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Western Canada’s Wheat Fields Pro
duce It—Magnificent Yields—Free
Grants of Land to Settlers.
The returns of the Interior Depart
ment show that the movement of
Ameriean farmers northward to Can
nda is each month affecting larger
areas of the United States. Time was,
says the Winnipeg Free Press, when
the Dakotas, Minnesota ami Iowa fur
nished the Dominion with the main
hulk of its American contingent. Last
year, however, forty-four states and
districts were represented in the offl
t ial statement as to the former resi
dence of Americans who had horne
t-leads in Canada. The Dakotas still
head the list, with 4,00t» entries, Min
nesota being a close secouu with ii.887,
but with the exception of Alabama and
Mississippi and Delaware every state
In the Union supplied se-tiers who, in
order to secure farms in the fertile
prairie country of Canada, became
citizens of. and took the oaih of al
legiance to, tin* Dominion. Last year
no less than 11.841 Americans entered
for homestead lands iu Canada.
From the Gulf to the Boundary, and
from ocean to ocean, the trek to tho
Dominion goes on. Not only the
wheatgrowers of the central Mississip
pi valley, but the rani hers of Texas
find New Mexico, and the cultivators
cf the comparatively virgin sol! of Ok
lahoma, are pouring towards the pro
ductive vacant lands of the Canadian
North-West. It is no tentative, half
hearted departure for an alien coun
try that is manifested in this exodus;
It has become almost a rush to secure
possession of land which it is feared,
by those Imperfectly aequainted with
the vast area of Canada’s vacant lands,
may all be acquired before'they ar
rive. Tnere Is no element of specula
tion or experiment in the migration.
The settlers have full information re
specting the soil, wealth, the farming
methods, the laws, taxation and sys
tem of government of the country to
which they are moving, and they real
ize that the opportunities offered in
Canada are in every respect better and
greater than those they have enjoyed
in the land they are leaving.
Canada can well afford to welcome
cordially every Amerlcau farmer com
ing to the Dominion. There is no
question but that these immigrants
make the most desirable settlers ob
tainable lor the development of the
prairie portion of the Dominion. Full
Information can be had from any au
thorized Canadian Government Agent
whose address will be found elsewhere.
An Animal Mirage.
In a speech before the curtain in a west
ern tow n a few nights ago K/ra Kendall
announced that lie was writing a hook o!
information for “Rounders Who (Jo the
Cocktail Route.”
“Hid you ever awaken in the morning,”
be asked his hearers, "and see au animal
mirage? It is a dissolving caravan, with
everything in it lrom four paws to no
paws. Inc doctoi says that my mirages
are i .'.Used from eating animal cruckei»
when a child and then in e-i' mg them it:
alcohol us 1 grew up.”—N J . Times.
T.o Doubt of It.
“Blank’s wife thinks lie's a crack /:mt
on his hunting expeditions.” said ins
friend, “but the tiutli is, ne couldn't hit,
u duck if it would sit up and pose foi him.
You see, he’s a schemer he rail afford to
lie, with that honest face of Ins. (Jut ut
camp he just loafs around all the time, and
then on the wav home he stops at the
market, buys a bag of game, and preseuts
it to his wife us a souvenir ot the hunt.”
“Hm!” mused the other; “lie's vvliat
you'd call a dead game sport, isn't he?”—
Detroit Free Press.
IT. C. S. Almanac for 1904.
The Kansas City Southern Railway
( ompany s Annual Almanac is now ready
for d ist r i hut ion. It Contains the usual
monthly calendars, many useful household
hints and information concerning the
> ouiitry in Missouri, Arkansas, The Indian
Territory, Icxas and Louisiana. Write
for a copy to, S. fj. Warner. (Jen. Pass.
&• 1 kt. Agt. K. C. tS. l’y., Kansas City,
“Why.” ext burned the surpiised suitor,
“what is the sofa doing in the vestibule?'*
The pntty gill blushed. Papa said wo
remained so long m the vestibule saying
good night that it would he much better
to make love here and say 'good night' in
the parlor.’’- Philadelphia Record
—- •
Harris “Was that your vaster I saw
With you yesterday afternoon? Barlow -
“Shi' vv asii t vv hen vou saw us. It was
later in the evening when she became my
rmter. Boston Transcript.

The t v me a mail who sees Ins own
heai t and tails it the world. Chicago
1 nbunc.
A peanut has no leg-, but We have often
so n a pi. nut stand N. V. Weekly
Spring flow <a s arc - onietimes giuwn
Witii \\
Mutliof women’s dully war i< dm* *ry
kidneys eaile bark,
m he, lnnyuot. Mind
headuehes. «li//iii( -s,
insomnia and urinary
t r« mi Ides. T n e u r o
yourself you must
e ure l h e |<idne\ .
I’roflt by the experi
ence of other* who
hti ve hecn eur« 1,
Mrs. William W.
Brown, professional
nurse, of JO Jane M
I’uter-on. X. J.. ► tvs:
*‘I have not only seen
much suffering and
many d e a f h ,s from
kidney trouble, but I have suffered my
•elf. At oru tioie I thought 1 could n<tt
bee. My back itched, there were fre
quent headache* nod d.:/zy spells, and
the kidney secretion* were disordered.
IktnnY Kidney Filin helped me from tlm
first, and s<s>n relieved me totirely r»<all
the distressing and painful syinotonis."
^ I* ltd. I-, I FI Ah of I Ii is jfreat K'id ney
medlcim* which (Mired Mrs. llrown will
be mailed on application to any part of
the I'nitcd States. Address Foster*
Mil burn (Y».. Buffalo, N. V. F< r sale '
by uii dn.££.£«,*: prh c I»J cents per box. 1
* State News Pick-ups. |
353-333 334 339 5333>5i5^
The death of Judge Hilaries H Si
montcn, of tin* United States circuit
court, in Philadelphia, a few days ago
has • nip mailed the part which death
has played in the settlement of the c el
ebrated oil land suit of Collins and l>a
vis against Harkness. For 14 years
the case has been in the* courts, am*
many times it lias seemed to lie near
a settlement, but each time* death has
frustrated every attempt to get a do
cisiun. The suit involves the owner
ship of more than k'»u acres of valua
ble oil lands In Ritchie county. The
suit was brought in isbtt in Wood coun
ty. John A. Hute.iinson and ex-Go\.
Jacob U. Jackson were opposing coun
sel. Mr. Hutchinson was the first to
die. The case was ready for trial when
he was take n sic k, and on account of
his sickness and death it was c-ontlu
lled. Others took the* <as**. and w Ijcr
it came up again for trial Gov. Jack*
son had been claimed by death. This
agjin caused a long*elelay. The cast
went through several courts and fine'
iy got Into the- United Stati-s circuit
court. Judge llofl", the- colleague of
Judge Simonton. named January ll!
last as tie date for hearing the case.
T^ree clays prior to tin- date Mrs.
Harkness. one ol the parties to the
suit. died. The case was continued,
unci about the 1st of April anothe r date
was named for the hearing. On the
very day when the case was set fee
hearing W. W. Harkness. the princ ipal
def< nclaut. died. Once more the case
\#hs continued out of respect to tin
Grim Reaper <)nl> a few days age
Judge Hoff notified the counsel and
others interested that In* would lu-iu
It. when Judge- Simonton. one of th
court, died in Philadelphia, and Judge
Hoff has indefinitely postponed the
hearing. All of the principal litigants
ate- dead, tin* original counsel on botl
“ides have died, several of the judge
before whorn the cast* has been ln-ard ,
or was to bave been heard, and a mo i 1
her of witnesses have died, and tin
lawyers in the* case are looking on il
with suspicion, wondering which per
son connected with the case will l»<
death’s m xt victim.
James Hickman shot and killed
James Winget In a hoarding house
Kept by his sisters in Ta/.ewell county
An old grudge was tin cause. Hick
man esc aped.
it'ii inousamt veterans and \ 'sitor*
w « nt to Grafton a few- days ago to a*
tend the unveiling of the monument
erected to the memory of Daily Brown
tlie first soldier killed in t.ie civil war
'Die shaft is a handsome granite affa't
in the National cemetery there. it
was built by funds raised from the !o
cal O. A. R. post.
At Ivytiaie, Clay count), an office!
namt d Shafer attempted to arrest
Floyd Chapman for running a blind
tiger. Chapman resisted, guns were
drawn and both were killed.
A dispatch from Welch teds of an
Interview with Mrs. Sheldon, wife of
Paul Sheldon, wanted in New York for
alleged embezzlement. She was Mis**
Blanche Shirley Davis, of K< nton, O.
and met Sheldon while she was stud)
ing for the stage in New York. She
left a promising role in The Strollers
Stock Co. to become the wife of tin
young lawyer. They lived most hap
pily ami in tin* height of fashion in
New York city. Mrs. Sheldon says
that about three weeks ago Sheldon
fame home early in tie afternoon and
instructed her to tell their landlady
that slu was going to ihe hospital t<
be treated for throat trouble, and. t*
her surprise, they hoarded a Pennsyl
vania train. In Charlottesville. Va
she left him. going to Lynchburg
thence to Welch, this state, where slu
knew Mrs. S. K. Davis, with whom
she is staying. Mrs. Sheldon says sir
has never heard her husband speak ol
any relatives, except an uncle some
where in New Mexico.
Miss Klizabeth Moore, aged :m, died
the other day at Weston. Her secom
eyesight returned about ten years ago
Stic was cutting new teeth.
Sistrr Mary Alma, of the commit
nity of St Josep i, who was a snultc
by three iuirl) Negro s at the Catholk
orphanaire at Kim Grove last H«*ptf*ni
b« r. received th** contents of a large
bottle of carbolic acid, thrown by n
tramp, the other afternoon and is tr
a mm unis condition at St. Joseph con
vent The tramp rapped at the door
of the convent and ask<*d for money
Sister Alina said she* could ncit giv*
money, but if he wanted anything u
cat ii would |»e given him II return
efl a little later and when the si i< r
opened t ie door dashed the bottle I:
her far** The attending physician
thinks her sight will be saved but h* r
prostration may rc-:n!f latallv Threat
ding letters were v* rit to local new.*
paper publishers recently fating that
anarchist* would avenge the punish
m» nt of the Negtni convicted of th'
Kim Grove outrage mile*--, they wit.
riven another trial, and inters of
warning, written in a friendly vein.
W« re received by the slsl r silp* T lor of
th* convent and tic* chief »f polio*
Tin* ne id throw* - was a whit" m;n
and Pom the meager description Sis
ter Alma was aid to furnish the po
lice hoV* arrested }-t veral su nc- t .
Gov White irened a stnteni nt in
" hie • h* says that the repoit publish
e**l throughout the state connec'ing hi**
name w iI!• tin* chairmanship ,,f the r
publican state committei in the event
of \\ M o Dawson's nomination fo
governor, ‘ is a willful fabrication !
without any Inundation”
Janus Burch* was mortally wound
ed the other morning in a fight on
Market street. Parkersburg, by sor.*-*
unknown muii. If** was shot In f! e
left side*. All the police ar** after tin
man w i*> fs supposed to have shot
him, but ns yef ba\e faded ty find

Lessor, in the International Series fof
May 8. 1904—Watchfulness—
Temperance Lesson.
THE lXsscry TEXT.
(Luke 12.JC-4S )
M L*t vonr Join* bt girued about, and
your lights burning;
S*. Ami \ vi tiritivt? like unto m ■' t hat
wad for their lord when he will return
from the wedding, mat when h* Cometh
and kntx-keth. th.y n;&\ op. n tinto him
**: Hd ..re those set vanta wtc the
i. id whin }.*- ..meth shall find watching;
verity 1 unto you. that he shall gird
i.imse.'. and make them to sit down to
Rirat. and will (.vine forth and -«tv.- th.in.
**• And if h. shu.l come in the s.cond
watch, ot . oin. in the third waU t . and (1 d
th. u. so. i>;« s*turc ihuM servants
oi*. And ;!.;s ktlOW that If - *v n
bad known . r
tile tlil.f w i uld .utoe, he won.; lava
re suffered *
to be brok.i. through.
• • • a.so. tet ll • B n
of Mu;, vonietl at an hour when v« : i.-.nk
♦1 Th. r. Peitt .said unto Him: I.c.l,
f p.uk^r: 1 hot. tl.i- (.trab.t unto as. cr ev . n
tO SL.J?
ll And the Lore? rain Who t) * n U that
luiihiui and wise steward, whom 1 ;s l.rd
bl.ui. make ra.er over his household, to give
th. in i lie ; r tertian of in.at in du« s.;v*on?
do I;.. * » ti.it s. ivunt, w h. m ms
lord w In n i.. nmh shall 11 mi * o «... ».l
»i Of it truth I bay unto you. that he will
mak. him rukr ov.r all that i . hull
4c llut and U that servant -in h.s
\i ■
el.ali begin to b»ut the men servants und
ma'd * vn at* n nd to * at and . i Ini., and to
bt drunk* t:;
*' l i .if tha s< i \ ant w id come i.i a
day \.li' n h. :< ok* t h not f or 1. :n, ui ..t. n
!■' ur w in i h*- not ;.w;.i., and w ; . ut
**lin it. na.ui r unel-vq<d appoint Irm ids j v r
t n with unb. ievtt*
’• Ai '• nut servant, w I i. h knew ins
ior . s will, and pr. pared not hlni*+-'f, nel«
> Will, cha I I • .:
tn with many stripes.
4V Hut h» ti nt km w n. t, and did c. nimlt
lb i ge wo d.y of strip, s. shall !»• beaten
rill it* tripea. Pot unto when ver
much !■» t >.i . c>f him si.all b. mini in
quired. ami to whom nu n hav. cuinni.it. d
mu. h. of 1 in tin y v id imk the more.
OOLDEN P K X T Blessed an t hoso
when I ameth.
•tall find watching l.uk. 12:17.
Wo.- Against the HharDt . s . Luk. 11:37-7.4
" * it Phi Luke 12:1-12
Parade of Hu h Pool.Luke 12:13-: 4
Exhortations to Watch. ..r: 4g
riMk—November or De.-emb.-r of A I >.
K*. About four mouths before tlu ciuci
PLACE - Ptra.-a.
"Let your loins be girded:” A Syrian
even to-day is not "in commission," *o
to speak, without bis girdle. The loose
flowing' robes make action of any kind
awkward ami dlfQcult. "Your lamps
burning: The servants expected tlieii
Ixird to return in the night. Without
lamps they could not do their work,
and that was the uot thing in the
world for them to do at that time.
"Blessed ate those servants, whom the
lxml when He ( ometh shall find watch
ing:" Not simply waiting, ready to tic
their duty, but doing it, and it wa*
hard, too; let those who have done
night watching testify. "He shall gird
himself. . . . and serve them:" Be
cause of His gl ut 1 fit ut ion over t lie iI
faithfulness. What of the satisfaetioc
God must feel in seeing such tine, alhrt
faithfulness now? “The second wat< h:”
The night was divided into f *ui
“if the master of the house' had
known:" But he did not know; lie
never does ami never can. The only
way is to be ready all tlie time.
"Ixird. speakest thou this parable
unto us;" There was no unswer, but
another question.—"Who then?" An
swer for yourself Notice that tin
wise stewart was faithful to ills work)
the reward for duty well done wa*
more duty to do; more ami liighei
work The steward who was unfaith
ful because there was no one there tc
watc h him made a great mistake. Nc
one can Fin with impunity whether he
is watc hed or not. "Cut him asunder:'
A very strong expression; sometimes
taken literally, hut better Agurailvoij
“cut him up,” as we should say. with
terrific scourging (so Adeney ami
"That servant, who knew* . . . man;
stripes; but lie that knew not . . ,
few stripes: ' The ethical principle
seen before in these lemons, that mer
are judged and rightly, according tc
their light "Nothing cari'he duty, in
the sense of morally binding upon u*
ct any time, v-hich we have not ut tint
time the means of knowinir. The idea
of unknown duty, as present obliga
tion. is an Impossible one. The niaxirr
that ‘ignorant* of the law excuses nc
one' is simply an expression of gen
eral expediency In the administration
o) human Jaw. Still, it is not rigidly
applied in any civilized society. Satis
factor, proof of entire ignorance wil'
mltigat* or F*-t aside the penalty. Ai
a principle of morals the maxim is ut
lerly fals--* " President. Fairchild. Go*
Judges nr an unling to our light. Wi
ai*- often to blame for not bavins
found won light; but if is in that
rather than In the art done as a result
of our ignorance that ihr sin lies Th*
me«spncci buy who taf.es a valuable
bundle to lr,s own house Inste ad < |
<o fh* pur* baser, bera ise under Hie in
Alien* * of liquor, is guilty in Cod'*
sight of what ? Simply of putting him
self knowingly into a condition in
which he knew It was dangerous and
therefore wliked to come. That wa*
his sin; ine rest was done a* it v.ert
in his sic- p In tti*• sight of -he law.
however ’« guilty IhuIi of d» inken
n*'-'; and tb*fc.
YcrF« Sayings.
Th* u nit • *•' of truth makes a mat
a king
Most i * mi e are *aurnt by sin tryint
to take th - I-ait without the hook.
Better a .»ar< board with the l*’e«s
Jng of God *b»n n s c urse on a full on«
Sin is a straight line* away from
God. and not a circuitous roti’e back
lo Him
'i he mo*. painful things about, this
world tea* h us the most peclont
tilings about son*, her
Though Jifc s jabor leads us in turn
many //ays the *-ompiss os the soul
luioM ever to Christ.--Ham * Horn.
- ■
^354W^inM^,Buf(aloiNYy /
Most of the Ailments Peculiar to the
Female Sex at e Otic to Catarrh
of the Pelvic Organs.
*-*■*-*-• • • • ••••-•• « . * .*
i . t
4 Rachael .1 Kemhall. M. D . MM4 7
4 Virginia St., liutfalo, N. V.. is a I
J graduateof theCiiivcrsityof UulTulo, 4
4 e!a.‘ . ISNI. and has been in tin* prac- T
I t ice « f medicine in that city since I
i then. She writes as follows: 4
j “My conviction, supported by 4
i experience, is that Peruna is a vnlu- *
t uble preparation for all catarrhal J
I affections. I have taken one bottle t
! of Peruna myself and just feel fine. !
4 I shall continue to take it.“-Rachael ♦
\ J. Kemball, M. D. j
Peruna has cured thousands of cases
of female weakness. As a rule, how
evcr.before l'cruna is resorted toseveral
«>ther remedies ha\e been tried in vain.
A great many of t lie pat icntsliave taken
local treatment, submitted themselves
to surgical operations, and taken ull
sorts of doctor's .stulT, without any
resu It.
The reason of so many failures is the
fact that diseases pee u liar to the female
. "I sex are not cominon
Femai. Troabir lv recognized as be
•>«»t Itrrnglilrril i',. ... i >
.... lug Caused byr ca
It ■ •utitrrli. . . ....
. —- i :■ i cii I hese cirga ns
are lined by iiineons membranes. Any
mucous membrane is sub jecttocatarrh.
Catarrh of one organ is exactly tin*
same as catarrh of any other organ.
What w ill cure catarrh of the head w ill
also cure catarrh of the pelvic organs.
Peruna cures these cases simply because
it cures the catarrh.
Most, of the women :i filleted with »nd.
vie diseases have no idea that tlieir
trouble indue to cutarrh. The majority
* * f t be people think t bat catarrh is u dis
ease con tim'd to the bend alone.
This is not true. Catarrh is liable to
attack any organ of the body; throat,
bronchial tubes, lungs, stomach, hid
ing s and especially the pelvic organs.
Many a woman linn made tldsdlH
i*o very af ter a long siege of useless t rent -
incut. Shelias made the discovery that
her disease is catarrh, and that Peruna
can be relied upon to cure catarrh
wherever located.
i f you do not derive prompt nndsutis
faetory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr Hurt man, giving a
full statementof your ease, and he will
be pleased to give you Ids valuable ad*
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
'I he Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
GALL-STONE CURE. “Craemer’s Calculus Cure”
V,,“l lgfl certain RgmedyFOR GALLSTONES,
’toiir- In I In* Kid nr v«, Hfnnr* liilliilMiii'T lilmlili'r m f)i nur I, llillou»nFnF, H\l|o.v < 'omplrilon, Jnnmllrn
• ml nil Hi,.Mini'll Tr>.,it>ll i •• 'ill.iiif froin I ii 11 •, n -1 - 'Writ.- lor iniit Itiilnia. If Tour ill uirirliil il.'.n
noil if,. II. ..i.l.f from u U U. I KAKMKH. 4 IOO .N. Orund A vrniir, wT. l.orfM, Mo.
miuoaiHTCi—ww ft*ui'i-iiY vou DimHer.
A Particular Lady.
Mr* X >ii itch I 11nn!. I'll lake Ibis
".ildi Vimi«• nine it's made ul refined
tleweler Certainly.
" Kern iim* I i|i> driest anything that ain't
refilled.' Philadelphia Public ledger.

‘‘Wlint’ii the row ovei on the next
street! "tlnl\ a ivimdin wedding.
i "Wooden wedding?" "Yes; a couple of
Poles getting married." ITimetou Tiger.

l’«ofn "Are \ • u on tie water wagon
now?" I)nl. "No, tut my mil*.man i».”
j —Town Topics.
Cincinnati, April 30.
CATTI.E Common $3 no 0* 1 00
Heavy steers . 4 90 ft 6 10
CALVES—Extra _ 4 6(1 ft 5 10
HONS Ch. packers . 4 95 ft 5.00
Mixed packers .... 4 85 ft 4 95
SHEEP- Extra . 4 30 ft 4 40
LAMBS—Spring _ 5 6v 8
KI.OUU Spring pat. 5 10 ft 5 10
WHEAT No. 2 red. ft 1 05
No. 3 wlnti r .. ft 1 01
CORN—No. 2 mixed. ft 52
OATS- No. 2 mixed. ft 4 1
RYE No. 2 . 76 ft 76
HAY—Ch. timothy... ft 14 75
PORK Clear family. ft 11 lo
LARI)- Steam ...... ft 6 15
BUTTER ('It dairy. 11 ft 16
Choice (-realm ry .. ft 25
APPLES Choice ... 3 00 ft 3 60
POTATOES !*< r lild 3 75 ft 4 00
TOBACCO New_ 5 10 ft 12 00
Old. 1 50 ft 11 25
FI .OUR Winter pat. 1 70 ft 4 80
WHEAT No. 2 red. I 00 ft I 02
No. 3 .spring . 85 ft 93
CORN No 2 mixed. 47 ,ft is%
(>\TS- No. 2 mixed. 4'» ,ft • JU .
RYE No. 2 . 70' .ft 71
PORK- Mcs* .It Mi ft II 65
LARD Steam . 6 60 ft 6 52%
New York.
FLOUR Win. st rtg. 4 85 ft 5 00
WHEAT No. 2 red. ft 1 04
CORN No 2 mixed. ft 53%
OATS No. 2 mixed. 45 ft 46
RYE Western . ft 77
PORK Family . ft I I 50
LARD Steam . ft 7 20
WHEAT No. 2 red. ft 1 00
CORN No. 2 mixed. ft 52%
OATS No. 2 mixed. ft 42
CATTLE Steers ... 5 00 ft 6 10
HONS- Western .... ft 5 75
WHEAT No. 2 red. ft 1 02
CORN -No. 3 mixed. ft 53
OATS- No. 2 mixed. ft 44%
PORK—Mess . ft 13 50
, LAKD—Steam . ft 6 62%
Indl; spoils.
WHEAT—No. 2 red. ft 1 02
CORN—No. 2 mixed. i ft 49
• OATS—No. 2 mixed. ft 41%
$4.00, $3.50, $3.00, $2.50
w . is. \ jougias sunns
are worn l»y more
men than any other
make. The reason
is, they hold their
longer, and have
greater intrinsic
value than any
other hIhk a.
Soli Everywhere.
» *> ••• Mr mimi- anil |„-lri mi liitttiiin.
IWiiiKla» It-. - < Iiroim < nlt-Uin, wlileli In
»vcr» u In rcrmn Icilicl lie flni-Ht I'nlciit.
I.< ;il her m i f o.sl ( o or / i/rleli on d.
nl'or Iti itiill.v •. -.1-i-vlf i. n i» fur Cninloir.
M . 1*01 »» I. A - , l)rm Klon, .Mlln»,
A Large Trial Boland book of In
structions absolutely Free and Post
paid, enough to prove the value of
PaxtineToilet Antiseptic
»’r*t.ne m In possdcr
f' rnj to diasolve In
M>oter — non-polsonnu >
« nd fur r-npcrior to llqu Id
rntlirpllis containing
alcohol *hlrh Irrlfatra
Inflamed s-.-rfaier, artd
have no cl- analog prop
erties. The contenta
of every bn* makes
more Antiseptic Solu
tion— last* longer —
. g<-a farther- haa more
’ ne« In the family and
does moregood than any
antiseptic preparation
you ca.i buy.
1. J r» A a aa
ire formula oi a ruled Boston physician,
and us'd with ifr^al success as a Vaginal
V*sh, for t cucori hr;a, Pelvic Catarrh, Nasal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane.
1 # In lorn] treatment of ferrmln ilia P.txtlne I*
jpvulu Mo. I : <‘<1 a* a \ . gitial Wash wo
i <*hallcn ;o tho world to pr> dure It* equal for
tV>rou, .' nff.*, itiau rr volution in elfanxing
and healing jmw. r; it kill* *11 genua which
ran so inflammation arid discharge,*.
All !<«.:.njrdrnsrgiit* keep Paxtlnc; prlea.Wkr.
ar.*jlfy< "oloen not, ral to Dufor It. In n’t
tauo a fit -til. to — Uierr Is nothing like Pax tin*.
SVrlte/ortho Free Mo* of I'nxtln* to-day.
K. PAXTON CO., 4 Pope Bldg., Boston, Mass.
Than anwIlM ami nMtllnff oattd
liialn ami lii DilnK I anil*,ami arafna
|«i oua and >aU<Uril.
Sir Wilfiad laarlcr rarrnllr aaid: “4
nr«r alar liaa tlaaii upoa tiia ln>rin%
and lalunaid II that •vary lni«l|nfi
« ho Ira* ra Ilia land of Ilia •myalonta
■*<<nia aiKl mt! a Imiua fur kiuiMilfaaV
lui ar ki* Kara l aaada. TUaia ta
FUIISI Haainlaada |(««
n*» >1) . Ih kMila.I'kurrkri, Malta
'» i*Va, Markrla.l'llaalr.rrrrr*
I It tug U l*r dralrad.
Kara itnarrtptlrn Atlaa and i*lhar far
fin mat Inn, apply In Hi nahrusiurtr
amain..*. Oita*a, t anada. m autkl
lUi«l » anaillan tlovainmanl
IL a KllUtat, U< T.l*4., Oku.
Safety, Luxury and Comfort '
arc cntnlWnrd in the
Do you know tlie ncklrtl plfuurB of I
Up-to-date Cycling?
Any Catalogue malted on receipt of g
two cent ttainp.
1 Urf*V.
Wnlrm iXnpt.
Of the Skin and Scalp
Speedily Cured by
Baths with v
To cleanse the skin of crusts
and scales, and soften the
thickened cuticle, gentle ap
plications of CUTICURA
Ointment to instantly allay
itching, irritation, and inflam
mation, and soothe and heal,
and mild doses of CUTI
CURA Pills to cool and
cleanse the blood.
A single SET, costing but One Dollar, /
is often sufficient to cure the nxst
torturing, disfiguring skin, scalp, ami
blood humors, ec/cmns, rashes, itch
ings, and irritations, with loss of hair,
from infancy to age, when all else fails,
Sf.ld fhroiijrVmt I ha »f*rWt. CalViira Soaps, •*«?-, OMfe
m»nf. W , HrM.Irmt, W- | In Inrm «,f Hit.Mill (M«S
nil*, Ut p*r vial of So,. lirpof*: I nmteii, tf iIi.im*.
hnu*. I'.ri., 5 Km d. la Call , Hmi**. 1-7 IM-iaM
Air. Pnllff |)mi k firm. Cor, , Sol* gpo^iaMwa.
ar Nri.d for " Th* <>r.at If .mar Cara."
■ •at Lins from AN ,f th, Oraat
South to th, World'a Wmkr City
Hti.fl l.laa tvatwaaa
nr LOl'M anil IX>1JISVI
A. It. K.-l
,l*ii*r MnI* f hut ,.a
■ tal I, lkt« ,a^r.

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