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\ --OF—— ]
[Great interest!
j— I
{ * j
\ TS lacking just now, but because it is j
\ X between seasons for most mer- j
| chandising-too late for anything j
! but white summer goods and laces and \
| embroideries, and too soon for fall se- i
| lections. Of White Goods, India Lin- S
| ons, Persian Lawns, Laces and Em- \
| broideries, however, we have an |
i abundance. f
\ \
! K; u“°"s-p" yar<l- 8 to *5c I
l \
\ Pure in. Sheer, White ft* J
| Linen, per yard. |
| Corset Cover Embroideries 1 tffc \
\ per yard .I” lO OSJO \
i Pure Linen Laces, worth 8 S'** \
j to isemper yard, at. OilIJ #IC <
| _ —=i
j milESE Laces we want to call your i
> ■■ special attention to as l)cing the i
I- j
! C. 23. Silcott Co.!
! C;itlettsbiii*£, Ky. j
! i
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion
>- ^ you Suffer from Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Gas on
the Stomach, Belching, Sour Stomach, Heart-burn,
etc., a little Kodol will Relieve you almost Instantly
Kodol supplies the same digestive
Juices that jtre found in a healthy
stomach. Being a liquid, it starts
digestion at once.
Kodol not only digests votir food,
but helps you erijoy every mouthful
you eat.
You need a sufficient amount of
pood, wholesome food to maintain
strength and health.
But, this food must lie digested
thoroughly, otherwise the pains of
indigestion and dyspepsia are the
When your stomach cannot do its
work properly, take, something to
help your stomach. Kodpl is the
only thing that will give the stom
ach complete rest.
Why? Because Kodol does the
same work a a st rotig stomach, and
does it in a natural way.
So. don’t neglect ymir stomach.
Th.ii't become a chronic dyspeptic.
Keep your stomach healthy and •
Strong by taking a little Kodol.
J «« don’t have to take Kodol all
the time. You only take it when
you need it.
Kodol is perfectly harmless.
Our Guarantee
fl.. to vour drufrpUt today and eot a <to|.
Ihp bottle. I hen after you ha ve u-• d t he
entire contents of the bottle if y.,,, , ;in
honestly say that It has not done you any
•nod. return the bOttle to the druturlstand
he wni refund vour money without <m.
te.n or delay. We will then pay the rfni a
»:Ist. IJun t hPAltMip, rill drntr^ists kr <»w
that our guarantee is food. This offer no
p ies to the I a rye Uittleonly and to hut one
In a family. The lar;/e bottle contains '14
times as much tu> the fifty cent hot tie.
Kotin] is prepared at the laborntor
i les of K. C. Du Witt &, Co., Chicago.
>ol«l liy th<* li'.oHH Drug Co. «nrl K^uova Druggist*.
WANTED- Trustworthy n»'n or m man in |
each count; to ailvrrti-<<•. t. .,-Ue order, and
manage bn si rt> .? for New N"-»rW M.»i| Order
iluu-re, 9tH.*4 weekly; poinii<nn permanent: no
inreatm nt inquired. I rrvi-iqi e<|wrten<<-not
essential t . engaging. Spare t.nte salnaffle, !
Enclose M-lf ,»<ldre,,.il envelop, for full panic,
ulars. Arldre-,. Cl.tKKH Co .Wholesale Is-pt. '
fl3 Park Avk.. Nnv Vdkk. J?mvl"w. i
Notice i< hereby given that Mat Deal,
now serving a sentence in the West
Virginia Penitentiary, will apply on or
after Sept. 1, *09, to the Board of Pa
role for a recommendation to the (Jov
ernot lor parole.
.1. K. Matthews, Warden.
The N. A VV. wreck car at tlus
place was called to Lawshe, Ohio,
Wednesday to assist in clearing nj»
a wreck caused hy an N. A W.
freight train fjoing through a
liridge. The outfit was sent to the
«Ceofc of the trouble over the (’. A
O. to Cincinnati and from there
transferred to the N. A \V. tracks, i
The Portsmouth tool car was also
dispatched to ill* scene of the acci
dent. One of the train crew is re-j
ported killed and others badly in-j
jured in the wreck. — Kenova He
For Rent.—Four nice rooms on
second d sc of the Advance Funding.
i. . ..'
Complexion Crestin.
I’eroxide Creme j-5c
Rose Cold Ovain, L'5c
Wanitol Cold Orcarn, tioc
I fi»*lnot*<• Cold Cream, 50c
Klcaya Creme, fiOc
Princes* Creme, 25c
Wild Boette, Florentine Drug
Store, Huntington, W. Va.
• •• i
By request of 1 . S. Brown the
conoty conrt recently dedicated to
the town iU« thirty foot road lead
ing from the Dciiz corner to the
southern corporation line at Browns
town. The council accepted the
new street Menday evening and
named ft Brown sired. Property
owners on the east side the
street were ordered to build a
si<W* walk in front -of their proper
The f'r.ime of Idioms*.
Idleness means trouble for any one.
It's the same with a lazv liver. .Jt
causes constipation, headache, jut/n
dice, Hid low complexion, pimples and
blotches, loss of appetite, mms -ft, but
I>r. King s New Life Pills soon banish
liver troubles nnd build up your healdi.
2.V* at th*> IIIoss Drug more, Ceicdo,
and R. Ney W iliiams, Kenova.
| The Ceredo Advance.
I __
Dieted ii tbs post-office hi Ceredo, Vt. Va.
•* Mcoodota** matter.
t**lrons of tuts paper will pi***? .end
to btaoffice notice* of their friend* Timtiog
irre or et*ewhcre.— Ed.’
ko( a i. n i:\vs.
■ - ---*- - *
Mrs. Janies Burks is visiting
relatives at Fort Gay.
Mrs. 11. 11. Kutherford is visit
ing relatives at Cyrus.
Mr*. James Hunt, Jr., and child
ren are visiting relatives at Whites
We noticed Charles Lambert and
Owen Webb of Kenova on our
streets last Sunday.
Fred Viuson of Louisa, Ky.,
was the guest of relatives here the
latter part of last week.
Mrs. D. F. Peters and little son
and Mrs. Elizabeth Frasber are
guests of relatives at Port ti iy.
Nice little, pleasant, gentle, easy,
safe and sure pills, are Rings Little
Liver Pills. Sold by The Bloss Drug
Mrs. Bertha Blood and children
of Portsmouth, Ohio, arc visaing
relatives and friends in this corn
Our space is largely taken this
week by the financial statement, 1
hut this is interesting reading for
the tax payers.
Miss Alma Collier has returned
from a visit with relatives 'and
friends at Mason City, this state,
and Syracuse, Ohio.
Alt >rney P. H. Napier and
County Superintendent of Schools
L. O. Sansom were Ceredo visitors
last Saturday evening.
strongest companies at lowest ra*es
See us before you renew. T. '1'.
MoUouual, Ckkkdo, \V. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Konk of
Portsmounth, Ohio, have been the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. 11 train
Mullens for the past few days.
Piuesalve, carboli/.ed, soothes pain.
In any emergency—bruises, cuts, sores,
tmrns, scratches, etc, Pinetalve, car
boli/A'd, is best. Sold by The JilosS
Drug Co.
Mrs. W. O. Freeman and (laugh
ter, Mary, have returned to thi ir
home sat Bcllaire, Ohio, alter a
pleasant \ i-it with relatives hero.
The base ball gam a at (.'am den
park last Sunday between the
Mountain Slate and Waveily, O,
teams arsulted in a score of ,r> tp o,
in favor of the first named.
The kidneys eliminate prisons by act- !
i ng as filter* for I lie blood When they
fail in this respect serious ailments
luu.-t result. Pin* ules lor the kidnevs
are what you should take at the first
warning sign of kidney trouble. They
assist the kidneys in expelling uric
acid poison. Sold by The Bios* Drug
Mrs. W. II. Adkins has returned
from Ironton, Ohio, where she
was called on account of tin? ser
ious illness of her sister. Her sis
ter was improving when she left
Mrs. K. O. Saunders returned
home a day or so ago from a pleas
ant visit with rclativi in Ohio
She also visited Pittsburg And
other points ir. Pennyalvania while
Miss Anna Adkins of Deenng,
Ohio, who was the guont of her
eon-in—Mi«s Hrace Adkins — loft
last Friday for Blueti.ld where
-he will visit relatives for a few
Wc desire to direct special at
tention to the new ad. of The Red
I Anchor Clothing Rouse, opposite
• the post*otfiae, Catlettsburg, Ky.
If you want good clothing at reas
onable prices Mr. Evans and his
popular clerks can ac< >mrnoda(c
The members of Mrs. K. O.
! Saunders* Sunday School class
will serve ice cream and cake on
,the Congregational church lawn
[this (Wednesday) erening. The
proceed* of the sale will be applied
toward new chandeliers for the
church. <io and spend a few
idm.es and thereby help along a
good cause.
Marshall Cyrus, w ho was stricken
with paralysis and mention o|
which was made in this paper last
week, was brought to the hwrne of
hi- son «— Richard” Cyrus — lam
Thursday. He is in a precarious
condition, one whole siile being
paralyzed. IW* can scarcely talk
so as to be understood.
I.tmberton Doolittle, father of
i .fudge Edward S, Doolittle and
Frank I.. Doolittle, died at his home
it Huntington .Inly J.'t, 1909, aged
nl years. He was one of Hunting
ton’s pioneer citizens and was an
honored and useful man. The de
I ceased served as lieutenant of eawal
irvin the Union army in the civil
; war.
*Y\vas A Glorious Victory.
There's rejoicing iu Fedora. Tonn. A
muu'a.life has been saved, and now Dr
} King's New Discovery is the talk of the
; town for curing C V Popper of deadly
lung hemorrhages. “I could not work
nor get about,,, he writes. • ‘and the $loo
tors did me no good, but after using Dr,
King's New Discovery three weeks,
I feel like a new man, and cun do good
work again." For weak, sort' or dis
eased lungs, Coughs and Colds, Horn
oirhages. Hay Fever, I*a( Grippe, Asthma
( or any Bronchial affection it stands un
[rivaled. Pitec ftoc and oo Trial
Kittle fr»*e. Sold and guaranteed bv
the BIohs Drug Store, Oeredo, ami R,
.\ey Williams, Keuova.
- -
To Mr. and Mrs. Alficd T. Ir
by ot* Parkersburg, August |, 100U,
a son weighing 8 lbs.
Alfred’s Wayne county friends
desire to congratulate him.
- -
Washington's Plague Spots
lie in the low, marshy bottoms of tho
Potomac the breeding gronml of ma
laria germs. These gertus eause chills,
fever and ague, biliousness, jaundice,
lassitude, weakness and general de
bility and bring suffering or death to
thousands yearly. Bnt Electric Bit
ters never fail to destroy them and
cure malaria troubles. “They are the
best all-round tonic and enre for ma
laria I ever used.” write* K M James, of
Louellen, S. t'-. They cure Stomach,
Liver. Kidney and Blood Troubles and
will prevent Typhoid. Try them . Coc.
(Guaranteed by th© Bloss Drug Store,
Ceredo, andK. Ney Williams, Keuova.
Last week this paper stAted that
Fred Cyrus, D. F. Peters and J.
H. Ilardin were refused license to
carry revolvers, dTiis Vaa a mis
take. Action on the applications
was postponed until the regular
term of circuit court.
9^^^ The Cough Syrup that
rids the system of a cold
by acting as a cathartic on tho
bowels is
Bees la the original laxative cough tyrnp^
contains no opiates, gently moves the
bowels, carrying the cold off through tha
natural channels. Guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded.
» Sold bv The H!o»k Drug Co
* Corner 4th Aw. and 9th St wet
Huntington. WestVd.
W ANTED—Salesmen *o repr. -• nr. ns
(ill the sale of our High Grade thuds'
Don't delay, apply at once. Steady em
ployment; liberal tortus. Experience
not necessary. ALLEN Nl RSKltY
Snecial Commissioner's Notice ot
Sale ot Real Estate.
B. B. Watts, Administrator, etc.,
Tl. -{ In Chancery.
Nannie May. et al,
Notice ia hereby given that iu pur
snaucc of two decrees of sale matte and
entered in the above entitled cause now
{lending iu tho circuit court of Wayne
county, Wert Virginia, one on the 4th
day of February, 1904, aud the other ou
the 15th day of May. 1909, the under
signed special commissioner will on the
9th DAY” OF AUGUST, 1909,
between the hours of 10 o'clock, ^a in.,
find 6 o’clock, p. m., at the front door of
I the Court House of said Wayne county
i proceed to sell by way of public auction
to the highest bidder on the terms of
one-third tho purcuasc money cash in
hand on day of sale and the residue in
two equal installments payable in three
and six mouths from day of nit, r he pur
chaser to execute his interest-bearing
notes with gixxl personal security for t lie
deferred payments aud the legal title to
tho property held until all pun base
mondy is fully paid, the following real
All that certain lot or parcel ot •land
situate near the vailroad statiou at Rad
nor on the west fork of Twelve Pole n
Lincoln District of said Wayne • mnty,
containing about 1 tl-100 of an acre r i
get her with tho buildings and ini pro*•
incuts thereon, it being tho sane prop
erty conveyed to L. L May by .Tonies a.
Preston by deed doted June 19, li*00, and
recorded in the oilloe of the county clot It
of the county court of said Wayne coun
ty iu deed book No. 59 at page 9 !."), and
the same property owned by L. L. May
at the time of his (jciitli.
(liven undermy hand this the Sthduv
of July, 1!H)9.
J.H Mi:kk .
Sprtcial Commissioner.
1 certify that J. H Meek, special ociu
< missioner iu tho above named cause, has
executed bond as such as required l v
the decree of sale under which lie isn< t
Given under my lmml this the Sth day
of July, 1909
G. W. Fit \y.licK
Cl. rk Circuit C mrt,
1 tjuly lw Wayne County, W. V i.
Bed Room Suits Complete
ora Single Extra Piece.
* • “O’t* A’ • is — -
V>I?|HICH IS IT, your bedroom needs (hie summer -fur
vj nished out and out complete, or just an extra piece
or two? What eV*r you intend to buy for it you
can best be suited at this store.
We have not only the greatest variety of bed room
furniture in the city, hut we have more exclusive furni
ture. The leading manors of the U. S. contribute to our
line, and buying in large shipments we secure a lower
price on high grade bed roim furniture than most houses;
therefore the saving ymi make in buying of us is <juite an
important Hern.
' 112 ACRV’S AV cleared; in grass, com and
w o*t*. yXietMing about 15 acres Ha< -tx
room dwelllog, fairly g,s.«l barn, outbuilding*,
etc. About l" > fruit trees;v »k1 well; dwelling
and yard well shaded 'I Iterv lx also a log
hou-e suitable for tenants. Farm situate live
miles (tom t elediv e'i teen bundled dollar* lu
•"ash w ilt mn uie tins pivietljr.
Ay. HI S Contaiiimg box cottage house*
',w . •* four rooms; good well In vara; sotall
iMitt: . turns cleared and in gta«s; cob it tv
t.swl passe-starm; about 7 v fruit trees; xltuatn
• s,x miles trem teredo F1>v hundtevl dullats
| cash takes this bit-gain.
I 1|| iU'RVS -Cleared land on which is three
• •*»*hi log house; well In yard; small or
chard tod small bar*; ailti.lns a tract v*f .b't
; u r** " b'ch is also for sab* l*y the owner of this
find. I wo tin tidied and tlfiy vloltars take* this
*> . \t Rl *> MORE OR LESS-Near Ceredo
corjmiate line, t.ood soil w dh about l'»
apple tree's, about ltt>* bearing cherry tires, tftt
j K>ai ing peach traes. u grapevines, ate. Five
| room Ic, story dwelling; g.vott spring 7A Its t
| Horn the door. Seven hundred dollars in fold
cash transfers the deed.
l|lt At KEN Situaie only out mile front Ce
s* redo, on which is a two-storv dwelling
, containing lour t.s.nts Nearly all'tbe land In
j improved anil well w ate ed. It has on || u
> oung ore haul. Price fl^vi
17 A.CKKS More ur LESS -Lying atsiut
* * "tiles south of street car line in C«|.
! u.u t itv ('s mtie front list \ev town): nearly alt
• cb ansl and in grass 1 he land lia* on it x or* .
sioty frame or bo* house containing t»o
looms. | in-land is wed watered audvan be
Imiiglit for $40tl i c.uh, balance on time.
.1. A^ RI.74 Ationt one-half govwt bottom land,
rich and suitable fot citdetting; laige
apple tree* ami * m- other Irult; also sutnll
vineyard bearing well. House with three roems
, go«sl condition; smoke house and stone milk
house; Irani, crib xml other hul dings. Situate
on llisey Four Pole creek and on county road;
also Iwirdered by a street or roadway leading
to Johnson's Lane, about one and erne half
• ni.les from either 11 u mi tin ton oi what was
loimeily known as ft-iitra City, \V. Va.—A 40
loot gt.id< d i,rad to Johnson's l.ane in courno
ol construction; a g<*st well with an abundance
of good, healthy w .tier. Price }<>*).
1’iC ACRES-Lying on Hu* head of Sweet
| 1,10 Hun, about two miles from Ceredo, \V
i V.t , about 10(1 acre-- ol which is cleared and in
| corn and grass. On this farm .* a good log
j Irons', with frame kitchen and dining room, .lie
i building containlu,; ti i out*. Alsu twc-'inrv
j frame barn ami other outbuildings. Till* land Is
rolling and most of it can Ire (armed nicely.
There la a cril.ii conittcu '. with the dwelling
and a welt of good water near; also an orchard
l«*4 apples aril . berries. Price flwH) - oite hail
; Cash, b»tlar ce in 1*2 months,
.1*1 ACRES— Silt:, e < • it 1 \ ttv a ntilrs -Otlllr of
■tv tVie.lo on court \ road. A bom n. re * t I
tlto land I* rlnated ..ml at corn .util grass, h
acre* <u which i > level balance bill land which
’..ty * well, and .til tit:.’ t Clearetl can be fai nt*
i ed Flic I.it tu it;1- it t ;> frame dweliitu con
I t a Ini tig *1* room and pantry trout and rear
l |Mvrcli —a wall, cistern and cellnr, he*ttin* a com
I iTtlv. tnent Itousi , lien hou-o and a tuo.-iotv
f ratlin barn. A l«> a young peach orchard of
J tiers._ Jtl or lo rherrle*, 1 ppli't and grapes.
1 l.vi'i field ha- .ft ihutldaiKe ol water (or
lock., t.-t■><I fertile R. . - n for soiling own
| ei wants a larger farm i iktti—one-half emit,
I balance In 12 months wltlbu tills farm.
Pot any Other Information regarding the above
properties , all on or write
t'oredo, W«»8t Vu.
The 11 v ra 1 cl -1) i spate! i.
Prints all the news first.
Delivered by carrier boy ev
ery day in I be week.
1 10c a week and worth it.
' . ..... _ V.
All School* Are Not ol Equal V.Jue
Why Not Attend An Accredited College?
.Strong Christian InfItirnr **.’*
High ' I;.:. !. rd ot Work
DEPAKIMI f«I> C . n. A i.iny. florln.I.
M m«. Ar* Orjtury, (.ummertr
y. M 1<vn. Ko I . :■•/*!, Modern IdMIu*.
F ,,tv Utk" «i k I : C •• net rnositlefit with
F:: 1 (liggertno V HI t CitAM LIFK CSRim
1 • * • tluSiili i tira<luAt«B.
WRirr. rot catalogue
lluclihnnniin. W. Vin^ ^
■ DESIRE to Inform the people of thin
* locality that I h'iM live sit K< nova .
ami make a s»p ■< talty of doing all kindst of
PAINTING. I mix rne paint and aeo
pnr<« I**ad and oil, which ie the licit. T
do PAPER HANGING in a Ktykt that
•atitH thenioiit funtidiou*.
Kenovii, VV. V;t.
Ji Fresh Straw flat for Sunday-*flalf Trice
Wo Aro Now Offering
/ 9 ^
Any Straw or Panama Hat
H A L F - P K ICE.
S KK I*: A ST WIN now.
Si/os nre broken, but the e.irly comer is very likely to ^et his si/e.

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