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. ur and
_io, vibit
fed lo Hunt*
continue in
’s club will
>lrs. W inters
Visited Miss
Serwind, Me
.ter j>art of
•avalette was
o one day
pdege a |>lean
Rh although it was tin
few days ago, is all
we are prepared to
lass printing.
as returned from Ar
mg», where he spent
kir.g treatment for
He says he feels fine.
e, who came from
al days ago, has re
From his mother and
aside at OrytoD, ().,
.*aped the flood.
Connolly writes that
hc u« uccu u<>ving big revivals on
the Malden circuit. At Malden
there were 245 conversions and at
I’utnev there were 259 conversions. I
aod farm and
ges ; must be
ice to Ohcak
x 34, E, Liver
eturns thanks
Ceredo especi
1 her a home—
i, Mr. Wade
j, Mrs. Will
fStewart, Mrs.
•per begins
and avoids
I 8. BillupH in at Hunt*
R week nerving on the
Rnd Jury.
■ complete for the well
Bnuieh of Big Lynn and
fRhe cominenct-d coon.
IN a law Htndent
|^B 1 ' L' 1
HRBrd IV. lie return, d
s'. yB\W‘d i < n ay.
vs He died
EBH^R* Ini rnd >.ai urdav
||||||||^wn a l I v -filler, Ky.
’11 vs miian and
* l‘" 'el he
11 death.
|»t<*«i«L Id , and K.
L W. I h<>inpN(
. vs a- npe|i|. I \[ Iiulav,
R^Bregular Apiil term.
^^Rll the
IP I *-• w day* ot next
which was blown down
Phelp's well on Millers Fork
been rebuilt and the work on
Tie well has been resumed.
1 he board of health of the county
hedd a meeting at the court house
Tuesday; Present: C. M. Fraley,
president of the county court; Dr.
•I. W. Kife, president of the board;
Kuhis Lester, secretary and D. B.
Hardwick, pros. atty.
It bad been reported to the hoard
that a case of small-pox had devel
oped at Sith Webb’s home on
Paddle creek in Butler district. The
Board employed Louis Barr to wait
on the ease and see that a (juaran
tine is maintained and Dr. Rife wa«
instructed to go at once and render
the necessary medical aid. *
April 10. \ Reader.
. Wm. Jarrell, aged about 00 years,
Ked at the residence of W. M.
^Kwart, two miles south of Ceredo,
■fst Wednesday, of neuralgia of the
peart. He was sick for several days
Lrior to his death. After having
« leave Ins home on account of high
Pater he walked to Mr. Stewart’s.
I iu* deceased owned a dwelling
In the Last Knd of town that was
washed away by the flood. The
only things he saved were a portion
of his household goods and two
He leaves tw'o sons and one
daughter to mourn his death.
The body was buried in the Harve
Perdue cemetery Friday.
George Dickerson, an aged color
ed man who had been a resident of
the Last End for many years, died
of diseases brought about by old
age, March 28.
The remaius were buried at Kel
How’s This?
We offer One Hnndred Dollars Reward for
any case of Culm rh lhateauuotbe cured by
Hall s (Catarrh Cure.
K. J. CH EN KY <fc CO., Toledo. Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney «or the past 15 years and believe him
per eei y liouoiah e 111 ail business transac
tions nmi tinnncial’y able to catry out any
obligations made by Ids firm.
Waldiso. Rinnan & Mahvin,
ti ... „ . Wholesale Druggists. Toledo.O.
Hall a (alarrh Cure is taken Internally,
art i ng direct tv upon the b’ood ami mucous
surfaces of the system. Testimonials sen!
free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Hold by all
Take Hall’s Family Pills for constIpatlon,
House Cleaning' Time.
Mayi>e yon need some of the
following: Wood alcohol and cam
phor, strong ammonia, crude car
bolic acid, chloride lime, moth halls,
naphtha flakes and special furniture
polish prepared for removing white
Hood stain.
Wild <fc Boette, Druggists, Flor
entine Hotel corner, Huntington,
W. Va. Adv.
rORSAi.R. — Isa’’red Rock Kggs.
fifteen for *1.25. One hundred
*’ .00. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Best of relrence gi\en on request.
K.mma Haroitt, Saybrook, III.,
Route 1. Adv. 1 Omari w.
Have numerous orders booked
for later on, but let ue g»t buav
now—at once. C. Vr. Dodok,
Painting and Decoratmg,
Adv. lOcnarlw. Kenova.
VV. W. Smith has opened a law
office in the Prindle building, over'
the Collonial theatre, 4th avenue, !
Huntington. He will continue to
practice in Wayne county.
Don’t wait for a statement if you
owe for this paper. We will cheer
fully and thankfully give you credit
for any amount you may send.
The county bridge that spans
Twelve Pole at this place was not
washed away, as were many bridges,
by the receut flood.
Wa think Spring it hart for
keeps tbit time. Let m# help you
cleto house.
tim. C. V. Dodqk,
Hog and Dtcoraimg,
^ Kenova
teveus May. (
daughter of A. L !
evens, was bom
in Callet tshnrg, <
b 28, 1913. Age ]
t> day*. iShe married ,
V Aug 30, 1902 Ut this I
union live children Here botn unto '
them, all of whom have crossed th* !
river save one line daughter named I
jt* rankle who still survms h« r ‘
mother. tShe win brought up in the 1 !
j church, and taught to love and j (
I serve God. At the time of her I
i death she was a member of the (Je- ' !
redo Baptist church. Dur:ng her j
| last illness she was a great sufferer, *
hut always patient, she never mur- ,
mured nor complained bcueath the J (
chastening rod, hut in the hour of j
[greatest pain did lean upon her God J
she is not dead hut gone before. (
I love to think of her and Lonnie, j
not as dead, but just across the J
border land. Death is an unwelcon s (
messenger, yet he will come to all !
ot our homes, lie nill enter in, !
his time none can tell. ^
In the sad bereavement whivh has !
recently befallen Mr. Stevens and !
family they certainly Lave the (
prayers and sympathy of every ]
Christian in teredo. We know not •
what a day may bring forth, but we (
know that all things work together j
for the good to those who love God. !
Wit. Fai.i.kn. |
-- • -
For rheumatism you will find nothing t
better than Chandsjrlain’s Linimeut i
Try it and see how quickly it gives re- *
lief. For sale by all dealers. i
* Ai*vrr’lr«n»<
-- 5
Shoals, YV. Yra.
Health is very good at this writ- ^
ing with few exceptions. |
Arnold Perdue, who has been :
quite sick with typhoid fever, is '
getting some better. £
Mrs. J ulia Stephenson is on the S
sick list. "
Mrs. Ella Carroll is visiting her I
brother, whose child is very sick, f
at Kenova.
E. E. Staley was called to Ports
mouth last Friday on account ol (
the serious illness jjof his danghter, 1
who has typhoid fever.
Mrs. E. E Staley and Mr*. .las. f
McCallister were the guests of ltev. 1
Jerry Harmon and wife last Mon- t
day. 4
Mrs. J. M, Ply male was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Me u
Caliister Wednesday. 1
A revival meeting has just closed
at the Newcomb Baptist church A
with good success, there being 21 *
soul- saved. Another meeting is 4
being held at the Stony Point d
school house on Buffalo with much
success. "
Well, I have told you all the f
news, ho will have to stop for this £
March 28. h, L. |
Don't be surprised if you have an attack r
of rheumatism this spring. Just rub £
the affected parts freely with Chamber- |
laiu’s Liniment and it will scon disap- fc
pear. Sold by all dealers
Tlie Juries.
The following citizens of the -
county will he requested to do jury j
service at the May term of circuit c
court: fi
Geredo District—Wiley flatten,
Harrison Johnson, Wm. Ferguson
and J. YV. Iron*. |
Union—Elijah Bailey, Wm. F. ^
Marshall and Gallie Bowen. a
Butler—I). H. Johnson, YV. T. A
Workman and Moses Tucker.
Lincoln—P. H. Wilson, Harvey I J
Stepp and Alex Pratt. P
Grant—Alvis Maynard. jP
Stonewall—John B. Dean and P
W in. Parsons.
Ceredo District—Herbert Jack. '4
son, Fd. Davis, J. J. Johnson, Ike 4
Hensley, Jeff Drown, J. R. Mai
colm, Guy IMymale Jr., and Oliver -
Union—A. W. Stratton, Alfred J
Childers, G. D. Ward, Hays Ward,
Kllis Watts, Ira Smith, A. J. Ross, -
John M, Cade and O. S. Newman, a
Butler — Rufus Lester, A. J.
Stull/., Jerome Akers, S. J. Crum, *
W. ,1. Smith, Oliver Loar, L. B. ^
Damron, Dan Reed and I. B. i
Smith. ^
Lincoln—L. K. Vinson, John C. \
Ferguson, T. R. Ratliff, Hezekiah (
Adkins aud John L. Jarrell.
Graot — Lewis Toppins, Boyd .
Maynard, R. W. Nelson, John '
Kamey, Ed. McClellan, Wiley *
Queen and Checker Queen. (
Stonewall — Shannon Fry and I
Hezekiah Marshall. j
Dr. J. C. Schulz, M. I).,!
Making a Specialty of
internal Diseases.
• 14 4th Ava., over Celonial Theater, I
Phwnrhl^ (lkmarStn.J I
HAT seemed to us to be a question prom- &
ises now a gratifying success. £
It pays to be liberal with our trade. £
We will give away a Beautiful Claxton Parlor Piano to some fc
r one of our customers on Wednesday, September 17.
2 wp.are daily receiving New anil Attractive Offerings from &
2 ' l|,' lasliion centers and you will find our stocks complete in s >
2 all lines, regardless of the heavy daily demand. - jfi
■ Up sute and ask for your Piano Votes with every pur- j
i <iiasp. _ 5
J Rules of Contests JI
Name of Contestant will not be
Name of Contestant will not be
Every Contestant is.credited with
2,000 votes to start with.
Every Contestant gets a num
Standing of Contestants’ numbers
published weekly.
All votes must be brought in for
recording on Wednesday.
Votes must not be written up
__Ml I • i
1 ie votes in packages with Con
testants’ number and the amount
on top slip only.
Color of Votes will change and
** and must be recorded weekly.
*1 Votes are transferable only
m before recording.
Contestant having the largest
number of Votes on Sept. 17
wins the Piano.
Candidates not bringing in
personal votes will be dropped.
* nnis »in uc given at our tnree stores—men s and tieneral Shoe Store in f?
Opera House Bldg., Women’s and General Dry Goods Store at Old £
\ Stand, 5c and 10c Store in Gunnell Bldg. 5
| 3 Stores on Division Street, Catlettsburg, Kentucky. 5
! The First National Bank
| Of Cere.lo, W. Va. Lj|
| CAPITAL, FULLY PAID, ~ - $50,000.00 1
p| TF YOl are a stranger in this community, we ask you
jjy I to investigate our standing Any citizen will be pleased
W A to tell you about this institution. nM
jfcr> jfcn
5 Standard. Planing J^Eill Go. 52
J 25tli Street, Ashland, Ky. Telephone 101 ^
S Rough and Dressed Lumber, Flooring, Ceiling and W
y Siding; Doors, Windows, Lath and Shingles. H
Kiln Dried Interior Finish and Stairways a Specialty. V
jj Estimates Given Cheerfully. V
y J. B. KITCHEN, Mgr. ¥
Subscribe —$1 ycar-casli
. I®
$75,000.00 ^
G. W. Gi wnbll, Pres.
Charles Russell, V. Pres. ^
Ernest Meek, Cashier.
mono jjj
Chah. Russell
A. Mims m
Ernest Meek
John Russell
G. W. Gunnktx *
We are tn a to
ter Wayne
A with care and dispatch. ^|
^ Ton Are Invited to Open An Account in Person or by Ma i. g
Executor’s Notice.
To all persons indebted to John Mead,
Sr , deceased, or having claim* against
him are hereby notified to make sett'e
ment for all claims at once with the un
dersigned executor.
tJiven under my hand this the 28th
day of Feb. , 1913. D. D. Wai.i.ace,
5 mar 4wks. Executor.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
Alberta, Arizona, British Colum
bia, California, Colorado, Idaho,
Mexico, Montana, Nevada, New
Mexico, Oregon, Saskatchewan.
I exas, l tab, Washington and
Tickets on sale daily from March 15
to April 15, 1913, inclusive.
For full information call on or nd
dress Ticket Agent, Baltimore &
Ohio K. H.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
To the Tax.Payers of Wayne Coun
tv :
Y. u are hereby notified that you
mu«t make immediate settlement of
your taxes. Under the law I am
required to fettle in full with the
incoming fherifT. By giving this
matter your att.ntion you will save
interest and possible et ts.
All taxes not paid on or before
dune 1 will be returned delinquent
By paying sheriff now you will save
the costs and trouble of redeeming
from the auditor.
Don’t delay. Write for a state
ment as soon as you read this no
tice, provided your taxes are unpaid.
Office open every (lav in the week.
Yours truly,
.Sam J. Crum, ex-Sheriff,
3 1 2 if. W ay bo, W. V' a.
Notice to Taxpayers In
Grant and Stonewall.
I will not do any riding this year,
I shall send statements and ex.
pect you to respond promptly,
( When in Wayne yon will find me*
at the jail. It will he an necommo
t dation to all concerned to settle all
1 taxes early.
) Wry truly,
\ Frank Mat, Dept. Sheri
i AdvirtlMont >
Large, n*w pencil tablet# at
" Advance office.

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