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The Ceredo Advance.
Wednesday, Sept. 27, IHOrt.
Pig irou is said to be becoming
scarce throughout tbe Uuited Staled.
Better save a few “grunts” and |
await the advance.
Rockhkkli.er recently gave an
other targe donation to a cburob.
And of course the price of oil was
immediately raised.
A gang of railroad men were re
cently arrested at Huntington for
working on Sunday. Always
thought the railroad people were
immune from arrest for thus break
ing tbe Holy Day.
A salter kraut mine has been dis
covered in one of the foreign conn*
"Tries.* \No doubt a weincrwhursl I
factory will be unearthed next.
Theu hoke ier lager und limber*
The Greenbrier Bd^TTst Associa
tion held its 105 annual session
with the Cashtner Baptist church in
Monroe county, receutly. Rev. ,1.
y*. Campbell, who uas been calU*d
to occupy a pul pi t at Huntington,
was moderator.
Fire destroyed about *200,000
worth ,of property at Charleston
Friday morning. The tire started
in the candy department of tin*
Kekew-Smith building. A falling
wall carried four firemen to the col
lar, injuring all of them.
Judge Parker charges a promi
nent life insurance company with
having contributed *100,(00 of the
society's funds toward the election
ot one Theodore Roosevelt. The
President of the company says it
can prove an alibi. So ’here!
The work of constructing the
lines of the Mutual Telephone Go. J
—Columbus to Huntington i® be
ing pushed very rapidly. When
the work is completed Huntington
y M then have telephone conneu
W Hons with every principal city in
r the union.
1 he Czar announces that it is hi s
desire to have another international
peace congress convene at the
Hague. From the amount of trou
ble that is being kicked up daily
throughout his domain, American
people think the Cz ir would do
well to first assemble a peace con
ference at Warsaw or St. Peters
A negro was lodged in j ail at
Huntington last Friday charged
*7th throwing a rock into a street
car. Some people who ’’haven in”
for the conductor, thus jeopardize
the lives of innocent men, women
and children by throwing rocks
through car windows. The sooner
a stop is put to this practice the
better it will be for the traveling
public. An offense of this kind is
punishable by penitentiary impris
cement, and offenders -diould be
dealt with accordingly.
I he editor of this pf«per hnd (
occasion to stop for i few
hours in Clarksburg while en route 1
home from the meeiing of the West *
Virginia Kditorial Association 'ai-t '
h’Milay. fn company with W. C. I
1! o<! * •.! L m
Heed thet) s^gwed us over ihe to/,,
TI lea ip, the suburbs, tv»I«> > jh the
n> MMifacturing district. Ir ha- I wen
Kev crat years since we were in Clarks
burg snd we were indeed very much
surprised at the great improvim nt
in tint city since we last vi-ited i..
Clarksburg is destined to become a
gies» manufactuung city md is
keeping fully abreast wito mariv
oth*»r West \ irginu
re ... jit a ! \ aucemet
West Viroinld Editorial Association
The VVest Virginia Editorial As*
social ion never bad a better meeting
than the one held at Webster
Springs the 20th and 21st iust. Al
though the attendance may not have
been quite as large as that of some
former meeting*, more interest in
the proceedings was manifested,
nearly every one on the program
Wing ready to respond. Enter
taining and instructive papers weie
read by the following well known
members ol the Association: S. S.
Buzzard, Stewart F. Keed, Harry
E. Snyder, George By rue, Cal F.
Young, K. Ad Hall, J. Slidell
Brown and W. C\ Hedrick. The
meeting did not prove to be a He
puoucan garnering, as some pa
pers seemed to imagine it would be,
but Republicans and Democrats, in
almost equal numbers, were there
and we hear ! o1 no partisan feeling
of any kinu to mar the general
pleasure of those present. The
1 ‘knockers” of the meeting should
now go ’way back and sit down and
not arise until they feel belter.
The Baltimore A Ohio Railroad
Company did all io its power to
make the uewnpaper nlen enjoy
themselves, having a special car,
with refreshments, from Clarks
burg to Holly Junction. The gen
iil advertising agent, Mr. Lowe,
and another geutlemaii—an agent
of tlie line—represented the road
and did it in good style. Mr. Mar
tin, a handsome and accommodat
ing young man, was the agent for
the Holly River A Addison R. R.
and lie spared no pains to make all
the visitors joyous and happy.
1 In* people of NVehster Springs
gave the visitors an excellent banquet
at the New W ebster Springs Hotel
on the evening of the 2 I, which could
j scarcely be excelled. Many bril
liant. toasts were listened to ami
much enjoyed on this occasion.
Officers of the Association were
elected as follows;
.1. Bt uce flcss, Mannington, pres
W . C. Hedrick, Bramwell, vice
l> resident.
II. <». Johnson, Elkins, secre
1 tary.
Onnand Randolph, Burnsville,
I corresponding secretary.
I. II. Dennis, Lewisburg,' treas
: iirer.
J. Slidell Blown, King wood, his
, toriari.
Oeorge Byrne, Charleston, ora
j tor.
Harry L. Snyder, Shepherdstowu,
! poet
Delegates to National Associa
t'on: I’, r. .McDoug.il, S S. Buz
zird, <» M Fleming, II. <i. John
s >n, Sum i ’. Barr and E. B. Tippett.
Bliidield gels the next meeting,
receiving fourteen votes t > E kins’
t *n and Morgantown’s one.
The A-socialion joins the State
Board of Trade, providing that the
membership fee does not exceed
twenty five dollars
Mi; l "ii'KN Summkks in compil
ing statistics lor the bureau of
h-alth at \\ a-hington upon the
subject of whether or not a person
with red hair was ever a victim of
consumption hereditary or other
wise. So | ur fie has b *en unable to
find a single instance. The red
color of the hair in caused by the
excess of iron in the system, which
probably is the reason persons whose
I* rsute adornment is of this hue ate
usually robust and healthy. Any
information upon the subject will
be gladly received.—Clarksburg
v Hinton is to have a new banking
in>HiiuLiou. I he Hinton Banking
A I rust Company has been organ
ized with a capitol stock of 426,000.
Dr. J. F. Bigony, one of that city’s
leading physicians, J W. Farrott,
proprietor of the Chesapeake Hotel,
\V. L. h rede king, jeweler, K N
'xnloootr, druggist, K, |„. Briers
u.-k J. R. liolin, merchants, are the
mcorporuors^Tbe new concern
wilt purchase g’ottn l on which to
ered a handsome '*ni)di0g to he or.
' cupie I by th»- hoik.'
i »
David 1 >hai*kr, „
expert, has made a
School Books.
As the time baa arrived for tbe
beginning of schools, says the Ron
oeverle Democrat, the question of
books is likely to become a very
important and aggravating one,
and is being more or less discussed
through tbe various papers of the
Slate. Tbe following from the
Morgautown Chronicle is a fair sum
ming up of tbe questiou:
v“Tbe system under which school
books in West Virginia are changed
and juggled is an outrage. It is in
the iuterest of publishers, and not
of the people. The public is hum
bugged aud robbed in order that
publishers may sell books. Bribery
is euoouraged and is practiced'.
Corruption is fostered. The idea
that each county must adopt its
own school books is uot only foolish
'#uu it in nuinc. it 10 urillllUcSI II
is enough to beat the blood ot any
honest man, to think of such a dia
bolical wroug being foisted upon
West Virginia.
The same books should be used
iu all schools of the state of the
same grade. They should be select
ed by competent educators, and
should be changed only when bet
ter books appear. As a matter of
fact, the stale should own the copy
rights, print the books, and sell
them to the children at actual cost.
But that matter could be considered
on its merit at some future time
rl he chief thing is to stop the
disastrous traffic in 55 kinds of
school books iu 55 counties. it is
wrong. It is foolish in principle
and corrupt in practice. The pub
lisher who pays the biggest bribes
is usually the one who has bis books
adopted. This is very plaiu lan
guage, but it is a case where plain
words are needed. The key uote
of the present system is bribery.
The last Legislature ought to have
killed the law beyond tbe power of
insurrection but it was not duue.
The next legislature should do it
There is no room in West Virginia
lor such a piece o! iniquity as that
school book law is. Let »t be killed
and let an honest law take its place.’
Pdrdoned Bu the Governor.
I he tloveriior’s office Kriday
morning announced the pardon ot
VV. N. Da vis, a prominent merchant
of Wayne county, who shot John
Voting in September, Iffut, lot
which he was convicted of volun
tary manslaughter an.I sentenced tc
; three years in the penitentiary
I he case has been under consider
ation by the pardon clerk and th»
' Governor for three months. Gov
ernor Dawson’s reasons for granting
the pardon cover nearly seventeei
pages of typewritten ma ter am
*eem to be conclu-ive.—Cbarlestoi
Lite In The Wondertul Wea.
This is from th« Howard (Kan )
! ^ ourarii: “A bald hea l is not nee
| ce&sarily the sign of bruins or talent.
Hunch Glover's bead i.s as destitute
of hair as a pealed onion and bis
skull is so hard and bis head is so
empty that he should wear a busher
1 in his plug hat to keep it from
{clankiug when he puis it on”
The above is not the belief of L>r.
Sturgill. He says it is not often
that a man—especially one advanced
in years has hair on his head and
brains inside his cranium.
Gollu! What d Wliouuer.
'1 he Parkersburg correspondent
I of the Wheeling Telegraph, under
date of Sept. 21, says:
“The stork when visiting this
section seldom leaves an Ja$ pound
baby girl, bui it arrived last night
with one of such proportions.
I he welcome bird entered the
home of Mr and Mrs. (i. P. Gou ly.
til 30 Market Street and left the n o
• oil bieakmg babe in point of sue.
I>r. Rush, the family physician, says
he has any kind of money to olf r
against an equal in weight to the
new comer.”
tVI. YN ink, the Russian peace
plenipotentiary, is said to have eon
i ducted a concert on board a vessel
while *en •route home. Seems we
j heard something about a man by j
the same name partit 'paling in a
peace concert at Portsmouth a few
weeks since, and that a rough rider
I named Roosevelt was the interlocu
YY it w eb'ctrlc lights, cement
pavement/, good water works, some
: of the hef- schools in the tftate, n>
high bip to climb, access to three
iff ere railroad- ml t it*
Fould make an ideal
1 court hou the re
P ,ry not w it hstai.d
that npleri
no' hm.<
A Bargain tor farmers.
The New York Tribune Farmer,
a uational illustrated agricultural
weekly of twenty Urge illustrated !
pages, has uo superior as % thorough
ly practical aud helpful publication
’ for the farmer and every member of
Uhe family, and the publishers are
determined to give it a circulation
uuequalled by any paper in the
United States.
Knowing that every enterprising,
up-to-date farmer always reads bis
own local weekly newspaper, The p
New York Tribune Farmer has
made an exceedingly liberal arrange
ment which enables us to offer the
two papers at so low a price that no
farmer can afford to lose the oppor
The price ol The New York Trib
une Farmer is $1 .CO a year and The f
Ceredo Advance $1.00 a year, but j
both papers will be sent for a full
year if you forward $1.30 to The
Advance, Ceredo, W. Va.
Send your name and address to j
The New York Tribune Farmer, •
New York City, and a specimen copy I
of that paper will be mailed to you |
(price $3.00) g|
< AND THE fi
l ADV/tNGE g
X (price #1.00) g j
S2.50 I
h k (k Ik:

I lie. Best It now ii Newspaper in I
the L'iiUhI States. ,
• — - I
Popular in Every State.
The Toledo 8laJelsnow Installed In its
new building with a modern plant and
equlptiie ii, and facilities equal to any pub*
• “■ ;■ between New Vo... hUU OlilCatfO.
It Istheonly weekly lleW* pit per ediled ex
nressly for even s.air Hd T» rrltory. Tn*
I news ot i be World no ariauged that hun
p -oplecan more easily coin prebend, than
I by reading cumbersome columns of dailies
\ li current topic* made pi..in in each l*su«
i *>v *pecial editorial matter written from In
ception down to date Tlieotily payer pub
• i*lied especially for people a ho do or do no*
read dally new .paper*, and yet ihl’St (oi
plain tacts. That ibis kind of a i eW'pap' r |
is populer. Is proven by I he tact that the
W-ekH B ade now has over Iki,dit5 y.ail\
| snhserlh • is, and is circulated in all parts of
th- l S. I ii addtt li>n to the new-, the Bind*
pnhii*he* short and serla' *|i ne*. and many
dep.rtmeiiis of matter suited to rvo v mem
t»er of the family, t 'ttIy *>ne dollar a yeai
. VVr.le for flee *peclm»n copy. Address:
, i Toledo, _-_* Ohio.
| i Affording a most convenient entrance near
the ceutre of the shopping and
hotel district.
The flow ii tow a terminal at foot of
libkk rv Hiiu'.Kr
will be continued as heretofore.
Kerry service to and from Houth Kerry
VN bite ball tei in I ual lias been
d.•continue I
J *i. H. A .Chicago, It ti p. a.. Baltimore, Mil I
D. B MARTIN, tt*i pill, 11 atto, Baltimore J
Only t; ou For a Year.
The Wheeling Ddilg Intelligencer
again Marks dii Epoch in West
Virginid Journalism with ito Sec
ond Annual Bargain Dau. Ihurh
dau, October 5th, 1905.
On Thur<drr, October 5th l<*rt, The Wheel
i' g Daii. 1 utelligeocer proposes to h Id its
I second A nous I Hsrgtin Day Upon (hi- day
! The Whading Daily Intelligencer can be «e
cured fnr H 00 for an entire year, by mail only
The regular price is #5 JO This is The Inieln
1 genrer s second annual “Bargain Day ’’ Pres j
enl subscribers can gel the paper at Ibis pi ice :
I b\ pi vin*> up then present aceouul when re M
ml ling td.fxi lor the n> w year Wr.tr us a !
i letter, and mail your cliei It, postal or money j
I order for fl 1*1 on Wedn» sriav , October if It, pap I
I Send the same to the I nlcltinencer Publishing!
t omp.iny, A heeling, W. Vj If >ou are !
already a *ub«crlber send The Intelligencer!
to your friends for a f'hristmis present.
The intelligencer is a • uperb. mettopoli'an !
morning new .paper publishing the full I. .»ed i
; wire report of tile associated press, furnishing '
all tlie news of West Virginia and the wWrld I
its market reports are unexcelled, its nyaga
.:ine and colored comie supplement, i.- ..Ai (>n I
Sa unlay, giyes you all the ad rant sues > the
Sunday piper Excellent mail facilities iKake I
it within the reach of every home in the «r»a «. |
In !«*.. as in the past. The Daily ItiMlIigwiicer
wl I continue to be the greatest newspaper In
I toe Stile Ktxi.u,,, ink, uaTK OC I ODER '
5tn, 19 5 / i
* / 1
i Pall Announcement i
-- -
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A positive saving of big mouey ; an abiolute assarauce
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3d Street, - - I ronton, O.
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R stup. Some women stop suddenly. I he entire change lasts thiee Rj
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gag which can, however, be cured, by taking B
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SB and frankly, tellm* us all your
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m plain, sealed envelope). Address; L a
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m Medicine t.o., ( liattamrugii, fenii.
I suffered,'' writes Virginia fcot.son, EB
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wfiuh suit'd ina so gukkly it sur^risod
my doctor, wfio didn't know I was fifel
taking it."
I You’ll Never
I lie Sorry If You
— For anything yrn may ti‘*ed in the line of—
Ills stock Is lull and complete and his prices «
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Special AttPifCon to Undertaking.

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