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_____ aarowito Home lulermta, and U mi era) N«w»
W e liave just completed Oue Semi
Annual Inventory and >ve find
a lot of
Not Mill Ends, that is, damaged goods, but straight, perfect
goods that have accumulated in the last few months
and that MUST BE SOLD. They are yours at
And many of them at LESS THAN ONE-I1ALF.
In the rest of onr Departments our Regular Prices on
all Merchandise, Dry Uoods, Notions, Queensware and
Sundries are just about what our competitors inve you as
Great bargain Prices.
Ml merchan lise guaranteed as satisfactory or money
Catlettsburg, $ Kentucky.'
The Prindle Furniture Company
Fea<!m” Fig rn £ jure SleoSer*
I J»-t<* Date Furniture and will grant yon the most liher
al terms ofanv Furniture House in the City.
For <n*h We Besij Them All.
914-91(> 4th Avc., Huntington, W.Va.
Open Every Evening Until 9 and Saturday Until 10.
All the imu )rr. int Events that Have
Occurred DurinQ the E\ist
Wee. K.

James Breeee is ludis|H»sod.
T. h. VV av is able to lno.it again.
( lmrli‘8 l lia ‘ker is able to b»out again.
L he Spike factory is again in opera
Charles Lake is improving very
Miss Lucy S nitli was a caller in Cat
let t sburg Tuesday.
Mrs. A . G. H *lt is ooufluod to her
room with the gr p.
Mayor \ oi'k has recovered from his
recent in disposition.
Mrs. W B Morris spent Monday with
fri* u Is in Huntington.
W W Jaekson was a business \ isitor
i to Catlettsburg Monday.
Miss Kde Smith Q«l friends in
I the Gate Owv Saturday.
) Mrs W. W. Jaekson spent Saturday
with friend* in Huntington.
M. A. Hayward, of Pnlumhps, wan r
visitor to onr city
W B M u. t
very bad - bus recovered from »
»> tack of tonsilitis.
, 1 visit^o h«J. F,"rv haH n‘fnrn,'‘l from r
1 ,J5ir to ber permits atShoals.
I j.. K. Part low spent I ist Sunday
I the u'u.-it of fronds in Ashland
Wayne p. Ferguson was a
l at let f sburg Visitor last Friday.
i.' iginoerand Mrs. Bayles-, of Ports
moutJi, are guests of relatives here.
Si|tiire J S. (>n««ou was a business
visitor to the county seat this week
James Breeee has returned from a
business trip to points m Michigan.
Miss Coburn, of Ashlnnd, called on
friends in onr city one day this w. ok
Mrs. Allen Hayward, of Columbus is
the plea-ant guest ot Mrs. C. P. lehle.
Tim genial W W. Breeee made a
business visit to Port-mouth Saturday.
Dr 'I N. Goff made a professional
visit to Williamson the tir-t of the week.
Mrs. H L Shriver, of Ceredo. was
the guest of Mrs. AG. Holt Wedncs
.Mis- Lou Cyrus, of Whites creek,
visited Mrs. Jesse Cyrus the fitst of this
Misses Lelia Bouleyatid Dot Jone.i at
tended the Opera ut Huntington Friday
Mi-* Dot Jones was the pleasant gtiest
I of fciends in Outlettsburg Satorduy
< lii* f Scrib Etley Smith was in Cere
do Tuesday on business pertaining to the
Roll inkers.
Mrs. R. K Hanna and mother, who
were critically ill, ore both on the road
to recovery.
.Mrs Jones is numbered among the
siek She is a victim of the prevailing
malady, t he grip
Mrs. Carrie Lev is, of New York
State, I- visiting the family of her
brother, D. L'-wis.
Kx-State Senator J. F. Beavers, of
McDowell county, was a business visitor
to our city recently.
Mrs. M. D Paul and daughter, Miss
Bertha, of Ironton, were calling on
j friends Ic-re Tuesday,
Beginning Saturday night Rev. Camp
bell, of Ceredo, will conduct a scries of
m efings at the city hull.
Special OfTlcr Strother Mays ha
beeii attending court at tie county s. a*
during tie- past few days.
Miss Ida Cyrus, who has Is on the
I gu* r of Mrs. John Bayne, returned to
her home at Cyrus Monday.
Strother May- has leased the lunch
, counter at the I'nioti depot and will
-hortlv open same to the public
vlr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Ferguson.
M s Anna Kelley and Mr H irrv Jack
u ci|l rs mi Hunt ingtou Saturday.
Mr John .1 Montague and Mo
Yirgni.i Bnrd, of ('at lefts Purg, «*-r*
, gu • -fs if Mrs J.-s •*-. Lands rt Monday.
X il Hanna wa ealh <1 hone- from
Parle i sbnrgties wer-kona'-ionnt of the
I serious Illness of his mother and grand
nii-sem .mini (him.i<»-epnitie i;van have
moved their boarding placo from Mr*
I. i Fo'l* • . i L • i, ,*t ■. M r | lull
\\ ight ’s iii t F r* rio.
Mi-s Pearl Han■ «, of Welch, left for
> ' ti II.e \V dll' . ay after m visit of
Iteo'ral loontlu with her brother. Win.
Harris, and family,
,f. N, Hhank iff ronfined to his t 1 with
lugripi anrl a "firaiii 'l ankle, tli Fat
ter winch he received while prole, • in^. tt
ohild from a vicious dog.
Mi Garter, of lt**aiioke, W, formerly
route agent for the orb*ro J ;pr* -
* o , Kiopjied over in Kenova one day ln-t
week while on his way to Portsmouth.
Mi Virginia Bird, of Catlettsburg,
w ?v- tiie gn« st of Mrs. .if so Lambert
Monday night. Mis* Bird was on her
way to Winston Halein, c., xvhero
sir has accept* d a position.
The Week commencing F.*b. bird wa*
set apart by State Hupt. Miller in pre
pariirg work for the .fame*town l,'xj*o
jsition. Ceredo and Kenova schools are
doing some excellent work to Im placed
on exhibition.
Miss Grace Thomas left Monday for
Portsmouth, O., where on the tfoth
i net., she will lie married at the home of
Mrs. Krnest Kidd to Mr. Ih*vid G
Morgan, After the ceremony the happy
! couple will visit* several of the cities of
I northern Ohio, after which they w.U
leave for Okluho u i, wli re they wi l
tu ike th ir furut*.> hom ». Miss fIt »ii i<
wnl U> -a llv n»t*s >«1 hy h a- many K n
ova friends.
H iv ii Kirk, will his Ihv-ii confined
1 in n hospit d at Hiiiuingtnn tor the p i«t
few mouths, has rvoovercd sutlici uifly
i as to In* able to return to Ins home al lie*
I iinoKe lie will start on his bom >\var '
journey within the ne\- few days.
T N. tSoff. tlie di'iiimstrat »r ot tonal
miv gat ion lor the U il Inkers, met with
a v« rv paiutul a indent Tuesday during
, one of his demonstrations. In trying t *
! m ike a des >ent t Ii • p trtu hut** failed to
ojk'H nud t lie doctor was precipitated t<>
a cellar bi'low, lieiugc msiderahfy bruised
' about tli body.
1 At a meeting of the city council held
February lltli. Mayor York appointed
the following committees:.
1). .1 Durnoy C. F. Smith
O. P Iehle O. P lehlo
C F. Smith Clms. Lambert
W. J. Marshall YV VV. Breece
\V. W. Bri'ece C. F. Smith
D J Durnoy C. P. lehb;
hA vr.s AND oltDts ANCKS,
Marshall Durnoy
BOARD OK lir.AI.rit.
W. O. Smith B. K. Clapp
Dr. ,T. I. Miller
A (r. Holt W. \V. .lackson
t he liollickers tire doing a thriving
business hi the way of scettr ng new
nn inlierH. High Cockalorum) F. F
Budglev wields the golden gavel with an
iron handaml is a thorough purlinne nta
ruin. A ft er t he instatin' Ion of officer* by
Supreme Chiet YY'nskie last Friday night
fin members were treated to some ex
‘•client vocal music rendered by Deputy
< irand Vicar Bray and Private Criterion
Postlc accompanied by (lltn-f TomTom
•T Hurks. Charges were preferred by
Oriental Cuide YY’illis against ‘^iuill
Pusher SniMh, charging the hitter with
insult >rdtnation. The clmrges were not
sustained by the court of amity and the
matter was dropped Mr Brooco passed
through the try lug initiatory ccreiimn
t>■> like a veteran and came out with
Hying colors. The next meeting will he
held loioght, so if yon arc awakened
from your peaceful slumbers with loud
noises, do not imagine safe blowers are
at work; the vibration will be mused bv
’Squire < ’rouseir, who is billed to riile the
lambs buck goat ever firvenlund’s iev
mountains am. across India’s coral
strand. John Osgood jis reported to be
the next victim to cross the burning
sands and till the lubricator.
Feb. 15. Kkpoktkr.
/\ \ <111| ii I»I#- |,eNNIMI,
“Six years ago I learned a valuable
lesson,” writes John Pleasant, of Mag
nolia, Ind. ‘ I then began t king |)r.
King’s New Life Pills, and the longer i
Dike them the le tter 1 find them.” They
please everybody. Guaranteed by the
Hinas Drug Store, Oredo, and K. Ney
Williams, Kenova. 2f»c.
IS. & W. BraKemen Get Increase.
The N. & Wr. brakf men have been I
granted the increase in wages that they
ask<-d for sometime ago.
Through freight hrakemen will here
after receive 20 cents on loo miles mid
Mr per honr increase oil extra time. On
locals they will receive Him? per loo miles
and 4c per hour for overtime.
l or Over Sixty Years.
Mies, wi N’s|.iiw's soothi.m; sYl’.nt1
lia been n-. fi ff,r fiver duly years liv rrill
| 'Inn* f.f un.ttier- lor tin- r children while
- teething with perfect Mirceiii. tl -nnihe- ifai
I Thlld, soften* i he Kiim«, ii 11 ay h sit ns In, cure
I Wind f-ellr. Hint Is tin-t,«-m lenn-iy (nrdlsr
fine.i It win ril|f-vH ihf* pfMir Hole suili-rei j
; Imno diulrlv Mnlfl t.y lirngglMs In ev* r\
1 part ofthe world. Twenty-five cents s Is»t« j
II* r.*-«urf III.I uk for Mr* WltmlowV
■Sof.li.it, Syriip *itiil Ink*- rn» niliei kit d
. muofilrifl finder the food mid drugs an '
turn- 3 Mh. I i<»>. Se.ial number in'**
Mi Leota Kfewarf of Kenova. stop |
l«‘d hi the city a couple of hours yi-si -j I
lav nfti-nir on fin her way home fr*>m
Normal school where she is a most 1
proficient teacher - Catletfshurg Press
Gatarrn and Gaiarrlial He Aachen
quickly relieved by N’hu.\a. Ii aoothea
i ‘hscoogeited membram- , alleys inflanima. .
tlon ei.d thoroughly heel and cleanses, n 1
, k« < ps triolet nlI the p., aifce wli'»< landeri* 1
y la to thicken and become dry, f'uri*
(''Ids, thrtml trouble % hour <>i,h> , bay fever,
* topped up" DOee,t>fe*lhlog through mouth
wiiii* sleeping,t.ff.ui-tve breath, etc. it i j
aiithi jilif. end i ortlain* uo chrreicuia o
drugs having a narcotic . ffect, or tliHl can
'•an • the "dm habit '*
WK«dl \ KA N I KF. K.\ 1 |MFA< MOW.
.1 A Hrogdon, ol the National Hlgn t'o.,
I»avCnti, Ohio, writes under date nt ort. it,
■ r, tc v a la I he onl) , ej.irniion I have
ever used that relieve* my nfl. tin., no speed>
' 1 ly sn I pleasant|v, | am getting the Hr«l !
chI pleasure out of lue thing (hat 1 have
j experienced *lnre I eontreeled catarrh six
years ago, Mom v would not buy my tube
>1 NosKKA If I cniild not gel another.'’
Buy N Kit from ll|n m ftrug Hlore, f'e
( redo, ■ml A. J. Williams, ICenova; ge|
ronr money back If not. »ati»n.-d. Sample
I tube and booklet by in'ill It) eta.
Know v Mast gAt'ritsriat) To.,
SU Louis Mu end (ircenvilie Teen.
If you want a handsome new
Sewing Machine, made by one of the
best standard machine companies in
this country, at about one-half the
price agent* auk, consult the pro
1 prietor of thi* paper.
faterendum vote Snows Gonscrva
ilvi .s L.irurlu In M.ij >rr.u fttnono
Norfolk & Western firemen.
I he Hint fi.-M Pelegraph says
'here will he no strike among the
tireiiu-n ot ihe Not folk and Western.
At least ihis i» the assurance of
one in a position in know w^io siys
lhal lie h is received authentic word
irom K lauoke to t,he elT -ot that the
referendum vote was largely in
tavor ot the conservative element,
and hut a scant 30 per cent voted in
lavor of the contentions of Chief
I raiuiiian Dalmatian. of Illinois.
I he firemen were holding out for
'eight hours, £2.50 per day; 35 cents
I 'or overtime and demanding that
'he B of L. F. and E. set'lc all dis
putes of engineers who belong to
i heir organisation.
They have been granted the in
crease of wages, which is equivalent
,r*a 12 per cent increase or 05 per
•—Mgers’ salary; also
0.1,t ,,l ,|». *n<i “ .
cents per hour overtime
liours constitute ,» day’s work. The
officials held out firm against the
matter ol representation.
It is also said that the firemen of
ihis division were almost a unit
against the sir ike.
Dofite Greek, W. Vd.
\N e are having plenty of hiiow at
the present.
I lie revival meeting at Docks
eierk lias closed. There were four
addition* to iln« church and several
coii versions.
Ca-es oj measles throughout the
county are very numerous.
Miss I'.anny Drown, who has been
dangerously ill for the past two
weeks, is slowly recovering.
< >. .1 Perdue was at Wayne C.
II. this week on business.
James Wilson has a severe attack
of la grippe.
Sylvester Hutchison is visiting
friends on Rig (Sandy this week.
Revival meeting is being held at
bites creek, conducted by Rev.
Jerry Harmon. Prospects are good
fora splendid meeting.
Wiley Perdue, of Walker’s
l»ran» h, attended meeting at Whites
creek Monday night.
I'isher Plyinale, who has had a
severe attack of measles, is able to
be out again.
Edward Sharp is teaching the
W bites creek school, this being his
second term this winter.
Mrs. Cal (’hadwick is on the sick
burl Drown, of Renova, was
calling on some of his Rig Sandy
friends the lirst ot the week.
( al Dixon, of this place, has ao
ccpted a position as a telegraph pole
inspector lor the N. & YV. Railway
Eugene ('had wick has recently
returned from the West, where he
has been on a prospecting tour for
t he pa*t year.
< >. J. Perdue ha* rented his farm
and will move to Huntington where
he will take up the carpenter trade
lor the summer.
<2'nte a large crowd attended
prayir meeting .Sunday night at this
Henry Perdue will leave for the
W e**t, m a short t mie.
It this escapes the wa-te basket £
will corue again.
i els. I I t*0 i. | »
,w°Mr or,^• »"k*d me not long since
how | knew there is a God? I replied
because I have seen him with my
own eyes. I his may appear strange
but ii is true. 1 have seen Him in
the sunshine and in the shadow. I
have heard His voice in the laugh
iiig brook ami in the robin's song.
I have heard Him in the howling
tempest and in the gentle zephyr
among the solemn pines. I pity
the man whose senses are so dull
that he never sees or hears God.
1 am authorized to sell, at wh&t
I consider a bargain, good reel
deuce property in Keuova. T.
T. M c Do coal, Ceredo, W. V*.

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