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______ Devoted to Home Intereata, Local and Ueueral Newa. ~~~ ~ ■ -
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V«WHl llflllt.,, -II.U.IW,
r.tn.i.a t \ in. ro.. mo r. nmM j.r,
T. T. Hell ' i;
Fire and Life Insu
rance Audit,
' CKItCDo, <
Rpprpponta Strong t, t K i•%SU
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11 'In
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa V 11 3 6
fion, Sour Stonwch. Diarrhoea 9
Worms .Convulsions,Feverish- 9 P p
ness and Loss OF SLEEP. 1 I fl T II V P T
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Newsu Letters from Different Paris
of the Gouniu.
Whiles Greek, W. Va.
The mercantile firm of D. If.
Johnson it Co. arc invoicing ihcir
stock t his week, assisted by Klisha
I be work on the railroad track
dump has been moving on briskly at
this place for several days.
Burton Thacker, our local black
smith, is kept busily engaged at bis
i trade.
W. G. Smith, a resident of our
villiage and a blacksmith, is working
at bis trade al Gr&gstou tamp for
J. K. McKinney, contractor.
hvart Dickson, formerly of this
place, was visiting home friends
last Sunday morning, but in the
! afternoon went out prospecting and
1 staid too late for good health, con
sidering the weather.
I be bell on the Masonic Hall at
this place bangs silent on its steeple.
No more religious services, no more
Sunday School and last of all— no
more social gieetiugs of the Masonic
Iraternity, but all is silent as death.
Mrs. Jane Johnson's condition is
no belter at the present writing, but
she appears to be gradually growing
more feeble.
A revival of the Christian religion
is moving in the earth. Who will
avail himself of the opportunity to
accept free Salvation? May the
messenger pass this way and call!
More spilling of human crimson
fluid on Dock’s Creek. It takes
blood to atone. More later.
I he public roads are in a miserable
plight. The inii<I is fearfully deep
some places and on the new grading
along the railroad, between this
place and Keiiova, they are in a
dangerous condition for teamster or
horseback rider. Alpha.
Jan. 22, 15)04.
Crete, W. Va.
e are having some tine weather.
Health is generally good in this
W. II. Hunt lias been visiting
Milam Fork this week, lie lives at
Spunkey, near Wayne, and is d.iing
a good business in the merchandise
J. 1*. Mills keeps the ax ringing
in the hills making cross ties. Jim
is a hunt lor in the tie business
I*’. M. Stiltner has purchased a
line boundary of while oak timber
of James McSweeny. He will put
men to work at once to get out the
Kev. hi kins has ju«t closed a f»ro*
traded meeting at (xilkcrson. About
ten united with the church.
Rev. William Napier, John K.
Stephens, W. II. Fraley and R. A
Fraley are conducting a protracted
meeting at Crockett.
Lambert Mills, aged about 21,
died at the residence* of his father_
W. E. Mills—on Beech Fork the
19th inst, of typhoid fever. Also
a daughter of Mr. Sims died the
same day of consumption. The
bodies of both were buiied the same
day in the same grave yard.
B. V'. hry, about 20 years ago,
underwent an operation by Drs. (J.
It. Burgess and Bantield. About
six years ago another operation was
performed by Drs. Bantield and
Taylor and on the 20th inst. he was
again operated on by Dr. Banfield.
Rupture was the cause of the opera
tions and as he is getting along in
years, l*»ing.»7, it is doubtful whether
or not he will recover from the last
We should like to hear from the
Williamson writer again.
It seems that Congressan Hughes
will have opposition for the Repub
lican nomination this time. The !
people about Crete hate to give
Hughes up. Rook Jok.
Jan. 21, 1904.
Lavaleue, w. Va.
1 he health of our community is
at present very good.
Edgar Newman and little daugh
ter who have l**en confined to their
room for some few days, are im
1 ptoving nicely under the care of Dr.
' A. O. Wilkinson.
Ben Newman, who has beeu ill
for some months, is able to be out
again. He is visiting his sister,
Mrs. H. Self, at Dome.
Allen Brumfield and family have
moved to our place. Mr. Brumfield
is section foreman here and we hope
they will be pleased with their new
home and neighbors.
Ij. T. Tharp, of this place, ami II.
A. Tharp, of Iverson, have gone to
Island ('rcelt to work and wo assure
them success, as they have been
working at the oar shops at Hunt
ington for several years.
Miss Atla Brumfield and Miss
Trudio Brumfield are visiting their
cousin—Mrs. Anna Newman of
this place.
Mr*. Hattie Tharp, who is making
her home with her son, I. T. Tharp,
visited relatives at Iverson a few
days this week.
Dock Newman, ..f Huntington,
is visiting relatives here.
Km melt Fleming, who has been
working at Pittsburg, Pa., is at
home now on account ol a serious
illness; but he is improving nicely.
Our little town is progressing.
We have a new store. It i* under
the management of II. B. Work
»«an. »« wish it success. Ami
our other little stores are doing a
good business. They are owned by
Ira Smith and II. Hutchison.
Miss Una Tharp entertained a
few of her triend* the evening before
her father leit for the mountains,
with Hindi. AH reported a pleas
ant time.
Oli! yes, we must speak of our
hustling agent—E. L. Davenport
lie and bis wife are kept busy most
of the time. Ed. is the right man
in tIn* right place.
We are sorry to bear of the death
ol an old and respected citizen— Elias
t hildera. We extend to hi* family
and many friends our deepest sympa
Miss Maud Harbour, of Dickson,
was seen in our town one day this
Roy Wilkinson, «»* Dickson, was
calling on friends at this place one
evening this week.
A. \V . Preston, the Dickson mer
chant, was scon in our place one I
day this week.
Pearl Bancroft was calling on
Miss Pearl Bowen last Sunday.
Ell < It Carter arrived this morning
ll«- has been braking on the B. ().
R. R. lor the past few months and
is making headquarters at Pittsburg,
Pa Dauk Eyics.
Jan. 2U, 11(04.
Shoals, W. Va.
At the present writing our pastor.
C\ Watts, is some better. On
account of his illness the protracted
effort has been postponed.
M iss Anna Hibson, of this place,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Watts,
at Lavaleltc this week. We hear
Mrs. Walts’ little girl has chicken
Miss Lizzie Bailey is visiting
ftiends at or near Whites (’reek this
week. She is expecting to attend
the “Business College,” at Hunting
ton in the near future. We wi-li
her success in all she undertakes.
J. B. Porter left this place the
other evening for parts unknown
and several of his lady friend* are
mourning their loss. Hirls, we
sympatize with you; hut. dry your
tears for we know he will return.
Mrs. Mea lows is visiting on Beech
Fork this week.
Howard Hutchison, of Lavalette,
was a pleasant guest of Miss Anna
Hibson last Sunday.
Hugh Plymale and son James ol
Huntington, were seen on our streets
a few days ago.
Aunt Lou Workman, the noted
fortune teller of this place, is very
sick Mhe has been confined to her
bed for the past week or two.
We have a new beige at this p'aoe
called the “Mules,”
Our schools hive all closed at and
near this place with the exception
of Wolf Creek school.
The little son of Mrs. Rosa Per
due, who has been sick for some
time, is better.
Frank Irby made a flying trip to
Huntington one day last week.
What’s up now Frank?
In answer to “Suit All’s” question
about the Lavalette and Iverson
boys, we haven’t the pleasure of
I knowing anyt! ing about those boys,
T bey seem to be very important for
we see their names in the Advance
almost every week.
If the old office oat does not make
a bed cf this wo will corny again.
Wishing the good old Advance a
good night we ai«>
White Kokk.
Jan. 21, 1004.
Kenova, W. Va.
Mr*. II. II. Hordern tmd daughter
Nell visited relatives in l atletu
burg, Ky., last week.
Mrs. Joseph S. Miller and daugh
ter Miss I.a valet t e wi re calling on
iiiends in 11iiiitiiigtou, 'Tuesday.
Morris McGhee, of Central CJtv,
has moved into the Slaughter prop
erty on llcech street.
Mr. Stephenson of the Kenova Pop
lar Mfg Co., has returned from a
business trip to Chicago and other
" II Jones who lias been laid
up with a sprained ankle for tho
past six weeks, is able to resume his
Moik on tin* road taking orders for
a Portsmouth shoo house.
i>irs. >> ill IS ieliols lias returned
home from Portsmouth, Ohio, where
she accompanied her brother Mark
Smith — who in recovering from a
■evert* attack of typhoid fever.
K. \\ . I* iiiiIt, the painter, has re
turned from Cleveland, Ohio, where
he visited for several days. He
sujh the weather there was extreme
ly cold and he seemed delighted to
get hack to a wanner climate.
The following Kenova people at
tended the Huntington I'hea'rr last
Tuesday night and witnessed **FIoro
dora:” Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Clapp,
Misses l.ollie II ill and Sophia Kd
motiston and Messrs It. Ney \Vj|.
I mi ms, I,. K. ( rump, lh*rry Haley,
K. (i. Painter and Dr. I,. T. Vin
oli|> the following items from
the Mingo Democrat of Jan. ]atH :
F. t . Ayeri, of Kenova, road
master for the N. <fe \V., on the
Kenova division, was here the first,
of the week as a witness in the
circuit court.
I- D. Kaugli, of Kenova, who has
charge of t fie immense laud interests
of Stewart \\ ood in this county, has
heeu here for several days this week.
Jan. L>2, 1904.
Vivian, w. Vd.
I know you think I am not going
to write your paper again, hut writ
ing for a piper reminds me of when
I was a little school hoy, ttiie day
there were four of us iittlc fellows
all lined up along the side of a rod
clay road wading the mild and watch
ing it gush through between our
toes, when we met a man hosehack
riding a great deal fasier than bis
horse could carry him. He was one
of those very important men whom
you sometimes see. Hut be spoke
to each of us saying,“Ifowdy hud,”
until he came to the last one, who
stopped and looked at him for a
second and-aid “How are you, bios*
som * I lie man threw him down
fifty cents, for the compliment, and
mc four little fellows went on our
May rejoicing, for we knew there
Mas a treat in store for us.
There is ipiite a good deal of sick
ness in this part of the country. Mr.
Nunely lost a child three years of
age, Midi pneumonia.
h ire broke out in Hr. P. II. Kil
ley> residence this morning at six
o’clock destroying the entire build
mg and the fine furniture. The loss
is about six thousand dollars.
The ministers have all deserted
this place and die young people aro
carrying on a protracted dance. It
has been going on about two Meeks
and will continue all next week.
K very body invited.J
I notice that Mr. Con I) is hang
ing on a certain gate on Tidewater
late at night. Wonder what all
this means? Hut this is leap year.
Pp.tkr, tiik Saint.
•fan. 17, 1904.
•n ret.* 11 trade and audit* for ma mi fact ur
In* tiou-e havlug well c*Ut>llahed buslnem.
I»k*bI territory; mraluhl HHlary Wj.OO paid
washly and oprnM money advanc«d; pre
vious experience annecexenry; position per
manent; bnMneaa ancceeafnl. Enclose aelf
addreseed envelope. Superintendent Trav
elers* 606 Modoo tildg., Chicago. Jlnovi2w

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