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West Virginia walking beam. (Volcano, W. Va.) 1879-188?, December 04, 1880, Image 1

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West lirgiaii Mag Bum.
One copy, one year ? -.32 00
Oneoopy, six months 1 00
One copy, three months 50
Single copies ....... 5
Ail persons will l>e promptly discontinue*!
at the .?xpir?,i"u ol the time paid for. and no
names ent rt-d on the subscription book*
Sub<crlb?*rs finding a cross upon their pa
pers will understand without turther uotice.
that their time has expired.
One Inch ...?
Two inches
Tlm-e inches
One-fi>urth col....
Oue half column
One eolumu
IM. | 3M. i OM.
s-j '.'ij ! s-V VmJ j "sr'uo
5 00 8 UO 1 10 <X>
8 30 I 10 UO 13 (*)
>1 10 ! 12 00 | 15 00
1- 00 I IS 00 23 00
1 00 I ^5 00 | 45 0O
12 >1
15 it
2?) 00 1
25 ?
40 1*
75 W> I
Transient advertisements must be paid foi
in advance always.
Ca-ds not exceeding three lines S3 per year
Marriage aud death notices free.
Local and business notices 10c per line,
Legal not'ee- luserted according to law.
We make no chance for advertisements
seeking or offeriug work or situatiousof auj
kind, and cordially Invite those wa .ting or
oSering emplovment to use our column
free Iv,
Yearly advertisers are confined to theii
legitimate business.
03.\*33L3.L =I?.33?0^T
Mayor ot the City? C B. Smith.
Clerk? F. B. Tootliaker
Recorder? Win. Dils.
Sergeant or Marshall? John W. Mitchell
Market Master? James Amiss.
W hart Master? Ueorge B. Neal.
Assessor? U. K. Leonard.
City Attorney? C D, Merrick.
Treasurer? Parker-burg National Bank.
Surveyor? J. S. A. Farrow.
Fire Warden? Jackson Haught.
Chief ot Fire Department? A. N. Williams;
1st Assistant, C. H. Turner; -d Assistant, J . K.
Rem ley.
Fire engineer? Chas. Bryan.
Couuciimen? L. A. Cole, Wm. Dils, H. C.
Jackson, Wm. J. McKindley, Thomas Pimm
Ueo. W. Rowland and Samuel Stewart.
Council meets on second and fourth Tues
days in each inontn iu Council Chamber on
Market Street near Court Square.
Office opens at 1% a. m. and closes 7% p. m.
Open Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30.
Eastern mail opens 7:00 and 11,30 a. tu.
Western mall opens 7:00 a,m. 0;30 p, m.
Valley Mills and Boremau's departs Mon
day! Saturdays t>a,?i. arrives 6 p.m. same day
Burnluv Springs, arrives 6 p.m. and leaves
6a.ni dally.
Jackson C. H. Tuesday and Saturday.
Murphy's Mills aud Deerwalk arrives oa
Monday and Friday b p.m. Depiirts Tuesday
and Saturday 6 a.m.
^Lubeck Wednesday and Saturday.
^Parkersburg aud Ualllpolis River mails
arrive on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
nights, and opens in the morning. Departs
Monday, Weuuesday and Fridays at 10 a.m.
. Marietta mail opens 7ux) a. m.. closes y p.m.
c. f. sCorr, p.m.
, United States Circuit Court convenes
January 10th auu June loth.
Circuit Court of Wood C?>unty convenes
Ut Monday in March and 1st Monday In
County Court convenes on the 1st Mon
days in February, April, June, August, Oc
tober and December.
Judge U.S. Circuit Court? John J. Jackson
Cleric U . S. Court L. B. Dellicker.
Assistant U. S. Mrrsliali? G. B. Gibbens.
Judge* Circuit Court? Jas. M. Jackson.
Clerk Circuit Court? O. M. Clemeus.
President County Court? K. Snodgrass.
Clerk County Court? Thos. G. Smith.
Sheriff? Chas. H. ShatHick.
Prosecuting Attorney? D. H. Leonard.
J Csticks? Parkersburg District, S. L. Ad
dl.vu aud De L. Davis. Walker District, T.
B, Parser and W m. Devaughan.
First Presbyterian Church? CorJulian
and Washington Streets, Rev. Loyal Young
D.D., Pastor. Preaching every Sabbath at
11 a. m. and 7.3o p. m. sabbath School and
Pastors Bible Class at i30 p.m. Prayer meet
ing every Wednesday evening at half past
?even. Seats tree and ushers will be in at
tendance. Al! are ? ordlally Invited.
M. E. Church, South,? Corner Market
Pike Streets. Rev. J. T. Whitley, Pastor.
Regular services, with sermon, every Sab
bath at 11 o'clock, a. m., and 7.30 p. m. sab
bath School and Pastor's Bible Class at 2 p.m.
Services every Wednesday evening, at halt
past seven. Seats are all tree. Residents ot
the city and strangers are co-dially Invited
to all the se: vices.
The Methodist Episcopal Church, cor
ner ot Littleton aud Juliana Streets. Rev. A.
C. George, D D? Pastor. Preaching by tiie
Pastor at the usual hours, Sabbath morning
and evening. The seats are free; ushers al
ways in attendance to wait on strangers and
visitors. Sabbath School at 2 p. m. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening. The pub
lic is cordially invited to all the service*
United Bretheru Church, corner Pike
and Aveiy St*. Z. arner. Pastor. Preach
ing by the Pastor at the usual hours of ser
vice. Sunday School at 9.30 a. m. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday night. Ushers will
show strangers to seals. Seats free, and the
public are invited to all the services.
Calvary Presbyterian Church, corner of
Avery and Littleton sts. Rev. J. Garland
Haniuer, Pastor. Preaching by the Pastor
ttabbath morning and evening, at il a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Seats free and all welcome.
Sabbath Scho 1 VJOa. m. Prayer meeting on
W eduesday eveuing at 7.30.
Baptist Church, Market St., Rev. J. W.
Carter, Pastor. Services at ?he usual hours,
ttunday School at 9 a. m.
Episcopal Church, Juliana Street, Rev.
Robert Gibson, Pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7 p. in. Suuday School at 2 p. m.
M. P. Church, Pike Street, Rev. Cona
way. Pastor. Services at 10>? and 7 p. in.
ttuuday School at 2 p. ra.
St. Xavier Church, Market Street. Ser
vices-Mass at 7 a.m., High Mass at 10.15 a.m.
and Vespers at 'il/i p. m. Rev. H. F. Park,
Pastor. Rev. Father Walsh, Assistant. Sun
day School at 8 a. m.
Wesleyan M. E. Church,? Colored? on
Green street. Rev. Colburn Pastor. Services
at usual hours. Sunday School at 2 p. ra.
,.?M. E. Church Ann Street? Colored?
Kev. L. Ma-ton, Pastor, services at usual
bours. Sunday School at 2 p. m.
Baptist Cnurch, Avery Street? Colored,
Rev. L W.Smith. Pastor. Services at usual
hours. Sunday Sch'>ol at 2 p. m.
Parkershurg Lodge, No. I.O.O.F. meets
?very Thursday at 7 p. m. W. C. Leonard,
N. G. W. T. Senseney, Sec.
?... Sharon Lodge No. at, I.O.O.F. meets ev
ery Friday at 7 p. in. T. P. Butcher, Sec.
Varan Encampment No, 3, I. o. O. F. i
meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of
each month at 7 p. m. G. M. Fought, C. P.,
iL G. Ogden.Sciloe.
M tr lam Lodge No. 3, 1.O.O'F. meets sec
ond and fourth T uesdays of each month at 7
.Mrs. C. PahJ, N. G., W. T. Seuseney, .-Sec.
Alt. OUvet Lodge, No. S, A. F. A a. M.
meets drst and third Mondays of each month
at 7 p. tn, A. N, Williams, w, M? J, Wether
..'....Hope Lodge, No, 10. K, of P, meets ev
ery Monday at 7 p, m, J. J. Ogden, (J. C? W.
T, Heaton, K. K, S,
Energetic Lodge, No, 30, K, of P, meets
?very Tuesday atTSp.m, Jacob Smelcer, C.C,
Charles Laster, K. R, S.
St. Patrick's Society meets on the ?rat
Buuday of eacn mouth. A udy Clark, Pres
ident; Patrick Flaherty, Secretary.
A, 0,H. meets on the second Sunday of
each month. Thomas Murphy, President;
John Barrett, Secretary,
......Sunny Side, No, A.F.A.M, (Colored
meets on the 1st and 3d Monday's o I each
month. J. Carter, W. M.; T. Goouen, Sec.
Young Men's Catholic Literary Associ
ation. Meets second Monday every month,
over Buckley ?? Stevenson's store.
Knights ol Uouor, ttleuuerhasset lodge
No. tlrsi and third Wednesdays In each
month. Berry Building.
? Humboit Court, No, 13, 1. 0, Foresters;
second aud fourth Wednesdays each month.
Berry building.
? Jerusalem Chapter No. 3, meets first
Monday In each month. C, P, Smith, H, P,
T, J, Wetherell, Sec.
? Calvary Commandary, No, 3, K.T, third
Mondav ta each mouth. C, F, Scott, E, C,;
?L, W, Hughes, Recorder.
Building Associations.
? Homestead, meets 1'uesday evening at
the olliee ol A. f. Laug, Sec.
......People's B. 4 L,; Mondays, same place.
A. F, Laug, secretary,
? -Traders', rnursdays, same place; T, P
Butcher, secretary.
? ? Mutual, Saturdays, same place; T. P.
Butcher, secretary.
-..Malls closes at V:uu ^ m aud ?UJf p. m
Open li m. aud 6 p.m. c. M. Maolll, P.M.
^ M. E. thurcn,? Itev, j>. B, O, fricaetl,
Pastor; services every saoOutn at the u?uai
hours; Sunday Scuoot tfcug Ail ^ Wm.
Episcopal CUurcu? Kev. J. F. Woods
services every secouu aud tourtu Sundays'
all welcome. Sunday ocuool 4 p. m. '
Cainolic CUurcu,? Kev, faiuer furrnei
Se vices every tlrst aud tmrd auuday,
-.... V Olcano Uodge -No. A, F, j: a. M. sec
end aud third imirsdays, Jonn suaffei
Master Kot>.. AleJtaiiuer, sec.
?...Volcano Lodge No, IU, 1,0,G,F, Monday &
W, M, CrawJorti, N, B^ilwaaOer, Sec.
Baltimore 4 Ohio Railroad.
; tlmore time. ARRIVINO. p M>
\'ew York and S. Louis Express...... , ^ _
?c. Louis Exprma - 12.UO M
??* TnU? ?? A.M
Sew York Express - .?5J? P.M.
'blladelpMa and N . V "?????rjj ) ...7.*) A.M
Grafton Aecom^except buuU > ' 4 45 A.M.
Way Train, ...(except Sunaa> a dltI(.r.
s?r Volcano tmvelers will ^ matiu^
ence of 50 minutes In thl. ?,iug?ast.
time early coming W^t,iai s here ?t
and Athens. ?T
Marietta A Cieeinnati Railroad.
St. Louis Express p. m.
Mail .... ? ??_?? ? p. m.
Cincinnati Ex pre^ .. ......???"? ???? 9;4n A. >j.
Athens Accom. (except sunaay) _ ^ A M
Marietta " ? ? 10:40 A. M.
? " Jfiiia p. m.
.? m iHW A. M.
departing';'" S;05AM.
Mail ? ~ * ".10:30 A. M.
Fast Line...... ^.45 p. m.
Cincinnati Express ^ p M
Athens Accom. (except bunda> >""6 1Q A M
Marietta Accom ? V.00 A. M.
" &B5 P. M.
? . ? ; 10;35p.m.
W. k7 LANK ESTER, M. of T.
i.urel Fork t Sand Hill Railroad.
. aud after May U, trains will run as foi
Vo. Halves Volcano 8:15 a m , connecting
So S LeaWv^\L^j""CtSnaU0:15a. m.
& Leaves Volcano at 5:10 p^, connect- |
50 W^eWslhWurtS^P.-ve#
Tor delayed Exp^rom^he Wj*t.,H ^
A Harrowing Tail.
Not l"ng since a Texas man read
io^a paper tbat it a string were tied
lightly around the r >ot ot a mule s
tail it would, in case ot oohc, give
the animal in tant relief. He tried
the remedy n o ?e ot his own mules,
and tne doctors say that the portion
ot the tail thus inflated was soon
swelled up bigger than the mule.
The Texas mau r ays the mule tui n? <1 (
its head and saw b.s monstrous tali
ind got alarmed and began to kick
Tbe firft kick i rove the mule s |
Lai i away ou behind, but the tail
immediately ?wu ng back and knock
,d tbe mule |torward a little? t ?e
51 was so bJavy That made the |
mule gel madder n ever and it kiclc
?d like tury. That on I J gave the
ail more momentum, and on 'is re
urn it knocked the mule about a|
?od Tne mule looked around and
lidii't sue an) bi'dy aud kicked
^ in. Tbe tail wa? thwre as calm
ind regular a* a pendulum and u
Ameback like a steamboat runn
iDg a race. Thai time it lilted the
uiule ever the bar. -yard lence. But|
lb e uiule lit on its f^t a"d struck
?ul a"ain? game as eve. . 1 he tail
lairly'augbed a. it caught the mule |
?? ibe haunches and dreue it down
lue lane a mile aud a hall at every
whack. It locked like destruction
to the mule as mule aud tail diwjp
ueared in the distance. But, alter
Three or tour hours a r.tu ning
?loud ot duat was seen and ?oon the
mule emerged thoretrom kicking as
briskly as ever-but the tail was
Lotaliy used up and gone. Hot be
mg able to offer any resistence, of
course tbe mule kicked hi.iwelt back
to tbe start ng point. This is not a
campaign lie.--.New Orleans limes.
Chaste but not Virtuous ,
A shrewd 'ady writer has this to
say of her own sex: "There are
women wholly entitled virtaous
who are in other respects bad car
iactures on f.ur sox; women who
hold ap their own skirts and cro
about strewing garbage to defile
others with; women who feed upon
disgust and suspicion, who g. ther
up with untiring zeal all the bits of
scandal floating about, to turnover,
add something to and send forth
again in the germinating air, like a
di-adly miasma, ,to d stroy. W o
n.en who are never under anj
c i re um stances by anybody heard
telling good oi any one; but who
meet them when you will, can al
ways make a miserably uncomfort
able, and douMful even oi a just
Providence. Women need not
condone or conceal the laults oi
their sisters to be charitable or
woraenly; by simply being sileut
or leaving unspoken opinions which
van do no good and much uarm,
they can do themselves great cr?du
and the sex honor. Unless a man
is totally dipraved and based, he
will Ho?-p disgraceful tittle tattle t?>
himselt, andshun companions where
small talk is at a premium. But
women who call themselves ladien,
and who&e position in society en
title them to be such, lend them
selves to this unworthy means of
killing tioie ? to give it no meaner
name ? and repeat slanders which,
once gi?ue forth, can never be re
Boroman's Sweet Vermifuge has
almost entirely taken the place of
otner \ermilu^os. Being so pleas
ant to take and so certain to effect
relief where worms exist it is now
the lavorite wjrin medicine, it i~
prepared at th" drug store of W. 1
Boreman & Co., Market street. ?
Price, 25 cents.
? ;
If the coming * inter is at> hard us
prophets loietell, we will have a
solid north.? Fbilippi iiepublican.
A Correct List of the Membr rs oj
Both Houses, .showing Iheii
Politics and Post O/Jlcu Ad
Barbour? Ls?is Wilson, R-.Pl"'1
P Berkeley-B. F. Brady and Geo
F. Ferrill, D. ... r? R*
Boone ? James Meado?., D, R?
cino P. 0. Braxton? -Ben), t. Flei"
er, Lnd., Braxton Co,.
Brooke-Geo. W. McC ord, R
B CnbeU-Goo. W. Hackworth, D ,
^Doddridge ? Williams Maxwell,
R West Union. ^
Fayette ? I. J. Settle, D., Kana
*ha Falls* . n Plan
Gilmer? Levi Johnson, D., Glen
"'(Jraol-C. M. Babb, R., Green
: '"creenbrier-J . M. Sydenstrieker.
D., Lewnbur*. n
Eampihire? Alex. Monroe, V,
I Vr^-John W. Hobbs, B?
b "tllrdy? Wm. Fisher, D., Moore
8eHarrUon-B. H. tarty, D,
Clarksburg; M-o^es H. Davis, D.,
Lost Creek. R R.
Jackson? Jobn H. Ril?y, R-, K,P
ileyi,ffer?on- Frank Beckwitb, D..
ChaSown, John W. Grantham,
D'k?twbl-W. A. Quarrier, Jaa.
H. Ferguson, B. W. Wilson, D.,
C^Lewia? Andrew Edmiston, D.,
WLincoln-J. W. Holt, D , Hamlin.
Logan ? John B. Floyd, D., h
^Marion ? James Morrow, Jr., J*-,
Fairmont; C. E. Wells, l>.,Glo,?rs
Ga]Skrshall-W. D. Walt, Josiah
Sinclair, R . Benwood.
Jlason? Geo. Rowley, G. W. up
pelt, D., Pt. Pleasant.
Mercor? Isaiah Bee.D., Prmc
l? Mineral? Josi'pb V. Bell, D-,
: ' Mono ngali a ? Ha n ry L. Cox, Jas.
S. Watson, K, Morgantown.
Monroe? Bo, ij. F. Irons, 1) , Un
Morgan-J. T. Siler, R , Berke
%?,rra.nue.A.Ee?ner Frank
P. McNeil, C. W beabnght, 1> , W.
P. Hubbard, fi , \V heeling. (
Pondletou-J- p* KV,Frw,ff t
Pocul.onta? George U.
lnd. Clover Liek. dm,.
Preston ? U. N. Orr.PageR. Mo
r.mra R. ILingwood.
Pul'nam? Johu K.. Thomps n,G.,
W Raleigh- W m. Prince, D., K?
^Roaue? Marsh all D,pne, D,
RSu^me?r?-N. M. tawry, D,
^Taylor ? Reuben Darisron, D.,
WTyler, Salmon Well.' R,
U Up. bur, Darid Poo, G., Buckhan
00 Wayne, A. C. Fulkerson, D., Fort
GWctaol, Septimus Ha l, ?? New
^\Virt?*ljewis Sheppard, D? Zack
V lily.
First Delegate District, Wood and
Pleasants Counties, D. H Leonard,
D., J. P. Sharp.,D, Paikersburg;
D. Q. St#ero, R., St. Mary's, Pieas
auts county.
Second Delegate District, .Ritchie
and Calhoun Counties, J. P. Crum
rine, D., Pennsboro, Jbiilcbie coucty;
George Lyuch, D., Grantsvilio, Cal
houn county.
Third Delegate District, Barbour,
Harrison, and Taylor Counties, J.
L. Hall, D., Philippi.
Fourth Delegate District. Ran
dolph and Tuckur Counties, 0. J. P.
Cresap, D., Beverley.
Filth Delegate District, Nicholas,
Clay and Webster Counties, Charles
McDodriil, D., Webster C H.
Sixth Delcgaie Districi, McDow
ell and Wyoming Counties, Floyd
Lusk, R.
Democrats 43
Republicans lb
Independents 2
Greeubackers 2
First District, John R. Doneho >.
D*, Fairview, Hancock county.
Second District, Fountain Smith,
D., Fairmont, Marion counjy.
Ttnrd District, Franklin Maxwell,
D., West Un on, Doddridge county.
Fouith District, D A Rob< rts,
D., Burning Spriogs, Wirt county.
FiUh District, A. R. Barboe, G.,
Poiut Pleasant, Mason Cotiniy.
Sixth District, Harry Samples,
D., Queen Shoals, Clay c unty.
Seventh District, Joel Stoll ngs,
D., Boone C. H.
Eighth District, William L. Mc -
Neel, D., Academy, Pocahontas
Ninth District, T. J. Farnsworth
D., Buckiiannon, Upsuur county,
Tenth District, W. M. 0. Daw
sou, R , ICiugwood, Preston co'jnty.
Eleventh District, Jos. ph Va.i
u\.ji?r, D., Moortiold, Hardy county,
Tweltth District, Sainutl Davis
sun, Ind., Berkeley Springs, Mor>
gan county.
Fisrt District, J. J. Woods, D
[ Wheeling.
[ Second District, L S. Newman.
" D., Muund-ivilli', Mar- hak county.
Ti'ird District, David ^IcGreg i,
. D., Cairo, Ritchie county.
Fourth District, J, W. Stout, D.
Fifth District, R. S. Brown, D,
Ravenswood, Jackson count}'.
Sixth district, A. E Summers, D
Charleston, Kanawha county:
Seventh Districi, Jerome Shelton
D., (unexpirt-d t<?rm ot D. E. Johrw
son) Falls M'lN. Lincoln county.
Eighth District. R. F. Dennis, D.,
Lewisburg, Greenbrier county
Ninth District, William Ervi. ,
D , St. George, Tucker county.
Tenth District, W. C. MuGrew.
R., Kingwood, Preston county.
Eleventh District, Charles Wil
liams, D., Williamsport, Grant
Tenth District, E. B. Vaulknr
D, Martinsbur,., Berkeley coumy
Democrats I 20
Republicans , 2
Green backers 1
Independents 1
? Sunday Leader.
A Wonderful Curiosity. ? W.
witnessed, to day, one ol the great
cut curiosities that it has been our
privilege to look uponj for many a
day. It was a four legged chicken,
with two tails, aud as siroog and
healthy as any member ot itf tribe
can possibly be. It was hatched in
June last, and since then has been
as healthy as could be desired. The
gentleman who brought it, to this
city and offered it for aalo, has been
tor the past few years, furnishing
our citizens with poultry, and
through a kind invitation from him
we had the pleasure of exam ning
this wo idertul curiosity. The chick
en is fully developed, as fs also its
two extra legs. It eats corn from
ibe hand of any one, and as astonish
ing as it may appear, pvrform*
many tricks, which prove conclu
sively that the iowI is an suscepti
ble ol cultivation, in this respect a>
any member of the higher animal
class. It will bo placed on exlnbi
ton in this city. ?0on, and we adv fe
all our citizens to call and see it.
It would pay you to do so. ? Iluut
lugtou Commercial.
About Girls ? The poorest trirl^
in tho world are those who wer<"
never taught to work There are
thousands ot them. Rich parent*
nave been taught to de>pi?-e labor
and depend on others tor a living
und are-. perfectly h^-piot-s^.' it mi?
cortune comes upon tueir friends, as
it often does, their case is hopeless.
The most forlorn and miserable wo
?iumi upon earth belong to this class.
E.' rv daughter should be taught to
earn her own living. Tlie ri :h as
well as the poor need this training
The wheel of fortune rool- swiltly
around ? the rich are very likely to
oecorae poor and the poor rich.
Skill to labor is no advantage to the
rich, and indispensible to the pour
Well to do paronts must educate
their children to work. No reform
is mora imperative thanfhis.
On Friday lasi a young married
man named B. McUlung, who resid
ed on Keedy, in this county, com
mitted suicide by ?hooting himseli
through the heart. He had gone
oat squirrel hunting and placed his
gun against the hillside, the muzzir
directly over his heart, and taking
the ram od pushed the trigger when
the load went off with the above re
sult. He had proposed to his father
a few days previous, to take his
farm and he would leave, and atao
proposed to bis wife 'hat each
should take poison, it is said that
a tew days previous to this affair he
started squirrel hunting with a
neighbor who he tried to hire to
shod him. He bad only been mar
ried a week, having wedded a Miss
Dawkins, daughter ot Bush Daw?.
kins, of the right hand fork ot
Keedy. ? Ravenswood News.
"There i? no place like home,1'
exclaimed a married man with a
sigh of relief, an he threw his bat
i ?
down, pulled off his coat and boot*,
dipped his feet into his slippers,
and flung himself down on the sola.
As soon as lie was comfortably sat
tied, bis loving wife ordered hitn to
go out and get a pail ot water, bring
in a scuttle ot coal, lock u,? thehtn
Mouse, feed the [ igs, and sphlsomc
wood lor morning; Then he an
grily gathered himselt together,
spitefully kicked off bis slippers,
savagely drew on his boots, hastily
climbed into his ulster, jammed bin
iiai dowu over bis eyes, and, as hi
went out ot tho back door no mut
tercd/'Tl ere in no place like home.'
We noiico that ibo I3apti>t Cnurch
Association ot We?t Virginia,
through a Committee, has called a
State Temperance Convention, to
meet in the Baptist Church at Par
kersburg, Wednesday, .December
15ih, 1880, at 10 o'cloed a. m. '1 he
Committee issue an earnest appeal
to temperauce people to send dele
gation, and promise reduced traiih
nortalion, tree enU-i tauiiueiit and a
uselul beB-tion. Delegates and vis
itors will conler u lavur by noiify
i ng Waller A. Leeae, ot Parkwrs
Ourg, ot tneir coming a- early a.?
December 12tn. ? Weston Democrat.
Written Up In/ Our Regular Rai
road Correspondent.
"am Houston, the ?raft<>n yard
?ugineer, who was so badly hui"
oiiiu time ago by a fall, is gettiu^
i ong finely.
Will Kisner. one of our brako
mer. who has been laid up so long
with :i faacturcd foot, has gone to
vork again.
James Hannaway, a fireman, has
Oeen laid u p for two weeks with a
lam- arm.
James AieAvoy has beoi laid up
ihrue weeks by getting his back
?iurt, on the road.
Will Wells fell from a freight train
whil-j in motion, last week, and was
oi nsidt-rabiy bruised
Thayer, one oi our new brakemen,
*ent home nick 'ast week.
Engineer Ben Pugh has gone to
vork again, I suppose ho will re
member where one particular bridge
is in the luture.
Luiber Bradford, who lostjan arm
'ii a Panhai.die R. R. . ccident in
visiting in Parkersburg a id Grai
The 6th Ward boys of Parkors
burg want a steam fire engine and
over 5J0 voters say the}' ought to
liavo i ; and the}* are going to get
it sooner or later, but we hope
M early all the trains have been
delayed by tne big snow Beveral
days ago.
Mogul 221, while browsing around
east of Flemington a few days ago
stuck her nose under some empty
coal hoppers and turned them down
the bank into the creek and one of
them laid right side up out in the
water. Hoppers will get scattered
around the country at Flemington
until eventually the farmers will
nave tongues in them and use them
for farm wagons.
A great Ueal of steeling has been
going on for some time all along
our Division in the broad open
light of day. It is a good thing, and
at the j resent ra'e our whole line
will noon be steeled, with the new
sto 1 rail. The ling of the car
v heels over 'L makes tine mugic.
An axle broke under a car of
^rain at Sraiihton the other day,
demolishing iho car wheels and sow
ing the grain. One wheel went
iliruuiih a rail fence and out into a
? ?
meadow tome distance from tne
Two engineers of thesamu name,
Geo. B (Jurr and William (Jarr, lost
ihtt water in their engines on the
.same day lo*l Week anil bad to be
uauled luto iho shop* .
Joiiu Goly, ol the Grafton yards,
na* gone on a three weeks trip,
-urne one says hunting a rib. It ba?
?teen rumored tor some time that
John wan goir'g into the Dress
goods business.
Baggage Master Frederich has
been ruining Captaim Mike Fian
agan'a iraiu lor several trips.
Conductor Po? has been at Ceo
irat dinpatcliiug trains for several
It has been raining nearly all
truck ulor.g Lite line and the streams
are much swollen.
\Ve nave another new time book
this weik. T..e change is made to
connect treightand passenger trains
on eastern r^ads. Another paBsen
ger taam is on our Division, to ar
rive in Park<-r*burg at 2 p. m, and
leave Parkersburg at ti:2U a. m. for
Uie east.
It is said that Mr. William Adair.
Supervisor ol track between Park
?'isbuig and Petroieum.has been ot
tered a better situation ou a South
ern road. *
McCormic, of Grafton, has his
iiaudhome brick block about com
pleted, ai.d the occupants are mov
ing in. He has a new style ot win
dows and they look very pretty.
A ear of grain broke down at
Fiemington on Dec. 1st, and de*
tained train3 several hours.
A handsome new high wheeled
passenger engine passed through
Grafton last Tuesday for an Ohio
Divisipn of the & 0. G. H.
The miners at the Gaston Mines
came out ibe ot ler day and demand
e(i an advance in the price paid tor
digging coal. They wre informed
that their demand could not be ac
ceeded to, and alter remaining out
awhile, they concluded to go in
ai-air. We think they acted sensi
bly. Strikes ''hardly ever" amount
to anything and uever pay. The
Gaston Alines are workil.g a large
torce, and arc shipping a good deal
of cowl, we understand ? .Fairmont
"Emma K." a?ks the Springfield
Tribune this question: ,li)u you
lUuik it right lor a g rl to sit on a
youi g man's lap, eveu it slie is en
gugad to him?'' VV hereupon the ed
itor gets off a very ext aordin ry lie;
?'Wo have had no experience in the
?natter referred to." Why didn't he
say: "It* it was out girl and our lap
yes; it it was another girl and our
mp, yes; but ii our girl and another
leilow'a lap, uevtr.1' ? West Union
The old gentleman with two mar
riugeable daughters teels napj,y thai
winter ib here. The hiuges on his
trout gate will p Otably last until
the spring time comes, gentle An
ute. ? WoDt Virginian.
The Vision that, was Spread Be
fore a Clairvoyant's Quze%
"Yes, it was a mysterious affair,
indeed said a resident of then cit\
yesterday, referring to Uie Plea*
antville oil excitement and the
celebrated oil well that was said to
have been located by tbe spirits.
?'Nobody ever dreamed that tbero
was oil in Pleasantsville up to '68
or, at least, if be did LhinK ho, th<
opinion was that it was only in
-mall quantities and it would never
pay to develop the territory. Up
to that date Plemmntville was^notb
ing but a quiet country village, only
stirred whenever teamsters, o?
speculators, or oil men on tbeir
way to Hithole stopped over there
10 water and rest thoir teams, O'
dine at the hotel. There lived
around here at that time a man
named Abraham James. He bad
dabbled in oil somewhat, but never
10 any great extent, owing to his
property. He entertained a tbu
rough belief in npir itualism at d used
to devote most of bis time in com
muning, 1 thintt they call it, with
disembodied spirits. James was
possess -d of strong clairvoyant
powers, was a ready Hpeaker and a
shining light an?ong bis followers.
He was eccentric in his way and up
to the winter of '08 had never bene
fitted the world particularly.
"But bo made a ten strike, and
no mistake, eitner through the
assistance of tbe supernatural, or,by
a remarkable coincidence* 1 have
heard him relate the story of how be
was induced to bore the first oil
produoing well in Pleasantville.
He bad been attending seances in
the country for several ('ays, and,
as he expressed it, the conditions
tvore more than usually favorable,
and the mOft gratitying manifest
tati -ns were drawn from tbe usually
reticent spirits. One day ha was
riding along the road when he ex
perienced a u rong sensation, sim
ilar to that which attacked him just
prior to going into a tranca. At
fir?t be tried to resist the influence,
but it was more powerlul than his
will, and be was obliged to yeld.
The spirit, or invisible power, then
grappled James, and compelled him
to get oat of his buggy. Then he
was hurried along over fields and
ditches, and when bo came to a
tence the spirit raised him in the
air and lw over with him. At
length ne was halted at a certatn
spot near the village of Pleasant
ville, and alb wed a low minutes, to
take a breath. Then, according to
his story, tor lam relating it exactly
us h* told me, the ground opened,
disclosed a largo fiigure, and, still
impelled by his spirit friend, Mr.
James and his unseen pilot entered
me cavern, which closed above their
heads. Frotr there ho was hurried
on tor considerable distance, still
descending into .ho bowels of the
earth. Finally, James was brought
to a halt, and told to look about
him. He did so, and tbe sight as
tonished him somewhat. Stretched
out belore him and extending as lar
as the eye could reach was an ocean
of petroleum.
"Alter a lowing James to gaze
upon this unusual spectacle lor a
while, tne mysterious visitant sad
denly w lucked him to the surface ol
the eurth again, and be became in*
sensible The rest bus become a
n. alter ot oil region history. The
hint was amply sufficient* Mr.
JuiiH'S, however, was too poor to
develop anything, except spiritual
manifestations, and bo told h>s story
to some capitalists, in a modified
form, and they agreed to help him
put dowu a well. Drilling wat be
^un the Namu month and at a depth
ot 830 leet struck lourth saud rock
and a 150-barrel gusher, the first
paying well in the Pleasantville
dictr ct, was the result Other
s])iritualiste, who had all along bad
laith in .Mr. James's propheciecs,
and who were t ot in the least as
lonished at this remarkable strike*
gathered in and in a short time five
other wells were put down iu that
locality, overy one of which panned
out he^vy. Among these was Isa
iah ij. IDunifl, a noted spiritualist,
who had previously made a fortune
in petroleum on Oil Crtek in the
first flush times. Pleasantville then
.sprung trom obscurity into tame as
tne leading oil territory in the world,
James accumulated wealtn and left
the country, What buB become of
him 1 know not. Ho Wandered off
East somewhere, and, if it was re
ported, got rid ot hisacquired wealth
and sank into obscurity* Whether
or not the spirits, if ..here are any,
over had any thing to do with the
matter, and actually pointed him
out a spot wbere oil could be ob
tained is an open question. My own
opinion is ttiat J..mes was a geol
ogisl, and had observed such in
ductions about the soil in that lo
cality us assured him there was oil
there. His story ol the spiritual
istic vision might have been con
cocted and spread among his fol
lowers D give him prost'ge among
them." ? Titusville Cor. .N. Y, Sun.
The angel ol midnight ? the wo-i
man wlio opens the street d^r for
nnr husband wnen he i" trying to
unlock the belN^uofc, und ttien lets
tiirn sleep vUe hall floor. ? Boston
Extracts From Our Exchanges ?
Down Sonth they call the na.
tional Thanksgiving "the Yankee
i'lirifltmas," and so br*w their e^g
nog >n the orthodox festival day in
December. ? PreBlon Co. Journal.
There is a groat diversity of opin"
ion regarding the Amendments
Some think they are adopted and
?tliers contend they are not. ?
Clarksburg Telegram.
We heard a teacher of long ex
perience declaring the other day
| hat the children were the masters,
and that he taught to please them
i nd not the parents. Tbero is s me
?ound philosophy in the remark,
though the plan may not pun out as
well lor theluture. ? JRitehie Demo
The Weston road is doing a busi*
ness of SIOq a day. ? Clara sburg
Why cannot Harmvillo have a
"roller skating club," this winter?
We think it would be an exceilcnt
plan for the youngsters to organize
*uch a club, to meet once or twice a
week, provided a suitable room can
be procured. ? Bitch ie Gazette.
What a relief it is to turn from
^ho polit cal editorials in our ex
changes to the calm, dignified state
nen.s to be found in local notices
>{ pater. t medicine advertisements.
?Grafton Sentinel.
Where did you get that, Mr. Sen.
Three woddings since oar 'ast
ssue. ? Interior.
U is said that in the month of
>twber 250 car loads of earthen
vare were shipped on the C. & P.
ailro; d from East Liverpool to dif<?
erent parts of the United States.
The receipts n freight alone were
i little over $10,000.? Hancock Co.
Taffy parties are all the rage at
iresent. We mean Ufify made from
ugar, water, &c., and not that artic
le supplied bv the mystic band of
oquetry, ar.d distributed by silly;
ruficial females, that thrills the
ieart of the innocent, but chokes
he experienced, We do not free
he male portion of the human race
rom this evil, by any means. Both
exes engage in "giving taffy'' too
xtensively. ? Morgantown Post.
Yes Bro., you are right. But ifc
sems you have bad a deal of ex
erienoe in that line youraeli: You
peak of it in euoh a knowing man
An Ohio widow owe! her hired
lan $320 dollars. Sbe married him
? square the account, and for ?5G
scured a divorce and turned him
ut. Yoteome people say women
ave no heads fvr business. ? Moor
eld Examiner.
The gamin seem to have no re
ard for other people's lives. Trey ?
jako long slidos on the pavements
nd slide on them until they are as
mooth as glass,, and then they
;ave them. A slight wind blows
int enough imow on to cover them
rom sight. Along comes Bome un
uspecting person, and tbey ?ud
enly sit down. ? Wheeling Regis
The courts all having been
nooked into a cocked hat and
mithers, a number of unemployed
twyers in this part of the country
rould like to get a job of hoflking
orn for some farmer who feeds well
nd don't work hits hands hard. ?
Vayne Advocate.
The distillery at Webster, owned
y Isabella Lake, has suspended op
ra' ion* for repairs. The proprie^
ors find that the distillery at its
iresent capacity dees not pay, and
rhen operations are resumed it will
ie on lesa oapacity. The present
apacity is 10J gallons per day.?
Jralion Eagle.
Jt is said there has not been ii>
nuc'i money in the country since
lie war as now. This may be true, -
iut our experience is that it was
lever as hard to get at. There
eoms to be very little in tnis neigh
borhood, ? Fairmont Index.
A down east typo made a strange
nistake. He said the recent rains
n that section of the country were
tot sufficient to meet the wants of
h? milk men. He should have said
'mill'' men. A never failing spring
rill suffice for the average milk:
nan.? New State Gaxette.
The average boy thinks it is in*
tuman to compel him to work an
lour or two, this weather. He will
,lmost perish. But give htm a pair
i. skates, and he can lace the wind
or half a day and weather exceed
ng pleasant. Stiange isn't it. ?
Pyler Independent.
An overland mail route from
\ hooting to Parkerbburg would be
i nice thing to have, it the river re
nait-s in its prosent state.? Tyler
Jonnty Star.
You can buy a Florida rattlesnake
or 85 in New York, but if yon will
>uy a few quarts of Jersey whiskey
hey will throw in a whole bootfulof
The ice dealers are happy. The
>old snap has made ice from four to
ive inches thick, and ice houses are
>eing rapidly tilled. ? Mart rsburg
Our club skates have come up
nissing, or in other words have
ailed to come up, and ?e at e not
lappy. ? Buckhannon Delta.
We have discovered within the
a8i two weeks that the people wha
[now more about running a news
)aper than anybody else, are not all
i?ad yet.? Weston .Republican.
Some philosophical puragrapher
been struck with wonder rt the
jersiotence of mothers in terching
.heir children to talk, and the equal
persistence with which thay en
leavor, a lew'y^ars later, to keep
them trom exercising their talents
\i\ that line ? Kanawha Gazette.

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