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$s>« 1 a^rTicl FLOOD SALE OF

Entire stock of new, clt; n, wholesome groceries. Been locked up since the fiord in
smashed to smithereens to sell
Every vestige of groceries in the house unconditionally sacrificed. Little prices hitherto beyo
__ the conditions that now confront us.
T **16c! ZT**"1'""" ’ 5clS,>!i?r^ 19c “pssisvj^s?. 9c|w^r.vgr°°d aad 3c|^.^ewp^ uo“4c I
| yjaST' Sagr**- ,hei9c|S^u,,erBeaD,7c %
^ WoodsPmeeting conditions heroically. OPENS AT 9 O'CLOCK FRIDAY MORNING) RAIN OR SHINE “d S
l----—___ ~ X
I Ave., Huimngloit, West Va. %
4*4**i*4‘*|**{**{»*|**S»4»*{>4,*a*-L.2,. ., ^ v ~?• ^ - . » e *•§»
Quiet Wedding,
Thursday evening, March 25 at
Mm home of the bride’s sister, Mrs.
hmma Ilite, of West Huutiugtou,
there occurred a quiet hut pretty
ing, the contract ng parties
^ Vg M:bb Sailie B Ward of
West Huntington and Mr. Claud
Barbour of Adame Ave., Hunting
ton. rl he ceremony was witnessed
. only by the near relatives and a
tew friends. Rev. Searcv of the
Washington Ave. Baptist church
officiated. After receiving con
gratulations Irom those present
th‘y went to the groom’s homo on
Adams Ave., where they only
staid one night when the high
water drove them out. They re
turned to the bride’s former home
to spend their honeymoon where
they remained till the water re
0Mdpd tnen they returned to his
The bride has a h 6t ot friends
• and is loved by all who know her.
'he groom Claud Barbour has ’
lived for quite a number of yearn 1
in West Huntington and is woll
known and s ands high in the es- 1
timation of nil his many friend*.
He has beeu an employee of T. 11 J
Olay, manager of the Hun* mgton
branch of the A. Sander I*acking
for s veral years.
We wish them a happy and
prosperous journey down the
matrimonial stream of life.
A Reader.
Ivon ova l lisa Hilary.
The l! >od conditions left in Ke
nova are very bad. At its best the
[city bus always possessed a num
, ljer etngiiant pools of water w Inch
i were improperly drained. At pres
[ ent the situation is appalling to
one interested in the health ot the
community. rl he stench arising
Horn certain quarters which haye
been overflown! by the high water!
is a menace to the general health
T the whole community. If boiuh
ueasures are not soon adopted to
[dace the city iu a more sanitary
condition, we need expect noth
mg hut a season of sickness and
loath. The disease breeding
<orrae load the atmosphere ai d
must tie inhaled by every pedes
trian w-Iking down Chestnut
street. The menace to the health
uf the school children is greater
than to others on accouut ot their
course to the building, it being
situated in the worst port of the
inundated territory. W’e need
barrels of lime and drainage, we
need carts and wagons to gather
up refuse and strong hands to
burn reiu«“. Other cities have
‘•got bust*’ ai.d are fighting
again-t the same proposition that
exists in our city. What ia the
matter with Keuova, anyway?
Mas. Jackson
Mrs, Wm, White is recovering
from a -i vere indisposition.
X ®***W**4*4MI?'*&* 4*4s:i§*4M§'4*4* «{t«|i >|o|<»|>
t 4*
: *
2 4?
If. 4*
f %
4 |
J The business interests of ( in- 4*
| esniaati have shown sympathy to 4*
J the people of the eities and tow ns X
| that have suffered from the flood, f
t “ml as an evidence of a more T
T. substantial sympathy and en- T
J conragement now stand ready to T
4 aid every merchant and business T
J man in the Hooded district by T
t meeting hi* need* upon term* f
| that w ill enable him to re-e*tab- f
t li*li himself. f
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. i
L WALTER A. DRAPER, President, T
+++++++++*+ *************
Has created a lurore arnoni'the
Beauty Seekers
Fascinated with
The Newest Beautifier.
Wonderful for Pimples, (’onrse
I ores, 1'rcckles and Hlackheads.
Plumps Wrinkles Out.
Keen Younu Lookinu For Years.
An astonishing product for plumping
out wrinkles, hollow cheeks, to u vel
vety, smooth , exquisite complexion, mid
: keep young looking for years. The
< hicago lair sex have suddenly become
! beautiful and fascinating,
j b very where you look, walk or turn,
you hoar women and men talking
A aak, 1 \ auk,’ “YAAK” special,
i'lv Chicago beauty seekers have rushed
ab mt to get the latest beautifier called
“Aaok.’ Judging front their desperate
eflort in the department stores and drug
gists, that • • Yaak” (special) is quickly
gobbled up bv the mad rush of women,
mi l impossible to supply the enormous
<’ maud. auk” is delicate, harmless
and fascinating to tin* skin, absolutely
tree from dangerous drugs. “Yaak”
j ( 'P <:i,d ) is pur-ly vegetable Herbs, ( fils
of Nuts, Lily-bulb juice, Oerasine, Olive
« »’ls and Coi-uanut i 'hips which give the
face a healthful, glowing appearance.
Apply a little at night, and every morn
ing; you will quickly see a surprising
1 < hange. The newest, irrefutable, bril
liant coinpl. xion beautifier has suddenly
made a tr> mciidous stir among the
■ wrinkled faces, pi in pi y-faces , freckled
races, and coarse pores. It is said to l*e
the greatest preparation in the wide
world to remove forever >h< «e ugly fac
lul blemishes, and with amazement
makes the face satin-smooth, plump and
pearly white For those who have pim- ,
pies, black le nds, and course pores of'
long standing will 1*. astonished how
quickly they cun gc rid of those homely
1 features with “YAAK” (special). It
never fails to give quick results. No i
samples given ; the Ingredients are spec
ial products. A large shipment of
^ a ik i special i reached Chicago, and
it was quick1y gobtiled np in a few hours.
Many disappointed women failing to
gef it, left their names w ith cn-h f<>r the j
next shipment of • Yaak” (*|>ecial) ex-|
pected III a few days. “ Kverything
gone,” “Yaak” is ail sold out,” "Will
have inure in a few days,” are the short j
an*wers from clerk*. Many society'
women, henoty parlor*, and residences
riuv. irtephotif a in their order* thick
and fart to the department ator*>« and
droggiata. Henry tnailord. r« from oat
of-town* arc coming hi fa«t for 'Yiiak''
| (■peoial). The demand haa been *-„or-j
mou. “Yaak” (opeolal) giee* the fare!
ao extremely brilliant, fa* mating,,
plnmp yoathfal glow. A n . xqoiatte tv- |
Mui'ti completion. It oomm m two aiz, a :
• l 00 |»*r bom. and aieo AO cent* p,.r bo,
Hb» if yoar facial b|. miahea nre of long
•landing, thru g.l the larger idzo box,'
you will imrtdy need it for immanent
reeuita. Your town druggiat ran prole
ably gift it for yoa from the whob-a»ler.
< n vim m t»d yoar mom y order* to any jo f
the Chicago burl warn Arm* Will lie'
•hipped to yoa promptly by mail.
Koonnmiral I*rog Oo. <opjMM4 Mrr
ahall Field l'n |
Hlegel-Ooop*r Oo.
Tha Foblw Inng (1*.
Bo« k A Kayrter'a (I) Ihrug St,*,*
Hothachild • teg department atore,
and The BI<i FA Hi Mture— ail btg Chi
cago Anna
Lo-al •ah-e ag. bta wanted for dtrtnte
t*mk” -faciei). Write to the
VAAJ Mfg. 04, depart moot A. A..
ChMMgi., |
In Nicely Located Kenova
Two lots on which is a
I two-story frame building,
containing one store room
0,1 first lloor and live rooms
and bath on second lloor.
T he lots also contain a wash
house and other out build
I ings.
I his splendid property is
nicely situate on west side
| of 14th street, between Wal
nut and Oak streets, Kenova,
. Va. It can be purchas
ed for 82800; one-half cash,
balance to suit purchaser.
For further particulars call
on or address T. T. Mc
Dougal, Ceredo, W. Va.
Notice to Taxpayers in
Grant ami Stonewall.
I will not do any riding this year.
I *lia!l send statements and* ex
pect you to *r il promptly.
W lion in \\ aytie you will find me
at tiic j ul. Ii wiil he an accommo
dation 10 all concerned to settle all
taxes early.
Very truly,
Fkank May, Dept. Sheriff.
f Advertisement)
il you want nice stationery_
cards and envelopes to match—call
the Advance office, Ceredo, \V.
v . tf,
'f - —
Notice to Tax-Payers.
lo the lax.Payers of Wayne Coun
\ on are hereby notified that you
i must make immediate settlement of
your taxes. Under the law I am
required to settle in full with the
incoming sheriff. By giving this
matter your attintton you will save
interest and possible costs.
All taxes not paid on nr before
dune 1 will be returned delinquent
l.y paying sheriff now you will save
the costs and trouble of redeeming
Irnm the auditor.
Don’t delay. Write for a state
ment as soon as ypn read this no
| tice, provided your taxes are unpaid.
Office open every day in ihe week.
Yours truly,
Sam J. Chum.ex-Sheriff.
31 - Wayne, \V. Ya.
• Advertisement-1
Notice to Tax-Payers.
1 I ax-payers, you will take notice
that tlie assessment year begins on
A|»111 the first. 1 lie law' requires
that capitations, *1.00 for school
purposes and *1.00 between the
ages ol 21 and 50 for roads.
I, or one or my deputies, will call
on you shortly after this date; make
it convenient to have capitations (»n
hand, li away please leave same
with the wife.
According to a late act and also
hv instructions from .the s.ate tax
commissioner 1 am ri (mired to col
lect all capitations when property
is li ted or make levies to satisfy
' same.
i Tuis notice is given so that no
hardship will be imposed upon any
Y'ery truly,
1*. Frazier,
•3-l-Mf. (Adv.) Assessor.
- Zl\\C=l\\t=r===t
Arc IIcatlqiiartcrs for Everything in l:urniturc
Ivims^ liian"", ItrosfHilx, Velvet, An exceptionally fine lot of Rock
Bed Kno,n Snit., Beantifnlly fin- K«,Te(!"'"“k’n'P'‘"n ” °P'
SI'' , In whiteoronk
!1 ^sa-a*-- -1 1
„ . ^“"y-Chair is the most convenient and most nonnlnr II
re t r mir sold. It has nice soft cushions, a comfortable foot n^f win.
a ninga/ine holder. Read until you're sleepy, then PUSH THE UUT
TON and tnk.. your rest without having to stir around till you're wide
Complete Home Outfitters. Undertakers and Embalmers.
92avVnue™ HUNTINGTON fblock,ck
Jo*. H. Miller, Prost. B W. Foster, V. Brest. K. B. Cecil. Cashier \
\VK K KK1* i Without charge. We (urnish you l.ass
V«I H KOOKS jud check book.. Oar experienced »”
countauU keep an accurate record of every penny you deposit
withdraw or check out, and render an accounting to you when
.v..r you wish it. We provide burglar-proof aftfa and every i ■>
• I safeguard for your money.
Conscientious service here cost* you not one cent,
you afford not to have an account with this safe bank? -
in arid talk it over today.
The first national bank
hki SuVAt.*,?,,, jD'"«CTgw«»
I f. w. MOORK Ic.w. BATTEN |

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