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The Ceredo Advance.
•»'■*'•« ^t^b€jjo«t-<»«e* at Om«t, W. Va.
I^Patrona of this paper will please send
tilhi*office notice*of tbelrfriend, visit.ng
Bern or elsewhere_Ed.'
Mr*. L. D. Rowe is very ill with
as him.
Wm. Caperton visited East Lynn
last week.
■Mrs J. M. Harrington !a on the
aick list.
James Thompson moved to Kel
logg Sui day.
Mrs. Oscar Brown visited Wil
liamson last week.
John Thacker o! Whites creek
was here last week.
Miss Ira Woods of Wayne is the
guest of relatives here.
Mrs. Anna Forbess called on
Ashland friends Saturday.
Frank Chrisiian of Central City
receutly visited friei.ds here.
Mrs. ('has. Brown was a visitor
to Huntington Saturday la^.
Mrs. Isaac Wo rkman spent last
week with relatives at Echo.
Millatd Cyrus of Whites creek
visited relatives here last week.
Dr. I. I. Miller of Kenova was
a visitor to our towu Sunday.
Miss Leah Harris of Kenova was
a visitor to our town Saturday.
Mrs. Albert Wright was a visitor
to Huntington one day last week.
Samuel Eist of Portsmouth, O.,
visit* d relatives here last week.
Delbert Newcomb of Russell,
Ky., visited home folk last week.
Harry Lindsley of Catletlshurg
transacted business here Monday.
Mrs. C. F. Smith of Kenova wa« I
calling on friends here Saturday.
Ileniy Stark of Huntington was
mingling with friends here Sunday.
F F. Badgley of Kenova was a
business visitor here last Saturday.
Walter Joidan was initiated into
the Odd Fellows Encampment Sat
Mr and Mrs. Fred Ferguson of
Fort Gay were Ceredo visitors
Robert Iliocbman of near Dun
leith transacted business in Ceredo
Mrs. Effie Deilz spent Thursday
of last week with Huntington
Chas. Whitt, who works at
Inez, is spending the week here
with home folk.
Mrs. Martha Scaggs has returned
front a visit to relatives at Ports
mouth, Ohio.
Misses Gussie and Blanch
Griffith receutly visited friends al
Miss Charlotte Freese of Louisa,
Ky., is spending the week here
with friends.
P. II. Brumfield ot near Dunleith
was a business caller at this office
last Monday.
Mrs. C. C. Burks sp-mt a few
days last week with relatives at
M r. and Mrs. W. E. Combs were
calling on Huntington friends 1 st
•Saturday afternoon.
Howard Burks has purchased
the property on C street occupied
by W. A Gordon.
A. M. Staley of Dunleith was in
town 1 ist week and while nere
made this office a pleasant call.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Lackey of
near Holden were recent guests
yf Mi'f **ud Mr*. J. O. Marcum.
J. H. Malcolm of near Danleith
P. O. called last Thursday and re
newed his subscription to the Ao
Wm Williams of Ironton has
moved to our town. He occupies
the McDoogal property on East
Fourth street.
Ed. Stewart returned home
from Paintsville, Kv , last Patur-j
f day, having completed the job of
work he was doing th°re.
T. T. McDougal has purchased
the property owned by Mrs. Sarah
McIntyre on East Fourth street, j
consisting of two lots *"il a seven j
room, two-story dwelling.
S. Floyd Hoard, wh*le assisting
at the fire st the residence of Nicho
las Copley |aqt Thursday evening,
fell and cut his hand severely
W Lile the iojnry is not dangerous
it is quite painful.
Rev, and Mrs. Geo. W. Twyn
ham of Prestonsburg, Ky., are
gnests of friends in our town
R**v. Twynham is assi-ting in the
meetings at Cong’l church. |
Kenova’s Election.
The Keouv* municipal election
held on Thursday of last week was
hotly conust* d from beginning to
end, but judging from the returns
the CmzeLs’ par.y’s engine was t^ru
to pieces by the atm and hammer of
the People’s Progressive party.
1 here were 196 voles cast mi l May
or VV. B M«>r is won over his op
ponent (J. E Kesinget) by a majoi
Uy of 10 C. W. I horn sou leti in
his wake G K. Osgood, candidate
for recorder, by the small majority
of 2. For councilman the majorn
ties ranged from 2 to 5, with the
exception of W. P. Harris aud F.
K. Way, who tied. Unless these
gentlemen choose to draw straws it
will be up to the council to d.cide
who shall serve the city. Eliminat
ing Miss’s. Harris and Way the
uew council sianiis as follows: W.
B. Morns, mayor; C W. Thomson,
recorder; W. G Smith, M. 1). llat
ten, l has. Lambert and J. 1. Miller,
c mnciluieu. The last named gentle
mau was the only man on the Cili
zeus’ ticket that was elected, he
having deteaied 11. 11. Bmipsuu.
Last Thursday evening about 7
o'clock she a bum ot tire was be&id
on our streets aud it was soon dig
covered that the residence ot Nicho
las Copley, situate on List First
street, was on tire. The tire depart
ment was on she scene, together
with about rue-third of the popula
tion ot town, in a very short time
ami the blaze was extinguished m
about twenty minutes aUer water
first b~ean playing on the destruo
tive Hen i.
1'he Hre originated in some man
ner from ‘tie gas, although tl is not
definitely known just how. The
rear of the structure was badly dam
aged by Hre and some uf the r ouse
hold effects by water.
1 be building aud household
goods are insured hi ihe Virginia
State Insurance Co , represented by
T. T. AlcDougal.
At the time the Copley residence
was burning an accideui occur
r< d in the outage, owned by Hoard
Bros, and oocu) ied by Win. Fugett,
just across the street, which nearly
caused that dwelling to go up m
smoke. Mis. Fugett, in h« r baste
to go to ihe Copley Hre, dropped a
cape on a gas stove and not knowing
she ha<i done so. hastily left ihe
building. When she returned in a
few minutes the room was full of
smoke and a good-sized Hre under
headway. This bla/t* was extin
guished with but little damage.
Free to Our Itoader*.
We take pleasure in announcing
that we have arranged wi’h the well
known Ii in of K C lb Witt A Co ,
Chicago, III., for them to send one
full box, a week’s trial, of the won
derlul lit le Kidney and Bladder
Pills to each reader and subscriber
of this paper.
These pills are highly recom
mended and are an excellent prep
aration for all forms of kidney amt
bladder trouble. If you are uffer
mg with lame back, backache, weak
kidneys ami inHanimation of the
bladder, send y< ur name ami ad
dress to K. C. DeSVitt A Co., 203
205 LaSalle Ave., Chicago, III., a d
they will semi you absolutely free a
full box of their Kiduey and Blad
der Pills, postpaid.
Be i lire to lake advantage of this
offer promptly ami don’t tail to
mention this paper when sending
name and address.
Plash Liuht Pictures at Home.
If you have a kodak and want
to take some good pictures at home
try a few by tl »*h lights. They are
much different from outside views.
Flash light sheet and cartridge* 25c
to 00c. Wild A Boette, Headquar
ters for K dtk goods.
Floreniine Drug Sore, Hunting
don, W. Va.
— ^ • ♦* ■ ■ *■■
Geredo M. E. Ghurch.
Services Sunday Jan. 17, as fol
lows ; Sunday School at $»:20 a. rn.,
Phos. Kviok, Supt. 10:45 a. m.,
quarterly in eting services; preach
ing by the pastor, followed by the
sacrament of the Lord's Supper. No
services at night. All are invited
to he*r Kev. Asbury Mick, presid
ium eld* r, at K* nova M K. church
at 7:30 p. in.
— ■ — - -—•
Lost Chillier.
Have you paid your fa*? If not,
meet me at Ceredo Bank Jan. 2G or
Kenova City Hail 27. Stop in ami
save cost. I*. I). Pi.ymalr,
I3jan2«r. i), s.
*• •
Mrs. V. H. (turn is one of sever
al subscribers to ihe Advance who
never becomes in arrears She has
been a patron of the paper for
many years.
The meetings at the Congrega
tional chur h mil continue all this
Situate on “Sejnir Hill,**
Destroyed by Fire East
Th«* dwelling owued hv Georgs
Artz and situate on 8*»gur Hill,
about on° and one-half miles from
Ceredo, was entirely destroyed by
fire about eleveu o’clock, a. m ,
:ast Sunday. Nearlv all of Mr.
Artz's household goods were also
Tht total loss will probably
amouut to 91500.00. There were
9600 insurance on the building
end 9200 on household goods, I
placed in the German Insurance
Co., of Wheeling.
A defective chimney is believed
to have caused the fire, as the
blnz*+ was first discovered ou the
■ secoud floor.
(■ood Sermon to Juniors.
The sermon delivered to Onio
Valley Council, No 88, Jr. (). U.
A. M., by Rev. W. F Sheppard at
the M. K. church Sunday evening,
was appreciated very much by the
members of the Intercity and their
friends. I he church was crowded
and obaira were placed in the aisle
to accommodate those who were so
unfortunate as to l»e unable to s» -
cure scats otherwise. Mr. Sheppard
is a member of the order and w as
enabled to give its objects and prin
cip!«s in a concise manner, thus
making it very plain to the unbuilt
cd that ill* organization deserves
the co-operation of ev» ry American
citizen who desires to perpetuate
the free school sysli m, educate the
orphan, relieve the suffering and
HNMnge the pain of the alH c ed.
Mr Sheppard told an a imsing anec
dote as to how he came into pos
session of the Masonic password in
exchange for that of the Junior’s.
A young lady had secured from her
father what sh* thought to be the
Masonic password and told Rev.
"Leppard she would exchange pas-,
words with him Roth being agreed
the young ladv whi-prred “pork
and beans;” whereupon M-. Shep
pard gave the supposed word of the
Mechanics, “liver and onions.”
During the services the choir ren
dered excellent- music, for which
the order de-ires to extend thanks.
A Stricken Family.
Mr and Mrs. I* K Thomson are
both seriously ill with consumption
Both occupy the same bed and pre
sent a most pitiable sight. Their
forms which were once robust are
now withered and life is slow
ly fading' away. While Phil i»
v. r> poorly, yet his w ire is much
worse off The white plague has
-unk its poisonous taut's so deeply
into her lungs that eh • can scarcely
speak above a whisper. The a line s
continuous backing cough ti lls only
too plainly the pain the victims are
enduring. A representative of thie
paper who visited tho borne of the
stricken family Sunday af.erno m
was confronted wi h a scene
that was indeed sad and melan
choly To see a houseful of merry,
prattling little children romping
about with no one to act as rnamma,
only a little 12-year-old sister, is en
ough to bring tears to the eyes of
the most haul hearted person. Of
course kind ne.uhbors lend assist
ance to the stricken family, but
then they cannot take mother’s
place with the little ones. To see
the tots romping about and not be
ing able to real’ze that their parents
are lying on a probable death bed
is a scene that is indeed sad to con
template. Between the spells of
coughing, Mr. Thou sun stated he
appreciated very much the courtesies
that had been extended liunsi If and
family by the good people of Tere
do and Kenova, and was glad to
have everyone call and see them.
Mr — Mull ins, of Kentucky, ;
and Mis* Josie O’Brien, were I
united in the holy bond* of wed *
lock January 9, 1909.
The ceremony wa performed at j
the residence of the bride’s parent*, i
near town, by Rev. T. M. Armen
• trout.
Mr*. Josephine Welch and
ffrandanghter, Mist Gyp«y Jarrell,
took Old Christmas dinner with
j Mr. and Mrs. Mauford Walters of
near town.
Gan GanGcr Bg Gurcd?
We want every man and woman in the Unn
I ed Stale* to know what we are doing. We are
curing Cancer*, Tumor* and Chronic Sore,
without the u*e of the knife or X-ray, and are
{ endorsed by the Senate and Legislature 01
Phytic Ian* Treated Free.
Kellam Hospital
No 1«15 W. Main Street,
g I---WHY WE ARE-3
| (The Greatest Giothino House in the Ohio vaiieu I
--■—~ —*■ — ^
g- Complete Lines of Clothing for Boys and Men. Prices 3
£: " - 3
are Positively Right. One Price to All. 3
B _— ---—*=“ _ 3
gr AT
. N. & W. DEPOT E2
To tho Mothors of Wayno County
if YOU or your DAUGHTERS
are suffering from N E R V O U 8
TROUBLE, common I v called FE
to lav Rente vnur urejudtce ngainet
SCRIPTION a fair trial.
| county.
After vou have lined ONE-IIALF
BO 1 I LK, if you are in anv way
d iBBat intied with the RESULT8t
the merchant from whom you
purchased same will refund your
money iu full.
iu any caae ot Liver, Kidney,
Stomach or Heart Trouble, and in
all caaeB of female trouble
If °therB have failed try Blacko.
\ ou can’t lone, as your money will
be refunded if dinsatipfjed.
Spencer, W. Va.
Pain Iowa Extraction Nitron-Go* Chrid
Used with Ox)K”U>
Dr. J. A. Tauber,
Oflicefi iu Klk Building.
(Removed from Big Sandy Bank Bnild
Catletts burs. Kenttirkv
_ a n it n M <■ .1 .1 4 /r a .. .
HI _ Whenever you are inclined to o?>i n
W© II I urn ,MI *»*‘,onnt here. Wo want your kfc
w business; thla does not refer to >i»e; JR
® 5 solidity is tiio point. You ki ow ab
UVer © g our reputation; it lias not been ttie ^
M growth of a day, hut 1ms been built sir
1^1 I X w up by years of careful manngeni nt. ^
ki ©ft ••• Do you realise the value and eon*
M.stXlXtMKXlXUX>lX(XlXlXlX(X(XtXOafi venieuee ot a bank to tho couunntiL im
U 5 C 5 ty in which it is located? It yon ^
^ 5 c 5 do, give uh your patronage; howev* dflr
1m w8 S 9 or small it will la-appreciated.
^ XWt X(KXt XUS* (m
(R CEItEDO, \V. VA. j*
The Palace Hotel.
The muni popular hotel to
Cine nnati i* the Palace, corner of
6th and Vine street*. Maxwell it
Lee arc it* manager* ami they
spare no pains in making their
guests feel at home. Impnovemen's
have recently been made u> the
building and now hot and cold
water i* supplied to most of the
W hen in the “Queen City” stop
at the Palace Hotel. You will
never regret it.
UtA D,
With All Modern At ach
ments, for sale at this
^nmminnmiinmmiiiinimn minnia
| [-J-J ..INSURANCE.3|
S s'l , J--1 I 1 £
U-J —
^ go
§ §
1 p

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