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Absolutely Pure.
■Thta Mm ruMli aarral «IMXIty.
u<i «bniwM ibnNMoaW
hi ordinary klu<ta. an« Mao« to «Ii la tamw
tiUM«tU U>e atltftad* at tow Ml, «kort
•tua m plMMptutfa po«d«n.
tMJ ooly ta em on. BOYAX KAtSSO KOWD KB
ca. nmtm.
Surgeon Dentist«
!>»»»>•■«> L M. noTl
Newcoods! Gr.at Bargains!
No Matter How Cheap Others Sell
we Positively will Sell
IIS A Malu Street.
Osr(ir«t Bargain.i are Always Spoken of.
Doubl« Width Cashmere« VJc, have been told at 25c.
Becttred thii wttk tventy five piece* Silks, (as
Black and Colored, Plain and Figured,
Warranted Pur« Silk,
S-V. Per Tard, a bargain lor "> c.,> We, tfc, VJc and
"Je U> tJ. O per yard.
Jersey >ilk, the very latent, Extra Ftae.
Satin», clack »ad C«.iortd, ->,*<>, j« and ~ cent-,
per yard.
Aa elegant U: e 01 Cashmeres, all rvlors,
Ueurieita cloth ai J Nan a Veiling.
Trecot Cloth ai.d Ottoman Bet*
Sat -ens, >e*r»aik.r», l'ereal»#,
I» tnghaoi*. ta»t co or-, (ire cent». Prints I a d S
re ta, &h.~ÜDg 3 cents, Cheviot« G, 7 and s crnU,
lui»!-« Knee ol Hamburg K igia^sau i Inierti n —
all o*er net.
indian Linen. Lawn, Saro^oo«,» »piendid aa»>rt
meut, tteeg-d». for 8 rents
t'uruln Net and La -« Curtain«, remarkably cheap.
Jeracyn-our Un* can ut be beat, and our pr.ee«
best every Noly's.
titovea, Bilk and Li«!e Thread. Hosi'ry, and Ne-k
wear in endlew »a/nty, kB t everyth.nc elsa that ii
ke|-t In a tint • iar* I ry t.oode and Notion Huuie,
you wlU find at price* astonishingly loc.at
Hsnrv Jacobs&üo.,
U04 Main St.
9m P. 8.—F«** do aol oar CARPETS *u \
• Iff ttlvCt 7,
L. S. Cood & Co.
-mother ca»<■ oi tho<e
Double Width Cashmeres,
All Color«, at 124c, worlu 20c.
Still better than what we sold pre
viously at $1 00, now only
75 Centa a Pair.
Ten Pieces Colored Silks, very de
sirable shades, at 40c per yard,
well worth 75c.
L, S. GOOD & CO.'S.
1181 Main St.
•«» TV» <»niT Hm» for F«npno< In ihe c >. » »
Vitalins] Air given and (««(h «xtn«rt»-d entirely
fr>* f*«xn pain Wiiimoo chiorofui m or ether id
u; oj/rraiiou.conaaquentljr fwueniJ *r* not «tnpt vj
du*B to ll* chair warn V iuiized Ali- ù taken
DRV JIOKKIttO*. IH'iillst*,
Telephone A iît n-ig»
Ose hucdiwl large Nose». a.1.75 per bot,
ililjMing l&jtsrtrr,
. Intlei to New AiivrrtlMBtaU.
B!auk Books—J. R Wilson
Election Notice—Economy Building As
For Sale or Kent—Small Farm.
Wanted—Book Agent
For Sale—Household Furniture.
For Rent—Daellinf.
Fancy Pitchers—twin»; Bros.
For Rent—Three Warehouses
For Sale and for R*nt—Dwelling«.
Magnolia I.aaadry Soap—McMechen Jt
Son—[ Local Page J
General Insurance Agents—Alderson A
For Rent — Furnished Room—[Local
ISyrnpTolo, Tar and Wild Cherry—R. H.
List—[Local Pag«.]
Following is the record made by the mer
cery as observed yesterday at Schnepf's
drag store: ? a m , 29; 12 m , 35; 3 p. m.,
32; 7 p. m.t 22.
Weather Indications.
Washisgtow, D. C, March 17—1:30 a.
■.—For Ohio Valley and Tennessee,
colder fair weather, northeasterly winds. I
rising barometer.
For the lower Lake region, colder, fair '
weather, westerly winds, rising barometer.
WE have ju»t reeelred a new
stork oi (told SperUrle*.
ieweJrr Cor. Twelfth a ad Market.
(■■parted Der« rated Pa reel al a
Tea Seta 0« piece*, tor £l«ht Dol
lar«. Stone Chlaa Set* »till lower,
»9« Harket Street.
Mf. JotepJt S. Miller Conirmad at
Revenue Commissi soar.
Th« Seventh Murphy Tempérance Meeting
—A Tremendous Crowd in
At'e dance.
The 8oard of Count/ Commissioners Take
Ninety Ballots fof Infirmary Director—
The Police and the 6amblers—
Tb« Ed ipse—Briefs
The confirmation by the Senkte of the
President's recommendation of Hon. Joseph
S. Miller to be Commissioner of Internal
Revenue, wasjreceived with the liveliest sat
isfaction by nil classes of our citizens, yes
terday. Go where you would, among Dem
ocrats nnd Republicans alike, one h sard
nothing but rejoicing over the event, and
every one spoken to on the subject had a
•ror J of commendation both for the E.tecu
live and tho ex-Auditor. And this feeling
of tatii faction aro?e from no o'her motive
than one of friendship and admiration for
bim who had been thus called to fill a high !
and responsible position ander the general ,
government. Mr Miller, although a young !
man, is eminently qualified for the office be
stowed upon him; his public experience hü«
been varied, his public duties always credit
ably («rformed, and he will, without doabt,
administer the affairs given in his charge
with honor to himself and to hio State.
The office ot CommLnione; of Internal
Revenue is one of the beat within the giftof
a President, the paironage to be dispensed
being very large Chief among the offices,
tobe filled by the Commissioner are twenty
revenue agents a', a salary of $2,500 and
expenses each. These agents comprise the
personal staff of the Commissioner, and are
charged with the supervision of the entire I
revenue collections of the country. Next in J
importance comes the large force of clerka,
some two hundred in number, employed in
the Revenue Bureau. The*e clerkships run
from #1,200 up. In addition to these, the
Commissioner recommends to the Secretary
of the Treasury for appo'ntment all tbe
storekeepers and guagers in the United
States, many hundred in number, which po
sitions pay about #1,200 per annum each
It «ill thus be seen that the office which
bas fallen to Mr. Miller is one of great im
portant—the best, in fact, ever held by a
West Virginian—and the friends of the
appointee refer to the fact with the liveliest
ratisiaction. Mr. Miiier, although but
thirty seven years ot age, has achieved a
large measure of success in public life.
Educated at the Ashland, Ky., law school,
his finit position in public life was to till the
clerkship of the Circuit Court in Cabell
county, in lHtj'i, which office he retained
until 1873. In the fall of 1872 he wa
further elected clerk of the County Court
and succeeded to the duties the fo'lowin?
year. That office h< continued to hold until
1875. al.-o being a councilman for the town
of Barboursville, from 1873 to 1S74. In
1*72 he »as elected clerk of the State Sen
ate, serving down to 187C, when ha wa?
nominated for and elected State Auditor,
being reelected in 1HH0 for the term which
so lately ex fired. #
The Seventh Meeting, and What «at \c
roDplUlinl Thereat.
__An o!d time audience, in numbers, aaci
one which bad evidently determined before
hand to make up for the lack of enthusi
asm remarked by some at l&at week's tea
peresce meeting greeted the return of
Mr. Francis Murphy, at the First Uiptia?
church, last evening. Every available sea'
in the large church was occupied, and stand
ing ro<ni h as at a premium on the piaf
form, all along the aisles, and away back
under the gallery. A careful estimate
placed the total number present at thirteen
When Mr. Murphy came up the aislo h^
was gr*eted with a hearty round of ap
platse, for which, on reaching the pla'fortn
he returned thanks lie said it waî the
tirst deironstatiou of the kind he had met
with during the entire progress of the meet
ines, and warned the audieace to be care
fol, or they might not get rid of him. The
choir and audience united in singing
the hymn "All hail the power of Jesus
came, after which Mr. Murphy read a se
lection from the Scriptum, -commenting
upon it as he went along. Praver was ot
ft red bv Kev. Mr. Shott, and then Mr. Mur
phy led forth, one at a time, Re? Mr Hite
Kev. Dr. Smith. Rer. Mr. Shott, Rev. Mr
McColIum, of Fairmont, Rev. Mr. Darier
of BeaiUville, 0.. and Mr John Wood, each
of whom made brief remarks, and all of
whom were greeted with round after round
of applause.
Air. .Murphy theu ;>egan his address, bv
likening the revival of the temperance work
in wheeling to the spring time which was
now breaking its way wi;h difficulty through
the long, cold and dark winter. There had
be«n a long aud dark winter of intemper
ance, and it was time we should be catch
ng a breath of the coming tenporance
breeze, and bo seeing here and there a
glimpse of the budding flowers and sprout
ing grasses of heppine*« and prosp^ritv
which always accompanied the reformation
he wa." preaching here and elsewhere
It was a common remark with men who
had formed the habit of drinking, that they
were able to take care of themselves and did
rot waut any one to interfere with them
they were freemen and believed in personal
liberty. And _»et, if you should get up early j
in the morning, along about five o'clock,
you would, perchance, see some of thos*
men loitering along the sidewalks, and
could yon read their thoughts you would
hear, over and over açain, I wish they'd I
open, I wish they'd open'—and when
' they did open, what a rwh they would !
make tor the bar, and how quick they would
get outiide of a glass or two of whisky
freemen, indeed! Thev wer* slaves the
most pitiful in all this world. They could
not stay in bed, they could not stay in the
house, until they had their regular morning
drink of liquid fire, which would, sooner or
later, drag them down to eternal death !
l.cx(uentlv he pictured the obscure rise,
early struggles, brilliant public career and
immortal work of Abraham Liacoln and
yet men would say they could accomplish
nothing; they were not equal to certain
tasks coming before them id the battle of
h.e. No man knev what could be done
onti! he threw his manhaod and enthusiasm
into the work lie alluded to the frequent
strikes of workmen sgunst capital, and
tnought the better plan would be to let
capiial alone and strike against whisky, for j
a change—»trike against whisky, and arbi
träte with capital—and the workman and |
the workman s family would be far better
oft^ He knew a man. not very far from
heeling—an *on worker—who made $30
• be was a man with a genius for in
rention wluch should and would have pUced
him and his family in afluence, but for the
inappeasabie passion for rum With $il)
a week that man's wife and children were
in absolute destitution, and neighbors, with
an income of but one-third that sum were
obliged to carry food and medicine to his
wife in order that she might not suffer.
His children were in rags, the laughing
stock of their playmates, and all this be
cause of wh»sky. The man who would con
tinue on in that way. with his wife a sufferer,
and lus children exposed to the gi>*s aud
of companion*, was n a worth? of the
name, J {
He appealed to his hearers in a brilliant
peroraiTon, to hare faith in God and to do
tie right. Over this city, he said, hun '
the eternal ensignia. the pillar of cloud bv »
day and the pillar of fire by night, and oat
öftrem came the inspirt-d word*: "Go for
ward. and the sea shall divide before ihee "
Come from beneath tfco shadow ot intemper
orce and all the manifoM evili which w*nt »
hand in hand with it, and stand forth in
the sunlight of piety, of temperance, of
abondance and of happiness. }
Signers to tie pledge were theo caNnd ;
for, and about fortj me* responded, each
new convert being greeted with bad ap- !
plauae and clapp oß ot hand;.
An Xditor Intimate* that He Know* Sm*.
thing, and U Invited to Dlrulf«.
The editor ot the Intelligencer is the
proud possessor of what Mr. Murphy would
call a convenient memory. For many !
spoons, under the administration ot the lato- t
ly retiring Republican Chief of-Police, gam- |
bling in almoot all its various forms Sou:- 1
ished in Wheeling as it never flourished be
fore; every citizen, from the tough man
about-towu to the preacher in his pulpit, and
from the Chief of Police to the newsboy, in- j
eluding the editor afoseaaid—yea, eren the '
very dogs and cats and street car horses— |
was aware of and commented wonderingly
upon the activity of thegamoling fraternity !
and the boldness and assurance which the ;
knights of the green cloth displayed, bat
never an intimation came from our Repub- !
lican contemporary that the Republican :
Chief-of Police was not doing his whole
duty. As this Republican administration I
neared its end there seemed to be a quiet !
determination on the part of the gamsters to j
"work the thing" for all it was worth, and
with the advent of cold weather a vertiable i
gambling boom seemed to have struck the !
town. The demand for cards and checks 1
was unprecedented. Stud poker became •
the rage, and gambling room alter gambling !
room was opened—«ome ot them sparsely
and poorly furnished, and others arrayed iu
gorgeous magnificence. But ' nobody said
nuthin'," and the boys labored in sveet
Bv anl-bythe Republican Chief ofPolice
stepped out* and his Democratic successor
stepped in. The new administration at
once made its mark as a most efficient one,
the city having been better policed than
ever before, and more arrests made for ser
ious offenses in the first six weeks than in
sny corresponding period in the previous
four years. Suddenly, however, ths editor
ot the Intelligencer remembers that gamb
ling exists in the city, and without stopping
to think either of under what circumstances
it had its growth, or that the new police re
gime should have a fair chance, he proceeds
to haul Captain Smith over the coals for <
deerliction of duty. We, with p'easure in
troduce that gentleman, who will speak for
himself in reply to the charges preferred
against him:
WitEELtNo, March 16, 1883.
r.'ditor oj Register:
Since tie election of a Democrat Ser
geant the editor of the Intelligencer has
been seized with a sudden attack of virtue.
He has become censorious and now dis
covers mare's cents where formerly every
thing bore the color of the rose and was
entirely and altogether heavenly. The
virtues and vices of the city are to day just
what thcy were under Capt. Bennett's ad
ministration and during that time the editor
had naught but words of praise and eulogy
tor the Captain and his police force The
editor not onij endorsed the Captain
through his editorials, but voted for and
urged the election of a Chief who would be
yond doubt have retained a large portion
of Captain Bennett'h force.
The undersigned is new to the office and
has hardly as ytt had an opportunity to fully
a certain whether four years of Republican
rule has ltd to a frightful state of aQ'airs or
not. So far aa any comment made by Mr
liart on the condition in which Captaiu
Bennett left the morality and de'.-ency of the
city would indicate, that state of morality
and decency must have met with Mr. Hart's
concurrence and endorsement
If not. why did not Mr. H. apeak out and
read the riot act to my worthy predecessor?
I can vouch for it, that if morals have not
been improved in my six or seven week?
tenure of office, they are certainly no worie
thiiu th«»y were upon my entry into office
If they are no worse to-day than upon my
entry into office, why should Mr. Hart single
me out fora'tack when he thought the same
matters under Republican rule wete all
right? I desire to enforce all of the city
ordinances so far as the matter of enforce
ment falls wi hin my province, but it is uot
my duty until evidence of the viola
tion of a law is before me to enact the
role of either u prosecutor or percecutor. I
Mr. Hart has any information that gatnb
ling heils are in fall blüst and wiil come be
lore Clerk I'arrah I make affidavit to thf
same, giving the name« and location of »ht
uarties, I think that Mr. 1'arrah will give
him a warrant, and I know that the Ser
kteant will do his duty. I have no doubt
that Mr. Parrah will issue a warrant at the
instance of .any responsible or reliable per
son who will make the proper affidavit.
It is my desire to enlorce the law and
do what I can to protect the morals of the
ctty, but at the same time no one cau ex
pect perfection from a new sergeant who
has had hardly sufficient time to familiarize
nimself with all the current wickedness. In
the meantime I hope that so good a conserv
ator and guardian of the public morale a«
Mr Hart will not attack me wantonly and
maliciously through the public prints, but
will be so kind as to point out those haunt»
of wickedness which may escape
my knowledge through the proper
channels—that ip, affidavits. lie
will always find my office open and an
officer rtady for duty. I also hope that the
' police badges" will rot cost him any un
easiness, and tha' h* will njt harrow up his
slumbers with fevered dreams or undue rest
lespntss. Mr. Hart is a truly good man,
and we all know, a pious editor. Will he
nor grant me a little claiifj. aud not be so
quick to censure, atil so ready to criticise?
Respectfully, etc.,
Porter Smitj.
hoard of commissioners.
Muety Kallut» for ïuliromrj Director, an«!
No Election.
Yesterday was the day set apart by th^
Board of County Commissioners for the
election of s Superintendent of the County
Infirmary, and the contest turned out to be
one of the most exciting in the political his
tory of the county. The Board was called
to order by President Woods at eieren
o'clock,ail the members being present excep
CcmmisMoner Prince. When the object of
the meeting had been stated, the clerk read
a telegram from the absente«, who was down
the river with his boat, saying that he could
not possibly reach the city before noon, and
requesting a postponement of the election
until 2 o'clock.
To this the Board agreed, it being desira
ble to bave every member present, and the
Board accordingly took a recess until that
On reassembling the list of candidates
was read by tbe clerh as follows: James
Maloney, William Gaston, J. H. Emblen
John S. Creighton. F. Grübler, James
Creighton. W. B. Luken?, Charles Exley,
Thomas Mevera, James Robrecht, M. Smith,
D. W. Stephens, Michael Schwin, George
Ilervey and A. S. Radford.
There was a large crowd in the lobby, and
before proceeding to a ballot, on motioa of
Mr. Boring, the room was cleared of all bat
members and reporters
The roll was then called on the first bal
lot, as follows: Borinç, for Maloney; Del
bnigge, for Grübler; Maxwell, for Gaston;
Nichols, for Emblen; Peterson, for Grüb
ler; Picket, for Maloney; Prince, for James
Creighton; Stein, for Meyers; Stoker, for
Meyers, and Mr. President, for Emblen.
I ben the balloting; began in earnest. On
the fourth ballot Mr. Stein placed Barney
Shanley in nomination, and things went
along swimmingly until the twenty-fourth
roll call had been announced, » hen a recess
of fifteen minutes was taken. On the twen
ty-fiflh and twenty-sixth ballots but eizht
votes were cast, two of the members being
temporarily absent
On the twenty-eighth ballot Mr. Radford
received ihe six votes necessary to elect, but 1
bef«re the result was announced Mr. Bering
changed hia vote, and one candidate's hopes
were temporarily blasted. Ballot aftëï bal
lot succeeded until the result of the sixty
sixth had been announced, when Presideut
Woods made another nomination in the
person of Mr. W. J. Brown, of Elm Grove, j
*ho, on the next ballot, received three
When the serentr-fifih ballot had been '
taken the Board at 5:40 took a rece*i nnttt I
1 o'cJock
The Beard reassembled at the appjinted '
hoar, and the maie oM wearisome roand
«il resumed. Occasionally a candidate
«ouId «core five vot»-», bat invariably, on '
the meet*ding ballot he would turn op with ;
• blaak, the Commisnioners apparently '
each voting in rotation for every candidate 1
in ihe field, and finally at 9 o clock, when
the tight} ninth vote had been taken, on j
motion of Mr. Delbrugee, the Board ad
journed until this morning.
The eighty ninth billot stood: Brown,
4; Radfoid, :t; Lukena, 1; Grübler, 1; Ex- '
Another Ohio Man OeU Him»elf into
Trouble, bnt Not Politic*!.
A notice was received at police headquar
ters a day or so ago to be on the lookout for
a man, describing him, who stole a horse J
and buggy from Zanesville, Ohio, on Friday ;
lut. fcarlv vest» rday merging a man came i
to town and drove op to a saloon on Market i
street to take a drink. It happened that '
the officer on this beat was the only one an- '
informed aboat the affair, and he talked to
him lor seme time, when the man got in
the buggy and drove toward (he North
End Shortly afterwards the officer was in
formed of the matter, and he immediately
wtnt in teareh of the man, whom he sus
pected of being the thief. He was not
found until about 6 o'clock yesterday
morning, when Officer Watson discovered
him in the toll house and arrested him The
horse and buggy were found in the North
End under an old shed where it had been
driven by the man. À warrant <was sworn
out for bis arrest before Justice Phillips,
who sent bim to jail for ten days to give an
officer from Ohio time to get a requisition
from the Governor of that State. The man
is well known, he being sentenced some
lime ago at Parkereburg for stealing chick
ens liom residents along the Ohio river.
His name is Doc Campbell, and on Friday
last he hired the horse and boggy from 11
L. Grubb, a liveryman, of Ztnesville, Ohio, j
whose son, in company with two officers,
tame-down and identified the property. The
officers will return to morrow and take their
man home with them.
Barq'.iet Tendered Helmont Lodge K. of P.
by Baltimore Lodge.
Last evening Belmont lx>dge No. 101 K. of
P. of Bridgeport, 0., paid a f -aternal visit to
Haltimore Lodge No. 6 and assisted them
in the ceremonies ot initiating Beveral new
members, third degree. At the conclusion
of the ceremonies the two lodges repaired to
the Arlington restaurant, where an elegant
and appetizing banquet was spread for their
edification. All sei to with a hearty good
will and made the good things disappear
right and left. After all had done justice to
the eatables and drinkables, cigars were
I ghted and l>r. John E. Smith, who, by the
way, is one of the original founders of the
orderof Knigblsof Pjthias, was called upon,
and made a very pretty and eloquent little
ppeech illustrative of the benefits of the
order. Mr. Chris. Siebke followed in a short
address, and he was succeeded by Messrs
üapgs and Martin of Belmont Lodge. The
congenial assemblage then passed the bal
ant e of lie evenine in varions ways, enjoy
able to the male heart. The banquet
was given complimentary to Belmont
Lodge, nnd they appreciated it very highly
Ihe Order is fJoun«hing all over the coun
try, and Baltimore Lodge, especially, is in
rcasing rapidly in m»mbershi[> and itiflu
erce. The founder, of Baltimore Lodge,
whose name slipped our memory, made a
very pleasant little address, also.
A MUernble failure in This Vicinity.
'1 he partial eclipse of the sun, extensively
edvenistd by almanac makers as sure to
come iff yesterday, was a very snide affair,
and if pcor Artemus Ward had undertook to
-xlibit it in his open top tent the audience
■»ould have arisen unanimously and dé
niai.ded 1 ack their money. The phenome
non v as to have gotten under wav shortly
after twelve o'clock, but we are compelled
to thke tie astronomer s word for it. Tneskj
*as thickly overcast with clouds, when noon
came, and despite a carefu' observation
made by an Intelligencer reporter through a
! eer gla.'s, the face of old Sol could not be
seen. About an hour later, however, a
fleeting glimpse of the son was obtained, its
disc boing then about two fifths obscured.
The eclipse 6nded about three o'clock.
Many people contracted permanent "cricks"
in th«ir necks from persistent endeavors to
atch a sight of the affair through th<
louds, ana a legion of amateur local
»•ttronomers were immensely disgusted a'
the flat failure of their attempts at observa
t ons. _____
"only a woman's iikart."
T1 is piece, which will bo presented at tbt
Opeta House th s evening, to morrow after
coon and to-morrow evening hns been uni
for m'y well spoken of wLerever played.
Following is the cast:
Hojcr, a citizen of the world Mr. Newton Heers.
m i Li' Saliaburjr, a banker Mr. Brace Hayes
Statt Make, the Judge's nepkew,
Mr. Willjrd Hrigham.
\V»lt»r Osmoad, H»ttie';> l*tiolhei,
Mr. llarry Vaughn
'V i(ü,ic.-, Bogt r'a companion—.Mr. lio*ard James.
Pe»e»tive ^ocda.nt l'inkerton'«...Mr. J. W. liai ted.
.' ;.t!ic tuiitbuiy, the J udgtVa daughter.
Mias Mario Mario.
> r>. Sal'«hu»y, the Judge'a wife.
Mi* r.jtnM Maynsr.i.
t itcher, i oosemald Mis» Marion IVrev.
I'my Joii«t>, holer's little protege ..Misa i'ltie Si<sou.
Thos. Garrett, an old and reliable dra
matic critic, of the St. IiOuis Republican,
says: •'Beers shows an artimc feeling aod
displats snch skil ful treatment of tho situn
iot that proves him at once a piwerfu'
act« r."
"For a Life" at the Academy of Music
I» st nicht was greeted by a fair audience,
(he play is a first class oue and the ap
plat fe and encores were numerous. The
.4cgs, Hector and Hero, are
s?rtat and they received their share
by applause. The company is r first-class
one and all should see the piece- It will be
given to night, to-morro* night and mati
ree, and 1 h and ay night "Sentenced" will
be on the hoards.
Transfer of IUhI
The following transfer ol real eslat° was
admitud to record yesterday:
Deed made March 16, 1885, by H. M
Hut-tell, W. P. Hubbard and Alfred Cald
»eil, opfcinl commissioners, to the Bank ol
'he Ohio Valley, in satisfaction of two suita
in chancery decided February 22. 1K33, in
one of which A. J. Sweenev & Son, and
others, were plaintiffs and Thompson A
Hibberd, and others, were defendants; and
the otfcer in which Thompson A Hibberd
«ere plaintiffs and the Wheeling Grape
Scpar Refining Company defendants, for
lots Nos 21, 22, 2o and 24. in square 18, in
that part of the city of Wheeling formerly
called Ritchietown, together with all the
builcinga, appliances and appartenances
thereunto belonging Compensation,
B«lva Lockwood In Town.
I îel va Ann Lockwood, the defeated can
did&te for the Presidency, passed through
the city yesterday, taking dinner at the bt.
James, on her way to Marietta, where she
lectured last night. A reporter caught her
just as she was stepping on the cars, and
in answer to interrogations as to whether
•he would be a candidate for Presidential
honors ne.xt time, she said that she would,
and started to give the scribe a few points
on woman's righta when the conductor
shouted "all on board," and the train
whirled swiftly away, and the hat being
seen of Belva she was waring an adieu
with her parasol.
A Mean Man.
To show how contemptibly mean some
men are, the following instance is cited: A
tramp applied at a boarding house kept by
a widow woman in the Sixth ward yester
day and asked for something ro eat The
landlady gave him a lunch and he then
asked for coffee, and she informed him the
had none. This riled him, and he asked
for a piece of paper and when she told him
she bad none, the rillain asked: "Weil, you
old fool why don't hunt some?" and be
would bare probably further insulted the
lady had »he not slammed the door in
his face. Such men ought to be Strang up.
Foot» Ball Team.
The following fuperb team has been
eelcctcd to represent the Capitol rink in the
forthcoming championship series of gams*
of foot baH, the first of which will be played
at the Capitol rink to morrow night against
the Island team of twelre: Harry R 3'uria.
captain; Dave Dingtr, assistant; fielders,
Wifl Lauchlin, Harry Nranzheitn, J. Cald
well. Howard Carothera, Will Day, James
Hod lev, R. Richardson, Joe Larkin. Jos
Handlan and G Lai!/. The game promise«
to be an intensely exciting affair, and there '
is no ooabt bnt what a large crowd will be
present to witness it.
Dude Boller«.
Last evening Prof. F. F. Billinrs made
bis first appearance in the city at the Chap- 1
line street rink. He first gave a very
fcientific performance of fancy skating,
which was much admired by the large !
audience present. He then attired himself j
as the Madison Square dude and gave a per- j
fortnance such as an individaal of the
species would give. It was quite fanny, as
the laughter of the spectators proved. The
Prof pivps another performance tonight, j
which everybody should witness.
Lost Pocketbook Pound.
The 9 o'clock car on the Elm Grove road ;
last Saturday night was the scene of an in
teresting little incident A passenger, Mrs. j
Pauli, discovered that she had lost her
pocketbook. It was proposed that every
!>ody on the car submit to a search, as there
was a scsprcious character on board. The
search was made, but the result did not re
vea1 the missing pocketbook. However, it
was shortly found on the back p'atform,
where, it is presumed, it was throwa by the
suspicious occupant of the car.
Postofflre Robbery.
The postoflice at New Alexandria, Ohio,
a small town six tuiles southwest of Steu
henville, was broken into and robbed, Sun
day night. The thieves gained an entrance
'o the building by cutting a hole through
• he panel of the door. They secured fifteen
dollars in money, several dollars in stamps
and a registered letter out of the office, and
a considerable amount of silk and such other
irticles which could be handily carried,
from the general store, which is carried on
n connection with the postoffice.
Prec WliUky.
Sunday night or Monday morning some
'hief or thieves broke a pane ot glass in the
front doer of the Howell House sample
rooms, ard reached through and unlocked
the door. The money drawer was rifled of
a small amount of money, and a gallon of
whisky taken. Nothing else was disturbed
The thieves were probably parties who
wished to get on a little bender, and could
<;ot find the necessarv enthusiasm. So they
tcok this means of obtaining it.
State Hoard of Public Work*.
The State I'oard of Public Works met in
he office of Secretary of State Walker
fsferday, approved a number of bonds
nd located the insurance upon the State
Uonse at Charleston.
Adjourned until Monday next.
Mere Mention of MUcelianfom Malier* 01
General Interest.
Wixtkr is holding on well.
One marriage liccnse was issued yester
One deed of trust was admitted to record
by Clerk Hook yesterday.
There was another large crowd at the
It land rink last evening. Everybody en
joyed themselves immensely.
A B\i> break in the water main on Mar
ket street between Eleventh and Twelfth
steeets, was repaired yesterday.
Secretakv of State Walker yesterday
issued a certificat of incorporation to the
Alhambra Skating Kink, of this city.
Rtv. E. J. Hart, of the Disciple« Church,
goes to M< urdsville today 10 assist Rev.
Smith cf that place in revîva' meetings.
Mr. Martin Thornt k has received from
'A'fstport, a watering placein county Mayo,
Ireland, h bunch 51 genuine shamrock.
A iu;xeeit minting party will bo tendered
•o the family of Andy Stein, deceased, at
'he Cfcpitol rink on Fridav Light of n^xt
The Fulton paper mill is rushed with
"nUrs at present, and will be compelled to
nm night ar.d day for some time. They
have four months crdersahead.
The case.« of Thomas McDowell, white,
■ nd Mary Cox, colored, charged before
"■quire Arkle with illicit cohabitation, were
• ontinufd until next Saturday morning at
' o'clock.
The Military Tournament Koller Skating
Club will hold & meeting in room 20, Cap
toi building, th:s evening, at 7:^0 o'clock
>barp, for the transaction of important busi
ueas, and for drill.
A speciai. term of Judge Boyd's coirt
was held yesterday, at which Au ust Went
was appointed a committee fo* Earnest
Went, adjudged of nnsound mind by 'Squire
Caldwell. Bond, $5,000.
A man mau named Plate was up before
Squire Arkle yesterday evening at 7 o'clock
charged by Mrs. Lizzie Carlos, with attemp
ting to I ill her and her children last Satur
day evening. The case wa« dismissed at
costs of plaint tT.
James Thomas was before Justice Arkle
last evening charged by his wife with assault
upon her because she refused to give him
money to buy intoxicants with. The prif
oner was fined $10 and costs. He lives out
Caldwell's run.
^ A srri'ER and social will be held at the
Chapline street M. E. church to-morrow
evening which promises to be a great suc
OCS8. Any one desiring a first-class supper
*nd wishing to ppend a pleasant evening,
should rot fail to attend, as the Chapline
■freti (oiks aie faaous for their hospitality.
The l.-at cnrr.ival, which was to hive
okfti place at th? Chapline street rink on
i-iijlaj, 1ms been changed to one night
' arlier, ar.d will thus take place on Thürs
day flight. A number of handsome prizes
«ill Lc awarded to the successful contest
C. I». List has hired the fine stable of
horses owned by "Knapsack " McCarty and
'»ke them over what is kuown as the
big circuit the coming season. McCarty ig
the man who drove Little Brown Jug when
fhe made the three fastest heats on record,
at Chicago.
The Ohio Valley Trades and Labor As
sembly, composed of lodges and assptnbü^
of organized labor in this city and sur
rounding towns, have issued a circular call
ing upon th° community to boycott tha
eteel na1', ani giving weightv reasons to
substantiate and warrant this action.
The City Council Committee on Health
mit at the City Building, last night, and
• xamined into the charges made bf Miyor
Crubb against Health Officer fi. I. Garmon
I be Mayor's statement was read, and also
n counter ètatement from the Doctor, after
• hic h the committee devoted some tim« to
a ccn.-idf ration of the matter, a report or
»Lieh will be made to Council Tuealar
tvf ring next
soars er ors friends.
Tb« People We Claim and the Stranger»
Within Oar Gat«*.
R. II. Brows*, o! Pieasanta county, ii in
the ci'j.
Wm. H. Woodward, of Birmingham, Ala.,
is here on a visit.
Judge J. P. Rodgers and wife hare re
turned frsm New Or'eans.
Mr*. Charles Menkemeller, who ha* been
visiting her parents at Barnesville, O., for
several dajs, returned home vesterdaj
Charles Goetze, the East End druggist,
will attend the commencement exercises of
thé Pittsburg College of Pharmacy, which
takes place to-night.
Isaac Watt* Was a Little Han.
Be said jocosely to six of his tall quizz
ing frieods who asked how he felt among so
many men, "that he was a sixpence amone
six pennies, worth them all - sozoDosr
is jos' so; there mar be many preparations
tor the teeth, bnt it is worth them alL
OCH 91.00 Celebrated White Shirt, reln
forced both froat and back, for quality and
strength U laperior to any other In the
market. Call and examina, at
Merchant Taller« and Gent*" FarnUher«,
Mil Market ttfMt. .
Yesterday Si Im Cob a war met with a rary
painful accident at Koehnirae'a ooal bank..
A lump of coal, weighing perhaps forty
pounds, fell striking him a glancing bio»
on the bead.
Misa Jennie Sharpe, of Bellaire, and Miss
Bee Holiday, of Steuben rille, were in town
Tbere is another high-toned wedding on
fbe tapis.
John Carlisle and William McMechen, of
St. Clairerille, were in town yesterday.
James Bvntly, of Bruce, was in town on
burinées yesterday.
The following gentlemen were elected and
installed as eiders of the Presbyterian
church, last Sunday: John T. Scott, Prof.
K. T. Oit and C. M. Fiaher. Nearly twen
ty new members were taken into this
chnrch the same day.
Hon. John Patton, of Fairmont, was in
town yesterday.
Mr. B. J. Mitchell, cashier of the Fir«
National bank, of St Clairsville. was in the
city, yesterday, calliog on Hon. B. J.
To-night the first grand ball to be given
by the Beaver Fishing Club, will be held at
the Jîtna hall, in .Ktoaville. Prizes arc
offered for the most graceful lady and gen
tleman walt.'.er. and the prospects are that
a good time will be had by all who go.
Yesterday William Graham left for a
short business trip out ihe C. L. A W.
Carrol Deems is in Columbus on busi
Winger, the man who stole the rope off
the C L. A W. transfer was taken to St
CJairsville yesterday by Marshal McCon
naugbey to await the action of the grand
«•Wa* ever woman In tin» humor wooed?"
Was ever woman in this liumor won?"
Uf course not. Don't try to make love to
a woman who is all out of sorts with dys
pepsia or nervous prostration. First make
her a present of a bottle of lîrown s Iron
Bitters. Then when her digestive appar
atus is in order, and her nerves toned np,
go and see her. Mrs. Seal, of Clinton, La.,
►ays ,"My health has been greatly improved
by using Brown's Iron Bitters. ' It cures
dyspepsia, indigestion, etc.
Th» Inland Kink.
The "Mother Hubbard game of foot ball
at this rink last evening, drew an immense
crowd, and was pronounced by all as the
"funniest event of the season.'1 The attend
ance at this rink is increasing daily under
the management of Mr. Ciousten. 1 o night
and to morrow night Miss Marie Carlyle,
ihe champion lady graceful skater, »ill give
an exhibition. She accompanies herself on
ihe violin in one of her acts. No lady
should miss seeing this beautiful lady.
If you have a tine key wind watch, leave
it at Dillon's and have it made into a stem
winder. They have facilities for doiug all
kinds of fine watch work.
An End to Bonsürraplnf.
Edward Shepherd, of lfarrisburg,
Rays: "Having received so much benefit
from Electric Bitters, I feel it mv duty to
let suffering humanity know it. lîave had
a runninp sore on my leg for eight yea^s;
my doctors told me I would have to have
ihe bone scraped or leg amputated. I used,
instead, three bottles of Electric Biiters and
seven boxes Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
my leg is now sound and well."
Electric Bitters are sold at fifty cents a
bottle, and Bucklen's Arnica Salve at 25c
per box, Ly Logan 4 Co.
A Walking Skeleton.
Mr. E. Springer, of Mechanicaburg, Pa.
writes: "I was afflicted with lung fever and
reduced to a walking skeleton. Got a trat
trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery foi
Consumption which did me fo much good
that I bought a dollar bottle. After using
three bottles, found myself once more a
man, completely restored to health, with a
hearty appetite, and a gaiu in fleah of 48
Call at Logan & Co.'s Drug Store and get a
free trial bottle of this certain cure for all
Luug Diseases. Large bottle« $1.00.
for. Main and Tuelith Nlrwf*.
By the uii> that Boy*»* Nuit* and
Itollrr KbuleN mot cd ofl'on I'rid»/
ami ^ntiirdn; last we .saw (lint our
2(H) pairs ol skates wonl<l all be
SiHic by Monday. Moon Saturday
evening wr tcli'Kraplit d tor 800
additional pairs ol skatew. And
to khoH our appreciation of the
ueneroim rrrognition accorded to
<>or euterprise l>y tlie publie, we
ibis time ordered (link Holler
Skate*. These skates are now
here, and although more evpen
sive than the IhnI lot. will be glten
away the *auie as the other*.
Recollect, an elegant pair of Rink
Roller Skate* given away with
every boy** unit. Nee our adver
tisement in another eolumn of
thl* page.
Retail Department,
Cor. Main and Twelfth Street*.
KKELIVE—At hl» residence, »I Council Blnlft,
Io»a, Haturoay morning, Mar h M, 1<HJ, Wilma*
Kkki.ixk, an«! K yearn.
The rtmalDH will be liPoogM I« tht rrrideu'* of
Mr. F. C. M y er«, No. 10-16 Main atm-t, Wheeling,
W. Va Faceral notice hercalter.
Yantlla,Um,Orniff, et*., I«tw Cakes,
Cresa*, ruMlin, At.,11 delicately aad nmt
irally •» the frail from which the jr are
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, III. 8t. Louis, Mo.
■ âffCN OW
Dr. Prlca'a Cream Baking Powder
— ABO—
Dr. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems,
Beat Dry Bai» Yeast.
P3B ftAT.Ti! S*Z* 3-3
Tuition f REE to the roung men of Weal
Virginia to the extent of one to erery fin
hundred population.
& Fall UaJremity Cwim
A MeoUite
à Litenry Cmtm«
A Law or Medical
can be chosen by students, in which th* !
instruction it equal to that of any inatit^
tion in the country.
Splendid Building! and magnifie*«
Gronnda with an exceptionally healtkf
Fall term bqgias September 3d.
Winter term burins November 26th.
Spring term begina March 11th.
For catalogues and other infonaalioa
address the Chairman or Secretary at Üb
F acuity. aa<#Ä
KOR ATX ! H U H pee 4iJ e**ilr
■id«, ot'r oa'H FkRC Htm
'.O VtCXEfcY, AdcuU. MiiM.
Fob KPirr-LA*o* and plbma w tLt
(umbèM front twa, liMlnl|Mt «I Ik«
city. Apply st lir» Mala «treet. arl7q
Syrup Toi« Tv »I Wild ttirrj
R. H. LI9T, Drnfffflnt,
Bargains Before Reinoyal!
To the old tuod ob Twelfth itmt, nader
Andern/ Ql M aale. A Am lot oi
Mua & Hinli« and Ottar Organs
(er cmjh. Abo
Aud apvtrds ob easy paymeat«
a fine lot of
New and second-band, of warranted aad beat make*.
at cat prie« a. Lik*wt«eall kiudaolmiisla book* aoJ
uiuaical merchandiae.
Alter April lat it 5" Twelfth street. aw It
National Hotel, !
F«si location In the city. Term» Reasonable.
K. TKNNKV A CO., Proprietor»,
Washing ton, D. C ,
mill Cor. Fean sylvan la Avenue A Sixth St.
By request the Art ExhlbltioB it
Will be continued one more week. New articles
are contributed dal'y. rarlj
Roller Skates!:
A pair of elegant Roller !
Skates given away
with every
Boys' Suits in all sizes from
I 3 to 18 jears of age,
and a pair o!
Given away with every
suit, at
Boys' Suits in all qualities,
I from a strong knock-about suit
to the finest made, and a pair
of Elegant Roller Sl^atCs [
fciven away with every suit, at
These suits will be sold at !
much lower prices than they
can be had at elsewhere, and
a pair of elegant Roller Skates
will be given away with every
suit, at
Boys, we have the Roller Skates
in all sizes, and we have the Suits
in all sizes, prices and qualities, and
we want you to call and gst a suit
and recollect, that with every suit
we sell we give away an elegant
(air of ROLLER SKATES. Call
?oon and see the Finest and Largest
Stock of Boys' Clothing between
New York and Chicago, and get a
pair of Elegant Roller Skates for
M. 6UTMÄN & CO.,
Commissioners' Sale.
Ohio, to tha Circuit Court oI Ohio cowoty.
Jam«« Mci4iini )
n. , Id Chaaeerr.
Mary Elizabeth Haa and other«, f
Loresi Heobrrger, AdmUtratar, A«.,)
I la Chancery.
Mary Elizabeth Heat ao4 others. J
By rtrtoe of tbo authority «rbferro«1 ipoo the«
V y adeem made t r aid coort lg tha above aoUtied
caaaaa cooaolidaUd, on t he M day of >ibw,
IM, ike Bodendfoed «pedal oommtoeiooera via,
iatnrday, tho lift DafofMarth, A. D. IMS,
lomoifBetof at 10 o'clock a. m., *11 at public auc
tion, at the front door of the Court Uouae of **Id
county. la the etty W Wheel laf, W. Va., tho «oath
on» half of lot nuatbar lour (4, ta oqatre ouMber
tweaty thnc (» oo the ou» of tho «ab dlrldoa of
tho Jeoepk Caldwell aauio aad addltleae therefrom
to tho mM rtly, which Map U of reword to tho office
of the dork of tho Cooaty Court of aald ooaetr
»■Of tho public la od rooord« thereof. Borfa baft
lot frort« apoa tha weal ilda of Wood (treat, be
tween Tweatr-ainth aad Thirty-ftnrt «troaU, ni
ha* open it a doubla tenemeat tracae hou».
Tiui or Bal*-OM-Udri aad «a audi aora
of thaprfhaM aaaaey aa tho purchaoar «hall aéaat
ta pay, la caih oa (ho day ti a«Je, aad the roatdaa la
two equal laatotaaaila, payaMa yaepeetlfdy la Ms
aad twairo aaaatha fna tha day of talc, vtth la.
taiaat. the pwrikaur tofire hl« aotoa haaila« !■«—
eat from tha day of «aie tar tha deferred
«Ith aeoaiüy, apptteed "
title tobe rauiaad aad
■r tho deferred par moo ta
by tho uadu «toned. Tea
I f*fMBt la tall d the
W. 3. W. COWDBT.
I hereby certify that the
«ewajlariinna luvegtrae bead. i
I hare a ptdll n wawdy «ar thoahavw 41—w; fee
tta aaa thooaaade af eaaaa of tha votai kiad aai af
Im CliliiBf kilt (MÜ aMaaJ 1^^^^ M m am m m 4a
M* Kh tajfiae»aBey that I vffiaoa» ¥w«mS5t.
FEir, together vtth a ▼ a LOABLE TEE At.
aim timmn
Ilmtal & WalMsli),
iBtxodudn » lawful Rcauifc », l
An Ro*«r, • CltiffB
hüppurud t.f
ASt» I
Carefully Selected Compuj
•S-AdnMoB tt «ad <*ou Wi^,
Ceott- *•<» Mot'ii; Mir k IV b]
baaBcrV ,
—A XI».
# *—* * *—i
FOR $3.50
WlioolliiR, W.Vi
TicketsOaJj Ntaairfllarii
Louisiana Stats Lottery Cos
"Wa da fcarafcy aorti» uui n <■>?*< «1
rtnfoaanta lor »11 Uta Month7 u<J mi i
I)r««tap «I Ui U>uUt»ua *tau Lotvrj ■*
and IB |»l— and oectrti tu W
ihiMHim IB4 Uta» um am ui *>04.4
1 aoaatt, talmm u4 la food bilk w>««73
no, km wa aathorlaa Ua Ua«paoy u m j
I1laato.v1tfcto»4»iu«« wHattui 1
tat» ai 1 ■*■■■*"
laeorporaMia lMtarBrwnktU)^
lor *4oaatfo«al U4
CH'IUJ Ol U,ywj,uu>-io rnuuh >
%tohflDb baa alooa toon adJsd,
ÜT aa OTWTrhalmln* popular row Ik D«q
wade a part of Iba 1 ,*ct k»h
»Joctod I-mMuW 3d, i. D. ira.
lïi only Lattorr *»er »otas ec ui e«
Iba paopla ol an 7 Hut*.
II npTW ml« or poa;ponra Iti <hu
i-iuttUr I'maln*« take p!&o> m 1 ikj.
A iplftvlld opportunity U> rln • Furtsw |
flraiMl Intent, (laaa 1'. tu U>* AU JU
MUtne, KEW OltLfcANh,
Tacwlnj, April IIth, IWt
17'»th Monthlr l>r»»lnj.
100,000 Tlckcti at lira iMILin »ari. It*
>Utha la proportion. 1
Lut or WH
1 Capital Prtaa....... »... ..._
I capital Prlaa—
1 C apital Prtaa
t frtaaa 01 MN »
» Prlaaa of WOO
10 PiiiM ol lOuO........ _—
80 Prlaaa of «00
100 Prlaaa M 300...
HflO "rlaai ol 100 -
800 Prlaaa at M .—
1« Prlaaa ol * .
Awn *>-■».
tAwmmtm1km Trim tine
I Appmlaatiaa Prlaaa a( W..——
f 11 piialaiallia TYIa^rf 1
1W7 Prlaaa, aia——| ta...-. — -J
AnÜmm lav rataa la anaaÄiaä MM
la liiifnW Um Onuaay la V«* unaa
For fartkar taftaraadaa wrtta *artr*
addna. PO0TAL NOTED, ban* i*f
or Haw Tort luko|* la aailaary aai
«a* QMS
m^a. DAurwBK, yn rnmm a, m
Mrta r. ft llf (M« papalla M
vKw'osuiJn l«p»M
A young ma Mm«! Job« !•««•. '['J* jj
ûjh Aii eating cancer an bii lata, ^
a«ay hu mi. |*/1 *t W* r—
n'»rly to bta rjt. I» »•» •• J ,1.4
«■tin« auri» IhM I bii "*o »«' «*; „
I« <*i»« ln»'jJr"J to »u<-b aa a*t»«t «»»
OtilT r»*llow liquid («od. Ahrt atH mi
lira without rhw'klriK 1 h'™ r «
I »pro™ wTtbtb» 6r»t
Impaorad a» oo<«. and «"»»»»«fir ' 7*^ »
u»« rmi« of '**>«•' *«• •?'" •U**T» (
to lw»l around tha «"»«<* ""1 *
tfmxmtmi wit* H. H ï ba baa f',u* JT
Mia tee* U «II baalarf o*«r *''» ** *7Z,
MMtll kMlUl
fuL M. F. C»c«t*T, M. D, •**»"
Ctiicfr fbr Many T«**
nrroyrn-tn Ty* . ^ H -1
an proud io
Id far■ 70«
that hnirr'ii
Hrtœnc baa 0
on*. Ian Ii Im bmltM-oo'
f>art. I bora aain»d _
amraicaoHl uk£« Bwirr. •ra.^rr. ^
lutcM ira un* ""
mu Hank E. Tmntr m*
Bryan, for ilwda r«*J»
Tea*., uti tka ££**£»✓•<
cnariU «f »"Ut I PpMiâe.
wHJ kiwvB la tkat una—?*f- .7;,y#
"I m aflMrtad lor l»a ^ tw?T
^essâasîtt's-ï si
r "*_r|
m OMAT EA#T I**1 gj
M«fl «j4
ferU» •*® I

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