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The Ceredo Advance.
Dr. R. E. Vickera, Owner.
W, P. Vicars,
Editor and Manager
Address all Communications to the Manager.
We«l»»- Htlity, Jiine 1!)0:5.
Solicitors Wanted
The Advance wants from one to
three Rood, reliable men to solicit
subscribers all over Wayne and
the lower edge of Cabell counties.
Good cash commission offered.
Write or call on the mauager for
particulars, must huve good refer
The masterpiece of art, a woman.
The masterpiece of a nature a true
The Kentucky mule never goes
out on a strike. It’s the other fel
low at the rear end of the mule.
Tub Si fans of Thibet make their
nurseries in the tops of tress. This
is probably the birth place of the
old lullaby about babies in tree tops.
When Soloman said a fool and
bis money were soon parted he must
have just returned from taking his
twelve hundred wives and family to
a circus. .
The blue ribboned manuscript
and the graduating dress for this
year will soon be over, but each
coming year turns a larger and a
better lot.
The Camden Interstate is not
only bound by contract to have
painted the trolley poles in Ceredo
when first erected and used but to
keep them painted. Is there such a
clause in the lighting franchise? If
not why not? If so both should be
enforced now that Ceredo is going
to put on a new dress.
The Advance congratulates Super
intendent Kimler, Professors Saund
ers, Thomson and all the teachers
of the Ceredo Independent district
npon their re-eletion for the next
year to the places they now hold in
the public schools. Hut it more
- heartily congratulates the pupils for
they will have with them as instruct
ors a corps of educators who not
only know but perforin their duties.
To the board, the Advauce will say
well done thou good and faithful
servants of the people and the pub
lic schools. Upon the teachers of
the public schools rests the future
of this nation as a republic. As the
twig’s bent the tree’s inclined, so too
are the minds of the youth of this
nation. Upon the youth depend
the future. Start them as they
should go and rarely do tin y depart
from it. Teach them that citizen
ship ranks partisanism. Teach them
the duties of a true man. Teach
them that while wealth is desirable
from many standpoints that the
higher life of man is not money
making. 'Peach them that success
in life means the accomplishment of
high ideals—the betterment of man
kind; the uplifting of the downtrod
den and the amelioration of man from
the bonds ot ignorance, of vice, of
■in and of wretchedness. Teach
them that a true heart, a clean char
acter and kind deed* are worth more
than Norman blood or Saxon gold.
Teach them above all thing* to do
their duty, a* men and women cheer
fully and unflinchingly in whatever
field of life their lot may be cast, be
it in high or low place*. Teach
them to maintain their telf
respect without which they cannot
have the resect of others. Aye, to
sum it np teach them that life i*
real and that no one can live unto
himself nor so can he die; that the
world is one pieoe of machinery and
that every man and woman on it are
|>arts of it* work* and only through
t heir action* doe* it go aw ry. While
upon the parent* rest* a fearful re
sponsibility a* to the future of the
child and the future ol the world
yet upon the teacher* rest tenfold
more responsibility. This is enough
indeed to cause the teacher* to be
thoughtful. Every teacher should
remember that be is moulding the
character of the youth of thi* nation
and upon these youths rents the
foundation of this nation—its weal
or its woe.
In Ireland thera are 211,000 wi»'«
own n« compared with only 88,000
v\ idowern.
Driven To DeHperatton.
Living at an out of the way
place, remote from oivilizatiou, a
family is often driveu to des
peration in cane of accident, re
sulting in Hums, Cute, Wounds
l leers, eto. Lay in a supply of
Buckleu’g Arnica Salve. It’s the
beetonearth. 25c, at W. M. Bloss’
Ceredo; It. N. Williams, Keno
va. B
'1'here are some positions that
seem to require men who don’t know
■ very much.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if
you used Dr. King’s New Life
I'llle. Thousands cf sufferers
have proved their matchless merit
for Sick and Nervous Headaches.
They make pure blood and build
up your health. Only 25 cents,
money back if not cured. Sold by
W. M. Moss’Ceredo; R. N. Wil
liams, Keuova- , u
At the burial of a South London
man his nix dogs draped in black,
followed the cortege.
Startling Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great
quantity is constantly coming in,
declaring Dr. Kiug’s New Dis
i covery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds to be unequaled. A
i recent expression from T. J. Mc
Farland Bentorville, Va. serves
as example. lie writes: “I had
Bronchitis for three years aud
doctored all the time without be
ing benefited. Then I began tak
I iug Dr. King’s New Discovery,
and a few bottles wholly cured
me.” Equally effective iu curing
all Lung and Throat troubles,
j Consumption, Pneumouia aud
'Grip. Guaranteed by W. M.
Bloss, Ceredo; R. N. Williams,
Kenova. Trial bottles free, regu
lar sizes 50c, and $1.00.
A man who picks another man’s
pocket is almost mean enough to
write an anonymous letter.
Worst ol* All Experiences.
Can anything be worse than to
feel that every minute will be your
last? Such was the experience of
Mrs. S. H. Newson, Decatur, Ala.
“For three years” she writes, “I
endured insufferable pain from
indigestion, stomach and bowel
, trouble. Death seemed inevitable
' when doctors aud all remedies
failed. At length I was induced
to try Electric Bitters aud the
result was miraculous. I im
proved at once and now I’m com
plelely ret- > r.-d.” For Liver,
Kidney, St nnach and Bowel
troubles Elm nc Bitters is the
only medicine. Only 50c. It’s
guaranteed by W. M. Bloss’
Ceredo; R. N. Williams, Keno
va. b
We have a nice line of Ladies
Oxford ties and Sandals at $1 00 and
f 1.25 per pair. “Custom made” at
$1.50 and $2.00.
Kbuxs Shoe Stoke.
5*17 4w. Catlettsburg, Ky.
People do like to trade where
they can see the greatest variety.
No store between Cincinnati and
Wheeling carry a larger stock of
shoes than we do.
Fked Hitrxs & Son,
5-17-4w Catlettsburg, Ky.
Free Gar Fare
It is our intention to pay car fare
on all $2.00 purchases. If you are
from Ceredo or Kenova do not fail
to mention it. We do not always
know' where you are from. It is
your fault not ours if you dont get it.
Bkuns’ Shoe Stoke,
5-17-4w. Catlettsburg, Ky.
Brain-Food Nonsense.
Another ridiculous food fad has
been branded by the most compe
tent authorities. They have dis
pelled the silly notion that one
kind of food is needed for brain,
another for muscle*, and still an
other for bones. A correct diet
will not ouly nourish a particular
part of the body, but it will sus
tain every other part. Yet, how
ever good your food may be, its
nutriment is destroyed by indi
gestion or dyspepsia. You must
prepare for their appearance or
prevent their coming by taking
egular doses of Green’s August
Flower, the favorite medicine of
the healthy millions. A few doses
aids digestion, stimulates the liver
to healthy action, purities the
blood, and makes you feel buoy
ant and vigorous. You can get
this reliable remedy of all drug
gists. Price 25c and 75c.
G- G. Gkken, Woodbury, N. J.
Sold only by
Fred Bruns & Son,
We pay your car tare.
|>Iore Goods for Same Money; Same Goods for]
Less Money. «
M'uion made
[during this
39 Cants.
I The "Echo"
New York *
Mills Camlet*
Working '
Pants during,
this Sale39o.i
,°f our Creat Sale now going on has been heard far and near.^f
If you want to he benefited by our great bargains,
come and investigate.
Men's $10 Suits goat
Men\s 12 Suits go at
Men's 13.50 Suits go at
| Men’s IS & 20 Suits go at
[All Boys’ and (Jiildmi’s ( lollies are
1 _ proportion*
cut in!
.the-minute price
Our line of Shirts is the best i town. Every*
Shirt is made well aud fits perfect, and up to*
50a, 75a, Sl.00 and SI.60
Our Ladies’ Shoes
iftre moving very fast since oor first announcment. The stockj^
,went down considerably. It will pay you to come as soou a«5^
(possible before the stock is broken. Remember, this is
l*trict(y bona-fide sale; every Ladies’ and Children’s 8hoeS^
imust be closed out regardless of value.
Ladies’ $2.50 Shoes.$1.98
Ladies’ 2.00 8hoes. 1.48 ^
Ladies’ 150 Shoes. 1.19
Ladies’ 1.26 8hoes.98
jSee our Men’s Shoes at $3, $3.50 and $4; positively the best^^
1 values ever shown. mf
We pay your car fare on $2 purchase.
D. & IT. Levine, \
[Catlettsburg’s Largest Men’s and Hoys’J
(Kor the benefit of our clerks our store will be closed at 6 p.
m. on aud after June 1st.

@99 (WEEK OF JUNE 1ST, 1903.) 109991
Twelve Dozen
F. 6. and American Beauty corsets
Given flwau flDsoluteiu Free
We hare just completed arrangements with the Kalamazoo Corset Co., the makers of the celebrated
F. C. aud Americau Beauty Corsets, to give away the above number of corsets free of charge. Our un
usual offer which is very easy to understand and just as easy for you to accomplish is as follows: To
every lady who will bring to our Corset Department a purchaser for one F. C. or American Beauty Corset
at the regular retail price of $1.00. we will present a corset of the same make id any style or color abso
lutely free of charge. The corset given you free is the reward for your service in helping us to introduce
these corsets to the lady whom you bring with you, for we know that she will be so well pleased that she
will come back tor another corset of the same kind wheu the first pair has worn out. This is a bouafido
offer made to introduce these goods and will postively not be repeated.
Sale Commenced June 1, at lOa. m.
and the oflVr will be withdrawn Juue 29, providing the quantity named has not been given away before
that date. We will be glad to have you call at our corset department aud learn more about our propo
sition whether you desire to take advantage of same or not.
The Big Store, Third Avenue, Huntington, W. Ya.
Shoes Oxiords and sandals.
Largest stookin
our shoe ex
perience. ■*
Iu addition to our leading lines of—Krippendorf Dittmann Co. and
Drew Selby & Co’s., Ladies fine shoes we have added this season to
our already immense stock, the new Faultlass-fitting
Shoes, Oxfords and Sandals.
Never was a new shoe put on the market that gained in popular favor so fast as “Dorothy Dodds ”
Dorothy Dodd boots, all leathers 13 00. Dorothy Dodd Oxfords and Sandals, all leathers $•> 50
We also have a big hue of Oxfords and Sandals at $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00 that we cau recommend.
We have Burt and Packards, Keiths and “Walk-Overs,” These factories make nothing but the best
All the latest novelties in shoemakiug. *
A Bis line of Mens’ Oxford
Beat selection of snappy styles of
Misses and childrens slippers.
We are a “one price” 8hoe House aud
guarantee that price to be the lowest.
We pay your car fare,
On and after Jnue 1st, our store closes at 6 P. M., (Standard time.) Saturdays excepted.
Fred Bruns and Son,
- __
Roscoe Lambert,
Commission Merchant
Salt, Nails, Flour and Feed.
Building Near Union Depot, Kenova, W. V a.
Thousands Saved By
wonderful medioin« posi
tively ouree Consumption, Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneu
rnonis, Hsy Fever, Pleurisy, L«.
Grippe, Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Croup and Whooping Couch.
Every bottle guaranteed. No
Cure. No Pay. Prioa 50o.&$|.
Trial bottle free.
Br»n> Hhoo Stow, CatleUsburu,
for Bargains. to June li

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