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Absolutely Pure.
trangtfc ud whnl—mi Ibmmwkü
*• ordinary Un<k, aa4 «aaot bo ao!4 ta oomp*
tluo® wlU Um aultitad« al tow taut, ahart w«l*ht
«tum or phoapbata powderi.
Sold only In can«. BOY AL BAKING TOW DEB
CO., M«« Torfe.
TUB DS8T rfjn
"Vitalised Air given and teeth extnu-ud entirely
free from pain. We use no chloroioi m or ether li
any operation,conaeuoentlT patienta are not »trappt
down to the chair vktn Vitalised Air is takes
UK.V noRKIM>%, OeutUtM,
Telephone A 1S2. noJ3
— AT —
lai|H>rte«l Decorated Poreelaiu
Tra .VK SO piw<>*, tor Kiglit Dol
lant. Muuv ( hlna Met.«* «till lower.
22W tarkft Street.
Wi: hatf juüt received a new
Ntork ot Uftld Spectacle«.
Jeweler for. Twelfth and Market.
Index to New Advertisements.
Awnings and Tents—W. H. Travers A
For Cincinnati—Steamer Andes.
Millinery and H*ir Goods—W. P. Bich
Strayed or Stolen—Black-aud-Tan Pap.
Paper Hanging—C. W. Priest.
A Matinee Saturday Afternoon—K. M.
McGillin A Co.—£ tirst I'ajre j
Education by hlectrici^y—[Local Pa^e J
Carpets and Hags—G Mendel A Co.
Prepared Glue—List's Drug Store.
Stiok to I s and You Won't Get Stuck—
M. Gutman A Co.—[Local Page ]
W Miner lutUcaUoal
Washington, D. C., March 27—1:30 a.
no.—For Ohio Valley and Tennessee,
generally fair weather, winds shifting to
the northwesterly in the western portion,
slight tall of teperature, falling, followed by
rising barometer.
Lower lake region, cloudy weather, local
rains or snows, nearly stationary, followed
bjf a slight fall of temperature, westerly
winds, preceded in the eastern portion by a
falling barometer.
Mere Mention of Miscellaneous Matter* ot
General Intereat.
One deed of trust was admitted to record
y» sterday.
William Mi Caxs vas arrested by Deputy
Sher:ff Blanchard last nicht and committed
to jail cbargtd with stealing eatal.les from
Van Kuren s restaurant. The theft was
committed some time ago.
We have received from Stanton Jt l>av
enpoit a specimen of their Easier souven
irs It in entirely new in design and as
beautiful as anything we have 9een.
A RAti.RO.4t> man. who is familiarly
known a« ""Duck" Board, was arrested lam
night for fighting on the South Side.
Ysstkrday was a beautiful day.
Tbe moving mania has set in.
The attention of advertiser« is called to tbe
extra double «beet of next Sunday's Reuh
tkr. The edition will be very large, ami
advertisers wishing to take advantage of its
columns will send in their favors at as evrly
an hour as possible. This edition will be
nnnsnail? attractive and will go into the
hands of a great many new readers.
A Ht'MBKR of small bov3 were p'ayiog on
Twenty-third street yesterday, when a man
named Kraft became enraged at them aad
struck a young son of John Hoffman on the
ccse, hurting him quite badly.
A colored man named Gibbs, it is re
ported. attempted to hold up a stranger
near the B. A O. depot Wednesday night,
but he tatkl <Çthe wroDgmin, as a revolver
was pointed at his head and he skipped and
has not been seen since.
The popular car driver, Barney McEntee,
is out agnin, after a four months siege of
Fluke's grocery store, which is a frame
building, and located on the corner of T wen
ty sixth and Market streets, was yesterday
moved, goods and all, to a lot on Market,
abovp Twentv sixth street.
A Startling Crime Enacted on the
Island, Last Night.
William 0. Cashing, a Weil-Known Young
Man, iCommits Suicide at
His Residence.
The Decease] a Defaulter to the Belmjnt
Iron Company to an Amount Vari
ously Estimated at From Two
to Three Thousand
For the past two or three days it has been
hinted about towa that m serious defalca
tion existed in the office of the Belmont
Iren Work?, and rumor connected the
n»mi> of William I>. Cushing, the chief
bookkeeper of the concern, with the matter
in a manner reflecting seriously upon his
honor and integrity. That these suspicions
were well grounded is evidenced by the
startling developments of last night—em
bracing as thoy do the mo3t convincing
proof of guilt, the arrest of the smpicioaed
person, his admission to bail, and his sub
sequent death by his own hands—all oc
curring within a few hours.
The details of this most unfortunate affair
are as follows: For several weeks past the
tu» mbers of the Board of Directors of the
Be mont Iron Company have suspicioned
thfct all was not going right in that portion
of the financial affairs of the mill under
the churgeof Mr. Cushiog. and with a view
to atcenaining whether or not their
suspicions »ere founded on fact, Mr. Andrew
Wilson was put to work by Manager J. D.
Du Bois overhauling the books, doing his
work at night at his residence, and return
ing the books to the oflice every morning.
ÀI er working for a few days, Mr. Wilson
repoited to the Board that be had made dis
connect of serious defalcations The irre*
uiaxities seem to have extended as far bacs
as May. lbJ>3, the first amount ascertained
to have been taken beicgSlO Mr. Gushing
h ltd charge of the pay roll, and seetn^
to have made it a custom, when he was
short of fui;ds, of adding ten, or fifty or
a hundred dollars to the arnourt drawn t
pay off the men, and then appropriate the
surplus to his own use, sums being taker
from time to time down to the opening of
the present vear, the largest of theeo being
In February, 1885, the sums of $100 and
f:;00 respectively were taken, the latter sum
about the last of the montb, the total o! all
tie thefts amounting to about $.',100
I On Monday of last week, the facts being
I fully in the possession of the
Boaql of Directors, it wa3 deter
mined to brin? the matter to a crisis by
causing Mr Cushion's arrest. Nothing was
done, however, until yesterday afternoon,
when the Board met at the oÛiceÇof State
Treasurer Thompson, at the Capitol, there
being present, iu addition to the Board |
Manager J. D. Du Hois, 'Squire William H |
Caldwell and Constable J. P. St. Meyers
A warrant was sworn out charging Mr
Cushing with embezzling the sum of $700,
being the total ot' the two sums taken dur
[ ing February, and about o'clock Coustable
St. Meyers boarded a south bound car en
rout«« tc the mill to arrest his man
Mr. Cusbing was fouud in the mill otiice,
just preparing to leave, and was at oice
t%ken into i-ustody and escorted to Squ're
! Culdwclis office. There Messrs. Andrew
Wilsou and J I>. DuBo • ipp^arei, at 7:20
o'clock, and after listening to tbe charge,
the ac used «us held to bti'.in the sum ot
$.1,000 for h s a; p urunce next Tuesday,
hi.« father-in-law, Mr Charies 1 terry, becom
irg hi« security. Mr. Cushing was released
frcm custody, and his movements for th<
I ensuing two hour* are not kuown
Akcut 10 o clock, lau evening Mr. Cush
irg entered his rtsidenc" at Ko. S Zane
I »met. Island, and at oncc ascended to th*
isccrnd floer. Mrs. Cushing was not a'
lome; she. in companv with a lady friend
I having visited the I'baniine street rink |
j w en« e Mr. C. hsd promised to
escort them. Early in the evening a friend
j telephor»td Mrs. C. that lier husband wa*
engaged and woulil be unab!»* to call at th
j rink for hrr, and the therefore reaiaiaed
! theie until a laie hour.
When Mr. Cushing came home, the house
I was deserted by all save a servant, Mis-.
I>ora Bucke, who was in the nursery with
tbe only child. The girl heard Mr. Cash
ing come in. and go up stairs, but hear 1
no noise for a tew moments, when she whi
suddenly startled by hearing the dull repon
ot a revolver. Not certain as to whether
the shct came from the interior of the hou3e
or outside, the girl, badly frightened and
with a vague dread that something terrible
had happened, sat alone for half an hoar, j
until the opening of the front door heralded
the return of Mrs. Cushing and her friend. >
The ladies had been escorted home by Mr. |
Wi bur Wright and on the jervant hurry
ing down stairs and telling oflhe shot, Mr.
Wright ran up alone to see what had hap- !
pened. Exploring the rooms in turn, he
at last entered the bath room, situated in
the rear of the house, where the gas jet I
was burning dimly. Here he was hor
rified to 5nd ' Mr. Cushing, lying I
on bis 1 ack, a revolver clasped in his right
hand,and the Hoor covered with blood which
was tlowiug profusely from a bullet wound
in the right side of his head. Mr. Cushing ,
was still breathiug and Mv. Wright at once
ran down stairs, and proceeded to the resi
dence of Mr. W. F. Irwin, next door, who
called in Dr. M vers and the three gentlemen,
after sending Mrs. Cusbing and her friend
into Mr. Irwin s residence, proceeded to
be relief of the wounded man.
Mr Cusbing was by this time dying, and
after a few gasps expired, soon after the
arrival of the doctor. An examination of
the wound showed that the ball had entered
the right side of the head, immediately j
nbove the top of the ear and passed entirely
•brough tie skull, coming out on the left I
side. The wound was a ghastly one, aud it |
is a matter of turprise that death was not
iuatantaneoas. Ifth« shot was fired about
• J0 o'clock, as the servant states, the wounded
mau must have lived for about forty minutes^
it beieg not far from twenty minutai of eleven
«fctn be died. The room presented a ghast
ly tight, tho floor for several square feet be
ing a dm of clotted blood, while the ex
pression of the dead man was grim and
ghastly in the extreme. He had goue at
cncetothe bath room on entering the
bou*e, without removing his hat or over
coat, evidently fully determined on taking
bis life as the easiest way out of the diffi'il
ties in which h« had become entangled. His
teeth were tightly clinched, and his whole
s pp* s ranee gave one the impression of his
bating fired the shot only by a desperate
«Sort of his will and after a terrible mental
»truggle. The revolver was a 32 calibre
Smith ii Wesson.
About half past one o'clock this morning
'Squire Schultz« arrived at the residence,
and an inquest was held. A jury was not
empannelled, the 'Squire not thinking it
necessary. The only witness examined was
Miss I>ora Bucke, the servant, who, as
above stated, was the only person in the
house at the time the shot was fired. She
stated that when Mr. Cushing came
home he made a great deal
of noise in coming up stairs
and proceeded at once to the bath room.
When he entered the latter room he left the
door ajar, and in a moment or two she
heard the report of a pistol. She was afraid
to move, and sat quaking with terror until
Mrs. Cusbing returned. Once or twice she
heard taint groans, and guessed that some
thing terrible had happened.
Tnrre was no further testimony taken,and
a verdict of suicide was accordingly ren
dered by the'Squire.
The examination of the corpse and room
incidental to the inquest showed that when
Mr. Cushing entered the room ne laid down
upon the floor, on his back, with his feet
toward the door and his head near the bath
tu\ which stands on the right side of the
room. After pasting through the skull the
ball struck the tub a few inches from the
bottom, aad then fell to the lloor, where it
was found by Dr. Myers.
Mrs. Cusbing was not allowed to see her
husband last night, remaining at Mr
Irvine's residence, where kind friends did
all that was possible to alleviate her great
Taken altogether, the affair is one of the
saddest coming within our knowledge;and
calls forth the sympathy of all for the wife
obliged within a few hours to face so rnuc'i.
l..t ■«•»>». at the Blnk-N..»».
of Those Present.
The Children's Carnival at l^e Ieland
Rink last evening, was the grandest event
if the season. The large rink building was
tilled to overflowing early in the evening
with the corgeous'.y a tired little ones and
Thtir ireuts a.d friends. The scene pre
heated wa3 a gorgeous one, and so success
ful was the event that the management
have by request, determined to,repeat the
carnival oTlnday evening, Apri13d,Jjbtch
all the children in the city are cordtall} in
vited to attend. Following are Menâmes
of a portion of those present; with their
C0CHHbrf Kirk, sailor;
Cecelia Ilenrv, Hed Hiding Hood. Bud^Mc
Farland, cow boy; Pearl Cora, cow W
Mi*s M. Hill, fancy dress; Chas. Kurner
tancy drees; Johnkuho, fancy dress Nellie
Briedel. Little Bo Peep; Lena Schannan,
Swi-s girl; Miss Donaldson, evening lady,
Stella Kckhardt, Spanish J»dy; Eibert Lash,
George and his little hatchet ; Cka3. W hally,
George Washington; Annie Sadler; Step
erdess; Georgie Mendel. bir Kmg ^
belle Henry, fancy dress; Lddie bbatier,
fancy dress; Fred Etzler. fancy dress; Jes
die Marsh, fancy dress; Besaie Marsh. lancy
dress; John Peterman, fancy dress; Mitlin,
Joues, fancy dress; Clara/.ane, fancy dre ,
Gerta Clayton, Jessie Cotta, fancy dress,
Mary Calls, fancy dress; Maud NNaterman,
flower girl; Gertie Pratt« Minnie Warthen
fancy dress. Sue Caldwell, Kate Greenaway,
Willie Lash. Arthur I instead, Lewis lern
ber'on, Charles Turner. Peter /illjs, tancy
drees; Annie Dillon. Martha Washington.
Blanche Etzler, Walter Sadler, fancy dress,
fi/zie Plummer, flover girl. Minnie Mc
Clemradancy dress; Jim
costume; Creel List. Hattie Tappin, busie
Part lay fancy dross; Archie B..*ck, conti
neutal uniform ; Willie Bye. Johnny Lao,
taucy dress; Uoy 1Xa7lor,H8fat?i™rt
Archie Tavlor, Highlander ; Helen Schwert
feg«r. llowêr girl; Jeifiie House ltaly; AUie
l uMUb. Kodden ot Liberty; Ohorge l ar
<rrs Turk Clara Zanc. peasant; Salhe
Armstrong.Red Biding Hood;ttubySmith.
I easant girl; Lizzie Mendel, Mother Ilub
i ard Lena Schwertfeger, Swim girl; Alice
i,L fancy to; C.m.lle Wm
flower girl; Sallie Mendel, flower girl, Ed
dieTa\lor clown; Percy Norton, fancy cos
tome; OeUa Coen, Winter; Jennie
■on Winter; Artie Parsons, dude, Murray
Henry, 1'ncle Sam; Charley Whally,George
Washinirton. Charlie Bip ey, sailor, Lee
Coen, Turk; Lee Hoffman, Major Andre,
Pearley Coen, cowboy.
Ihr North Kn.l CarnHat.
The Mother Hubbard party at North End
rink last night was the graudest success o
the season, over 1,000 people being in the
audience. This rink is fast becommg the
most popular rink in the city, Mr. B. .
Connelly being a very efficientmanager.
Mr Will Gotman was re eree and judge ol
the races, which were * success beyond a
doubt. Mr. Dinger was awarded the prize
for being the most ladylike male among
the boys and Mr. Will Gotman the best
The Tabl* Groaned.
This is an old expression, used to
the idea of a bis dinner; so big as to make
the table creak and threaten to tumbleto
the flocr. Sometimes it happens thai peo
ple eat too much ol the big dinner and ha^e
"to groan over the attacks of indigestion, the
precursors of regular dyspeps.a Brown «
fron Bitters, the great enemy ot
relieves all this trouble and makes comfo.t
take the place of groaning. Mrs. MaUWa
p&vidson, Montgomery City, Mo, says.
took Brown's Iron Bitters tor dyspepsia,
and it did me good."
Ci.erk Hook granted one marriage
license yesterday.
A Card from Mr. A. C. Harrell—lb* I* 1
tellifaucer's Id »»It.
Wheeling, March 2ö.i—tfi^ar»tivelj
f peaking, tha Intdligeacer man La* enough
biafg in his face to make a kettle, ani
enough sap in bis head to fill the kit le.
He reminds me of a jack-daw with peacock
feathers stuck in his tail, that he might pass
off as a peacock. Some of these fine days
somebody «ill pluck them from him, and
be will be in a pitiful condition when
: the pnblic finds out that he be
longs to the jack daw flock.
This is not the first time the gentleman
has misrepresented me. Sickness prevent
ed me from attending the committee meet
ing last night. 1 have been down time and
again to Council and committee meetings
and bad no meetings to materialize. Now.
because the committee failed to hold a
meeting last night, the would be peacock
charge« me and others with being poor citi
zen and low bred.
I have lived in Wheeling fourteen years,
and, I de y the wouk'-\>e peacock to show
one time where I played a game of chance
or was under the influence of drink or at
{ any time took sides with the violation of the
! law.
Coming down to a fine point, I think that
there is a little brain wanting both iu the
Mayor and Intelligcncer man. Why did the
Major want to act the monkey in trving to
use council as the eats paw to pulf chest
nuts out of the fire? Why did he not take
the casts of Porter Smith and F. Healy to
the courts and there prosecute them like a
man? Council is not a court to try criminal
and civil cafes in. The city ordinance em
phatically says that if the sergeant fails to
enforce the ordinance when he knows the
fact he shall pay a fine and cost of prosecu
tion. Now if a man strikes or robs me.on
the street I would not go to council about
i» but take it to the proper court. Council is
a body to make laws and the courts are the
place to try all law suits. I will hang by the
Slayor as long as he has a button on his
jacket if he will go about things right, and
will attend committee meetings when possi
ble to do so. A. C. Harrell.
Colored Piipiiii Htive Not Boen Admitted
to tlie Fourth Waid School.
Superintendent Biich was yesterday asked
us to the trtth of the report, which mate
r al zed in a communication in yesterday
morning's Register, that a number of col
ored pupils had been admitted to the gram
mar Department of the Fourth ward public
school. The superintendent laughed and
said, "That communication has caused
me more annoyance than you can
imagine. There is no truth in the re
port. The rumor probably gained cur
rency from the following fac>s: Wednesday
afternoon the annual examination of pupils
in the senior class took place at the I'nion
school, and as a matter of course pupils
were present from all the schools in the city,
and among them four colored scholars. The
examination of the latter in conjunction
with the others was commented on by some
of the scholars, and I suppose in relating it
to their parents they conveyed the impres
fion that the colored children had been
admitted as regular pupils. It is the first
time colored children have been admitted
to the graduating class, and the fact that
ihere were four candidates is much to
their credit."
The Health Otlioer Making Preparation*
fur Spring.
Dr. George I. Garrison, the city Health
Officer, requests us to announce hi3 desire
to have citizens Jit once enter upon the work
of cleaning up yards, alleys, cellars, etc., re
moving ashes, garbage, etc., cleaning cess
pools und preparing tor spring and summer
He desires all citizens who have complaints
to make in regard to nuisances to call at his
(fiice, No 737 Main street, from 7 to !• a.
m.. 1 to 2 p. m., or from 7 to î) p. m. They
will receive prompt atreution. The doctor
»^ys that as soon as the frost is out of the
ground he will put a force of men at work,
and will see that the city is in a first-class
sanitary condition.
vir. Mart!», of Fairmont, Almost Siift'ocalcil
hjr üa».
Yesterday morning about about 4:15
o'clock a guest at the Howell House, when
on his way to his room, detected the oJor
of gas and informed Walter Harrison, the
dork, who upon investigation discovered
•hat it proceeded from the apartment occu
i icd by G. W. S. Martin, ot Fairmont, W.
Vu. Mr. Harrison, being unable to arouse
the occupant, broke in the door, when a
volume of gas rushed out almost stifling him.
However he made his way to the window and
threw it open allowing the fresh air to pen
etrate the room, and the gas to pass out.
A light was then struck and it was found
that Mr. Martin was in an insensible condi
tion, every muscle and sinew being stiffened.
He was carried to another apartment and
the fresh air allowed to pass over him.
and he soon showed signs of life
by short gasps. I)r. Wilson was called
and rendered medical assistance, and
Mr. Martin was able to return home yes
terday, although he was in a terribly w>a'<,
nervous condition. It is supposed that Mr.
Martin turned off the gas, then unthinkingly
turned it on again, and it was a lucky thin?
for him that the gentleman canoe in when
he did, for in fifteen minutes more Mr. Mar
tin would have certainly been a dead man
50,000 Bolt» More.
Wall Papers and Borders t> match of the
choicest new styles fresh from the bes*
manufacturers, sold wholesale aid retail at
manufacturers prices, Brown bsck at Ï
cents ard white back at 10 cents a bolt, also
Ceiling Decorations. Carpets, Oil Cloths
Window Shades, Rugs, Ac.. Ac , cheap for
cash. Call soon if you wish to save money
at Nos. 2019 and 2021 Main street.
Joiix Rokmer, Agent.
Sfk Peck s Bad Boy and his Pa at the
Ohapline s'reet rink to night. The funniest
tl ing on wheels
Tea# : Teas : ! Teas ! t !
Fifty half chests Gun Powder teas, fifty
half cheats choice Oolong teas, just received
and for sale at low market rates by G. S.
Feeny. No. 1410 Main street.
j Regaroing this company which is to ap
rtar ibid evening in Fra Diavoio, tùe
; Toledo Bee e»ys: _ .
"The leading attraction in last evening's
ftr'oimance was, of course, the peeress
Seguin, whose rendition oi the leading r j1«j
in so many different operas had made for
j btr&trulj enviable reputation. Last night
' sbe spprartd as "Lady Allcaah.' and capti
vated her hearers. The character does not,
however, give her much of an oppor unity to
display her powers, bat it is saf' .0 say that
a better 'Lady Alk&sh' has lever been
j seen. The 'Fra Diavolc. of Mr.
' George W. Travernor was well
I done, the seaside in tje sec on 1
: act, which called forth a hearty Incore, par
i 'icnlarlj to. >lr. James G. ljakes acted
j i.oid Âllcath' to perfection ?nd sung it
ftirly will. As 'Lorenzo' *r. Thomas
j Christy sbow.d himself the Jossesstir of
j quite a fine voice. and acted t je part well.
Mifs Tellula Kvans was charmfig as 'Zer
lina.' Sbe ha» «ri excellent mprano voice,
wonderfully under control considering the
abort time the has been before the public.
Mr. George I)enham a« 'Bepjjo,' and Mr.
WVbster Norcross «s 'Giacitno,' the two
bandits, kept the audience in a good humor.
'Ihe 'Manco of .Mr. Luigi Carlberg wa*
quite well sung. The chorines are good
and give evidence of being thoroughly
Mr. Labouchere's London Truth thus
speaks of Miss Palmer's appearance at the
Gaiety Theatre:
"The critics are at a loss how to descrii 1
.this young lady. She is original, and tha
is why the critics are scratching their heads
and biting their pens. She is, at times, the
Petite Faaette ot George Sand, und at others,
Nan in 'Good for Nothing;" Ehe is every
thing by turns and nothing long. She is
merely Miss Minnie Palmer, who can sing,
dance, chaff", play pranks, be prodigal in
suggestiveness, beloved by masherdora, and
above all, appears to enjoy what she is
doing. Herein lies the power of this clever
little lady. She has thp gift of communi
cating her sense of fun to her audience.
Metaphorically, she takes them by the but
tonhole. and tickles them under the chin
She coaxes and charms them, aid delights
• betu bv her se°ming delight in life and
merriment. She gives life to a dull audi
ence, and conquers I hem by her assertive
personality. Mr. iioliicgsbead woild do
well to retain h^rpermsDsn'ly at the Gaiety
The Mendelsshon Quartette Club, of Boa
ton, which appears at the Opera House
April 8th, has a history which is almost a
record of the growth and development of
musical education of America. Organized
in 1849, its concert work has been one of
the largest elements in popularizing the
best class of instrumental music, and its
nfluence has extended throughout the
length and breadth of the country. Its touts
have made it alike familiar in the quiet vil
lages of New England, the leading cities
and towns of the Eastern, Middle, Southern
and Western States, and throughout the
great centres ofpopulat:on in the far West
and on the Paciuc coast. After having ex
tended its popularity beyond the bounds ot
the United States and the Canadas by a
tour through Australia, it has recently re
turned with new honors gained by the artis
tic work of its members. The club was en
gaged last year by Mr. Henry C. Abbe? to
travel as soloests in conjunction with Mme.
Christine Nelison, in a series ot concerts
given by her in all the large cities of the
Transfer of Iteal E«(ale.
The following transfer of real estate were
left for record at Clerk Hook s ollice yester
Deed made March 2 4, 18S5, by M. T.
Frame and wife and John I.'jwia and wife
to Frederick Weimer for a certain piece of
land in the town of Fulton. Consideration
Death of a Respected I.mly,
Yesterday afternoon at 4:1«'» occurred the
death of Mrs. Sarah Robertson, mother of
Richard Robertson, of the News-Letter, in
the sixty-eight year of her age. Mrj. Rob
ertson was one of our oldest and m ost re
spected citizen s and her death will cause a
Eang of forrow to enter many hearts, as she
ad a large circle or acquaintances. The
I funeral will take place trom her late resi
dence lui Nineteenth street, Saturday
morning at 10 o clock.
The Late Mrs. E. W. Ryan.
The remains of the late Mrs. E. W. Ryan
wife of Rev. Mr. E. W. Ryan, late of this
city, but now of Detroit, Michigan, arrived
in this city, in charge of two members of
Rev Ryan's congregation, Mr. Ryan, and
bis son, yesterday afternoon at half past
three o'clock. The coffin was removed to
the residence of Mr. C. W. Connor, No.
2224 C'hapline street, where friends can
call hefore ten o'clock this morning. At
that hour the remains will be taken to the
Fourth Street M. E. Church, where services
will be held at half past ten o'clock.
fnrrled Off the Prize.
At the college contest which took place at
Washington on Wednesday evening last
I. I.eMoyne Hupp, son of Dr. IIupp, of this
city, carried off tne prize for select oration.
IV Times, in speaking of it, says:
The Murderer's Soliloquy," by Mr. Hupp,
was a pleasing innovation on the old estab
lish ed custom of select orators. His rendi
tion of the piece was very creditable indeed,
and considerable dramatic ability was dis
plajed. Mr Hupp is a favorite with Wash
ington audiences, and to night was uo ex
Certificate of Incorporation.
Secretary of State Walker has issued a cer
tificate of incorporation to the South Gaston
Gas Coal Company, formed for the purpose
of acquiring and holding coal and other
mineral lands or properties;of mining, man
ufacturing,transporting and marketing coal
and other minerals or the products thereof,
and of constructing, maintaining, using and
operating all such works, ways, trams,
bridges or other structures, as are or mayjbe
necessary or appropriate and convenient to
a general mining business, including the
buying, selling and exchanging and main
; tainirg " h^weat*,ork 0<
1 and a bridge aero*« ^ o( tft,d
Monorgahelîj nrerupw ^ ^ iu
crw|»ny. which co P° . buäin«« »t
principal office or P expire March
or near Fairmont, «daha» •*£ guch
1.1935.. For the pa«ç*• J* ^ J* §ub.
corporation the sum of » . reeerved of in
gcrib^and the pn«l'^oüü0)0 The in.
creating the sum to *■ ^ataon, Fair
corporators Fairmont; Henry
motit; Jamni Morrow, Jr., r Bâlu.
0 W.li:WbU« &;*■
more, Thomas Watson, Fair
£27* »Ä
Ed Watson, Fairmont, each one sha .
. w. claim and Strmnge**
Goverocr Witoon nmvtd So» Cbu-lMton
tort ivenine on . ™'i to cbeir rapec-.v.
homes in Elizabeth, W. N a
Okptoin .lohn Ktoter. .1 W.ltob.rg, ««
in the city yesterday.
Captain James Gatts, of Clanngton, » m
the city. __
An Kpitomo of N.w. Concerning the Bo*»
and Boatmen.
The marks at the landing 1"t ,I11| (j
showed 3 feet 9 inches m the channe ,
The I'achelor left for Pittsburg at 11 a.
m. yesterday with a big trip
The Abner O'Neal and Telegram arrived
and departed on time.
The Princess will enter the Wheeling and
B ilaiie trade tc- lay.
The Andes arrived at 5 o clock last even
intr and will leave for Cincinnati and way
points at 3 o'clock this afternoon. _
Captain Godfrey Muhleman ^ .n cjm
mand of the Andes in place of Charles
Mubleman, who is at New Orleans. ^ _
Pilot Ed. Simms, of Wells' Bottom, is in
the citv. Ed. has quit the river and is now
enlaced in the lumber business.
Pittsbüro, Pa., March 2G.-River l
foot and falling. Weather clear and warm.
Cairo, March 2G.-Kiver 29'feet, «
inches and falling. Weather cloudy.
Evansviixe, March 26.—River 12 feet
inches and falling rapidly.
Cincinnati, March 2G—River 11 teet
C inches and falling. V. eather clear and
warmer. t
J. L. Thistle, ofS'lHtersville, W. \ a.. pass
ed through the city from the East, yesterday,
on his way home. '
C. S. McWhorter, of Buckhannon, W.
Va., is at the Stamm.
Jack Fetterly, of Marietta, an old Wheel
ing printer, is at the Stamm.
The Misses Ilolloway and B. Moses, of
Gallipolis, 0., were in the city yesterday.
Mr. W. W. Dean, of Pittabnre accompan
ied by his wife and daughter, were in the
city yesterday.
B. A. Rosenberg, of New Cumberland,W.
Va., 'a at the Howell. . ...
Steve Martin, of New Martinsville, W.
Va , is at the Howell.
A number of genial carpet drummers of
Philadelphia are at the Howell.
A Plea*nnt Dinner l'arty.
The luxuriantly elegant apartment oecu
pied by Messrs. James Hall, Camden Som
mers and Harry Odbert, commonly known
as "Jims Place," was the scene of a delight
ful little dinner party last evening. he
al'air was gotten up in an impromptu
manner, but it was quite a success
and the boys feel vet7 Proud
over the achievement. There were seven
ccnrses served, and at the end of the last
the guests, among whom were several
Indies, declared they could cat no more, or
there is r.o telling how many re
serve courses the boys had sequestered
in the "refrigerator." It is said that the
Friday club was outdone, and the boys in
tend to try their hands again in a short
time, when more of their friends will have
an opportunity ofjudging on their merits as
Cnril of Thank*.
We desire to express our thanks to those
who eo kindly sympathized with us in the
loss of our son and brother John. We feel
ourselves under many obligation to his fel
low-workmen, also to his friends as well as
those of family for their elaborate floral
contribution and assistance, and hope when
your faces have passed from this earth you
will receive his thanks who now peacefully
rests with his brother.
At a regular meeting of the South Side
Singing Society, held at their Ilall on March
23, 1885, the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
Whkrkas, In view of the loss we have
sustained by the decease ofour friend, mem
ber and associate, John Armbright, and of
the still heavier loss sustained by those who
were nearest and dearest to him; therefore,
be it
lie»olcc<l, That it is but a just tribute to
the memory of the departed to say that in
rfgretting his removal from our midst we
mourn for one who was in every way worthy
of our respect and regard.
llesolvcd, That we sincerely condole with
the family of the deceased in the dispensa
tions with which it has pleased Divine l'rovi
dente to afflict them, and commend them
for consolation to Ilim who orders all things
for the best, and whose chastisements are
m( * '
spread upon the records of our Society and
a copy thereof be transmitted to the IUn.v
Register and Intelligencer for publication.
Cn.vs. Mixer, Sec'y.
The funeral of Mrs. Caroline Snider will
take place from the residence of her son,
Daniel Snider, Jr., 8*> Twenty-seventh street,
tc-day at 2 30 o'clock, the interment to take
place at the Peninsula cemetery.
Your very kindly,
Loris AnMiiREciiT Axn Famii.y.
Tribute of Ite*pert<
Chas Morxixostar, Pres't.
Frmoey and Lr«ter'a Combination at the
Cliapliue Mret'l Kink Heartily Keceived.
Certainly ibe driest rink (terformance
ever given in this city was witnessed by an
audience ot at least seven or eight hundred
people last uight at the Chaplioe street
rink, and not cne but was delighted
wiih the performance, Pressey and
Lester, in their double and
siegle bicycle acts are great, and Fred L
Walsh, in trick and fancy skating, can not
be beaten. Charles Gilmore, who is only
thirty-six inches tall and twenty-five years
old, in his act of the "Little Dude," fair'j
brought down the house, and he
was compelled to reappear. The two
atter geatlemen, in their act of "Peck's
Bad Boy and his IV' was immensely funny,
and kept the audience laughing heartily the
whole time. The horizontal bar acl of
Frank C. Nichols, performing on a bar at
tached to two bicycles, was something en
tirely new and received great applause. The
whole performance in fact was first-class in
erary respect, and it will repay any one fo
see it to-night. It can be trutnfully said that
this m the best combination of the kind ever
Tiik finest bicycle artists in the profes
sion, Pressey & Lester, at the Chapline
street rink to-night.
Tlir Whlnky Ilii«lne«*<
Please do not confound any of the whisky
bitters, wliioh topers take and drunkards de
light in, with that altogether different arti
cle, "Brown's Iron Bitters." No toper
wants Brown's Iron Bitters, for there is noth
irg in it to satisfy the cravings of his de
bnsed appetite. This great iron medicine
gives strength nod new life, not a mere un
wiiolosome stimulus. Sheriff Pouder, of
Washington county, Tenn., writes that after
utinp two bottles of it he was cured of dys
pepsia. No "whisky bitters" could achieve
such a result.
Ilucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
Sc.res, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Cirns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positive
ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Pries 25 centa per box. For
Bale by Logan &, Co.
llolil Robbtry,
Wednesday night two men »p?
Mrs. Weir« boarding house on the
Side for lodging and board,statins tb
: were printers and intended working
city. Iteing crowded, the landladr a
border named Polan il be would
them to occupy bis room that
to which he cousented. Vesi
Mr. Bolan arose anl lett
new lodgers asleep, but when h» rn
at noon he found that all his cloth'
several valuable pieces of jewelrr hu
stolen, and of course the theft wm *ri
to the men, as they had left One ot
was tall and the other ol mtb/t d
tive stature, and no traee of then co
Srs the Linie i'uite m tue thipiine
rink to-night, (ireat act ani k
Takk Cheney ■ Stomal h and I.:\er
lator $1.00 per bottle, ï> bottles Ij:
! Sold by all druggists.
Opposition- is what it want* Tfci
make it solid ; we mean l»r. Bili'il
8yrup. It has entered the Hits ani
out far ahead. In the ranks of le;it
household remedies for the cure of c
and colds, I>r. Hull's Cough Sjrup i
first. Price 25 cents.
Marvelou m Invent!
TBI MOST ^ïîaHiiweI
Method ot Unpwtin«, bj the »id ol Electrical M«K, «
Knowledge 1 Amnsemei
Actually taught by the myste
known pow
rious use of this almost v#
er. It also
Solves Conundrums an d Matrimonial Probh
One of these novel and hig
hly amusing litte inventic
Of a Suit of
Clothing at
Twolftli Stro«
Kranit« adrertlted u absolutely pur»
P.*™ a ran top down on a hot (torr nntlt h*at«4,thaa
rr-novo the rorer and amcll. A rhimut will not be r>
çuirvd to detect the preMUce of aiinuuul*.
m HutTHFiuin hi* NCVIR nn «fmw»
In a million home« for a quarter of a cento ry It haa
ItooA the coiMamen* reliable toet,
Dr. Price's Sperial FMu Marts,
neHf|i«t,aiitmifcii M4iyinlliiw
Dr. Prie«'« Lupulla Yuit Guns
For Light, Healthy Bread. Ute Beet Dry Bop
Teaet U the World.
rrnUd to « |.rirai» party t eight Ii« 'J
1. o'clock. Spectator» will w adiuiUMi <i .
each. Ki
CAPITAL FBI IL, 9711,000.1
TiekettOilftS. Nhtrei 1b Pr»|
Louisiana State Lottery Compi
"Wa 4a haraby ««rUfT that wa np*m»U
railfMMBti (Of all IM Monthly «ni W'll
Dmrlnp ol tha L®aUl*na Hum Ixtury ifc>|
and to panoa ■■nag» and «entrai th» rm
ttran'-l ' thai tha «am» art aoa^otri
honaaty. talroM tad ta too* tilth U>«ai4 Hi
Uaa, and va anthorlaa Iba (loo rarT to qm Ul
Mflrata, with fao-atmlllaa al NtripaHni H
la tyMi"**"—■"*
kMMM la 1*1 ter » rmn by ta t*à
lor Edacatloaal and UurlUtl* purmm*
eaptuu of 11 ,000,000-to whlrb a tJ*rnt*LZ
•«0,000 haaataoa baae addad.
Dj an overwhelming popular rtU Ik bMM
mad* a part oI Um dtmm! (fta* CaaM
adopted Cääaaabac M, A. I). l»n.
Tha anly Uitory »rar nm m aad aataa
the people of any Htata.
It aar« aaalaa or poatpooaa. In Orie4 I
M am bar ünwta« Uli plaee taeathir.
A aplcndld oi'portonli; to via a lurtaaa. f
Oraod Drawing, Oaai 7>, ia the ACA&Ol
TaMlai, April Hid, mm,
I'Kt Meothlr Drawing.
100*WTIekatoat Pl*a Dalian Uek. Itacoa
tlftha la proponica.
. . LUT ov raixaa.
I Capital Prlaa 1\
1 Capital i n» .........
1 Capital Prtae.
S Prlaaa of »W00
I Prlaaa of «00. _
10 lYiaaa of 1000 —
*) Prlaaa of V»
100 Prlaaa of JM.
•00 Prlaaa at 100
too Priaai of M
1000 Pria« al » »
A pprotlataUoD l'rltm
9 Apprwxlmatiea PrtaaerffTO —• I
• A pproxlmattoa Prlaaa af m <
• Appradautioa Prlaaa ai M -J
1M7 Prlaaa, —aaatlai te.™ ■ —
AppUaauaa ter fataa te date teaald te hé i
ta the eteee af tha Oaaaaaay te Bew (Niaaaa
For further lnteraâdaa write elaarty, 0*1%
addraaa, PUHTAL NOT EH, El pre* fl«a*r<4
or Va« York EiaEaap la ardloary M* J
aaacTbr Ex—aaataüa—aofUaad apwHj*
aajwij addnaaaa U. A. PiOTBf.
m. a. dauphoi, :m ara«te"af&M
Mala P. a Meaay (Mm payaM mâ tel
laWMi EaMaaa la _
Oar entire new stock of BOYS'
gigantic stock ever shown by any
phia. We have Fifty different styles
one store in tha United States out |
of BOYS'
it is without doubt the most
side of New York and Philadel
Embracing all the materials suita
satisfactory. We have made them

ble for Suits of that kind, and we
so low right now when the demand
warrant you the prices will be
is greatest that we shail sail
Than all the other stores in town
only store in Wheeling that carries
Boys' and CM
put together. You should also bear
a complete line of
in mind the fact that we are the
Wren's Fonds hing Goods.
' ; • I I * A
Pair of Roll er Spates Wit H BaoH Suit.
Tlie Advanta gcs XVo Offer
For your cons
4. y. .fc |g *.
A Stock U
******** ********* ********
***** ***** *****
*** *** ***
* * *
For size and variety, goods th
best in the market for fit,
tion of fin
r • * * •
A. l*nir of Roller $lca
ideration arc
* * «
*»* *«* ***
«**«* ***** *****
******** ***#***** **«*«*«*
******** ********* ********
***** ***** *****
*** *** ***
* * *
at invite comparison with the
sty e and general perfec
ish, and
leu Wit!t Each 8vit.
We cannot re frain from again calling your attea
They are neat, durable an d economical. Handsome eooagh
and so low in price at to meet the views of the most oceeomcaJ
specialties we are prepared to show yon in
But in our various departments we display a Hne of Boys' aad Cfcft
aess of deeigns, fineness and durability of material, infinite varie
are equal to anything shown in the metropolitan cities. Yoa should
are the only store in Wheeling that carries a complete line ef
tion to our
dree's CMfctof that ferepprepr
ty ef styles ami fewness mfpe*
aise bear itmM tfce tot tfcs*
ISHING 6000$.
Hg jmo TWELFTH *Ttt£

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