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Wheeling register. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1878-1935, March 21, 1885, Image 3

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IfM besttokic. ?
^ con:Mnl»W Ir«.i with imj
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•MÛ^Sin ' Honr* Curwin»
HjÎI ! ir< Hi i case» wanted l'riu
,v ... u.n. inhSt.
v.ark» t ?*t.. Wu«»i inj XÎS
tvbiiitT cured t>T
Hitter?. 50c.. »t 1537
hwlinjj. jaJ'Jgodc
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- 1. £ >r Pro:radio* Pi]« l>s
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S.«t ü Los*a AC«.'« lUug »'.or*.
L*y , .. >MS
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EU I > *tr
-iS 9 HWhat is Catarrh?
' 'OriSi It J a Diso*« th.
■ Fi:,Y -J.rjcoui mb)«uo,
R,'!L. 3VvO^B-aenaiy arijjtnaUBg
-"V^T.-. tlM n«.«l linn—»"■
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r- fv j" r«iig hoid lo the
fcv .'.Vj'i A , THfîioliii. Frow «•*»'* P°in I
, \l j 3? Kt.i xvia 'orth * poi> u
[ j viras al-w ÜM
j^erabraaoiu llnlu^
mtl thfl-ugii the
.iveorv.im. cofnii>"j|
(;he bVwd *od proi w
other tro';b'.<c«otu«
serous «T»p
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* *-|0l tàta
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f _f<5v o':i?
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S^cV1 *"** 1"',UA
•VV * L VA. Ct*«U
■ , , i■■ niiii >> *»»
»•F^V^R tract iiaguoi*ol
, .« i .*JÛad upoa. «Ir« lts*tr
£«,-3! R;'r» tau*«» « J p*1î*.
rre. » Th«»ron*ïi Tr«*tax»at
[fv* v»r -i Lin«i«t. S#t » Saw».
«. et», «t HTUtf
: i„-' ;.\1. S*J»r * nw'J
".HESS, l>raüir.a, (.f*»««, S T.
2 *ÎS>
i- - - * ■«
S ■ r
ygARS iw USE«
.ruph of tbt &g*t
.-t. fais usiîer tho itaaM«*
r.ltliaa after emtld I.with * **•"
a »3 ta exertion of lody #T»lDdj
îtiiiTOf temper. L«w .»»rite, wit*
luaf bating »««Ijçiei d,lJ*
ne«« Pi7iincrs FUiterU* at »*•
«.Dan »ffore the •»#•. U«««»*«»«
lit» tight tje. Blgj SrïjL^fij
Itfttio*- Hiw blT color <rJ IriW. »»«
irrs PLLLiam especially
onO dose effects snch m
Sf— .. » a-*toas;oniaU the sufferer.
fUtaUhV APPcUte.jmJcajm.Ü».
t." i*. "."T". n.akea healthy ttwh.
.. *-»■,; v repairs ibo wmfii of
: * ta rar- bl od und hard miucte;
-rvoui system, invigorates tto®
! mparts Cha \i#>c of mauh>XKL
■ -v i-urewts. .
p! I ii nurrtjS»., ^»w *ur**
ttUJfUi ï
-il »ii in S '*ea, aear her»,
■e (ci: on ti:a tut, ci» had ■"•'PB
■ — ci:-. •: hU cb>ek. aid eitcu<l-.l up
;t w.ts to« of the m-*«; amf7
i ai-; ■ ver *eex Hi* throat finally
•• -i «vii an extent that h* c»uld
• « .à • J. A;ter a<.a.r all the reiae
■i < lb? ot the eating tg
•». ,v.u' w.u ' roken down, he wiaeoiT
Li>J . i.'ht it Vi he only a ■ juev.il*
; : .t « .r ai .he >-ancer. I Lut hua
îan resort, and h» l>egaa t«
* ''s t.» Ér*t lise. Hla ?e nervi health
<i' .1 », inj apidly; his throat <ot well;
r» • »? w*re aô^n rtoppeJ ; Il Nyao
_r :••*> ~- an 1 after a lew months'
I t ' »
k ■ OTt-r wt'6 now deak, an J hi#
< Hi» re«'0*err I« wond«
T. Cs aiKY, M. D., Oglethorpe U*
|<*n*erlbr Many Tear«.
•»' T»i* . Opt. 13, i w.—Oratleoaaa:
cubed my
Cancer, and
it waa a
▼ er y b«>l
* ' >*!th— not better for twenty
ra-.rd tw»aty-fi»e pooada aincel
-■j.1; ».n's di-K«'inc.
&. 4, BaiDKORD. <
^at 'be,! from the Ciravt*.
I ■ Is—ir and her uiothar, Mr*. P B
' ij.ars residents of Humboldt
)> , lUfrmpnts aa to tM
■■-. « v*eiâc. Mr». Turmar's case la
» :Ui .nity. e'hesay»
4 S r v • or three rem with Ec*e
► ^ -1. My whole system wai
" .« MutK an-1 appetite gone. and 1
<.» ;aiid. being Hftedfroiu plaaa
y# Is. 1 *i< treated by the beat
v . city wi'h lodid« Of fVtaah
• i<li* f.,r «i.-h taaea. I wji
■-a, fn»n>K My autttrin^a were
'■'X it il !i*l :«»t all hope of rrcor
rr ! , » lr. J-i^ed to try Swilt'a Spe
I ■ • j; mmphlet frr»iu the coiuptay
-i*. j > arai h ai. J von hotUaa had
>p* to my heurt, and the
• - » i v3 m brought joy a id gLad
;Vji .j, j oare :.>kt;n altogether 14
*-"*» hj-.e », h«-aled up and disap
' ' "•Vikii -a ■ '>»-.1 and I am abl4 to
• .*■> rt "»wtff« 8|*ci:ie, I hoo
dm* '» >'n the glare, and Ida
'o t* »r*-. fui eiow^n for my reco*
Ma.* iaaH B.Iraxia."
, ^ - has<üTM my daughter's life.
r».a »"1 i« >^11 object that 1
*" 'V • <sl t »ün« it. be'n* per
1 sa • ha tw® heard ol
>7; ''M Ma F. B. Bar ax.
. 4 f , • Jçt. Î 1-vAJ
* -«'ac i -i ars mailed fro»
. '■■■■ Ca,Draw », Atlanu. O».
L j - * * Co. an I I * Ca, «t
pwi>- _ww;ini{, w. >*1
< a of youüAil Impro
'•»cay, Nerrona O^iflty,
•a i; "-r-Mln ralnerwr» ' known
•a-L' -'k hla Wlow Ml
^^ ■ ChaUuaa 8t, Naw Tork
I Clear Skin
P a part of beauty;
|l a Part Every lady
I »it; at least, what
L J** it. Magnolia
freshens and
Liniment only good
EJ* * is for inflanuna
MÄÄÄtSSS *or T^«^
B.IO.R.B.- Uji.
Ex proa...- _...
Kxpnew „
Cuàbo»Un4 A.witt.
Masnloctoa Accom..
Mwucdjitllo Aeoosa..
Expit« (CUcij» and CM)
k xpron (Ck auto and Coll
KiV-r»« ( Chicago ami Col", ._
ZanMVUlo Acc
ZanatTille Aoeoro
W., K. * H. lMv. I
WuhLagujt and lliuourxh i
Wa»hin«;toa and HttoUurçft
* arhln« on and Hut»6arfcr.
WukiuM. »...
P., C. AStL lij.-kUst.
llmhmrjct» .....—
PVt»Hury>» and N»w York,...
nttebuifh *ad New Yorfc_...
Kxpiw, On. and**. lonl*..
kxpfvao, On. and tH. louis..
fcxutvta, Sxouutmlilo A Col.
PtUataiRh —
Wfllsburx, Clew à Chi
Jtlh , Nrw York A ——
rtutbwik and Now Y«k-...
A*eUa*ii«o Accom -
C.,1- Jfe \T. R. H.
Kj pri'^o, C>v*land, E, A W
MainUluO Amiai
St. riair»vil> A-vom
St. CbiwW« A«wa
tit. OainTill« A com...™.
Ohio Klvor K. K.
' 7 OQ a m * s lu p at
» ■« P m-lO 16 a m
• A ft m Hipu
«JCpm; •>)»■
»1 S3 a m i 20p a
• 7 M p «a » 7 50 a in
II »|ia.< «i>pm
3 jop ,a iiiIB
7 S3 amj OS pax
* Ui«j*u «pa
8 -5 a m t 7 W o m
« *» p t.ilftt or. a -»
It 4 06 pm »10 am
t G 59 a m't 7 *) p m
t • f S Mpni
f ^ ttp ulrll to a in
• « 44 pu, f 7 10 pm
if i -op m f 3 S3 p n»
t 3 40 p m f 7 tu A a
t 5 5- am
* S OS am
*!1 12 am
M 1« p m|ll2 i; p m
t 5ft>pm|f I2>piu
S 23 p m
8 23 a m
5 OS p ci
U« Warn
[ 4 u6 p ui
• 9 ?i a m
f 1 *> p m:
T 5 V> p m
H; n m
9 ■'« a m
"12 V> p m
4 50 p m
1* « W a m*12 W p m
..I" 4 00 p ni 1« 9 50 p m
ft &S a in| 8H5nra
B,Z,C. Kailrosd,
, Bollair® at 2 p. m. for Summarnal 1
For through tickets East and West, cali
On or addrvM J. G. Tomliaaos, Tic et A»'t
tttn-Hand!e route, foot oi Eleventh t^eet
v> heeltng. W. Va.
_Bm ho. , he] „„lectej
•nd Y„OM^0,Xt «
" Wl U near, .»J .h,"
^ou^SelriShPartner in dl thiogsno».
drivewi.h her' y?u 8lDS "»«*» ter, you
ou« r°W' ' lf Jou rc «°*D? to *>e jeal
Cr hSd I i"', touc&.ng the diamond ou
rZ . ' *°,d hand 11 ^ck to you. 1m
S°JàJ ™' lt -voure not kind to me
I Pft* y0U d° Dot «® as
iet thim Oue owes something to so
ciety. esf«^j when one is at the set
side. If you would only remem»>er that I
£2 r S ? ÖDd f4uIt Wlth
I you can do, and. if you would become a lit
1 ,ie ®®r.e of «• »ociety character vourseif I
! W^. jouîcarce
^ Uke the least attention from any one but
me. and so mauy are willing to offer atten
Hons to you. No., £„ ° ™ ™
ÏÏPJ?'* ' ;<"<° «4 „TÜ
i Î^1*1'.0*®1' jealous, mvper*'
fVomJiJeî!»U3,ïed' n.0-." 83 3lie ««med
ask^i fo"' mthout S1™* the kiss he
Ui*lou-Y*0<Ishr' the young fel
.ow thought, smiling ad he watched the
prettv, straight figure going away from the
nook in which he had found her out to the
stretch of iand, against which the waves
were roiling, reced ng, leaving noir a mass
of ?eaweed on it, now returning and bear
ing it away—a very coquette ot an ocean,
j now kind and now cold, and always fair in
; :be sunlight.
Ned Tremaine hurried over the beach,
whistling as he went, and he piesentlv
caught up with his alHanced, who, in th'e
pretty dress of cream and black, with her
wide sunhat pushed a little back on her
blonde head, was looking \ er/beautifu and
animated—and smiiinsr in the face of Let
I Stone, the most incorrigible male flirt at
the beach.
"Where now, Tremaine?" the latter call
ed out, as with a nod, he pursued his way.
"tor a drive on the beach; will see you
later; ' and Ntd had gene by, resuming nis
Mr. Stone smiled a little and spoke a few
■ words to Moiiio She colored slightly, fol
lowed the tall form ot her lover a moment
wi h her eyes, thon gave a gracious answer,
■tod half an hour later, when Ned and Miss
I.ovel met the pre:ty lignt carriage on the
each, in whic*» L*»e Stor.e fiwk his daily
drive, they rece:ved a n!«?aeant nod from
pretty Mollie, who was his com|>anion, and
who looked as though she thoroughly enjoy
ed his s< ciefy.
"She certainly lost no time in following
my tuggetrtion," Ned told himself, half in
surprise "and she has evidently !ound the
society of Stone anything but boring '
' What a handsome couple they make,'
Miss Lovell said, with a certain gleam in
her steady gray eves. Ned colored sud
denly; he did'nt >|uite know why.
"Perhaps you didn't know that Miss An
nes is my promised wile," he said a trifle
j coldly.
"Oh, -but so many engagements are
broken in a summer at tne seaside, one
never minds that very much," the languid
belle said, indifferently.
That night there was a hop at the hotel,
and Ned had made up his mind while dress
ing. to be a little more attentive to Mollie;
but, to his surprise he didn't find Mollie
Annes shrinking under her mother's wing,
as had been her custom. A number of her
old friends had arrived while they were at
dinner, and tkey were about her: besides,
Lee Stone was quite prononnced in his at
tentions to her, and while she gave him
(Ned) a smile from the distance he found
it quite difficult to get near her; then a
light tap on his arm informed hitu that Mes
Lovell was asking him why he was so pre
occupied, and. as Mollie and Stone went
circling by, joining the waiters, he followed
them with Miss Lovell.
— *• T
"A rather pronounceu umsuuu.
laughed, later, when he and Mollie stood
on the hotel terrace watching the moon
light on the sea and strand and one soli
tary couple pacing slowly along beside the
waters. Both knew who they were, for a
few moments before they had seen Ned
Tremaine place that pale-'pink scarf about
the shoulders of Miss Laura Lovell as he
led her across the terrace, too mach en
grossed in his task, it would seem, to notice
Mollie or her companion.
"Oh, everybody flirts more or less at a
seaside hotel, one has nothing else to do,
Ton know," Mollie answered Lee, with a
■light little ripple of laughter, and he looked
down on the pretty face to which the moon
light was so tender, his voice sinking to al
most a whisper as he spoke to her.
"It is a cowardly pastime for a man,"
he said, sottlj, "and for a woman it is a
cruel one."
Again she Iangbed, while arranging the
bracelet on her arm. A touch of mockery
was n the ripplin? 'augh.
"And yoc—is it pleasant to know that
yoa »re cruel or cowardly?" she question
ed. "One is tempted to become personal
when such remarks come from one who is
said to count his conquests with a cruel
price, and to whom the world gives no
higher aim than to fascinate. and—remain
careless. Am I too plain? Forgive me."
"I forgive you freely—as I would forgive
you ail things, Miss Annes; but neither you
nor the world fully understand me. 1 may
seem a trifler; but, were the woman f love
to love me in return no smile would be to
me so sweet as hen. no presence half so
Mollie had been watching the couple on
tie rands, going slowly back and forth in
the moonlight, now she lifted her sweet
jourg face and looked at him with a soft of
Wondering pity.
"Do we all wroim roo then T she asked
gen«ly. "Have you failed in your wooing?
Can yoa not win where r«u love*"
His face flushed a EttJe at her words, aud
she watching it. was struck by its strength
and btiautT- How did it chaac« that she
^ never no<ieedeit*r before?,. .
•«I not left the chance tm woo or win
her," he said, slowly, she's another's prom
ised wife.
Aê fid. pityingly; and she gare
I bim her hand ia a sweet, wom^nl/sympathy,
»ever for an iostant connecting hU words
! with herself. He lilted ihn suiali hand rev
I erently to bit lip«, and, drawing it through
bis arm, turned toward the Wach A» he
did so Le found bimaelf facing Ned Tre
naine aiid Laura Low), who were coming
il from the moonlight, and he noticed that
•b*joung man's face was quite white while
1 there was a half-scornful smile on the lips of
the fair belie of the seaside. But the two
conplee passed each other in silence, the
cne going down to the stretch of glittering
sand, the other going into the dancers.
A week later, and Mollie had j-ist conic
in from a long tour, peaceful and calm,
i-pent with Le« in a quiet nook among the
io< ks that ovcrbuog the ocean, lie had
• keen reading to h«r there some of the
sweet eat poems given to the world Hy
genius. Uer heart had thrilled an he read,
and new, strange feelings had stirred it.
When he closed the book be had looked up
and found her eyes filled with tears. And
now in bet own room she was a*kin£ her
self how tt was that what she had bat com
menced for the purpose of annoying Ned
had in one brief week slain all her old re
I Fentment against Mis« Lovel, and made her
thoughts turn constantly, not to Ned Tre
matne, who «a» her afliiacoed husoaud, but
to Lee Stone, wbo was termed tha greater
I male flirt at the 'teach. What was chang
I ing in her life? When sbe now met Ned
I and Laura it did not pain her as it used.
Was it because a handsomer face, a stronger
and nobler face than Ned's was constantly
, uear, ready to turn to her with devotion,
ready to light if she smiled?
A servant broke her ponderings by bring
! ing her two messages—one a bouquet of
1 white dowers, with a few feathery sprays of
I fern amorg their whiteness, and one crim
: son rose gleaming red from their center;
I and in it was a note from Lee, asking her
to go for a drive with him by moonlight;the
other was a few angry lines from Ned, ask
ing if she remembered that she was be
trothed to bim while she allowed every gos
sip at the hotel to chatter of her flirtation
with l^ee Stone.
», A 0aTe P Patiei>r. waiting an oppor
tunity of speaking to you," he wrote, "bat
yoa wiJl not give me one, so I write to ask
you if yon wish our engagement broken; to
all it would seem so."
She trembled a little as she read, and her
klTi lceJchan^ed color; but she went to
ner desk, drew from it every letter he had
ever sent her, formed them and his ring in
îo^° and Wr°te *"m tte fol,owing
It whs I who was first taught patience
wh.Ie my existence wa.s forgotten for one
wfco was what you bade rae become—;a so
ciety character.' Whv should I fancy you
wished an interview with me of late? It is
not eo long since you could not spare a mo
ment for me from Miss Lovell. D0 I wish
onr engagement broken ' Perhaps we both
wish it, Ned; at least let us break it, since
I m .lisple you. 1 send vou vour letters
and ring. *
. ^en &Mough a choking sensation was
in her throat, she penned a brief note to
1^66. •
I will be pleased to go with you:" that
was all. And in the starlight—the m ion
rose late—she went with him out over the
Omca and far aIoo£ the country.
W as it strange that he noticed she no
longer wore Neds ring? Was it stran-e
that he told her of his love, and that she lis
tened silently, believingly, with a strange
nutter at her heart ' Was it strange that
when he drove back, lingering beside the
eoobing ocean, another bond should lie upon
her life.' Well, two others walked npon the
strand, two whom the gossips called lovers;
and yet when it was told that Moliie Annes
was to place happiness in the keeping of
|*tfce Hirt of the beach," one man who heard
it turned white as death and shrank from
the sight of the beautiful woman beside
him, although men called her fair, and
many said she had won him from his faith,
yet Moliie was too happy to regret, although
she still sometimes remembers.
Mr. H. Samt«el. Ottawa Kansas, writes
"Dr. S. B. Hartmax & (X, Columbus, 0.
—Gentlemen: I have suffered for seven
years; have tried every thing and many
physicians, and all have failed, I went to
Pittsburg, aud while there fell on the street,
my breath seemed to leave my lungs, and'
numbness overpower me. 1 determined to
give Peruxa and Maxai.ix a fair trial. I
used four bottles of each, and my trouble
left, never I hope, to return. I left Pittsburg
three weeks ago for Kansas, and thought, as
I was going to a new country, I hadljetter
take a bottle ot Ma.vai.in* with me, on ac
count of bad water, etc. I arrived here
with one half bottle. I found one of my
friends in a pretty bad condition. The
doctors were treating her for chilU and
fever. I did not know what her trouble
was, though 1 persuaded her to use Mana
un. She did so, and the first dav she was
up doing her work. Now this seems
strange, but it is. nevertheless, a candid
truth. She used it all, ami has never had
cause to lie down during the day siuce she
took the first three doses."
A Cnii* that wan Pronounced Incurable.
* _M:ss C. C. Peck, 714 Jackson street,
Milwaukee, Wis., writes: "L>r. S. 11. Hvrt
*a\ A Co.—(ientlemen: I take great
pleasure in stating to you the l>enefit I re
ceived from your valuable Pkrlwa. I have
i>een suffering for about fifteen years with a
severe cough and bronchitis (so the doctors
call it). 1 was treated bv different physi
cians and spent considerable money for dif
ferent kiuds of jiatent modicines, but re
ceived no benefit whatever. Dr. Fox, of
ihi.s city, claimed I had consumption,
and there was no hope for me
ever getting better. I was so bad
that I coughed almost continually. Mrs.
Henry Ellis, a friend of mine, iuduced me
to trv your Pkri*>a. I am happy to say
I brgan to notice a change after I had
taken my second bottle. 1 took eight bot
tles in ail, and now I feel like a new woman.
If it hadn't been for Pkrvxa I think I
wo::ld be in my grave now. It is a won
derful remedy, and I recommend it to all
my friends."
Messrs. Baker Bros , Mt. Vernon, Ohio,
write: "Vour Pkrcx.y sells well. Custo
mers speak of it as being a good, medi
Mr. Daniel R. Sprv, Portsmouth, Ohio,
wTites: I have a good trade in Peri'xa, It
sells well and gives satisfaction."
a light trade doing in all departments. With
more activity remarked in dress goods, aoft
wool dress fabrics and men's wear woolleus.
Money U1 M Ptr 0*nt-8<r«niB«oti
(Julet-Stocka Steely—Floor Oalet »ad
Unchaiiff»d—Wheat Higher.
Nrw Yo*r, March 20.—Money abund
ant at 1(3»U per cent, and closing at I
per cent. Prime mercantile pipor 4'ï5
per cent Sterling exchange, bankers' bills,
steady at 4#3}; demand 4St>
GoV«rx*knt9—Quiet, and unchanged.
Tkiwe» ^....i»f mm-mmnmmimIM
Koun sod-*-haU ' , int"
Foanooapew... „.„„.la.w
FtorfftoatntflM 114
Raiuut Bonn*—Market quiet with lim
ited basinet in all excep West Shore
1st», Nickel Plate 1st« and Hrie 2nds new,
the total transactions in which amounted to
67 per cent of the day's business.
Statb Se«tkitibs—Inactive and strong
Stock;»—The feature of to-day's market
has been the heavy trading in Pacific Mail,
accompanied by a further decline in the
stock of 4} per cent. Complications grow
ing ont of the fight with the Pacific rail
roads and notice to the Union
Pacific steamship company of
an intention to discontinue the
subsidy paid by the railroads to that
com[>any were further complicated today
by a notice from the Central Pacific. This
settles the'({uestion as to the formality of
notice to the steamship company, and un
less a readjustment arrangement between
the different companies is effected it ends
the monthly payments of $95.000 by the
the railroad to Pacific Mail after the ex
piration of the time required in the old con
tract. I Ale in the afternoon Pacific
Mail stock sold down to 48J,
acd closed at 4!*jï and at bid. This is
a decline of about 11 per cent in the o%*t
three days. The general market opened
strong and in the first hour made slight
gains, the balls being aided in their effort
to support the market br the disposition of
the txars to realize profita. With this check
to ft general decline the market became
dül «ixfpiictarcmaiafdtteadjftficrthe first
boar until «tier midday wLen considerable
«take«** vu developed in Union PaciSc.
During the afternoon a siaieineut was pub
ln-Ud ibat (iould had sent a letter to I're*
idrnt Ad*n.s, of the Union Paci6c, declin
ing a re-election as member of the Board of
Directors of the comply. This, and the
ftneral impression which prevailed that the
i cm plications between Union and
Centrai Pacific were daily assum
ing a more warlike character,
was the cause (or the break in Union Pa
cific, which sold down to 41 g and closed
feTfrish at 42$, loss ? per cent. A drire
was made at Lackawanna, late in the after
noon, which fell to 102? and closed at that
price. Texas Pacific is also down j. Mis
souri Pacific is } lower. In the face of the
w»akness of the stocks above mentioned,
Vardtrtilfs and graugr rs were remarkably
strong, although they yielded a fraction dur
ing the last hour.
Tranfactions, 271,000 shares.
OaatraJ PaoW« 1st li2'i|MJa»ouri Pacific. 91%
trie ad». % K.J. iVutraJ SS'-s
»'"•'Northern Pad So 18-*
de preferred
Sort*.« estera
Jo preferred.,
St. Joe —
Adam* Expreae 132
American Exprea».... 91
Outrai Pacific — —
Cbce&peake & Ohio— 5*1 K. Y.OenttaL....
do 1st preferred 10
do 2d preUiwd_... 6%
Chlcaco A Alton».... 1^4
do preferred...—... KO
t. P. a -li
C, A (" 34
18 V
«•J "
,~m ISO'i
l>el. A Hndarra
IVjlTfcTA iù«j (j
g*«. „ 18
do preferred «. W
Fol Wayne ........... 121
K. à St. Joe.....«.«..- >8
do preferred., *88H
1. is. (>ntT8l
Late Prie A Weitern 14H
\jtkt Shore. —..—
Micbt/sn OeLtrel — 54
M. A St. L. 11VS
do. ,-rUcrred.. 20
~ SWi
Ohio Central. «
!0.4M • 1^4
do prelerred - 75
Trvaoii '1 runa. - - 13 w
I'aclfie Mai! 49'i
r*j>aiaa 1*
P. 0. A E. IS' a
C. A Pittaturj ....—143
Pull. Pal. Car -11»
do prelerred ..... 85
Texaa Pacific H/i
Union Pacifie.....42^
O. 8. Kxpre* .......... 10
Wwtera Colon.,,«.. Kit
Butter—Prime to choice creamery 300
33c; choice dairy 25027c; common to fair
do 15016; goad to prime oountry roll [email protected]
22c; common mixea stock [email protected] Good
Beeswax—Quoted at 33035c V lb.
Ifcana—Hand picked mediums $1 50©
t CO.
Buckwheat Flour—At 2J®2Jc ^ lb.
Dried Fruit — New evaporated^ pared
peaches 25028c; unpared do 15016c;
raapberriea 25030c; blackberries 10c.
New sundried, apples, quartered, 3©4c; (
sliced, [email protected] peacnes, Lew halves,8l®8j2;
do quarters, 7Jc; do pared 15018c;
do blackberries 8c; do raspberries 22025c;
pitted cherries 12©14o. New evaporated
adple«[email protected] Market on Dried i ruit nom
inal; demand good
Cheese—Salea in a jobbing way of prime
mild Ohio factory at 9©l2jc; New lork
I4ï®15c; S weither 13®15c; Limberger 11
fa I
Eggs—Strictly fresh stock in fair demand
atl6017c¥ doz. - # .
Feathers—Choice, 55060c in original
packages, 4(&5c more in small lota.
Honey—Choice white clover, 18®20c;
choice buckwheat, 16®18c.
Nuts—Shelbarka, [email protected]; black walnuts,
[email protected]; chesnuts $3 00©4 00.
Onions—$1 00® 1 25 $ bushel; demand
Peas—Green, $1 5001 60 l?bu. ; split,
3<3>-3J V lb.
Potatoes—New, in barrels, f 1 5001 75.
Poultry—Live chickens, spring, $3 50©
4 00; old, $3 50(3*4 00 dozen; dressed
turkevs, 12© 13c; do chickens, 11(a) 12c ; do
ducks [email protected] Good demand.
Bags—Steady at lè@ljc for white mix
ed cotton; [email protected] for all wool and [email protected]
for mixed.
Seeds—Sales of timothy seed at $1 50©
1 G5 V bushel; clover, 6mall seed $5 00®
5 i'O; large, $5 50® 6 00, as to quality.
Sweet cider—Country sweet ft 00 per
oa> rel. Demand fair.
I.ard—Country prime, 7J0C., demand
Tiillow—Country, 5Jc; city, 6e; demand
New York.
NïwYobx, March 20.—Cotton—Steady
and dull; futures dull. Flour—Steady; re
ceipts 20,000 barrels; exports 4,800 barrels;
common to good $3 10©4 45. Wheat—
Spot lota î®2c higher, closing with less
strength; options opened [email protected] higher,after
wards decliued M«®c, closing heavy; re
ceipts 40,000 bushela; exporta 13,000 bush
els No. 2 spring 00c; No. 2 red 81©85c;
N'o. 2 red March nominal at 883c; April,
lale? 2i^,000 bushels, at 8î^®89}c, closing
at St' :c; May, sales 1,930,000 bushels, at
'.»Ol^itlc, closing at 90Jc; June, sales
•UdiiOO bushels, at9l:;092Jc, closing at
91 ;c; July, snlc-s 1.V2.000 bushels at 92;0
93|c, closing at 02Zc; September, sales 16,
OUO bushela at 95c. Corn—Spot lots a
a trille better; options opened [email protected]}c higher
and c'osed easy with the advance lost; re
ceipt8 234,000 bushels; exports none; un
graded 49'@50c; No. 3 497c; steamer 49}
®50Jc; No. 3 49$©51c; ungraded white
51©54c; No. 2 March [email protected], closing
at 49jc; April 50J®50;c, closing at 50}c;
June 50i©50^c, closing at 50?c. July 51J
@51 lc, closing at 51 Jc. Oata—Weak; re
ceipta 138,000 bushela; exporta 39,000
bushels; western mixed 37038$c; white
western 3S©42c. Hay—Demand fair and
maiket iirm. Coffee—£pot fair; Bio quiet
at y.75c; options a shade higher and quiet;
sales 12,50(i brigs; March 7.20®7.25c; April
7.25c; May 7.35c: June 7.15c; July 7.55o;
Aucust 7.65c; September 7.70c. Sugar—
Dull and weak; fair to ?ood retining411-16
®4 13 lCc; refined quiet. Molasses—Dull
and nominal; 50° test 19c. Rice—Moder
ately active. Petroleum—Quiet; United
sO jc; refined 7;c. Tallow—Weak. Bosin
—1 irm at?l20®l 22J. Turpentine—Firm
at 32c. Keg"— Steady and in fair demand.
Pork—Dull and weak. Lard—Dull; con
tract grade, spot, $7 15; March 17 140
7 16; May $7 2C07 22; June $7 27 July
|7 [email protected] 35; August $7 [email protected] 45. Butter
—Dull and in buyer'a favor at -G®29c
Cheese—(juiet and heavy.
Chicago, March 20.—Flonr—Quiet and
unchanged. Whwt—Unsettled an1} jrpn
erally higher; bad crop news from various
sections in the south and southwest was the
leaditg factor, and after an early decline of
Jo the market advanced [email protected] closed
ic higher than yesierday. Sales ranged:
Match [email protected], closed at 75 jc; April
7;>(a-7<>c, closed at 75 *c; May 7930802c,
cloftd at 80^@»0ic; June 8l|082jc,
closed at 8;c; No. 2 Chicago spring "75
77Ac; No. 3 6540»i74c; No. 2 red 78Jc;
No. 3 red 71]@72c. Corn—In good de
mand and firm; closed Jcover yesterday;
cash 37JÇ* 40c; March 37J©37Jc, closed at
37!;c; April 373(3>33c, closed at 38c; May
41 i(5'42c, closed at 41Jc; June 41}@42c,
closed at 41Jc. Oats—Sirong and
higher: cash [email protected]: March and April
^„c; May 31j;@31;c, closed at 31 *(3}31 jc.
Rye—Firmer at 63e. Barley—Dull and
n ncinal a' 63c. Flax Seed—Quiet at
$141}. Pork—Demand active but irregu
lar: declined [email protected], early rallied 1502UC
and closed stead* ; cash and Ar»ril $12 10
@12 121 ; May 1112 021012 i21 closed
at #12 20f' 12 224 : June $12 15f« l2 321
closed at $42 30(<» 12 324. Lard—Stead*
and firm and 2J(5»-5c bisher: cash and
April $6 80(5,6 62}; May #6 67j:@f> 1*2}.
closed at fti 9006 !>2}; June $ô [email protected] 00
closed at $o 974fa7 00. Bulk Meats—In
fair demand and steadier; shoulders $4 50
(î,4 60; short rib« $6 0506 10; short dear
$•> 45(3:6 50. Butter and Kggs—Quiet and
unchanged. Whisky — Steady and un
changed at $1 15.
Baltimore, March 20.—Flour—Steady
and qniet; Howard street aud western super
fine #2 62(313 00; do extra $3 1003 65;
do family $3 8004 75 ; city mills superfi ne
$2 7503 00; do extra *3 1503 65; do
Rig brands #4 5004 62: Patapsco family
$5 50; Superlative patent $5 75. Wheat—
Western higher and closing dull; No 2
winter red spot 86J037Jc; March 87}0
87} April 87|088c; May 89i09OJc. Corn
—Western higher and dull; mixed spot 48}
@49c; March 48 04SJc; April [email protected];
May49}049Jc; Oats—Firm; white 370
38c; do mixed 35036c. Rye—Qoiet at 72
075c Hay—Steady. Provision*—Steady
and omet Mess Pork—At $13 75014 00.
Bulk Meats—Shoulders and clear nb aidei
packed at 5|07}c. Bacon—Shoulders
at 6}c; clear rib sides at 8jc. Hams—At
Uj012}c. Lard—Refined at 8Jc. But
ter-Doll; western packed at 10020c;
creamery 21029c. Eggs—Qoiet and
c«»y. J'tUoleura—Nominally steaiy; re
fit» il *$<«)• ï Coffee—Dull; Uio cargoes,
oidinary (o fair 7Sugtr—Quiet; A
tclt Ce. Copper—1U fined nominal. Whisky
—Steady at $1 20(a) 1 21.
CuroDnrATi, March 20 —Cotton—Steady
and unchanged. Flour—Quiet and un
changed. Wheat—Stronger; No. 2 red 85
@87p; receipU 2,000 bushels; shipments
1.500 bushels. Corn—Strong and higher.
No. 2 mixed [email protected] Oats—Firm at
33034c. Rye— Dull at [email protected] Barley—
Stronger; extra No. 3 spring [email protected]
Pork—Dull and nominal at ? 12 [email protected] 75.
Lard—Firmer at $9 90. Bulk Meat«—
Quiet; shoulders $1 75; short ribs $6 75.
Bacon—Easier; shoulders $5 75; short ribs
$7 12J; short clear 17 50. Whisky—
Doll and weak at $1 13, with no sales.
Butter—Firm and unchanged. Kgga—
Market overstocked at [email protected] Cheese
Dull and unchanged.
Puiladh-Phxa, March 20. — Flour—
Quiet and unchanged. Wheat—Qniet; Jc
higher and strong; car lots firmer; No. 3
red, [email protected]$c; No. 2 red March [email protected]
87c; April [email protected]; May 89]@89;c;
June 90J®91Jc. Corn—Firm; car lots
firmly held; No. 3 high mixed and yellow
•l^c; No. 2 mixed March 49|@49Jc;
April, May and June [email protected] Oata—
Car lots qniet and firmly held; No. 3 white
"'.:@36Jc; No. 2 white 37038c.
Toi.sdo, O., March 20.—Wheat—Quiet
at'd weak; No. 2 red cash andMarch 78 Jc;
April 79c asked; May 801c; June 77jc;
No. 2 spot 85Jc. Corn—Steady and firm;
No. t cash and March 43Jc bid; April
43Jc bid; May 43JC bid. Oats—Firrç;
No. 2 cash 32c bid; Mav 33]c bid.
Clover Seed—Dull; medium ç4 9ti asked.
The murket is very good, this week.
Mea?rs. Hudson A Bayha furnished the
following quotations:
Citile, $2 5004 50 (or all kinds.
Hogs, fair supply, active; .4<3>4Jc per|lb.
Sheep, [email protected]
Calves, $5 0'[email protected] 00.
Fresh cows, $20 00050 00.
Chicago, March 20.—The Drorers' Jour
nal reports: Live Hogs—Receipts 19,000
head; shipments 8,000 head; market
weak and 10c lower than yesterday's
average; rough packing 3004 60;
eking and shipping $4 6004 85; light
3004 65; skips Î3 5004 40.
Cattle—Receipts 4,500 head; shipments
2,800 head; market active and a shade
higher: 1,050 to 1,350 pounds steer $1 TO
@5 60; 1,300 to 1,600 pounds, $5 500
5 90.
Sheep—Receipts 3,000 head; shipments
1.800 head; market brisk and firm; inferior
to medium $2 5004 00; good to choice
$4 1004 75.
East Liberty,
" East Libkbtt, March 20.—Cattle— i
Nothing doing, receipts 1,007 head; ship
ments 380 head.
Hogs—Market firm; receipts 3,800 head;
shipments 1,000 head; Philadelphias $5 20
05 30; Yorkers $4 9005 05.
Fheep—Market slow and prices unchang
ed: leceipts 2,000 head; shipments 1.400
head. Shipments of hogs to New York to
day 22 c*r loads; shipments of cattle to
New York to-day none.
N*w York.
New York, March 20.—Beeves—Receipts I
1,44(1 head; 18 car loads for exportation;
market firmer and 10c per cwt. higher until
lownrdfl the finish, when an easier feeling
prevailed; extremes for steers $•"» 3506 45;
general sa'es $5 5006 10.
Sh^ep—Receipts 5,500 head; market
VI and easier for sheep; steady for vearling
Hoga—Receipts 3,600 head; live hogs
firmer at $5 000 5 60.
Cincinnati, March 20.—1/ive Hogs—
Quiet and firm; common and light $3 75
04 85; packing and butchers $1 450
5 0'): receipts 7,700 head; shipments 1,100
Oil CltT.
On. Citt, March 20.—National Transit
certificates opened at 81 ' c, highest 81,'c,
lowest 80]c, closed at 80jc. Sales 2,203,
000 barrels; clearances 5,07S,000 barrels;
runs 50,028 barrels; shipments 51,705 bar
reis; charters 45,615 barrels.
Ti. i sv ii.i.k, March 20.—National Transit
•ertilicates opened at 8ljc; highest Sljc;
oniBt 80}c; closed atSOi'c; shipments for
1 he entire oil regions 60,8^3 barrels; runs
br the entire oil regions 47,931 barrels;
barters, 45,645 barrels. Market to-day
{uiet and weak.
Pittsburgh, March 20.—Petroleum
Trading in oil to dav was light with prices
dull and heavy: The market opened at
■^c, and declined to 80}c, then rallied to
■tic. but fell off again and closed weak at
Our merchant« report we are on the eve
aot of a boom but of a healthy development
if snhftantial business activity.
SnuKs—Cut loaf 7c; Cubes 6»c; Fruit
powdered 7 jc; Powdered 6Jc; Granulated
Standard 6£c Granulated ordinary 6Jc;
Standard Confectioner's A 6Jc; grocer's A
<c: Pearl white A 5Jc; White extra C 5Jc;
Ohio valley C 5|c; golden C 5Jc; New York
C 5c.
Covffes—Green coffee—Fancy Golden
liio 14}c; Fancy Green 14c; Peaberry
13Jc; Choice 13c; Prime 12}c Good lljc;
Fair 11c; Roasting grades 8^©9]c Old
Government Java 22c. Roasted coffee in
packages—Arbuckle's 1 lb 14c; Cardoba
I lb, 14cj Dilwçrth 1 !t>, 14c; Dilworth
Brunswick 1 and 2 fb. lôc ; Levering I'«. L.
C 1 If). 14c; Levering Java 3 lbs 80c;
Risiug Sun 1 lb. 14c: Tiger 1 lb. 13c;
Partola 1 lb. 8jc. Rulle Roasted—Old
Government Java 26c; Peaberrv 13c;
Choice Rio 14jc; Prime 13jc Good 12jc;
Fair 12c; Ordinary 11}.
Rick. — Carolina head, 7Jc; Carolina
choice 7c; Carolina prime 6Jc; Louisiana
6Jc; Java pearl 6]c; Broken 4Jc.
SYRCP9—-Choice Sugar Svrnp 33035c;
Ordinary Sogar Svrup 25(ây28c; Honey
Drips 28c; Su^ar, lîouBe (dark) [email protected];
(3c additional in half barrels); New Crop
New Orleans Mollasse«. Fancy 55®5Sc;
Choice [email protected], Prime 4<*@50c; Fair [email protected]
48c; Choice Bakers [email protected]
Provisions—Large 8. C. Hams 10|c;
Medium S. C. Hams 11c; Small S. C. Hams
' lljc; California Hams 8c; S. C. Breakfast
Bacon 10c; S. C. Shoulders 7|c; City Sides
8£c; Bacon Shoulders 7c; Ham Beef lljc;
Ordinary Beef 11c; Country Side« 7}c.
Lard—Tierce 7fc; half barrels 8c; tubs
7 Jc ; buckets 8|c ; tin pails 3 lb8|c: tin pails
5 lb 84c; tin pails 10 lb 8Jc; tin pail« 20 lb
7£c; tin pails 50 lb 7)c.
Ca.vxkdGood«.—Standard 31b table peach
fl 90; pie peaches 3ft $1 10; pie peaches
6ft $2 00; tomatoe« 31b Boston market
$1 25; tomatoes 2nd 3ft 90c; canned corn,
Rfd Seal 2ft fl 00; do Winalow* 2ft $1 25;
do 2nd grade 2ft 85c; «trawberrie« 2ft
$1 20; blackberries 2ft fl 10; raspberries
211) $1 10 Damson's 2!b 95c; lima beam
2ft 90c; core oysters lib light 6^c; do
1 ft full weight fl 0001 10; string beans
2ft [email protected]; succotash' 2ft fl [email protected] 25;
Marrow fat peas 2ft $1 9002 10; goo««
berries 21b 90c(<rfl 00.
Fruits—Valencia raisins, 9|c; layer
OnJara raisin«. 12c; layer wdinary raisins,
f2 20; layer California raisins. $2 60; Lon
don layer raisins, f3 25; French prune«, 90«,
8Jc; French prune«,SG«, 9Jc; French pranes,
70«, 10}c; French prunes, 60«, !!}c; French
prunes, 50«, 13c; Turkey prune«, 5Jc; Eng
lish currants, cask, 5c; fancy evaporated
applet, 10c; good evaporated apple«. 9c;
fancy evaporated peaches, 15c; good erapo- :
rated peaches, 14«; good $«, common 1
peaches, 9c.
On.—Lard, extra western strained 80c;
carbon. 110, 8c; carbon. 150, 9c; white 1
miners' best winter 50c; white miner«' No. j
Conditio* or Miirm—Sngars, steady j
at quotations; coffee, barely steady; rioe,
firm, withaproepectire adraoce, lard, weak; |
r fr—- -7 " >.
p:o%uiom, uncharged; irait«, no ainsi;
•)}nip, stronger auO advancing; N. 0. mo
If.6*f8, active fit quotations
The nail irarket ia active. Nail«, fence
ar.d bud* — lGd to SOd, $2 2S; 8d
■ ad 9d, $2 50; 6d and Td,
fi 75; 4d and 6d, $3 00; 3d. $3 75; 2d,
$j 00 Barrel—J inch, $5 25; { inch,
$.r- 25, 1 inch, ft 75; 1J inch, $4 00;
Ii inch, $3 73; 1J inch, $3 25; 1} inoh,
$3 CO. LiLing—i inch, $6 75: j inch,
$8 2.".. Tobacco Hhd—lOd $2 75; 8d
00; fid and 7d, $3 25. Clinch—Yll
fize?, $4 00. Slating—ôd, $325; 4d, $325;
3d. $4 00; 2d, $5 25. Finishing—1 inch,
$7 25; 1J inch, $6 25; lginch, $4 50; 1J •«>
lï inch, $i 25; 2 inch, $4 00; 2} inch, $3 75:
3 im h and over, $3 50. Casing and Box
ing—lCd to 30d. $3 00 ; Sd, $3 25 ; 6d,$350;
Id, $3 75; 3d, $1 75. Fine Blned—41,
$l 00, 3d, 25; 2d. $6 00. Cut Spike« -
Ail fizes. $2 50. Boat Spike«—A:l sizes,
$3 00. E&cb half keg 10c extra.
Philadelphia, March 20.—Wool —
Coarse and low medium grade\ improved;
demand for medium dull; Oh o, Pennsyl
vania and West Virginia XX and above
[email protected]; coarse29([n30c; New York, Mich
igan, Indiana and western tine at [email protected];
medium washed combing and delaine [email protected]
37c; coarse washed combing and delaine
24(S;25c; New Mexico and Colorado me
dium [email protected]; coarse carpet wool 12)
(o' 14c.
# Hew York.
Nsw York, March 20.—Dry Goods—
The jobbing trade is very good not with
slandinj* the weather is very cold. With
agents there has been a steady deman 1 for
many moderate assortments, but there ha
been no activity apparent.
And Every Species of Itching and
Burning Diseases Posi
tively Cured.
E< ;CKMA, or Salt Bhcum, with It» agonlriag
Itching and burning. Instantly relierai b» a
i ai 1.1 bath with Cutirurm Soap, and a tingle appli
cation of Cuticura, the preat Skin Cum. This ro
neatesi daily, with two or three doe«* of Cuticura Kf ■
solvent, the litw Blood Purifier to keep the blood
coo! the Perspiration unirritating, the Dowis open,
the liver and sidneys active, will speedily cure hcae
uia, Tetter, hlrgworm, Psoriasis, Lichen Pruritus
.«raid iitad. Dandruff. aad every specie» of Itching.
Scaly, snd Pimply Humors of the acalp and skin,
when the best physicians and all known remedies
Vi ill ïli'Uontilii, &>42 itaruoru i uic^u
gratefully arsnowlcdgo-s a cure of K< aenin or rtalt
ttbciioi on head, neck, laco. arms, and hv'S for te*,
int«en years; not able to walk except on hands and
ItKofcr one year; not able to help hiiuwlf lot
light }> ars; tiied lrmdrcda o! remédie«: doctors
•rofiourcrd bis <a.H) hop-less: peraiincn'ly cured
>ytoe luticura Kee>hcnt ihloou put»rt#-r> Inter
aall> . a*id Cuticura ncd Cuticura Soap (.the grevât
■kir°< 'imI externally.
Ci Houghton, Kn«|.t lawyer, 2fc;>:au<sireei,
!Soe .<n, reports a iw if Feat ma under his ohaorva
lioD l<<l leu year.-, whic:> WfCtai the pat nut's 1-oly
»lid i nil», and to wj Ich all known method* of
(Ka'iiient hid bcrn applied without benefit, which
va- «Ptuplftely < tired solely bv the Cuticura Ueuie
lua leaving a clean afiJ liealtny skio.
I- II. I)rak<>, Esq., Detroit, Mich , suffered m
old irr: urea from Eczema, which app-are-l un h..<
lau*I.vad and face, and nearly destroyed his eves
After ihr- most caretul doctoring and a coasultUi'»n
•t r' jHlcian« failed to relieve him, housed theCu
ictu i fcemedlea, arid was cured, and has remained
so !•'' date.
All. »lohn Thiel, WHkesbarre, Pa., writ«»: "l
have - nlîered from Salt It hen qa sor over ei^Ut years,
at ti:->»» so bad that I could not attend to my boat
•ie»a lor week* at a time. Three bo*(>s nj Cuticura
ttid four bottle.s He*o vent havcentiieiy cured me
»1 Uli» dreadful dlaease.*'
Sold by all druggists. Price: Cuticura, .V) c'»,'
FePoi*»fct, il; Soar, 2-"> eta. Potter Drug und
Chemical Co., Uoalou.
Send for "How to Cure Skin I»l*ea»«*a.M
OllflCtRA SOAP, ac exquisit« Toilet, Bath,
wl» • ■ and Nuraery Senative.
mroolfA*»rvoB« »Ueaw«,
«îtilcl . Kurv turn. O^" .4
BWtMUIlW 1W1 ] jtl rrrry rna* underfill""*»
•WtVnd twoetamvatorrclcbrntfd M- v! leal Work«,
Wc«>. Call orwrito. F. D. CLARKE, M. D.
Commissioners' Sale.
Ohio, in the Circuit Court of Ohio county.
James McAdauis J
vs. V In Chancery.
Mary Mi/abelh lie-»- and others. )
Lorenz Neuberger, AdruLstrator, Ac ,)
vs. In Chancery.
Mary Elizabeth Hem and other». )
By virtue of the authority conferred upon fliero
'>y «decree made bv gafd court in the al-ove entitle-'
cau.v* consolidated, on the 3d day of F«hrtar<
1H85, the undersigned spi-cial coin mi sa: anors will
"«nttirdny, thn 21at Payof March, A. I». 18R".
■ommenoing at lOo'clock a. m., sell at public auc
tion, at the front door of the Court House of »aid
«tinty. In the city of Wheeling, W. Va., the south
me-half of lot number four (41 in square number
wenty three (23) on the map of the sub division o'
•he Joseph. Caldwell eatate an J addition« therefrom
"o the -.aid city, which map is of reeprd In the office
»I the dork "of the County Court of said eoantv
•mobr the public land records thereof. Hurh half
ot iTonta upon the west side of Wood street, be
tween Twcntr-nlnth and Thirty-first streets, and
iaa »'j on it a double tenement frame houte.
Ti mms or Sali—One-third and so much more
>f li e purchase money as the purchaser ahall elect
o pav, In ca»b on the day of aale, and the residue In
iwoiijual instalments, payable respectively in six
«nd twelve months from the day of »ale, with In
erest. the purchaser to give hia n»tee hoaring int*r
-st fiorn the day of sale for the deferred pivmenta
with '■ curliy, approved by the undersigned. The
title lobe retained until payment In full of the
purchaae money.
Special Commissioners.
W. il. Halles, Auctioneer.
1 hereby certify that the a!«»e named special
•omm'wiioM*» have given bond, with security ap
rrovid by m», in tb* penalty of >2,500, as required
'.v leu andaaid decree.
Fi TtiUARY 19,18S5. Clerk oi said Court.
21 :>r mr:, 14*»
Tic ket« Oui/$5. Zitate« la Proper
Louisiana Stat« Lottery Comoary.
"We do hereby certify that wa raperr-lae the ar
angcrcantalot »U the Montlviy and HemiAnnoai
.*awUp Ol th« lAOlalana Htate Lottery Oompaay,
jid tu pen«» SMJUürt and ocntral the Dravli»«»
r,em*#lTe« and that the wu art conducted with
.ooecty. faire«« aad la food faith tovaid all pat
ina. and we aothortae Um Company to um thla ear
dßite. w'th 01 oai <*»««*• attach«
In Mi ai»
IxccryonMla 1«H for 2» yean by th«
lot l'.facatteaai aad Chart Ub!« rjrjxm, .
xalM ol »,«*,00ü-«o vtrtoh a iwq fund of m
WG.OfcO haa «Iam beea add«*.
By aa erervtalaalac popular vola Hi trmachlae *■
cad« a »art elthe prteeat State Ooaauutte
ado; ted December 3d, 1. D. 1RS.
Tee only Lattery erer rated on and codoned by
the people el any eitata.
It uerw aealae or poatpooea. to Oraad Btacle
N eue bar Dravlso take plaor aonth*r.
A epieodid «rportanlty to via a Pertsae. Fourth
Grand Prmvtax. Qaaa D, la the ACADEMY Of
Tneoday, April J Ith, IMS,
JT'.lh Mocthir iTawlag.
IM.M* Txksta at Fl*« OoUra E-efe. Practica« !»
Plfthala prrporüao.
tarr or nxxMt
1 Ca; lt*J Prlaa. - 97B,m
1 Capita: Prlae MßU
1 Capital Pria» l<v*t
I rriwa of $sm. lifiU
» Prizee of *** lû,«t
M Prir*e of MOO- ÎO.MC
K Prüm 01 wan. Vkjm
m Priaee o4 W IM«
WO Priaee ol t* MßK
ton Priaea of 8ft SjKK
i«W Priaee el * -
Amwotlafrflnn Prtaaa.
I Arp-oxlmatioc Prtaea el fÄT™
f Arproxlvatlea Prfaeeal MO...
» Apyrorlara>tom Prtae» d *~
Ü«7 Prtaea, t«Maatta»*a ......... , . .—n
.AppUcatloa lot rata» to aMba ahaaM bo teada
to the o*a» al the Co^aaoy ta Orfeaaa.
For farther lafcrmarfaawMa aiaarty, gMa|
D. a „
P. O Money
^ Latten ia
«agar Traisa will naa ■ fiiliiM WlMtta|
Antvca at—
Minningl^n ,
W«abfn*t«B City.
r. u.
r. ■

*. »
r. «.
6 J4

•Pull* except Snnday,
No. &, No.$7 nul No. M atop at aB I
WB8T see SB,
beiisire «
Arme« at—
Newark ...........
Oùamboa ...™
6t Louii
Kama aty....
A. M.
. St
4. »
• JO]
*- M. ,
P. «
|a. M.
P. K.
P a.
U: C
i*Uy except Sunday.
Zanemtlie AtwimodaUan imrm Wh—11m 0
7:85 a. m. and 8:40 p. m., Bailalra al 8:10 4- »•
nd 4:16 p. m., dally exoept Sun lay. I
MoondarlUe Acoonmonatloc laavea Wheeling
!1^5i. m. «nd arrirea al Moondrrtlle al liUA p. M-,
dally except Sunday.
Mirnlt eton Accommodation leere« at 4:14 p. il
Through eoack tram Wheeling to Col am boa on No.
2, taring Wheeling at 4:16 a. il, arrrirlng 41 Co
lumbuaat J:40 p. m.
Kau. «leeplng can on ail through train«.
Cloaa connection mad* tor all pointa South and
Sonthweet. North and Northweat, mäkln« thla a de
drable root* (or oolenlita and penoni mo ring to the
great weet, and to whom particular at Un Uon II
Tickft» to all principal pointa on aal« at depot
f.wphig oar aooonunodaüooa can be aecured at Da
pot Ttckot OtBoe
Ticket Agrat B. A 0. Depot
Tickst Agent, ander McLun Hon«*
JOHN T LANE, Trar. Paaaenger A«mI
W. M. CLKMKNY?. M. olT
IK. T. DEVRIK8, General Agont, Wheeling.
On and »iter D*r«nb«r 21,1884, paaanfar train
will run a* folio in, Wheal lug Ilm«:
For Pittsburgh—8:35 a. «., daily; 4:10 a. a.,6:30
p. m., dull) except Sunday.
tor Washington—4:101. a., dallr; 1:39a. a.,4:68
p. u and 8:20 p. m., dally except Sunday.,
Prom Plttibnnth—10:55 ». bl, 7:00 p. m., dallt
exoept Sunday ; 11H* p. ra., dall y.
Prom Washington—8:10 a. a»., 10:56 f. a., TA
p. m. dcilT exorpt Sunday ; 11:09 p m., dftllr.
C. K LORD.««anl fwi|« Agon»
THUS. M. KINO, (toMral Hup t
■ K. D. SMITH, Pa» Agi., PllUburjh.
Pittsburgh. Cincinnati & St. Louis R. S,
(l'«u Handle Kouto.)
Time table fob east and webt 00»
Wvted to Not. 16, 1684. Traîna Imita Pun Hun
dl« nation, foot of Eleventh street, nmr publl«
andiug. m follow», On Irai Mandanl time:
Arrive- Wellaburg..
New Voi*..
Pitta. Kiuit Pa.it )*ae.
Exp'» Kxp'- Exp'» Exp1»
a. m
P M.
S: t
r. m."
1 :Z'<
A. M.
7: H
p. >i
p. >«
4 : tOj
4 61
a. M.
p. «.
w .ui
olur.ibti* „
■it. Ia.nl»
Pee. I Denn Writ I Ac
Kxp'a Rip'»; Malt, e'a'i
a. u V. h a. m I p. m
p. M.
a. w
7 .ÂO
4:111 6:46
1:ti 7 05
a. "■
1 55
3:lv ....
7:30! -..
P. *•
7 30
6 If
All train»dalij «i.*|h nunuay.
Pul.n.an'i I'alnee Drawing lu^oui and Bleeping Can
*irtiu»b » u bout ihanft from MmiU nvil!« I>_»t I«
"hllx'eipbla and New York. W«<"l Ui < aluinbua
''inrienittl, LotibiTiile, Chicago, lu<iiana|>o||j am
H. Loul».
Por U.rouiçh tleketj, baggage rhcrka, »locping rai
commodatlooe, and any furtb-r information ap
ytoJNO O.TOMUNnON, Ticket Ag.-nt al Pat
and'e BtalloD, foot of Eleventh atrn t, or at City
Ickt't office, under McLiiri» House, Whwllng
Manager, Columbia, Ohio.
Gon'I Paa. and Ticket Agent, Plttafcurgh, Pa.
j 'Irani« oorrorit«! Norembcr 16, 1884 Contra
•Uind*ru Time:
(toixo wmrt.
Allegber y
Roche.-tef. ....
iAat Liverpool...
(Jtreiand -
p. ui.
11 !•
11 *
a. m
12 30;
I »I
p. m
II 10|
a. to.
1 ooj
1 v>
2 20
5 55
« 1ft
« 24
6 45
7 It
7 40
7 4*
8 >*■:
8 00
I 1»'
10 0»
10 :k)
10 8«»
10 ft
11 ie|
11 v.
p. m.
11 66 i
V 101
10 v\
10 5<
p. m
13 55
1 10
1 V
1 45
3 (T.
3 41
2 4*|
a oo
I>. u>
12 4«!
13 6A|
4 4" I
3 2ii
3 V
8 Or
8 14
8 V
8 4V
4 2>
4 2»
4 4»
p. m.
8 .«
8 it
4 8C
6 18
3 0C
* 8k
4 10
4 U
6 y
6 3;
6 9
6 64
7 0»
7 41
8 01
bona au*.
Bridf «port «
Martin's Ferry.
Kaat Uverpool...
la. m. ta. m. !•. m. .
6 to! « 20! 10 2«
6 23. I 88; 10 »V
6W I 11. «• ^
« 041 I 2SI II l«l
• XI
6 r:
• tl| II 88|
» 401 11 61
I 'P- m
< 4»! » M 12 01
7 »! 10 auf 13 4«
jf. a. p.J
1 a ao «
I «1
a 4«
4 18
4 86
4 »
a at
6 oa
a 80
I u 24 a 44 L
p. m.
13 10 4 *J.„.
3 80 «
6 801
13 as| a o»
140j a v
7 2r
T *
! in
61 4
a. at
3 aa
a aa
4 aa
a 3a
a 11

All train* «Uli» M»pl Uan<l«y.
Train IM ring Brldm»* at «M a..m. mtta AU
tri ctmotvüoo at Yallow Cmt fo» Cl«raU»4 and
Chkajto. Train aril ring it Brt4(f?ortal2tfp. m.
rank'* direct connaction at WwWrlll# from cUv»>
.mi »ad Cbüatp. *• A. FORD,
Otctnl P—pr u< Tlckat A («et,
0«r.«ral lianaftr, Plttabcrgh, Pt
23, 1MK. Train* ton»* Par-Hand.'* fetation. It#»
ol t >■»«■!)lh fimLjHV pabik tadln«, m Wlovt
'>ot r*l btas4ard TU»'- whlah U M »leid« antrat
Jt.ar Wtwtimtlai:
TWllng. W. Ta.
WIW! "
'lanngton — -
Sn ItarUarrtlU..
Parfcwtbnif. W "fc-.
4 ».

'•* !
» V
«. «
*. M
«onra nnM
ic du:!/ rariMiag mm
i wt daür wyi H—day.
jönilT. TTmUkarm.
Trfl WEmHm.
Weekly Register
88 5
Will te greatly imymei aal rtrcaftteMi la al
department*. H vUl ba earafally atttad lir gaaate
dn-oUUoo. It «m te uMralM m a State aaaa
paper, «ad a Joornal idifte ta tte Sroaa, tea
Ornes, Iba Fault and tha Fiuau. Il vlll te
tum Sun AMD Nimm Dtefocaur.
Ivery taaua vlll roatala a carefully r »■pilât ra
lame of all tea oaonty, State Battoaal aad tetor»
national Mva. Tte taiapal WA8BHQBOI *11
V« amply many It— wary ataatpelat.
AU happening« Ol tatet«! at Waehlagtoa, te
ml^bbonng Uagnaafeaal BUulcla «I Ohto «ai
IVnrvjNania, togatter vite ail laeal Ban, pnpaaat
'y a f»rp« or ax;ariena«d mvi galhera» la tnry
tIEj®» and UauiWt «lthin a radlua at tit y mltoi al
Wheeling, *111 te chronicled faithfully aa thay a»
**s '
Th* EwaTa «Ui continue ta (Ira tha naaa aaaa»
nattng from tha CAPITAL aiiex Itaa fini
Char le* tan juat th« ma« aa haivtolara, (o that arary
riuun wishing to kno« «hat la tranapirlng at te*
ëxat or (HjTKSimaxT mart continua to laka tea
Wklch, undar tha nav management, ahall teas
It «bat «aa lUtad editorially tha aaarnlng altar
tranafar, via: Thoroughly and Rkliablt Dm
auric, «Ith no fa Ton fox any pareoa ar torttoa
vltbin tha party ta tha Jetriaiant af tha tWa
part'. Whaa iha nomination» ara ate by tea
regularly constituted contention of the party thaa
the Rbmibtbb «ill—and only ihaa-glre lia
qualified iuppart to th« aomineaa.
ru TXAB ar «AU, roar ad I raaraio.
DAILY, als daya In tha weak.... ........91 M
EAILY.üctm) daya ia tha «aak • M
WhKKl.Y, a M-colnmn paper . 1 M
SUNDAY REOISTKR, by mall ...... t «
pimvuis ar carbi aa.
DAILY «xcapt Sunday-» Meparavafc
DAILY, including Sunday..-. - lie par vaaÉ
Will ba tluhbcd «Ith tha following publtcattoaa Mi
prrmiuma for ob« ynuon th« (ollawlng tarma:
WxhKi.r KaNtnaa and Ohio Farmer ..JIM
•' •• « Na« York World.t ■
'• " llarpar'a Raaar f M
" •• •• Harper'« Weakly—. • M
" •• " llarpA'a kl^axlneI It
" " " Or.iurf MafAJtaa..... • 09
" " " huNirhulaa Maoaalaa I tt
•' " •' WalwI'Uiy Hatch....« I tt
" •• •' Map of We»t Virginia I 90
The aaap a!oa« «111 ba arnt to any addtaai lar H
Tb« Rkuistkb may be wut to oa« addrraa aa«
wbateTer other rap«' ta itilwrtW for to anothat
ib« money to accompany the ortlcr invariably.
Ufnrral nanaftr.
UcCirwdten' Insurance Conpaiij
Office No. 41 Twelfth Street.
ROFT. CRAWiLK, Pra.iH.in.
J. P PAULI, Vit* PrmKlant.
A 1> RI.I> l'A I LU Hwrrfarj.
<\ II. Kl NMNtV. ( it; A«riii
I nauraa all klu J ol proyarty at rwunM Mi
American Insurance Company,
Omet, IIIS Mark*! M. (Otw City Baal«
John M. Hro*u, A tat. lalui,
i. P. Pauli, Jeha hn,
J. a. mil«, a. D. ammm,
(»aonra Wlaa.
J. A. MILLER, Prt«lL.«mt
JOIih PRKW, View ITaaidwt.
P. 1). LtOPHmfe. 8wrHary
U. O. MORD AI) NJUdlo».
iraiirn againa! Um ar daotaf • fcr IM
iMaaboid liméa, Mawaattla, MmlMlimi
um property.
•r Puran am fpatümlly aattaitaA art
(foyawfrf«» IM7.)
< r«iiy PaM i'm • eiM^iM
(mh«, • WM"*
Va. P. HUM, Aap* RaU,
Anton Raymana, Pnrf " —
Phil. «rbuVhla, A. Ç Kaartar.
Loui« P. HUlal, UMparH«U,
Haary Wiaiharaaa
W. P. 01'IPRL, Prllil
W. a POORX, Mi »Hary.
OrnOM, VoartMith Mra
Inaaraa BalUUa# «I aU Ua4a. Ma
.MabllakaMBta, Ha—lull F^raltara, Para
•rty, «c, agalaa» laaaar Awp by ira.
Tbl Frankita Inorinci CmwiI
J. ». ▼APCl1_PïW*W.
M. RnLLrTyVw Pr **
AMKH p. AJ)Af"
a wômce « iwfjm
.Hit and Marin* Immun C«aput*
PF WHTEIiUtt, «f. VA.
I^^^^ta !»*>
«B. B. <■■■—, C W. MllÉC
i- *- M*cyW m« w5S7^
n-"**— EM-Otieléâ.
ß. f. *
kwwsnsi' "
1>. <». »OBOA*,<
oir»» I«. inw llala Wimi.
o» ptui -axooxxxx
k<>W» A H0K*L rru IKKCftAJtOB Nfti
Fire Insurance Co.}

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