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Devoted to lloute lutereata, bocal and Oeueral Metri.
Unanswerable Articles From the Wayne
County Progressive Citizen.
We heard a prominent citizen of
Wayne county elate recently thal
bo bad keen water hauled from
Twelve Pole, when that stream was
completely covered with a thick,
green scum, and emptied into the
court house well, for the people to
use. Does any one wonder that the
people of Wayne were stricken with
fever year after year? Wring the
court bouse to Ceredo where we
have an unsurpassed water supply.
Something like a year ago the
county court was indicted by oue
of WayDe county's beet citizens,
for maintaining a public nui
sance on the public grounds at
Wayne. The oourt had our sym
pathy in the matter because, un
der existing conditions (lack of
water, etc..) they were powerless
to make better arrangemouta. We
do not know what became of thp
indictment, but we suppose the
court, taking the same view that
we did, declined to push the proe
A New Enterprise
A friend remarked the other day,
that if the court bouse remained at
Wayne, he was going there and go
into the patent medicine business,
because, he said, when the good
farmers who are used to pure, clear
water at home and who have to go
there as witnesses and jurors and
remain there for four or five days,
and have to drink that beastly water,
it makes them sick, and Chamber
lain’s Colic, Choleia and Diarrhocai
Cure will be in great demand. We
were then reminded of having had
to purchase a bottle of Gooche’e
Mexican Syrup there once, and Oh!
what memories.
The “Wayne Citizen’s Frenzied
Financier” in a recent issue informs
hie reader* that the “Deep Water
Kailroad” i* headed square for
Wayne C. 11. together with other
trutik lines to make that point a
great railroad centre. We all know
that. Wayne has a “great financier,”
for the Huntington daily papers of
a few months ago were inspired to i
mention the fact of the coming and |
going, about twice each we< k, ol
Wayne county’s most successful
financier. It was really a treat to j
llantlhgton to realize that it was
“entertaining a Prince,” and he ,
was not even in disguise. That h<
must be “Frenzied” we judge from |
the uncharitable return the “Wayne
( itizen” makes by its published ref
erenees to the citizens of Hunting
ton as “thugs and cut-throats” who
will certainly do great injury to the
innocent citizens of W’ajne county
should they venture to attend court
within eight miles ot that city.
I)o You Califh On?
The l’rogressi\e Citizen is not so
“blankety” (we refer to size, not the
bad word) big as some, of our con
temponneous concoctions of con- !
ceit, bluster, bluff and bile, and I
claimed trt he “second class matter,”
because we don’t fed called upon to
devote any space to telling u« read
ers all about anybody’s bank, nor
anylfody's anxiety to “swap” for
county claims, nor do we expect to
devote the greater part of our space
to pander to the peisoual vanity of
any self-imagined great man in our
community, by telling you how
much he has done for the county in
way of “pnoifOTiNO its develop
ment,” or incidentally giving you
an object lesson bow a comparative
ly impecunious person, by a little
effort of bis “gray matter” can ef
fectnally grasp the things material
in his vicinity and thereafter be re
ferred to when he visits adjoining
cities, as “Wavne county’s most
successful capitalist.” No, we
“can’t gather tigs of thistles” and
won’t try; but we do hoj»e to
“scotch” a few lies, and point in our
humble way to the facts, so that our
readers may solve for themselves
the question: “Who has lied?”
“It Might Have Been”
Bee Jxy pays it wan some of the
removalist* who burnt his bank
Ooet* any man with an idea above a
raccoon believe that? If it had
been any one in favor of removal,
don’t you believe he would have act
tire to tie court bouse? It oould
have been burned just an easily.
Could be burned any time. They
never have water enough on the hill
to pnt a tire out, and reason and
common sense will tell you that if
it had been a removalist he would
have Ptuck his torch to the court
But that was not true. It might
have been that some warm, close
friend'of Bee Jay’s used that torch,
without Bee Jay’s knowledge, of
course. This friend may have found
out that Bee Jay carried a good in
surance on the building and fixtures,
and he may have believed that the
banking busioes at Wayne was not
very profitable. He may have rea
soned, too, that there were strong
indications that the court house
would be moved, and that the less
property Bee Jay had on the top ol
the mount, the better Bee Jay would
be off, and as long as Bee Jay
swims, everybody else may sink, so
far as Bee Jay cares.
Now we do't’t say this happened
this way, but we say the reasoning
is as good as Bee Jay's, that some
removalist lit the torch.
Wo Hiiiltf the Court House
Some months ago, when the
move to re-locate the county hph*
was begun, the people were told
that the citizens of Ceredo and
Keuova would furnish the funds
for the erection of the yew court
house in Coredo, providing the ad
vocates of the removal wore sue
ceseful at the election tc» he held
February 6th next. We want to
impress on every citizen of the
county that the citizens of the
sister towns, Ceredo and Keuova,
stand now exactly where they
stood then. We still propose to
build the court house without cost
to the county. We know what we
are talking about and mean just
what we say. The Wayne Citizen,
a little, unreliable sheet published
at Wayne, whose chief and only
object, as everybody knows, is to
forward the private and personal
. interests of a certain citizen of
that town, as against the interests
of the public in general, and which
, resorts to falsehoods ot the basest
and vilest kind because, in the
first place, it has no argument to
offer agaiust the removal, and sec
oud, because it lives, thrives And
fattens on, and revels.in, misstate
ments, falsehoods, villainy and
slander, has worked over time try
ing to < mvince the tax-payers
that the people of Ceredo and
Keuovn were actiug iu bad fMtth
and were mean and dishonest
enough to mislead and deceive
the people into votiug for the re
moval, aud then etep down ana
out and leave the coat of building
the oourt houee for the tax*payers
to foot. Let ue aay to the Wayne
Citizen that resortiug to such low
trickery in order to try to make
votes against the removal, will re
act and show up the base deoeiver
in due time; for we arill convince
everyone that we mean what we
■ay by placing the funds, with
which the court house is to be
built, in the hands of the couuty
court loug before the election.
Depend on this.
In Favor of Progress
Mr. Editor:
Having received a copy of the
Progressive Citizkn, we thought
we would acknowledge receipt of
samp, and eay that in our opinion,
it is well gotten up, full o( facts
and good oommon sense.
We are always frieudly to pro
gress and hope that your paper
may live to see great things ac
complisbed in this couuty, and
that it may adopt as its motto,
“Stick to the faots, talk to the
point, and stop when you reach
it.” That was some great man s
motto, but we have forgotten who,
Daniel Webster, maybe, or may*
be, John Jay ; but pleaHe don’t get
this oonfounded with Bee Jay, for
he talks, and talks, and talks all
the time, and never reaohes a
point, or a fact, either.
Well, the court house question
is on, and we do not knowhow all
of our people stand. We think it
safe to predict, however, that a
majority will be in favor of it.
Individually speaking, we have
studied the question well, and for
our lives we can’t see any good
reason for it remaining where it
is. Some may argue that it
should remain where it is, because
it is m the most central part of
the couuty. It is trup that it is
centrally located, and that argu
merit would be good, if conditions
were the same now as when Ih^
! county seat was first located.
I ben, everybody had to eith«i
walk, or go horse back ; there wrrn
uo railroad* and very Cow county
road*. Hut conditions hi thin
county have changed. We hav*
two railroad* running through ibe
entire length of the county; mode*
of travel have changed, people
have become accustomed to travel
ing by rail, and when a man
mak' Rup his mind to go, it it o
any distance, he at once inquires
when he can get a train. He
never think* of ordering a horse.
Now, what are th« argument*
against the removal? That the
proposed location is in a frog
pond, and that the ground over
flows every time it rams, and that
people will have to u*e boats, to
get to the court house. Now every
reasonable minded rnau knows
that there is uo truth in such ar
gument*, and no man, or paper
j either, that has any regard for
: trutii.^jrill advance any such ar
guments. The Wayne Citizen
! calls the people in favor of the
1 removal, “schemers and trick
sters.” Now. we understand a
schemer, or trickster, to be a man
who will resort to some unfair
means to gain his point. Now
what unfair act or false statement,
has been done or made by the
people favoring the removal? 80
far as we ha.e been able to ser,
not one, but on the contrary, ev
erything done, has been open and
above board, which indicates that
the people favoring removal mean
what they say aud propose to deal
with the people squarely aud hon
estly. But how about the other
! *»de?
The Wayne Citiasn is the only
mouth piece so far hoard from,
and the way that sheet has lied, it
would take ue too loug to say.
But we te»l sure that its wanton,
reckless, wilful, unprecedented
lying hat brought the blush ot
shame to the cheek of the honest,
upright voter, who is honestly op
posed to removal. Then, if the
W ayne Citizen, the leading organ
sgainat removal, resorts to this
mode of argument aud seeks to
carry its point by false representa
tions, would not “schemer** aud
“trickster” apply to it, rather
than any one else? Now, every
body that wants the delightful
pleasure of climbing that hill and
drinking that beastly water aud
thereby make themselves siok aud
pay a doctor bill, vote for the
court house to remain on top of
that bill; but for me and my
boueo, we propose to vote the other
Fori Gay, W. V*., I)()0. 26, 19a*>.
Shoals, W. Va.
Christmas ih over and New Year
10 here. Don’t forget the date—1906.
Delbert Carroll and aiater Nettie,
»pent Xmas with their grandparents,
Mr. and Mra. Payne at Kenova.
Misses Eugenia Forbes*, Maude
Perdue and Sarah MoCov visited
their friends, Misses Ettie'and So
phia Sprcohcr, at Central Citv,
Some of our schools have closed,
while others have a week or two
Mrs. Anna Lowe has given up
her school at Lynn and has gone
with her husband to Williamson
where they will make their homo
for awhile.
Mrs. Rebecca Luther has added a
new porch to her bouse.
We understand that Miss Lelia
Forbes*, of this place, and Mr. Em
mette Plant in. *of Alabama, were
married at W ayne, on Xmas day and
that they will soon goto Alabama
to live. May their future lives be
happy and peaceful.
H. B Gibson spent the holida\s
at Harveytown with his son Ben.
Mrs Anna Underwood has been
..onfined to her room for a lew days
with laryngitis.
Bill Sprecber, of Central City,
has been out to his old home butch
^'•ring h«»gs this week.
Elba Perdue is aide once more to
walk around while his brother Al
bert is still mending,
V\ illie and Clara Brumfield sp/»nt
Christmas with relatives in Central
Miss Isabelle Gibson has tonsili
tis this week and has to miss school
Revival meeting will begin at
Newcomb on {Sunday night before
New Vcar, Bro. .1. Harmon leader
No more, adieu.
Bobhik Shactor.*
Dee 30, 1905.
An»thcrOoo<l Man (>nn(> Wrong
He neglected to take Foley’s Kidney
Cnr*» at the first signH of Kidney trouble,
hoping if would wear away, and he ww*
hoi m a vie t m of Bright's disease There
is danger in delay, hut if Foley s Kid
nev Cure is taken at once the symptom*
will disappear, the kidneys are Mrenght
eijed and yon are soon Hound and well.
A. R. Base of Morgantown, Ind., had to
get np ten or twelve times in the night,
and had a severe backache and pains In
the kidneys and was cored by Foley’s
Kidney Cure. Sold by the Bines Drug
Kiev. S. f). Hammond, of Wen
ton, has been appointed Superintend
jentof the the Hoys’ Refdtm School
at Frnntytown, to succeed O. E.
iDarnall, resigned. Mrs. (J. II. A.
Batson will be the new Matron.
Spoiled ll«*r Iteuuty.
Harriet Howard, of 209 W. 34th St,,
New York, at one time iiad her beauty
spoiled with skin trouble She writes:
! “I had Salt Rheum or Eczema for yea™,
I but nothing would cure it, until I used
Bucklen* Arnica Salvo." A quick and
| sure healer for chta, burns and wire*.
126c. at W. M. Bins*', Ceredu, and R. N.
Williams , Kcnova.
All the Doings In Gei'edo's Sisler
Gilg Boiled Down for Busu
Mr. Grabba in moving his
to Baltimore! Md.
J. H. Lambert eras a visitor to
Whiter creek Alt Sunday.
Mrs. J. D. Irooth visited her par
ents at Pharaoh this week.
B. K. Adams, of North Carolina,
is tu the city, visiting friends
Irvin Fiery, of Clay C. H., is
spending the holidays here.
Mrs. L. TJ Vinson, of Hnnting
ton, was in the city this week.
Mrs. Jones called on
friends at Huntington Wednesday.
Sam Hinds mis accepted a cleri
cal position at tb£ Ensign, Huutiug
W. H. Jones, dT Thacker, spent
the first of the week with his family
Jack and Will Mahoney visited
relatives at Waverly, Ohio, this
Ktley Smith was up'* to. Whites
creek this
week on a
Rnginrer John Payne and wif^
visited relatives at Ceredo Monday,
evening. jM
Mr. and Mrs. Partridge are sp-end
• ■»g the holidays with relatives at
Miss Pearl Diamond, of Ashland,
wa* the pleasant guest of Miss Myi
tle Cyrus last Sunday.
Miss Anna Capelle, of Ports
mouth, is the pleasam guest of Miss
Lucy Smith this week.
Miss Dot Jones has been assist
ing in the music store of Warrch
Wood at Huntington this week.
Jas. Hatton has been visiting bis
brother, S. F. flatten, at Crete, and
bis mother-in-law near Dickson.
Jesse Lambert and wife attended
the Christmas exercises at the Cere
do M. K. church Monday evening.
Glen Collier and Miss Alma Col
lier, of Ceredo, attended the ball
given at the Glcuwood Monday
Christmas entertainment at the
M. K church last .Saturday evening.
A delightful lime was experienced
by those present.
Mark Clapp and wife, of Kentor,
Ohio, were guests of bis brother,
B. K. Clapp, and latnily here the
first of ibe week.
Kobert M. Murrell and wife, of
Baltimore, Md., were guests of ihe
family of Engineer A. L. Jackson
the first of the week.
K. Noy VV illiaiiM gave a stag din
ner to a number of bis friends
Christmas eve. I he affair was much
enjoyed by all present.
Misses.Bertha Paul, of Ironlon,
and Adrienne and Sue Russell, of
Ashland, w ere charming guests of
Mis* Adah Jones this week.
Mesdarnes M. J. Griffith and C.
II. Osgood and Miss Blanch Griffith
of Ceredo, were guests of Mrs. O.
K. Osgood for Cbiistmaa dinner.
( apt and Mrs. II. K. Klliot, of
Columbus, accompanied by Mrs
Cobufn, of Ashland, werr quests of
friends in our city Tuesday alter
Harry Davidson, of Wheelers
burg, Ohio, passed through here
Wednesday eu route to Charleston
where he has accepted a lucrative
The two-week*’ old non of Mr.
and Mrs G. A. Porter, died .Sun
day morning at six o'clock from
acute indigestion. The infant wa*
buried in the family burying ground
in the country Monday.
Red Cross l.odge No. 113, K. of
P. gave a banquet at Lambert's hall
last night, a large number of knights
and iboir friends being present.
Kach one did ample justice to the
delicious refreshments which were
The ( hristmas festivities of the
Presbyterian .Sunday School were
interesting from beginning to end
The exercises were greatly enjoyed
by those who had the good for
tune to be present.
W. C. Wait7., of Cardiff, Md.,
was in the city this week with the
view of purchasing or rentirfg a res
idence. lie is interested in a num
ber of alate mines along the N. A
W • lint? and dpHiroH
fairtily to thia viejnity1
tna? ttivo mom attention"
•neaa interests in thia acctit
A painful accident hai
Mibn Iami Keyaer one day.
While Hewing who brol
which penetrated her hj
Lenter Jordan, toutio^
('aaaville, was cut and
jured Tuesday hjr
named Fruiter, ftfeo
which we. wereyonal
Mr. Jordan ia a1
JUidley went to C
Ob the
man who gave bin na
for treepaMing upon
property. Whon searched
pistol, oue ilo*en torpedoes
notebook were found on hie pe
The character* in the notrboo
more like Hgvptian b
than anything, and
oodtf or eigu of language
ihe Wpary Willie*. Mr. W
placed in durance vile
lime and when gi
took to the tull timber,
to tfbake be dual of
hm feet he forgot to call
capbuKter, etc.
The damo given at the C*lenw<
Monday evening nan u decided g<
vial success in every particular.,
Quite a largo a large nutnlicr of •<
biety people from surrounding toy?
were present and assisted in the
merry making. An orchestra could
not be secured to furnish music for
the occasion, but this did not mar
the happiness in the least. A com* /
in it teer waited upon Miss GussioOa*
good and persuaded her to play the
piano. The manner in which aha
manipulated the ivories would have
done justice to*a professional, and
many were the compliments poured
upon Miss Gussie for her adaptnesa
in the rendering of moat classical
two-steps, quadrilles, schottisohes,
waltzes, etc. There in one thing
certain, a hen the people of Kenova
say they are going to give asocial
hop they will give it, orchestra or
uo orchestra, and you may bet on
that every time.
Dec. 21), 1906. Reporter.^
The Facts As
Now, He, w ho are in
removal, propone to “tote f
if we cannot give you a
for canting your vote in
the removal, then we would
not to vote that way.
Kirnt, we will undertake to
thut an a buefnea* p
your duty as a public n
seen to oaHt your
»d; because, by tu
neat located on the
tYndo, th< uaaude \
axabb- value* will lie
county yearly.
Will any addilio
added if it remain*]
entire taxable \alue*
VY ayne, under the ne
amounted to a little over fifty
thousand Hollar*—a |>r»‘tty baSV
-bowing for a town, having a county
••♦■at for 61 yearn. It in proof, pos
itive, that people who have money,
will not invest it in Wayne. Not
no with Ceredo and Kenova. These
two towns situated aa they are, with
all the conveniences of the larger
towns, make them desirable
[dace* to live, and if you move the
court house here, in less than ten
years, Ceredo district will pay at
I least three-fourths of all the taxes
of the county.
Home of the good farmers living;
8 and 10 miles from Wayne have
got an idea that if the court house
is moved itwill depreciate the value
ot their farms. That is certainly »
false idea. W'dl not your acres
produce just as many bushels after
j the court house is moved, as before?
Will moving tba court house effect
the seasons in any way? If not,
then how are you hurt? You may
say it won’t be valued as high.
Have you not already been kicking
on high valuations? And if your
valuations are red need are you not.
benefited rather than injured?

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