Militia
Who Rendered Active Service During the Late
Civil War.
! -
The West Virginia Htate Service Comnils
sion created hy an act o| the I,eg|s|Hluie of
W«"«t Virginia at its last >es*io:i ao pro v id
h el»rnary ‘£1, IliOI. said com mission consist -
■ ng of the Adjutant General, M. H. Baker
President ol the Board, W. W. Kiley and C
II. 1 in ner i wo citizens appointed by theGov
ei mu of West Virginia, will meet at the of
tlce of the Adjutant General, In Chat leston,
W.Va.onthe following dates specified In
said act, on the first Tuesday in tictohcr
l!*nl. and the first Tuesday In February,
■lune and October, l!xij, respectively^ for t he
| purpose Of receiving and passing on the
moof of all claims for active service, either
for tills Slate or 111*1 I oiled Slates, during
the lute Civil War. whethei as Home Guard*
or Militia. Blanks for ai plica) loo and priHif
olt.ie -ervlce rendered will he furnished
the claimant under said act, either in person
hy the Adjutant General al Ins off.i e In
Charleston. \V. Va .or sent by mall on rc
I quest hy letter addressed t,,’ js. B Baker,
President H|,ii». Service Commission, A<1Jn
taut General's office, at Charleston. W. Va.
Said applteattons sha11 show t he address of
such claimant now and al Hie date said ser
vice was rendered, the length of such ser
vice m mom hs and days, the kind of such
I service rendered, whether the same whs
.enderedasa private or as an officer and if
as an officer the rank held; whether the sol
dler has been paid therefor or anv part
thereof and In addition t he claimant will in
reqii red to furnish t he affidavit* of at least
'wo reputable wit nesses to prove t he mater
ai facts, stated In said application, and any
; “I* other facts the said Commission may
see proper to require proof of And said
Commission after satisfying itself of the
correctness of the proof of the claimant will
deliver to claimant or his personal repre
, sen tat I ve a certltlc itp of the amount due
and unpaid him for sueh scrvlee.
_ a ll.TVTKNRR.
W • »a. Hi ate Mer v ice Com m ission.
| Caveats, and Trade-M arks obtained, and all Pat- J
#ent business conducted for Mooraarc reta. |
LOua Orricr is Oeeosirc U. S P*tint Orncc*
J and we ran ae< ure patent in less lime than those
Jrefnotc from VVmbmfjton. (
* Send model, drawing or photo., with descrlp
Jtlon. We advise, if patemable or not, free of |
* charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured. 11
i A PaassHLCT, "How to Obtain Patents,’’ with d
>cost of same in the U. S. and foreign countries '|
fsent free. Address. '[
Commissioner’s Sale ot Real Estate.
Higgs, Watts & Co. }
„ ,, vs* . >■ In Chancery.
Polly Spaulding, et. als. )
l nder and by virtue of a decree of the Circuit
lourtof Wayne County, West Virginia, made
and entered in the above entitled cause,pending
in the said Court, at the May term, I mu, theun
dersigned, who was by said decree appointed
a Special Commissioner for the purpose of mak
ing sale of certain real estate therein decreed to
be sold, hereby gives notice that on the
2:*«l «lnj of September, 11)01,
between the hours of Id o’clock in the fore
noon, and 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 1 will at
the front door of the Court House of Wayne
County, West Virginia, proceed to offer for sale
at public auction, to the highest bidder, the fol
lowing real estate, situate in said Wavne Coun
ty, and described as follows:
, A tract ol land at the Old Crum mill place on |
1 ug Kiver, containing 5 acres, the same more
or less, conveyed to I.uinda Spaulding bv Flovd
!• arley by deed dated 23d day of julv, 18'ik, and
recorded in deed Iss.k No. 48, at page ’88, of the
records of deeds for said county.
1 erms of Sale: i here will lie required cash
in hand on the day of sale one-third of the pur
chase price, and for the residue of the purchase
price a credit of fi and 12 months will be given,
the purchaser to execute notes ta-aring legal in
terest from date of sale in ei|uul instalments,
with personal security, to be approved bv the
said Commissioner, for the deferred payments;
and the legal title will tH* withheld as a" further
security until all the purchase money is paid.
J. I). Atkins,
» Special Commissioner.
I, W . S. ( oplev, Clerk of the Circuit Court of
" ayne County, W Va., do herein- certify that
the above Special Commissioner has given bond
before II.e as provided by the decree in said cause
with security approved by me.
Teste: \V. S. Coplky, Clerk.
The Chesapeake «* Ohio leads «t| competi
tors In safety sod luxury of railway I ravel.
Its track Is laid with 75-ponnu steel rails.
Its bridges are new Htid built of Iron.
Its roadbed is a model of smoothness and
Its entire equipment Is new and modern.
Its Block System has been completed.
All its through i rains are vestlbuled
'll its through trains are heated with
All Its throuah trains are lighted with
i electricity.
! Its limited trains are the handsomest and
best equipped miming between the Hast, and
I the West.
Its Famous F. F. V. Limited runs solid he
I >'veon Cincinnati, Washington and New
i lork.wlth Pullman s|« epers to and from
I Lexington amt Ijoulsvllle.
Its new Washington au.l SI. Louis Limit
i ed runs solid between Cincinnati and Wash
ington with Pullman Sleepers to and from
j I ml I a iiu polls and St. Louts.
Its dlumg cars run through between Cln
1 olnnatl, Washington, Baltimore, Philadel
phia ami New York, and the service Is un
i surpassed.
It has a complete new Pullman vestlhnled
| equipment, unequalled on any line In
| Amerl a.
| It Is the only line between the West and
, the Nat tonal Capital equipped a* above.
It rims through the grandest mountain,
river and canon scenery east of the Kocky
i mountains.
It reaci.es more poiutsnf historic interest
than any other line In America.
^It reaches the great battlefields of Virgin
It readies the great coal and Iron fields of
the Virginians.
It reaches the great cities of the Kast and
tiip Wen!.
It reaches the place yon wish to reach.
it la t he toad for yon to take.
- S# IHHH M Ik. -v*a:- - fc_ -
Burial Casas and Caskats
Of nil Sizes, in Stock.
HEARSE Subject to order.
Stock sept in building on cor
ner of B and East Third Street
Ceredo, W. Va.
Business represented by H« W.
STEWART. All orders promptly i
attended to.
Farms for Sale.
Now is your Chance to Secure a
Home GheaD.
all in \V avne county. W. Va., none of which is
more than fifteen miles from the Ohio river,
rhese farms contain from 12 to Urn acres ami
ran ire In price from $250 to $1,800. Each of
Ih.-se farms (with probably one or two exceu
t.ons, "as it a (IxM-llimr, barn and orchard,
w ill DC wild tor cash or on payments to suit
... Jiir*h,"‘r particulars call on or address
I. £. McDouirai.Ceredo, W. Va., or J. M. Full
tr, Shoals, W. Va.
(In consultinp the last named ifentleman*
please state that you noticed this advertise
ment in the Advance.)
II ■
The oldest Saloon in Huntington.
930 Third Avenue,
• Wayne county visitor* cordially invited.
The Advance One Year and a
Splendid High-Arm Sewing
Machine for Only S20.
4 - ■"
Our Special Offer, which
expired on .July 1st, has
been extended until Sept.
1st, or until the remain
der of this purchase of
machines are disposed of.
This Special Offer—
the Advance one year
and a Splendid High-Arm
Sewing Machine for only
♦20.00, should be accepted
by every person who is iu
need of a first-class ma
chine. The machine we
offer contains seven draw
ers, is the latest improved
and is warranted to give
entire satisfaction. A full
set of attachments goes
with each machine.

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