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VOL. 18
NO. 188.
,»[ ib« !*»>1,1 l>,thv
V >ac«tio.
.Mvndiarv lire at tanrinhuiy, N.
. ,',-iirr !.«v rtiiml a !-»• of $40,000.
' ; if «"»i«I tolMrfbraionvof
'' -.utferer* by the fall in West- ,
r, '.>11 Teh*raph •"A*
!h.»u«* ol K l». Arnul-1 A Co , rof
, N*w York. failed yeater
ijabilitws n«»t known.
V • :irtor"f a million huahels oi c >t*l
. l"-t on the Ute rise. .Many
" a J#^pt ti> piece#, sunk ami ground**/. ,
v< rf »y«:one passed over Juplin.
.:. I i;« H*** last week,
*ni ''atnajpi-. S«v*ral lives
^ v . xtemled and exciting debate
ii fie House yesterday over '
;a:« irso'ntiou relative to the I
»!•-• (Utur.l vote. It wss
|.v Messrs. K»Mf»T, Heck well, ,
vf'rl,:*P-"» ^ *n ^ oorhees, Con- '
, i - :liers After h diacusaion of I
Sir. l'»eck well withdrew his j
t House adjourned.
.. rv.'-'i men of Californiaaie i>i:a- I
,„!».! WciteJ. An rtiormoua amount 1
,,. ri»tte.i on the result of the
. wiraitlelion in thatState. It is
"Vi-r $100,000 ol stakes was
I -t in tin* Bunk of Cali
, l'hf »• > nl on which the waiters
t. ii .4i« wa- whether liar field or Han
t tun tin- Mai*. Now, ail
. j .-rati' eleetors except one w ere
1 «• j lestiun 'm whether Han
K i.t'r;e l th*» St »te in the sense '
v- «• t«-nua of the betting. for* 1
. m.Mits have been legim, ami ,
, r the bets will all be declartd off ,
e r; VM lias l>een very ill for some
. jii 1 her iife ts dtspaired of.
i •:•»• r *M hil! will be introduced I
• M"U>* Common# earlv in this J
w M.^1.
!V- !»patrh sfates that the I'sua
• i. »u! *crii>tion haa been alrea<iy
«v :l. in ere-1.
. In- iv»«- ! .» o> itrart with a
ii .ii rthe construction «>t a
!a'*le it >:i-ciad.
. , wr| I sf»eeial nays the steamer
a t iii'^im-Ihi* whm >|>okt*li off
i. >irt ->n lire ,n lu»l«l.
. I— i-Ie-l to enter int» ne*
. ■ » Turkey. Tl»e tir»t steps
. • :.tk«-n in January.
.1 ,! n < gram announces the I
i .-I fiie government to arrest 1
e vi I he Mttempt to leave Ire- I
I fake his seat in Parliament
• »• |>r .''ess oi his trial.
•> r l> . :."t, in** riivu* ui \ ii11■ iu ■
r I :i v i "ateS, hirt government i
. i |im>ii to rntonv it* demands !
•: IVm n I Bolivia, an 1 that the
■ >v j-k 1 lor haa been in dispute
-tti con.piesf, and is inhabit
- r.'.y by Chilians.
- - it is calculated in some
; \ fdlaild 1 ly prepared
-■ -1 . . t Ura-t 3,V),»,U00<»erui*u«
i. • rm an«t ol tlinf <)• 10,1)00
„• .•.» he I'm ted .states. Between i
« nl !•* .•». I«»!h yvan inrlotiive, the j
n< . i • r of emigrants was only ,
m••• ii IVjl.and ISU) the nunc ,
mrlml 177,160; between 1H41 and
U-tweeu 1V>1 and INIO. |
. ui I between l*«.I and 1*70.
Kr ''ii l*Cu to J ST-.'. Iih;Iii*»!*2* •' i
emigrants left (ier .
! t in ihe !»»*ven years which f »1- .
* i. :• I >7:: to H7!». the whole
»ri.i \ amounted t»Il'iO.OOrt.
Th • i'ue t i »ud
• >. KkW. I»<vemher 7. — The olfiee
it . iiv^ > Koili:' f Mills was
•v i. }»l i>\ tire tlia morning.
I" V. - • tinai.;i «.pecial aava:
V. •'t II • I.ii'„* the lire originating
I.-r» ii.jiicr house and
n.I :!if: • i' • lot's saddlery esUbh.-h
-' <1- -t \.-1 !• >tli tmiidings and their
I lo-»-« sr*-: ! Ier A Co., i
: :<■ ,t- . :!tntres, fl'J.YHOo; Colius j
•• l,.«f: »»s s:o«k. >~R>.OW>; >Iax
. I',r«.*., piano*. organs an.I i
?;• »»<. Hauip*. tailor, $£,.100;
M -Ma i»n. ilniir*. Uodgrrs
j.'. H'; John Creighton and
K nnar I, ?r<,n00 each; Wm. I'ax
v,'*". >lcl iiaiii" Bros., $4 OUO.
Bound .'or Texas.
m , tspiv, 1>-v*miiIkt 7.—A AVw*
:r mi >.»u Antonio says: A cou
- .• ready liet ii closed for build
Hi: ;•> it the M., K. T. road,
: at a rk would l*«:in at Fort
* aniediatelv and be hulit both
* w, Ti,,. o ntiartor said it was the
**• ■; t!ie management of the M.,
C t i !>rm4 the road to San Antonio,
* i i r« i -ru there was a movement on
Ni * Y. rk lor an arrangement by
* 11 • M K A T. will use the track
\»n A:.t .riio and Trias to the Kio
to U..«e (be Indictmeut Qu«ah*d
w Vi.kK, ItftfinlH-r 7.—Wm. K.
*»•. tue <ieneral Seaaion Court
4 ■: >re Citv Jndife Cowan, made
*'• n t» have the indictment. ti!e*l
- A Bim, Joseph Hart,
* I'.-t, t.iirors an«t j>ut> islie a ol
i Kt unard i'hilp, *jua.sh«d on
-r ui» I o in is). >i dive. Ilia Honor
**rv. J t.ut (Wiaion.
Poor P*rn*ll
i*. lv cvmli«>r 7.—Tarm-ll receive*!
"»ut*-r»iiii» Ifttera durin< hia atay
-I. «» i». arriised him ol dt
,* t(i»' i iuntrjr to the lienetit of
U* Mwt
'!•• ••:■ r > !<; • Champion has been j
* " "i I <r tria1 >n the charge of |
" f: a Outue ealliig on a tenant t > i
• *h Ins larin.
0 a. M Maaa Up
ls-tvinber 7. A j»a.<s*'n>r« r j
li.e Uhio and Misaiaaippi rail
" » »ia ;ti h eleven miles «:Ht
v a, I i.nois, yi-aterday.and Henry i
"• "H iulhi- nhe, Ohio, was killed,
< i . i^tr, bttiif and res»i
* :■•iii'.an. >»aa serumaly injnred.
'41 KiUtrd ly ,'.u feagica Bmo*
Throw n Uoui tb« Track
: v i « .i; n\, |>eeeuiber 7.—
% > and U'm Niuith. a
•" ••jiera'.ir, wrre k l ed laateweu
< n^m«- of the l.eluah Vallry
v a n .>:! the track.
4 Si? »*rke|.
} t-V» Market.
It J*:?
''Hrket ^ •• 1**®
*tjjjjy* Ottrra»to al IMO
»t 1S*0
^arke!'® °,erfwU mt l**°
Democratic Senatorial Ciucus—Refunding
Bill — Appointments — West Vir
ginia Republican Association
— Persona'itie*.
SprHrf! h (•» the Router.
Wamiimjtojc, IH ceti. tier 7.
The Lis fission of the Forty-sixth
Ci n«n f 9 1 as '«irlv tot t»*n under h« ad
way. It promises to b • a l>»isia< s-> s s
limi exclusively. The most uii'^ortant
matter t<» h# attended I > is lU count ol
the electoral rote and the passu,*e cf the
rexul.tr appropriations. Am there is no
dispute over the election ol President
and Vice President the otticial count oi
the rote will he accotnp!ished without
any delay. It is not unlikely that an
apportionment bill under th»- new cen
sus will Ih» passed at this session. It
will l>e done if Superintendent Walker
submits his report in time. The Senate
bill providinx tor a tariff commission
will also probtbly l>e passed, aud possi
bly the inter-Stat** commerce bill may
be brouxht up for action All the time
not taken by the measures named atiovc
will probably be consumed in consider
ing Mm subject of refunding anil tiwt
inx a law for that purpose. Uver 2.000
bills pending at various stag** will die
with this Congress.
Col. Hill Thompson, of Parkersburg.
was here yesterday. I went up to the
House with him and we were on the
floor a while beiore Congress convened.
Ben. Wilson gently che'Jed him tiuislv.
Pointing to his seat that h • was then
sitting in. Wilson said: •'Oh, I say,
Thompson, you ought to try my neat.
Several W est Virginians have been
moving around in it this morning Had
not you better sit in here and see tiow
it stoes." Thompson sat down and said,
"It tits pretty well."
I n'>tu*ei irom me reporters guuerv,
ysaterday, spt ml West Virginians on I
the tl>»r of the Senat\ There was Gov.
Mathews, button-holing Amir Fdmon
•ton, of Weston, a meml>er ele«'t of ti •
next legislature, an I the two were beii *
pleasantly ent*rta:ned by St-natcr
Henry Davis. J. N. Camden wasloung
ing over on the corner sofa, with l»av»«!
McGregor by his side, and the two
seemed to 1>»* ynvin.'A jolly conversation.
Hereford was mixing around among
several others from his State, but appa
rently didn't hare much to do with his :
coming contestants.
Walter I.. Ashley and Kd. Wagoner, !
t>i West Virginia, are registered at the 1
National, and will sr»*ttd a few days
J. W. Dennis, of Greenbrier county,
is also at the t 'apital.
A West Virginian who holds an otiice
under the Government here. :ind <*te
who Atands on the inside of ati iirs and
is well |>oeted, told me this afternoou
that John Hostler, Sherill of Ka:::iwliii
county, and the!a:«* Grant delegate to the
Chit ag«> < ; liven lion, would be appoint
e<l I uited States Marshall of West Vir
ginia. instead 01 the present incaniltetit,
lieoig- W. I'afton. The late manipu
lator tJ the K-idiral West Virginia ma
chine, Washington Atkinson, i*
ahm alter the ?«ine olfii». As I teh - I
graphed you old Judge Davis, of <»re»>n- j
brier, is here, working tiitfht and day to
get the appointment for his son.
Kd. Brues, of Wheelirg, has been
here tor several days and left for the '
West last night
John Ilerver. of Klin Grove, holds a
thousand dollar ol!i *e in the Census l'iv !
Several W» st Vir^iniacs who hold
otlices iu the Hon.su Pustoflice Depart
ment will soon !><• compelled to give up
pap sucking and yo Ijnck to the r moun
tain farm*. The Ksls will h»*« con»id- |
erable more patronage by getting the
House after next March. J. F. H.
West Vininls Hepnbtica'*■
>l*ti«l tn»|-at« li tothe Ke<1>U"f.
Wasiunotov, Dceemlwr 7.
A meeting of the West Virginia He
publican as»'«cialion of this place was
held last night. The club is compostd
of thirty-five members, consisting of
ortice-holders and West Virginian's rt
siding here. About twenty-live were
present a? the meeting, which was held
for the purpose of takii'g action in re
gard to t'ie coming inaugural ceremo
nies. Alter rcceivirg a communication
from the geneial committee, asking that
two members be appointed to represent
the Wt«t Virginia assoeiation, the fol
lowing gent'emen were. selected to act as
such, viz: Major Cole, oi Parkersbiiig.
the Prisident of the association, an I
Capt. K I. Moore.
lla>es sent to the Senate veeterlay
I ie name of J. S. Witcher, of West V:t
ginie, late") pension agent lure, to be
paymaster in the army with lit-* rank of
major. His nomination will no doubt
l»e confirmed. The nomination of Win,
Lawrence,ol Ohio, for tir.itcomptroller of
the Treasury department, is considered
a good one; al«o (»< tt. Win. B. Har-n as
chief signal otfi-vr of the army. This
latter appointment promotes tieu. Me
Cook, ot lien. Sherman's stafl. to the
colonelcy of the Sixth Infautry.
Th« Hcl'uuding Bill.
Chairman of the House Hanking and
Currency committee, Corgressman
Buv-kner, is of the opinion that Mr.
Wocd will have some duticutty in pass- j
intc a bill to refund the maturing lAuids
at a rate of three perctut interest. "1
am iu favor of wiping out the debt en
tirely. ami in the quicket possible man- ,
ner,''said Mr. Buckner. "I want the
•urplus reveuues of the Government
applied to the payment of the debt, i
Sherman haa lieen able to buy eighty
millions of bond» during the past year. |
»u»i at that rate our debt *<>on could b„*
paid oC I don't object to refunding.
The maturing bou Is may be put into
new bonds bearing any rate of interest
they like, three, lour, live or six per
cent. I simply want the Secretary of the
Treasury to apply every dollar of sur
plus revenue to the pavmeut of these
bonds. I know that a majority of the
Western people are of the same ouin
ion 19 myself and hope we can carry
the Hons* with us."
DMtoeratte Se^torjij Caucus
A caucus of Democraric ienat^rs was
held immediately after theadjournmeut
of the Senate, yesterday, to determine
what action should be taken in regard
to committees for the remainder of tlie
present Congress. It was decided to
continue the committees as they now
stand, dropping some of the select com*
mittees that ha<l made reports. Among
them, Mr. Wallace's comraiMe to inquire
into allege*! election frauds. Mr. 11. G.
Davis' committee on Treasury accounts,
an<l the committee in relation to the
Ponca Imliaus. The name of Senator
Pugh was substituted for that oi the
late Senator I'rver, of Alabama, w her
ever it occurred on the list.
"be Appropriation Bill*.
Congressman Cannon, of Illinois, said
yesterday that he thought three or four
of th< minor Appropriation hills would
be rea«iy t» report to the House this
week, and would foe acted upon before
the ho:iday reccs. Mr. Cannon is en*
g«gcd in prewiring trie Military Acad
emy i>iil, m.d Mr. Ba!;er is at work U|>on
the FortilL'jtions hill. ''There will he
no trouble, 1 think," said Mr. Cannon,
* iu getting thioiigh wiih all neediul
work by tlie 4th of March. I am in
favor of doing up the work as soon a"?
}x><-ib!c, and 1 believe my party friends
are of my opinion. I*et us get away
from heie, and devote nine months of
18M to bread and hatter getting."
Moaiiaati.ns—Cabinet Meeting-Hetlre
uioct of General Ord.
Washington, December 7.—A lar,.e
number of nominations were sent totiie
Senate to day, but did not reach the
Cipitol until after adjournment. The
only new appointments, however, were
th<*»e of Gen. \V. B. Ilazen to he Chief
Signal OlUcer, with the rank of Brigadier
General, and W. A. Miles to Brigidier
General, vice Ord retired. The re
mainder of the list was the appointments
during recess.
Army orders to-day announce the re
tirement of Brigadier Gen ral Ord.
Nothing of general interest t >ok place
to-day in thf» Cabinet meeting. It is
thought in arinv circles that Geueral
Scliofield will l*» relieved in tlie course
of a lew days. His successor will)>rofo:i
hlv foe Brigadier General <>. O. Howard,
now commanding the Department ot
Columbia. It is said tlist Gen. Scho
field will go to San Francisco.
Aziiculturxl Products ot United Stares.
WiMii.MiTOX, Decern!>er 7.—The fol
I >wing contained in the report of the
Commissioner of Agriculture sent to
Cundress t ►•day, sh««w the value of the
uiosi important of our agricultural pro
duct' during the last two years, and the
vaki- ot the exportation* thereof for the
same period: Products for H79, bread
s'.ufls, aairitlfc ani*.al matter, etc,
$1 !MO,9>t,:.!»7; for IsS'J, $2UU9.000.00U,
(estimated;; value of agricultural ex
porta for the fiscal vnr ending June
|S7!». $140,041.(or lf-80, $I«0,4U0,.
4.S; bread stuffs, it •. for Is7^, $2i0,!tt*I,>
11><<; for iKsO, i288.0>U,201; cotton, Ac.,
for 1870, $I7:J.1V<,'JU0; for 188). $221,
."»17.::_':t; woo l, iV *. fi.r 1879, j>20,122,007;
for 1 *»S0, $22,000.001); miscellaneous for
1*79 s*::,st:?.i»2»i; f.-r isso. $iu,ooo,oo»\
Total for 1m7'», $00i,150,4!*2; total for
I'vSO, $740,y07,0o2. Total experts of the
same jears: 1879, $717,003,777; l^SO,
UUC" I X aAn uuu VI AJC na i iohuci
Washixotox, December 7.—The bill
of Senator .M«• I>• n»ld to authorize local
tax ition of legal tender Treasury notes
of tlie Fnited >tates is a* follows:
/»'. it ]\nart"l, ft.', That from ami after
the passage of this act any State or Ter
ritory of the (niied Stales |»r«v».|o
for"* ''u' valuation ot personal
property of owner or holder of any legal
tender notes of the I'nileil States de
nominated lawful money, owned or held
l.v anv person or corporation in assess
ing taxes imposed by the authority of
such Sttte or Territory and may impose
t ix thereon, but the tax imposed on
any such lepat tender Treasury notes
shall not he at a greater rate than is as
gAwiI nr imposed upon go!.J or silver
coin of the 1 nited' States in the hands
of individual eit'zens or residents of
mh li state or Territory.
Cutting it Down.
Wasih.noton. Dec.7.—Tlie Ways and
Means Commit1 ee of the House to
d tv unanimously resolved that the
chairman be authorized t> amend the
refunding bill now before Congress 1 »y
instM ting three per cent wherever the
words "three and a half" occurs. The
c.< nmittee belieV'*a the time has arrived
when three per cent b inJstan be floated
at par.
Sitting Hull \V It Surrender.
\V \siu\ort.\,Uecffiiher7. -Adjutant
General Drum, to-day received a dis
patch from* ienei al'lurry, oi St. l'aul,
MnuoHota, slating that he fu*d received
information from the camp on Poplar
Creek and from Ft. Hufork, which in
dicattd that Sitting Bull would probably
come in and surrender at Utiford.
Supreme Court.
Washinotox, D cen.her 7.—Since the
opening of the present term, the Sii
|:rente Court of the Cnited States has
in a le uit'tsually rapid progress through
out t ie docket, and heard an argument
to day in caw* No. 12;?. At ad;;te cor
responding date last year only !»J cases
hud been reached in the regular call, so
that the court is this term 27 case-i
abend cf its last years' record. Should
the present rate of progress he main
tained lor the next two weeks, a-* it
seems likely to be, the cas»»s will
hi* called before the Christmas
hi lidays, which wou'd irai or
dinaryy be reached earlier than the
last of January or tint of February, and
it is important that the counsel in the
cases a> hikih on the calender as No. lGj
should have their briefs in readiness for
submission before the "4th of the pres
ent month. Since they are very likely
to be called for, there is no probability
that any of the Justhes oi the court will
retire from the bench at present. It is
understood that Justices Strong and
Sway lie .ire both dcM'rous t-l giving i»p
their positions a* Fioa a* they cau do
so, without leavirg the court in a ctip
pled condition, bit* the announcement
oi any particular date for their retire
ment ia premature. It is more than
pr bable tliey w,!I retain their seats on
the bench until the en«l of the present
Wssiuxr.TOX, D. December 7.—
Mr J.mas presented the credentials cf
Thos. C Manning who was appointed
by the Governor of Louisiana to till the
place of Spafiord, deceased, until the
next meeting of the Legislature.
Tiie tiled bill tixing the dutv on b«r
h*y malt at 25 cents per bushel was re
committed to the committee on finance.
Mr. McDonald introduced a bill to
authorize local taxation of legal tender
treasury notes; referred.
Teller and Hill introduced several
bills amending the bill to ratify the I'te
agreement; referred.
Mr. Ingalls introduced a bill authoriz
ing the issue and providing for the ex
change mi I redemption of fractional
notes. H-torred.
Mr. Wallace offered a resolution that
the standing committees of the Senate.
#s constituted at the last session, b? rf
vlacd aj;d continued for this session,
and that Pugh, cf Alabtma, lie assigmd
to the place made vacant bv the retire
ment of I'ryor; Blair to take the place
of In^lls on the Committee on Pen
sions; Sharon on the Committee on
Education and Labor, and Ilansom and
Lamar to exchange places on the com
mittee on railroads, thus making the
latter chairman. Agreed tp.
We alto offered a resolution tbat th#
! following select committees Ik* appoint
' ed for the present session, with |»owers
heretofore gi\en to each on the subject
! to which tliev respectively relate: To
examine the several branches of the civil
Mtrvii e, \\>t, chairman; to consider the
law as to the election of Presi
dent anil the Vice-President, etc,
! Morgan, chairman; Committee oa Kj»i
| demic Diseases, Harris,chairman; Com
! mitteeon Alleged Frauds in the Late
Elections, Wallace, chairman; tj in
ijnircintothe Ni-aranifUanclaims.Hamp
ton, chairman; Fr ■eituian^' Bank, Iiruce,
chairman; on bid providing; that the
heads of the depart-uents may occupy
seats on the floor of the Senate and
House, Pendleton, chairman; • Joint
| Committee on Library, Voorhees, chair
mnn; Joint Committee on Yorktown
► Celebration, Johnston, chairman.
The resolution was agreed to.
; The following select committees are
i therefore discontinue*!: To investigate
; the treasury accounts, Davis, of West
Virginia, chairman; on removal of the
| Northern Cheyeuues, Kirkwood, chair
; man; on negroexodus, Voorhees, chair
| man.
Mr. Jtiair, of New Hampshire, did not
i hear the Wallace cemurtlee named
i when the resolution was road, and in
' quired if it wasjnti-nded to discontinue
j that committee.
' Mr. Wallace Raid that was not the in
I tention, but thst the committee was re
j yived until its report is finished.
Mr. 1 u^alls, of Kansas, offered a reso
lution requesting the President to com
municate such information as maybe
in his possession relative to tho attempt
ed settlements within the limits of In
dian territory and what fcteps have been
taken to prevent the same. Agreed to.
Mr. Johnston, of Virgin'a, olb*red a
j resolution instructing the Commissioner
of Agriculture to luruish any inforina
I ti<>n in his possession reUung to the
j contagious pleuro-pneumonia of cattle
! and other contagious diseases of domes
: ticated animals. Agreed to.
J Mr. Paddock gave notice that on
j Thursday next he will ask the Saute
I t<> consider a bill t» provide for the sale
of the remainder of the reserva'ion of
the <>;oe ami Missouri Indians, in No
I hratka and Kansa*.
On motion of .Mr. Wallace, the star.il
, ing committees of list session were con
tinued, Mr. Pugh taking Mr. Prvor's
placo arnl one or two other slight
Various communications from the de
partments were submitted.
The Sena to went into executive ses
sion artd when the doors were reopened
The Senate in executive session mere
ly referred to theemmittee nominations
already made. Ttie House Committee
on Commerce has begun work on the
river and harbor bills. It is thought
that the pensions, military academy,
fortifications, and consular an I diplo
matic appropriation bills will be ready
to be reports! to the House Thursday
Mr Belfr.r 1 o fie red a rpsiiliilion direct
ing 11 it? Secretary < I lnt« rior lu i iifi>rni
the House tin h*r \\ liat law rr warrant
of autht ritv, Mr iHjiig'ass, sub-chief of
the lie tribe <>f Indi; »•», i* confined in
the military prison at I'l. L» awn worth,
and w lint stops, i: any, have been
by the I"iiite«l^-trtten miliiorflit-s to brin^r
In it) t« > I rial for alleged complicity i t; t lie
' murder of Indian Agent Meelnr.
\ top*
< iiiunittees wer<* railed for rep« its.
'I I,- debute en point of or ler us to
whether the Senate concurrent resolu
tion, relative to the electoral vote, pro
sen ted h question of privilege that was
continued at some length, and tinaily
the Speaker decided that the >••? ilution
presented a question of privihge. Tilt)
debate was then resumed.
The Republican* ai<; filibustering
r<rains» the refolution demanding on
I united time f*»r debate, whi.h the l>em
oerats are unwilling to grant.
Mr. Springer called attention that the
Republican Congress had enacted the
joint rule for counting the electoral vote.
Mr. Kobeson replied that under the
presence of the war and the r> construc
tion that followed it. the I»->publicans
had made good of false legislation; that
they had Iwen weak and precipitate in
uiany of their actions and were sutlering
I trom it to-day.
The Speaker—The i hair desir >s to say
that the Te.•*: t'» Article of the Consti
tution provides :<>- tl.t* coxn:ing of tiie
Kiectu'al vote, and Section II- of the
Kevised Stjtutes provides that the Klec
tdrui vote shall be ascertained and de
clared .greeble and Constitiona. This
law ah o livi s thetiuie for counting the
vote ; and fixes this session as the one
at which till1 count shall made of t i»>»
last election. I niforni practice, cer
tainly recent practice, goes to the ex
tent of showing an I places a fair con
struction on what has been the action
of Congress, that two Houses do connt
and have counted the electoral vote.
The two Ileuses of Congress 111 the first
session oi the Thirty-eighth Congress
agreed to the i?2«J joini rule for counting
the vote. The Senate in the first ses
sion of the Forty fourth Congrtss re
enacted uli the j-jint rule#
<;| the Forty-third Congress,
exe pt the -2nd, and the Home taking
, no action thereon, the Senate declared
there wer • no j lint rules in force. The
• S -nat" de» iled in the Forty-fourth
I Cengress by a vote of ."•# to 7 that the
President of the Senate had no power
I to conr.t the vote. If the chair were to
refuse on technicalities to allow the
adjustment between tiie two houses as
to the government of tiie houses whon
i t j tint s- ssion such proceeding mupt
1 a 1 to cliao* an 1 confusion and p« rhsps
c mnnotijn, but as far a« the question of
privilege strictly is concerned the chair
is oi the opini n that i* makts
n . difference whom tie Votes
arc couatcd by, it done by the two
houses Ii is the highest dut.' they
have to the constitution relasing t > the
election of President and Vice Presi
dent, and the very exis ence ot our
form of government may depend tij on
it. Ii couute 1 by any perMn. it must
lie done in the presence of lie* two
house, so that all rules regulating the
joint meeting arc the highest privilege
affecting as they do the cx»rci#e of the
most important functions oi the two
houses. I ti answea to the point made
hv the gentlemen frun Michigan and
I >w a (Conger and I'ndegratF > as tothe
rules of the House, the Ci.a r d«sires t .i
say that it is net omjw-t-nt for the
Hi-use t > make any rule which obstruct
in any degree the ex- cution of the t-rins
of the Constitutions. The C <air there
l ire consolers, in view of pa»t practice,
that thi- is a question of privilege.
Mr. Keifer obtained thrt llj iran l de
livered a written argument agiinst the
rending measure, which he tluracter
iz?d as a measure of usurpstion and
fraud, and one which might l*ad to
bloodshed and w.ir.
At the conclusion of Keiter's speech
the matter went over for ti>« present,
the House then adjourned—yeas, f>9;
nays, 04: the Democrats opposing the
( motion. _
Indicted for Minsuugbt-r.
New ^oj:k, Decemt>er 7.— The United
States Grand Jury has indicted for man
slaughter the directors of the company
and the captain and engineer of the
steamer Seawanhaka, alao the Govern
ment Inspector of steamboats.
Panama Canal—Railroad Accidents—Lost
of Life—Parneli's Unpleasant Posi
tion—Numerous Fires— I
Heavy Failure.
l)c Lesseps' Panama canal scheme
seems to be meeting with general ap
proval on both sides of the ocean. Its
financial success seem* now to he as
sured. .Subscription* iu this country
are going in rapidly.
A broken rail on the Chicago, Hock
Island and Pacific railroad caused a
passenger train to he thrown over an
embankment. The cars took tiro at
once. All escaped from the tlaines ex
cept mail agent Simms, who was burned
in his car. The conductor and others
were severely injured.
B. (i. Arnold & tons, coflee merchants
of New York, made an assignment yes
terday. Liabilities near $1,000,000.
Parne'.I is kept in a very uneasy con
dition on account of the numerous
threatening letters which he receive**
Morguntown- Lock No. 9 Damaged
MomiAXTowy, W. V*., December 7.—
A special messenger here yesterday from
Lock No. 9, Hoard's Roclip, on the Mo
nongabela river, eight miles below Mor
pantown, brings the startling intelli
gence that at about .1 o'clock Sunday
afternoon, a portion of the eastern end
of the slac k water dam built o! stone at
No. !• was swept away by the great
freshet. The top of the dam i* gone,
but it is not known to what extent the
work has sull'ered, as the water is still
too high to ascertain. The bank of the
river is also ba'lly scoured below the
wing at the upper end of the lock wa I.
River 14 feet and falling.
Lock No. 1* is the dam which is being
erected bv the government, and the loss
will not fall on the Monongalia Naviga
tion Company. Reports Irom other sec
tions of West Virginia indicate that the
storm of Saturday evening wa* excep
tionally violent, and much other damage
was done.
Death of a Wonder-Ghouls.
Nkw Philadelphia, ()., December 7.
—About one year ago the little son oj
J. A. Kinsely", «f this place, was scim!
with a most singular diBease. The flesh
on hi# entire body suddeuly became oh
hard almost as stone. Ihe disease
batiled the skill of tbu limit •ininent
Musicians, an>l the ease was pronounced
without a parallel in the history .»(the
country. To the surprise of every or.e.
t!,.> wonder lived until Saturday last,
when suddenly his life went out. The
fuuvrel, which took place yesterday, wan
a very large one. The body was depos
ited in a strong vault, and will be care
fully i^itardoft oroiiist ^fioufs, wiio, it is
reported, are already in the neighbor
hood waiting for an opportunity to
steal it. ...
The Cause Assigned.
Nkwark, O., 1'erember 7. -The cause
of the smash-up near Union Station,
Saturday night. was the carelessness of
the front orakouiin, Miller, of the
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. I<ouia
freight train. After giving his train the
siding for the Baltimore and Ohio freignt
to pftps, litf failed tin* Bviiti li,
BO till' 15. A i>. freight instead of keeping
the the main track dashed mutinously
into the Pan-llandle train. After they
Btruck Miller was not to be found, and
believing him to be beneath the wreck,
as quickly Vs possible the debris was
peaiched, but no Miller languished
thereunder. lie tied from the conse
quence of his carelessness, ami has not
been heard of since. .
The name of the Baltimore an 1 Ohio
fireman, who was fatally injured, w«b
McConnahcy insUad o: William"*, as
Caused Loss ot Life and 1'roperir.
Atchison, Ks , December 7.—The ac
cident last eveningon the Chicago, Kock
Maud and Pacific road, is more serious
than was firH leported. The regular
passenger train leaving here at 5:4') had
reached a point Smiles cast, near LJ
gertjn Junction, when a broken rail
• threw the tendtr from the tr.tclt down
an embankment, the whole train with
the exception of the locomotive follow
ing. The train was composed of a bag
cage and express car, mail car, two day
ouches and a sleeper. The cars took
fir.) almost immediately and
were all destroyed. The mail agent,
Simms, was «aught in his car anil
burned to death. Mi" associate, Killer,
had his shoulder dislocated and narrow
lv escajtcd a similar fate. Theconductor,
Westfall.had nn ankle severely sprained
and four passengers received injuries
more or l. ss severe. Their names can
not yet be learned. There was, fortun
ately, a light run of passengers, only
abont sixteen being aboard the train.
The mails . express goods and h.aggng"
were all burned. The weather was in
tensely cold and the passengers Buffered
aevere'lv until they reached a place of
stf.tv ' The railroad officials are ex
tr Miv-iy uncommunicative concerning
the details of the accident.
H^gstta-American Competition
Ixjsoof, December 7.— lhe proposed
regatta for the American prizes, is ex
pected to collapae.
f.are Sewell Head, who went to .
America recentlv to inquire into Amen- |
can agriculture, in ad.lresuing the harm- ■
ers' Club, I.ondon, said he would not
ftar American competition in wheat for
twent»-five vears hence, as the exhaus
tion of land would ensue iu that time
and the cost of prod action would in
crease Put in regard to beef there were
9»rions prospects of competition from
the va>t her Is in the far West, liead
said be deemed it likely that the Ameri
can nation would Iweorae the greatest
in the woild.
' Subscriptions on Both Bides of the Ocean.
| P\ut« peceml)er 7.— Kx Queen Isa
bella has ordered her bankers to invest
lar.'elv in the Panama can*l shares.
The t'iern.an Ambaarador here congrat
ulates De Leeseps on the financial suc
cess of the entnrpiise.
New Yobk, December 7 —The sub
scription books of the Universal Com
pany for the construction of an inter
oceanic canal through the Isthmus of
Panama were opened to-day at the offi
ces of Drexel, Morgan <k Co., J. and W.
Seligman & Co , and Winslow, Lamer 4
, Co. The subscriptions were reported
to be coming in rapidly.
Panama Canal Boom
New Yoek, December 9.—Sobicrip
tlona to the Panama Canal by the
American committee to-day amounted
to «,000,000
An Escaped Maniac Villa Thre« Mtm*
► bera of One Family.
St. Loris, December 7.—Information
of a most horrible triple murder bar
ing been committed by an insane man,
this morning, near Chester, Ills., was
received here to-night. It appears that
a young man 22 years of age named
Louis Tockstein, living a short distance
from Chester, became insane a few days
ago from religious excitement. Yester
day he wa« taken before court by the
Deputy Sheriff, adjudged insane and
placed in charge ot two guards to be
taken to the asylum at Jacksonville.
The guards took the man to a hotel in
town and remained with him hII night.
About H o'clock this morning he railed for
water to wash himself. One of the guards
brought him some in a basin, which he
t->ok, and immediately thing it into the
guard's face. He then dashed through
one of the front windows of the room
and ran down the road leading out into
the country, blood streaming from
his fare .'and hands from cuta
made by the broken glass. Altout
a quarter of h mile from the town
in the house of Thos. Kyan, an old man
6H years of age, with whom lived his
widowed daughter, Mrs. Smith, and her
little girl of 12 yearj and a boy still
younger. Arrived at this house, Tock
slein, who has stripped himself naked
on the road, rushed wildly in and order
ed the inmates to kneel ({own and pray,
sayiug they had but fifteen minutes to
live. They all obeyed but the little l»oy,
who escaped from the house and ran to
a neighbor's and gave the a!arm. When
thj friends arrived at the scene they
found Kyan and Mrs. Smith dead with
their skulls smashed by an axe,
and the little girl lying headier*
on the lloor, the maniac having chop
ped the child's head completely or!.
Having finished his bloody work at thia
place, he seized the bleeding head of
the innocent child by its long llax
en hair, and swinging it at
arms length over his own head he
dashed down tne road acain. About a
quarter of a mile he stopped at the
house of Dr. (iordon, entering he found
found only a servant girl. He ordered
her. us he had the Kyan family, to kneel
and pray. The girl screamed, which
brought a hired man from the stable,
and Doctor (iordon appearing at
the same time, after tierce and desper
ate struggle, they overpowered and
bound him with a rope. He was then
taken to Chester, his wounds
dressed, clothing put on him and
placed in the charge of persons who
brought him to Fast St. I»uis, to-night,
and took him thence to the Jacksonville
D O. Arno'd & Bona Make an Aisignmont
- Liabilities • l.OOO.OCO.
Nkw ^ork, December 7.—B. <». Ar
nold A Son?, coffee dealers, 1 Front
street, ma le an assigumt nt |o-day to J.
Lawrence McKeever, JUS I'earl street.
Tlie rumor became known before noon,
but no credence was placed upon it un
til o'i lock or ho, when it was an
thenfativ*ly Mated the assignment had
been made. The unsecured liabilities
are placed at between #750,000ami $!,•
Oil),(>00 between this city and 1'hiladel
phiii. For Nome month* the credit of
tfie liou-e has been impaired, owned to
its known conncttion with vast coffee
speculations and tho shrinkage in that
artiile seriously affected the tMnding '
of the hoti*., but failure was
not considered for an in
stant. Its transactions have
been on the grandest scale. It tried to
control the entire coffee market of the
world. The suspension created little
excitement. It is reported that several
large Philadelphia houses have heen
compromised with. A friend *of the
firm stated this afternoon that they
wonltl pay every penny they owed; that
Arnold owned a large amount of first
class stocksand a large block <»f valuable
real estate. He stated that the firm
held over $.'500,000 surplus. The sole
cause of the failure is attributed to spec
ulation in coffee As soon as the failure
became known many expressions of re
grot from prominent bu'inc-a men
and bankers poured into the
o'lii'e an I several telegraphic
communications rocoivril from
lMiil;t«lclphia. II, li. ArnoM hasahsHVM
heen regarded as one of the foremost and
thoroughly prjctic.il business men in
New \ ork. i he linn were the largest
opeiators in coffees and t»».is in this city
and, pivsibly, in the country. The
original firm was Heed ATay, which was
established about the opening of tlis
present century. Noon afterward lav
went out and the firm name was
changed to Keed, llempsted «t Murgi*.
Later, IV (». Arnold, the bend of the
present Itmni!, became a partner under
the firm of Nturgiss, Bennett ,v Co. Ben
nelt afterward went out and the
firm name l>ecHme A mold, Sturgis 4* Co.,
and alsitit ten years ago, when Nturgi*
retired, Mr. Arnold became head of the
house under the present tirin name. A
rumor of suspension spread «|ut'-kly
alwut the lower part of the city'and
caused considerable sarnri;e. Coffee
Healers on Front and Wall streets ex
press! sympathy for Arnold in bis
misfortune, sltbon.'h th»opinton seems
to be general that after the accounting
bad been ma le the assets would be suf
ficient to cover all liabilities. In s->me
of the banks, l>efore the suspension of
the tirin had f»een pnbliclv announced,
it was said that 15. <i. Arnold and Co.
were ex|*cted fQ fail by three
o'clock. l.at- skriuksge in the value
of coffee and t*'* was assigned as the
principal cause of their misfoitune. It
was Hated that the sudden death on
Saturday night of o. (i. Kimball, of Bos
ton, had probably effected their credit
an f accelerated the suspension. Kim
ball was a large operator in coffe*, and
was known to be an extensive bolder.
His business relations with Arnold A.
Co. were understood to have been verv
intimntefor a number of years. He had
important business connections in this
city, where he passed much of his time,
and wss well known throughout the
coflVe trade. He a was a member of the
Union Lc-gue Club. It is said that
nineteen cars, each holding twelve tons
of co?ee, were consigned to one firm in
•St. Louis this morning.
How Ireland's Peoplt Puff«r
I/>*nov, September 7.—A dispatch
from Dublin says: The Boycotting is
I now also used to compel the unwilling
I persons t5 pin the land league and to
subscribe money thereto. A Dublin
gentleman, who has a few acres of land
on the borders of this country has re
ceived a letter warning him t iat be must
join the league before Saturday or take
the consequences. The mot) re
cent development in Boycotting
ia in the country " towns
where shopkeeper* and even peddlers
are required ti produce tickets showing
they are member*of the L-ague, or they
will net be allowed to buy or sell. Fven
Orangemen in some places aie ob^ged
to join the League rather thsn lose th«r
buainew, property or livea. The organi
sation becomes daily more perfect in its
minute details. Tbe accumulation ol
arms in tbe country is regarded with
mneh apprehension. One hooaa here
•applies 240 revolvers weekly to differ
fit parts of the country.
Money Easy at 3 Per Cent—Governments
Stronf and Higher—Flour Steady
Wheat Unsettled and Generally
Lower—Hop Dull
Potato Crop.
We clip the following from the 8t.
Louis Pod'Diipateh of late date:
"Not only in the I'nited State?, bot
almost every civilixed country, the po
tato ia one of the most indispensable ar
ticles of food, nr.il any dearth of this
valuable vegetable ia to he looked upon
somewhat in the light of a calamity.
The mass of the |>eople in this couutrv
are tin iware of the enormous extent of
the failure of the present potato crop,
and therefore information in regard to
it cannot hut be interesting. The early
potato crop throughout the United
States was a fair cne, although not usu
ally large, or the vegetable itself unusu
ally excellent. The Iste crop, howcvor,
has he«n a terribly miserable one, aud
all over the country, especially west
and sonth, the insinuating 'dry rt.t,' so
familiar of late to the Irish feasant, ha*
penetrated, ren lering the potato little
better than useleM. 1 he peachblow, the
favorite late potato, alone seems to have
escaped to any extent the general 'hs
ease, and even these are to a consider
able decree alleetod. Inquiries t v lav
among eome of the nio»t prominent
commission produce merchants who
handle larg<» quantities of this article ol
foot!, developed seme interesting; l.u K
One gentleman, the head of a house Unit
docs an extensive business, said that tor
the past eight or ten years poUiOM had
hetn gradually becoming m»r» and more
affected with the 'dry rot,'late ones I
especially. This year, however, it was
worse than evtr, and although there j
were plenty 01 them in the mar
ket, not more than one half were tit for 1
use. This gestnti the failure of the win
ter crop in a great measure was owing
to the want ot rain and in consequence
of the lack of sufficient moisture lor the
soil. The potatoes at preaent in the
market, after one month, will become
soft and of no use, and if fresh supplies
of a better kind are put upon the mark, t
(which is very unlikelv) there will be a
grand 'boom* and prices will run up
rapidly. The crop in this Mate scarcely
amounts to anything, as with the excep
tion of a small proportion hardly worth
speaking of, it is altogether pet mealed
with the mentions "rot." Oilier Stales
are not so had, although Southern Illi
nois, which used to ship potat ies hire,
is now compelled to beg for them from
Iowa ami other States
New York
N*w Y oiiK. Ii-.cemlier 7.—Mo*»v-. j
Fairly ea.«v ati<l rargiug iron; ii | if; per
rent, per diem tojn-r cent. her aiimiiii,
and (lasting hI ;t |h r cent. i'miic itiei
cantile pajier per cent. Marling |
exchange. hankers' hills vtiak at 47*»i: !
demiui'l 4*0.*. Produce exports lor the
week $7,*7H,(HM>.
Mi.vkh—At tendon r»| l»sr nil
ver Iter** 111,; tmliaidiary sii v**r coin
f(>»d per ii'iii. iliM'oiiti!.
lioviKNXitv m- >trotig and lb Jc high« (
or, except ioi -Vs, wliii h |<* lower. ,
The Treasury I icigld (,f sixes J
of 1*S0. !
I'. 8. i«»upoui iiwi) —.... lot *. i
New Fl*e* — • ;
New t-our-sml one-tafif* ......»l"'« 1
New Konr«_ '*«
r*rlfl«'Sin* "I ; ............l/> _
Kai!.rom> lloxm In gooil demand
liiil irregular.
Statk Sritritii s—Fairly active.
Stocks—I In- ato, k market opene<i j
strong an.l J'.i.l per cent. h tfiier, ami j
auh*eqiientlv advanced J to 14 percent , |
the coal *1 a'c« leading tin* improve
ment. At the lirst boMrd a decline id | I
to Id per cent. t<>»k p'*<e, the latter in
Western I'liion, l.ut lielore n«*on the
market t<a-k an upward turn, ami prices
ro*e J lo 2; |m r cent , Heading
and Denver ait I Itio inmi'ie leading.
During the atlernoon r-ptinatim *a«t
irreguljr an«l linlcr the Icjdeiship «l :
Iron Mountain a decline of J to Ij per,
cent was recorded, hut in lute dealing*
ft strong tone rgvin ptevniled and Hie
market dosed at an advance »( j to I {
pf»r cent., Kejiliug, 1'nion Pacific arid
(iraiifera heing the most prominent
therein, lauiisville, N'e* Alh.inv i rid
Chicago si M up fnen 'Wl to 4'U Mil
Naahville and Chattan n v> from 7.1 to
71. houisvi and Nasiivi Is deciimd
from Hi?j toSfl. An Amsterdamdispalch
quotes Chicago, Hurlington and «juin»y
at«M-k Helling t' - lav a» 17-»; it wdh only
placed ii|miii tlie llourse yesterday.
The trail, actions on the Kin k F.i
change aggregated Ct'l.iMJO shares, of
which 2,'**) wre Chicago, Knrlington
and tfuincy, 1,000 C.t C. »'«. I. C , 'Jli.tXX)
Delaware, L.«rkawannft ami Wenleiii,
J,L'^VI Delaware and llm!ro:i Canal, 2ft,.
(Mi F.rie, 2,1100 Hannibal and M Joseph
1U,U0U Iron Mountain,1H*00 Kansas and
Texas, 11.000 I.ake Ma.rw, ootio Mu ll
igan Central, li'.fmO North»estern,*,009
Nashville and Chattanooga. ®n00 New
Jersey Central, .'l.^On New York Central, '
1,000 Northern Pacific, Ohio and '
MlH>>ia*'| pi, 2,300 leading, M
Paul, 4,0,K)Sl. I 'a ill and Omai », 2,400 |
t'nion Pacific, x.noo Wal>a*>i Pan tic, j
4,000 Western I'nion, and J.fWi l<oui«- ;
ville snd New Alhai.v.
t*r.trmi r*c:or. ,
rflnkfn* fun*'"' Ir. '
L*htgh * *
b»r.e ....
? v A «•« Vr
trie an «•
|^ck *
PADimi # |f|
lilinoto <>Diru »a *
D * W ^I7| *
Cticacb* Alioolj >.
I. 4 A. j.r«fVrrt<d_ ID
»cw lork '-ntr» . ii?u
H«».cia ^,
Ijki Shor»._.„.mi j jfj1
C«o»'l4fioiithrm . ;o^
Nirbigtn CtrnumJ.. II :
« .
Kfi* pr.'l^rrc'l ~ 7»
North •nfro <v>fn Ij,'j
Sor.hwf.tern dM i. : '
#«• £»ui i«c^
* pr^fwrrt. II**?
titl'sul <lt Omiiu «|
Pf«-.VtTw}.._ ,V»
i. A * !<•)*
M«>rrt» A K-rj | rv
I*l» wa.-f.tH u.jfcjfi ~,»j
2fW»er**'Cea;J- T**
■**•»* jr.
04* - x,.*
Hijack# i Ohio ii v.
XoblUt A Oblo
C. «fcC._ fj<t
C..C. AI.C lit '
IT\ ,
lMlUrti«AWr»i«*»n I -4 ,
Kunlnrton I..K AN i
*lu>iiA Irrn-Hmi* i;
Kr»(»"fr1. 110
i. * r «■
Hr»f> rr»i.... ..._ 7
Hajiaioa) AriL Jo» ,
PrvV'r*-! // ,
Imn ;<o-ii Uln ... «•',
it I>oult A h. V ....
«fc». trtl*TT-A.
<1o. do. Ftr»ta._
i:.. Ht L. A N O.
KimhATju.. 4'4
Cnif»o . ..... 10
Ontral Parlfl'- »l ,
s.infirm HmCi
Prvfrmd '!'*
[>TUl«T> AN«AbTi>. %«>
Vvh A' haiun'p
I., N. a A m ... 14.
Hwj^'ofi A T«ria* . '«
Mfrr A Rio (» . ?«*»
*»Vfm CdhjO
A A I' Til»*T*pto IT
Vut'.f.r Mai! C*
Adam* Maimm—IK
Well* raw A<a in
Amerlnui Eipreaa.
0. rt. Et^rc* &>
Qulrkallm .... 11S
Qu'.'killTcr pM~. M
Oulbeu .'i
Oiitral Ar aotu... "S
"U-D'tartl „...
Ei<*lKof o'i
Ijru* Plttoborfb... 2
OnUri« «H
Toi.«oo, Deceml*r 7.—Wheal—Firm
er; No. 1 white Mwhitfan |l (V>j; »ruber
Michigan |l <V»|; No. 2 red Wtluuh. a[«ot
and »«l>r December fl 06; v\\er Janu
ary $1 CH{; ae!!er Febrnar) $1 11}; a**l*
ler Marrb f| 131; teller April |1 15};
No. 3 red Wabeah No. 2 Dayton
and Michigan red II 05; No. 2r«l mixed
<j'w Corn—Firmer; high mixed 44k;
No. 2 spot 4V; aeller December 4*{Je;
aelWr January 43Jc, aeller May 4%j re
jected 43c; damaged 42c. Clover Md
—Prime mammoth $ft 00; No. 2 $4 75.
m ww tmrm.
5iw Ton, December 7.—Cotton—
Easier at 12f$l2Jc; futures easy. Floor
— Doll and heavy; receipts 27,000barrel*,
shipments 7,000 barret*; superfine
western and State $3 [email protected] 00; ootnmoo
to rood $4 .VXjuS 00: good to cboira
(.5 06^0 75; white wheat extra $5 10(5
t» 00; extra Ohio $4 75(3O *5; St Looia
f."> 00(<t<'> 75; Minnesots patent process
|<> 50(g8 50. Wheat—Moderate trade;
receipts 100,000 bushel*; exports 10,000
bushels; ungraded spring SI 15; No. 2
spring $1 10: ungraded red ft 124(i
12HJ; No. S do SI 18; No. 2 do Si 21 J<*
1 22f; No. 1 do SI 27$; mixed winter
SI 1*; ungraded white SI [email protected] 08J;
No. 1 do, **les 73,1)00 bushels, at SI IS
f-A IS]; No. 2rcd,sel!er l>ec«mber,sales
88,000 bushels, *t SI '.MK-l 22*; seller
January, Mies '>00,000 bushel*, at SI 24
(m;1 24 j; seller February, ssles 720,0«"»
bushels, st SI 28|<gl 27. Corn—Di 1
and lower; receipts05,000 busliels; ship
ments 84,000 bushels; ungraded 57(A
00c; No. 3 i6?| steamer 57c; No. 2
held at $1 2*.'); No. 2 seller lK<ceuiber
SVjc; seller Januarv 5'.»fc; seller Feb
ruary 00c. (Jats— Dull; receipts 37,000
Ixialiels; western mixed 41'» <4**; whilM
western 45te4l».\ Hay—Steady and in
(air demstiJ. Hops—In fsir demand.
CoIT«h»— Pull and nominal. Sugar—Quiel
and Mead.r; (air to good refining 7
7|«\ Molasses— In lair denisnd. Kicu
—stesdy sitd in fsir demsnd. Petrol*
urn—Firmer; Cnited V2Jc: (rude C|(«l
7c; mined l»f<* bid. Tallow — Stsadjr
at Uosin—Quiet and un
changed. Turfientino— Firm at 45(5
4")Jc. Ivgt—Firm st 2ti(£3lf. l'ork
—Steady; old mesa, for export, Si3 75
<.*.14 (ki. Beef- Steady. Cut Meats—
Cnsettled and easier: long clear S7 25,
aliort clear |7 82$. lard—Strong and
fa>rly active; prime steam $8 77i. Mut
ter—Choice firm, othersdull at IJoAJlV
Cheec. — Pol and unchanged.
Cnk a«o. Peeemlier 7. — Flour —
Steady un ! unchanged. Wheat— I'm
settled ami generally lower; No. 2 red
a inter SI 03. No. 2 Clm ago spring fl 4V»g
cish; $1 H>| seller December; SI 07J *rl
I >r Februan; 11 08} seller January, So.
3. N8f»'ik-. t '.irn — I'nsi'ttleil hut itener
ally lower at 4U|(>i (of.- cash; 414<* seller
lanuan, 4!Reseller l-ebruary; 4n|c sel
ler May. Data—Steady anil linn at
35^<kt.tjc cash; .'Vic aril* r January; it."t *«•
st-1m i Felirurry; ;»<Wc seller Msy.
*nd b.irley Steady und unchsnited.
Flax Seed—At $15 00. Pork — Active,
tirni and higher-at III 7.'K«-I;l 75 cash,
SI3 35 seller January; S13 47|<^i:( 5o
seller February. I*srd—Active, llrm
ami higher at fS 40 i s 4"» caah; 50l'»>
m &2) aellar January. |S <tS| seller Feb
ruary. Hulk Meat*'—Demand active and
prices have advanced; shoulders S4 25,
abort rih* jo v'>; short clesr S7 05.
Wliisk) —Steady anil uiichsnged.
lUi.iiMour, I >• centher 7.—Flour—
Dull and li.avv, hut without i|uot*bl«
change, though iniimMiimi would tn»
mn<|f il liter* mum demand. Wheat —
tocetcrn higher ami at rung; Xo. L'weat
iTii hinter ml, apot *| lt»|^I |v|c;
m lire I'l i enilier $1 l'»|; l>i.| M-llei J-nu
«rv $ I V'J [ft I ller February f|
'• I M llrr Mrrrh fl |
(Jorri — \V caW-rn higheraml llrin; w cater it
uiue.l, M»)t •►*>«.'M|c ol.l; 57Ac n«*;
"pot ami M'lliT I'im i-iiilx r ,'i'»4<.«'»tv,
M-lNr.lanu.nv '>*|(t.'»*Jc; ateainerV.'jfa'
•.I" Oilc-hmer an I <|iiiet; wcatcrn
while 4V; do. mixed t.'lc. Kve-Jhill
if :\ ((¥<t | ti;l. 11 m \ I 'iM-hao|(e<1. Pro
\iHoiia <fuiet ami without change.
I.iitler S|i i l\ ; prime to elioirw wiat
"" parked roll )VVM
I ifm; Irifli W.ut,; limed 'JOfoJiv.
I'etroleum tjniet, r fined tMr. Cutter
•/ "' t; Kin rar/<HM, ordinary to fair, II
Of,S,V"» Mradv; A aoft Wlc.
« hifkt >ti a Iv at $1 I'M- I ?>).
('iminuti, liircuilur 7.—Cot ton—
#J'iil at 11 Ji\ Flour—Doll and low*
••r, family It 7.V>».'i(ffl; fancy f.'i MX4h .VI.
Wheat-Weak; No 'J ainUr f I <)4; Nr.
-' red «inter fl uV.i | on. Corn—Kaaiei,
No. '1 nine I 47c; new mixed
<h»ta- (/uii t luit lirm; No. i! mixed 37(^
■ Hye—Weak; No. 'J IWfaWic. liarlev
— ti«lh t;No. fall'.»N^afl (*). Pork —
IHIII at $1.1 ftUWia 7*i. I<ard—linnet
at *H :>b'H 10. Hulk Meat* Hull,
aboiilder* (4 Ml, Hear rili $7 00. Ilacoti
-I'nllr clear |s ,V». (hitter-tjuiet,
rhotiv Central Ohio lc; choice
Weatcrn !;<•«« rvr Whiaky —
Hraly at $1 l!f. 7
I'm*auann, Pecemlier 7.—Petrolaum
—W>>'*t; crude eiiau r, I ruled certificate*
a !'2}r; refined r for Philadelphia de
( A'U^ioh il M»rktti yn 4th I'atjr, I
Penator Lamar-Military Pod.
WA»iiiM»to\, I'en-mKor 7.—The
frieii'U of Senator l.amar apprehend
that hi* health will not permit hia at
lendam-f in the Senate again. He ia
faid to lie vt-ry + rMe,
I nder advii e from the Secretary of
War aM advarre l,arn-*« and timlwr
aton-d at tin* WMthmglon arsenal am
lieing removed to New York and Kan
F ramiwyi, preparaloiy to cinvertinif
tfir#e groiiti<la inp> a regular military
jx»at. I he warehoua* ia to U con Vffrte.1
into a large Maid* for thn artillery
horaea, an I th«i other warehouaea are
f rr>r.|«. j tie arterial Ml|| u Si
ran^d for immanent l^arrarka
iiid hea>l<|iiarter. roor rompaniaa ot
tl.# Second a-tillery, one a|v|rf UtUrri
• il! l-e atationed here (•ermanently, and
f«.riii l «*r.hjiiart» r» for that regiment
The artillery coin pan i«a at Port M< •
Henry will be trana/erre<l front Halt •
more to the areenal here. Cr>|. |{. jj,
Ayera will !,»• in rotumand of thaai'
•"tial. Firri M'Henry «>|IU left in
cha j* of a amall rarnaon under l,ie»i.
tenant < ulonel A. P. Harvard. The
idea of tranaferrin/ the hrad'iuartara
from I ort Mrlfenry to thia nty ia that
the troop* may have m»re auitable
gronnda for drilling rortioaea Tin,
change, it ia underatoo-l, will he n»ad«
a<Koi ai the araenal her# j| laa^W
ready The I*. trmjm from Norfolk.
New ^ ork and othtr i^unu, which ar>*
orlered her« tithe ioaogitratmn, will
1^ <,nattered at the araaaal, and aeni
ha« a aa aoon aa the ceremoni<aiare over.
M«etln(of tba KubUa Baalth AaaoalaUon
Ntw OaL««»a, I)emnber 7 —Tha
Amerhwn Pohlic Health Aa*>dalio.,
met to-day. A paper «aa read by He*.
I>r. Joaeph Ii. Mnuh, auryeon l'aite<!
Matea Army, upon "Teiaa Cattle
Feven ll«- eoatended that no epi
dem»r dieaeeee prevailed tmwnm native
I Texaa rattle, hut great numl««aof im
cattle aufTrred from an acclimat
ing fever Tl,e f+t+, ,4 l„. Ka,i,h gave
riae to •■fmeintereatingdiaciieBion, taken
rirtfc.,° lH. ^°9'• * Uhieago, and
Ur. Plonkett, of Naahvdle. Tha ne«t pa
per read waa the rer^n of the commit
tie on the plan for tha prevention of tha
apreao t4 rontagiona diaeaaea. rea<l by A
|U.0ihana. I nited Kj.tra Navy. tUl,
| condnded with a rear>lution mom
j mending the lerielatiag o| making it a
criminal otlenae to knowingly communi
cate a ronfa^ioni diaeaae and providing
gratai'oua treatment. A Iter dUruMioa
Atchinaoa and
Uerera, of Jfaahvlll.; Wright, ot 11.1
wwkee, and othara, tha reaolotkm waa
adopted. Ahoot one hundrad m«mber«
wem pri9t9i.t

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