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The Ceredo Advance.
uioi.o at tbs pom-office at Ceredo. W. Va
aa neooudclam matter.
Phone Ko. 33
4V Nation. of tbla papei a Hi pi*..* a«ot
to thiaoffice notice.of tbelrf rlend. vIiUIdk
here or eleewtiere.— Kd.1
Allen Wright ie numbered among
the sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cyrus have
moved to Durbin, Ky.
Miss Maude Evick visited rela
tives at Ashland, Ky., last Thurs
Mrs. Belle Wright has returned
from a visit with relatives at
W. E. Mct^uin of Huntington
made this othce a pleasant call ia-1
We noticed P. H. Brumfield ol
near Duuleith on our streets last
Johu Havnie of near Dunleith
made this office a pleasant call la.«t
W ednesday.
Mrs. Wilson is very ill at the
home of her son, G. L. Wilson,
near town.
s\. I'orier, rvenova s police oi
ticer, wan a business visitor iu our
towu Monday.
Miss Lillian Ferguson of near
Wayne was the guest of Miss Nel
lie Bruns last. week.
Mr*. J. M. Harrington, who ha?
been dangerously ill with blood
poisoning, is improving.
Armour Steele of Middletown,
Ohio, was rninglit g with relatives
and friends here last week.
Mrs. R. L. Tooth man of West
Huntington was the guest of Mrs.
P. P. Chapman last Thursday.
F. R. Peck, president of the Ktn
ova Transfer Co., was a business
visitor to onr tow n last Saturday.
Town Treasurer W. A. Ramsdell
was confined to his home with the
grip last week, but is now able to
be out.
For Sale:—New No. 5 Oliver
Tpyewriter, latest model. Used
only five weeks. .1. L. Davis,
7jau2m. arfy. Renova, W. Yra.
Mrs. Fred Daft and little daugb
ter have leturned from Portsmouth,
Ohio, where they visited relatives
for several days.
Mrs. R. L. Black and little son.
after having visited relatives here
during the holidays, have returned
to Columbus, O.
Ex Assessor J C. Lambert, John
B. Burgess and Pientice Plymale,
prominent citi/.ens of this county,
were in our town the tirst of la-t
Mr*. E. S. Hammock and Mi**
Sadie Wrigbt visited their mother
and grandmother, respectively, Mrs.
Wilson, who is veiy ill at her home
in the country.
Mrs. Kate Frizzell of West Hunt
ington called last Saturday and re
newed her subscription to the Ad
vance. She has been a subscriber
to this paper for many years.
Mr. and Mrs. C. f\ Iehle, who
formerly resided at Kenova and
siriee leaving this community have
made their home in Canada, will
shortly locate at Logan, this state.
They will probably visit their
friends in this community en route
to their future borne.
At the recent election for mu
nicipal officers of the town of
Wsyne the following named per
sons were elected: J. M. Kigg,
mayor; i>r. J. K. Keesee, recorder;
R. C. Taylor, !L T. Lambert,
Walter Perdue, D. W. Frazier and
J. H. Scaggs, councilmen.
The days, weeks and years slip
sway like water in a running stream.
Time’s great clock never loses a
moment Relentlessly, surely the
moments pass, and our eager hands
are not able to detain them. We
cannot keep back the Hying years,
but we can and should keep the
blessings they bring.
Among those who attended the
Al. 14. Fields minstrel show at the
Huntington theatre last Thursday
evening from this place were the
following: Misses Sadie Wright,
Blanche Hammock, Ollie Spurlock.
May Mcl >ougal, Gladys Wright,
Virginia Werth, Mrs. C. R. Gum
and Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McDougd.
Miss Emma Marcum entertained
a few friends at her home on B
street last Friday evening, the di
version being cards. A delightlut
time was experienced by those in
attendance. Before leaving for their
homes dainty refreshments were
served the following guests: Misses
Gladys Wright, Kf'lie Bruns, Fsy
Stewart, Alberta Wright, Julia
Wright, Tbelma Wright. Virginia
W erth and Mr*. Uom«r Marcum,
David French viatted home folk
here the iatler part of last week.
Lawrence Wright visited rela
i tive* at Harboursvtlle last Sunday.
Mi-* Emma Pattei*on wa« a visi
tor at Ashland, Ky., last Thursday.
Herman Gieske of Huntington
called ou re.atives here last Mon
9 Attorney Homer E. Holt of Hunt
ington was lu our town ou business
last Thursday.
Mrs. C. P. Hoard and Mrs. W.
A. Karusdell were callers at Hunt,
ington last Friday.
Charles Stone, m ho is located at
Portsmouth, visited home folk here
the first of the week
Mrs. Lucile M. Thacker has sold
her property in the southern pail pf
tow n to J. M. Perdue.
Do you like our Magazine Sec
tion? it costs us something, but it
is free to our subscribers.
Mr. and Mr*. J. L. Long were
received as members iu the Con
gregational church last Sunday.
Mis* Angeline Mills, who lives
at G. L. Wilson’s, near town, is
dangerously ill with pneumonia aud
whooping cough.
Last week we ordered tive pulw
lications for one pernon and that
peraon saved over two dollars You
can do the fame.
AI 18h Leona Dixon, daughter of
Postmaster Georg.- B. Dixon of
VV hiteu creek, was a recent guest of
Miss Ouida Chapman.
Mr. and Mrs J. H. Gieske at
tended the performance of “The
M ah ter Mind” at the Huntington
theatre !a*t Wednesday evening.
Kd. Hazlett, who had an opera
tion performed on one of his even,
by Dr. Geiger at the Huntington
hospital last (Saturday, is getting
along nicely.
F*. J. Staley of l>ocks creek wan
in tow'u 1 ant Saturday and called at
the Advauce office while here and
took advantage of onr “Money-cav
ing Combination Offer.”
Salesman Wanted:—To look
after our lutereet in Wayne and
adjacent couuties. Salary or com
mission. Addreec The Harvey
Oil Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
W. H. Adkins and other Ceredo
inhabitants caw a huge meteor in
the heavens about duck Monday
evening and describe it ac some
thing wonderful to behold.
There have been two kindn of
Buffalo nickels circulated in this
community and no one seems to
know which ir the good kind or
whether both kinds are good. Only
by close Hcrutiny can one tell any
difference. Samples of the coin
have been sent to Wa-hiogton and
in a day or so we shall find out
whether either or neither or both are
good or bad.
I lie ounuav ncnooi classes of the
Westmoreland church, taught by
Mias Lucy Wilson and Min* Minnie
Mays. have organized a sewing cir
cle. They held their firm meeting
laat Saturday afternoon at the home
of Mi«s Mays. A number of tow
el" wpre hemstitched to be sent to
the orphan’s home at St. Louie.
After the work of the afternoon
wan completed refreshment* were
served. Those present were: Misses
Mary and Georgia Frit/., Martha
Schuff, Dot lie and Cuzzie Wilson,
Lillian Wellman, Addie and Willma
Mays, Lucy Wilson and Minnie
Thinks We Ought to Have
a Five-Cent Fare.
The city authorities of Ceredo
and the Ohio Valley Street Car Co.
are having a considerable scrap
The company is asking for a fran
chise permitting them to double
track their line through the o »r
poration and the city authorities
are asking for a 5 cent rate to
Huntington in the bargain. The
people claim that is is unfair for
them to pay the extra 5 cents for
riding to Camden park, a dis.
tance of half a mile. We are of the
opinion that Ceredo shonld have
just what ;t is asking for. A 5
cent rate from Kenova to Hunting,
ton would mean as much for Hunt
ington a* Ceredo and Kenova —
, VVayne News.
Interesting and Instruc
The Athenian Literary society of
j the Ceredo.Kenova high school hold
semi-monthly meetings which are
looked forward to with much inter
est by t« achers and pupils. The
program last Friday was as follows:
Orat'on, Panama Sana*, Marguer
ite i hapman.
Oration, Hi-tnry of the Sopho
more Class—Leonard Hensley.
Debate, Resolved, That there
should be a lunch room in the
school —Affirmative, Vause Keiser
and Mabel Kesinger. Negative
l Fay Ltttreal and Blanche O’Neil.
Applications Withdrawn
The American tUilwaye Co. Office
Phiadelel» hia. Pa., Deo. 9** 101 a
Mr W. W Maroon, G«*n’l Mur.,
Huntington, Went Va
Dear Sir:— 1 have a clipping
from the Iluutirgton Herald for
warded from your office, wbiel
purport* to give the attitude of th«
cilv of Ceredo toward jour doublt
tracking franchise.
if this i* a correct prcsentalioc
of the situation, inv suggestioi
w'ould he that you drop all ntgolia
tioitH with the city, a* the line* ol
tbi* would pr» oluae the posst
bilitv of our accepting any grant
front that community.
We certainly will not reduce
fares, nor can we afford to pav ad
ditional taxes for the privilege of
this double track.
Very truly yours,
0. L, 8. Tinoi.ky,
2nd Vice President.
Huntington,\V. Vs., Dec 28, 1013
Mr. J. O. Marcum, Mayor,
Ceretio, Went Va.
Dear Sir:—It would seem from
information coming to u* that there
in much adverse comment towards
granting our company a lighting
franchise in Ceredo.
When this matter was takrn up,
it was by reason by some ol your
citizens who desired electric lights,
and while we never considered that
there would any profit accrue for a
long tune, we were willing to make
the investment in order that such
people might be accommodated.
If it is the judgment of the ma
jority of your citizens that this
privilege should not be granted, we
would thank you to kindly return
our application without further
consideration by your council.
We also note a great deal of
comment with reference to the dou
ble tracking privilege and some
people seem to have the idea that
we are asking for some very valu.
aide considerations. All we are
asking is the privilege to spend ten
or fifteen thousand dollars within
your corporate limits to enable us
to give a better service, which
would inure entirely to the benefit to
the traveling public and increase the
the amount of taxes that we would
haveto pay toyour municipality with
out one coni additional revenue to
the company; but, rather than to gain
he ill will of any of your citizens,
by reason of such request, we would
prefer that you also return this
application without further consid
If at any time it is the sense of
the majority of your people that
this would be of benefit to your
community, it will be our pleasure
to again open negotiations.
Yours truly,
W. W. Magoon,
Uen’l Mgr.
Use a Hot Water Bottle.
If you are troubled with cold feel
a hot water bottle will give yoi:
wonderful relief. They will keej
the feet warm all night. Fui
cramp, colic and rheumatic pains i
hot wat r bottle draws out th<
pain. Prices 05c to ♦! 50.
Wild A Boette, Diuggists, Flor
entine Hotel corner, fluntingion,
W. Va. Adv.
Surprise Birthday Party.
Mrs. ('ha*. Marcum entertained
on last Monday evening with a sur
prise birthday party at her home or
West Second street, in honor ol
Mis* tlermia Marcum. Tboae pres
ent very pleasantly enjoyed tht
Karne of ‘M2.*’ At the conclusion
of the (;arne dainty refreshment!
were served. The guest list in
cluded Misses Grace Aolcina, Myr
tle Stone, Ollie Spurlock, Ur act
Schwartz, Emma Marcum, Maj
McDougal, Messrs. Ed. Adkins,
Koy Wright and Fisher Scaggs.
Metliocliut Kpl*copal.
Prayer meeting I’hursday at 7:3(
p. in.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
O Preaching at 7 :30 p. m.
Everybody welcome.
Sunday School 9:4ft a. rn., F. K
Way, superintendent; Preaching |]
a. m., and 7 :30 p. m., hy the pas
tor; Young People’s Christian En
deavor Friday evening, 8 o’clock
prayer meeting Wednesday evening
j 7:30.
Regular meetings, first and thirr
Sunday of each month at II a. m
and 8 p. m.; Sunday School 0:45 a
m., every Sunday, W. L. Clardy
superintendent; prayer meeting ev
ery Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock
baptist \ oung People’s union meet
ing Friday evening at 8 o’clock.
w (he Advance Office, Ceredo
W. Va.
Every piece is beautiful
ly cut and of new de
signing; there’s every
thing necessary for prop
er table scttingto choose
See our display.
205 Broadway, Ashland, Ky.
The Telephone Store
Make your store the telephone store. Make it easy
for your customers to buy by telephone, and you
have solved the problem of rainy day sales. The
weather does not affect the telephone shopper.
Shopping by telephone is the modern way—the
convenient way. It is fast replacing that kind of
shopping which requires a half day’s time and a
lot of energy.
T«L 9000
H* K. ROBERTS, District Maat|W
422 10th Street, Hnntinfton, W. Va.
Sunday School Lessons Made
Easy and Interesting.
A Weekly Illustrated Article on the
Internctional Sunday School Topio to
Be a Regular Feature In This Paper
Hereafter—The Oft-Repeated, “I Don't
Know the Lesson.” Will Not Do Now.
We are pleased to announce to our
readers that In this Issue we begin the
regular weekly publication of the
Brooklyn Tabernacle Illustrated Arti
cles on the International Sunday
School Lessons.
These articles are written In easily
understood but beautiful language,
really explaining the Lessons, and go
far towards making It a real pleasure
for both teacher and pupil to meet in
1 the class room at the recitation hour.
No longer can the busy or careless
offer ns an excuse for staying home
! Sunday morning the oft-ref>eated. ”1
don’t know the lesson."
Teachers or pupils wtth ordinary
mind can hereafter In fifteen minutes
read the Brooklyn Talternncle single
column article, and thereby creditably
acquit themselves among their fellows
To those of our renders who are
! forced to miss the regular weekly class
room exercises we are pleased to of
fer this feature as an excellent sub
Hundreds of editors throughout
America are serving the Interests of a
mixer! constituency by publishing this
unsecfnrlnn weekly service, and we
sincerely hope to do likewise.
If you need a new or second
hand setting machine call on the
proprietor of this paper.
' I
Sam J. Wright,
Ceredo, W. Va.,
—dealer in—
All Kinds of Coal.
Coal delivered promptly and sat
isfaction guaranteed. Leave order*
at the Ceredo poaloffioe.
A Little Book That Contain* 8om*
Startling Information.
A little t*M>k Helling at only five
cent*. postpaid. la having a very wide
circulation—running up Into the mil
lion*. It contain* *urne very Htartllng
Information respecting the mennlng of
the word Hell. It claim* to demon
strate, t**th from the Hebrew and the
Greek of oar Bible, that hhi i* not
a place of eternal torment, but merely
another name for the TOMB, the
affect* to *how that man wa* not re
deemed from a far-off place of eternal
torture, hut quote* the Scripture* prov
ing that he wn* REDEEMED from the
GRAVE at the coat of hi* Redeemer’s
LIFE and that the Scriptural Hope,
both for the Church and the World,
la a resurrection hof*» hawed upon the
death and reaurrectlon of Je*ti*. The
t>ook I* certainly worth the rending.
The Information It furiil*lioa I* cer
tainly valuable, far beyond It* trifling
cost. Order It at once from the Blhle
and Tract So>>t**ty. 17 fflcka Street.
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Do yon like nice stationery? We
have received a supply of beautiful
card* ai.d envelope* to match -24
of each in a box. Price per box,
80 cent*. Call and see the good?
) at the A ova nck office. Ceredo. tf.
P The First National Bank
Of Ore«lo, W. Vn.
’F YOU aro a Mrangor in thia community, wo aak vou
to iu voat i gato our standing Any oitis*n will ho plf aaed
' to tell you about thin matitutioo.
Notice of Trustee's Sale.
Bv virtue of the anthnritv vested in
m«> bv a deed of trust bearing date on
the 34th dav of November, 1918. execut
e<l by Della V. Lowther and O. F. Low
ther. her husband to the undersigned,
Homer K. Holt, ns Trustee, to secure to
Warren Berry the payment of a cert am
note therein described, and recorded iu
the clerk's office of the county court of
Wayne county and stare of West Vir
ginia in Trust Deed Book No 17. at
P»W 898, the undersigned will offer for
sale at puhlio auction to the highest bid
der, at the front door of the Wavne
countv court hon e, at Wavne, West
Virginia,on Thursday, the twelfth day
ot February, 1914, at 11:80 a in. the fol
lowing described real estate, situate,
lying and being in DulMnt Place,
Wayne county. West. Virginia, being
loU No*. 1 , 3, 8, 4, 5. H and 7 in Block
No 4. and lots Noa. 1. 3, 3.4, ft, «, 7. h.
II, Ivl, 18, 14, IA. It*, 17 |«nd 18 in Block
No 8, as th • same appear upon a map of
DuPont Place, made by the DuPont
Place Improvement Company , mid be
uur the same property that was convey*
ed to the said Della V. Lowther by the
DuPont Place Improvement (Jo et- al.
by deed dated August 31, 1013, and re
corded in the office of the clerk of the
county court of Wavne county. Went
V irginia, in Deed Book No. 8<», page
Said sale will bo made for caah.
Hum Kit E. Holt,
14jan4w. Truztee.
No. 17, 5:38 p. m—For Portsmouth
intermediate stations.
No. 18, 8:3U a. m. — For Williamson
tuul intermediate stations.
Tmiim leave Keuova Tor Columbus nnrt
Oinoinnnti and the west 2 :16 a. m.,
2 :00 p. in. daily and 6 :IH) u. in.
Trains leave Williamson for the norta
and east 4 :41 a. in. ,* 4 :67 p. in. aud
8:00 a. m.
tOtF*For Ticket*, Time Cards, Sleeping
Car Reservations and all informa
tion , write or call upon nearest
Norfolk & Western Rallwau.
W. B. Bkvii.l, w. O. Maunder*.
Pan*. Trail. Mgr. GetiM Pm,*. Agl.
Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, Va.
The Liveliest, most Interesting and
t7p-to-Date Newspaper In Southern
West Virginia and Northeait Ken
The Herald-Dispatch carries the
saim» Associated Press news service
as the Cincinnati, Louisville and
Pittsburgh papers and brings It to you
from ten to fifteen hours eurlier thau
any of them. ^
Capable, alert and reliable corres
pondents In the Important news cen
tres of the State furiirsh the Hera’.d
Dlspatch with all the notPi and cu~
rent events throughout the State that
are worth knowing Hnmodlutely after
they happen. If you want to keep in
close touch with West Virginia af
fairs take the Herald-Dispatch.
The Herald-Dispatch Is especially
strong as a “Home" paper and takes
pride In It. Hh pages fairly sparkbi
with the brightest and most thorough
iooul news service that the very best
ability can produce.
It covers the entire Trl-Htate sec
*lon by 11a local staff and wlde-nv.aku
correspondents. If It happened with
in its territory and Is worth knowing
you will read It In the He raid-Dispatch
while it Is news .
Dally Herald-Dispatch, thr< o
months . $1.25
Daily Herald-Dispatch, six
months . 2.50
Dally Horald-Dlspatch, one
y*!»r . 6.00
The big Sunday Herald Dlspatok
consisting of from 16 to 24 pagw
with features, only $1.00 a year.
Address all communications to
Huntington. W. VA.
Advance StationeryStore
Ceredo, W. Va.,
Sewing Machine Needle*, Sewing
Machine Oil, Sewing Machine Belt*,
Ohh Mantel* (Inverted nnd upright),
all kind* of Justice*' Blank*, includ
ing Schedule*, Order of Attachment*
(with hood), Deed*, Typewriter
Kibbon*, Carbon Paper, Pan nnd
Pencil Tablet*, Box Paper* , Pencil*,
Typewriter Paper* , Wedding Invita
tion*, Bn sine** and Calling Card*,
etc., etcetc.
Agent for Engraved Card* nnd In
vitation*, and Butler & Kelley Oim
pnny'* Celebrated Kmbomw-d Invita
When in need of anything in onr
line do not forget to call at the
Builnaa*. Phonograph/
lnrorp«r»t«4 »nd fcceewnr toCenraoreUl Collar* fitly. Dnlnnity
li^Prmriilpnt ku years of «i|pr|pnc« In mpTrutlVi
• nifranktng bnafne**, nl*o*5 r***r» •due* fin* Ki.OWI
F»nn( m»*n »n<l women for encce**. WWICnter now.
iddrwiWILII R B. RUTH, LeilHl«a,>7.

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