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I The Ceredo Advance. *
Entered at the pool-office at Ceredo, W. Va.
aa second clan* matter.
I Patron. of thin paper will please .end
o thl. office notices of tbeirfriend. vial tine i
here or Haewhere.— Kd.1 i
~ j
Local HEWS.
W e had a titie rain last Saturday '
merit it g.
Sam Dock Smith of Docks creek
Mas in town last Ftiday.
W e take orders for engraved ;
cards. Call and see samples.
Miss May me Wellman of Fort
Gay is the guest of friends at this 1
Mrs. Anna AlcQuin of Big
Sandy was a Ceredo visitor last
Mrs. A. V. Feazell left list Sat
urday evening to visit at Scioto
ville, Ohio.
Our correspondents are requested
to be more regular. Their letters
are appreciated.
Mrs. Frank Mott visited her!
daughter—Mrs. Wendell Meiukart
—at Ashland, Ivy., last week.
W. II. Ackuian, manager ot the
Ashland Piano A Music Co , was
in our town on business last Mon
day .
Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Hostetter ot
Dayton, Ohio, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. L. F. Marcutu last Satur
day and Sunday.
liev. and Mrs. G. W. Twynham
returned from Hartford City, Ma
son county, last Friday, where
they visited friends for a couple of
hire destroyed the lumber mill
ol Wright Salisbury at Catletts
burg, Ky., last Friday night. Loss
about *‘J0,O00, with *11,000 in
John E. Williams of Dindus,
Ky., has purchased Airs/ Harriet
Adkins’ property, adjoining the
Firsi National Hank, lie now oc
cupies the property.
A Kansas paper in speaking of
Sam Wright’s hall playing says:
‘‘Wright now bolds the best record
of any twirler in the league ami has
pitched marvelous ball since he
joined Hutchison.”
Air. and Mrs. L. Ii. Blagg of
Cincinnati and Air. and Airs. H. B.
Kates of Catleltshurg spent Sunday
herewith Mr. and Airs. L F2. Till-,
man. Airs Blagg, Mrs. Kates and
Airs. Tillman are sisters.
11. L S 'one has resigned bis j
position with the Alate Creek Sup
ply Co. at Matewan and has been
here with his family for the past
week, lie is considering a proposi
tion to travel for a wholesale firm.
Mrs J. M. Harrington has re
from Paducah, Kv., where she went
last Wednesday in answer to a tel
egram stating that Mrs. Thompson
—raoiler ot Mrs. Wade II. Brown —
was dangerously ill. Mrs. Thomp
son is not expected to reoover.
Dr. W. F. Bruns of this place
was in Charleston last Wednesday
and Thursday assisting the Btate
Board of Health in the examination
of physicians applying for license
to practice in this state. About
twenty-five were examined.
Air. and Mrs. Walter Adkins
returned lo their home at Blue
field Monday after a pleasant visit ©f
almost three weeks with relatives
here. Miss Grace Adkins accom
panied them home and will be their
guest for several weeks.
{Senator Elkins desires to an
nounce that those desiring F'armer’s
Bulletins and Seeds issued by the
government, may send their names
and addresses to S. B. Elkins,
Elkins, West Va., at an early date.
The Bulletins will be inailud during
the summer and the seeds will be
sent out next, spring.
The Catlettsburg and Ceredo
base ’ball teams crossed Vials at
Clydeside Park Friday afternoon.
Cecil Model and I*. ar| Ford,
lor Catlettsburg, and R iy Wright
and Charley Dye, for Ceredo,
formed the batteries. The sco^e
stood 16 to 4 io favor of the
Ceredo hoys. m
Fight cars containing merchan
dise standing in the Kenova yards
were broken open last Sunday night
and a large amount of the goods
stolen. It is the general impression
that the frequent robberies com
mitted in the Kenova yards have
been done by local people and it
does look like the railroad comp a
nies could catch some of tbe thieves.
YV . K. Williams, who was recent
. Iy shot near Dingo**, was brought
here last week. He is the son of
John E. Williams, who .pur based
Mrs. Harriet Adkins’ property, and
is still in a precarious condition.
Drs. it. K. Vickers and W, F.
Hruns operated on Mr. William*
la*t Monday afternoon, taking a
piece of bone from Ins bread, it
is now thought the wouuded man
will recover.
Elba Staley of near Dunleiih was
a caller at this office yesterday.
Miss Effie Perry of Williamson
and Miss Ida Smith of Louisa, Ky.,
were guests of Mrs. J. O. Marcum
last week.
Mrs. Perry Staley, who lives in
the country, has been the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Gaines McKeaud
since our last issue was published.
Revs. D. E. Hawk of Bluefield j
and E J. Heller of Kenova were m
Ceredo yesterday and while here
made the Advance office a pleasant
It is now Dr. A. G. DeFoe, as ,
that gt ntleman, (whose home is at
Shoa*ls, this county), graduated at
the Louisville Medical college the
13th inst. We wish Dr. DeFoe '
success in his chosen profession.
Mr. Dailey of the qnartette that
will give the entertainment at
Kenova City Hall July L>8, has
quite a reputation as a religious
song composer, fiome of his sougs
are: “Because He Loved Me So,”
“Will Immortalize Your Name,”
“Down With Bosses,” “The Peo
ple Shall Rule,” the last named
being the song that won the great,
political fight in Philadelphia.
To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Staley,
July 15, 1908, a son.
I will be at Wayne, W. V'a., on
Tuesday and Wednesday after the
second Monday in each month to
do dental work.
E. T. Billups, 1). D. S.
Straw Hat Bleach.
Is your new straw bat soiled and
rusty looking? It it is get a pack
age of the Florentine Hat Bleach
and make it look bright and good
as new. 'Ten cents a package.
Wild Sc Bootle, Florentine Drug
Store, Huntington, W. Va.
Dentist In Kenova.
E. r. Billups has opened a
Dental office, at what is known as
the Bosh Lambert properly, where ■
the street cars leave the river front
to go to the union railroad station,
Kenova W. Va.
Satisfaction is guaranteed, as to
prices and quality of work.
E. T. Billups D. D. S.
A popular concert by the “Dai.
ley” quartette of Philadelphia will
be given in ihp City Hall at Kenova
on Tuesday evening, July 28, at
8:30 o’clock. This will afford you
a rare opportunity to hear one of
the most famous singing aggrega
tions in the United Stales. They
have just closed a week’s engage
ment at Winona Lake, Indiana,
the great Presbyterian chautauqua
of the west. The quartette will go
from here to Williamson ami then
will fill a week’s engagement at
Mountain Lake Park, Maryland.
If you are not going to any chan
tauq.ia this summer, come and hear
a chautauqua attraction at home.
By the kindness of the mayor of
the city, Mr. W. B. Morris, the
City Hall has been secured for this
Nippon Maru Sails tor the Orient.
The Japanese liner Nippon Maru
sailed yesterday for the orient with
32 cabin passengers and a valuable
cargo. Among the passengers
were a number of government em
ployes bound for Manila. One of
these, James J. McQuin, who holds
a position under the Manila city
government, is sure of a warm wel
c unt, as he is taking back with him
28 roosters of fighting game stock.
Each rooster is a champion in its
own cla-s, and McQuin expects his j
birds to make quite a stir in Manila i
sporting circles.
The above which was clipped
from a late issue of a San Francisco
paper, refers to .fames J. McQuin,
formerly of this county.
Lost, Man Found.
Considerable excitement was oc
casioned among our people last
Friday evening about da^k when it
became known that H. W. Stewart,
a venerable and respected citizen of
this place, had left home early in
the morning to go a short distance
from town to pick berries and had
| not returned. A party was organ
ized and left on the hunt of the lost
one and John Ferguson(who was in
a buggy) met Mr. Stewart coming
down Coal Branch bill. “Cnele
Wash” said he went up “Broad
l Hollow” and on to the bill south
of the hollow named and after hav
| mg picked his bucket full of ber-!
1 ries he started home, but getting
; bewildered took the wrong road and i
instead of coming toward town
went in the opposite direction and
when he had traveled for several
hours carne to Kd. Swanson’s
home on Docks crepk. He then
gave Mrs. Swanson his berries and
was wending his way home when
the searching party found him.
Mrs. Martha ft. Perdue.
Mr*. Martha A. Perdue, wife of
Jas. Perdue, departed this life July*
5, 1909. She leaves a husband and
six children, and many loving rela
tives and frieads to tuouru her
death. She had been afflicted for
several years, bearing it all cheer
fully and patiently, tr\ing all
remedies and medicines that physi
cians recommended for her diseases.
But when all failed she turned to the
“Great Physician’* aud He gave
her strength and comfort by his
presence Although desiring to
live on and rear up her little ones
in the right path, when she realized I
that death was near she began ,
making all prepara’ions for her
journey across the dark river of,
death. Calling her husband and
little ones around her si e would
talk to them of her assurance of
Hea\cn, exhorting them to meet !
her there and warning them of the 1
evils of this world. While all,
other eyes were bathed in tdars,
hers would shine as with the glorv
of another world. She ft'.so talked
to many relatives and fricn s about
their soul’s welfare. During her
29 years of life, 10 of them were
spent in the service of her Master
and he blessed her so by his pres
ence, that in her last moment when
Death was closing his dark mantle
around her aud struggling for vic
tory over her weak body she could
shout aud praise Hun, bringing to
our minds the words of the apostle I
Paul “Oh death where is thy
Sister Martha was a quiet, loving
woman, beloved by all who knew
her. Living quietly at home with
her husband and children she was (
ever following m the footsteps of
her Master by examples and pre
cepts. And while we mourn our
loss we feel it is only her gain and
that she is freed from all her
suffering and is with the Saviour.
Her funeral w as preached accord
ing to her request at the Dock’s
(.reek Baptist church, of which she
was a member, by ltevs Charles
Watts, Abraham Hutchison ami
Jerry Hariuon, after wdneh her
body was laid to rest in the Keyser
cemetery to await the resurrection.
Her husband desires to thank all
who assisted him during his wife’s
illness and death.
“Dearest wife thou hast left us.
And our loss we deeply feel,
But ’tin God who has bereft us,
He ran all our sorrows heal.
\\ e loved hor, yes we loved her,
But Jchuh loved ber more,
And he has sweetly called ber,
To yonder shining shore.
Vet again we hope to meet her,
When the day of lile is fled,
When in Heaven with joy to greet
Where no farewell tear is shed.”
One Wiio Loved Hkb.
In accordance with section 1,
chapter 19, of the acts of the legis
lature, year 1908, the county court
proceeded to appoint registrars for
each voting precinct in this county,
as follows:
Upper Ward, Ceredo, Jas. .Farrell
Lower “ “ A. G. Brown
Town of Kenova, G. A. Porter
Docks creek, Millard Staley
Buffalo creek, John Haynie
Stewart School House, G. VV. Iiigg
Lynn School House, J. B. Porter]
Dickson, Robert Maya j
Wayne Court House, John lJohack
“School House, Wrn P. Spurlock
Booton, M. J. Adkins
Bowen, French Bowen
Cassville, S. W. Frazier
Head of Hurricane,W. K. Ferguson
Lower Hurricane, Free*in Christian
I race, W. T. Workman
Head of Gragston, John B Wilson
l.ower Gragston, Charley Iiigg
Jackson Branch, E. B. Ferguson
Grassy, F. M. Vinson
Drag, Mont Curry
Jennies creek, General Marcum
Doane, D. C. Derefield
Ounlow, Taylor Preston
Cove Creek, C. E. Counts
McComas, lle/.ekiah Fry
Kiahs creek, J. B. Uigshy
East Lynn, L. B. Osburn
Forks I leech Fork, Scott Adkins
Nestlow, Barney Davis
Brush Creek, .lames Err
Newcomb, Ilezckiah Adkins
U 0. 0. F. OH leers.
Following are the new officers of
C "redo Podge No. 127, I. O. O. F.:
R M. Johnson, N. G.
II G. Burks, V. G.
K. L. Black, Hec. Sec y.
A. G. Brown, Per. Seo’y
C. C. Burks, Treas.
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Dcmocrafc Disappointed.
Democrats in the business and
financial districts of Baltimore are
not enthusiastic over the noinina
t ion of Hr;, an.
“I am disgusted with the whole
thing,” said John II. Glide*, Jr.,
chairman of the executive com
mittee of the chamber of commerce.
“Formerly 1 thought that the
democratic party could never pat,
up a man for whom I would not
vote. 1 can’t vote for Bryan.”
And hundreds speak the game way.
W.Va. Sanitary Plumbing Co.
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922-924 Fourth Avenue Hotel Frederick Building
Huntineton. - West Va.
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