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Of the Day In Pithy Paragraphs.
Serious dooda have occurred in Ari
General Toombs is in exceedingly
poor health.
The New York apple crop is said to
be extremely light. t
General Sheridan will visit various
points in Massachusetts next month.
The Petersburg Globe ha* reappeared
under a new title as the Xrw Gazsltr.
General Noyee, ex-Minister to France,
arrived at New York yesterday morning.
Mrs. Gladstone, wife of Eagla&d'f
Prime Minister, is sutiering from a slight
attack of erysipelas.
Altnot the entire town of Gall, B. C ,
*in burned ye*t--rday. Loss verv heavy
and insurance very light.
The Emperor Francis Joseph has giv
en '20,00J dorms toward rebuilding the
Csetch theatre, burned recently.
The New Hampshire legislature yes
t *rday, killed the Marston excise bill
snd the bill tor purity of elections.
lue steamer City of Richmond,
which arrived at New Yorli tirri
don, yesterday, brought 960,000 In^Wn.
An aeronaut ascended from Montpe
lier. France, on Sunday laat, and has not
aioee be£n heard of. It is supposed he
was lost at sea.
In spite of the advance in the bank
rate, it is understood that souse further
sums will betaken from I.ondou for New
Yora, this week.
Sudden changes in the weather at
Quebec have bean severe upon hprse
tleeh during the past ten davs, and dis>
temper is prevalent.
State militia to the number o! ten
thousand have already given notice of
their intention to participate in the
Yorktown Centennial.
Miss Anna Harkness, the daughter ot
a newspaper carrier in Boston, has taken
the tirst prize as a violinist in the Paris
Conservatory of Music.
Grant's rejjiment. the Twenty first Ill
inois, will hold a reunion at Effingham,
September 19 to 21, and the General has
promised to be present.
The result of interviews by the Saa
Diego Sun with leading apiarists upon
I he subject of the honey crop of Caliior
niathis year is not encouraging.
Advices from St. Petersburg stat* that
Prince Gortschakod' seems perfectly
disinclined to surrender his diplomatic
activity and intluential position.
It is estimated that the Secretary of
State, Treasurer and Comptroller of Ten
nessee, will gee each about $20,00t> as
fees for refunding the State debt.
It now appears that the disaster at
tending the \u.l tiirht at Marseilles on
Sunday last, resulted in the death of 27
persous and the wounding of 30b.
i i> tKo im
negotiating for the Meem farm in Shen
andoah county, Va. It contains five
thousand acres, and is valued at 1200,000.
Thousands of hands will find employ
ment in securing within season the im
mense hop crop of the Puyallup, AV. T..
this year. The Indians are alreatlv an
ticipating the work.
Fx-Congressman Martin F. Conway,
of Kansas, who once shot Senator Pome
roy, and has long been confined in the
insane Asvluiu at Washington, was re
leased yesterday.
Surgeon tllwards. Mntttiewa.it
I'nited States navy, who has been sus
|H*n«led for intoxication, attempted sui
cide at Providence, U. 1., last night. His
recovery is doubtful.
Great preparations are making for the
Liod Leage Convention at Kewcauleon
the 29th mat. Justin McCarthy will
preside. Delegates from each brunch of
the League of lireat Britain will ha pres
George Smith, of New Brighton, fcta'.en
Island, who yesterday returned from a
four-year's whaling voyage, state* that
his boat c«pture«i ninety-five whales,
which made 2,>00 barrels ot oil. worth
about $71> 000.
The descendants of Henry Towie, of
Boston, have a set of chess nen prwent
»•) to him by ]<ouis Philippe, »h«J- t .e
future King of France was le:*-.-, >'
French for a livelihood in the capita; . f
New Eugland.
Fiftv thousand dollars of Muuie's
Suae debt fell uu > Tuesday, but owing
t »rhe Governor's retusal to nwtt with
the Council no warrant could bo drawn.
1 > prevent the bonds going to protest
the Treasurer personally advanced the
money to save the credit of the State.
The retnms of the five emigration
ageucies of Ontario show that for the
tirst six months of the current year 10.
0CH immigrants have settled in the prov
ince, as compared with M.142 for the
corresponding period of last ye-'r. For
1 h • seven months ending with July the
total number was 12,0tio, as ooyipa-ed
with 11.082 fur the cur respond inf iwriod
of last year.
cv.. nt- w>>«>lf or ten daw* a nuni
her of Chinamen have been engaged at
the Jacksonville, Oregon, cemetery ex
huming the bodies of dead Chinamen,
»>repar ifory to shipping them to the
Celestial empire. About fifty bodies
that have l>een burird five or six years
are being taken up, aad the bones of
»-aoh placed in a separate sack and la
beled with the name of the deceased.
These sacks are afterward placed in
l»>XfS— so many sacks to each dox—and
then they are ready to be shipped to
China. It is a ghastly process.
Had1 ah at 8t. Louu
St. Loris, August 19.—Edward Han
Ian, champion oarmsinen, who is to give
two exhibitions of hia skill as a scul
ler on Crerecoeur Lake, a short distance
from this city, Saturday and Sunday,
arrived here this morning and was re
ceived at the depot by a large crowd of i
Saratoga Baoea.
Saratoga, August 19.—First race,'
three-quarters of a mile: Constantiae
first, Patti second, Lillie K third. Time
l:15f "J
Second race, one and three-qusrMT
miles; Oriole first, Clan Alpine second,
Windrush third. Time 3.-08.
Third race, one and an eighth miles;
Xeufcbatel first, Mary Anderson second.
Hermit third. Time 1 :5M.
Fourth race, one mile; little Butter
cup first, Ella Warfleld second, Sir Wal
ter third. Time 1:42$.
Flaiated Beatsn by McKay.
Halifax, August 19.—The three nailes
with turn scull race between Plaiated
and McKay, was won by the latter by
three boats' length. Time, 22:4-4. -•
Workmeo for Um W. A L I. B. B. .
Nobwauc, O., August 19.—Two hun
dred Italians arrived in Caatle Garden
veaterday to work on the Wheeling and
Lake Erie. Work is rapidly progressing
in this city. The contracts from Nor
walk to Toledo have been let. Thirty
miles of track are now laid, and the iron
i) laying at the rate of nearly two miles
»d«y ^ t
rvserving articles are always appreci.
ated. The exceptional cleanliness of
Parker's Hair Balaam make* it popular
Urav hairs are impossible with its oc
casional use.
■ II ■ ■ I - - —■
■ ■ • i .. I S"
«<,-! A - . .J8> «' 1 V- •
Tbe AfFectionof tit Parotid Gfaid Some
v wlwt SiUJded—Xhe Pulse
Two Beats Lower—The Cause
of Dr. Pomerine's War
on the Doctors.
Everythiug Progressing Splendidly—The
President's Appetite Hsvenous-Feeds
Washington, August 19.—The Presi
dent has passed a splendid day. He has
rested well and had been without pain
of any kind. Dr. Bliss said at 9 o'clock
to-night that he has never felt more con
fident of the President's recovery than
WyHBKl Dim rtTwWl rUTOIUci a Ul V, BilU
the President expressed really no an
noyance from it. Said Dr. Bliss: This
difficulty has been overcome sooner,
than we had any reason to anticipate.
Usually these
Swellings Continue for Several Days,
but we seem to have subdued
the indammation already. The
President has not complained of the
swethng tod»y. As to bis stomach it is
doing admirably- 'Hie President baa
taken to day twenty-six ounces of nour
ishment. This consisted of koumiss and
of gruel which was made by Mrs. Gar
field. The gruel, I believe, is made of
corn meai, milk, and something else.
The President is very iond oi it, and it
is very grateful to him. He calls for it
oiteu, and
Mrs. OarHeld Prepares it vytn tier uwn
The President says she has often made
it (or hiiu when he suffered with indi
gestion. and that she know* just how to
season it to his taste. Beside the twen
ty-six ounces of food taken in the stom
ach we have administered twenty ounces
of nourishment by enemata. This con
sisted *of beef extract and the yolks of
four eggs. This makes
Forty-Six Ounces 3f Solid Food,
the Piesident has taken to-day, more
than he has taken during anv one day
for three weeks. His wound is healing
rapidly. We can see that it is closing
up and it is ao longer a drain upon his
system. The President now has regular
spontaneous actions of the bowels. The
character shows that the food was well
digested. He was progressing finely at 6
o'clock a. m., and hi8 pulse was 96. lie
WHS sleeping nicely. His skin hat not a
break upon it and it feels soft. He no
longer has exhaustive sweats. He
iPerapired a Little When Sleeping,
but not enough to indicate weakness
The President expressed himself to-day
as feeling better. This afternoon he
asked, "Where's Bliss, I want bun to
five me a bath." He meant th«t he
wanted Dr. Bliss to sponge him off.
Dr. Bliss says the President has
not lost over sixty pounds, and
wnSft?not%uppo«c>a(liat Ke'hadTost
that much tlesh as his beard concealed
the thickness of his face. Bliss says,
too, that the President is not so weak as
is generally supposj<1.
The President Feeds Himself,
and when he drinks water-he takes the
glass in his band, raises it to his lips and
-lriuks without any difficulty. The
President is undoubtedly better to-ni<ht
than he was this morning. His wound
is not discharging much, but
all the p.ns there is flows out.
All his surgeons are now full of hope.
They say they feel that the worst danger
is over, because the weakness of the
stomach has been overcome. The only
thine necessary to build up the Presi
dent's strength is that he shall be able
to lake aud digest food and this he is
doinir- He now calls for his food regu
larly and often asks if he cannot have
more of Mrs. Garfield's gruel. This feel
ing of confidence prevails everywhere
now. _______
With a Remedy for the President's Ail*
ment—Snatched and Placed in an Insane
Washington. August 1(».—Another
crank appeared at the White House this
morning about 7 o'clock. She was a
handsome woman, vonng looking and
gave her nam** as .Mary Louise Kemin
ger, of Brooklyn, X. Y. She says her
father aud mother live at 554 Broadway,
Brooklyn. She stated that she had come
from Paris especially to cure the Presi
dent; that she left Paris 40days ago, and
must see the President before 9 o'clock,
as she could cure him immediately. She
sat down on thecopingof the iron fence
around the White Ibfclse near the gate
and when a crowd surrounded her a
policeman ordered her away. Shequick
I v r'plied that she was not doing any
harm, and that the officer had better
•>nier- the crowd away. When told
roald not enter the sate, she gave
a small locket, very badly mashed, to a
gentleman s'anding near, and asked
him to carry it to the President at once;
that he would recognize it and order her
instant admission to his bedside. The
polite took her to headquarters, from
where she was sent to the government
insane asylum. W hileat headquarters,
it was ascertained that she was pecu
liarly drees*). About her waist $he
had on the upper part of a bathing snit,
which she said she got at Manhattan
Beach several days ego. She took off a
fancy made shirt, and then it was Been
by the officers that she had on the cos
tume of a ballet dancer or variety ac
tress, with silk stockings and tancy slip
jwrs. She says she is married, and that
Her hnsband is foreman of tire company
No. 17 la Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it
fe believed that elie is a variety ectresd.
bba waft not at all violent
Caused by Being Kicked Out of tne
White House
Washington, August 1#.—Dr. Bliss
says that I>r. Pomerine, of l>hio, who
was surgeon of General (ia> field's regi
j ment during the war, came here soon
! after the President aa* shot and asked
to be admitted to the President's room
I to see the patient. Bliss says he reulie.1
that it could not poeaibly do the Presi
dent any gosal te let Pomerine see him,
aad migfct do harm, bat lie promised
Poaierine toaubmit his request 'to the
other surgeons; that he did so
and they flatly refused to
assent to permitting any visit
from Pomerine. Dr. B.ies rep jrted ihla
decision to Pomerine a day or two later.
Savs Bliss: Dr. Pomeriue went to the
White House, went through the recep
tion roam ap etaiiaaml slipped into the
Praaidtat^B room while his surgeon*
were ab«Mt from the room, aiid that
while Pomerine was beside the Presi
dent talking to him Dr. K-yburn enter
ed the room, and very peremptorily in
vited Pomerine to leave B las savaPjm
erine sneaked into the President's room
after having been refused admission, j
and because be was turned out be h>s
since assailed tbe President's surgeons, i
Sympathy of the Armenian* of Turkey.
Washington, August 18.—The follow
I Jo* communication has been received
train tbe Patriarch of the Armenians in
Mk. PixsiflxHT:—Providence, which
watches over the days of virtuous men
in tbe service of tree countries, has
saved the illustrious President of tbe
United States from the cowardly attempt
against bis life. As a servant of toe
Armenian church, who prays daily for
all the chiefs pf Christendom, I hasten
to express to you my most sincere felic
itations as a representative of the Arme
nians of Turkey. I am happy to avail
myself of this occasion, Mr. Pres
ident, to be tbe channel of conveyance
to you of the sentiments of high ad
miration which my nation feels for the
government and people «f tbe United
I State®, a government which realizes all
I the dreams of the friends of liberty, arvd
a people whose philanthropy obey thfc
highest precepts of religion and moral
destinies yonsonoW? ran, and praying
the All Powerful to hold your precious
life in His keeping,
I have the honor to be,Mr. President,
Your bumble servant in tbe
Lord Jesus Christ,
[Signed.] Abchhishop Xkrkes,
Armmian Patriarchate.
The 8anitary Condition of the Minaion
to be Improved.
Exscitivb Mansion, August 1!»—At
the invitation of Col. Bockwell, Com
missioner of Public Buildings and
Qronndb, Col. Waring, and bis assistant
from Newport, R. I., acknowledged ex
ports in sanitary matters, are now in tbe
city for the purpose of making a thor
ough examination of the sewerage and
drainage of the Executive Mansion,
with a vie w of ascertaining what improve
ment is necessary to perfect its sanitary
The First Baport 8« va He Waa Borne what
Etkci-tivb Mansion, 8 a. Inform
ation just received from the sick room is
in substance that the President passed i
a very comfortable night but was some
what restless during the early part of
the night owing to the pain in the af
fected glands of tfie neck. This pain
subsided later, and afterwards the Pree
ident rested easier. His pulse is repre
sented by the physicians this morning
at about 102. No nausea or vomiting
occurred during the night.
Pulse 100 at 8:30 Yesterday Moralcg
Executive Mansion, August li), 8:30
a. m—The President slept much of the
night and this morning is more comfort
able than yesterday. The awelling of
the right parotid g!and has not increased
since yesterday evening and is now free
from pain. The nutritive enemeta are
still given with success and the liquid
food has already this morning been
swallowed and relished. Pulse 100,
temperature 98 4-10, respiration 17.
[Signed.] 1). W. Bliss,
J. K. Barn its,
J. J. Woodward,
Roh't Kkyburn.
F. II. Hamilton.
Beating Comfortably at 10 A. M
Everything is quiet about the White
House and the President is Baid to be
resting comfortably. He still retains
the nourishment which is administered
in small quantities at intervals. The
morning bulletin was received as an in
dication of improvement.
The 11 A. M. Message
Executive Mansion, 11 a. m.—The
President continues to do well. He
partakes of nourishment more frecent
ly and the quantity is being gradually
increased. His stomach oflers no re
sistance and the attending surgeons ex
press themselves as very much gratified
with the outlook. The inflammation of
the right parotid gland is gradually
Increraed Pulse at siood.
Execttivk Mansion, 12:30 h. m.—The
President's condition has }>erceptibly
improved during the last twenty-four
hours. The parotid swelling is entirely
diminishing and it has not paint d him
since lust evening. He is taking to day
an increased quantity of liquid food b\
the mouth, which is relished and pro
duces no gastric irritation. His pulse is
now 106, teroj>erature 98 8-10, respira
tion 17.
[Signed ] D. W.Buss,
J. K. Barnes,
J. J. Woodward,
Robt. Re y burn,
F. H. Hamilton,
The Message to Lowell.
Washington, August 19.—The follow
ing was sent this afternoon:
IjohvII, MinirUr, London:
At half past one this evening the con
dition of the President is better thau at
anv time during the past four days.
There is an increase of the hopeful feel
im? in regard to his recovery.
[Signed. ] Blaink, Sfrrrtarij.
Kvecing Bulletin.
Executive Mansion, August 19, 6:30
p. m—The President has been easy dur
ing the afternoon, and- the favorable
condition reported in the last bulletin
continues. The swollen parotid gland
has not been painful. His temperature
is the same and his pulse rather less
frequent than at this hour yesterday.
Pulse IW, temperature 100, respira
tion IS.
[Signed] D. W. Bliss,
J. K. Barnes,
J.J. Wood*ard,
Robt. Reybchn,
The Latest
Ejhttivk Mansion, 2 a. m —The
President i.us b -en wakeful iu the last
hour, but all is still again, and there
seems to be no reason why the rest oL ]
the night shoaM not b# so.
Big Day on CbangaaftChicaffo.
CBicaoo, August 19.—Old timers on
*Cbange say a hqpvier business was tran
sacted to-day than ever before in one
season. The excitement at the opening
wasiutense, and continued throughout
the morning, and up to one o'clock,
when the gong dispersed the crowd.
Th*> tendency was steadily up until
about the last hour, when, witn many
fluctuations, prices began to break, and
there was, at the close, a very weak feel
ing and lower figures.
Killed by a Pile Driver.
Detroit, A ugust 19.—A shocking ac
cident ooi-crred in tins ei y this after
noon. James Curlv, foreman for Raw
ler Bros., whfle engaged ib building a
wharf, was holding the pile to steady it
when the hammer descended before the
proper time, striking Curly on the neck
and smashing liim like an egg shell,
instantly killing him. The deceased
leavts a family.
Hfiry Damac» Bult.
BuAJuroftTAiM. O., August 19.—Mary
J. Critchfield has commenced suit
ag.iinst Iiesolve* 1 Critchfield, her father
in law, for $10,000. She claims that he
induced her husband to abandon her
self and child at St. Louis. Resolved is
rich and the suit will make a big racket.
Some Samples of the Correspondence the
Assassin Receives—One Wants Him t»
Lecture—Another Invites Him to
Texas—Another Sends a Pic*
^ ture of a "Hanging B*e."
: ——
BiU of Correspondence Beceived by Wm
Washington, August 19.—Guite>n,u
heretofore stated, has been engaged in
writing up his life, which he says will
make a book of about 500 pages, and
the episode of the other morning s jeme
not to h«v« interfered greatly with
work. In the paires he wrol* yesterday,
and which were handed to the officers,
be Bpeaks of "the late President Gar
field," and writeB of Mr. Arthur as
President of the United States. The
impression he has doubtless got from
the guards having been doubled and
the general aspect of the officers about
the jail.
The implement used byGuiteau turns
out, as has been stated, to be a "ehws
er," but instead of having been made
from a shoe shank, waa merely of
A Fiace or uorsei oprio*
about four inches long and three-fourths
of an inch wide, with a handle made of
paper wrapped with a common string.
It has one edge quite sharp. Mr. McUill,
the guard who was attacked, was a com
parative stranger to Guiteau, and has
not heretofore been brought in con
nexion with him. Mr. McCHII,
thinking from the appearance of
Quitean at the window that something
svas wrong, went to the cell and spoke
to him, and receiving no reply went in
juickly. Guiteau had been
Unusually JExcitad the Day Betore,
ind it is thought that not knowing Mr
Jill he became frightened and made a
ipring at him for his own protection
rom assault, and grabbed him. Guiteau
iemtjs having had the corset-steel at all,
)ut the officials are under the lmprei
lion that he had been using it jor some
ime for hie own ' purposes, and
teeping it out of sight. The
tenerally accepted theory is
hat the bed cots being steamed the
irst week of each month, at the
ast steaming when they were replaced
he cot froui some other cell in which
he cheeser had been concealed was sub
itituted for the one taken out. It is an '
•rdinary thiug to tind such things as 1
Inives Made of Shoe-Shanks and Corset
Steels 1
ibout the prison, for no knives are al- 1
owed the prisoners. Of coarse, when 1
ound such weapons are taken from the J
Since his incarceration there has been !
tothing seen by the jail guards to indi
ate that Guiteau would deatroy his life 1
iven if he had an opportunity, and the !
•ossession of the "cheeser" is not regard
d as auy indication that he intended to 1
ise it for any purpose exrent tn rleon !
[uite composed, and in his usual spirits. '
The Mail for the Assassin ]
iuiteau isabout equal to that of a Mein
>er of Congress. There has recently
ccnmulated about half a peck of postal (
ards and letters. So many come that it |
s suspected patties take this means of
advertising their business, expecting
hat their communications will be made
>ublic through the papers. Among the
joatal cards received recently are the
"Chari.ks J. GuirEAu: Will give you
v»00 per night to lecture after you have
lerved eight years in Dry fottuga*.
IVill advertise you as 'the great unhung,'
Will Not be Besponslble for the Capri
cea of Judge Lynch."
Another from Corsicana, Texas, is as
"Charlie,you hard hearted old villain,
[ wish you would come to Texas aud
;ry your hand on an old fogy we have
tiere. It woulu be doing a little good
for the evil yon have done to an inno
cent man."
Another, from Vincennes, Ind., has a
[>en picture representing "a hanging
hee," with the following: "To Eureka:
Bung Ooea the Trap and You Go to Hell "
Another represents a steam engine so
geared as to pull Guiteau, with ropes
attached to hands and feet. Guiteau is
represented aacrying,"Stalwarts,help:"
and on it is written: "You have no
board bill now, and I suppose you are
happy." The devil is represented with
a barrel ready inscribed: "Patiently
waiting; I'm corning."
Another has a collin inscribed,"Sacred
to the Memory of C. J. G., Assassin and
Villain,'' under which is "ChaB. J. Gni
tean's Proper Resting Place."
AUUlUOi iivui ,
15th oI August, 1881, id as follows:
"Comrade Guiteau: My heart swells
with emotion when I witness the perse
cution vou are compelled to endure.
You did my bidding nobly, ami verily
von shall have yoar reward such only as
1 am accustomed to bestow upon my
faithfnl agents. Should you need any
thing farther to render your present
condition more endurable I will send
seven legions of little black angels armed
with red-hot pinchers to make it pleas
ant for you. Yours until death, when
we will hare a happy reunion.
Sat as."
A Foetal Card Was Bece'ved from Qui*
teau'a aiktf r.
Mr?. F. M. Scoville, of Chicago. It was
received yesterday by Warden Crofker.
She wanted to inqnire about him, say
ing that the papers had ceased to speak
about him. This postal card was shown
to Guiteau last evening by Warden
Crocker. Guiteau said it was genuine,
and said: "Inform my sister that I am
well, ami am praying daily for the recov
ery of the PresHt-nt, ami that I regret
my deed. Don't Jet her know ot the oc
currence of this morning,as that is past,
and is of no consequence."
When District Attorney Corkhill was
here he visited him slraoet daily, gave
him a stenographer t« take down his
endless jumble of words and in various
other ways led Guitfau to think himself
an important personage. Hie picture
was tafcen and the wretch was sane
enough tojkuow it would be sought
everywhere, and this fed his vanity.
Since Col. Corkhill left, Guit»au, with
the exception of an occasional visit from
Warden Crooker, has been.
Treated as (he Other ^naoaera
He has been somewhat arrogant to his
keepers, but it did not change his treat
ment Some time ago he complained of
a head ache and ordered a band got for
it, which, not coming as promptly as be
thoopkt it ehould, be tore np hie pillow J
case for a bandage and as a pen nance
for the act bis next
MhI >u Made of Bread and W»ter, <
of which be complained to Warden
Crocker, ascribing that the value of the
pill*? caee should not be taken int > ac
count when it was made to relieve pain.
Finding be had sunk from his eminent <
position as an important State prisoner
to a common prisoner in the county
jail, the creatare doubtless devised the
attack upon the guard as an expedient
to attract public attention to himself. It
is to be hoped he may never know how
well the attempt succeeded.
The Sioux Give a Portion of
Their Land to the Poncas —
Red Cloud Wants a Part of
Sitting Bull's Band.
Washington. August 19.—The Sioux
and Ponca Chiefs mfet the Secretary of
the Interior and the Indian Commis
sioner again to dav about the transfer
of the land to the Poncas. Red Cloud,
speaking for the Sioux; said they would
give each Ponca family 640 acres of
land, and each Ponca without a family
160 acres; that the Sioux regard the
land as the property of the Poncas any
how, because it was their former reser
vation and they left it unwillingly.
Papers formally making the traasfer
wuru drawn up an J oi^ncJ. IVnJ OlOQQ
asked about 8itting Bull. Secretary
Kirk wood replied that Sitting Bull was
in charge of the war department yet
and the Interior has no authority over
him. Red Clond said the Ogallalias and
Brnles who surrendered with Sitting
Bull formerly belonged to his (Red
Cloud's) reservation, and be would like
to have them back. The Secretary said
he would assign the Ogallalias to Red i
Cloud and the Brules to White Thunder
as soon as provisions and supplies for
them can be sent to their agencies.
Execution of Charles Stockly for
the Murder of John Walker.
Rata via. N. Y , August 19.—Tlie ex
ecution of Chas. Stockly for the murder
of John Walker took place here to day.
The murder occurred on the 27th of
April last. Walker was ploughing in a
tield when Stockly deliberately walked
up and fired three shots at him, the last
one with fatal eflect. Stockly had been
employed by Walker as a farm hand,
find had sought, through Walker, the
marriage of his 16 year-old daughter,
Lizzie, but was refused both by the girl
■md her mother, and the only motive for
the crime was revenge. Since his con
viction the prisoner has feigned insani
ty, and at times acted like a maniac.
The Bailroad Kins'* Position,
Nkw York, August 19.—A gentleman
who enjoys excellent sources of infor
mation, owing, in part, to his official re
ations to various railways, says that W.
H. Vanderbilt has written a letter to the
presidents of the other trunk lines,
nhich has not been given to the public,
n which he presents a sort of ultima
urn. In this letter he states that the
•oncession of the "differential" rate in
avor of Philadelphia and Baltimore as
igainst New York, four years ago, was
lot intended as a lasting or permanent
irrangement. This is followed by an
irgument against the principle of
'differential" rates, and that its accept
ince as a finality would demonstrate
lis fitness to have charge of important
ind colossal interests. This informant
iays, further, that the remainder of the
etter is devoted to the question of
i reapportionment of the freight tonnage
•astward-bound from Chicago. Mr.
iFuisjgrbilt claims that the allotment by
;he LSKf
oads is not equitable in either ca9e He
lirects attention to the percentage
iwarded to the Grand Trunk, and says
hat the allotment is wholly dispropor
ionate to the facilities possessed by the
■oad and the apportionment to the other
ines, and in substantiation he quoted
:he pools reports to show that the Cana
iian company is now over forty ton6
short of its percentage. The letter, it is
illeged, takes ground, in conclusion, to
:his effect: That either the "differ
ential" principle must be revoked, or,
refusing that, the apportionment of
freight traffic from Chicago must be re
vised so to allow increased percentages
to the Michigan Central and the Lake
Shore railways. Under the present ap
portionment the Lake Shore received 2f»
md the Miclfigan Central 31 per cent, of
too whole.
Hoop Iron Manufacturer! In Conven
tion at Youngstown.
YorsfliTOWN, 0., August 19.— A meet
ing of the Hoop Iron Association, which
embraces all the leading manufacturers
of hoop iron in the United States, was
held at room No. 10 at the^Tod House
this morning at eleven o'clock The
following tirm were represented: kim
berly, Carnes A Co., Sharon; W llham
Clark A Co., Lindsay A McCutcheon,
find J. Painter A Sons, all of Pittsburgh;
Oartwright, McCurdy A Co., and the
Youngstown Rolling Mill Company, of
this citv. The association is officered by
James 'Cartwright, of this city. Presi
dent, and John L. Kennedy, of J. Iain
ter dtSons, Pittsburgh, Secretary. In a
talk with Secretary Kennedy this mom
in", prior to the meeting being held, he
stated to your representee that the ob
ject was merely to have a conference on
business matters, and not for the pur
pose of creating a l>oom in prices, as
there was a goo 1 market at present and
trade in a healthy condition. In re
gard to the importation of foreign iron
Kennedy said that little, if any, was
be in i.' brought in, as they could not suc
cessfully compete with American indus
try. The mating was * '"ost harmo
nious on*, and the inanuf icturer.lare
confident of a steady demand, which
insures constant work for their em
1 toub esome Bwito! m n
New Yofci, August 19.—John Abbott,
g*nera! passenger agent of the New
York, Like Erie and Western Railroad
Compaay, being asked if a strike
®f a serious nature had occurr<jd
a any point on the road, said: The
a tuation is this: Quite a number ol
switchmen in the Buffalo and Horne!lf
ville yards have quit work, and applied
for an increase of pay which the com
pany is not prepared to concede thera,
far the reason that they are beingpaiJ a
rate equal to that received by tbe same
class of employes on the New York
Central, the Pennsylvania and other
eastern railroad. As fast as the men
quit they are paid off and others hired
in their places. No disorder or inter
ference has occnrred, and while there
is some delay in passing freight trains
through the yards at Buffalo and Hot
nellsville, there is no detention to pas
senger trains. The Salamanca switch
men, who quit work yesterday, have
resumed this morning,
Bobbery at Wootter.
Wooirrca, 0., Aug. 19.—Last night
burglars blew open the Baft* ot Christian
Sorf. K«q , living on East Henry street,
securing as their booty f700ia currency.
Mr. Sorg is a wealthy retired farmer,
and bad bis safe in bis stable close by
bis house. It is supposed that tb« rob
bers secreted themselves in tbs stable
during the day, and when the fullness
of time had come went to work. Several
hundred dollar* is city bonds, notes and
other papers were taken out and scat
tered around the safe, but the burglars
concluded it' safer not to take them.
There is as yet not the least clue to the
I lucky cracksmen.
A Very Stiff Feeling for this Season of the
Year Reported In All Departments of
Trade—Information From New
York, Chicago and
Other Points.
No Cinn for Complaint.
New Yobk, August 19.—Business has
generally kept active (or.the season, the
continuance of the railroad war and the
consequent cheap rates bringlog in buy
ers in many lines of trado to the city
much earlier than usual. Merchants
iceuciaiijr aie oaueueu wun toe prospects
of the fall trade, and some large inter
ests are said to look better at this pe
riod than ever before. Jobbers of dry
goods claim a good business; that times
ire lively with them, and tftat they an
ticipate a large trade.
The grain market has been much ex
ited and prices have advanced all along
he line. There has been a large specu
ative business in all descriptions. Corn
-eached the highest price of the season,
md in oats there was a large advance.
Wool is in moderate demand, but hold
>ra are not inclined as yet to make sacri
ices, apparently feeling confident that
>rices art? low.
The demand for American pig iron
continues to increase. Business in for
iign iron has not been large. In bar and
date iron the activity atill continues
md the general outlook of the trade is
|uite an encouraging one. I
In coffees there have been but few t
Etrge operations and the market may be
aid to be quiet, not dull. In the mild- i
r grades prices were well sustained and i
here was considerable demand. The i
lilures of the week are few and unim- i
lortant. i
luaineu Somewhat HeUrded, but Never- I
tbeleu Qood. i
Chicago, August 19.—The week's hus- <
less has been somewhat retarded in <
tie rural districts by the uncertainty re- ]
arding the crops, and bv the terribly '
ot weather, which has at the sau'e time '
iscouraged traffic and travel and in- '
irod the corn. In tinanml circles in *
Jiis city there has been, however, an '
nprecedented activity, probably on ac- '
junt of the lively times on 'Change, k
he demand for money is brisk, but ®
lere is a little less than a full supply of f
mds, and rates are not exorbitant. i
he general trade shows no particular I
Building materials are active, at stiff
The best quality of dairy goods are
ery firm and in constant and active r
emand in and out of the city.
Fruits are scarce and high, with ready .
lie for good qualities. r
The chief interest was centered about .
«« "wp^iatlon J
i yafues' in all articles of trade,particu- ,]
rlv in grain. The trading at tirst was r
a ' the weather, which was c
msidered very unfavorable for e
le growing corn. Warm showers t
pgan to fall in the middle of the week, j
he condition of the President, which }
gured somewhat before, became the
lief feature that advanced prices, and
teach favorable bulletin there was a
:rong upward movement, \dded to .
lis is the undeniable fact that just at
le present the whole crowd inside and 1
utside the city who deal in options are j
long" on grain. The influence of con- !
nual orders to buy is «o strong as to be '
)r the time irreslatable, and
rices are now far beyond
'hat the clique who began the corner
rith wheat two or three months ago ex- '
ected to see. The corn market seems '
3 be the leading one. but no syndicate
i under it but public confidence and
uoney which cornea from evenr quarter
astead of coining al it ordinarily hap- '
>ens from a few plethoric money bags.
>ats aie following in the wake of other i
rain. Provisionn were strong and hiiih- <
r, but with many fluctuations. I*ard 1
lid not maintain its highest figures for
he week. A corner is s*id to have been )
tarted. Kye and barley are moving up
nd showing considerable strength. i
It has been the habit of the clique to
ix the price each day a notch higher
han the preceding day, and to refuse all
ettlements at a lower figure. A good
oany "shorts" have paid the difference 1
»ver and quit the deal. As might be
expected, these prices have brought
ibout heavy receipts. For four days of
he week the aggregate receipts were
1,615,000 bushels, which is somewhat
rreater than the tremendous receipts of
ast ^ear at the same time, when a big
Top" was pretty well assured. The
ihipments have not kept pace with the
■eceipts, amounting to3,258,000 bushels,
i far smaller aggregate than last >'» ar.
A Regular Boom.
Pittbbl'boh, Au/. 19.—BusinesH has
>«en decidedly active the past week in
til branches of trade, and particularly in
iron and petroleum. The iron market
a daily growing better. Orders continue
to increase, and the mills are running
sight and day. Prices are very still" an<1
manufacturers are sslciagthe foil card
rate of %2 30, while three months ago
many were selling aa low as fj. The
movement in g'ass is about the same aa
last week. Stocks are low, with the mar
ket stiff Manufacturers are anticipat
ing an advance. Petroleum ruled active
»nd tirm all week, with united certifl
cates from 75 to 81 j, which was the clos
ing figure* to-dav. Refined was fairly
ictive, and oearfy all the ref ueries are
in active operation, and some of them
are sold considerably ahead.
Fevensb and Unsettled.
B w.TiM >rk, Augnst 10.—The stock!
market the past week has been feverish
and unsettled and the volume of busi
ness small. Money was abundant, hot
obtainable only on the best collaterals,
and then at an increased rate of inter
est. All securities of doubtful standing
were lower, and there was no ilitp wi
tion to take hold of th<?w». Moat Vir
ginia securities declined. Indeed only
part of the due coupons held their own
until to-day, wbea they too declined.
There was a decHne in tbe exports
for the week, the total values having
been only fl,213.349, or more than half
a million 1msthan the preceding week.
Tbe grain trade was unsettled, but
prices advanced rapidly until to-day.
when the excitement'amounted to a
panic. Wheat wss acUve and the ad
vane* since Friday last apt* to-day was
M cents. The advance was regular un
id Wednesday, when tbe market weak
• led and tbe day showed a falling off of j
o te-half cent fro® Wednesday's prices,
bat yesterday it ran np three and a half
cent^ and to-day at the close an ad
vance of cants vh oflfsrad forapot
or $1 42 for options.
Floor, in sympathy with wheat, ad
vanced |2 daring the week on all fades,
though the high grades are now strong
er. Inere was laifely incroassd receipts,
bat the business wss not proportionate,
there hsvins been s very limited export
demand. The market for oats has
showed more vitality for some months
past and with largely reduced receipts
prices rapidly advanced.
The coffee market ruled very quiet
and steady to-day with more firmnee*,
but no change in quotations. There ia
very little of the best stock in first hands,
and the receipts were small, consisting
of s single arrival of 5,779 bags. Sugar
is dull and the market flat. The absence
of a large peach crop has kept the mar
ket down and there is no probability
of any conaiderable advance.
Tbe live stock market wa* fairly active
and prices a shade firmer for the best
beef cattle. Hoga were in fairaupply at
/all prices for corn fed, but grssaera
were not wanted except at a reduction.
Sheen and Umha wi»r« «hnnilan» ami
slow at the quotations of fast week.
TDc'iaJtiiiff or Tefltimony lte*
sumed—A Horrible Rrvclation.
Washington, August 19.—After a
long reocM the taking of teatimony in
the divorce case brought by ex-Minist-'r
Christiancv against bia wife, was re
sumed to tiay. Ambioje Follette, who
keeps a drug store, testified that in July
1876, Senator Chriatiancy visited bis
place and told him: He (the 8enator)had
operated on bis wife to produce an
ibortion; that she was suffering from
the effects of it and be wished him to
prescribe tor her. The witness objected
under the circumstances to doiug any
thing of the kind, and told the Senator
:oget a regular physician to attend her.
rhe Senator did not wish to do
.his, and Baid all he wiahed
.he witness to do was
o visit his wife and assure Mrs. Chris
iancy that she was in no danger. He
risited Mrs. Christiancy twice and on
he second visit he found her in conaid*
ible pain, and she complained of the
reatment she had received
it the hands of her husband. She
laid she had protested against the per
ormance of the operation, and the Sen
ior had insisted upon it and induced
ler to submit, telling her she would not
uffer any pain, but that now she was
>nduring terrible pains. Several times
luring the visits of tho witness she com*
ilained of her husband's treat
nent, but the Senator would always
tush her up, telling her to stop talking
nd all would come right. On the occa
ions of these visits the Senator tried to
saure his wife that the abortion was
igbt and proper, and there was no dan*
er in it. The only medicine he pre
cribed for Mrs. C wasan opiate, which
ie did at the time of making the first
ieit. The cross examination was i>ost
oned. _
'bo ".Lancet" on the President's Case
Lokdon, August 19—The JAim* this
reek says that President (iartieM's in*
reased debility anil persistent frequent
asVric imtatia has completely subsided
ml that the patient is able to take and
igest siliiable food then* will yet be
oom for ho|H? of his recovery. On the
ther hand, if the improvement record
d on Wednesday is not maintaine.1,
here will be a small chance of coinbat
ng successfully the extreme exhauatian.
V hero tbe Land League BubsorlpUons
Cams From.
IiONDox, August 11*.—In the Com
aons yesterday Chief Secretary for Ire
und Forster, during the debate oil the
notion to go into Committee of Supply,
tated that he had mad6 an analysis of
he subscription to the fund of the Land
^•ague, with tbe following result: Total
eceipta this year, £10,707, of which
:4,R0(J was from the Iririi World. Other
American subscriptions amount to
:4..r>4.", and there were from Oreat Brit
lin £81, ami from Ireland £ 102.
[•be "Times' on tho Failure of tho Com.
mercial Treaty
Lowoon, August 19.—The Tuna suy»
be failure of the negotiations with
Prance for a new commercial treaty
nilst result in a serious curtailment of
>ur trade with her. A good fifth part
A her foreign trade will be annihilated
jv her own act and along with it the
•ordialitv and good will which a proflta
>le foreign trade does much to establish
ind maintain.
Jlaim That tho Cornell'* Bold tho Baoo at
Lomdon. Aug. 19 —Cow lea, l.ewisand
Mien, of the Cornell Tniversity crew
:laim tbe other members of the crew| o <1
heir race with the Austrian crew at
Vienna on the 11th inst.
Iha Emperor Alarmed at the Kympatbjr
of tbe Army fjr the AllilliaU
Br.Bi.is. A u^uct 19—It ia reported
from 8t Petersburg that the Im[M-rial
family who, since their return to ftt.
Peteraburg, have been living at the Im
perial aumtner residence at Tsankoelo.
are paying particular attention to all
military matters. The Kmperor aeema
convinced that it ia necessary for him to
create b-tter relations between himaelf
»n<i the army, all th« more ao b< cause
the endeavor* of the Nibiliata an* win
ning over tbe sympathy i»f the army.
Gambsria's Chance* Waning.
F'akii, August 19.—(iambetta aeema
to kave abandon**! the idea of taking
office Willi the Chamber, lacking more
than evrr a ministerial majority and ia
more divided than ever.
Movements of B ataarok.
Bbuli*. Augost 19.—Bismarck only
paid a (lying viait to hie estate at
Tchoenhausen. He hss gone to Varzan,
where he will remain until January.
At New Britain, Ct -Loaa •46,000
Niw Brit at jr. Cr.t Augatt If.—A fire
in the Onjra! Block dsMsg*] the Mock
of Stanley A North, hardware, and Loo
mis, ahoe dealer, $4*>,000. Partly in
sartkl. _
Ho«(tt« Makea ai AnituatDt.
W ashixotox. Aoguat 19.— Capt. H.
W. Ho*/ate, through but attorney, to
day made an assign meat <»f all his prop
erty held in his name in lbs District of
Columbia, to Norris Peters, to protect
Peters as aarety on his bond of $40,000.
It it understood tbe bondsman will
qualify before Commissioner Bandy to
Patal Bailroad Accident.
CiactsffATi, August 19.—A Turn-Star
special Irooi Cbiliiootbe Bays: A freight
train on tbe Marietta and Cincinnati
railway ran agains*scow yesterday near
finmmit switch. Tbe engine was thrown
from the track. Tbe engineer, Paddy
Knrhendant, was killed, Rnoas
David Taylor was badly hnrt.
[ [Addiiinnl TtUgrttms on Fourth Page.]
Hooey Active at 3 to 6 Por ContHiovarr
meats Quiet and Firm—f.our in
Good Demand—Whoat Active
and Hifhor—Mofs Quiet.
lev Tort
Nxw You, Anguat 19.—Moor -At S
<?♦> per Mat per annum, and 1 1-6 por
cent per diem, closing at 3 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper [email protected] per cent
Sterling exchange, bankers' bills steady
at 481 J; demand at 483}. Dry goods im
port for the week $3,1 S3,000.
Silvir—At London &l|d per ounce;
bar silver here 1121J subsidiary allver
coin i per cent discount
Governments— Ouiet and Arm
ones, eiwaiiM loi v
N«w nrm- — "" ^
New rour-and-ono-hatn. coupons 1UV
Mew Foon.i'oupoea..- «... —lUS*
Railboad Bondo—Irregular on a mod
erate volume of business.
State Seccrities—Inactive.
Stocks—The market was irregular at
the opening, and the entire list soon be
v*n to fall off, the decline ranging from
|*r cent, the latter in Louisville
and Naahviile, which had,however, pre
viously advanced 0t per cent Toward
noon there was a recovery of per
cent., in which the entire list participat
ed, with the exception of Memphis
and Charleston, which aold down
to 4 t>er cent During the afternoon,
speculation wu feveriah and unsettled,
but pricee, in the main, tended upward.
First there was a decline of | to 1 per
cent., then an advance of } to -'J. Iai«-r
another decline of } to i, and at lb*
close another rally of | to 1| iter cent
The chief activity was in the trunk
lines aud coal shares. iMnver an«t Km
Grande, Western I'nion, Union l'aciti •,
Wabash Pacific, the granger properu •».
and Memphis and Charleston re«-overel
}H*r cent.
Transactions '.**.•9,000 aliatvs.
■ aw fork.
New You, August 19. -Cotton
Quiet Ht 12|(<iU2}c; futures weak. Flour
—Quiet anil iircn; receipts I M.Othl lMtrr«*la.
ex porta 3,000 harrela; Kiii>eiline western
and State f I 70(«V> 80; common lo good
extra fS 50 V5 A); good to choice $5 85(m
7 50; white wheat extra 60(a><« 50,
extra Ohio |B 50(^7 SO; Ht. Louie ft SO
(i>7 "»0; Minneaota patent nnxyai fo ,'x)
(" H 50. Wheat— Kxcitcu, feveriah ami
ufiffttle<I, 3f.<t0c hijfher; cloaing at l(«2c
advance; receipts 108,500 bushels; ex
{>orta 133,(XX) huahela; rejected apring
115; ungraded apnnufl 00(41 28; No.
2 Chicago $1 324(«H 31}; ator» $1 2rt(4
1 20}; No. 1 ililuth, to arrive, fl 40(4
1 42; ungraded re<l fl 10(41 40; No. 3
do fl 41(41 41}; No. 2 do $1 43(41 40,
ateamer do fl 4l(<fcl 41}; No. 1 red fl 4d|,
mixed winter$1 4I};2; ungraded whit*
fl 29(31 42J; No. .'1 do »l 28; No. 2
white $1 39; No. 1 do., sale* <»,500 huah
ela, at $1 4W4I 42; ateamer do f 1 31Vd,
1 3i»; No. 2 re.l aelier Annual, aalea 170,
000 huahela, at SI 421WI 4 .il.xay- •'
fl 43}; aeller October, aalea 1,024,000
huahela, at $1 43®1 4S}, closing at fl 461
@1 40; aeller Novetnl>er, aalea 248,000
huahela, at $1 40}<i>l 51; closing at fl 48,
■filer Deceuil>er, aalea 288.000 huahela,
at fI 48.V 1 5_'}, closing at f 1 50J. Corn
—Kxcited at 2(«»4c higher; closing with
leaa atrength; receipts 03,000 huahela;ex
ports 103.000 huahela; ungraded U»K«74c.
N'o. :i «[email protected]; ateamer 72c; No. 2 74(a)
74}c; No. 2 white 75(470c; low mixed
75(475}c; yellow 75c; No. 2 aeller August
71}(«w4|c, closing at 74; aollrr Septem
ber 73}(<i75.\ closing at 74}(474|; aeller
October 75(477}c, cloaing at 77c. Osta—
Kxcited at l(^3}c higher, cloaing weak;
receipts 105,000 huahela; western limed
43(«t47}c; white western 4HW>.'lc. Hay
—Demand lair and market tlrm at 5009
55c. Hops—Quiet and steadjr. Coffee—
Firm, more active: Kio cargoes, ordinary
to prune, quoted at I0(4l4fc; joh lota
10fo?14}c. (Sugar—Demand fair and
market llrm; fair to good refining 7(«k7fc.
Molaaaea—Demand (air and Arm. Kice
—Steady, lirm and active;Carolina and
Ixiiiiaana 4^«>7Jc. IVtroleum—Dull,
United 78|c; crude 0}(4~}c; retined 7|c.
Tallow—At M(?>7c. Koain—Firm an<l
unchanged. Turpentine— Firmer at 4<k.
bid, 45}c aaked. Ktfga — Demand fair at
18}(41Wc 1'ork—Demand activs; new
rueas quoted at fl8 12}(41H 75. lleef —
Quiet and steady. Cut Meat*—Quiet
and strong; long ciear fo 75; short Hear
f 10 00 Lard-Stronger; prime a team
fll 65(41107}. Butter—Firm for choice;
other dull at [email protected] Cheese—Demand
fair at 7f$llc.
Unic»Qo, August 19 — Floor—Ingood
demand tt full prices and unsettled:
ommon to choice western spring %\ 25
(%«i 25; do Minnesota H 50idfi 75; ps
if nth |7 0nCrt;7 7ft; fair to choice winter
wheat W OOfrj? 00; fancy f7 25; low
grades f3 00&4 25. Grain were all ac
tive at tit* time, excited, generally
strong and higher, but very unsettled
under encouraging Ksttero and cable
advice* Fluctuation* were hear/
• id frequent. Wheat—No. 2 Chi
cago spring 91 34 caah and teller Au
gust; fl 241(^1 24| seller September;
91 25j£l 20 aeller (October; fl 20{ teller
November; fl [email protected] 24} sailer y-ar,
Mies at f 1 34 caah and teller August;
tl 23^1 26 teller Heptember; II 24
($1 27i teller October; fl 24|<4I 29 sel
ler November;$l 22K41 teller year;
No. 3, fl 10T41 14; rejected 8Jc. Corn
—At 69Jc caah and teller Auguit; S3J<4
63|c teller Hepterober, 6&| teller Octo
ber; 65Jc teller November; 03ie teller
year; aalet of 1,214,000 buthelt at ft'i
caah tnd teller August; G2^.V aeller
September M<s>a4Je aeller October,
«i\.YmfA\c teller yetr; rejected flOr. Osu
—At 3yjc caah; 3U&30}c te> er Au*
ifust; .'WJc teller (September, 40^c teller
October; 40f«Mlc aeller November;
:*»: teller year; sales at 3»| teller Au
gust; 28jf<$40|c teller September; 39|
teller O.-tobrr. Kye—Strong tod bibber
st fl lO&l 12 Barley—Strong tod
higher tt Jf7®»7jc teller September.
Fie* Seed—Strong tnd higher; g-xxl
crushing at f I 32. Pork—8trwg, higher
and unsettled at 918 27 cttti;9I8 I0'<4
18 15 teller September: 918 &V$I8 40
•tiler October; 917 80 teller rear. Lard
—Strong tnd higher, bat closed lower
•t fll « cMh; fll Mdll»7| filrr
September; fll67|@1170 teller Octo
ber. Balk Meete— Moderately active
and higher; tboulder* f7 00; thort rib
9u »; thort clear flO 00. Whisky—
Active, firm and bigbcr «t f 1 17.
Totaao, Angoatlf.—Wheal—Exritrd;
No. 2 red spot fl 36J; aetlar Aogutt
fl 9ft; teller September fl 37|; teller
October fl 3»|i teller Dte—btr fl 46;
No. 3 red fl 99; amber Mlchigta fI 95.
Corn—Excited and higher; mixed 87c;
No. 2 aeller October 99<r, seller year tojc.
Qata—Momtoally nrrha—id
Pintail aua, Aagwet 19.—Petvoteaa—
Aetive ; Called tmlHielm firm tt
81 ic; rafiaed 7J« for Philadelphia de
tidditieati Sm** #« AwA A#fcJ

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