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Absolutely Pure.
MM.- irom braieCreaot Tartar.—No other
Prepar Uion m<Uo» such ll*ht, flaky hot breads.
or lux p:try. Cm be eababyD?*
peptlca *ithoot liar of U»e ilia resulting from
neary Intigestibtt food. 8>l<i only m can*, by
all Groci-v Rot At Baxum Powdu Co., Sew
1104 & 1106 MAIN STREET.
We are now uiaklngoxtenMive
purchase* for our FmII Trade.
TbcwegoiHl* will commence ar
riving Nliorily. Ill" con rue onr
entire Ntock will have to be re
arranged iu order lo make room
lor our uew arrival*.
Our experience In the past
convince* u* lliat then fat uo
u*e cavilliuic about price*. Re
ducing the price* of a few artt
elcN will not do.
To Make a Go of It!
It I* necemary to make tweep
ing reduction* upou our eutire
•stock. %%e have done no, and
tor the next few day* low price*
will !>»• the rule aud not tue ex
eeptiou. It w ill pay you to look
iu whether yon want to buy or
uol. Our Milk*. Velvet*. ('a*h
uieri s, l)re««i tfalerial*, .\otlou*
ami Fancy (<o«mN have all been
marked at Mich low price* tha.
ttie price* aud quality alone
mu«l *4II them without effort or
argument on the part of onr
*iilc* people.
tihe ib a trial.
I'util Sept. I*t we clo*e at ft
o'clock, Saturday evening* ex
I. L^liim iV Tiro..
1104 & !106 MAIN STREET.
iUijCfliui} Hltnjistin;
Index to New Advertisements
Money to Loan—J. C. Harvey.
Prop. >85»i3 for Kiiutl Work.
For Sale—Leatlivrwood Property.
Nolice—Adaliue McDonald, Execu
Seasides—J. L Khees
For Sa|«— Valuable City Property.
I'. A. O. D. Pic Nic.
Pianos ami Organs— Horace Walter*
A Co.
Hop Bitters.
Tht» Hannah Moore Academy.
iircut i; iu Gold and
Sihrr .tiii«»ri»*j«ii Lcvt'rUaU'hw
HI I. U. DILLO.WS, 1223 Jlar
k«»l Nlreel.
Ynor^io'tjoior iieoora.
af takeu ar Schnepf's Opera House
drng Etore;
iw<0. i l«l.
; i «. 1'.' v. i r. x. 7 r.x 17 a. v. 14 *. 7r. ■
.7 M !*i I »'.7 Si « 78
Weather Indications.
Washington, August 19. 1 a. m.—For
the Tennessee and Uhio Valleys, partly
cloud v weath* r, kcal rains, variaMe
winds, shiftirg to northerly, stations) v
or lower temperature and higher prt a
For lower lake region, cooler, partly
cloudy w»ather, local rains, variable
winds, statianery or higher temperature
and pressure.
.National Norma! School
In cn article printed in the Rkgistbr
the other day under the above head, it
was stated,at the close ot the Commence
ment exercises <«{ the school, a motion
was made by Hon. James Scott, a form
er Trustee, that the institution should
hereafter be known as the "National
Normal University." Among his rea
sons were one named that it "'had sent
out more and better workers into all the
ditterent fields of labor than any other
institution of the age." This paragraph
—the closing part—should have read ' of
the same age."
Death of S. 8. Bhriver.
A. H. Forgey, Esq., was yesterday the
recipient of a dispatch sent to the "Ma
sonic Fraternity of the city of Wheel
ing." It was from Suffolk, Va., and con
veyed the information that S. 8. Shri
ver's body was iu transit to this place
for burial; that he w.-s a Past Master of
Harmony Lodge Xo. 140 A. F. A
A. M. of Virginia, and it was requested
that the Masonic bodies of this place
supervise his burial. The telegram was
signed by the secret iry of the lodge, A.
P. Geomer.
The deceased was a brother-in-law of
Robert Woods, Esq, of Elm Grove,and
several years ago lived here, being well
known at that time. Suitable arrange
ments wdl be made to day.
Cured of Drinking.
"A yonns friend of mine whs cured of
an tbi«» thirst for liquor, which had
so prostrated him that he was unable to
tlo any business. lie was entirely cnnvl
bv the iiw of Hop Bitters. It "allayed
all th.it burning thirst; took awav the
appetite for liquor, made his nerves
steady, find lie has remailed a sober
man for more than two years, ami has
no desire to return to his cups; I know
of a number of others that have been
cured o: drinking by it."—From a lead
ing railn ad ollicial, Chicago, ill.— Times.
A Sumby cn the Summit of the Alle
If you «i*h to enjoy cool mountain
brefz- s and deliehttui scenery, take in
the cheap Pan Handle eieursiou to Cres
pon Springs. Tickets sold each Saturday
at rato of00 for round trip. Tickets
Ki.od to return until following Monday.
It i* j^nerally conceded that the ma
jority of diseases are accompanied by
faulty ingestion. No remedy has before
been discovered which has so benificial
an ir.tluence as Fellows' Syrup of Hvpo
pt.« sphitrs.
I have derived mnch benefit from
n*-ii>g Fellow*' Hypophoephites in
••Tronic constipation. John B. Moore,
Forest City, Montana.
Cio to voor druggist for Mrs. Free
man's New National Dyts. For bright
ness and durability of color, are unex
celled. Color from 2 to 5 pounds. Di
rections in Fjiglish and German. Price
15 osnts.
H»ct»t«r«d BmuIU Remarked in Hspor
toriml HambUnsa
Oh for a nun—* regular dost settler.
Hay fever it tbe proper thing at pres
Blowing, blowing everywhere— tbe
Four were sent to the hill yesterdsy J
morning by police court.
The Committee on Scales will meet at
the City Building to-night.
The C. A. P. gives an excursion over
its road to Cleveland to day.
The ladies of the First Baptist Cburch
give a pleasant social at tbe church to
'Shicirk Philip* yesterday lined Perry
Boone So and coats for kicking John
Coc.vcilman Fritz will begin an ex
tensive improvement in his store room
next week.
O.i* marriage license was issued and
one deed of trust recorded by Clerk
Hook yesterday.
Hkkxakm Lodge No. 6, U. A. 0 0,
will have a picnic at the new Fair
Qrounds on next Monday.
A lasuk number of Wheelingites are
going to take in the excursion to Chip
pewa Lake on theT. V. road to morrow.
The list is out for a society hop and
supper at Mt. Belleview next Friday
night. It will be a very pleaeant affair.
The second examination of teachers
will be held Tuesday, August 23d, 1881,
at the rooms of tbe Board of Education,
commencing at 9o'clock, abarp.
It is said tnat me new comei ^
at its brightest on the 21st It conld
now be seen in the northwest with the
naked eyo il it were not for the moon
Tuesday afternoon, a lad named
Charlie McKee, was playing in the East
Wheeling brick yards, when he fell
from a board and seriously fractured his
left arm.
The boilers of the Ben wood mill knock
ed ofl yesterday morning after one heat
on account of something getting out of
order. They will gp on sgain as soon as
the necessary repairs are made.
The Bellaire papers do rise up and
berate Wheeling Councilmen in a way
those dear fellows never imagined they
could be talked about. All on account
of the Forty-fifth street dumping place.
Did you enjoy the circus? ask the
two North Wheeling gentlemen and
their lady friends who got stuck on the
sand bar while crossing in a skiff and did
not arrive at the circus until it was half
There is absolutely no river news at
present oi any interest. The river is
away down and grows shallower every
day. The regular low water packets
arrive and depart daily. The Siduey
is expected to-day.
The Hempfield train that left here
yesterday aiternoon at 1:40 was delayed
until 4u0atTriadelphia,by the breakinjr
down of the Hues of the engine. No. 287.
The train consisted of a baggage, passen
ger and seven freight cars, and was in
charge of Capt. Brown.
The Mannin<ton bruiser, "Paddy"
O'Brien, was fined $10 and costs for
drunkenness and disorder, yesterday
morning by Judue Jeffere, and for as
saulting Officer Williams was fined $20
and costs and given 60 days on the hill,
* ithout bail. It don't pay to resist.
Justice Caldwell, yesterday, render
ed his decisiou in the case of Goshorn
vs. Kennedy, in which the plaintiff sued
f >T damages resulting from the closing
of an alley way. Five dollars damages
were awarded, all of which, with the ex
ception of 0 cent*, was released by Mr.
Goshorn afterwards.
The Kailroad Council Committee met
at the City Building yesterday afternoon
and proceeded to the Eighth ward where
the members went over the ground the
Grape Sugar Company wants to cover
with a switch, and listened to the
uumerous objections from residents.
No action was taken.
Mr. A. I). Wn«AT,of the Eighth ward,
whose serious illness was mentioned,
died yesterday morning. The funeral
will take place ti>-'iav. He was a prom
ising young fellow who had just enteied
inte man's estate, when he was attacked
by consumption, and the work of the
fell destroyer was a rapid one.
There are some who are doubtful as
to whether the farmer Foster, was
robbed on the pike yesterday morning,
as reported exclusively in this paper.
He was somewhat under the influence
of liquor, but swore that the copper
coins, spool of thread and the button
that were found near the place where
he said he had thrown his pocket book,
were bis.
Aboi*t 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon,
Mr. David Kull was driving across the
Main street bridge a very spirited horse.
At the same time the 5 o'clock Hemp
field train was going out and the animal
became badly frightened. In rearing
and plunging it uuset the buggy smasV -
iug it up badly and threw itself. The
horse whs cut and bruised some.
Lawrence Newberger and Pat Baily
gave the residents of Twenty-third
street, between Water and Moin. a novel
entertainment yesterday, in the shape
of a "wheel race." The purse was$r.;
time not g>ven. John Frank was the
referee. There was but one heat, and
at its close Frank declared Baily the
winner, and the stakes were accordingly
handed over.
The Committee on Fire Department
met last night and examined the modi
fied plans which architect Howard was
ordered to prepare..There isadifference
of about $2,000 between the price of the
modified plan and the former one. This
difference is the result of cutting down
certain parts of the stone trimmings and
fancy work. Tha committee took no
definite action on any business
Stevbbnville is at last to have a fine
market house and an opera house attach
ment! Verily the world does move.
The city council of that town has adopt
ed the plans and it is to be placed on
the old square. The auditorium of the
proposed opera heuse will neat 700 and
the gallery 550, with a stage 30x30, the
size of the one in this city, with boxes
on the side. Steuben ville is happy. She
has needed something of this sort long
justice r ki.i'-kk na'i iwo cases against
John Smith before him last night. The
lirst was for a breach of the peace on a
warrrant issued last Monday on the
complaint of W. H. Carry. The trial
was quite lengthy and considerable of
spirit was manifested between the coun
sel; J ridge Houston for the prosecn
tion and Col. Arnett for the defense.
The judgment was $2 and costs. The
second case was for assault and battery
on a warrant issued Tuesday also on the
complaint of Carry, and which was on
trial at a very late hour.
John Con.vkrs, the man arrested for
burglarising the house of J. Frank
Simpson on Chapline street last Tues
day morning, was given a preliminary
hearing yesterday by Justice Philips and
honnd over to court in the sum of
$2,000. The evidence against him was
very damaging, four pers*ns swearing
that be was the man they saw and
another that he was seen lurking about
the premises at 3:30 a. m .about half an
hour before being discovered. Not
giving the bond required he was sent
back to jail.
Last evening a very pleasant and
quiet marriage ceremony took place on
Thirteenth street, at the home of the
bride. The contracting parties were
M»s Emma Boyd, daughter of the late
John W. Boyd, and Mr. Richard Little,
of New York, but at present chief engi
neer of a corps engaged in laying out a
Kentucky railroad. None but the
friends of the family were present. Dor
ing the evening the tine passed very
rapidlv. The bridal pair left Cor an ex*
tended western toor on the 11:15 train.
HsvinK Dropped Briceland- A. Talk With
That OnllMMB-Matter* Somewhat
Complicated - Th« Knoke-O'Haolon
To-nigbt vu the time set for the final
meeting oi the representatives of Clator
and Briceland, preparatory to arranging
a three-mile race on the lower course.
Yesterday afternoon a Rigisteb rep
representative meeting Mr. Briceland
on the street, stopped and mad# the
following inqairy: "I suppose you and
Clator will arrange that match of yours
in fine style, to-morrow evening?"
Briceland—No, sir! Clator refuses to
Reporter—Great hevings! Why how
is that?
Briceland—''Read that," and a piece
of folded paper was banded over which
on being opened was found to contain
the following: 1Bfll
August 1«, 1881.
Fbibwd Hakke—Our race between EJ
and Briceland is otf, as w* have mad* a
race with BoU. W. H. Ha v.
Reporter (after having read the ub-ivr)
—Well, this is tunny.
Brit-eland—Well, now I'll tell you the
whole story. You know we had a meet
ing last Monday night, and it was given
to the papers that nothing had been
done and that we would meet again
Friday night to perfectly arrange mat
ters. Now let me tell you—it was set
up on yon newspaper tiends as we I
wanted matters kepi'mum.is we want« d
to see Boli first, but aiter tue manner in
which I have been treated, I am willing
you should know all. There u'im a race
made last Monday night between Clator
and myself, but it was in this way: We
wanted to get up a three handed race—
Clator, Boli and myself to be the con
testants—and each to put up $500. It
was decided that Ed. Hay for Claytor
and Gus Hanke for myself should go to
Pittsburgh and see Boli the next morn
ing. That much being settled that
night, Clator and I turned
our attention to each other, and it was
arranged that provided Boli would not
row us, that Clator and I should have a
three mile tussle. At that time Harry
Hay said "I suppose there is no use in
putting up a forieit, our word is good
enough" and we made no objection
supposing the case to be as he state !.
The reason no forfeit was put up, was
we wanted to see if Boli was coming in,
and then we'd arrange the entire busi
ness at once, and if not, why the papers
would be drawn up Friday night be
tween Clator and I, at least, that was
our understanding.
i*UW Iipjr auu »v.v
Pittsburgh Tuesday morning, but Gus
Hanke overslept himself and misseil the
train. Clator and Hay went up. and
while 1 don't know what was said be
tween them and Boli, I suppose he
kicked against rowing us, after learning
' we had agreed to row any how, for fear
that we would jockey hiui out altogether,
and then in some way they made their
race. However, we do not kuow what
was done up there as my representative
was not there. All we know is, that that
note was sent us yesterday and I think
their action is rather snide.
"Reporter—No man can tell what a day
w 11 bring forth, but do you intend
meeting him to-morrow night?
Briceland—I don't know.
Reporter—Will you row him this St-a
son ?
Briceland—That I don't kuow. I
would like to row either Clator or Boli,
but as for going into a three-handed af
fair with them now, that's out of the
Report°r—But how about Claior; will
yju row him this season?
Briceland—Well, maybe after he has
'rowed Boli he will challenge me, but
then it is likely I would not be
in trim. Now, you see for the past
three weeks I have not been working,
but rather getting some extra tlcsh off.
I have got to go back to my job before
long and perhaps when ice begins to
form, or I get fat and all out of shape,
he will challenge me as he did last sea
son. Now yon know how I feel about
this matter and 1 must move on.
Reporter—How does the Leasure Club
feel over the matter?
Briceland—Why ths boys are badlv
cut up and feel very much disappointed.
We thought we had a race and I was
going to do my best to beat Bd. Clator.
During the evening several endeavors
were made to find Ciatoi or his backurs
and learn the other side, for there are al
ways two sides. The efforts to tind
them were unsuccessful, and although
word was left for them to ca'l at this
office they evidently did not receive it,
as nothing wss seen of them. From an
intimate friex d of A r. Ciatoi s ther-por •
er gathered a point or two. v. uicli led to
the belief that Clator does not put the
case as Briceland does, but says rather,
that if Briceland has failed to get
a race out of him, it is bis own
fault, as he should have accepted his
(Clator's) proposition made soon after
the Boli race. That Clator was not in
favorofslow work, and finding a good
chance to tackle Boli again, or rather
finding Boli anxious to meet him, decid
ed to give him the opportunity. It is re
gretted that Mr. Clator was not accessi
ble last evening as we should have been
pleased to give his views and story.
What will be done to-night is not known
or even conjectured. A large number
would like to see {he race, and it is
hoped our townsmen may amicably ar
ranirti all differences.
It wag mentioned in a recent issue
that the representatives of August
Knoke, the plucky man of the Eighth
ward, had gone to Pittsburgh to arrange,
or try to effect a race for this man with
Hilly O'Hanlan.of McKeesport. Success
was met with and the race will take
place soon after the 1st of September,
on the lower course, for $2.">0
aside, provided Knoke allow
the Pennsylvania man $50 for ex
penses. Efforts, which no doubt will be
successful, were being made last night
to raise the sum, and aa soon as that is
done O'Hanlan will be telegraphed and
the final paper* signed.
Gus Knoke has a good record for so
young a man and he will make a good
showing. The McKeesport man has
something of a local reputation.
*T&« Beat Thing Ever Placed Before the
Publlo "
Union Mills, Fliriassa Co., Va., \
April 2, 1881. /
Laughltn Rrot. & Co:
Gsntlxmkx-—Please send me at once
six dozen oi yonr Worm Syrup. The
cures are wonderful, and it is the best
vermifuge ever piaced before the public.
One bottle brought 103 worms from one
child, and in three other cases from 60
to 75 worms. The children had b*en
poor and feeble for eighteen months,and
are now in good health.
Respectfully yours,
Ijculsy K. Boston.
Krili to be Avoided
Over eating is in one sense as produc
tive of evil as intemperance in drinking.
Avoid both, and keep the blood purified
with Bi rdock Bloou Bittkks, and you
will be rewarded with robust health and
an invigorated system. Price $1.00,
trial sise 10 cents. Laugh lin Bros. A
Co. Agents, Wheeling.
Buoklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
braises, sores, ulcers, salt rhenm, ferer
•ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all kinds of skin eruptions.
This salve is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction in every case, or money re
funded. Pries 25 Lents per box. For
•ale by Logan A Ox. Wheeling
Hold fast to that which is good. Acme
Baking Powder, the beat of tha age.
Every can guaranteed to give satisfac
tion, and don't yoa forget it. i
iDDCAnom mm n o.
The Hoard in Hoasion Uit Night-Unim
portant MilUn.
As usnal daring the summer months,
it was har 1 work last evening' U> procure
a meeting of the Board of Education.
Those members who were anxious to
bold the monthly meeting ran around
ior nearly an boor, and it was 8:15
o'clock before the requisite eleven gen
tlemen for a quorum were gathered in.
They were Messrs. Acker, Collier, Ebe
ling, Hoge, Jepson, McCully, Miller J.
A , Pipes, Todd and Mr President. The
minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved.
Mr. Milier objected to the title "As
sistant Principal" that had crept in, in
place of tirat and second grammar room
teachers, and it was on his motion, that
the minutes were changed by striking
out the objectionable words.
The report of the Committee on Ac
counts waa received, and the bills
amounting to t**> 07 were ordered paid.
The following report was received and
fb tlte Boa> d of Erhcatim :
(Jkstlmibn:—1 have received from
Hon. B. L. Butcher, State Superintend
ent of Free Schools, a communication
.under date of August 5,1881, giving no
tice that "the amount of distributable
school fund to the credit of the city of
Wheeling for the year beginning July 1,
.1881, and ending Jane 30, 1882, is
$0,380 53." The basis of tbe distribu
tion being the enumeration of 1880,
which gave us tbe total number of
youth in the city of Wheeling, 10,903.
Respectfully submitted.
John M. Birch, Sup't.
The annual statement of the clerk,
which he is required by law to prepare
and have published in the papers, was
read and ordered spread on the minutes,
as well as published.
Bids for furnishing supplies to the
teachers and indigent pupils were re
ceived from Stanton A Davenport and
Wheat A Naylor, and were referred to
tbe Committee on Text Books.
The list of teachers for Clay district,
as published before, was confirmed by
tbe Board. Miss Mattie Crowther's ad
dition to the force of teachers in Union
district was also confirmed. Her addi
tion causing a promotion, the gener 1
change was confirmed.
The Committee on Revision reported
progress and asked to be continued,
which was done.
August Rauderso i, the assislant jan
itor of the Eighth v ard, was granted ail
additional salary oi $2 50 per month.
Mr. Arkle offered the following:
litKolml, That the club be instructed
to cantract for a telephone to be placed
in the office for use of the Board and of
This resolution was adopted and the
Board, on motion, adjourned.
Points of Personal Interest and Notei ot
Dr. T. B. Camden is located at 105
Fourteenth street.
Miss Krnma Philips, of North Wheel
in?, is vibiting friends at Powhattan.
Postmaster Sterling has returned to
the city, after being absent for several
K Larkin leaves to-dav for Boston and
New York to purchase stock lor his new
David Kvans, Jr., left yesterday for
Cleveland. He will begone about one
Mrs. Thomas Zink will go to Ohio to
d»v, to remain sometime visiting
Prof. Mullen is once more in the city,
and will set about arranging his darn
ing clashes.
Jacob Thomas, of the firat of Stone &
Thomas, leaves this morning for Kansas
City to visit his brother.
W. M. Powell, late Sheriff' ot Tyler
county, was at the State House yester
day, Bettliog upacaounts.
Misses Ada and Jennie Simpson have
returned from a very enjoyable time
spent at Cranberry Summit. bwr.
Prof. Wbitehill, of Linsly Institute,
has returned to the city after spending
some time near Rochester, Pa.
Miss Carrie Brost, of Pittsburgh, who
has been visiting the Misses Pracht,
South Side, returned home yesterday.
II. H. Sweeney departs for Kansas
City, this morning. From there he
itoes to New Mexico and California for
the benefit of his health.
Governor Jackson returned to the city
last night, after being absent several
weeks, during which he has been spend
ing his time at various favorite places of
Prof. S. P. I.azw, of West Liberty,
lately appointed principal of the (Jlen
ville Normal School, was at the office of
Superintendent Butcher yesterday, re
ceiving instructions.
A Suggestion in Relation to Driving-The
Work, etc.
The rush and c rowd on the new State
Fair grounds continues every night. All
the fancy stock is usually out and sev
eral races are organized that furnish any
araonnt of fun. The grounds of the
Association are bound to become the
driving park of the city, and in that con
nection it has been suggested that an
elecir c light be put on thegroun- s ami
bv rnanv the idea is considered a g >od
one. The track improves everyday;
the soil is slightly clayey and i»
being pounded down by the flyiug hoofs
until it is becoming perfectly bird and
While referring to the track, the Kko
jstkr would like to make a suggestion to
those horsemeu who are not familiar
with a race track. On a street or com
mon road it Is always thecr.s om to turn
to the right when meeting another dri
ver. In the old country it is just the
reverse, and it is also the reverse on a
race track The ignorance of this rule
on tho part of some gentlemen has al
ready resulted in one or two collisions
on the track. When you go to drive on
the new Fair ground course, be tore
and always keep to the left.
It is wonderful how the wotk U pro
gressing on the buildings. A f jrce cf
builders is at work on the grand stand,
judges' stand, office, main exposition
hall and machiuery hall and progress
can be seen everv day. Visitors are nu
merous and are loud in tbeir praise.
Yesterday Col. Bob Campbell started
to lay out the carriage drives* lie is also
working on stalls and pens.
In every department the work is be
ing pushed along.
Tne Greatest Rerneay Known.
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption is certainly the greatest medi
cal remedy ever placed within the reach
of suffering humanity. Thousands of
once hopeless sufferers now loudly pro
claim their praise for this wenderfnl
Discovery to which they owe their lives.
Not only does it potilirtly ruse Consump
tion, but Coiighs, Colds, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Hay Fever, Hoarseness and all
affections of the Throat, Chest and
Lungs yield at once to its wonderful
curative powers as if by magic. We do
not ask you to buy a large bottle uutil
you know what you are getting. We
therefore tamaiiy requrU you to call on
Logan, List Co and get a trial bottle
for ten cents which, will convince the
most skeptical of its wonderful merits,
and show yon what a regular one dollar
size bottle will do. For saie by Logan
& Co.
Frank Bardal, North Bennett street,
Buffalo, 34) s; "I Jiave tried vour Spring
Bumsox m a family medicine and have
never come across anything to do so
much good in w> shoit a lime in caaeisot
indigestion, dyspepsia and derangenu-at
of the stomach; I strongly recommend
it" Price 50 cento, vrial bottler* 10
rents. Langhltn Bros. 4 Co, agcots,
News Dull in the Olaas City-Y»at«rdsy'«
The low water makes brisk business
on the B. & S. W.
The LaB«ile laid op last night on ac
count of low water.
Mr. H. Miller, a dry goods merchant
of Bellaire, has given a bill of sale on hia
Mr. John Baer, a south Bellaire gro
cer, made au assignment on Wednes
The Science, after a day or two of
work, has succeeded in getting aver the
McMahon's Creek bar.
"fhe Bellaire, Beaver Valley and Shaw
nee Bail way is beginning to interest the
people in this vicinity.
The river is so low that a Bellaire
man said that the boys were out in front
of the boats showing them the way.
The mills and factories are about all
in operation now, and we have our ac
customed amount of smoke, but dust
we have beyond all precedent.
It is not much wonder the people of
Bellaire want the Conrt House. They
might want it to occupy the sqnare, in
order to stop some of the dust that
blows from it over everything.
Has all the talk about a new road to
the cemetery amoanted to nothing? It
would seem that the amount of travel
there has been to the cemetery would
make every one see the necessity of a
new road.
The Glass City drug store, Messrs.
Morgan & Chambers proprietors, is to
be open in about two weeks. The store
room is being grained and fixed up gen
erally, and will be one of the hand
eomest in the city.
If it had not been for the papers the
Bellaire people would not have known
that the Republican County Convention
had been held at St. Clairsville lately.
People down here don't care much—the
county seat ticket is the one we vote
There has been a smash up out the B.
A O. near Salesville. There were three
trams near together, and the front broko
in goiug up a grade. The cars, which
had broken off from the front train,
came back on the second. Before the
third train could be signaled it ran in
the second Irom the other direction. Mr.
Wiiey, of Bellaire, was the engineer on
the second train, but he was not injured.
Personals, Happenings and a Few Minor
"Brother" Alexander is sick with
John Enlow. we are sorry to hear, is
rapidly sinking.
Milt Harrison arrived home day he
fore yesterday.
Mr. Chick, oi P.ellaire, was up to see
his friends yesterday.
Miss Ida Troll, of St. Clairsville, is vis
iting Miss Nannie Cook.
Mr. Edgar Chamberlain, from Virgin
ia, fs at Mr. F. C. Smith's.
Harry Pennington, of St. Clairsville,
came in tu see B.mium.
J. M. Woodcock is having extensive
repairs made to the foundry.
Mr. Young, a boot and shoe man of
Columbus, was in town yesterday.
Dr. Homer Trueman is here on a
short stay at his brother Edward's.
Miss Davenport, of Columbus, was at
Miss Ella Tiernan s part of this week.
W. W. Trueman, of t ie Boston shoe
house, Btliaire, rau up to see the folks
Miss B?rtie Culbertson, a bright
young lady of Alliance, is visiting Miss
Maggie I'rice.
Quite a number of young ladies en
joyed themselves dancing at Mr. Wells'
the other night.
W. 8. Hatheway, who was visiting his
brother, P. Hatheway,on Bennett street,
returned home yesterday.
Five hundred and seven excursionists
came in over the C. T. V. it W. railroad
on Wednesday to see the show.
Mr. Ed. Hobson, of Flushing, who
travels for Chiids A Co., shoe merchants
of Pittsburgh, was in town yesterday.
Miss Dislier, of New Philadelphia,
and Miss Parish, of l'hrichsville, are
spending a few days with the Misses
A bit of camp lite in Mr. Chapman's
hack yard was a source of amusement
to the "boys" yesterday. They cooked
their dinners in roval camp style and
bad a most enjoyable time.
The trip to Chippewa Lake on Satur
day gives promise of success. It is the
theme of conversation, and nearly even
person yon nieet,«jy they are going. Mr,
A.J. Bdgg*. the general agent, will spare
no pains to make everything a* pleasant
as possible.
Wednesday afternoon as Mr. Dent,
of the tirm of Dent A Wells, druggists,
was preparing some medicine with the
aid of an alcohol lamp, the lamp ex
ploded, scattering the alcohol in every
direction. It immediately caught tire,
hut was extinguished before much
damage was done.
Robert McClelland, a carpenter, had
his arm dislocated at the elbow, and
Jarrod S. Long, a fireman, had his foot
so badly mashed between the cars that
several toes had to In* amputated. They
wer* employes of ti e C. A P. railroad.
Both accident* occurred at Martin's
Ferry on Weduesday.
The Latent Inlormatiob of the Movement
of e team boa u.
Pittsburgh, August 18 — River 2
ifi-fie* l>elow z-ro an<l stationary.
We* her clear and pieanant.
Cincinnati, August 18—River 5 feet
ami falling. Wealher cloudy hut pleas
ant. Departed—Buckeye State, Pitts
Evansviu.e, August 18.—Arrived —
L P. Wald and J. I). White. Departed
—J. 8 Hopkins and S. Rhea, Cincin
nati. River stationary with 2 feet 7
inches. Light rain in the afternoon.
Cairo, August 18.—River 7 feet 11
inches and falling. Light shower this
evening, threatening now; thermome
ter y-J.
St. Loris, August 18—Arrived—Ta
tuin, Padurah; Grand Pacific, St. Paul;
Fred A. Blank, New Orleans. River
fallen 2 inches, with 10 feet 3 inches by
the guage. Weather cloudy and exces
sively close.
Locisvillk, August 18.—Biver sta
tionary, with 3 feet 4 inches in the canal,
and 16 inches in the chate on the talis.
Bcsinew dull. Weather partially cloudy
and warm with a storm this afternoon.
John S. Branfford, Cincinnati to Evans
Cheap Excursion to Cleveland, Including
a Delightful Boat Bide od Lake Kria.
Don't tail to take in the cheap excur
sion to Cleveland, Friday, Angast 19th,
via Cleveland and Pittsburgh railroad.
The management have spared no pains
to make this a grand success, and all
who go are assured a pleasant trip.
Fare for round trip only *2 50. Excur
sion train leaves Bridge{>ort at 0:05 a.
arriving at Cleveland at 12 noon. Re
turning leaves Cleveland at 6 r. x.
Tickets good for return passage until
Saturday the 20th, inclusive.
For further particulars apply to H.
Rhodes, agent, Bridgeport, or Fred
Huseman, passenger agent, P. W. A K.
depot, loot of Eleventh street, Wheeling.
It is the height of folly t» wait until
you are in bed with disease yon may
not get over for months, when yon can
be cared during the early symptoms by
Parker's Ginger Tonic. We have known
the aicklieat families made the heelthieet
bv a titnel v nee of thia pore raodicine—
Ifi J tut • Booming.
Snch is the expression from all drug
gists and dealers everywhere who are
selling Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption. No like preparation can
uegin to have snch an extensive and
rapid sale. Why? 8imply because of
its truly wonderful merits. No Cough
or Cold, ho matter of bow longstanding
or how stubborn, can resist its healing
qualities. Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness, Hay Fever, Pain in the Side or
Chest and difficulty of breathing, orany
lingering disease of the Throat or Lungs
rapidly yield to its marvelous powers.
It will' positively care, and that where
everything else has failed. Satisfy your
self as thousands have already done fct
getting of Logan, lust & Co. a trial boi
tie for ten cents, or a regular size bottle
for $1. For sale by Logan & Co.
Is Henowned u a Pure and Effective
Heir Drenin* in Kvery Quarter of the
For thirty years it has been a favorite
with the people and a leader with the
trade. The name "Cocoaine" has be
come a valuable property. Burnett A
Co. have established their tole right to
its use in several suits at law, thus pro
tecting the public and themselves from
The superiority of Burnett's Flavor
ing Extracts consists in their perfect
purity and great strength.
No other remedy for children will
meet so many indications of disorder or
so thoroughly cure them sa Dixie's
WormSybup. It is a good purgative,
pleasant to take, acd always safe. 25
cents for iour-ounce bottle. Sold by
New York.
New York, August 18.—Dry Goods—
The jobbing trade is active in idl depart
ments, and business is moderate with
domestic commission houses and lair
with importers. Cotton goods ret tjn
firm. Prints in moderate demand, and
dress ginghams active. Men's wear
woolens steady
Baltimore, August 16—Flour— Higher
and strong; westesn superfine $4 25<a>
5 00; extra $5 [email protected] 00; family $6 25®
7 50. Wheat—Western lower, closing
weak; No. 2 winter red spot and seller
August $1 [email protected] ; seller September
$1 [email protected] 35}; seller October $1 37j(£)
1 38; Beller November $1 40(a) I 40}.
Corn—Western higher, closing steady;
mixed spot and seller August [email protected];
seller September 67}c; seller Octol>er
69$c asked. Oats—Firm; western white
44^45c; in store 48c; mixed [email protected];
Pennsylvania [email protected] Rye — Higher
[email protected] Hay—Unchanged. Provisions
—Firm and unchanged. Butter—Firm;
western grass [email protected] Kggs—Firm at 14
(a)15c. Petroleum—Nominal. Coffee—
Firm; Rio cargoes 10(a)12}c Sugar—
A soft 9jc. Whisky—Firm and higher
at $1 [email protected] 16.
New Orleani.
New Orleans, August 17—Coffee—
Rio carcoes ordinary to prime 10(u)13}c.
Sugar—In fair demand; inferior to good
common [email protected]; common to good com
mon [email protected];; yellow clarafied 9(2)9 Jc.
Pnii.ADKi.PiUA, August 16.—Cattle
Active; sales 2.500 head;prime 6}($6jc;
[email protected]}c; medium 5305Jc; common
[email protected]}e; culls 3j(j£4jc.
Sheep — Active; sales 10,000 head;
prime 5J^5Jc; good 5}($5j|c; medium
4}@5c; common 4j|(a)4jjc; culls 3(a)4c;
stock ewes [email protected]; ; lambs 3®7|c.
Hogs—Fairly active; sales 3,400 head
at [email protected], as to quality.
Cincinnati Horse and Mule Market.
Cincinnati, August 16.—For the past
ten years the average sales for the first
half of August have footed up about 565
head; and at an average price of $74 29.
During the first week of August this
year there were sold 305 head; average
price $82 37. And for the week just
closed the sales were 495 head; average
price $9? 48—making 800 beau (average
$89 31) for the first two weeks of August,
1881, as against 565 head ($74 29) as the
average ior the same period for the last
ten verrs. This shows a substantial in
crease, both as to number of head sold
and prices realized, and is an indication
how the Cincinnati Horse and Mule
Market is looming up. Theje figures
also indicate an early and active fall
trade. Numerous inquiries for stock
are already coming in from nearly all
sections of our country. Yet the
drought in some places, ami the light
and advancing cost of hay and grain
everywhere, may precipitate n>me
horses and mules npon the markt-t and
reduce our prices, while they increase
the number of our sales.
(iood, speedy "roadsters" are eagerly
sought, railroad and large match mules
command excellent prices, hut the main
staple continues to be smooth, blorky
"btreeters," 1,050 to 1,200 lbs., at $ll5.
PllII.ADBI.PH I A, August 12. —Wool—
Ohio, Pennsylvania and Weit Virginia
XX and altove 41(av42Jc; XXX 41 |c;
medium 44fa)46c; coarse [email protected]; New
York, Michigan, Indiana and Western
fine 38(3>40c; medium 44^45c; coarse
[email protected]; washed combing clean 40(a)48c;
unwashed do. 274("«33c; pulled [email protected]
Insurance Company,
(OBSANIiud isCt.)
Cash Capital - - $100,000.00
Good rlnki ln.»are«1 on I'berai I
Loaws promptly and Mdafartorlly ad Jutted.
Patronage reapentfnlly «o I Id led.
J. F PAULL, Srcrriary.
P. B. DOBBINS, Auutani Serrnary.
•prl fee
No Remedy more WWV Iyer favorably knowm.
It U rapid la relieving, quick In am ring, fan
Lame Back. RhetimatUm, Kidney Affcctioaa.
and acbeaaud pain* ten rally, It la the o nrl rail
ed remeriy. JfUta
Illuctrated. Cheapen and be*t. BeOnaKlgfet.
Aiwhwumi A J. Houu* 4Co . Phflada.
CUTICURA Permanently Cum Humors
of the Scalp and Skin.
Cnti nra remedies are tormle by all drocrtou
Price of CuUcnra. a Medicinal Jelly, asnali
boxea,: 0 cent*; large boxes fl. Cctjccba Jla,
aoLvaxr, the new Blon.1 Pnrlfler, $1 Der bottle
uuncraa M edicts al Toilet Hoar. TV. Cirrr
era* Mbmci*al8i»ti*o Boar, lie: In ban for
bar ben and large oonanmer'. 80r. Pdacli«i <v -
pot WEEK* A POTTO, Roe ton. Ma*
All mailed free oo receipt of price. Jy»U
Fir* & Marine lasaraact Coaipaay
(KrrABi.rukd in WA)
CAPITAL - - - $100,000
This Company lnauraa all deacripdooa of pro
perty against loss or daaac* by Are tor long or
abort tfmaon the moat faTorabte Urma.
Patronateof the publicreapactfnlly solid tad.
Wo. B. Simpson, Wm. C. Hand Ian,
J. R. McCortney, PotorWolt*.
Chrtatlan Heaa. R. W. HasMt,
R. A. McOabe,
Wm. B. Siitwok. Praaident.
W. C. HAND LAN. Vic*-President
M. A. CHANDLER, Secretary.
OSCAR SaNDROCH, Afaot and SoUdlor.
Iebl7 '
(Organised In 1M7.)
Capital (ftillj paid up) flH^N
Surplus • - • . 90,060
John Oeaterllnf, Wm, F. SUM,
Augustus Pollack, Ph.fechuehla,
Anion Key man, F. Scbenk,
Frank A. Woebe;, August Roll,
A. C. Kgerter.
Ofltae, F«wt«aitk Street
Insnrea Buildings of all kinda, Wan a facts ring
subluihments, Household Furniture. Fanr
roperty, Ac., against loaa or damaga by Arc.
F. RIESTRR, Secretary.
WM. T. POOS*. Kmt. Sec'y. tnalU
Humphreys' flomeopathio Bpaclfloa
Proved irom ample experience an entire
«irt» Simple Prompt, Efficient, and Re
liable, they are the only medicine* adapted
to popular use.
list ruiNciPAi Noa. craaa. rues.
1. Fever*, Congestion, Inflamatlons 28
2. Worms. Worm Fever, Worm Colic. 25
5. Crying Colic.or Teething at Infanta. .25
4. Diarrhea of Children or Adults 25
6. Dysentery, Griping, Bilious I ollc..... .25
6. Cholera Morbus, Vomiting 25
7. Coughs, Cold, Bronchitis 25
8. Neuralgia, Toothache, Faceache- 25
9. Headaches, Sink Headaches, Vertigo- .2.»
10. Dyspepsia, Bilious Stomach...™ 25
11. Suppressed or Painful Periods 25
12. Whites, too profuse Periods 23
13 Croup. Cough, Difficult Breathing... .25
14. Rait Rheum, Krvsipela*. Eruptions... .25
15. Rheumatism, RheumaticPalui .25
16. Fever and Ague, Chill, Fover, Agues .50
17. Piles, Blind or Bleeding..... 90
19. Catarrh, acute or chrotiic; Iutluensa.. .50
20. Whooping Cough, violent Coughs. .. .50
24. General Debility, Phys'l Weaknsas... .80
27. Ktduey Disease .... 50
2K. Nervoui Debility, Spermatorrhea.... 1.00
30. Uriuary "'eakness, Wettiug the Bed.. 50
82. Dlsesse of the Heart, Palpitation 1.00
For sale by druggista, or lout by the Owe.
or single Vial, free of ctiarye, on receipt of
price. Send for Dr. Huinphreyi' Book on
Disease, Ac., (144 pages), also Illustrated
Catalogue, FRKK.
Addrvss, Humphreys' Homeopathic Med.
Co.. 109 Fulton St.. New York. eod
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
For all the purpose! of a Family Physic,
Coatlvcnni, Jaundice
Dyipepata, Indication,
DvKMiUry, Koulrttom
afh •n<1 Breach, Head
*ch, Krynlpela*. Hie*,
Kht-umallMn, Kru|>
tlonaandBkln Dim'***
BlIllouaneM, I. Ivor
Com plaint. Dropay.TeU
t. r, Tumor* and Hal
Neuralgia, n- it Dinner I'ill, ami Purifying the
Blood, arc the moat congenial purgative yet per
ftvlril. Thciri-lb* Ualiundanlly *how how much
I licv exocl nil other I'lll*. They are **!<■ and plea
KMiit totiUic, but powerful to cure. They purge
out the foul humor* of the blood; they ittmulate
theiluggUh or disordered organs into action; and
they Impart health and tone to the whole t«lng.
They cure not only the every day complaint* of
every body, but formidable and dangemui dli
eauea Miwt ftkllftil phy»iclan«, moat eminent
clergymen. and our bewtcltUeua, aend certlflcau-a
of cure* performed, and of great benefit* derived
front the*e Pill*. They are the aafeat and bust
tihyolc for children, bti »iw mild an well a* effec
tual. Belngaugar coated. they aro caay to take
and being purely vegeutble. they are cutlnly
ham leu*. PrejNUvd by
Dr. J. C.jAyer 4 Co., Lowell. Mats.
Is the Best and Most
Agreeable Preparation
in the World.
For CoiiNtlpMtloii, nillouaneaa,
Headache, Torpid l.lver, Mem*
orrhoidM, indUpoaltlon, and all
nUordera arlalng from an Ol>*
Mtructcd Ntatc of (toe •jraleni.
1.K.I!. ' am) children. and thnae who itMlka
taking pill* and n«n«i«i< are •-spe
cial!) plnuivtl with It* agrvpalilr ijuallilra.
THOPIC-FRtflT I.A X ATI VK may be naed
In all caaea that need the aid of a purgative,
cathartic, or a|M-r<rnt niMllrlnr. and wlitle It pro
due** tlx* aame rmiiilt a* lh» agvuta iiaineri. It la
entirely fr<* from til* utual •itijwtlona umimoa
lotbi-m. rartiH In >raaw< llafcaitaaaly.
Price 25 cts. Large boxes 60c.
Sold bv all hrst-ci.ass Dkuocisxl
Who want glossy, luxuriant
and wary tresses of abundant,
beautiful Hair most vie
elegant, cheap article always
makes the Hair crow freely
and fast, keeps It from Calling
oat, arrests and cares my
neas, remotes dandruff and
itching, makea the Hair
strong, girlng It a carl lag
tendeacy and keeping it in
any desired position. Beau
tiful, healthy Hjdr is the sore
naatt of asiag Kathalron.
Ayer's Cherry Pectora
For Mmm of the Throat ib4 Lanes, neb m
IHe Irw oi.mpad
Unua wbxh bare mm
tlkr ttmMenr* of man
kind and bee one
boutehold word*
•ro'/tif un( <«)j one
but ui * ii y natlooa,
Jaovt hare titraordl
1 ii»rjr Tirtur*. fYrhap*
j uo(«ueeverierur«<t K>
wide a rrputeUon, rx
J ulnttlM It «o lotii
— A rcr"» ( "bcrrr p«
, loraf. || haa been
ktK/wn u» the imMk
lure vm (or It a cont
denee la in vlitw, mtit oiuilled i t ut other
mtOeiat. UmmmtkmOKmrntmitoJ!
at Coogha, Colda. CognaptiM. thai cm 9
■ad* by na&cal afcllL ladaad. tiac Cherry Pae*
toralhaa really robbed thaac daapiwiuadfaM—
M (Mr tarvon to a ciwMxtMt, aad firaa a M
lnf of iBBODiir froai tbate latal cfic^thatla
well kratided If the remedy '* Uken la won.
■eerylaarily »hou)d ktnli la thatr daaatfat
the ready aadyronatnUafof lia member*. Mcfc*
mm, mflbrtac, aad eeea Ilia la and by thto
timely protaetML The pcadrnt tixmJd not naf
lect K, aad tha vlaa will aal. Kcayttbyra
laSdSal b7 "* ttm*T ^
and Common Engl tub Braacbea. Spatial
arrangements for thvroaih instruction in u>«
KajlUb branches. Individual instruction* Can
enter at any time. Ladles admitted. Otli at
college oOceor address J. M. KRASHER A 00..
y* hf^iiDt, w. Va agtoawacxt
45 Years before the Public ~
arc not recommended as a remedv -for
til the ills that flesh U heir to." Ut in
irt'eotiotw of the Liver, and in all Bilious
.-uinplainta, Dyspepsia, and Sick Head
johe, or diseases of that character. they
tui>d without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used t,r.»
j.aratorv to, or iter taking quinine. At
a simple purgative they arv unequal*!
The genuiue are never sugar-coated
Each box has a red-wax seal oti the lid,
with the impression. McLANK'S LIVKK
PILL. Each wrap|>er Wars the si^iu
kures of C. McLakk and Plkmimj Hk ,
ffBTInsist upon having the genuine
Dr. <\ McLANr.S LIVER PILLS, pre
pdrrd by
PLEXING BROS., PHtsbttirh. Pa.,
the market being full of imitation* of
the luime MeLmnr. spelled differently
but same pronunciation.
The«*e exists a means of *e»
curing * soft and brilliant
Complexion, no matter how
poor it may naturally be.
Hasan's Magnolia Hal in is a
delicate and harmless arti
cle, which Instantly remove*
Freckles, Tan, Kedne**,
Roue) ness, Eruption*, Vol
Sar F ushlngs, etc., etc. So
ellcate ana natural are it*
effect* that Its use Is uot
suspected by anybody.
No lady has tne right to
present a disfigured race in
society when tho Magnolia
Halm Is sold by all druggi*t*
for 75 cents.
When a morilrln# haa Infallibly linn#*
!U work In mllllona of eaaea f«n moir
than a thhrd or a century; alien ti lm>
Mrhed emvpart of IM worlil; wbtn
nutiftM-rlraa /km 11 lea evnrywh<m r<m
aider It the only eaf«« reliance In cna.- of
pain or aocMenf, It la pWlty aalo In call
auch a medicine
Thlt la tha eaaa wttli the Mailraa
NmUi< I<lalmeat. »>«•■> mail
br1n« talelloanctfnf a vtlaabU hare*
aavad, tha a(uny of an awfwl a«aiH ot
kara aaMa«4( Ilia homiia ol rta««.
Matlam overcome, ami of a tho«i*aii>l
aoil oM other bleaelnca anil imn-i..
perfumed l>f the old reliable !H»»
learn Haataaa Llalaital.
All forma or outward dlaea«n o
apeedHy curvd by ihr
MuiUnf Liniment.
It panetratee mneele, memhraa* an-t
Uaeue, to Ui« vary iNmr, bttiliblni pain
and curing dleeeae with a power ilm'
never fklla. It la a medicine wnlfi I'V
everybody, from tne randuro, who ri-l*«
r>rer the aolltary plalna, in the merchant
prince, and Ilia woodcutter who apiiia
bla foal with tl»e ate
It eaara IHwmmailam when all othei
Application! tall.
Vila wonderful
inaadlhr carat inch ailment* «»f «L»
lit'MAM rLWH aa
BhaaaiatlaM, •ir«lllB|«,
Wall, CnIimM MwaeUa,
uU twill. Cato, Bralan aa4
Iptalaa, Palataaaa BIIm •**
Rla|«, MflMta, Luumu, «m
Uree.rieere, fnalMm. cfcllMaiaa.
hn Rlvplaa, CaM fcreaat. aal
MmI mvjr ferai mi atMraal dla>
It la the graataat remedy for tl>a «1t«
>rd are and aceldenta to whi< h
Kavra Cnavioa are eobjert that ha.
irar baea known. It eurea
•fralaa, lalaar, Mlf Jelefa.
raaatar, Raraaei aaraa, Haaf »»»•
taaee, Faat Mat, Beretr Waraa. keek.
■•Hew Kara, leraWlua, Wlal
raMa, lyaila, rarer, Rla|baa«,
M fearaa, Ml Bail, film, ape*
Jte Hakt aa4 amy walker allmaai
a wlalek UM aaeaaaata ef lha
KaMe aa4 Matk TaH are HabU.
A twentr-flre mat bottle of Meatman
taatanf Liniment baa often aawl a
rateable borae, a Ilia on crutcbra, of
ream of torture.
It heal a wttkaal a laar. It *o»i t»
ha Tary root of the matter, penetrating
rren th# bdfM.
It coraa everybody, and dlaappoteia
>o oaa. It baa baea In aUady uae for
core than twenty-flve rear*, a/.-i la

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