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ir-e-rc-t e-e-s e- c- e- c
| S ate News Pick-ups. £
*3 3 33 333-3 335 33333333333**
Miners employed by the Junior Coal
at Junior, Womeklorf and Hard
ing tia-e voluntarily been gi\en a 2'*
per cent, increase, the second in three
At Moundsvllle. William Quill, col
ored. s is lied the throat of Charley
Barnett, colored, for ear to ear. with
fatal results, in the penitentiary
sveatshop. following a dispute over
Q illl’s wife recently released. Both
convicts w.-re sent from Washington.
Quill for attempted murder.
Myrtle Bertie. aged 5. daughter of
Miner J. '1 Bortie. of Newlyn. says
Howard S«<»tt aged IN. assaulted her.
He has .ot been caught
During the race riot at Oypsv 100
shots we re exchanged. Four Italians
are und« r arrest.
Herman Helbrugge, an employe of
the Riverside mill. Wheeling;, had his
body literally cooked by molten metal,
inflicting fatal injuries.
Charles Goudy. a miner, was killed
by a B. & O. train the other night
near Fett* rman.
.Mu-hsun in me i nueu rsiates
court granted a restraining order
against tie striking*employes of the
American Bridge Co. to prevent them
from interfering with men at work on
the bridge across the Ohio river be
tw«en Marietta and Williamstown.
The application for a permanent In
junction will Ik* heard May 4.
Arthur I.ytton. of New Martinsville,
was on trial at Wheeling In the
United States court for the illegal sale
of intoxicants. His attorneys proved
him innocent by putting his nose in
evidence. His nasal appendage Is
prominent and crooked. The lawyers
brought in other witnesses, who tes
tified that another Dytton, who has a
straight nose. Is the party who dis
pense the liqonr. and the prisoner
was set free.
A deal was closed at Clarksburg
for proper’v upon which Pittsburg and
homo capitalists will erect a $300,000
brewery this summer. The land Is
near the old B * O. depot. The price'
fAid was $21,000.
While digging about his farm nt
Texel, near the Cheat river. Peyton
CofTman unearthed ore which appear
«-d to contain silver in small quanti
ties. Specimens sent to the Denver
(Col.) assay oifice contained both
gold and stiver in paying quantities.
Workmen on the Coal & Iron railroad
have discovered ore that assays $19 90
1i» the ton. but. being on the land
owned by the railroad, it has never
been worked
John Riley, aged 18. of Union, was
gored and kicked by a mad bull. The
bull had to lx* shot to save the boy's
The failure of the Elkins syndicate
to purchasi the Charleston street rail
way system has not caused those capi
talists to abandon their plans. It is
stated that a rival line will be con
structed with extensions to Montgom
ery and St. Albans. Engineers will l»e
gin the survey at once, and the work
be pushed to completion.
flen. S. B.. Young. ex-Oov. Chas. T.
O’Farrell, of Virginia, and Capt. Rich
mond 1*. Hobson the other day accept
ed the inviiations of the Morgantown
post of the ('.rand Army of the Re
public to participate in the memorial
day celebration.
Messrs R irnsey and Gore, of Pater
son, N. J., ha\** made a proposition to
Clarksburg lor the formation of a com
pany that will establish a silk factory
here at a cost of 9175.(100 and employ
200 hands. Work will commence on
•the building, it is expected. May 1.
(hire and Ramsey are the heads of
f he Ramsey A- Gore Manufacturing
Co., of Paterson. N. J.
At the city election in Parkersburg
1 he democrats elected Allen C. Mur
doch mayor by 516 majority The re
publicans retain control of the brmri!
of affairs, which has just been cre
Slot machines have been reaping a
rich harvest along the Norfolk (t West
ern railroad hut the officials of the
various towns nave decided to secure
some revenue from the* source. Thirty
•people want* i| the privilege to oper
ate these machines in Welch, a town
<»f 500 inhabitants, and the other night
council decided to give* the privilege
V> the high* t bidder. Ridding was
nphTted. and 'he privilege was finally
knocked off « Judge J. H Chamber*,
his hid being $3,500.
RentR v Gerwig'g big furniture fac
tory. Parkersburg, was started up aft
or an idleness rtf five weeks on account
of tin wood workers striking. About
half of the strikers have returned »n
work, and th* others’ places have been
filled l»y strung* .t.
Trueman Willis, a roustabout of Cin
rlnnati. was stabbe-fl probably fatallv
in a quarrel *m th<« Queen City at
Wheeling. The n-ai ant of Trueman
Is not known
William Clayton. a»;***l 32. a watch
man on the Hhoro 1 . railroad, was
struck by a train at narksburg the
other morning and did there three
hours later,
The art of an cm pie jn charR<> of a
gravel train who. ft, - having tried in
vn"‘ 1,1 f,rpvrij' »" »•*».* from hanging
f«, the end of ' he i r i „ ,v warnings and
threats, catcher *. of then, and lee- '
lures him. is l . k1, I ilmisano versus
New Orleans City Railway company
(I>a.i, ,»s I,. R A 4( . ii(»t to ren*ler the
master liable, w.'-er. he child, upon
lying release* , i. ns blindly in a direc
tion converging >* i h that of a coming
car and CpJJkl* * »iib car and is in
CifridiUr** of t Fifty-*: reatb
Caaireo J untitled by ihr
toaalry'i \.*eda.
A few years ago it seems but yes
terday -the appropriations of a re
publican congress aggregated about
M.OOO.OOO.OtfO. The democratic party
sought to make a campaign issue of the
fact. In the press und from the stump
♦ he count ry rung \\ ith denunciations of
“republican extravagance” and of the
“billion-dollar cougrcss.”
To these attacks Speaker lieed re
sponded with the br.;ef remark that
this hail become a “billion-dollar coun
• ry." Common sense men appreciated
the force of the argument, but the
democratic party continued to rave.
Then a democratic majority appeared
in congr*--, anil wav forced by prac
tical experience to learn something of
the «izi‘ and needs of thi- nation. \nd
behold, that democratic congress was
»lso a “billion-dollar congress," says
the Chicago Inter Ocean.
While the Spanish war did not in
spire the democratic party with cour
age to face the task of dealing con
structively wiTli t he consequence-of a
conflict for which Its representatives;
In congress hail clamored, it did at I
least open democratic e.vcs a little to
the dimensions of the United States
as measured by national expenditure*.
Kven the stunted democratic imagina
tion managed to grow just a little.
1 hus it came about that when Sen
ator Allison. In the closing hours of
the Fifty-seventh congress, announced
that its appropriations had aggregated ;
$1,554.10$.514. lu* was ohle to add that
not. only had the people of the country j
indorsed t hla expenditure as necessary, '
but also thnt the opposite political
party had concurred: in it. The demo
crat u- members, in fact, had come to
understand that this is not only a bil
Hon-dollar. but even a hillion-ttnd-n
half-dollar country.
The expenditures of the Fifty-sev
enth congress exceeded those of the
Fifty-sixth by $113,619,080. Of this
$•>0,000,000 goes to begin the isthmian
canal, about $50,000,000 to improve the
postal service, especially in the mat
ter of rural free delivery, and the rest
for rivers and harbors, for which the
1 ixty-sixth congress did much less
than usual. And the people are glad
to have their money spent for these
The democratic party learns very
•'lowly, and often seems to have for
gotten everything it was supposed to
have learned. lint it has at leas!
learned thnt tber> is notliing disgrace
ful. but tpiite the reverse, in spending
your money for things that you need
and for your own and others’ welfare.
Bryan1* U fly Statement Itrunnltaa
*6ii X untriiiplutnl fourae f n the
MKM C»io rntluD.
Mr. Bryan was recently quoted to
haw* denied the published report <tbat
he had declared his Intention to lead a
bolt from the next democ ratie conven
tion if t he conservat ive element should
secure control and proceed to reor
ganization c.f the party on a platform
not including ihe essential planks of
the Kansas. City platform. But liis
denial is peculiar, says the Albany
Mr. Bryan did not say that he would
not. bolt the convention, but only Ire
said that he did not say he would.
He added: “Never will yon find the
cold democrats rapturing any demo
cratic convention of national impor
tance. The very idea is absurd"
It may be inferred from this that
Mr. Bryan has not directly threat coed
to bolt the* convention if the* reorgani
dation faction should gain control,
merely because lie deems it to l>e im
possible for the occasion for a bolt to
arise, lie has nert said that lie would
not bolt if that which he declarer to hr i
impossible should nevertheless e*ome j
to pass.
Mr. Bryan will have to make a Hear- \
er, more definite statement before th<
suspicion vviP be allay ed 1 hat tt change [
erf control of the party would cause
him to place himself at the head of
those who would follow him out of ihe
regular democracy, and set up a party
of bis own.
\ffer ail flint be has said ngntrst
tbosc* democrats who have opposed the
declarations and principle*- of *1 be Kan
ra*- ( ity platform. it seems inconeeix i
aloe that he would ever bring him self
to join them and work with them.
■f ufTecl prophet" is old. to lie
»'ire, but a man has to l*e a stuffed
aoim thing 10 have influence with the
democratic party.- Sioux Ciiy Journal.
Mr, Bryan complains of the ex
penditures of the last congress, and in
speaking of the treasury surplus says:
“The wonder is they did not fake it
ail” The last congress of which Mr.
Bryan was a member did more than
that it took it all. and then some more,
leaving in the va<l11* of the l niteil
States treasury a generous vacuum
whVeb tie* administration was com
pelled infill by issuing bonds and build
ing a handsome addition to the public
debt. Slidlryyille Republican.
^Mr. Bryan in the role of universal
?ritl«* is one the people nr<* becoming
accustomed to, but he should not ob
ject w hen he in t urn is held up to criti
cism. Ah an old laconic saying ex
presses it; “Tfc who would shun criti
cism must not l»c a scribbler; and he
who would court it must have great
abililies or great, fully”—N. A'. World
rrcol. Walterson's remark that
“free silver is a* dead ns Judas" is nr
nnpleaannt association of ideas for
many democrats. The colonel's rote
again*.t Bryan in 1*9(5 and for him in
1900should induce a milder use of nrietu
pbo;#. - .St. J.ouis Globe-Democrat.
Ttarly la the Olitriloa •( a
Much 'ceiled Kiiaadal
Mr. Aldrich, ehuirmau of the 'fiuic
committee on finance, announce' thut
he will uppoiut a subcommittee, to
meet during the recess of congress,
which will draw up a finance bill to
be submitted to the senate ut the open
ing of the next session iu December.
There Is no doubt that the commit tee
is desirous of making quick work with
tiuancial reform this time. The hill
for this purpose which was before the
recent congress was prepared too lute
to hu\e any chance for enactment.
The proposed measure will be one of
tin lirsi w hiclt will go on the senate's
calendar, sujs tla- St. Louis tllobe
I'lie senate, on one notable occasion,
showet that it was cutwble of very
quick work in the way of financial re
form. This was in ls74. When the
democrats carried the bouse of rep
resentat i \ cv m Nov ember of that \ ear.
thus endangering the work >f placing
the country's currency on the gold
basis which was in the minds of the
republican lender*. President Uraot
Senator Sherman and the re*t of
the cliieftuii - of their patty <Je
termined to postpone resumption no
longer. Accordingly-, Sherman, from
the committee on tluance. reported a
r* sumption bill to the republican sen
ate on December 21, lebs than three
weeks after congress met, and ui
weeks after the election of the demo
cratic house, w hich w ould meet a y ear
later, it passed that body on Dec cm
her 22, went through the republican
house on January 7.1»7S. was signed In
President tirunt on January H and
"eut into ojic-ration on January 1. ls#*t.
What a republican president and con
gress did 2s yeais j,g4, a republican
president and congress can do now.
The resumption net was a republican
measure throughout. It was opposed
by the d* tunc rats at every step in each
branch of congress. The democratic
national convention of ls7t’>. in St.
lamb, which nominated Tilden. de
clared for t hi* repeal oi t he resnnipt ion
net. It went into effect on time, how
ever. rtiiseif nil the count ry’s currency
tip t«» ’In gold level by the stipulate*
• lay. at the la-ginning of 1S7'.i. and h:u
kept it up to that line ever since. That
was ore of the most important finnn
ei*. measures ever placed on the
statute book in t he Toited States. The
Mdrieh bill, which is also in t he direo
tion of a needed rn'mcial reform, can
be pul ihrough congress quickly if
ther«- is the same energy behind it
which passed tin- greenback redemp
tion act of 1st.',.
lapiirlnnt I-fk>»ImIIui I'ui Tlirnnuli
in Karlhlrnni'r til Untioual
I n(crest•
Of the fin is In'd legislation of the re*
sion just closed, the trus- hills dealt
with the subject of widest and deepest
interest, but they may prove more ini
portant as pr« paratory \vo*k than a*
complete dr \ieer fur holding h* force*
of monopoly in check and ins tring jie
t ice in commerce and industry li war
understood in Washington. w;iencon
gress-adjourned. that if the hil-V which
had liccome laws did not serve the pur
pose intended othersl# ps would follow
The end of the trust question mis bv
no means been reached. Various, legh
lative bodies have lieen feeling tlteit
way along toward a goal which must
be attained, though prolmhly *rter
many slips and mistakes. They r.-tli/e
that 1 h* ir la'-k i-. not yet completed
says the ( lev eland Leader.
Anoth* r piece of legislation w hich i«
bound to attract wide attention was
the creation of a ninth d< pad merit in
the president s cabinet. I'lie commer
cial am! ini list rial interest* of the
country have near lieen more in the
minds of the people .>f Hi*' l tilted
States than they a re now. a nd any addi
tion to the eabir < t would altrtiet much
attention atnoi g all classes. ft is n
cha age in it.# vi-ible and olaioiis ma
chinery of the gowrninenl. \«, «,ne
who keep, informed a: all abou! tin
tilTairs of the naiii.n can fail to notice
tin- growth nf tiie cabinet.
Other important legislation hn*. lieen
!e-s conspicuous. The in migratin
laws have b#'* ri improved. The vvai
taxis left after the preceding reilac
tion*: since * in* close of th*' Spanish
war hav*- been removed. Some impor
lant improv* men's have been tntide li
t lie law- affecting flic Philippines
f lie army t*ml navy have l*e* i improved
in organization and eqnipm* nf. I’orto
flico ha been helped by tiin* ly legis
lation. and something has b< cn d*mc
1ft give Alaska good government. The
important- crnstit hureatt has been
placed oti a permanent basis. \lto
get her, congress has not been idle o*
f^it having been re|K>rted that Wi!
liam J. Ilrvan would «'onvert a piece
*if woodland <>n his place into a public
jmrk. ii«- denies if. He says: "I have
consider*-* tin idea of making changes
so ibnt 1h« re will be desirable shade
but tt will not be a public place." From
pr* «ent Indications Mr. Ilrvan will I
have mm h us** for desirable shade In
the fntnre. Indianapolis Journal.
t-fi* is curious that on the eve of
every disruption thae •• predicted to
take place in the r* publican party
owing 1ft difference* between men
clothed with responsibility the polit
ica' sea becomes calm and the prophecy
regularly fails. The infest malicious
endeavor to open a breach has failed.—
Albany Journal.
fJ’The democrats engaged in elimin
*tirg e*fh other grow more wrathful
as 1904 approaches. It is a wise proph
et who can estimate the size of the Ir.
rrpressihle ( inflict in the party 3r*f
t. lx.ui» Globt-Utati'Cia*
I'he Rr«*tt«» Why (irrtMi*** Drei.lr.l
.>«•* t» \«*t| h 1 r r Itae Skip* Uriap
Hnll* lor Aritfuiln* nail « hill.
The German navy department. after
considering the proposal that Germany
purchase the four battleships being
constructed for Argentina and Chili iu
Kngland and Italy, has decided ttot to
do so, for two reason*. First, because
the government is not willing, in view
of the present state of the imperial
finance, to ask the reiehstag for the
$17,500,000 required; second, because
tin* general staff of the navy docs not
wish to incorporate into the German
navy gun* of different calibers, ami
turret machinery and other essential
features of warships which are not
similar to those in use on German
board-built vessels, it is pointed om
that the present homogeneity of the
naw would be impaired were the four
warship* to be acquired bv Germany,
as tin* gunners can now be changed
front ship to ship without loss of their
efficiency, lint if the four foreign*
built vessels were taken over with
their armament separate stocks of am
munition and differently drilled crew *
would la* necessary. It 13 also assert
ed that ihe construction of all four of
the ships i> so far advanced that the
German constructors would be unable
to change the plans.
French General lnnhtr In In Men
Orrorallnn of l.rglon of lliinor
on \\ oumu'a Itreaa.
Mint* Cnrlier, who was awarded the
l.cgion of Honor for bravery during
ilit* Armenian troubles, has been in
vested by Hen, Florentine, grand chan
cellor of the order. Mine Carlicr. who
was accompanied by two friends, was
received in state by the general staff
in fall uniform. After reading the de
cree conferring the decoration the
general's troubles began. He attempt
ed to fasten the cross on her breast,
after the ustisil custom and at first ex
perience considerable difficulty in get
ting the pin through the material of
the madam's dress. When that was ac
complished the general found lie had
struck an unlucky spot. The pin in
variably stuck in her corset. After
several futile efforts the general gave
up and laid the cross on the desk be
fore her. The next part of the cere
mony is the accolade, or a ki*-s on both
cheeks. Here his courage failed com
pletely \fter a pause he requested
madam to remove her glove, and then
lie Kissed her hand. Hi- afterwards es
corted her to the door, expressing his
Sifcerinn Farmer W lio la Creilitril
whb More I’ltn n Two tliinilreil
% mri of l.lfr.
A man who is more than Jitxf years
old. already in the third century of hi>
life, is said to he in a hospital in
Tomsk, the capital in the f;n«awav
province of that name in western Si
beria. lie i» a small peasant farmer,
bed-ridden, but still sound in mind,
lie remembers -ecing Peter the (Heat
and the Cat havines.
\iinmg the docuiio-nt- given as proof
of his extreme age i*- a passport blar
ing the date of 1703. in which he is de
scribed as a man GO years of age. lie
has been a widower 1C3 year*. The
certificate of his wife's death shows
that she died in 17W). after 47 y cars of
married life II is son. who who died in
is;i4 was said t<> lie IK) y ears old.
Millions for tlir Canal.
The Panama canal treply provides
for a cash pry ment of $10,000,000 to( o
lombia by the I’nited States, and after
a period of nine years an annua) rental
of §250 (100.
Cincinnati, April 11.
Butcher steers .... 5 t»t» © 5 15
CALVES Extra .... 7 60 © 7 75
HOOS -Ch. packers . 7 25 fa 7 35
Mixed packers . ... T. fttl fa) 7 25
SHEEP Extra . 5 75 fa 6 00
LAMMS Spring .... 7 75 fa 10 00
CLOCK- Spring pat. 3 90 © 4 20
WHEAT—No. 2 red. fa, 76%
CORN No. 2 mixed. fa 4o
OATS No. 2 mix'd. fa 36
RYE—No. 2 . © 57
HAY—Ch. timothy . fa 18 50
PORK Cl»*ar family. fa 19 SO
LARI) Steam . it 8 50
BUTTER -Oh. dairy. 12 © 15
Choice creamery .. © 30%
APPLES Fancy .... 2 50 © 3 00
POTATOES—Per hhl 1 75 © 1 90
TOMACCO— New _ 8 00 ©14 00
Old . 6 00 ©17 50
FLOUR Winter pat. 3 40 © 3 50
WHEAT No. 2 red. 74%© 75
No. 2 spring-. . 78 & 79
CORN—No. 2 mixed. © 42%
OATH- No. 2 mixed. 32%© 36%
RYE—No. 2 . © 49%
PORK— M«-ss .17 60 ©17 05
LARD— Steam . 9 82'/,© 9 85
New York.
FI/OITR—Win. st’rts. 3 50 © 3 65
WHEAT—No. 2 red. © 80%
CORN—No. 2 mixed. © 51%
OATS No. 2 mixed. © 39%
RYE—Western . © 60
PORK— Family .18 00 ©18 50
LARD Steam*. ©10 30
WHEAT—No. 2 red. 79%©: 79%
CORN—No. 2 mixed. 49%© 49%
OATS- No. 2 white.. 42 © 42%
CATTLE—Butchers . 3 40 © 5 15
IlOOS—-Western .... 8 00 © 8 05
WHEAT- No. 2 red. @ 74
CORN—No. 3 mixed. © 46
OATS—No. 3 mixed. © 37%
PORK—Mess . © 18 00
LARD—Steam . ©10 00
WHEAT—No. 2 red. © 72
CORN—No. 2 mixed. © 39%
OATS—No. 2 mixed. Q 33%
[T® The IV-ru-na Medicine C®., «r Columbus O.)
“ Pe-ru-na is All You Claim For It.”
ContfrcsMimu l>. F. Wilber, of Oneontn, N. Y., writes:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen—•• Persuaded by a friend I have tried your remedy and t bare
almost fully recovered after the use of n few bottles. lam fully convinced!
that Peruna Is all you claim for It, and I cheerfully recommend your medicine
to all who are afflicted with catarrhal trouble. ’’-—David P. Wilber.
■ ■> rrnrniMr asntl Cure fur « ol,la.
Mr. C. ]•'. Given, Sussex, N. B., Vice
President «>f " 1 he Pastime Pointing
Club," writes:
"Whenever the cold weather sets in
I have fur years past been very sure to
catch a severe cold which was hard to
throw otT, and w liich would leave after
effects on my constitution tin* most of
the winter.
"hast winter I was advised to try
Perunn, and within live days the cold
was broken u|> und in five dnys more I
was a well man. 1 recommended it to
several of my friends and all speak the
highest praise for it. There Is nothing
like Perunn for catarrhal afflictions.
It Is well nigh In fallible ns a cure, and
I gladly endorse It. C. F. Given.
A Prominent Slnirr ■used Pram l.oaa of
Mr. Julian Wrisslit/, 175 Seneca
street, Buffalo. N. Y., is corresponding
secretary of The Sangerlust. of New
York; is the leading second luiss of the
Rnngerlust, the largest flermun ringing
society of New York and also the oldest.
on Ills Kraal.
"Can’t 1 serve you some nice turned
egg# thin mm mug, sir?" asked the oh
setjuioua waiter.
‘ Curried eges?" repeated the gueut.
"What have i struck a mare’s neat?"—
1‘rroluui (airln.
Beryl \f», I know the count in very ,
sincere in his attention* to me How
can you aav he la a trider?
Sibyl 1 know that tie lovea you, dear —
and that m why I aav he pay* undue at- !
tention to tnde* Baltimore Herald.
Mother Cray's fjtrtti Powders
For Ctuldicn. used b\ Mother Gray. n nurse
in < luidirn's Home. New ioik. tireak up
< <dd-. cure Feverishness, < onstipstion.
> tomacn and irelhing Ih-ordei* und d<
. V!,v A11 ,,r"W»'*'k. 2fi« Sample
Mthh. Addies* A.8.Olmsted, Le Koy.N.Y
Funny tiling about self made men ”
'What m that-'" "They never nave
daughter* who rare for self made dresses."
— P/uladelpliia Pie**
To Care a Cold In One Hsy.
Take I.axatjvr Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
aruggitt* refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
The fellow- who aits down and waits for |
In# rich relations to die must consider !
that they sic worth their wait in gold. - !
Ptiiladelphia Record.
Always look for thi- Trade Maik: "The
Klcaii. Kofi) Kitchen Kind " The Stoves
without * moke. a#hes or heat. Make com
fortable cooking.
track 4
>:: t
The old. Invariable virtue tA
| St. Jacobs Oil!
^ nr.aket It the ktrif cure foe X
Z, Price, 25c. and 50c.
utLiAMe oeAiefty
vrirn ta THA
t ' I!
WtiP ;
L*e all our waterproof
roats. suits ar4 kats
for ail Kinds of wet work,
ft is often imitated but
f'erer equalled.
Made in black or yellow
and fully ouaranterd tw <
In The SnugerluM celebrated it*
fiftieth anniversary with a Urge cele
bration in New York City. The follow*
ing is his testimony:
“About two years ago I caught •
severe eold while traveling and which!
settled into catarrh of the bronchial
tubes, ami so utlected my volte that I
w as obliged to cancel my engagement**
In distress I was advised to try I'lrmnJ
un«l although I had never used r< patent
medicine before, I sent for a bottle.
“Words but illy describe my surprint
to find that within n few days 1 wad
greatly relieved, and within thro*
weeks I wu* entirely recovered, lain
never without it now. and take an no
ensional dose when I feel run down."—
•Iilliun Weihslltz.
If you do not derive prompt ami .sat
isfactory results from the use of Pa
rana write at once to Dr. Hartman, giv
ing u full statement of your cave muf
ho will lie pleased to give you his \.-dis
able advice gratis.
\ddiess Dr. Hartman. President of
I lie Hartman Sanitarium, fVdumbua.
$25,000 REWARD
will he paid to anyone who
can disprove this statement.
liecnuno W. L. DoukIm
is the largest niamifai'tii rer
he can liny flhflipOt ami
produce his shoes at a
lower cost than other 1011
Cemit, tvhi< h emildes him
to eel! ■lusts for $.1.50 ami
$•’1.00 etjual In every
way to tliOM Mold nine*
where for $4 ami $5.00,
Tile Dauarlaa anrret pro
i«aa or tanning tn« bottom ».Im prodnow ahao
luUily pnra laaihar ; morn flaxlhlw and will waag
othl,r taminijn In tha world.
,a , , , than doubled the pant fbtif
2rtwa'\«rWih,*iJ. 1>r1°v“-. ,u* ■uperlority. i/hr no*
glva W. L. Douglaa ahoas atrial and utntiniaay,
Notlte InrrraM-nmlltlM *»«. Vim.MM.tl
la Itarl•■<••• | \|«n dales AA,n«4,MO,te
A iralnor«a,H«o,4AU.7» In Four Tear*.
***°° «•»-▼ book link,
worth 10.00 Compnrml with Other Make*.
The beet Imported and American tent here. Mem I'm
Patent Calf, [ name/, Bor Calf, Calf, Vlrl Kid, Caron*
Coll, and National Kanijaroo. fast Color fyetete.
Caution • Th* have W. C. nOOOLAK
UUUIIUII a nanin and prim atainptK) oa laottaaaa.
Short l,y mail, Ithe. rrh a. Hint. <ntntey fete.
l> ntirui'lliiK morn m tutu ion Hum unr other tlla.
I rift in th<* world
“ Th* Granary ol the World " "Th* ( and el Sun.
•bin*.’* The Natural Frrdlnf Oroundn fur Sl?«k.
Area under rrop in 1902 f.W/ 110 acre*
lf'd WK . . . . II7.922.;S4 bashed,'.
Ahuntlanrt Kuel
rinnilful: Cheap Mill '.Hag Ma
IfriHl. I.ooo liiiea for t.i.tuia
nrul liav. a fertile soli, a miIII
imill rrilnfjill nnrl a < hrusteglv
>og an nsnureil aud a.teuuate
V'JLHin "f growth, aitiMK.
ami a rui f *» I I.A II f.A N »S OK f 410
*» IH lull.. Hie only eliaree lor wlili b i * (10
tor entry, close to cfnlrrbea. He bool a, yUi Itailaara
Inf. ull settled dlalrlets Mend for A Mas atel other
rlntenili'rtf of Immfgraflaa,
Ofliawn. 4 Mtiiatla, or II M. Wii i.i iih, Itrejin m
Cm I",lg. Toledo. Ohio; .1. C. DVSia •*, Koval C
,Fourllldg . lo<1lnna|Mrlie, lod ; an'horlnslCsr.a*
men Uorernmem Aponte, who will fttippiy you witti
* i rnn* af« «»v*r.ir toii rodtir odt railwujr reu•% «to.
“ '• o Jirovn ti- bt-n11m; and
ell III- ,I,p- r».,n rrrf Paula,
•"•In A Mllsepi I, tan Will
- lo.nl I. Inrg. trial pwrkage
w’’h l»tmk of Instruction,
ahanlnlely fr***. This Ig
not a tiny sum pie, but a l.irgg
p«t'k:iffe, eainyh to convince
anyone of Its value. Worn eg
ail oirr me ronntry ere
" 1 fog what U
ctH done In local treat*
. •"'■"I ®f rentnla IlhLrafa.
i/e eJrrV"®*11?" »bd discharges wonderful
v,Mrlna| done he for sore throat,
ft raisarrh, us a month wash, arid to remove
tartar nnd whiten the teeth Send to.da* a
postal card will do. 1 "** *
■told hf itraigltiaarwKl ae^fnntrf h« ... ta
noaton, |tiia
GOOD nVs^'mv a":!T Z:
Ceorgia. PPICI;* PI;AS4'NAHI>.. Climate
healthful, never vety rolrl ot very hoi All
marketable crops gtowit an.I bring better
Jdices than In the North. Katnlwll ample
and well distributed.
CORRESPONDENCE with Real f.sta*
AgenU in Hit North invited ...
For pamphlet« write to
H. F. SMITH, Traffic Manager.
^ nashvillb, tftnn. J
A N K. —B

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