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Nothing Uk* then (or t*1u« U« «var b*(ore b«ea
Shown la WhMliof. TVey are »ad« irom a gaod,
•u :<»UatUl »n<l r«liabl« Miud CtMiuj«-«?, and har»
tx*-o oob<ider*! gc«I nte it Twelr# or
Foort-on Dollar«. For Fi*e or Ber«n pilars we
Mr* wiling Stylfch Suit» that are worth 14 to JIX
These Suit* we have la Neat Check* and Mix
tures, Sij'uah PlUda aaJ Handsome Plain Shades.
Over forty styles to chose (ram. Not one o' ihosa
Suits coat le» titan Fourteen Dollars to make up.
For Tea Dollar* «• are selling the Uenulne Blue
Yacht Cloth, warranted All-Wool and Fast Color*.
At U>la price yoo can bar* choice ef aixty iirt'er
(nt styles of Corks- r wt, Worreds, Ctovkita, W
•gooaU, Whipcord«, tnglish Caaimeres, 4c., cat In
either Sack or Frock Styl«, ta 1 the regular prie»
ho» been sixteen, Eighteen and Twenty Dollars
Take your choice this week for Twelve Dolltn.
Every one of the Bslta in this Fifteen-Dollar as
sortment la Genuine Tailor Made, and is as nicely
cut and tastefully trimmed aa If made by a merch
ant tailor at a coet of &2> or The -h»pes arc
stylith Ntcis or <>ne, I hre» or Eonr-Butt >n Cuta
away Frocks. The mate'tals are Just such m you
see worn by the beet Businees men of this city.
Fancy Night Shirts at 75c., fl 00,11.25,
#3.50, 15.00, and 17.00. Collars at 10c.,
Full Dress Shirts. Full Dresa Ties. White
Bicycle Stockings. Regatta Shirts. Jersey
in Boy's Furnishings.
#1.50, and $2.00. Silk Umbrellas at $3.00,
15c., 20c. and 25c. Cuffs at all prices.
Ties. Penang and Percale Bicycle Shirts.
Shirts. White Flannel Shirts. Everything
M. G U TM AN & CO,
Cop. Main nn«l X>velfth Sti-eot*.
With every Boy s or Child's Suit w» present you with a PAIR OF ROLLER
The Weather.
Following shows the state of the thermom
eter yesterday, a« observed by Schnepf, the
Market stree. druggist: ? a. m.. 61; 12 m.
84; 3 p. m., t<8; 7 pm, £2. The sun
rises this morning at I It8, and sets at 7.15
this evening. The day s length U 14 hours
and 37 minutes
Weather Icdlrntioui.
Washington-, May 22—1:30 a. m.—For
the Ohio Valley and Tennessee, local rains,
partly cloudy weather, sta'ionary tempera
ture except in upper Ohio Vailey, slightly
cooler east to south winds, becoming varia
For the lower lake regioa, local rains,
partlv cloudy wevh*r, easterly winds, sta
tionary temperature.
Index t« New Ad«ertlsements.
Wa:it«<l—Oirl f«»r Homework.
For Sale— CeaMaacv.
Notàv— F. L. Hraun
World's txhi^iti^n - II. F. Behr. n<.
Chaaibei ami Parler .Sulla—O. .Mendt'! A Co.
Kxiflsior linking l\>w.fe*r— K II Um.
Kf» Bpritiif and (Juiuiii«-r St>> >k—Uoo. R. Tay! >r.
New «>uo>U—H» i■■•••« A I Oiler.
ltlank Bouk.i-.liH hrifrt ,> Son. .
(itDiM and Lemon»- N. acbul/.
Ptoneware R. .1.6mJlli.
N*vei C-u^htN M. (iulimn A Co.—'LLocal
Pa/e. ]
F<r S*!e—"j»ut>e iur" Ma> îiii'c P-' forty.
Additional Local on First Page.
Nt«r), Adntni «V to.'« make. A
salt, mm), hixI stilish «tlioe, mat!«*
l*rj light lor aninner wear.
Mole Ageut,
■ IIS Main St.
fit have Jnst rcfeived a new
tdoek of Uoltl Spectacles.
Jeweler Cor. Twelfth «nil Market.
*-\50 HILL HI V
Locke*« own make Men"* < all
.Shoes in all the leading style*.
These good* are made from eholee
stuck. are silk lifted throughout,
and solid at a ruck. li e guarau*
tee them tu tit better, wear lunger,
and hate more style than anv five
dollar shoe in »he market.
J. H. LOI KG »1 (O,
IOI.1 .Vain Street.
rietj of colors: 36 pier es fur mI^SO,
***« Market Street.
Interesting Interview Wttli an Ohio County
Mr. L. P. Siaaon, of this county, an ex
tensive cattle and sheep raiser and also a
wool buyer for many years, in discussing
the prospects for the sale ot wool this sea
son to a Pittsburg reporter, said: 'The
mortality amoag sheep hut season was
something fearful. la my own connty hun
dred« of sheep literally starred to death.
The winter began early, after one of the
moat barren harvests in local history. The
intense heat of the summer of 1&* 1, tem
pered by very few showers and local rains,
served not only to affect the crops
of corn and oats, bat literally to burn the
grass on the ground. The hay crop was
exceptionally light. The winter of Ids 54
was a phenomenal one. both in character
and the matter of duration. At no time
was it pro ti tab le to allow stock to ran at
large, which the dearth of food made almost
imperative. As early as February the ex
actions of the weather had exhausted the
scanty stores of the summer and fall. In
March nearly every farmer had no proven
der for hi* sheep, and they in many in
stances were forced to tarn th«m out to die,
which they did by scores all over the coun
ty and the adjoining county of Washington
in Pennsylvania."
In response to'a question as to whether
sheep were as abundant in Western Penn
sylvania, Western Virginia and Eastern
Ohio as formerly, Mr. Siason said:
"Oh, no. The matter of sheep hnabandry
has fallen off very materially within the last
five or ten years. Wool does not p*y the
same pricea that it formerly did. There is
no incentive to farmers to raise it What
with Australian, African and other foreign
competition, and the development of com
petition in Southern States, there is little
encouragement for a farmer here who ra>nt
raise sheep, feed them and compete Or
prices for them and their products in a cli
mate that is in all essentials again«: their
interests. Farmers have largely tnroad
their attention to the culture of other ani
mal« aoi are allowing the sh*ep ro go."
Mr. SUeon thinks there will be little or no
improvement in the price ot wool this v«%r
es mach of the c!ip of 1331 is still in
the hands of growers.
Wkab Lock«'« own make $2 50 shorn. I
anj »tyle. J. H. Locke 4 Co., 1013 M*iu
Art making foiir be«urifal Ban ton tint'-p**
for onlj 25c, 1138 Main srreel, for a limité
time only.
Chrpwss's Fancy Owm Carnifal at
Chaplin* «train nk to sight.
Picked Up Her« au.l There by Remitter
lie porter!*.
Tint sort of a rain will make thing?
Mrsic and drama at the Op.'ra IIous*
Fish are reported as unusually plearifa'
this reason.
Turks cases were docketed at headquar
ters last night.
The bicycle boys came out in taeir mil
summer suits yesterday.
To day is the anniversary of the birth of
Alexander Pope in
A xi'mher of picnicking parties went out
on the E m Grove road yesterday.
The Saengerfest committee held a meet
ing last night and made up a route for the
The date of the Young Peoples" enter
tainment at the First Presbyterian Church
is May 29th.
W. C. Barkley, et" WellsHurg, testified
before the Natural Gas Commission, at
Wellsbarg, yesterday.
The Wheeling 1-ight Guards at a full
meeting last night elected military and
civil officers for the ensuing year.
The sewer at the northeast corner of
Chaplin« and Twenty-sixth streets is in a
very bad condition, beiug almost tilled with
dirt and tilth.
Theke »ill be a great bicycle race on the
New Fair grounds next Monday afternoon.
This will be the first event ot the kiud in
this section of country.
The steamer Climax will make a trip
Saiurday evening to Kellaire and return to
accommodate tnose who wish to attend the
race at the Niagara ivink.
A Yorxc man named Charles Hune, re?
siding in the Hast End, was experimenting
with a recently cap'ured turtle yesterday
when the beast" bit oft' Hune's left thumb.
The Committees on Health and Claims
met at the City Building last evening. The
latter committee agreed to recommend to
Council that no appeal be taken in the
üelmbright case.
0>- Saturday evening a large cake, pre
sented by the Sun Flower Baking Powder
Company, will be given to the most grace
ful lady skater at the Alham'ora Palace
1 «il- reporta inst ntgnt inar a Bm»u
bov lad rarrowly escaped drowning at the
TO'trh of the cmk y*3ierday evening, bat
search tailed to teveal the facta in
he case.
ÔiKU'VR Wn.Kii: arrested four boys last
•-veiling tor lighting on the corner of Six
•.tenth ard Chapline street«. The boys will
appear before His Honor Judge JelTers,
thit« morning.
It is thought that the differences between j
the œ&n'ifacturers and iron workers will be
Sftt'ed without recourse to .a strike. An
other conference, it is said, will be held at
Pittsburg during the coming week
A urano complimentary benetit will be
tendered the Wheeling Light Guards at the
Alb.nmbra Palace rink, Tuesday evening.
June 2, on which evening the Guards will
give a grand fancy exhibition drill.
Mr. C. W. Prikst, the South Side painter, j
yesterday evening presented the Niagara
iompauy with a handsome sign to place on
the engine house containing the words:
"Niagara Eogine Company No 3." It is a
gilt highly appreciated by the boys.
Toxiuht at the children's carnival at the !
fhapline Street Hink the following prizes I
will be given: To the best girl skater, a
gold-lintd silver cup; to the best boy skater,
a gold pen and hold- r; to the most graceful
couple, a large cake, presented by Pickett
The «pecial joint committee on auditing |
the las' qunrterly statement «t the Board ot
Public Works is called to meet this evening. ;
The members are Messrs. Dobbins, Mc- |
Gregor and Bintrell, of the First branch.and
Ilearne, Gruse and W'aterhousa.of the Sec
Thk supper and festnal at the United
Presbyterian Church last evening was a
pronounced success A large number ot
our best citizens were in attendance. The
supper was excellent and the strawberries
and ice cream delicious. Quite a hand
some sum was realised.
A* alarm was sent in from box 25, yes
terday morning about 11:40 caused by a
big smoke in the St. Matthew's Church.
It was nothing serious, however, as the jani- !
tor had merely placed a lot of rubbish in the
furnace and set it on fire which caused
much smoke and little damage
The Disciples' Church waa ti'led last even
ing at the stereopticoa exhibition for the
beneüt of the Sunday school. The views
given were qnite varied and interesting, and
were much better than an? thin? of the
kind we have seen in Wheeling, The lar/e
crowd lett well pleased with the evening's
The Sixth ward "Mugwump« have or- '
ganized a base ball club and eleced the
following officers: President, James Bishop; I
▼ice-president, George Deriney; treasurer, i
James Frank; captain. Martin Flynn. The
boys are practicing and will soon be in good
trim to knock some of the other local clubs
oat of time.
Baltimore Lot*»*, No. 6. K. of P, will
give the grandest pionic of the season at •
the new Fair ground« on Saturday June
20 A number of visiting lodges will be
present and assist in the grand street pa
rade in the morning, which will be headed
by a larjre band of munc. The affair will .
undoubtedly he a grand saccesa.
***************** ******************** ***** ** *******************************
A*********************************************************************** ************
/ - {
"Will Be a Bannncr Week For Bargains.
are Any Dealer to Try to Match Our Prices !
The idea of making a profit on our Goods this season (Joes not enter our head. The only question to be considered
is what will the loss be ? But let the loss be what it may, we are going to sell our stock, while the season is on. We are
not the kind of people "to hang on" to our Goods, wishing and hoping for customers who will buy them and pay us a profit.
Not a bit of it. If the season is "off" and buyers few we put such prices on our Goods as to make them go. Take for
instance, last week. We inaugurated a Cut Price Sale in Men's and Boys' Clothing, and as a result we did a rattling and
rushing trade. :
We care not what others may do, but as for us we are going to sell our Goods, and stand the loss like men. This
week the Low Prices will be A PERFECT PICNIC FOR POOR PEOPLE, at which we sell clothing
and Furnishing Goods for less money than before known In this State. In many instances ar
ticles will be sold at LESS THAN ONE-HALF REGULAR RATES.
Come and See That Seeing You May Believe and Buy.
lyr^-ii n sud. Twelftti
Miss Alice Morris Terribly Burned
By Oil.
Her Injuries Probably Fatal—Her Father
Badly Injured in Endeavoring to
Extinguish the Flames.
A terrible accident, attended with injur
ii?8 to a young lady which in all probability
will result in ber death, and also with very
painful hurts to her father, occurred at the
residence ol Mr. Henry Morris, at the south
west corner of Thirteenth and Jacob streets,
about half past five o'clock last evening
The details, as nearly as could be learned
last evening, are as follows:
Miss Alice Morris, aged sixteen years, 1
was in the kitchen of the residence about
the hour named preparing supper, the other
members of the family being upstairs, her
father on the first floor. Suddenly the latter I
was startled by hearing
in the kitchen, and instiuctively feeling thit
ecme terrible accident had befallen his |
daughter, he rushed down stairs. The
kitchen was filled with smoke, and ou the
floor beside the range a <|uantity of blazing
oil and broken glasi told the oft repeated
story of a lamp explosion. Cri^a of intense
•i-.ony from the yard caused Mr. Morris to
rush thither, and thpre, under the hydrant,
he saw what he afterwards described as
—bis daughter. The hydrant was running,
wbtther started by the girl in her a^ony, in
the hope of extinguishing the Harnes, or
na\ing been left running by some one luv
inp occasion to use it previous to the acci
!♦-i t. no one can tell. Miss Morris had
crc uchtd beneath the spout, aud was making
frantic efforts to tear her blazing garments
from her p®rson. The father sprang to the
wcue, and with the assistance of the run
airg water and by pulling off his child's
garments, succeeded, although suffering
•serious injuries himself in the operation, in
ijueiiching the fire. l»y this time neighbors
had flocked to the sceue, the ti joies of the
burning oil in the kitchen were extinguished
uud the
was carried to her room. messengers bein?
»t the same litne despatched f>r medical
aid. Two ph\sici:ini responded in a few
motrents, and an examination of Mis< Mor
ris injuries disclosed burns of a moat fright
till character distributed over her entire
person from htr head to her feet. She had
oeen attired ia a mother Hubbarl, and that
■/arment and her underclothing w.th
fhe exception of a tlanuel petti
a at, were almost entirely consumed.
Her wounds were dressed, and late I if
night she was euflering great aijony, with
the chances against her recovery, although <
her physicians would not hazard a definite
opinion until to day.
1 he exact circums nn' es attending the
mishap couid not be ùa n d, as Miss Morris,
u3 above stated, was alone in the kitchen,
and she was of course unable to give any
account of the matter. Her father thought,
'rom an examination of the room, that the
lamp had been sitting on the mantle, near
'he range flue, unlighted, and that the oil
had in some manner became fired from the
chimney, the lamp exploding and
while she stood by the side of the ranze. It
:s difficult to conceive, however, how the
oil could have been ignited under these
circumstances, and the most plausible the
ory isthat the unfortunate girl exploded the
lamp in attempting to light it.
Mr. Morris, in extinguishingthe fire, was
fritfhifully burned about the hands and arms,
his left hand in particular having about all
the skin burned from the palm.
Go to the Chapline street rink to night.
Turtle Sorr at Louis Schwalb's First
Nationa Saloon, Friday morning and even
ing. All are invited.
The Reading Room».
Reading rooms of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association, at No. 1122 Market street,
are open every evening from seven until
ten o'clock. All yonng men are cordially
invited to make use of these rooms. Gos
pel meeting every Saturday evening at 7:45
Grandest event of the season at the
Chapline street rink to night.
Children's Fancy Pre98 Carnival at
Chapline street rink to-night.
Wear Locke's own make $2 50 shoes
any style. J. H. Locke & Co., 1043 Main
Ti rti.e Sorp at Louis Schwalb's First
National Saloon, Friday morning and even
ins. All are invited.
Graxdest event of the season at the
Chapline street rink to-night.
B«yoi-d AU Doabt,
John Roemer has the best and cheapest
Carpets, Wall Papers, Oil Cloths, Rugs,
Window Shades (made up ready to hang,)
in the city. Call and examine before buy
ing. Nos 2019 and 2021 Main street.
John Roemer, Agi.
Legal and General News Gathered Up
Part One of the Circuit Court was no: in
session yesterday.
One deed of trust was admitted to record
by Clerk Hook yesterday.
Deputy ShenS Blanchardjtook Boettnerto
the penitentiary yesterday morning.
The wills of Mrs. Frances Filan and Mrs.
Dorothea Reidel were admitted to probate
The Board of Trade occupied the court
room of Part One of the Circuit Court yes
terday afternoon.
Mrs. Elsa A. Bitters was yesterday ap
pointed guardian of Paul Bitters, orphan of
John Bitters, deceased. Bond, $2,500, with
J. R. Harden as surety.
The hearing of the Kerr-Lunstord will
case was continued before Judge Jacob in
Part Two of the Circuit Court, yesterday, ;
there being, as on the previous day quite a
large attendance ot sp*c ators. The principal
wittesses examined were Thomas O'Brien,
Dr. T. 0. Fdwards and Wm. L. Ilearne.
The returns from all the country polling
places in the election for County School
Superintendent and School Commissioners
have not yet been received at Clerk Wood's
office. Those precincts heard from show (
•he following vote for Superintendent: Tria
delphia—Precinct No. 1, Weidman 2."?,
I Gardner 13; No 3, Weidman 62, Gardner
1, No 4, Wiedman 10, Gardner til. Rich
'and—No. 1, Weidman 25, Gardner G; No.
2, Weidman 11, Gardner 0. Liberty—Val
ley Grove, Weidman 14, Gardner 32. Wash
ington—Fulton, Weidman CO, Gardner 11. !
Totals — Weidman, 223: Gardner, 160. !
Weidman will haveovtr 100 majority. Tue !
levy had little opposition.
The following deeds were admitted to
recprd bv Recorder Hook: D-^ed raide
May 21, Î885, by A. J. Clark, special com
missioner to Christian Steinmetz for lot No.
1, in square No. 2, corner of Water and
Twelfth streets (the "Boat Store ' corner).
Consideration $15,000. Deed made May
21, 1^85, by Christian Steinmetz and t
wife to Frederick Unruh for lot No.
1, in Square No. 2, corner Water and !
Twelfth street; consideration, $lô,650. j
Deed made May 21, 1885, by W. J. W.
Cowden, trustee, to Robert W. Schnell, trus
I tee for Christiana A. Schnell, wife of Robert
Schnell, fo. a part of lot No. 182 in O. A.
I Zace's addition to Wheeling Island. Deed
J mafe May 20, 1885, by Philip Voungerraan
*'-(!|wi e to Peter Beneke for the north half
of lot No. 5, in square No. 10, on the east j
[ jkle of Foff street. Consideration, $1,500. |
I \ Car.l From Superintendent Jauics
To th( E<lilor of (he R'liitt r.
Siu: In reference to the reports as ?o the
condition of the cointv Infirmary, I to
say that the statements made by me to the
ladies of the Christian Association w re no:
made with a view to reflect on the former
Superintendent. My idea was to po nt out
ihe great difficulty, if not the impossibility,
of keeping a place inhabited by tha* c'ass
of inmates in a thoroughly cleanl/ condi
lion. Nearly all the inmates th it come
there have more or less lice and b-d bugs
on their persons, and it is herdly pissiblo
that the building can be kept entirely free
from tbem. The place was in a wow con
dition than usual at the time I took .'hir^e,
bnt this was no doubt due to tb3 fact
that Captain Plankey ha 1 for
a iong time been seriously i l and
unable to give it any attention. I h tve fre
quently said to members of the Poor House
Committee and to others that the home was
left in good condition, considering the cir
cumstances and difficulties under which
Capt. Plankey's family were placed during
the last few months of their occupancy. I
have always understood and believed that
while the late Superintendent was in good
health the house and its inmates were as
well taken care of as at any similar institu
tion in the country. The people that come
there are, as before stated, nearly a ways in
a filthy bodily condition, and infected with
vermin. A large proportion of them are
diseased, some of them being afflicted with
ailments of the most loathsome character.
Many of them are partially or wholly de
mented. and cannot be made to take proper
care of their persons or rooms. These
facts would make it difficult for the most
active roan with all the assistance he could
wish to keep the house at all times entirely
free from small vermin. I spoke of these
matters to the ladies in order that they
might perceive the difficulties of the situa
tion and not to criticise my predecessor or
any one else.
There is only one case in which cans are
set under the bedposts, and that waï dis
covered by the ladies themselves, without
their attention being called to it by me.
The man is a cranky old follow, and I think
placed the cans there out of a mere whim
rather than as a protection against bed
bufrs. as his room contains but few if any.
There are roaches in the house, bnt not in
such great numbers as might be inferred by
the language of your article in Tuesday's
paper. The supply of clothing for furnish
ing a change for new comers wa3 a little
short, because of the tact that the supply
had run down and the nimber of new
cornera was unusually Iarfce.
Jamks Crriohtox,
Superintendent Connty Infirmary.
Turtle Soup at Louis Schwalb'* First
National Saloon, Friday morning and even- '
ing. All are invited.
James Maxwell, President of the
National Bank of W. Va.,
Foils Dead of Heart Disease at Nine
O'Clock Last Evening—Datai!«
of the Sad Affair.
James Maxwell, President of 'he Nation
al Bank of West Virginia, and one of the
beet known of our citizens, expired very
suddenly last evening of heart disease. Al
though the deceased had complained at va
rious limes during the past few wefks of
painful sensations in hia chest, over the re
gion of the heart, no especial notice had
been taken of the supposedly slight disorder
by him or Lis family, uud his demise, there
fore, wa3 entirely unexpected and proved a
terrible shock to his relatives and friends.
Mr. Maxwell in attendance upon the
meeting of the Board of Kducation last
evening where he
of pains in his chest. Ke remained at the
rooms of the Board but a short time, asking
permission oi the President to retire. Thea,
having some business to transact up town,
he proceeded to attend to it. The affair
being concluded, he stepped into (ieorge
Schellhase's grocery, norner of Market and
Eleventh sin et«, to wait lor a down town
car. Mr. Schtllhase was sitting in a
chair at the Market street entrance to his
store, and Mr. Maxwell drew up a chair
and sat down beside him for a few mo
ments' conversation, holding his street car
ticket between the lingers ot one hand.
Suddenly the deceased put his hand to
his left breast and complained of a pain
Htfore Mr, Shellhase could do auything
tor his relief or call assistance
Mr. Maxwell's head fell forward with
his hat rolling to the floor. Mr. Schellhase
called for help, and ex-Mayor Kgerter and
Mr. Charles Tieman, who were on the op
posite side of the street ran over. Dr. Mc
Maetere was at once notified and responded
immediately. When he and Messrs. Kgerter
and Tieman arrived Mr. Maxweil was still
sitting in the chair, his countenance being
Dale and deathlike and his br a h coming in
convulsive gasps. The dying man was laid
i pon the 'ioor, when he showed signs of
retuning consciousness aud Dr. Me M asters
t-ndeavored to fau the spark into a flame,
but the restoratives applied failed of their
obj<ct and after a few moans death ensued
Dr. IIupp. «ho had also been summoned
at liM, appeared soou after Mr. Maxwell
aied, but thv body was by that time cold.
Ho'h mtdical gentlemen gave it as their
opinion that
was the cause of death, and an inquest was
r ot considered nfcessary. A la'ge crowd
had been attracted to the ppot by the news
ot the sad affair, many prominent citizens
being present. Intelligence of Mr Max
well's death was at once dispatched to his
late rehidence, No 2100 Market street, and
about 9:43 the bodv wm removed thither,
escorted by a r nn!ir of personal friends
Deceased was about K.» years of age, and
had passed his entire lif«,'rom early "boyhood,
in this city.bein? connected at various times
with a number of manufacturing, banding
and other institutions, and at all times iden
tied with the progress and prosperity of the
C'ty. At the time olhis death he was Pres
ident ofthe National Hank of West Virginia,
a position he has held tor nearlv ten
jears. Universally known and re3p c'.eJ his
death will be a shock to a large proportion
* tion. He leaves a wife and
A SCnnEX .1K I!K
A Burglar Kater» the H useo! Wm.S fsao,
ISut U Driven AvtHy.
This morning about 1 o'clock a man at
tempted to rob the residence ofWm. A.
Swann, 996 Chapline street He broke
through a lower window and entered the
house, but when he reached the up stairs
Mrs. Swann was awakened by the noise
made by the burglar in
entering, and seizing a revolver, sue
proceeded to investigate the noise. The
man hearing her coming, thinking probably
it was a man, start« 1 to vamoose by the
same route he had entered; but Mrs. Swann
seeing that he was retreating banned away
at his receding form two or three times,
however without apparently doing him any
damage. Nothing was missing in the
Two Very L'gly Twin».
They go hand and in hand, and lead their
victim a terrible trot down into the valley
of the shadow of death. One is nenralgia,
the other rheumatism. These generally
proceed from disordered blood Brown's
Iron Bitters knock out these ngly twins by
setting the blood arieht and invito rati nz
the system. Mr. W. T. Osborne, of Cox
ville, Ala., used Brown's Iron Bitters for
rheumatism and neuralgia with most happy
effect It also cures dyspepsia.
Go to the Chapline street rink to night
Look Her«.
Fonr beautiful Bon-ton tintypes for only
25c at Plummer'», 1138 Main street Wheel
ing, for a limited time only.
Gravdest event of the season at the
Chapline street rink to-iiglt
Fare Uurned.
Yesterday altnrnoon Charley Ilornbrook,
an employe ot Trimble & Lutz, was engaged
in doing Home repair work on Market street,
below Twenty-second, in which he was
using a blow pipe and gasoline Btove. In
some manner he blew the wrong way and
the gasolire flashed out into his lace, burn
ing it in a terribly punfnl manner, and eing
ing his hair badly. lie went to Menkemu
ler's drug store, where the clerk, Mr. John
Coleman, applied remedies which soon as
suaged the pain preatly.
Miff Work.
The Riverside steel works turned out
.'5b7 heats, aggregating 1,455 tons, for the
week ending May 9, and 417 heats, agere
I gating 1,504 tons, for the week ending May
15. This output exceeds any ever made by
any plant of tne same size in the country.
I'nder the efficient management of Mr.
Fiank Ilearne and the direction of Mr.
Carl Anißler, these works are miking an
excellent record. The iron work ot the
new plate mill adjoining the steel plant has
just been completed.
Successful Operation.
I)rs. Ackerman and Schynn yesterday
performed a very difficult operation on a
it:an named Boyd, who has been a patient
:it the hofpital for soin*} time. lie was
.-culded some time since in a niilroal acci
dent, the left side ot his face and shoulder
hung burned po badly ihat it would not
heal up The operation consisted in trans
planting fkin from the mouth and inside
.'he cyts of two rabbits, and was very suc
cessfully performed.
Ornn«l Fntortainnx-nt. •
Ore of the most delightful literary aud
musical entertainments ever given in this
( ity will take place at the Opera House to
night. A large number of reserved seat
tickets lmve been sold, and a large house is
sfistirtd. All the best musical talent in the
city will assist in the entertainment, and
this, in addition to the f:ne pieces to be ren
dered bv Miss Meholin in her delightfully
r characteristic manner. Kim Grove cais
will run at the close of th>; performance.
The Stranger Identified.
Yesterday afternoon Prof. E. II. Haine*,
o the Linsley Institute, pitke^ up the Kko
i-teh and read of the drowning of a stranger
on the South Side, Wednesday afternoon,
and from the description given, it struck
him suddenly that it might be his brother,
so he immediately proceeded to the ollice of
Coroner Schuitze, where he identified the
hata as beiDg those of his brother Shelby,
who has baen attending school with him
some time. The starch f. r t ie body wat
discontinued yesterday, but will be resumed
The Children*' Carnival To-night,
Tonight occurs the grand children»'
dïett carnival at the Chipline street
ritik, which will be a decidedly interesting
and entertaining event. A large number of j
little ones have expressed their intention of i
attending, and that it will be a pretty sight j
is undoubted. Ilandsome prizes will be
awarded and to see the ytlig folks • impe
ticg for a prize is always exceedingly inter
esting and enjoyable. The managers of the
rink are noted for the manner in which they
make things pleasant for their guests, and
to-night will be no exception. If there are
anv patrons or friends of the rink who did
not receive an invitation they are invited
just the same, as some may have been over
looked. Kramer will be ( n hand as usual, ,
and of course the music will be excellent.
A Talented Voting Man.
A reporter had the pleasure of* meeting
Mr. Ilomer Hamilton, of Yonnpsto»n, O., '
last night at the McLure. Mr. Hamilton is i
Commissioner from Ohio to the New Or- |
leans Exposition, and isj'ist returning from I
that place. He is tha father of Mr th-ant J
Hamilton, who has made such a wide repa- j
tat ion as an artist, being the leading car- !
toonist on the Judge. in which he hvt made j
a number ot great hits darin? the late cam- j
paign. He w«»nt to New York three years ,
ago to follow the profession his genius and j
taleit had led him to adopt Iiis great sue #n
had b*en obtained bv hard work, and thi j
wonderful natural talent he poss^es having
never tak» n a k-sfon in drawing He is only j
about twenty three years of age and com* ,
mands an immense salary.
Cemetery Improvement*.
In all improvements may be s<»en both
failorrs and success now essential it is j
therefore that desirable material should be i
selected and that the right mode of con
struction be adop'ed. Such can only be ac
complished by purchasing from firm» that
are competent and responsible and that
hnve a reputation to sustain and who are
also thoroughly versed in architectural riles
that makffl them competent to erect from
th* plainest to the most elabora'e memo
rials Such a firm we possess in L. A. t
Mr*)re A Co, who have established a branch
office in our city at 1,318 Market street,
• hfre they have elegant quarters in keeo- j
ing with all they tike in hand.' We may j
still further a»1d from p®r«onal observation
that it will be profitable to all contenpluing
»he erection oi cemetery work to favor ibem
with a call an they poeœss facilities supe
rior to any other firm in this section ot the
Children's Fancv Dress Carnival at
Cbapline str«"* i4"k to-nieht.
Tcbtlb Socp nt i^oui« Schwalb's F.rst
National Saloon, Friday morning and even
ing. All are invited.
Wear Locke's own make $2 50 shoes,
any style. J. H. Locke & Co., 1013 Main
Tli«« Solu are in sixes for Fori wh** ages rin«
from 9 to 17 years, and hare never before been sold
under 17 to ?9. We a!«o bar.' • large variety at Six
Dollar?. If you want a Suit don't let this chic ce
K«> I y, for at these [.rices yon may neTer a^-a.n see
■ucb good qualifie*.
' $7â
At tfaia piU* *■« »re »Ue-i t
nowhfr« fUe unit r J10. At Tri ^
you choic* of l»> t!U .e iat r,K *
Suit»—no be:*r » u 1« fcWl , , J
pi i<*. In pOMtbV t-> .lw> r*
Urns and worlmimh •. C r. ». u1 ».
See Our Child's Suits At
Hiin<!red« to (boo*? from at Four Dollars. But
we hare p'entr ol lower prico »ults. Lota of Short
Pnuta Suits at il.50, ft, V), « ; tad î"5.50. Ervxj
Soit worth Dearly double the prie* we ask. Chil
dren s Shirt Waista for 25c and <Wc.
See Our Child's
At Five IVlltr* iff «t*»U| t».
s'tIw ew t«*n in ih< * r i .of U» •<lÄ_
l<»nt KilutnJ ?b.'rt Put» h *
r*»Hv cr.dlf». Ai»:i n \ (
*. th* r.iod pr't^l *»r »ty this
picture. ïvrry t! *»Hy o' thapr tta lV(
Very fine Silk Scarfs of the boat shape«, worth $1,
five Cent Neckwear gwa .it 35 cent*. Still another
ing like the value we are giving in Men'« Hoaiery
25 cvntsa pair. Souic elegant PalbrL-gan at S5 oenta,
pair« for 51.25 are worth ~6c. a pair, Great sladzh
Great out in the price» of f.iney Percale 8hlrU. Big
want Underwear Jon't delay. Buy no». We will
.'•0. Tfc. and $1. *
go thi» we. k at 5>\\
l>iK lot of Fifty Cer.t vt"....,,,, '
ever »«*n. t >|4> ùuîtK.,1 **
->r thr^epair* f..rf! >n] t»>/.t..
tor o! Fancy Handler. M,«, ^
reduction« iu tU pri.*i „[ ^ 1
aatpuhyuu w.tk the
M. GUT Ml A N & CO
Cor. Mnin nutl Tolwfih Ht roe t«,
BrtJ 'With every Hoy's or Child's Suit we present you *ith h r.\lR OF M
Report of tha Proceedings of Last
Night's Meeting.
A Little Fight in Regard to How the Com
mencement Exercises are to be
Conducted—White vs.
The regular monthly meeting of th«i
Board of Education was held at its rooms
in the Public Library Building last night
with the following members present at roll
call: I'obbina, Ellingham, ilannan, laett,
Maxwell, J. A. Miller, J. C. Miller, Naylor,
White, Work ancfcMr. President, VVilson, W.
A. Pipes and Wballey coming in later.
The business ol the Hoard was begun by
the reading of the minute* of the previous
meeting, which were ord- red filed.
The Committee on Accounts reported
bills amounting to Çvti". 12, which were or
dered paid.
The Committee on Public Library re
ported that it had appointed Miss Aanie
B. Wilson to be assistant librarian for th«
ensuing year, at the Fane salary as hereto
fore, $ 10 per month. The report was adopt
ed and the appointment confirmed.
The report of tho Superintendent and
Librarian was then r*ad and ordered filed.
Following are absirac's of the reports:
Enrollment ot schools for the month—
Washington, -191; Madison, 4f>7; day, 51<5;
Union, 653; Centre, 477; Webster, 457;
Kitchie, (!7C; colorcd, 132; total 3,775.
Total number of teacher«. 103; total
amount paid for instruction, $ 1,521. Ger
man department—total enrollment, 2*'J;
number of teacher«, 4; total amount paid
for ii struction $144.
The report of the librarian showed tho
circulation of books for the month ending
April 30, 3,S2C; circulation in readin*
room, 396; average circulation per day,
1K3; amount received from fines, etc.,
$11.50, I
I Le clerk of the Board reported that the
insurance on the school buildings, 4c., will
expire on the first day of June. The
amownt of insurance on «'at-h building is
a» follows: Washington, $15,000; Madison,
$12,1U0; Clay, $17,000; Union $17,100,
Centre, $20,000; Webster, $11,500; Ritchie,
$15,000; colored, $.'.,200; total $I10,λ0).
Mr. Dobbins moved that all the insurance
be placed with Wheeling companies under
th* direction of th* committee on Buildings
and Grounds A'tar aome discussion the
motion was amended by Mr. White, includ
ir.g the Welitlurg company in those m»n
timed. The nmeudment «as adopted and
the motion carried.
Mr. J. A. Mi r then n ade n. motion to
reduce the ;ota< amodnt o in<ur*nc« to
1100,00'», *hich motion* as Ios'. The same
gentleman then made at other mo'ion that
the amount be reduced to f'Jj.000, which,
alter comiderable disc »si jn, was withdrawn
by Mr Miller.
The Fulton Beard of Education report«!
the attendance at the piblic school« of that
p'ace as being la, and asked that the usual
tranter of tax»»« be made for the benefit of
the school. The report was referred to tla
Finance Committee.
The clerk then read several communica
tions from the City Clerk, sitting that s^v
era! parties had been gran'ed rebates on valu
ation of personal property, both of which
were referred to the Finance Committee.
Mr White offered the fallowing
Unsolved, Tha' the commencement exer
cises of the graduating class of each school
district shall be held in the respective kchool
Referred to the Committee on Rules and
Miis Butler, of Centre School, was ap
pointed to fill the position of Miss Hopkins,
resigned, in Webster School. And Miss
Jennie Brady to fill Mis* Butler's position
in the Center.
Mr. While then off« red the following reso
lutions in succession:
Resolved. That the Superintendent be,
and is hereby instructed to hold the com
mencement exercise« of the white and col- |
or*-H graduates separate and apart from j
•ach other.
Resolved, That in holding the commeac«
ment exercises of the graduating classes of
the different schools of this city, the Super
intendent is hereby instructed to make no
dircrimiLation on account of color; and in
pursuance of this resolution he is authorised
to byld tie said eiercia-i at ruch time and
place as b* may deem expedient.
Re*olv»d, That the word "white" be
stricken out of a resolution passed by this i
Board November 15th, 1883, in reference ,
to the cercentage attained.
The first of these resolutions was laid ob j
the table and the other two were referred to
the Committee on Rute« and Regalatioos,
af er a gooi de»I of discussion as each one ,
was off-red.
After some li'tle talk and su^esti^n» j
about the condition of several of the school ;
buildings, and instructions in regard to j
them, the Board adjourned.
Them will be a fan carnival at the Al
bambra Palace Rink Thandaj ereniu*.
Mav 21, on which occasion a fin« toilet Ml
will be awarded to the ladf baring the
largest fan while (hating.
Wear Loche'i own make $2.60 »hoes,
any ef jle. J. H. Looke A Co., 1043 Mai*
WAS in: Ml HUKgU).
Or Ultl lie bin>i>!) Hun A«.*, r,
U il» î
Another caseot' ruiiteriiii
ante, which may lurr. ou*, to !xi
sflsiTi is rep fri.ni K]3
missing man bvin; William M,:,
borer, aged »bom !ifirir?»u
siced with his wue at.d fi>ut et S
the ni^ht of Sat:rd.y
len, having retired 1er th» m
awakened by some o:e coi^
to the house »Li
for him to com* oit Ai
< all had been rt»jvnt«-«i thro» t. :«• 1
out to see what wm wanted »id 1
for some moment* talking m th« 4
with some unknown [»r«in, hi ».>
able to hear th* ir voie«». t«
then moved out ol earshot. it J :rai
time to the prrsen' Mr Mellen 1*
beeu «eeu nor heard of, hu tijup
being ns complete u if th* tv
opened and »wallowed him up
His wile has been mikir* L i
possible in the hoj • of ti&dx/ »«
ol her husband, but h<r < HjTj s«y
no fucctss fclie yesterday r»i«tc*
made a statement of tL«!»n»
thr riti* « She »ys th»t L:*; i
ending on the '.th inst bet t.^u
been engaged in buiMiof » I»»« I
JameH Nichols. S>»»urntut
paid off. receiting Hi13 11» W
other money, probatlj »bout f
He gave her |J rarli it 'i* *
There lud new *»»
domeitic unpleasantieii »eil»»
she canr.ot imagine any nyo* «
chow Id leave his laraily. J I
inclined to the tbeorr ol M pay
he had been enticed off » »!wrt
then murdered
Mr. Medb n is d^criW m ITj
age, dark hair, small i>!ue ««• «I
011 the left tide of hii i<eck » < <t tw
in length. He is »'»out ! u
in height, and very n*t»oai it • *
was on Ifrtnh Kud, abo .t »adi*
from Kim (irove
fy.iuoH.ti. tonn
Mowmaata of «Th'-IUffi«, m'
t«I ami Omng I
Mm f.S Hörndl Itnfrln/
mortii on
M m I'm k H oil id» j iß (►.» f 'I
I*iz./ c W oo^i, %t /-./ryj (fror* I
Mr I'bil Ihnlijtidgfi Vft I»«
Ilm it h Aw-rica to i -•i« à y
engineering corpr
( apt Jim Gti'iol S*rii» '' ^
baa been out ou a p/<^«o* irfl
tfce Hwl, r»lorn#d je»#rit» '
much phastd »iih Lu tr.p ui '*•
Have redorai the b»»t ca>i;v« pi"
to only!;'50 per doten, .Va U
•treet, WheeÜD/r.
The WT. A K G O R B ril
Bptcial min gfur ihr peMBU&l
Opera IIou»e, Krida/ w/k Éf '*j
of tbcae who Ii» » M of Um et/ ^<4
attend. I
At the aeraioa of tkt Ptaatr'^um
l'ntder» a&d Wog] Oro««n
held at H*attr J'a jmuriaj *■
I'upb, (A huni**. ^ l *J
ant pap*r on "Jbe spr
Sheep. ' I
Tin principal ca*e* ^'-<t
Jud^e Jefffi. r<*'**.11 gr*~
ükm of 5iad*ne >a
St Clair, who mer» 6atd f*®
c#oc lcü r:g bo'jae» k®f ' J
appealed to th< Cîmtf J§
mate» of the bona* »*» I
coata fach.
Oui ./ T— |
When ik- •Mina!» Jr*^l
h*/»b usd 'littr r Jatf. *' * ' ' * ,9
Tit* Mar may te rt
»/j<i (/ .{ »'J 3**"' A
•üTirtnn-, »be» i: M««- ^
acta»! <tUtoM. b~l tk^e » ■* .M
Overwork, wsi.tl) f *' _ '
pÜ7 i(» T.for i»4 aftW* ***
partiki coli*f*t M ta» '•» •**
tram oibar tuam* * ^""^V r~" » J
whfc-a M al tJt* M
Càrrrirtctrt*. -**
a : mm ai *■ i 11JZU
aH>:' «■' m''**
soi «fa». f>4 ?rr"** .
» t «rfH'7 *
«rtf »: B'f
rhrt u.U.' trvw h*
ilynimmt». A»*—*'
*i <">** ^

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