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=2’1 •' " 1: 5X‘I-- CEREDOrWAYN'E CO., W.Ta.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH ); ...it ,. r
VmmtrmMf..."or._:: —!__^U.HBK,K 14.
Having dec ided to discontinue the sale of the celebrated
i i-’ .. |rset8> wo " 'll place on sale what we have
left ol them, and as long as they last, all styles of
this Corset in the SUM), the only grade we
carry, at
I his is an opportunity to get a first-class high
grade corset at less than cost price.We have a full line
of sizes at present, but at this price they can’t last long.
We close at <> p. in., except Saturdays.
CatleUsburg, ... Kentucky.
eve^ anxious 'von ma? "r bfT*ibu,n: b,'*r *» mind that how
nuxtousyou may be to have an exterior to be proud of ItN the In
terior that should limit concern you F ’ l,“ 1,1
I here’s where you live, There’* where you eat, aleen (ounce r»»ii
friend*. There are forum.I thow *^nUinenm and in
ueoe«* which aie all contained In one word of welKhly significance—
PRINDLE’8 have made a careful study
of that word.
Our merchandise is not rn-rHy • oollsc
tion of Houeefuruishing general if but a
studiously assorted display cf tbs finest, up
daoed* tb#l lb<* ,ruro,!ur® co«utry bas pro
Carpet* and Ru^s
We bare them, but that’s two g»o«ral.
w# want you to koow that these Carpets and
Rugs were selected for you ; with tbs n> »t
oareful regard for yoar wiabss as well *, ttt
meet all the demands of your peculiar eu
viroomeot. You oao’t buy cheaper eles
where; oao't buy. as well.
Stoves and Gas Kanices
1 he wonderful past businses we bars
experienced on Stores and Gas Rang** te
suffloient proof that we are selling our li ve
of High Grade Stores and Kaugee at the
right prioes. We guarantee erery Store eo.d
'••HfrpWfMtflMlrfMt.oo iu every respect,
*,ui11 Uul *H *iU r*p,ao# ••*»* *|ib •» u«w
in Furniture we ere always foremost in
I bM 2rr,lorF- N<* ^‘y do we have the
I srgvsi assortment ,u the State, but the lit
U fed. and oonoeite that appeal to your
tastw for the difficult are always here. We
ut.utiou use example—>a magnifioeot Bed
'-jon» Suite id figured walnut, one of the
mo* up to date, artistic sod all round high
grade suite, to be found anywhere
About Our Prlros
do dot olaim to mil our goods at
what they ooai u. We make something on
everything wa sell. But wa don’t believe ,u
arge profile Wa believe in Honest Profits
alike to tba dealer and purchaser. When
we eel I a %1 chair we want it to he the beat
aheir that $d will buy That • our atyla
Again wa urg. you to viait this store.
T^e Frimlle Furniture Company,
The Store Behind the Ooode. Ce.h op c^dlt
914-916 4th Ave.t Huntington, W. Va.
fill the important fcvents that Have
Occurred During the Past
< hesler IIniton has m >vril u» the
Mrs \\ U Smiih i« v*-r\ ill. She
has an attack of the grip
’Squire J S. Crnmen i- Vi umber
ed among the sick this week
On Monday evening W G. W as
kie was a vi«itor to Ashland.
Miss Anna Perdue is very ill and
'n threatened with typhoid fever.
N\ illiam -lesse Callahan is visit
ing friends in Porisinoutb this week
-Mrs. J. E. Kessinger was un
guest of friends in Ceredo Tuesday.
Men l> llieks was a business vis
itor to Irontou the first of the week
Engineer Ernest Kidd was a
visitor here this week from Ports-1
Messrs. M. M Postle and Harry
Bray were in Catlettsburg'Monday
Postmaster A. G Holt was a
business visitor to Ceredo Tuesday
Kittle Bryan Porter, who is bed
ridden with typhoid fever, is not
much improved.
Officer Strother Mays has been
con lined to his room for the past
few days with the grip.
Mrs. Morris Buzzard spent
several days last week ‘ with her
sister in IIumiugton.
Koscoe Lambert and wife, of
W bite creek, were guests of
relatives here recently.
Win Burks, the traveling sales
man from Ashland, was interview
ing our merchants this week.
Meadaines W. W. Breeoe and B
K. Clapp were calling on friends in
( atlettsburg Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Archer, the insurance agent
of Ashland, was a business visitor
to our city Wednesday morning.
Mrs. C. P. lehle, who has been
confined to her room for the past
few days, is very much improved.
L. A. K«»se, wife and daughter,
of Parkersburg, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Lambert last Sun
Matt Stewart, who recently re
signed his position in the store of
Jesse Lambert, is thinking of going
II. C, Owen, of ffarkersburg,
route agent for the United States
Kx press Company, was in the city
this week in the interest of that
.Mrs. hitch, .Mrs. K. K. Hanna's
mother, who has beeu very low, is
somewhat improved, but there are
very tew hofTLs entertained for her
recovery. *
I he ladies of the M. E. church
i*ave a box supper in that edifice
Tuesday eveomg. A very nice suru
of money was realized from the sale
of the numerous boxes.
W. VV. Jackson is now a full*}
fledged Kollicker, having beeu ini
tialed into the mysteries of that or
der Tuesday night. Warren says
ihe degree work is fine, hut rather
trying on the nerves.
Kev. J. R. Campbell, County
Evangilist of the Christian Church
of Wayne county, will begin a pro
tracted meeting in the Kenova City
Hall Wednesday evening, Marcn
6tb, iyo7, at 7 :30 o’clock All are
Fred Cyrus, the meat merchant,
was a business visitor to the rnouu
tains near uutu Centerville last
Saturday. F'red weut into that
region on the bunt for beef cattle.
It is needless to say that he secured
a number, so we won’t.
I be pupila of the Kenova and
Ceredo schools are receiving in
structions io a fire drill. While the
drill baa not been fully mastered by
the scholar*, yet the lads and lassies
are getting along exceedingly well
with the new exercise and promptly
respond to the tap of the gong.
The infant son which reoently
earn* to oheer and bless the home
of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Porter is
now a member of Heaven’s white
winged angel band. Tha infant
which waa thought to have brought
joy and happiness to this home was
not allowed to remain on this aphera
but aboat a week whan the Viaatar
called it to that home beyond tha
"kies, the spirit lasing its flight
last Friday
M. C. ( urns, was here this week
from lronton
Kev ,1. K. t amplu'lI, of (.Vredo,
was a visitor to our city Wednesday
a! ternoon
4-ine of our streets, like those
of other nearby tcwns, are almost
imps "saldc.
^ Engineer A. 1,. Jackson, of
Portsmouth, transacted business in
Kenova recently.
Mrs. K I, Black, of Ceredo, was
calling on friends here one after
noon this week. »
Hon. John Y. York and Sheriff
J. L. Billups were husiucss visitors
to our city this week.
Mrs Ji li. IVubert, of Hunting
ton, was the pleasant guest of Mrs.
NV . B. .Morris Monday.
Misses .Mary Freeman and Blanch
h isher. of lronton, were guests oi
Kenova friends Tuesday.
A slide occurred on the N. A; \V.
near Dickson la-t Sunday and all
traffic was delayed several hours.
Miss Bertha Harris, of Welch, is
here ou an extended visit to her
brother, Win Harris,,and family.
Engineer Charles Morgan, of
Portsmouth, was circulating among
his many friends in Kenova
W eduesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whipple, of
Springfield, ()., are here on a visit
to the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. I). Hat ten.
rr.irik Hart is studying tho
median in in of ships, so it is pre
sumed'he is going into the ship
building business in the near future,
lie has already purchased a calking
chisel and a bale of oakum.
Mrs. W. W. Breeoe, Mrs. B. K.
Clapp, Mrs. W. VV. Jarksou and
Misses Lelia Boiileyaud Lillian Ad
kins attended the matinee, “Under
Southern Skies,” at Huntington last
The chief tom tomer of the Hoi*
tickers has received a large selec
tion of music. Chief Scribe Ktley
Smith is assisting in reading and
translating the hieroglyphics. The
compositions may be urn ta ta, but
to the uniliated they more clearly
resemble a Chinese laundry ticket.
In our issue of the 15th nit. we
stated that Kev. J. R. Campbell, of
L’eredo, would conduct a series of
meetings at the city hall, this plac.?,
beginning on the following Satur
day evening. This was an error on
the part of our informant and seems
to have done the reverend gentle
man a great deal of harm, inasmuch
as it caused a number of people to
go to the oily hall when the minister
knew nothing of the advertised
meeting and of course was not
present. Mr. Campbell informs us
that he will conduct a protracted
meeting at the city hall beginning
on Wednesday evening of next
March 1, 1907. HfcPOKTKR.
Judge Keller to Hold April Term
ot Court.
The host of friends of .fudge
Benjamin F. Keller in this and
other cities where he is so well
known aud favorably thought of
will be more than pleased to learn
that he expect* to return to the
district in time to bold the April
term of federal oourt in Hunting,
Clerk Edwin M. Keatley is in re
ceipt of a letter written by Judge
Keller at his camp in the west, in
which be says that be will leave as
his bsalth has so greatley improved
since bis sojourn in tbe west he
fully expects to be able to resume
bis duties as Judge of tbe Southern
District in April.
When tbe letter was written the
judge weighed two hundred and
nineteen pounds and one cjuarter,
and he expects to gain more before
he leaves tbe country.
Judge Keller has been in tbe
west for over a year owing to his
health, but be now feels that be is
stronger than ever before and te
more than anxious to tak* up his
oourt work again.—Charleston
If you want a handsome new
Sewing Machine, made by one of tbe
beet standard maohipc oompanics in
tfcic oaunCry, at about one-half the
prio*^ agents ask, ooosalt the pro
prietor of this paper.
SbNftrt GtI«S Busy.
1 lie Upper Hou.se ol Gouurc«ss
Rushes IBs Work.
Washington, Keb. aft._The
M"au? l?,by pa'Hrd tin* agricultural
a, propr.aitoo |„|| carrying nearly
$ 10,0JO,000 ; the po.ioflice an
pmpruiioii lull carrying *-2in,nno.
ooc; the pension appropriation lull
carrying * 1 4'> 000 000; ami the hill
authorir.ing the establishment of an
agricultural bank in the Philippine
1'‘lands. l'be principal light today
was over the Agriuuitur'l bill and took
plain, on the Beveridge amendment
requiring the packers to pay the
cost ol the meat inspection. This
amendment was defeated on a point
of order. Beveridges secured the
adoption of amendments which re.
quires the t.’ate of canning and in.
spetition to appear on the label of
eaeli can cot,taming meat products.
I be pus to fliue hill passed in an
hour and fifteen minutes. Amend
ments adding $ 1,363,750 for the
extension of the pneumatic mail
service and requiring that postal
cars he lighted with electricity were
Mr Bodge secured the passage of
the Phi'ippine agricultural hank
bill. An amendment to this hill
was offered by Mr. Culberson de
claring the intention of the United
States to abandon the islands as
soon as a stable independent
government should be established
was defeated.
1 lie senate also passed a bill
granting a service pension to army
nurses. Those who are disipialitied
to earn a livelihood and have retched
the age of 62 years are to receive
$12 a month, at To yeais $15 and
at 75 years *30.
At tonight’s session the senate
passed 300 private pension bills
clearing the calendar of such meas
HhmI about our Accl
ilonI Insurance Policy oil
local |Mfc6.
Hdunie Branch, w. Vd.
I he health of this oommijnitf m
very good at present.
fcd. Ply male, of hunte-ah L«h*et|
through here eu -route u* HutaUtg.
ton Tuesday,
Mrs. Claude Barb## and! Mrs
Harry Wright, of Central City!
were visiting their parent* Mr, and
Mrs. Peter Gregory at thin place
the past week.
G. L. Freeman, ol this place,
who has been working at the
carpenter trade at Central City,
has gone to farming this year iie
says he will show us how to raise
Ulban Ward, a C. <fe O. brake.
mariy waa out to gee hia parents—*
Mr. and Mra. Alex. Ward—Sunday.
John Skean and Henry Haynie,
who left a few days ago for parte
unknown up about l.ogsu county,
have uot yet returned.
Clinton Skean, Pearley Koberta
and Henry Ward, tie loaders of
Haynie Branch, have been working
for Guy Plymale, Jr., some ih«
past week.
Huy Plymale, Sr., road oom’r,
will soon commence repsiriug our
roads, which is much needed.
Geo. Hbafer, of Four Pole, was
transacting business on tbe Branch.
Ale*. Ward made a business trip
to Wayne and East Lyon, Saturday.
Feb. 28, 1207. G. F. N. F.
The Legislature.
Charleston, W. Va., March 4.—
I he conference committee has com.
pleted about half of its Isbora
snd enjoyed a day of rest, it
is understood tbe idea of give and
take has marked tbe attitude of th#
oonfereea of both branches.
The geological survey baa baas
tbe main point of differanoa. It
now realised an adjournment is im
pose i ole Monday.
See the advertisement at
top of leeal pwe heeSs*
“BEAD.” .. , ...,

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