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The Fountain Head of Life
Is The Stomach\
A man who has n weak and impaired stomach and who docs not '
properly digest his food will soon find that his blood has become
weak and impoverished, and that his whole bods is improperly and
insufficiently nourished.
makes the stomach strong, promotes the flow of ■
digestive fuices. restores the lost appetite. makes B
assimilation perfect, invigorates the liver and
?/Ur,7isS '\1d cnricftcs *"c Mood, it is the great blood-maker **
flesh-builder and restorative nerre tonic. It makes m*L
^ strong m body, active in mind and cool in judgement.
Tins “ Discovery'* is a pure, glyceric extract of American medical roots
absolutely free from alcohol and all injurious, habit-forming drugs. All its
ingredients arc printed on its wrappers. It has no relationship with secret
nostrums. It* every ingredient is endorsed by the leaders in all the schools of
medicine. Don t accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this time-proven
remedy oh known comi-osition. Ask you* neighbors. Thev must know of
madc bV '« *»"«* P«*‘ -W years, right in your own neighlSSLd
Uorld s Dispensary Medical Association. Dr. R.V. Pierce. Pres. Buffalo N Y
TT/"E DESIRE TO SAY to our regular cus
y y toniers and to others that may become
customers that we are making ample prepara
tions to take care of our fall trade. We have
bought for early shipment an excellent line of
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Furnishing Goods, etc.
It is hardly necessary to speak of the merits
ol our goods to our regular customers, as they
are too well known to need comment.
Il you really want cheap goods we have
some of them, but we talk quality rather than
prices. It is always sate to leave the price en
tirely with us, as we cheerfully refund the
money lor goods that do not give entire satis
By all means see our ball line before buying
youi Fall and Winter Clothing, even it you
are under obligations to buy elsewhere.
You want to be informed on stvles, colors,
etc., and the information will cost you nothing!
The Rei Anchor 61cthing Jcuc,
__ Opposite Post-Office. Catlettsburg, Ky.
r ;
axTSBO-uG. ken-tucky. i
&t n _>w,_
i >. Capita! S50 000.00. Surplus $49,090.00
(W. Gunnell, ?rw,
( HAHI Eb ftt'HSKLI., V. PfOfl. '•
Ernest Meek, Cashier. p ,
M 0ffM
Chas. Russell
A. Mims
Dr. A. Rannikld
G. \V. Gunnell
Wo arc in a position to look af- y
ter Way no comity customers Vj>
with rare and dispatch.
M ; 1 nu An* ‘“ViU'tt tXJpcii An Account m Person or bv Mail
w • K
~ \ • ' -r'S .■*' 1i > 41L « ^ s ^ .*» »»■_ «. -— —_ _ vV'
I ’S
^(a . ■ i l Lkjjfefr, > i ,'.v3i^yn , Jfcf.
I Something new. Price i* low.
Plant* furnished in all size.*. You can
have a large supply of hot and cold
water hy simply turning a faucet.
Elevated or attic tanks arc not u«cd
with the Leader system. No stag
nant water, to cause sickness in the
summer, but always pure, fresh,
sparkling water under pressure
equal to that furnished hy a city water
works. Wc wiM be pleased to mail
or hand you literature descriptive of the
Leader system of
wateT supply, uj-on
receipt of a card,
or application at
GUT Store.
I ^(1U)N^1 all(* Co. I
The Ceredo Advance.
tbe poet-oflffce m Ceredo, Vf. Vi
mm secondclam matter.
WEDNESDAY, AUG! 8T 18.1809.
A^-FatroiiH of this paper wtll please sen
to bis rtttcc cot ires of IbclrfrlecCs vUltlo
»«ieor elsewbere.—Eo.1
local mews.
II. A. Jackson visited Waym
last week.
Albert Wright is having a new
barn built.
8am Dock 8m.ih was in town
Monday evening.
Dr. W . F. Drum visited the
county scat last Thursday.
hred Dash, who has been quite
ill, improves very slowly.
t\ A. Kowc has moved his fain
liy to Portsmouth, Ohio.
Dr and Mrs. James Dloss ol
Huntibgton were recent visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rowe ol
Williain«oii are visiting relatives
Mrs. Lemuel McIntyre of West
Huntington was a visitor hero last
Nice* little, plcnsnut, gentle, easy,
safe unit sure pills, are Rings Little
L>' er Pills, Sold by The Hloss Drun
Co- ... ' ‘
Mrs. A. K Toney and little son
Leo are visiting relatives at Wil
Mrs. K. Patterson of Kenova
was calling on friends in this place
last Saturday.
Miss Myrtle Dean of I ronton,
Ohio, was the guest of .Mrs. A.
Hotve recently.
Miss Maude fiordon, who has
been sick with typhoid lever, is
aide to he about.
Joseph Davis is having a front
porch built to his residence on
Fast First street.
Felix Flattery an 1 daughter,
Adclph;a, were visitors at Cincin
nati the lir-t ol the week.
.Mrs. W. F. Faverty and children
of Parkersburg are the guests of
relatives in this community.
Take Kodol at the times when you
feel what you have eaten is not digest-'
mg. K >dol digests what you eat so
yon can eat sullleir ntlv of any good,
w Holt seme food, if you will just let
Kodol digest it. Hold by the HU»<s Drug
i 'o., (’. redo, and Ive..ova Druggist.-.
.Miss May McDougal has returned
from Portstnoiilli, Ohio, w her.; she
visited telatives for several d;i\s.
John Jarrell, president of the
county court, passed through town
l.ast Wednesday co mute to Hunt
Pcli.v Flancry, Allan Wright,
Kvart Wrich and Mr. and Mrs’ II;
-•.Smith were at tie county seat
last week.
Piuesnlve, rnrboli/.ed, soothes pain.
Iu nny emergency- bruises, cuts, sores,
Imrns, scratch s, < tc, Pinemlvo ; enr
I' liycd. if, best. fjold by The Hloss
Drug Co.
Hr. J. il. Thornsbury of Ibinlow
passed throng!i town <n rncsday of
lit w eek on an Ohio Vtlby Klee,
trie K v Co. c. r.
I>r. (i. IJ. Kline, of the Cleve
land Institute of Medicine and Sur
gery, will visit CYredo the 2 hi
mst. .See ad. elsewhere in this
Mrs. E. O. SHinder* and Miss
Abbic More-in have returned from
Pomeroy, Ohio, where they attend
'd the funeral id Mrs. I ban Lewis,
wile of the brother of Mrs. Maun
Mrs. Je«se Wright and children,
VIrs l>. h. Peters and son, I'- Igir,
and Min. Lee Wilson have rcturmd
from Kori (iav, where they visited
relatives for some lime.
MnnZnn . the great Pile remedy, pre
1 vents Piles bv preventing constipation.
|r. i- conveniently applied diiv-cflV to
I the trouble bv means of a .small nozzle
attached to th«- tuts- in which ibmZun
is put up Sold by The Bios* Drug Co.
Pro** 1 hri tian, formerly editor
of the Hint in Onily News, made
| this office a pb a«ant call last |*Vi
!dav. He has recently acquired H n
plant of the Sandy Valley Courier
and wiH change the name of that
publication to the Lawrence (La
z.'tte. Il will be republican in pol
t .*cs.
(’credo’s younger set pitched
their tent on the banks of Twelve
Pole, about two miles south of
i town, last Wednesday, where they
enjoyed the day immensely. Hoy
Wright, and Herman (iirske were
“ehtol cooks and bottle washers”
f<*r the crowd and the mral they
furnished was much relished. The
party consisted of the following;
Misres Myrtle .Stone, (iraee A I
. km*, Kathryn French. Fern Writrfu.
Kinina Hammock and May Me
Doirgsl; Mes«rs. Maxie Wright,
Vernon (irothe, ( barbs Marcum,
Hoy Wright and Herman Oiesko.
Mr*, r. T. McDougal chaperoned
the party.
Mr*. Joseph Patter*on of West
Huuungton was the guest of rola
lives in our town last Saturday.
Mi«s Sadie \\ r ght returned
home last l'hur*dty Iron* a visit
J \* Mi relatives at Portatnoulh. O
g ’
DeWitt’s T.itrle Early Rh*>rs, the
• phasant. safe. sun*, easy lmi,. Hv, r
pills. A salve you may ulwuvs depend
upon in any case where you need salve,
is DeWitt’s t'arbolised Witch H«/..*i
» ■ Salve—especially g-iod for 1’iles,. Sold
hv the Bloss Drug Co., Ceredo, and
Keuova Druggists.
.Mr*. Abe Ferguson, who lives on
Sandy river, wa* the gu«*t of her
daughter, Mrs. W. I). Harris, last
Mr. and Mr*. C. A. Wright and
children of Williamson are the
guests ol relatives and friends
The Cough Syrup that
i rids the system of a cold
by acting as a cathartic ou tho
bowels is
Bee* Is the original laxative cough syrup,
contains no opiates, gently moves tho
bowels, carrying the cold off through tha
natural channels, Guaranteed to give
’ sati..faction or money refunded.
I , Sold by Tho j o ps I>rti" Co.
-- OF - |
Great interest 1
yS lacking just now, but. because it is ^
® between seasons for most, mer• \
clmndising-too late for anything 4
but white summer snoods and laces and if
embroideries, and too soon for fall se- f
lections. Of White Goods, India Lin- *
ons, Persian Lawns, Laces and Km- &
broideries, however, we have an f
abundance. k
Si? |HT » t« 25c 5
. $
Pure V> in. Sheer, White ^4
Linen, per yard. £
to «»c \
Pure Linen Laces, worth S **»*B«- £
to isc per vard, at OC #
■ • \
pilESE Laces we want to call your ?
■■ special attention to as heintf the t
==!=i-.:-r ■ ?
C. E. Silcott Co. \
Catldt^Iuirs;, Ky. J
,TRS CAPITAL S400.00C.00 "“L™*
«:l.’k'v;i!■.v1'':Il( OWNERS OF THE SITE OF KENOVfl, WEST VA. (
iJs SASH^rC.Vv " H
Hi,All: l\ WILSON CONI |\\ N V ,Y
Sales Audits
HUN l INCVI ON, W. VA., June 23, 1909.
I o the Public:
Since the announcement of the sale of The town site of K nova
and the statement that a steel plant had been secured, it has been
suggested by those who are not possessed of all the facts in r» _ trd to
• the matter that the steel plant may be only a possibility and not n cer
We wish to state that the representative of the Independent
Steel Company of America have been here, have looked ov.er the
ground, have selected forty acres of ground in the western part of Keno
va, have agreed !<> occupy same with a steel plant which will in the
course of a year employ at least four hundred n en, and claim thal in
the course-of three years they will have built and equipped a plant that
will cost in the neighborhood ol S},**>0,000.00. The contract for th"
buildings now required has been let to Messrs. Taylor and KohiusOn of
Huntington. I he buildings now to be built arc to be*of brick, and will
occupy about ten acres. I lie management of the company assure us
that the plant will lx* in operatioi by October lir&t, ioou.
I he contracts between this company ami the steel corporation
have all been agreed upon and signed, and satisi* tory guaranti es have •
been executed, insuring the completion and operation of the plant.
f. President Kenova-Huntington Land Company
Executive Committee:
CL L. Kitter.
C. W. Watts. ^
M. Broli.
U. B. Buskirk.
George F. Mller.

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