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Is dependent in a great
measure on the quality
of dress. There are
other essentials, but per
fect littting garments
cannot be dispensed
i with. Therefore it be
hooves you to get your
Fall ami Winter .outfit
’ made by FOX if you
wish to appear at your best, for Clothing
such as we make is above reproach, and will
withstand the severest criticism.
SflM FOXT Mfiroliam Tailor.
Ladies’ and Gents Oxford Sale
We have Oxfords, you have raouev. Let’s get together. Our loss
your gain. We need the money. What we waut you to do is to
come in. We’ll give you your choice in *
Mens’ Oxfords for $3.00,
Worth $3.50 and $4.50 a pair. A few more sample Oxfords for $2.00.
Pat. Colts worth $3.00 and $3.50. Ladies, we are goiug to continue
$2.00 Choice of Any Oxford
in window sale, which has been going on for 5 days. The goods are
richly worth $2.50, $3 00 and $3.50.
You can get Oxfords to lay away for next summer.
A Cut of 10 per cent on Everything in the House,
If ycu don’t take advantage of this sale you are not wise.
McCarthy & whippel,
The Ninth Street Shoe Boys
Huntington, - . W. Va.
M. Kountz, Prop, and Man. J. W. Koontz, Sec. and 1 reap
Koontz Hardware Company,
Wholepale and Retail Dealers in
General Hardware, Cutlery, Stoves, Fishing Tackle,
Doors, Sash and Guilders’ Hardware.
Agents for Syracuse Plows and Corydon Wagons.
They also carry a full lino of Ready Mixed PainU.
Both Phonea, No. 234. 935 Third Avenue,
Huntington, W. Va.
This Space Belongs To
Paul DoDer&Go.,
55 316 Ninth Street Jg
Huntington, - - W. Va.
West Virginia Iiiiilding at tile World’s) Fair, St. Louis.1]
West Virulnia Bulldinu.
The West Vieginia building at
the St. Louis World’s Fair was
selected by the West Virginia Com
mission after a spirited contest by
twelve of the leading architects of
the State. The Commission met in
April and then in St Louis in .May.
Alter carefully considering the plans
submitted, they selected those sub
mitted by M. F. Giesey and F. F.
Faria of Wheeling.
The building will be Colonial
with classical domes on the corners
and large domes in the center, w'bich
will form an observatory from which
the West Virginia visitors will get
a good view of the buildings and
grounsd. The building will cover a
space of 100x120 feet including the
porches and terraces. There will
be porches sixteen feet wide on the
front and two sides of the building
and ten feet wide in the rear. The
building will be 76x70 feet.
Huntinoton District.
Anbury Mick, Presiding Elder.
Acme- Sup|dic<N»y X. T. Scantliu.
Ashton—F. v . Arnett.
Central City—A. I>. Craig.
Ceredo—.J. \Y. Johnson.
Hinges*—Supplied by W. II.
11 icks.
Fairfield—William Ilia*.
Fort Gay and Egypt— To be sup
Griffithsville—Supplied by San
ford Cruinan.
Guyandotte—J. J. Iladdox.
Hamlin—J. S. Thornburg.
Handley—II. F. Farley
Henderson—W .VI. Stephens.
Huntington—First church, It. B.
Seventh Avenue—E. I). Hanna.
Kenova—M. A. Banker.
Marmet—H. VV. Walters.
Malewan- -To be supplied.
Milton—II. II Kingsley.
Nestlow—Supplie I byA.C Hicks.
Peytona—Supplied by J. L. Perry.
Heed—G. J. Hartman.
Hath—Supplied by J. A. Periy.
St. Albans—to be supplied.
Sheridan Supplied by I). H.
Thacker—Supplied by G. H. Lewis
Wavne Hnt.r.l i.tr (« It ttinh.
I ardaon.
Winifrede—f). II. Rutter.
Other miniatera known to many
ot our readera were assigned to the
appointment* named: Cameron
Circuit—W. B. Frazelle; Pleasant
Valley—F. M. Cain; Huckhannon
Circuit—A Merrill; I>avia -J. B.
Workman; Parsons -J. W. Bedford;
Gartnania—E. J. Weatfall.
Russia and Austria have just in
formed Turkey that reforma must
be carried out in Macedonia. If the
massacres continue there won’t fie
many left to enjoy the reforms.
Ghanoes Made, Keep Sportsmen
There seems to be a great deal of
misunderstanding among tin; sports
men about the game law's.
The laws which effect hunting in
West Virginia follow:
A non-resident's license is required
in West Virginia obtainable from
State Game Wardens; fee $15. The
game laws read:
Game liirds, Squirrels, flare, Rab
bit—Section II.— It shall be unlaw
ful for any person to kill any ruffed
groii-e, pheasant, pinnated grouse,
prairie chicken or wild turkey, be
tween the 15th day of December and
the 15th day of October follow ing,
or any quail or Virginia partridge
between the 20th day of December
and the first day of November fol
lowing, nor shall any person kill
I more than twelve quails or par
fridges in any one day; or any
blue winged teal, mallard or wood
dock, or any other wild duck, w ild
goose or brant, at any time between
the 1st day of April and the 1st day
of October; or any snipe except be
tween the 1st day of .\lareb and the
first day of .Inly, and the first
day of November, inclusive; or
any squirrel, rabbit or hare, between
the let day of January and the 16th
day <d the September following:
Provided that nothing in iln* sec
tion shall be construed to prevent
resident land-owners of this state
from catching, killin'/, injuring or
pursuing in the manner prescribed
by law’ any such squirrel, rabbit or
hare at any time upon their ow’ii
lands. And it shall b - unlawful for
any person at any time to catch by
seine, net or trap, any wild turkey,
rufTed grouse, pheasant, quail or
Virginia partridge, or to kdl any
wibl turkey on hail. And it shall
he unlawful for any person by the
use of any swivel or pivot gun, or by
the aid of anj push boat or sneak
boat used for carrying such guns to
kill upon any of the w’aters, bogs,
rivers marshes, mm| flats, or to any
cover to which wild fowl resort
within this state, any wild duck,
wibl goose, or brant.
Deer: (»amc Kxport—Section 1:
No person shall kill any deer from
the 16th day of December until the
16th day of October, except tame
deer owned by the person killing
the same. Nor shall any person kill
more than two deer in any one sea
son. No person shall chase or hunt
deer with dogs at any time. No
person shall at any time kill any
fawn when in its spotted coat or
have the fresh skin of any such fawn
in his possession. No person shall
at any time kill or have in possession
any deer, wild turkey, quail, pheas
ant or rufTed grouse, or any part of
the same, with the intention of send
ing or transporting the same or hav
iny the same sent or transported be
yond the limits of this State.
A trust among flowers has been
discovered. It is the sunflower
which botanists tell us sucks up 145
poouds of water during its growth.
' 1
Items oT Interest from Our Sister
The little son of <*. A. Porter had
Mr«. <». K Odgoo 1 visited Cerudo,
\V ednesday.
W. 11. Miller was ( ..redo visitor |
last Sunday.
Mrs. Susan Davis is going out of
the restaurant business.
’Squire .1. II. Lambert was in
Cerudo on biisineh , Wednesday.
Mrs. Lillian W. Shank and chil
dren have returned from a visit to
Mrs. S.’s old homo in Maryland.
II. V. K el lev, clerk of Train
M aster K. P. Johnson, spent lust '
Sunday at his home in liluetield.
’Squire ,1. II. Lambert and M. I).
(Fatten were at the county-seat ,
Attorney I. Hr^liam and little
son, of Huntington,' were guests of
’Squired. II. I.amheri last Sunday.
'Hie little son of Henry llattcn,
who lives on Big Sandy, is recover
ing from an attack of typhoid fever.
Judge B. F. Keller was a Keuova
visitor last Sunday evening. lie
went from here to Huntington to
hold Federal court.
J. B. Conners, Supt. of the Ohio
Extension of the N. A YV., with
headquarter- at Portsmouth, visited
our city last Monday.
c. H. Crane, of the Crane Lumber
( o., has moved his family from Huy
andotle to this place. They are
\ carding at the (Kenwood Hotel.
Night 'Picket Agent at the Cniori [
Station, who was olT duty at hi*
home in Virginia on account of sick
ness, has returned fully recovered
Mr. A. T. Vaughan and Miss I
I ennie Stepp were recently united I
iii wedlock. The groom is a popular I
N. YV. hrakeman and the bride is
one of Mingo county’s charming and
accomplished young ladies.
F. K Starkey, who was formerly
conductor of the “Dummy,” on the
B. A O. If. It.,is in our city. He ha*
I been conductor on a line between
Memphis, 'Penn, and I’adacah, Ivy.
His wife will return to Memphi* ;
with him and they will make their
future home there.
"""■MMV -- ■■ HI
> 4
\ Knights of Agriculture, <
Wnalilngtort, If.fJ.
a A Secret Benevolent Society for
Everybody. 4
j P fin Weekly Sick Benefit*; J
A fOO Weekly Accident Benefit*; 4
Y f2,0f*> Death Benefit*, and J
a ^ W Monthly Old Aye Penaion.
Af >rganlz«»rs Wanted.
•Write for particular*.
J G. B. H.TYREK. a
J General Field Organ iter,
Catlettabury, Ky. ^
^F NF V M V *1 ^pr HF ^ V ME
r> team or* have ag; in resumed
busineaa on the Ohio river.
Grand Old Plan to he Given a KlMHB
F. K. Hnllam’s elaborate reviv
al of “Damon and Pythias” will
be presented at the Huntington
Theatre on the night of October
17th under the auspicies of Hunt
ington Lodge, No. 33, Knights of
This production is heralded as
one of the big things of the pres
ent season, and unusual interest
is being taken in the event. Many
Knights anil others of this com
munity will .*ee the play.
I iik .ilt.itii<!<* ol some of the pa
pers to (*o\ ernor White on the sub
jcct of taxing the railroads is tifljust
to the Governor. While it is true
ih »t. he h a member of the Hoard of
Public Works, he has no power to
control that body. The truth is
that Mr. White has incurred the en
mity of the railroads by his official
attitude, A majority of the Hoard
of Public Works refused to accept
bis ideas in the matter. No reason
able person will attempt to hold him
responsible for the action of bis col
leagues.— Parkersburg Stale Journ
Itroke Into Ills House.
H. LeQtiinn, of Cavendish, Vt.,
was robbed of his customary
health by invasion of Chronic
Constipation. When Dr. King’s
New Life Pills broke into his
house, bis trouble was arrested
and now he’s entirely cured. They
are guaranteed to cure. 25c at
W. M. Hires’ Drug P or ; K. Ney
Williams’ Kenova. B
Grand Mastic it F. M. Turnkb
Ii:i9 issued instructions to Masonic
Lodges of the St.ite to the effect
that the meeting of the Grand Lodge
will be held in Wheeling on Novem
lo and II. It bad been intended to
meet in Clarksburg, but the fact
i i at the new hotel cannot be finished
in time has led to the change-in the
meeting place.
Dinting Invite* Disease,
To euro Dyspepsia or indiges
tion it is no longer necessary to
live on milk and toast. Starvation
produces such weakness that the
whole system becomes an easy
prey to disease. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure enahloi the stomach and di
gestive organs to digest and as
similate all of the wholesome food
that one cares to eat, and is a
never failing cure for indigestion,
Dyspepsia and all stomach trou
bles. Kodal digests whac yon eat
—makes the stomach sweet. Sold
by W. M. Bloss, Ceredo; R. N.
Williams, Kenova.
Mr. LANO^Jays that Athens was
saved from intellectual perdition
only 1% having no printing presses
and no newspapers. He mnst have
, beetf thinking of the yellow jou rnala.

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