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The Ceredo Advance.
Katutdit the poM-offlee at Ceredo, W. Vt.
ax Kecondelafiomatter
4VPatronN of tbta paper win please aeud
o t lie office uotlcee of tbelr f n«ndt visiting
hereof elsewhere.— Kd.1
Harry Jarrell is afflicted with the
Circuit court at Wayne this
Walter Grate is recovering from
a severe attack of la grippe.
Dr. W. F. Sturgill was a Cat
lettsburg visitor last Thursday.
Mrs. S. D. Smith of Docks
creek was in town last Friday.
Mies Maude Evick was a visitor
at the Gale City last Thursday.
W. B. Ferguson has been ap
pointed Postmaster at Ferguson.
Misjes Mary anil Lillie Cox were
guests of Kenova relatives Sunday.
Miss Julia Hoard was in Hunt
ington calling on friends last Thurs
Miss Edna Steed visited Hunt
ington friends Saturday aod Sun
Last Monday was St. Valentine
day. Did you receive a pretty (?)
Miss Blanche Griffith was number
ed among the sick the first of the
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Burks have
returned from a visit with relatives
at Fort Gay.
Miss Lou Grate has returned
home from a vi-il with relatives at
Dayton, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hensley
of Danville spent Sunday with <' »
redo relai ives.
Aliases Alma Collier and Ilermia
Marcum called on Huntingtan
friends Saturday.
Mrs. \\ ayne 15. Ferguson of
Ferguson, 1\ O., was a Ceredo
visitor last week.
John Steed of Forestdale, Ohio,
was the guest of his brother—C.
B. Steed — last week.
Edward Hinkle lias gone to Ron
ceverte where he has the contract
to build seveial houses.
Messrs. M. H. Stock and C. A.
Davis have accepted positions a
firemen on the N. & \V.
Herbert Thacker, who has been
quite sick, is improving very slow ly.
Ue was worse Saturday night.
The hank was closed last Satur
day. It was the anniversary ol
Lincoln’s birthday and a legal hol
S. D. Endicott has purchased of
R*’bt. \\ right, Jr., the dwelling on
East Third street occupied by S C.
J. (-«. Lambert of Wayne was here
last Saturday. Mr. Lambert was
en route home from a business trip
to Baltimore.
The deepest show that we have
had here for several years fell la*t
Friday afternoon and night. It was
nine inches deep.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Blackburn died 1 axt Saturday
night from dropsy. The remains
were buried in the <' isey cemetery
Mrs. A. J. Nunn has been at
Williamson for the pant few day*.
She was called there on account of
the illness of her daughter, Mrs. E
S. Echols, who has typhoid fever.
The jury in the case of Kail E
Dttdding, tried in the Cabell county
criminal court last week for killing
his uncle—Ira S. Chapman—on the
nth day of September Ian, brought
in a verdict of voluntary manslaugh
ter. The maximum penalty for vol
untary manslaughter h I’uc years in
the penitentiary.
The host of friends of Hev. .1.
I), Garrett will be pained to learn
that he was stricken with paralysis
last Sunday morning. One whole
side of the body is afllcted render
ing Mr. Garrett totally helpless.
The symptoms, however, are for
the better but his recovery, it is
feared, will be slow—Wayne
News, Fab. 10.
In speaking of the speech made
by .1. T. Graham, formerly of thi
county, .n the Dudding trial at
Huntington last week, the Hunt
ington Herald - Dispatch says:
“John T. Graham made one of the
best addresses that has been heard
in that e.ourt room along the lines
he pursued, in a long time. It
dealt with the effect of the con
viction would have on the helpless
wife and innocent little children,
pursuing a course of logic of grace
ful force and eloquence and in a
manner that made ev.ryonc iu the
[courtroom—and it wan packed_
ltpten to bia every word.**
Ed. Wright it* braking on the
N. & \V.
“Mixed Pickles* at Wright’s
Hail next Saturday evening.
Thomas Evick attended a Ma
sonic meeting at Uuuticglon last
i Thursday evening.
Mrs. \\ ill \\ illiaras has been on
the sick list for the past few days
i with a severe cold.
Mrs. Morgan Walker and daugb
Ur, Miss Jennie, were Catkttsburg
; visitors last Friday.
Mrs. Charles Thacker died a*
^ er home in Kenova last Monday
ot bronchial pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Black and
Miss Sadie Wright attended the
ball given by the Elks at Hunting
ton one evening last week.
If you desire your stationery en
graved or want engraved wedding
invitations, etc., this office can fur
nish this class of work. Cal. and
see samples. tf.
Mr*. J. H. Meek, of Sixth ave
nue, will leave tomorrow for a visit
to relatives at Dunlow, W. Va ,
and at Wayue—Huntington Her
ald-Dispatch, Feb 13.
Pickles, Pickles, “Mixed
Pickles,” at Wright's Hall
next Saturday evening.
Felix Flanery, at present a mem
ber of Ceredo’s council and who is
likely to be a member of the same
body next year, was a business
visitor at the Kentucky city, just
across Big Sandy river from the
big steel plant, last Friday.
Charles Shoop, son of Mr. and
Airs. E. I*. Shoop, who has been
working at Pittsburg, came home
the latter part of last week, the
contractor with whom he was en
gaged having suspended work on
i account of the had weather.
li’** annual business meeting of
ib«* Congregational obuich society
will be held at the church this
(Wednesday) evening at 7:30
o’clock ] he lull membership, a*
will as all friends of the church,
are requested and urged to be
present Refreshments will be
is rved by the ladies of the church.
Each of our lives is an open page,
| upon which wo are continually mak
ing impressions. flow cautious
should we be that these impression*
be beautiful. Let in then at even
[tide scan the page of our life dur
ing the day, discovering all mis
takes, and ever afterward strive to
avoid a repetition of them.
1 be Beard of Commissioners of
Huntington bis deemed it advisa
ble to get an expert from Balti
more to test all the meters of the
| gas company in Huntington. This
| decision was the result of the ex
cessive amounts that have been
collected for gas for the past two
months. It seems that this town i
not the only place where the meters
have been going too fa*t.
For Sal«».
Bay mare seven years old, a good
worker and is gaited.
Jam ns L. 1) vvis,
lOfcbJw Main St., Cercdo, W. Vra.
Goldie Gantrell Appears Again.
Goldie Cantrell, who disappear
ed from tbi>» place last Hummer,
wan discovered at Morehead, Ky.,
a day or ho ago by a prominent
traveling salesman. Late in S *ptem
ber when Morehead (Ky ) Normal
school opened, one of the tir-t to
mitriculate wa-« a brown-eyed, slen
der youth with yellow curia i» soft
and twining aw those of a girl,
rhis youth appeared in the presi
dent’a office at enrollment time and
asked to be allowed to “work
his way” tl r >ugh the term
The president was so favor
ably iniprfssp.fj with the boy’s ap
pearance that he was told to come
back at an appointed hour in the
afternoon, and an arrangement was
made whereby the ambitious youth
was enabled to slake h»s thirst for
knowledge, and Goldie Murray’s
name was placed upon the student
Thin boy was the brightest of
the bright and gayest of the gay.
Whether in sport or study or in
college pranks, hr took the lead.
At the close of the fall term this!
hoy who worked for hi» hoard and
tuition stood at. the head of five of
his classes and second in the sixth.
He was a social favorite, and fairly
danced attention upon two fair
young corl-ed *, both of whom were
said to he deeply in love with the
fair haired vonth who regis/cred
from (.'credo, W. Va., as t/pldie
Murray and madly jealous of each
other. j
Goldie, filled with remorse
when her sex became known,
literally threw herself at thi feet of
the college faculty and begged to
be allowed to continue her studies
robed as fitted one of 4«r sex, but
lira request wa*! denirdf.
* h*,# worn W. L. Dcuglai shoes for ths
past six years, and always find they are far
superior to all other hl(h grade shoes In style,
comfort and durability.'* W. Q. JONE3.
„ , ,, HO Howard Aye.. Utica. N. Y. »
If I could take you into my large fac
tories at Brockton, Mass., and show you
how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are
made, you would realize why they hold
their shape, fit better, wear longer, and
are of greater Yalue than any other make,
!» m'** W*Jt Mmf and prt.-e
i* on Ihf Uiitum. Takr Kg M<ibatu..te
wine lor P\T°'' Tv'V l-TVx.gla.ih^
wTiir lor iU.l Order t ataloir. \V.l..lX>uglas, liivcAton.
Wright Bros. Co
DingeHs, W. Va.
Mi>*s Jessie Lowe, who wan acoi
dentally shot two weeks ago, is
able to go around in the house.
J K. Cooper was in Portsmouth
last Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Elsie Alteragc of Holden is
spending a few days here w iih
Wayne Preston, win was l>r;.k
ing on the IHngess work train, is
conductor on the N. tfc W. road
now from Portsmouth to William
I. W. Boyles of Virginia was
here a day or so last week.
Charlie LeRoy of Stone Branch
was calling here last Sunday.
Miss Della Harvey and Miss
N an me ( anti i*bury wen* e.illiin/ on
Miss Jessie Lowe Wednesday
Mtk. Barbara Lowe, mother of
ileenau Lowe, spout a few day*
here la-t week.
Mra. Robert Deskins, who haw
been very ill, in able to get out.
The weather is very cold here
now. The snow h 12 inches deep
and it in still snowing.
They are talking of a railroad
being built from Holden to I tinge-*
for the purpose of getting the coal
from Holden to the .Norfolk A
Western It’y.
<*p rge Damron of William on
ih spending a few days here.
have seven more weeks of
school. Our selifiol has certainly
been successful. Hope we will
have the same? teachers next vi ar.
^li-s Koxa.Binges* is preparing
for the May uniform examination
for teachers.
.Miss Bertha Lwicicomn is the
assistant teach* r here. She says
her pupils are learning fa*t and
that she would like f.»r school to
continue awhile longer.
I don't know what the fpoor hogs
•'ill do. Beechnuts are snowed
Arihur Jerril was at Portsmoutn
William Firlie has opened a store
Feb. 18, 1 hio. Reader.
Oh if ii h ry.
fecilj son of Henry and Virgie
Blackburn, was born Oct. 12, Dmih,
departed this life Feb. 13, r.*10,
aged |i> months.
* 'A bird the Gardner gave ns,
A pure and lovely child;
He gave it to i ur keeping,
To cherish andHiled.
But ju-t ar it was opening ,
To the glory of the day.
Down came i he H> um my Gardner
And took our bu . away. **
Morning Headache i
' I suffered with terrible head
ache". I would get up every morn
ing with such a severe attack, and
until I began using Dr. Miles' Anti
Pain Pills, never found anything that
would give me the de ired relief. I
have used them now for several
years, and would not be without
them if they were a dollar a box."
"I always keep Dr. Miles’ Anti
Pain Pills on hand. Before I began
tiding them, I had frequent attacks
of headache, but they gave me
prompt relief "
Minster, Ohio.
The first package will benefit; If not,
your druggist will return your money.
so Cheapest Indiana Farms
on Earth. For Full Particu
lars and Catalogue, Call or
Eaton Rapids, Mich.
Half - Prices
Still Continues With Us.
Take. For instance Furs.
A 4ti Set °f Furs with our comneti
-rm qp m ^w tors means about
S7.00 with us, a saving of,.“ •
And prices throughout every department run
about in the same ratio.
Furs, Ladies’ and Misses’ Suits and
Coats, Children’s Wraps, Separate
Skir s, etc,, all are affected with
it win Fau Yon To investigate
: 6. E. SILGOTTGft
Are You Looking
icr a Position?
Wo can offer you good |
Paying Employment
that you will enjoy and
at home. Write to-day
I Hie Butte rick FubiiiskEufg Co.
I Mullerlck liuiidlno. New Vork, N. Y.
I he above is the amount of assets the lire in
surance company, for which I have accepted the
1 agency, has. Looks pretty large, doesn’t it? But
the Queen Insurance Company of America
is a big company and necessarily does a big busi
ness. Risks from Siooto 825,000 taken on prop
erty and all losses are immediately adjusted and
promptly paid. Drop in and examine some of the.
literature and see the good features of this company.
Ccredo, \V. Va.
SnlhcriliH3 asit?3 sjet si rani
Of* 4*ol<l«8l2yC€l Mi‘C(llCK.
Kenova Plumbing and Heating Go.
Let ik enhance the value and convenience of your
residence by installing therein an up-to-date bath
room. We have fixtures to suit everybody. * „
T And we do all kinds of repair v/ork on short
notice. % Call at our store and *ee what a beau
tiful line of gas fixtures we carry 10 stock.
.1 "V ACRES— S.tn.ueonlv two milo south .f
x m iVtedo on i.Minlv rojd. Abott jlSac.n*« of
tb«* land Is rleiucd amt a pom of it iu g
aereiot which is level, balance hill laud which
It -woH.an'l a*l that Ih cKvtrnl can b* far»t
ca. Tlii' (arm lita n« Ita frame ilwvlliiur cbit.
ta.aing ■ms rooms ami pantry — trout and rear
porch--.a ell, cUteia an>l cellar, i«c**i.ieH a corn
cnh. moat > iuse. hen house amt a twi'-storv
fra.nc ham Also a \ou tig (wa. it orchard ;»f
tnvc.Jioi MU cherries, at<|)]es anrl gt.ijw-i.
r.\e*\ h M Iko an abiinilaucv of water fer
stock. Lint fertile Reason tor selling—own*
e: want* a larger inrm. flkto one-half c«-*»,
I>a'.m.ce In |J m.mills wilt tiuy this faim.
IDS ACRES—Situate about one mile south*
l,’n east of Cerodo and oue-tiaU a rule Iron
t aniden Park* This laml is all cleared and tu
IM l-s li has n- it Vsl ,H*ar Itocs, and -Micbtr.
r\ rees The farm in well watered and three
-Story dw c'llngn are. it same. One of the build
inc' has three rooms and the others two rnoms
each. I he land i« fertile and all of it ,an l*e
f*iroied nicely Price. I2,7i 0.
I'HE Wl’.SON HOUSE. — Here is .i hun t.
■ for some one who desires to tro into the
hotel business. I Iti* Wilson House cont.tine »l
rooms anil ' atli. t>nlv .» few mouths i,*o the
loiil.line w ta remodeled and put in tine share
for , lintel. It is heautlfnllv located on ITm
Second street, t eredo, VY. Va., and is m •»
crowded with boarders Almost five lots i;o
with this building. Terms reasonable.
Jlft't ACRES—Containing box cottage home
ol foui rooms; good well lu yard; small
bam; •"’Oactvs cleared ami • tt grass; county
road pass«»s farm; about 7‘* fruit trees; sitn.ittv
six miles (rum t eredo Fire hundred dollars
cash takes this bargain.
I (! ACRKH Cleared land on which la three
■ room log house; well iu raid; small or
chard and small barn; ulii.ins a tract of .>ivj
acres w hlch is also for sale by the owner of this
laml. Two hundred and fifty dollars takes this
») i ACRES MORE OR L ESS - Near Ceredo
** corporate tine, Hood soil with about I1*
apple trees, about Ilk) bearing cherry trees, t.0
bearing peach trees, An grapevines, etc. Five
room I1, story dwclttng; good sprijg 75 fc<-t
from the door. Seven liuudred dollars iu cold
cash transfers the deed.
(Wf ACRES—Situate only one mile from Ce*
• Fvl redo, on which is a two-story dwelling
containing lour rooms Nearly alt the land Is
improved and welt watciud. It has on It a
young orchard. Price $1 jdo
I 7 ACRES Wore OR LESS —Lyingabout
■ f 1 ^ miles soul li of street car line in Cen
tral City |'j mile front Harvey town); nearly alt
cleared ami in grass T lie laud has on it a one
story frame m box honac containing two
rooms. The land is well watered and can ,lre
bought for l*WJ !i cash, balance on time*
I ACRES—About one-lialf good bottom land,
■ rich and suitaliio for gardening; large
anple trees and s *me other fruit; also small
vineyard bearing well. House with throe rooms
in hi ,1 condition; smoke house and stiiue milk
Itouse; barn, crib and oilier but dings. Situate
one mile trout cither lluuiiugtnu or Central
City, W. Va. A good well with an ab"fldan e
of good, lira I tli y water. Price f70f.
1*1(1 ACRES About acres cleared, 75
I'*” acre* in grass; liiintiee in corn ami
onls. Ten acres level laml: rest can be fnrtued
nicely • all fertile tlooii five*room frame
dwelling. Farm located five miles irmn t'e*
redo, On county roml. Thera is also a goes I
orciinrd, about 5i> apple trees, 17 of which are
Just beHtiiiiitig to beat. Hood Mprltig near
dwriling. Price fl 100; one-half oath, bitlitni n
in JJ mnii tlis, wlili legit t In ta icst.
For any ether information regarding the above
properties call on or write
W. W >1 ARCl M
ci'suno. w. va.
W t\ MU, W. VA.
Will practice in all courts.
That it. wtu that old drab drew dyed over
to finch 11 rich brown, black or blue?
Von can pet, ndrled woai out of your
dremea by having them cleaned or dyed
at Thmwi's, n« 1 they are eei'iul »,• a new
gown. Delicate silk wuintn or will
oe cleaned or dyed in a manruri that will
•nirprise yon when you bring them to u-1
| lit.’XTINQTON. • NVEf*TyYA
Both PHonf-®.
* *
moil AH31, DKOP
With AH Modern Attach
ments, tor sale at this
PainW<■ Extraction. Nitron* (ta«Oxitfe
Uh<»<1 with Oxjgeu.
Dr. J. A. Tauber,
OfTlc«fl in 1Cfk Building. •
(Removed from T;» Sandy Bank Build
ing. I
(’atloHsburir, Kentucky.
Take your Gtioioe
We will send this paper and
your choice of either the
Cincinnati Daily

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