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The Cemlo Advance.
WHlne.Hdfty, April 1), ISM12,
Committii Mvets and Conventions
Pursuant to call of A. G. Holt,
Chairman, the Wayne County Ke
puhlicao Executive Committee met
at Keiiova, March 29th. 1902, and a
quorum being present, the following
call wax made:
Notice is hereby given that a Re
publican convention of duly elected
delegates of Wayne county, is here
by called to meet at Wayne, in the
Court House at 10 o’clock, a. m. on
Saturday, April 19th 1902, for the
purpose of selecting 23 delegates to
represent Wayne county in the Con
gressional convention of the Fifth
Congressional District to l»c held at
Huntington, on the 19th day of
Juue, 1902, and also to select 23
delegates to represent Wayne coun
ty in the Senatorial convention of
the 6th Senatorial District hereafter
to be called.
In accordance with the above call
the Republican voters of the several
Magisterial Districts of Wayne
county are requested to meet in mass
convention in their several districts
at 11 o’clock, a. m., on Saturday,
April 12, 1902, for the purpose of
choosing delegates to the said coun
ty convention to be held April 19.
The several districts will be entitled
to one delegate, for every 50 or
fraction over 25 votes cast for Win.
McKinley, in 1900, as follows:
Ceredo Dist. 511 votes 10 delegates
Union “ 396 “ 8 ««
Butler u 438 “ 9 “
Lincoln “ 491 “ !0 «*
Grant “ 243 «• 6 “
Stonewall “ 179 “ 4 “
The places of holding the Magister
ial District conventions, are hereby
designated, as follows:
Ceredo District, in Ceredo at
Wright’s Hall.
Union District at Dickson.
Butler “ “ Fort Gay
Lincoln “ “ Dunlow
Grant “ “school house at
Mouth of Trough Fork.
Stonewall District at East Lynn.
By order of the Executive Com
A. G. Holt, Chairman,
J. F. Yokk, Sec’y, pro lem.
d iik next two years will set* rather
lively times among Republican can
didates in West Virginia.
Atlanta City had a disastrous
fire last Thursday. Property value.i
at $2,000,000 went up in tniukc.
d hk King of Patagonia died in
Paris last week. lie lia.i not seen
his realm for several years. The
champion long-distance sceptre now
It goes to Croker, “Baron Wantage.”
\\ natkvkit else may he said of
Cecil Rhodes, it must be granted
that he was one of the greatest
makers of empire that ever lived.
I Ie epitomized his un at ambitions in
his dying word®; “So little done,—
so much y. t left to-do.”
Accoki.im; to the census there
are 1,600 shoe factories in the Cnit
ed Stall s, employing l 13,000 men,
using * 1 70,0u0,0i»0. The u hob-sale
price ot a pair of shoes repicsents
about 22 per cent in wages, i>f> per
cent in materials and J :j per cent
in minor expenses and profits.
Tiik Kentucky legislature passed
a hill prohibiting ihe “docking” of
horses’ tails, but it was vetoed by
the Governor as its provisions were
aimed against the sellers of blocked.*
horses. lie was unwilling to dis.
criminate against Kentucky dealers,
he said, but would gladly sign a bill
aimed at the faddists who drove the
mutilated animals
Tiik Committee on Militia of the
House of Representatives has favor
ably reported a bill to reorganize
and equip the national guard of the
country like the regular army and
to provide for its calling out by the
President, to become at once a part
of the regular national forces. Here
tofore the state militia was not
subject to service outside of its own
Thk esteemed Gazette lambasted
the Governor a short time since
anent the unfinished Capitol Annex.
A few days ago the Governor went
to Wheeling and the Gazette howled
about his leaving Charleston. Gov
ernor White’s chief business in
Wheeling was a conference with
prominent architects about the
Capitol Annex. Our esteemed con
temporary seems to be getting up
out of bed backwards these days, or
dropping into its old habits ol talk
ing first and thinking afterwards.—
Charleston Mail.
It is rumored that Ex-Congress
man Dorr and Secretary of Stale
Dawson will be Republican candi
dates for Governor.
Dr. Thomas Dunn English,
author of the old and popular poem
and song “Ben Bolt,” died at New
ark, N. J., last week, aged 82 years.
The able minister, Dr. DeWitt
Talmage, w hose sermons have long
been read and enjoyed by the Ad
vance readers, is quite sick at bis
home in Washington, D. C.
James R Garfield, son of the
late President, has accepted the
position of Civil Service Commis
sioner made vacant by the resigna
tion of William A. Rodenburg.
Hon. J. L. Caldwell aunounc
ed his candidacy for the United
States Senate last Saturday at the
Guyandotte District Republican
convention held at Huntiugtou.
At the Cabell oouuty Republican
convention held at Huntington last
Saturday J. L. Caldwell was en
dorsed for U. S. Senator, James A.
Hughes for Congress and G. A.
Northcott for Stale Senator.
West Virginia is busy from
border to border. Every town and
hamlet, almost, has its share of
development and activity in business.
The State is now the talk of the
country, and persons of capital
from without are flocking here by
hundreds almost. The gold regions
never afforded the real substantial
fortune getting opportunities that
West Virginia now offers.—Fair
mont Times.
IIox. William Seymour Edwards
says he is not a candidate for Con
gress in the Third District thin time.
Me will probably be a candidate
some other time. Mr. Edwards ex
pects to travel extensively the
coming summer and fall and will no
doubt enjoy himself much better out
of politics than he would were he
shaking hands with the voters,
smiling to the women and kissing
the dirty-faced babies.
Final results of the twelfth census
give the total population of the
United Stales, on June 1, 1900, as
84,233,0G9, with a margin of error
of possibly 1,000,01)0 accouut
i ed for by the uucertanity
regarding the population of the
Philippines. Three countries only
have a greater number of inhabitants
under their flags—the Chinese,
Miitish and Rus-ian empires. The
total area of the United States, the
term “I nited States'' including all
insulai possessions, is now 3,090,822
square miles, about one-fourteenth
of thi* entire laud surface of the
earth. The same three countries
exceeding the United States in popu
lation, also surpass it iu area.
A young lady school teacher from
out in the country recently dropped
into Sweelland Uros ' store and said:
“It i- my desire to obtain a pair ot
1 circular appendages, capable of he.
ing eont rac.ted or expanded 1»y means
ot oscilatmg burnished steel appli
ances that sparkle like particles of
gold leaf set with Alaska diamonds,
and which are utali/.cd for keeping
in position the habilmcnts of the
low«-r extremities which by delicacy
forbids me lo mention.” Ed Hil
bert, who is a young clerk, fell over
dead, and two more hairs actually
sprouted on Lon Richardson’s upper
, up.”
We clipped the above from our
esteemed contemporary, the Lincoln
Citizen, some time ago and have re
frained from publishing it, for fear
some of our readers might not
believe it, but have finally concluded
to give it for what it is worth.
The editor of the Citizen would
hardly publish anything of this
kind if he were not positively sure
it was the truth, the whole truth and
nothing hut the truth.
Dr. T. W. Moore,
Practice Limited to the
Eye, Ear, Now? and Throat.
Phone 155, Huntington, W. Va.
If you have your
Photos taken at
Htrribly MangUd.
The dead body of Shock RatlifT
was found by the aide of the C. I
AO. R’y track at Normal, Ky.,
last Saturday morning. He whs
horribly mangled, his right foot
and right hand being cut off aud
his skull split open. It is sup
posed he was iu Ashland aud re
maining there until after the 1 a-«t
street car had left for the night
started to walk on the railroad
track to Catlettsburg aud was
struck by a traiu.
The deceased was from Regina,
Ky., aud came to Catlettsburg
several days ago with a fleet of
timber, wbich he had sold. Theie
was found on bis person a check
for $183-25, a gold watch and
thirty cents iu change, besides
other articles.
The French has just passed a
subsidy bill tor her merchant marine,
similar to the shipping bill now be
fore the United Stales Congress.
In speaking of the late Dr. Thomas
Dunn English, author of “Ben
Bolt,” the Big Sandy News says:
“Dr. Englijh spent some time at
Wayne, W. Va., and in Louisa a
good many years ago. He was a
warm friend of the late Judge Mil
ton J. Ferguson. Dr. English wrote
several pretty verses about Twelve
Pole, the stream that flows by
Wayne and finds its way into the
Ohio just above Ceredo.”
Major J. H. Cummings, Grand
Organizer for the Endowment Hank,
Knights of Pythias, for West Vir
ginia, died recently of typhoid-pneu
monia, after a sickness of five weeks.
He died at his home at Rochester,
Pa., where his remains were laid to
rest. The deceased was well-known
all over the State aud the K. of P.
brethren will learn of his death with
sadness. He visited Ceredo and
Kenova a few months ago.
When you have a fire insurance
policy written by the McDougal
agency you are assured of the best
insurance that can be placed
Good for ftlieuniatism.
Last fall I was taken with a very
severe attack of muscular rheum
atism which caused me great pain
and annoyance. After trying
several prescriptions and rheuma
tic cures, I decided to use (’ham
berlaiu’s Pain Balm, which I had
seen advertised in the South
Jerseyman. After two applica
tions of this Remedy I was much
better, and after using oue bottle,
was completely cured-—Bailie
Harris, Salem, N. -I For sale by
i VV. M. Bloaa, Ceredo; R. N. Wil
liams, Kenova.
Anything that is mighty enough
, to prevail is mighty enough to set
i self up as the truth anyway.
Saved Itlaii) a Time.
Don’t neglect cough? and colds,
even it it is spring. Such cases
often result seriously at thisseaon
just because people are careless.
A dose of One Minute Cough Cure
will remove all danger. Abso
lutely sate. Acts at once. Sine
cure for coughs, colds, croup, grip,
bronchitis, and other throat and
lung troubles. “I have used One
M mute Cough Cure several years,’’
says Postmaster 0 O. Dawson,
Burr, III. “It is the very best
cough medicine on the market. It
lias saved me many a severe spell
of sickness and 1 warmly recom
mend it.” The children's favorite.
Sold by W. M. Blosa, Ceredo; R.
N. Williams, Kenova.
N i: w
Roadway Track Equip
Jast Scheduled frains
It. & o. s-w.
—To -
Observation—Parlor—Dining Cars
on Day Trains
Pullman Drawing Room Sleepers
on Night Trams
Ko,r.r'*,S,,’,,m* of ,r",n». Keeping a r rl Parlor
l ar denervation* or information regaril
Ing Home Meeker* Kzcnmlon* to
the Weat, ('all on any Agent,
on a«]<1 re**:
J. H. Larranrr,
Traveling Paaaenger Agent,
(Thlllleotbe, Ohio.
O. P. McCarty,
General Paaaenger Agent,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
r j
< vpious Stocks
Spring atmosphere permeates through all the pores of this
Popular Store. The gathering of Spring and Summer Merchandise ft
forms an exhibit that will interest you. Attractive in Volume, ’
Variety, Style, Quality and Price.
The words of hearty praise about our extremely
beautiful Hats at our Openiug days were iu accord
with our expectation. Never before have we exhibit
ed such marvelously exquisite masterpieces of the
Milliner’s art.
Tailored Suits.
We have just received additioual invoices of som*
of the smartest styles yet shown. Most graceful
lines. Elegantly tailored.
Fancy Waists.
A fresh invoice—it’s the choicest lot of the season
—all of crisp, brilliantly lustrous Silks, in prettiest
weaves and colorings, also black.
Kid Gloves.
Superior makes in this season’s attractive color
ings. The fashionable stitchings. All faultless
fitting. Made of soft, elastic, yet durable Kid Skins.
The styles of Neckwear for women have greatly
increased in number and iu beauty this season. The
variety is mighty comprehensive.
Beauty and utility are the happy combination in
our Veilings. We have an assortment which em
braces all pretty fancy meshes.
“tat* Mmui ;
-^Opening This Week.^s
v\e have never shown a better line thau “Munson”
which we control for Huutiugton. Spring stock now
ou display.
Our Phenomenal Sale of
, Mercerized Silk Peuir.oats L
Last week, we continue the sale this week by re
quest of many customers. Prices are without ques- ''
tion the lowest ever quoted.
vaieniine. Newcomb & Carder.'
“The Big Store,” HUNTINGTON, W. VA.
Wanted—Coal Lands.
Any one who has coal
or timber lands for sale
in Wayne or adjoining
counties, will do well to
correspond with T. T.
McDougal, Real Kstate
and Insurance Agent,
Ceredo, W. Ya.
Farms for Gale.
r have a number < f FARMS FOR SALE,
all in NVayne county. VV. Va.. none of which is
more than fifteen miles from the Ohio river.
Tlu-se farms contain from 1.1 to ios acres ami
range in price from *1*0 to jl.xoo. Each of
1 these farms (with probably one or two excep
tions has or, it a dwelling, barn and orchard
W ill tie sold for cash or on payment* to suit,
pure baser.
I'.'I'. .McOoiiu'iil, CVrotlo. \V . Va.
West Virginia Unhsrsity
Equipment: Ten buildings; libraries, labor
itories, •hops. aquaria, greenhouses.
rsr.ulty; Sixty-fire ntemlwrs, trained in tbs
leading universities of the world.
Ocpartmantti Eleven, collegia!* and pro
tudentt: Atiout '>'►') last year. Young me*
and young women admitted on equal tsins t«
all department*.
T*1 tion: Free to all West Virginia at ad*<i t*
A sis weeks’ Summer School will begl* JuOs
U, 1W. Manv attractive courses. Especially
valuable to teachers. Write for annnanceniesita
The Winter Term begins January 3, 1*03
Eprlng Term, April 1; tuumsr Tarn. j*n*33.
Write for detailed information t* tbs FrsuA
dent. D B rURINTON. LL D
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
TMs preparation contains all of th«
digestanta and digests all kinds of
food. It gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
I the food you want. The most sensitive
* stomachs can take It. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. Is
unequalled for the stomach. Child*
ren with r.eak stomachs thrive on it.
First dose relieves. A diet unnecessary.
Cures all stomach * rouble*
Prepared only by E. 0. Ifr.WtTT A no., Chicago
The |l. buttle contains?** times tbefioc. sis*.
I VV. M. Blosft, Ceredo, vV. Va.
' K. N. William b, Keoova, W. Va.
Reliable man for Manager of a Branch Office
we wish to open in this vicinity. Here is a
good opening for the right man. Kindly give
good reference when writing.
The A. T. Morris Wholesale House
Gluoianatl, Ohio.
Illustrated catalogue 4 cts. stamps.
“Advance” Office,
CERE DO, - - W. VA
Special attention given to the
preparation of Pension Papets
Briny your certificates.
A bountiful reproduction of LcRoy’s cele
brnted pouting "I’ASTKL PANSIES." Cor
net In drawlin', artistic in arrangement and
coloring. Suitable tor framing and tit to ;
I adorn any parlor.
We want the names of Sunday school !
Superintendents and Teachers, (’hrlstlan
Hndeavorerv, Kpwnr'h Leaguers, King’s i
Daughters, etc. In fact the name of any-I
l body who would b»* likely to be Interested in
t lie W11 ness an<l Sabi at It Heading. ^ ini to
any poison sending us a list of one hundred
such names wo will send the above described
j picture tree.
Now Yoik
Weekly V\ itness.
Interdenominational in Religion;
An Exponent of Applied
Christianity ;
Independent in Politics.
Has something of interest for every mem
ber of the fainIly.
Farm and Garden Department ;
Doctor’s Column ;
Talmage’s Sermon;
Children’s Department;
Scientific Department;
Spirit of the Press; etc., etc.
Only $1.00 it Year. I
Sabbath Heading.
A Sixteen Page Weekly Paper.
Solely Religious in Character. No
News; No Politics. Stories; Poetry;
Sunday-School Lesson ; Christian
Endeavor and Epworth League
Topica; Mothers’ Sabbath After
noon with the Children; Miscel*
laneous Religious Matter.
Only 50 Cents a Year.
Fro* sample copies of the Witness and
Habhath Readln« sent on application.
John Dougall A Co.,
IV) Nassau Street, New York.
P. H—The subscription price of both the
Witness and Sabbath Reading when taken
together Is 91.26. The., papers combined
afford s liberal homeedncatlon.
OrntK F.xtraoroinary.—If your name Is
not on our list and you deelre to try our pa
pers,send ns 26 cents (sliver or stamps) and
we will send you both the Witness and Sab
bath Heading lor three months.
Having purchased the stock
of goods of A. J. Nunn at
Tyree’s old stand, Main street,
Ceredo, I desire a share of the
trade of this community. I
will keep a fresh assortment
ot staple and fancy Groceries
and Provisions. Also Dry <
Goods, Tinware, Shoes, Hats,
Caps, ifec. My Prices are the
Lowest. Give me a call.
TIM & Growleu
Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Gar
ments Cleaned, Dyed, Pressed and
Repaired.-Cleaned bv the
New American Process without
the Slightest injury or shrinkage
to the goods. Dyed with the latest
Dye stutT that will not fade or rub
off- All cleaning and Dying done
under the Supervision of Mr. Thu
ma and all Tailoring done under
the Supervision ot Mr. Crowley.
ti iuw si-a&si
Burial Casas and Caskets
Of bit Slip*. In Stock.
HEARSE Subject to order.
Stock kept in building on cor*
uerof Band East Third Street,
Ceredo, W. Va.
Business represented by H Wm
STEWART. All orders promptly
attended to.
W antko.—A reliable man or
woman to canvass for this paper.
A liberal commission will be paid
the right person. Apply at once to
the editor of the paper.
Correspondents should remem
ber to send ua their true names if
they wish to see their communi
cations in the paper. We do not
desire to insert the name of the
writer, but in order to protect our
self must know who he or she is.
Mcc “Extraordinary offer” else
where in this paper. If you are not
a subscriber you should become one
at once, and if you are in arrears,
it will pay you to settle.

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