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The Ceredo Advance.
A Republican Newspaper that
lias a large circulation in the Big
Sandy and Twelve Role Valleys
Au excellent advertising medi
Published Kcery Wednesday.
terms of subscription:
On© copy, one yeai, - - #1.W)
One copy, six months, - - .50
Strictly cash in (Advance.
Twenty-five per cent, will be added when
<vitu it* not paid.
Job printing of all kinds neatly
and promptly executed on rea
sonable terms.
We cannot discontinue yonr paper until all
arrearages are paid. Don’t ask us. Don't say
stop my paper until I get what I owe paid up
etc. In no case can we do this. It Is a general
rule we have to adopt to protect ourselves
When yon do not want the paper any longer,
pay np and stop It. Don’t have yonr post mas
ter drop ns a card that It is not taken ont of the
office. If yon were publishing a paper yon
wouldn't want ns to do yon that way.
When yon move from yonr present post-office
don’t fall to notify ns at once of the change,
giving your former post-office as well as yonr
new one. This is absolutely necessary.
Wayne Courts.
Term* of Circuit Court: Becond Monday In
February, May, August and Novemtier.
Term* of County Court: Fir*t Monday in Jan
uary, April and July, and Third Monday lu No
An excellent commencement pro
gram is being prepared by the
teachers of this district. The
exercises this year promise to excel
those rendered at the close of last
The Price of Health .
“The price of health in a malarious
district is just 25 cents, the cost of a
box of Dr. King’s New Life Pills.”
writes Ella Slaytiu, of Noland, Arl*.
New Life Pills cleanse gently and im
part new life and vigor to the system.
25c. Satisfaction guaranteed at Bloss
Drug Store, Ceredo; It. Noy Williams,
A prisoner before police court
testified that he had not taken a
bath for over ten years. The judge
sentenced him to a year m the
. workhtytse and instructed the su
perintendent to have him scrubbed
twice a day during his confinement.

For Over Sixty Years.
Da-been used for over sixty years by mil
lion* of mothers for their children while
teeililnii with perfect mioee**. It Hootliestlie I
child, soften* I he gumii, allay* nil pain, cures
wlDd colic, and Is the best remedy for dlar-1
rho»a. It will relieve the poor little suflerer
Immediately. Sold by liriiKKlst* In every
fiart of i he world. Twenty-tl ve cent* a nol
le. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Winslow's
Boothlmr syrup, and take no other kind
Guaranteed under the food and dru^s act.
June 3Utli, l'JOti. Setial number 1098.
A nightmare is usually a horse on the
fellow who ate too much mince pie for
Doing fiuftin* Hg Again.
“When my friends thought I was
about to take leave of this world, on ac
count of indigestion, nervousness and
general debility,” writes A A. Chis
liolm, Treadwell, N. Y'., “and when it
looked as if there was no hope left, I
was persuaded to try Electric Bitters,
aud I rejoice to suy that they are curing
me. I am now doing business again as
of old, atnl am still gaining daily.” Best
tonic medicine on earth. Guaranteed by
Bloss Drug Store, Ceredo; It, N. Wil
liams, Kenova. 50<\
' “Eat onions and have perfect health,”
says an exchange—and plenty of elliow
room, we might add.
When your back hurt* it is almost
always a warning from your kidneys. |
"When your kidneys are wrong there is
nothing so good as the use of DeWitt’s
Kidney and Bladder Pills. They assist
the kidneys. Sold by Bloss Drug Co.,
Ceredo; R. Noy Williams, Kenova.
Beneath this mound there lies the form
Of litte Johnny Smart;
He met a inule and tickled him
And died of broken heart.
Buy a good brash, a can of Green
Beal Paint, and be glad your eye caught
For sale by Robt. Wright, Jr.
According 1o statistic« Kansas last
y»*ar raiaed over a bnehel of wheat for
every man. woman and child in the
United States. Will the fellow that got
two bushels plena- send ns ours?
- ^ m ^ —■— ■■■■■
Practical painters understand the
merit aid value to be found in the use
of Green Seal Paint. It covers most,
looks best, and wears longest.
For sale by Robt. Wright, Jr.
A woman’s age is like ribbon at a bar- I
gain sale—marked down to increase the
Is made right. That’s the reason why
so many of our best painters are recom
mending it And they know, too
For sale by Robt. Wnght, Jr.
— —
Hand painted stockings are quite the
But they make the money fly !
Keally, the women should try men’s
For they don’t come half so high.
When you need a pill take a pill, and [
be sure it s an Fatly Kiser. DeWitt’s I
Uittle Early Risers are safe, sure, satis -1
factory pill*. The pills with a repnta
faon. They do not gripe or sicken They
H,°** r>rT,K 0°., Oeredo K ,
■c*ey Williams, Kauova.
West Va. tor Roosevelt ftuain.
Washington, D. C., April 15.—At the
Raleigh is Talbot O. Bullock, of
Parkersburg, W. Va , a lawyer and
politicau, who was at one time a can
didate for attorney general of the state
and is now president of the board of1
education of liis city.
“I don't think that there is the
shadow of a doubt but that President
Roosevelt will be indorsed by the state
of West Virginia next year,” said he
last night. “The state will send a solid
delegation for him. The people from
one end of the commonwealth to the
other are in favor of him, because of
the honest and efficient record he has
made, und are anxious that he continue
in the White House four years more, in
order to carry out his present policies.
“Senators Elkins and Scott are with
him also, and they will still be found
with him next year. Some politicians
and financiers may try to create senti
ment in another direction, and may lay
all sorts of schemes to that end, but the
common people of this country, who
supply the millions of votes in an elec
tion, are with him, and that means that
he will lie re nominated—against his
wishes, if you ehoom—and re-elected.
The people of West Virginia are also in
favor of the re-election of Senator Scott.
Nobody can beat him He has the
• people with him.”
“Nothing so good as Cascaswxet,”
writes a mother who has used it. “It
saved my baby’s life,” writes another.
Cascasweet is a vegetable corrective
for the disorders of a child’s stomach.
Contents on the bottle in plain English.
50 doses for 25 cents. Recommended by
Bloss Drug Co , Ceredo; R. Ney
Williams, Kenova.
An old fool without money and an
old maid without good looks frequently
marry and fool us all by being us hap
py as two bugs in a rug.
- — » -
Green Seal Liquid Paints are put up
United States Standard measure. Yon
will always get as much ns you pay for.
For sale by Robt. Wright, Jr.
No man who loves the ehnrch shoupl
split kindling under a clothes line.
Great guns, we just happened to think
that nobody gave us a pair of slippers
for Christmas 1 What’s this selfish old
world coming to, anyhow?
Is a gallon of heavy bodied paint and
when thinned up according to directions
on every package, is the most economi
cal paint made.
For sale by Robt. Wright, Jr.
- --
Four fingers of whisky will make a
man think of more deviltry in a minute
that four in* n would naturally think up
iu six weeks.
Has reached a science with the Green
Seal folks. The highest degree of purity
has been attained by Green Seal Paint.
For sale by Robt. Wright, Jr.
- i m tm —
The popularity of missionary stew is
said to be waning. Slowly but surely
wc are Christianizing the entire world
Will cover better than other paints.
This is l>eeanse it is made from best
For sale by Robt. Wriglit. Jr.
•m • -
The Japanese have but five profane
words in their vocabulary. How can a
Jap do justice to the situation when his
collar button slips out of his shirt and
rolls under the dresser?
Painting a town red may not lie a car
dinal sin, but it is expensive if you buy
your own paint.
--^ -
Beautiful and durable. Used on floors
and other woodwork. “Made to walk
on.’’ The only way to properly finish a
floor. See tile finished samples at the
store of Robt. Wright, Jr.
It is wonderful what an appetite a man
developes when he is paving for it table
de hote!
m • m — •
“Good for everything a salve is used
for and especially recommended for
Piles.” That is what we say about De
Witt’s Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve.
That is what twenty years, of usage has
proven, (ret the original. Sold by
Bloss Drug (V)., Ceredo; R. Ney
Williams, Kenova.
McDowell Gountu Heard Prom.
('Overnor Dawson recently receive<l a
letter from John Grumpier, of Me
Dow. 11 county, in which he says he has
been notified by some of his friends that
the state offers a reward for triplets and
makes the statement that he is the
father of three girls that arrived
on February 14th. 1907, and cites
proof of the fart, saying : “If there he
a premium given in snch cases I can
send yon all reference required.”
Governor Dawson met the situation
by wilding out of his own pocket a sub
stantial premium, and in making a state
ment to the press, the governor says;
“Please say that if any one else desires
to add to the premium against race sui
cide, I will be glad to for word same.”
^Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Massie, of Mc
Dowell county, are also the parents of
triplets, born something over a year ago.
— ■
Bitten By a Spider.
Throngh blood poisoning caused by a
spider bit#?, John Washington, of lim
rjueville, Tex., would have lost his leg,
which became a mass of running sores’
had he not been persuaded to try Bnck
leu’s Arnica Salve. He writes: “The
Brat application relieved, and four box
ss healed all the sores. ” Heals every
2r*,V Bom Drug Store, Cerodo,
>ey Williams Kenova.
Tommu on Babies.
Babies are very interesting little ani
mals, don’t you think so? There are
many different kinds of babies, fat,
skinny, bald-headed, boys, girls, brunet
tes, (Afro-Americans), and kids. All
babies are fut when they are found, es
pecially when their pa is weighing them.
And what they call the tirst born? Well,
uo lish scales will ever hold him or it or
she. New babies always weigh a beep
more than the same layout of the
butcher’s meat. I wonder why?
There is more doubt as to where
babies come from and how they got here
than there is among apoBtles of the
higher criticism as to the exact location
of the bad place. I will enumerate
some of the theories. That they come
through the sky and are delivered as an
original package ; that a bird with a long
bill brings all of them; that they are
kept in stock by the doctors ; and quite
a few respectable authorities that say
that they are found iu stumps.
I like babies except when they get
big enough to bite. Pa says it is wrong
to hit one, bat I don’t think so. Good
babies will go to sleep when they are
left with you which saves you from the
trouble of haviug to give them knock
out drops Babies cry for fun, and live
on milk. Milk is infected with danger
ous microscopic insectivora, and when I
grow up I intend to shun it also. I
don’t want to have any babies, do yon?
Nashville American.
Rest is the great restorer. We tire
ot*r muscles by exercise and then rest to
restore them ; yet a great many of us do
not stop to think how little rest v e give
to our stomachs. As a u'-ual thing no
part of onr bodies is so generally over
worked as our digestive organs. A tired
and overworked stomach will give signs
of (listless to which we pay no heed
until at last Dyspepsia takes hold.
Indigestion is just a warning, and if we
heed the warning we can easily avoid
further consequences. KODOL is a most
thorough stomach relief.lt digests what
you eat and gives the stomach the need
ed rest and greatly assists in restoring it
to its normal activity and usefulness.
KODOTi is sold on a guarantee relief
plan. It is sold by Bloss Drug Co.,
Ceredo; R. Ney Williams, Kenova.
Indictments wore returned against
A. J. Wilkinson and S. II. Somerville at
Keyser, W. \ a., for attempted bribery.
Jacob Hollenberger and R. A. Racicliff,
members of the Mineral county schoo’
bo >k b >:ird, testified that thoy were ovch
offered $ lot) to vote to adopt the books
of the American Book company, which
the accused represented. The grand
jury recommends that contracts he re
pudiated, Wilkinson is a councilman of
Grafton aiuj is prominent in Democratic
politics. He has borne a high reputa
tion and his friends, as well of those of
Somerville’s, believe they are innocent.
—Tyler County Star.
“ Pneumonia’* Deadly Work.
had so seriously affected my right luug,”
writes Mrs. Fannie Connor, of Rural
Route 1, Georgetown, Tenn., ‘‘that I
coughed continuously night and duy
and the neighbors’ prediction—consump
tion— seemed inevitable, until my hus
band brought home a bottle of Dr.
King’s New Discovery, which in my
case proved to be the only real cough
cure and restorer of weak, sore lungs.”
When all other remedies utterly fail,
von may still win in the battle against
lung and throat troubles with New
Discovery, the real cure. Guaranteed
by Bloss Drag Store, Ceredo; R. Ney
Williams, Kenova. 60cand *1.00. Trial
bottle free.
If there is no law in this country, says
the Moundsville Herald, by which the
Harri man gang can be criminally prose
cuted for its thievery then it is time for
out law makers to get busy. Our people
are getting tired of the bitter and relent
less prosecution of the man who will
take a loaf of bread for his starving
children and the making of heroes of
men who steal millions. Our states
man, our law makers and our law
givers should wake up before it is too
late, and the millionaire class of thieves
may as well take notice also.
B«wart of Ointmonts for Catarrh
That Contain Morcury,
as mercury will surelv destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tern when entering It through the mucous sur
faces Such articles should never be used ex
cept on prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, as tile damage they will do is ten fold
to the good you can possibly derive Irom
them, 'tail's Catarrh Core, manufactured by
r . J. Cheney Si Co , Toledo. O., contains no
mercury, and is taken internally, acting di
Tartly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. In buying Hall’s Catarrh Core be
sure you get the genuine. It is taken internal.
If' a"d mad« Toledo, O . by F. J. Cheney St
Co ^ Testimonials free.
S°!d *2 Price, 75o psr bottle
Take Hall s f amily Pills for constipation.
Thb Wrst Virginia building at the
Jamestown Exposition will be one of
the fluent structures there. It han a brick
foundation, fame superstructure, built
on the old colonial plan with porches
and columns In front and on the sides,
and terrace connecting the porches.
The building has a beautiful location.
Near the building will be an obelisk of
West Virginia ooal 40x40 feet at the base
and 160 feet high. It will he laid in
obelisk form, a strata for each county
of the State and illuminated by electric
lights, forming an exhibit risible far
out to sea.
What is it that tastes as pleasant as
maple sugar and quickly relieves coughs
and colds? Mothers who have used it
will quickly answer: "Kennedy’s
Laxative Gough Syrup.” The pleasant
cold remedy that expels the cold through
its laxative action on the bowels. Con
forms strictly to the Pure Food and
i»r igHi Law. Contains no opiates. Sold
tg Bios* Drug Go., Ceredo; R. Ney
Williams, Kenova.
Wanted and For Sale
5c line 1st insertion; 2^c line each
subsequent issue.
choice Nursery Stock. Best Terms.
Pay weekly. Permanent employ,
ineut. R. R. Hakrm,
IIarrisvillk,W. Va
FINE line of the celebrated Excelsior
Sperm Sewing Machine Oil on
sale at the Advance Stationery Store,
Ceredo. Price 10c a bottle.
Post Cards—Views of the late
hign water in this vicinity; also
bird’s eve view of Ceredo, for sale
at the Bloss Drug store.
Wanted. — I desire to secure a
good solicitor—either male or
female—to secure advertisements,
job printing and subscriptions for
iny papers. T. T. McDougal,
Ceredo, W. va.
Post Cards.—Everybody buys
them. 15 mailed for 25 cents in
stamps; 0 for 10 cents, no two alike.
Send today. Kiger’s Book Store,
Huntington, W. Va. 3apr4w.
FOR SALE.—I have for sale five (5)
shares of stock in the Wayne County
Bank. The owner of this stock is anx
ious to sell, as he desires the money to
use in other business. Call on or ad
dress, T. T. McDougal, Ceredo, W. Va
For Salk.—We have at this
office a copy of the latest edition of
Webster’s International Dictionary,
with patent index, in best binding.
The price of this splendid dictionary
is $10.75. $8 50 will buy the
hook. Come to the Advance office
and see it.
We have found a buyer, and sold the F. C.
Gould farm. No. 1243, but here we have another
for you and those disappointed inquirers. It
contains 275 acres; lOu acres in cultivation; 10o
in grass, and 75 acres level. Good house, barn,
cold storage, fine fruit, etc. Write for big
special circular of it. Mention No 1371.
Chalfant Land Company,
Buckhannon, W. Va.
The people who aie selling out the earth.
201' eb.lOw.
Splendid Gas Mantles at
(lie Advance Stationery
Store for only 10 cents.
Better ones two for 25 cts.
Many people are taking
advantage of our liberal
offer to secure the Advance
one year. The American
Farmer one year and an
accident insurance policy
good lor a year, for only
YV. B. pTlEsT
Model Steam Laundry of Ir^nton, and
thelRONTON Dye House. Wcrk callad
for and delivered
^ Huntington
Orchestra W
V Only First-Class Orohsstra ^
In this Ssotion of tho £
^ Country. j^J
For Open Time, Address,
X D. T O P E
Senator Elkins Saus He Will Not
Meddle Next Time.
Senator Stephen B. Elkins, of this
State, is getting gallant, as will be
shown by the following special dhpafch
from Washington which will be of inter
est to local people who aie acquainted
with that distinguished gentleman :
“ Washington, D. C., April 19.—Sena
tor Elkins, of West Virginia, came near
•getting in bad’ with the police this af
ternoon. At the corner of Tenth and F
streets a woman wax being placed under
airest by an officer in citizen's clothes. I
She fought him. The chivalrous Elkins
interceded, not understanding that the
quietly dressed 'gent' was a myrraidom
of the law. The aforesaid myrmidon
for a moment was inclined to the opin
ion that the fine looking gentleman was 1
assisting in a ‘stall’ that might lead to a
•getaway.’ He expressed himself in
choice police English. Mutual explana
tions followed, and so did the arrest of
the woman, She is held on suspicion of
larceny. The Senator has taken a vow
never again to champion the cause of the
apparently down trodden of any sort
whatsoever, save on the floor of the
United State* Senate.”
Soon after the Civil wll~ General
Ingalls, S. A., visited a friend in
the Sonth. Taking a walk one morning
he met a boy coming op the river with
a flue string of fish.
•'What will yon take for your fish?”
asked tke general.
“Thirty cents,” was the reply.
"Thirty cents!” repeated the general
in astonishment. "Why, if yon were m
New York you conld get $3.00 for
The boy looked critically at the officer
for a moment and then said scornfully :
HYes, sub; en I reckon if I had a
bucket of water in hell I coaid get a
million for it.”
We now anxiously await new* of the
first boy to go in swimming for the sea - f‘
son of 1907. - J
Capital $60 000.00.
+ You Are Invited to open An o
Surplus $10,000.00.
G. W. Gunnell, Prep.
D. H. Carpenter, V. Pres.
Charles Ruppell, V. Pres.
Ernest Meek, Cashier.
Chas. Russell.
A. Mims.
ID. H. Carpenter.
Dr. A. P. Banfield.
G. W. Gunnell
We are in a position to look af
ter Wayne county customers
with care and dispatch.
unt in Person or by Mail.
Gas and Gasoline
arfap/ad for ararjr irirryg
/romrar la Mfufam/, fa>>.
fact Iy Safa. Strictly High Grmdma
ertical Type 2 to 12 H. P.
Horizontal Typo 6 to 100 H. P.
Giro more power, last longer and coat leas to operate. Thee are
known tho world over and in Buffalo alone over 000 are in nae
prn°r.°' tne'f simplicity, economy and durability Gold Medals
and h init Awards were secured at all large expositions in this coun
tr>_1and turo]»e- We build g»s engines 2 to 100 H. P , gasoline
engines 2 to 40 H. P. for manufacturing, electric lighting, farm
and portable work, pumping, etc., both horizontal and vertical
types All the latest improvements. Every engine warranted.
We operate a $300,000 plant and every engine is shipped
5 T?0.1 Jfrorn th« factory to you at factory prices. Catalogs
fUil information Bent free. 5
801 North Brady St, • DuBoIs, Pa.
j —... <
! flsk your Neighbor, sue Knows ■
rhat Carter F’uruitureis everything we claim it to be.
j; Quality always right, with prices squeezed down to small !
- figures. Buying Furniture iu car load lots secures for us *
l very lowest, prices made by the manufacturers to any t
retailer or jobber. Years of carefuI buying has qualified |
$ UB f°r obtaining the lowest possible prices, and Furniture {
\ of only good quality is accepted bv this store.
Several shipments of Spring Furniture have b«en re
ceived that will be of much mterest to housewives. ^
Call and see our Beautiful Parlor Furniture. {
i i
» -—-- i
t :- <
i J. €. Carter & Co., \
| 922-924 Fourth Avenue Hotel Frederick Building t
Huntington. - West Va. i
Operating Wharf
And River and Rail Transfer.
Buokeyo” Salt, “Mariou” and “Fostoria” White Lime, “Black Dl*.
mond” and Portland Cements, Glass, Nails, Flue Tile, Sewer
Pipe, Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Wall Plaster, Hair, Lath, Shingle*.
Corn, Oats, Chop, Bran, Hay,Flour, Seeds and Coal.
Rates and Time Tables furnis’ned for Cincinnati and Pittebng
Packets. Correspondence solicited. Send for price list.
^hat is the use of going away from home to buy your j
* goods when yon oan get the same thing here at as
» low a price as the oat of town merchants offer I
f 7°?* We have the best and largest store j
I in the ooanty, and oar low prices al* I
l ways keep goods on the move. *
f _FURNITURE, Etc., Etc. j
\ Wright Bros., Wes?rv%«„,aj
A Great otter.
We will furnish a copy of this
paper one year, The American Far
mer one year and a One Thousand
Dollar Aooident Insuranoe Policy,
with a reputable company haying a
surplus of $816,163.79, all for only
Now is the time to take advantage
of this offer. It is to new sub*
soriberk or old ones ptjiog all
arrearages and for one year in ad

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