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Gleanings From an Issue
of the Ceredo Enterprise
i of 1884.
The following relative to the
1884 Hood is taken from the Ceredc
Enterprise, Feb. 1ft, 18S4:
Darkness settled down on tbo
stricken town with the water still
rising at the rate of about an inch
an hour, which it continued to do
until ten o’clock Tuesday when
anger was assuaged, and the great
river, grand even clothed in its ter
riblc inajestv. rented as if contem
plating the fear and awe it had in
spired and the ruin it had wrought.
Acctirateiueasureinents on Twelve
Pole bar at the hour the highest
point was reached, showed 03 feet
above the low water of last Septem
ber and 0 feet 7 inches above the
high water of 1883. Marks on a
building still standing near A. C.
Handley’s show the great tloo 1 of
1832 was not as high by 5 feet and
4 inches. Sixty-one buildings were
snbmerged in Cereuo when the
crisis was reached.
The condition of nibiiy families
now rendered homeless was such as
to ask for aid fiom some source. *
* * In the meantime the Relief
^k “ Boat Chesapeake with supplies from
f the Ohio Stale Relief Fund, touched
here and ofltred such assistance as
■was necessary to relieve immediate
waut. Three hundred rations were
accepted, and since, the Govern
ment Relief Boat Katy Stoekdale
left supplies of } ro\i-ions, clothing,
bedding, etc , so that there s ems
to be no i turned'ale or even remote
danger of suffering.
J. H. Millender tfc Co., loss very
heavy. No basis for figures. Over
1,U00.000 feet of sliwed boards
washed from the yards, the larger
proportion of which was lauded
along the liver and will be recover
ed .
C. B. H«ard & Sons, ¥4,000
Edward Davis, 1,000
Dan. Fergmon, 1,000
S. «S. Vinson, 300
Wayne Ferguson, 000
Napier & Wilkinson, 150
Elias Stock, 100
John Smith, 150
i Saint Walters, 100
Johnson Fry, 150
Sookey Blair, 75
Solomon Tingler, 25
Lou. Tingler, 25
Wm. Gordon, 100
Sam Bartholomew, * 100
Cal. Handley, 100
Mrs. M. Christian, 50
Mrs. E. Willis, 50
Bess Johnson, 50
rMtxi ween we win print a tew
1884 flood notes, to be taken from
tbc same paper.
GouqUs and Consumption.
Coughs und colds, when neglected,
always lead to serious trouble of the
lungs. The wisent thing to do when
you have a cold that tronbles you is to
get a bottle of Dr. King’s New Discovery.
You will get relief from the first dose,
and finally the cough will disappear.
O. H. Brown, of Mnscadine, Ala.,
writes: “My wife was down in bed
with an obstinate cough, and I honestly
tsjlieve had it not been for Dr. King's
New Discovery , she would not be living
to day.” Known for forty-three years
as the best remedy for conghs and oolds.
Price 50c and .00. Recommended bj
the Bloss Drug Btore,Oeredo, and R. Ney
Williams’, Kenova.
New Officer*.
The West Virginia Bonday School
convention, which convened
at Clarksburg last week, adjourned
after electing the following
President—Thomas C. Miller
of Hhepherdstown.
Vice President—The Rev. John
L^^vt of Huntington.
County Seat News.
Thereaiea number of cases of
nv a-les in town.
Attorney J. H. Meek of Hunt
ington was here Friday.
Hr and .Mrs. ,1. ft Keesee re
turned Saturday from a week’s trip
to Charleston.
Things are looking up in the oil
and gas business. 'There have be. n
| a nlimber of capitalists here in the
last few days lot king the territory
j over.
New.i reached this place Tuesday
that Richard Adkins, justice of the
peace, who lives on Beech Fork,
had received a severe stroke of
• paralysis.
'Toe United Fuel Has Co. has a
good gasser on the Phelps farm at
j a depth of about 1250 feet. The
drillers have bc« u attempting to
j drill deeper, hut the gas is so sitting
that further drilln g may be abau
; doned.
j The county court has employed
Johnson Hensley to rebuild the wall
i on the west side of the court house
| which had fallen into the street. He
w-ill also build a new walk on that
side and lower the walk on the
north side to the level of the street.
April 25. Reader.
Don't be surprised if you havenu attack
of rhenmatism this spring. Just rub
j the .iffVcted parts freely with Chamber
lain’s Liuimeut and it will soon disap
pear. Sold by all dealers.
Tilings for the Baby.
Vend’a Talcum 10c; Colgate’s Tal
cum 15c; Red Cross Baby Powders
25c; Imported Castile Soap 5c and
10c; Silk Sponge 10c; Biby Nip
i 'os 5c. Everything for the baby at
Wild it Boette’s, Druggists, Flo<g
inline Hotel corner, Huntington"
W. Va Adv.
Methodist Episcopal.
Prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30
; p. in.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a m.
Everybody welcome.
Sunday School 9:45 a. in., F. E.
Way, superintendent; Preaching ll
a. m.. and 7:30 p. m., by the pas
tor; ^ onng People’s Christian En
deavor Friday evening, 8 o’clock;
prayer meeting Wednesday evening,
Bapt is t.
Regular meetings, first and third
Sunday of each month at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m.; Sunday School 9:45 a.
m., every Sunday, W. L. Clardy,
superintendent; prayer meeting ev
ery Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock;
Baptist Young People’s union meet
ing Friday evening at 8 o’clock.
“My little son had a very severe cold.
I whs recommended to try Chamber
Iain's Cough remedy, and before a small
bottle was finished he avus as well as
ever,” \vrites Mrs. H. Silks. *9 Dowling
Street, Sydney , Australia. This remedy
is for sale by all dea'ers.
Quoth the Raven
“Snore No More'’
Dr. Taylor’s Anti-Snore
^ ill prevent or overcome snor
ing and that dry and parched condi
tion of the mouth, tongue and
throat, so annoying to one’s self
and associates during the hours of
Eminent physicians and dentists
agree that mouth breathing is a
common cause of most throat and
nose diseases, enlarged tonsils, nasal
catarrh, adenoids and irregular and
protruding teeth.
The appliance costs #1.00, post
paid. I'ry it. It will please you.
383 K. 4th St., Cincinnati, O.
i Reference—5th-3d Nat. Bank.
At Semi - Centennial to
Make an Interesting
* Assurances have hecn received at
I Semi •> Centennial headquarter* m
Wheeling that several of the cour
ties will send samples of their
principal products and resources to
he exhibited at the State exhibition,
j June 15-21. Several of the counties
have not yet been heard from, hut
owing to the excellent oj p>rt unities
that will be afforded to show visi
tors, and home folk* as well, what
West Virginia produces and the ex
tent of our resources, it is believed
that all counties will come in an
m ike the display the biggest ever
seen m the Mountain State.
Kenova News.
Mr*. MHard Bartram is suffering
from bronchitis.
The childreu of A. .1. Baker
have recovered from bronchitis.
The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Callahan has acute indigestion.
Bvron, the little son of Mr. and
Mrs. \\ . li. Morris, has the measles.
The children of John Keftol
have about recovered from meuslus
Mi*s Mary Jarrell of Neal was
the Sunday guest of Kenova rela
M rs. If. W. Calhoun has return,
rd from a visit with friends at Kil
gore, Ky.
Mrs. George Powell i* numbered
among the sick, being afflicted with
la grippe.
Mi-s liermia Johnson spent a few
hours Saturday with friends at
I luntington.
I)'-, li. I). Garrett of Whites
creek was a business \i*itor to our
city Monday.
Mrs. W. W. Jackson and Mrs.
Geo. Wakefield sp-nt Wednesday
at Ashland.
Earl Hedrick °f Kilgore was
hero Tuesday evening mingling
wPh friends.
Misses Gypsy Billups and Jewel
Mtek were callers at the Gate City
last Saturday.
Mrs Jesse Lambert was shopping
and calling on friends at Huntington
last Wednesday.
Mrs. K. G. Morris of Portsmouth
was the guest of relatives in our
city last Friday.
liev. A. W. Damron of Center
ville occupiel the pulpit at the Bap
tist church last Sunday.
James. the three-ypar old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Semuel Jeffries, is
afflicted with pneumonia.
Miss Nelle Bruns of Ceredo was
the guest of her cousin, Miss Lou
Lambert, Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. John Yeager of North Ke
nova, who has heen ill for the
past year, is reported some better.
Mrs. A. G. Bmith recently had
to have her finger lanced to alle
viate the pain caused by a felon.
Mrs. H W. Calhoun of Wheei
ersburg, O., was here this week
visiting her son, H. W. Calhoun.
M. Darling, recently had his foot
injured while working at the pbwer
house, is now confined to bis room
with the grip.
Mrs. Jesse Lambert, Mr*. Fred
Cyrus, Mrs. Barnes and Mrs.
Frank Hart were callers at Ceredo
Monday evening.
An epidemic of measles seems to
prevail here, taking the place of
mumps, which held full sway for
two or three weeks.
Mary, the little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Wa ter WhitUker, has
about recovered from a severe nb
tack of typhoid fever.
Mrs. L. F. Drake of Huntington
was the guest of Kenova friends
Monday while en route to William
son on a business mission.
Lawrence Hatten is again able
to be about after having received
injuries at the lime plant which
necessitated amputating one of his
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Wheeler, who has been very
! ill with spinal meningitis for the
past f.-w days, us reported much
uu proved.
The plant of the Tri-Stato Enter,
prise was *o .1 at public auction la-t
Saturdav to J. I, >mith. whose hid
W;i* ISO Mr Sin Ih was the pri.»%
cipal stockholder of the Enterprise.
Gaffney.—-To Mr. and Mrs. Fran
CIS Gaffney, Sunday, April 20,
1y 13, a son. •
./OIINSON —To Mr. and Mrs. James
Johuson, Monday, April 21, 11)13,
a daughter.
| If UFA II i..—To Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
ward Kill »bl, ] uisdav, April 22
1 y 13, a sou.
April 25. Reporter.
How’s This? *
Wo Offer One Hundred Dollars Uowanl for
nnv of ('Htnrrli tm.t canuut h*. cnn-il by
Uail'ft i.niurrli < utf. *
F. J. I'll KN I Y A- CO., Toledo. Oluo.
'\o. the umi*-r-i-i<i.i|, have known K. j,
* ... . ><>r i Im c «*( IS > ears a ml hello ve ii I in
perfectly hnumnhte in all buslm** iruiiHao
t loti* ii ii ii tiiiMihHuliv Hbl6 fo carry out auv
obligation!, ni iih' by hi- tlrm.
WAMKNli Iv | X x x- .V M A l< V I X’,
... WholeMilc UriuglsU*. Tolmlo, O.
Hulls t utHrih Cure is tiikeu InleruHily
aeiing directly upon im blood ami inuoous
suriucea of the system. Tc-HiiiouIhIh M nt
tree. I rlee 7 > cents per bottle. Hold by all
• ilUgglsts J
Take Hall’s Family Pllla for constipation,
Mt'l liodist Episcopal.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at
at 7:30 p. in.
Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Preaching at 8 p. m.
Kp worth League at 0:30 p. m.
Everybotly in welcome.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p
m. on the second and fourth Sun*
days in eaeh month. Sunday school
at 9:30 a. ni. Prajer meeting
every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.
in. Teachers’ meeting every Kri
j day evening.
Clirintlan ClmrHi
(on twelve: polk.)
KKV. .1. N. It A It I fll N, PASTOR.
Mid-week prayer meeting Wed
nesday at 8:00 p. m.
Sunday School every Sunday
•afternoon at 3 o’clock.
Preaching services every Sunday
evening at 8 o’clock by pastor.
Congregational ClmrHi.
Sunday School every Sunday
morning at 9 :30 o'clock.
1 cachers and cla-s meeting Sun
day morning at 10:45 o’cloclT.
v. p. h. c. K.
The Christian Endeavour topic
for Sunday evening at 8 o’clock in
“The Ideal Christian.” (lh«
Prayers.) Matt. 0:5-13. Conse.
cration meeting. All members are
requested to be present at this meet
For rheumatism yon will find nothing
letter than Chamberlain's Liniment.
Try it and see how fjnickly it gives re
lief. For sale by all dealers,
4 A n v •«
Since the sword does not appeal
to the British suffragettes, they are
wasting the country with dynamite
and tar.
Phone 2.%
Huntington, VV. Va.
Wednesday and Thurs
day Matinee.
Monday, Tuesday
Chas. Cline’s Greatest
Sarah Bernhart’s Original
Version of
Mr. Lewis as Arrnond Daval
Nite Prices, 10c, 20c
Matinee, 10c, 2
Town and Farm Magazine
Beginning in the May issue of
our monthly *n'gixine section, we
announce the first of a great series
ol stories, each complete in itself,
I by
Mils. Virginia TKRtlUN K VAN I»K
which are regarded as the greatest
I human interest documents ever
written. The first story “Why 1
Left My llushaml” is one that will
appeal to every man and woman
I “'tder of the magasine section,
I whether they are married nr single.
It enters into the throbbing heart ol
a suffering woman— n misundor
"toed, tender creature who boro a
husband's contempt for twenty-seven
| years before she revolted. There
"ill bo seven of these great stories.
Be sure to get each otic of them.
I hey will appear only in the month
ly magazine section.
contributes another ol his interest
I": stories called “The Magician’s
Wand.” Its about a voting mar
ried couple and two grafters. It’ll
make you laugh. 1 he illustrations
are by Kay Kohn.
is a new oomnier to the columns of
the magazine section, but a recog
nized contributor to the standard
magazines. Iler story in the maga
zine section is called 1 'Tbs Home
Coming. ” It’s about a young country
hoy who fell in love with a singer
in a moving picture show. The
story illustrated by Hugh Mo
I here will In* a department of
embroidery, and others of interest
to the readers. The May issue
marks a new departure. The size
of the magazine has been increased,
and almost twice a- much reading
matter is being carried. The cover
design is a beautiful one by Will
If you are not now a subscriber
to this paper, send in your suhscrip-1
tion at once. You eai not atiord to
miss the gieat features to be con
tamed in tho magazine section the
coming year. In addition to the
Human Interests s'ories of Mrs.
Van I)e Wa’er, we have contracted
,'or a series of nine great baseball!
stor.es, each complete, by Charles •
It. V an Loan and short stories by
II. G. Wills, Max Pemberton, A.
L and C. N. Williamson, Ellis
Parker Hutler and other great '
writers. He sure to get your conv 1
each month. 1
V on will look a good while before yon
lind a better medicine for coughs and
colds than Chumberlain’s Oongh Remit- '
dy. It not only gives relief—it cures. 1
Try it when yon have a oonirh or cold, 1
and you are certain to bit pleased w ith
the prompt care wh'ch it will effect. 1
For sale by all dealers. I
• All vertifternent.) <
— -_
The people of this section arc
fortunate in having such a place as
the 0<»i»km 11 a ui>w a kk C’o. of Ash
land; Ky., to call on for spring sap.
plies and things needed to fix up
dwellings after the high water.
They are not damaged at all and
inconvenienced very little, and are
ready to handle their rushing busi
ness to the satisfaction of their cus
The stock of this up-to-date store
embraces a complete supply of
household needs, refrigerators,
lawn mowers, fly screens, garden
tools; and to help you brighten up
—paints and varnishes, dnstless
mops (including the “O’Cedar”),
vacuum cleaners, carpet beaters,
and did your say tools? Why,
they have tools for every kind of
If you are going to repair or re
build, do not fail to consult an ex- i
pert at Ogden’s. They can tell you J
what to use and where to get it.
If you cannot come, address
Ashland, Ky. 1
All charges paid on goods to j
your nearest atreet car atop.
Those Past Sixteen Years
May Use Pipe or Cigar
After May 22, there will he no
moie cigarette smoking for minors,
according to tho provisions ofadras
tio statute which becomes effective
on that date. If you arc over sir
teen ycArs of ago, however, you may
smoke a pipe or cigar.
Uoys who pave the “habit” are in
many eases preparing for tho mo
uii ntous occasion by resurrecting oUl
forgotten pipes, cleaning them anil
in general netting ready to abandon
the cigarette iorever. That tho
habit is harmful to hoy* of tender
years, is app.i inly the concensus of
opinion of ph veioiaus, and1 for this
reason many lad* are glad that
temptation will he rerftoved by the
law which forbids the sale of ckga—
lottos or cigarol'e tobacco and paper*
to minors.
Whu He Was Late.
"What made you so luto?”
“I met Smithson.”
“Well, that in no reason why you
diould be an hour late gutting homo to
**i know, but I asked him how he was
feeling, and he insisted on telling mo
adout his stomach trouble.”
“Did you tell him to take Chamber
Iain's Tablets?”
y'Sure, that is what ho needs.” Sold
by all d eiders.
Marlin Smith, sin of Mr. and
Mis Ben Smith, of Centerville,
lied at the home of his parents April
lt>th of tubcrouloets, aged 28 years,
» months and 0 days,
Adam W. Crum,whoso homo was
n Lincoln district, died at the homo
>f his son, John 15. Crum, at Crum,
April 15, of heart failure and general
lability, aged 74 years, 7 month*
md 5 days.
lie was buried in tho family com-.
•tery at his home. Funeral service*
vote conducted by Kev. Andervillo
drown nn*l J. C. Lambert, after
vhioh Wayne Lodge, A. F. tfc A.
VI., of which he had been a mem
ber, took charge of the remains and
juried them with Masonic honors.
\ niimbir of members of Vinson
md Crum lodges assisted in tho
luriftl ceremonies.
For Burns, Bruges and Sores.
Tho quickest and surest euro for
iurns, bruises, boils, son s,inflammation .
md ull skin diseases is Bneklen’s Arnica \
5r1vp. In four days it cured L. II. X
daflin, of Iredell, Tex., of a sore on hi*
mklo which pained him so he could
mrhly walk. Shoirffl be in every house.
)uly 25e. Recommended by the BIom
[)rog Htore, Oeredo, and R. Ney Wil
iams’, Kenova.
roes out un,
Jim Smith of Ohio, opposite m
his city, started to pass through
iere yesterday morning with hie
vife en route to Ceredo, to visit
■elatives for a day or so. » Ho is
(till here, laid np at his sister’s
lome in Second avenue with a few
Hashed toes as the result of a
rery careless act on his part.
He started to cross the street at
Fourth avenue and Seveuth street,
vhen a heavy wagon loaded with
iie came along. To the rear of . 'v
his vehicle was attaohed a second
vagou. Somehow, Smith fmled
o observe this wagon and walked
ight in front of it. The hear?
rheels ran over the toes on
me foot mashing them flat. Hw
ras taken to his sister’s home here
md is still there unable to gafc.
tway. A physician was oalled to
itteod him.—Huntington Herald*
dispatch, Apr. 29.
—- --—
Plowing, Etc.
For Plowing, Package Deli
ng and Job Hauling, see Pat*i<
*ro^., First street West, Ceredot
iV. Va. ISMariw. Adv.
We think Spring is here f
teeps this time. Let me help y
oeau house.
19mar4w. C. V, Doixii,
Painting and Decorati
\dr. g * £3^

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