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Ceredo Advance.
*c at tbe poia-ottoce at t'euco, W. Va
as yroud class matter.
WEDNESDAY, A1 l'.ll. so.
Phone No. 33
4V >attous of tbls fttpri wn pitstt sen
to this i ffce notices of tfceli friends visit it
here or elsewhere.— Ed.1
Plant garden.
Now clean up.
Fishing time is here.
Jchn Smith was in town Iasi
Look at tbe date after your naim
©n this paper.
A few cents spent for lime may
prevent a case of fever.
' Mrs. Krnest Dietz visited Guyan
dotte relatives Friday.
-y We noticed Thomas Skcan on oui
streets last Wednesday.
y If you know a news item don’i
forget to tell us about it.
Assessor P. Frazier was her*
/ rem Wayne 3 few days ago.
Mr. and Mis. C. W. £mith were
Huntington callers last Thursday.
White wash your old fences ami
cutbtuics — if yeu cannot paint
Dan Saivcr of Funtil gten spent
Sunday here with relatives and
Mrs. W. II. Anderson, who has
been seriously ill for several days,
is improving.
The Prindle Furniture Co. of
Huntington has a new ad. 111 thi
paper. Head it.
Mrs. J. K. Kccsee of Wayne was
the guest ol Mrs. U. S. Brown the
latter part of last week.
P. J. Kigg of Buffalo was a
business visitor to town last Wed
nesday and while here made thi
office a pleasant call.
An ice cream and box supj er will
t • ' be gi\cn at the Christian church oil
V Twelve Pole Saturday night. All
are invited to attend.
Peruse the new advertisement ol
Wool’s (u> ti e rescue) in th;s paper
liig I impairs are efferrd by this
firm. But see the ad.
Sow a few' flower seeds. Vou
' know you like flowers and you
should not expect your neighbors to
spend money, time and labor ami
furnish theni io you.
Kev. C. Cole of I.ogan, this state,
•w is the guest of relatives and friends
here last week. He is an applicant
for postmaster at Logan. His \Vayn«
county fi lends hope he will land the
T. T. McDougal vi-ited Cincin
nati the latter part of last week ami
purchased a supply of racks and
cases for the Advance office, t<«
take the place of those damaged by
the recent flood.
Ilnve numerous orders booked
for later ol, but let up g *t busy
low—at once. C. V. Dodge,
Painting and Decorating.
Adv. lOnar-fw. Keuova
The following relatives were call
ed here last week on account of the
serious illness ol Mrs. W. 11. An
derson : Mrs. .Josephine Grove
and Mrs. Thomas, of Advance, Ky.;
M r. and Mrs. .John Thomas and
Mrs. .John Kiser of Ironton; Mr,
and Mrs. Wed Bartram of West
We desire to dirret attention to
the advertisenient in this issue of
the Chamber of Commerce of Cin
cinnati, Ohio. The wholesale mer
chants of the ‘ Quern City” offer to
extend credit to all merchants and
business men who suffered from the
recent disastrous flood in the Ohio
All the latest cnafioDB in Fine
WallPajerp. Cretonnes to match
a!I fine cu: herders. Drop me a
postal to K* nova and I shall be
pleased tocaii and show samples.
C. V. Dodge, Keuova.
lOmaT'lw. Adv.
The town authorities have beer
cleaning tip the streets and hauling
off the rubbish, etc. Now thes
propose to enforce the ordinance
aguiu-t throwing tin cans, etc., 01
the streets and alleys. If you dr
not want to he arrested and Him
(and we know yon don’t), do no
disobey the ordinance. Mayor Jin
Marcum will certainly Hue yon, i
| arc
L’amdeti Park opens Tuesday
(5. and despite the < (Tects n
flood is moire beautiful thai
_force (/f carpenters, taint
oravtir* nave been work
wc the water wen
^^kmrything in fir-t
j||||J^fc '1' ' ■ 1 *M‘ 'hill'
igU^R:' 'iii *>1. »]•«• ii!
J the opening danve will be one of
, the best of the season.
' Miss Lena Jackson of Wayne is
visiting relatives at this place.
John*' n Hensley nia le a business
trip io Wayne tbe first of the week.
Delbert Camp*>ell moved to
Portsmouth, O., the first of the
w eek.
Miss Atiua M inline of 1 ronton is
ithe guest of her aunt, Mrs. Ida
I Howe.
Mrs. Jake Johnson and daughter.
Miss Madge, spent a few hours in
Kenova Sunday.
Mrs A L. Stevens, who h3s
been very ill at her home in the
South Side, is improving.
Messrs. Joe Beinkampen and
Charley Johnson called on. Hunt
ington friends Sunday.
Mrs. Martha McCallen of this
! plaee and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson
of Kenova are visiting relatives and
friends at Whitts ereek.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ulterbaugh
of Columbus, Ohio, were guests of
Mrs. U.’s grand parents, Sir. aud
Mrs. Thomas Lewis, last week.
The old Continental hotel at
Huntington is to be torn down and
a new modern warehouse will be
built on the site by F. B. Enslow,
owner of the ground.
To tub Public.—This is to in
form all that I will not he respon*
-ible for any debts that may be
contracted by my wife, Sadie Rowe.
C. O. Row e.
hon Sale. — Barred Rock Eggs,
fifteen for *1 25. \ One hundred
00. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Best of refrence given on request.
Emma Hargitt, Saybrook, III.,
Route 1. Adv. 19mar4w\
Mesdames U. S Brown, Delbert
Campbell, A J. Nonn of this place
uid Mrs. J. R Kcesee of Wayne
attended a district convention of
the Rebekahs at Huntington last
A wise housekeeper begin*
houseoleaning eariy and avoid*
hurry and worry. Allow me to
»*eiat you. C. V. Dodge,
Painting and Paporhanging,
Adv. 19mar4w. Kenova
I’hc Huntington High School B all
IVarn played the Ceredo High
School leani at this place last Fr-_
diy afternoon. Both teams play
ed well, but the limited number of
boys in the home team greatly handi
capped them. It ai first you don’t
■‘Uccced, boy*, try again. The scon*
stood 7 to U, in favor of the visitors
Doctors Bruns and GofT removed
a needle from the back of the in
fant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Alvis of South Ceredo Wed
nesday. The implement had em
bedded itself in thlumber region
i to the left of the spinal column, j
I P IH presumed the needle got into
the baby’s flesh by being playfully
jostled up and down by its sister.
Had the implement remained
there any length of time it would
uo doubt have caused the infant’s
death. *
We barn that I). F. Peters,
trainmaster on the Pocahontas
division of the N. & W. li’y, ha
| been appointed superintendent of
the Detroit, Toledo &, Ironton K.
It to assume charge at once. Mr
Peters formerly lived here, having
I married Miss Lucy Fia-her of this
place. Ills many friends in this
community will be glad to learn of
his promotion.
Gould Hutchison Killed.
One of the most tragie accidents
of late years was enacted yesterday
when Gould Hutchinson of Hampton
City was killed by a B. Sc O. train
at Lamherport> W. Va. Mr. Hutch
inson, who was a conductor met
death at a small town 7 miles east
of Parkersburg. He was caught
between two cars and so badly in
jured that he died in a few minutes
alter the accident occurred. The re
mains are in charge of a cousin,
Will Hutchinson, who will ac
company them to Catlettsburg thi
afternoon, arriving in Kenova on
: the 4 o’clock B. () train.
Mr. Hutchinson is survived by
Mrs. I. B. Hutchinson, his mother,
Mr*. Frank Tyree and Mrs. Soph a
Tyree, sisters, and Lon Hutchinson,
Kiver Observer, of Huntington, W.
Va., and Will Hutchinson of Ash.
, land, brothers. The most pathetic
I! surviver is the bright little 'son,
Hubert B, Hutchinson, who will
( only be M ycais of age in July.
Mr. Hutchinson was the son-Mi
, law of Mr. ami Mrs. K, II. Kilgore
j having married their daughter Fran
. cis Kilgore several years aoo. Mrs
r Hu tchinson died in January.
• i Mr. Hutchinson was loved by all
- who knew him and hi* place can
- never be filled in many hearts. Hr
t , was a d Aiful son and brother, a
- j b’ving alid kind father loyal in all
s; things.f A good fiiend, a kind
1 neighbor, and an upright citir.en.
,i—Saudy Valley Call, Apr. 24.
kknoya I OAKII ok health.
As a result « f ihe overfl » of the
Ohio river, which no doubt contam
inated the w ater supply of our eitv
with overflow of vaults and sewer
I contents, steps should be taken to
1 make the city as sanitary as possi.
I ble by using oil freely and on top
I ,Jf this chloride of lime in the
houses, yards, alleys and streets;
cleaning up and keeping clean as the
w ater disappears. After all of this
we still are not through. We have
to be conteut with our beautiful
stagnant lakes and ponds—breeding
places for the “cousins,” the mos
One ease of typhoid fever in *tbe
hot summer months will attrael
the house or “typhoid fly,” that it.
much stronger on wing than our
above mentioned “cousins.”
We are yearly losing hundreds
and thousands of babies under two
years of rge by (tb.s entirely pre
ventable) intestinal tilth infection.
We formerly attributed this to con
taminated water, milk and other
fouls. But recently evidence has
proven that a large part of this tilth
contamination is distributed by the
house tiy. While milk makes one
of the best mediums for germs, ty
phoid, etc., it is necessary for the
milk distributors to clean up and
keep clean.
If some large and easily seen en
emy, some savage human foe, per
sisted in harrassing our homes and
cities, shooting poisoned arrows in
to our midst and causing one thou
sandth part of the diseases, sutler
ing and death, we would rise up to
a mau and exterminate the enemy.
We can do no less now, that we
know uur common enemy to he a
pestiferous insect.
The problem is still before us. It
is necessary to put all waste food
most attractive to flies in some place
where the llius cannot have free ae
cess, and better still, sceen the
garbage can w ith fly trap attached
and trap them a- fast as they come.
A pair of flies beginning operations
in April may he progenitors, if all
were to live, of 191,010,000,000.
000,000,000 by August. Is it noi
a simple, common sense proposition
to catch this pair in April? To
catch this pair every household ab
solutely mud cooperate.
Now, there is prrctically only
one way of salvation from tbi- dan
gerous situation, and that is pre
ventive treatment of our ■ tunerou
coming diseases. As to typhoid
fever, statistics show that the army
and many of the la'ger cities have
gotten groat results from vaccination
against typhoid fever iniection. In
the fever cases in which the prophy.
latio did not prove to be thoroughly
immunizing, it was found that the
virulence of the case was mini
mized. Tne duration of the immun
ity of anti typhoid vaccination is
not yet determined, but is assured
ly two and one-half years, aud
probably longer. In healthy per
sons it i< a harmless procelure. All
persons whose duty involves con
tact with typhoid fever should be
On keeping a city clean and
healthful, the following “dontV’
should be w idely circulated and en
forced :
1. Don’t throw anything on the
sidewalk or street. Find a garbage
2. Don’t tear up paper and scat
ter it anywhere.
3. Don’t let any pile* of ashes
or rubbish stay in your back yard.
4. Don’t mix a*he* and 'garbage
in the same can. I'igs don’t like to
eat old coal and clinkers. •
5. Don’t fill the a«h bin or gar
bage can too full.
0. Don’t chalk the sidewalks,
' fences,- buildings or pavements,
j 7 Don’t expect your city to bc
I come clean and perfect all at once.
It will become an ideal city only
i when everybody d<n*s something
! every day to help make things bet
|ter. — Kenova Reporter.
f A SPL[ 14 HhN I
“-------—_' S*
HAT seemed to us to be a question prom- g
ises now a gratifying success. g
It pays to be liberal with our trade. 3
We will give away a Beautiful Claxton Parlor Piano to some 8
m one of our customers on Wednesday, September 17. «
S We are daily receiving New anil Attractive Offerings from g
2| the fashion centers and yOu will find our stocks complete in g
£ all lines, regardless of the heavy daily demand. g
5 Be sme and ask for your Piano \ otes with every pur* g
S chase. * g
U I !■■■■■ _ ^
§ of Contest: «
Name of Contestant will not be
Name of Contestant will not be
Every Contestant is credited with
2,000 votes to start with.
Every Contestant gets a num
Standing of*Contestants’ numbers
published weekly.
All votes must be brought in for
recording on Wednesday.
Votes must not be written up
LTie votes in packages with Con
testants’ number and the amount
on top slip only.
Color of Votes will change and __
and must be recorded weekly.
Votes are transferable only
before recording.
Contestant having the largest ' '
“ number of Votes on Sept. 17
wins the Piano.
1 Candidates not bringing in
“ personal votes will be dropped.
fJ Votes will be given at our three stores—Men’s and General Shoe Store in f?
Opera House Bldg., Women’s and General Dry Goods Store at Old ^
Stand, 5c and l()c Store in Gunnell Bldg. uj
^ 3 Stores on Division Street, Catlcttsburg, Kentucky. S
Subscribe — $1 ycar-casli
> ••••••!
m t
f* CAPITAL " - $7.>,(100.00 J
v O. W. Gunnell, F’r*s.
Charles Russell, V. F’ros.
Ernest Meek, Cashi«r.
Ik fT*
P Chas. Russell
A. Minis gy
EL f Krnp.st Meek
B John Russell
^7 r». W. Gunnell w
F &
r. Wo are in a position to took «r
*• "*'*;Vr* ter Wnrne county onstoniers 1
11D You Are Incited to Open An Account in Person or ny Mai).
tc!ss«*«eoa**# a<
/ i
' Material for
Feneing and
leave cerkdo daily.
No. 17, 5:88 p. m—For Portsmouth nud V
intermediate stations.
No. 18, 8 :2tl a. m. — For Williamson
nud intermediate stations.
Trains h ave Kenova for Columbus nnd
Cincinnati and the west 2:15 a. m.,
2 :(X> p. m. daily nnd 6 :IK) a. m.
Trains leave Williamson for the norfn
and east 4 :4J a. m,, 4:52 p. m. and
ft ;od tt. m(
, Tickets, Time Cards, Sleeping
Hite.Car Reservations and all informa
tion, write or, call upon nearest
Norfolk k Western Railway.
W B. Bevill, . W. C. PacvderC.
Pann. Traff. Mgr, OrnM Pass. A(ft.
Roanoke. Va. Roanoke, Va.
]jgi>t ning*
The fire insurance companies rep
resented by 'I. 1'. McDougal insur
i against lightning, whether fire en
sues or not. Lightning is liable to
damage your property any day
during the summer months. Oct
a policy today. tf.
Do you like nice stationery? We
have rewived a supply of beautiful
cards ai.d envelopes to match -24
of each in a box. Price per box,
j ^0 cents. Call and sec ib*» goods
al ibe Advance office, •« tf.
For Sai.k —- *1 y,.e v» <• i bonus
' and carbon paper f. r ai«- at the
S Advance S at inner) -v <«re. Rib
bons 50 cents each; carbon paper
^ j K wheels for 25 cents.

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