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Absolutely Pure.
(W|tfe art WMmMMM. MutMOMÜMlttU
Im kIs»*, ao4 «um* ta nM In «a»*
UikmvtU tba Balttrad* «< tow m*, Oort
Oa, Tart. —
Surgeon Dentist«
Tflfpk«a« L M. bot!
We will Sell Thia Week
360 Pairs of Kid Gloves,
Black and Colored, in siies from 5] to
7 only, Foster's five-hook lacing
worth $1.25,
At 50 Cents a Pair.
This is a genuine bargain. Received
some more
New All Overs! All Kinds of Embroidery!
i Summer Silks !
Wholesale and Retail,
IIS I Matin Street.
- 1. 8L trOOD. JULIUS J ACOB3.
Ar« th« Priées of l>ry (iomij and Notions at
L. S. GOOD &C0/S,
"11 Ol Main St.
At yoar own price, Htack ant] Colore«! Caahm"rea i
at wonderlallv low price-». K.a<lv«.-<1 aaoth.r -aw
Of Lace Bunting, iultf >- inch«« wide, at ttte usual
low price.
Parasols! rarnsolsü
The besl lioe of Table 1 m*n from t*e and up
wards. We have the largest anl chetpest liue of |
Lace Curtains and llllow t*ha:us in the city. Our
Mock of '«kite Goods and KuibroUlerua arw always
the choa peat.
Bed ^reads, Sheetings, Tickings, Ginshams,
Prima, Lawns, Tow«llnxs, ilotery, tilove*. Cur>eti,
Bandkercbieia, Ac , a.way« al bottom pric*>. !*'<• ,
ofei h Tard» extra *->od "yanl-wi le riro*Muslin |
for II.CO. W« offer 21 yarca extra *oi«d yarl-wi 1« i
bleached Muslin for SI '0 We b.iva n.-t the apare,
kut the public is well awa>-« that we will sail cvery
thiag obeapir than anyo'h r house in the city.
L. S. GOOD & CO.,
1131 Alain Strivt.
WTb. heat, th" cheapest and moat relia ''le Dry
Oooda Uousa In the city. «a.i/7 '
At M». lOOO Main S(r««t (Qniut Hoaite.)
form tu« public that she ti m opened a Branch
fctore aa above, wk»re evervthingln h<-r line can ht
had the wme aa at her »tabhihuieu t, No. 66 Twelitl:
McDonald's Chicago Caramels and Whitman's cel
ebrated Candi««. tuj.Vdc
500 Bermuda Pine Apples
$150 Per Dozen.
fifty tbcHiaand ilollara' worth of ready-ma le cloth
ing, for aw, boy» and children nuit be disposed of
between now and July 1st. Ten thousand dollars'
worth of piece foods lor merchant tailoring and fir«
thousand dollar* worth of gents' furaishing goods
mast g« thosame way.
The qasation bow 1« how to get rid of tuch a Isrje
amount oi goods in so »hott a time, when the gen
eral cry la, ''bard times,'' bat the above meutionei
goods mast be sold let the sacrifice be ever s fr- iL
The iadaot-ments we will hold <^at are of each a aa
» tar* which will convince you that the plat« to bay
Is at J. Stilles', 11» Mala street, the only store
where goods ara Marked la plain figure* and -aid at
strictly one pi ice. We will commence oa Saturday,
Hay 16, to inaugurate a system entirely new to this
city and vicinity, which will lay all the former gifts
and price* which we have so lihvally distributed
heretofore, entirely in the shade, which la as fol
low*: The pvo.fta which we are entitled to we will
from this on aotoniy divide, hut give the greater
part to oar patrons and customers and la addition
to that give you, after having purchased the goods,
s cash premium of flee cents on every dol
lar ap to I9A9U, »is cent* oa «very d »liar ap to
•90.0t, sevea cent- oa every dollar ap to riCfi, tea
oa every dollar ap to •&*.<», and Hi teen oents
>*ry $10* and over
Ot^ut now yoa mk how will w* obtain this large
whaium when eery seldom one person bays this
of good*, We will her« au to yea that we
The Weather.
The mercury indicated the following
pout* jeeterder, u observed at Schnepfs
drug store: 7 a. m., 67; 12 m. 81; 3 p.
m.. SI; 7 p. m , 77. The >nn riaea at 4:33
and sets at 7:22, making the day's length
14 hour* and 43 minutes.
Weather Indications.
Washington, May 30 —1:30 a. m.—For
the Ohio Valley and Tennessee, cloudy
weather and occasional rains southwest to
northwest winds, stationary temperature.
For the lower lake regio», cloudy weather
and rains, easterly wiuda, becoming vari
ée, stationary temperature.
Index to Mew Ailvertlaoinents.
Prr>claniaUon— Jacob W. Qrubl), Mayor.
UauiiufKrU I'm« Tea Tray»— twin,- Bröl«
I. Ü. CX. F. Botke— Wheeling Lodgv.
àlectrlc I amp»—John Kriftel.
Bermuda Pi im Applets—McMt-chon's—[Local Pa,-e. 1
Ptirkcr («mi Club— I. U. Oil Ion.
Seweat D*«i>oa In Furniture—<J. Mendel A Co.
Excelsior HakinR Powder— 8. H. Liât.
lV>vaa All Competition—LarM Ash—[Local Page]
Additional Local on fïrxt Page.
Ntaey, Adam* dc Co.'» .Wee's Kan«
sroo Shoes. light autl
mmj. J. H. 4MH K,
Mole Agent,
UI3 Main SU
JVNT opened auotlaer lot ot For*
eign and UoincaUf Mstteen».
\*'e have received quite a novel
ty in the way ot Summer Nplsshen.
INrlrew 13 and rent». Look at
them. A. L. RICE A CO.
J 1ST UEi'UVKl).
A large assort meut of Spring and
Summer Stoek. consisting ot the
lateat varieties in C'oatinga, Huit.
Inga, Fautalooning*. and Overcoat
ing*, nhirh we will make up in the
latent and beat sty lea and at lour eat
possible price*.
Also a lull liueol UentV Furnish
ing Goods.
Picked Cp Here and There by Begltte!
Deioratio* Day.
The Library will be closed to day.
To-rur will be one of Hags, (lowers and
Firemen's carnival at the Chapline street
rink to night.
The sewer at the north end of the stone
bridge has been repaired.
The work of putting in the new Capitol
clcck dials was commenced yesterday.
Clerk Darkah has put a handsome
cabinet in his office at the City Building.
To pay is the anniversary of the forma
tion ot Nebraska Territory, in 1354.
The friends oi Mr. John /.oeckler, of Ful
ton will be glad to hear that he is rapidly
The Third Branch was in session last
night. Mr. Healy makes a dignitied pre
siding officer.
A roll was broken in the forge depart
ment of the bar mill at the upper Riverside
on Thursday.
The residents in that vicinity are kicking
about the bad condition of Market street,
above Eighth.
The Atlantic engine will not be in the
parade to day. The old United will take
her place in the line.
Mrs. George Nightingale was the lad;
obtaining the ring at the Chapline street
rink Thursday night
Ret. J. Gibson Gantt has accepted a
call to St. l.uke s parish, and will take for
mal charge on June 23.
A workman was overcome by the heat
and fainted away, at Hobbs, Brockheimer
it Co.'s glass works, yesterday.
Some tine improvements have been made
upon the machinery at Pollock's flouring
mills and it is now in tiae condition.
An excur&ion train will be run over the
B. Jk <>. to Grafton, today, where Decora
tion Day will be observed extensively.
The boys at the Niagara have made ex
tensive preparations iu the war of decorat
ing their engine and reel, tor the parade to
It is reported that tho Top Mill will clo3e
down to-day for an indefinite period, which,
if true, is bad news !or the North End
A i.iTTT.K son of August Fredrick, aged
about twelve years,died yesterday afternoon
from a cold contracted while bithing lait
A stepdaughter of Wm. Meyers, of the
Eighth ward, named Clara Stahl, aged
about 14 years, died suddenly yesterday wiih
heart disease.
TriK Belmont heaters were just on their
last heat of steel, yesterday, when tour car
inads ot slabs arrived, which will run them
tor come time.
A murer of Wheeling people will attend
tl e funeral of the late Joseph Blaukensop
Ksq , at WVUsburg, as he has a number of
riendsin this city.
Psori.K getting their boots and shoes |
mud*. y 10 day can have them polished up in I
tine st}le free at the McLure House corner i
by Bixby's blacking.
Os Wednesday night ava'aiblehorse was
stolen from P. M Baum, of Boggs' Kin j
The horse was out in pasture when stolen,
and no clue to the thief fca* yet been dis j
Tiie agent of Bixby's blacking had two j
boys at work at the McLnre House corner |
yesterday blacking citizen's shoes tree.
About 1,500 took advantage of the chance I
to have their shoes polished.
A Torxc; man with a base ball mustache— 1
three out all out—hands in the following
chestnut, with a self satisfied smile, which is '
supposed tobe the remark of a young lady:
"1 think kissing a young man without a
mustache is like eating an egg without j
salt "
Tns Chaplin« street pole club will go to i
Bellaire to-nuht to play a return game with
the Klysiao nnk club ot that city. Our (
bt js beat the Bellaire team in the last
game and they will now have a chance for j
revenge. The game will be played at the
Elvsiao rink.
The North Knd Literary aad Athlet'c
Association will give a grand pionic at S Li
bert's garden, to day, which will undoubt
edly be an enjoyable atlair. Mayer s full
orchestra will make the music, and dancing,
game«, etc., will afford all those attending
a delightful day.
The Parlor Social is completing ar
rangements on a grand scale for an excur
sion up the river, on the steamer Princess,
in the near future. Twenty-five couple will
participate, and a delightful time is antici
pated. T. T. Cockayne's orchestra will
make the music.
To-night, at the Chapline street rink, oc
curs the grand carnival given by the boys
of the Eighth Ward Fire Company to se
cure fonds to make improvements and beau
tify their engine house. A royal ovation
should be tendered the affair. Many amuse
ments, such as scrub race«, etc , will take
place, and an enjoyable eveniag will be af
forded to all who attend.
The race last night at the North End
rink between Banke, of S'.eaben ville, and
Sbepperd, of this city, was witnessed by a
large and enthusiastic crowd of spectators
and resulted in Shepperd winning the race
easily by aboot three laps. It was a three
aile dash and quite exciting until Shepperd
got so far ahead that there was no chance of
Hanke winning.
At Thursday evening's open rehearsal of
Se Donisrills Musical Club, at the parlors
*fre Gait House, the feature of the
* x tenor solo, Beethoven s "Adelt
Fred. Specht. The Pott
~ the concert, ''that it is
r that he is one of the h
The many friends
city rill rejoice *t '
Mitt Amelia Denny Nearly Meets
Death From Fire,
Caused by the Explosion of an Oil Can in
Her Hands as She is Attempting
to Build a Fire in a
A terrible accident occurred yeetorday
afternoon to Miss Amelia Denny, who lires
on Wetzel street, between Thirty-seventh
and Thirty-eighth streets, Eighth ward, that
may yet result in her death, although
chances are in her favor. It is a repetition
of that oft told tale of suffering caused
from not heeding former horrible and fatal
About 4 o'clock Miss Denny, who is
about 18 years of age, and daughter of
Gott'eib Denny, start»! to make a fire in
the kitchen store, presumably
However, the young lady says she ap
plied no oil to the fire but as she
took off the stopper, the oil
exploded and set fire to her clothing. She
immediately ran out upon the street scream
ing for help, and a gentleman named
George Robinson, who was near, rushed to
the rescue. He procured a blanket from
the house and wrapped it around her body,
which was by this time entirely
which were every moment making her life
This had tke effect of smothering tin
flames and he carried the young lad; into
the house and immediately called Dr. Ford,
of Benwood, who came and did all that
medical science could do to ease the pain
suffered by Miss Denny.
It was found that she was burned terribly
from her waist down to her kneee, and her
face and upper part of her body were also
her hair being burned almost off close to the
head. A corset which she wore saved the
central portion of her body almost entirely
from injury—one case where that part of
feminine wearing apparel did some good.
At a late hour last night she was reported
ss getting along very well, and in a fair way
of recovery.
Another Case at Elm Grove.
About o'clock last night, as Mrs. Martin
Prettjman, living at Kim Grove, was at
tempting to light a fire with a can of oil the
vessel exploded with a reportlike a cannon.
A number of neighbors rushed into the
house, where the poor woman was found
lying on the floor enveloped in flames,
which hai also been communicated
to a crib containing an infant.
William Laurel and Joseph Renshaw seized
the struggling woman and run with her to a
ran betide the house where the flames were
xtisgnished. Late last night Mrs. Pretty
man was suffering intensely, and it is feared
;!i« cannot recover.
The bouse and contents were badly dam
aged by fire and watre.
A t ine Turn-Cut Promised, Weather Per
Should Eli# Majesty the Chief Signal OfE
eer vouchsafe good weather to-day the mem
ories of the departed braves will be honored
as they have not been for many years. All
the organizations contemplating taking
part in the parade have completed every
necessary arrangement, and to-day will see
them in line with full ranks.
The line torms on Market street, the right
resting on Fourteenth, at 1 «'clock, and the
I column will move fifteen minutes later over
the following amended route:
Up Market to Tenth, on Tenth to Main,
down Main to Twenty-fourth, up Twenty
t'ourth to Chapline, up Chaplineto Twenti
eth, on Twentieth to Market, up Market to
Eighteenth, on Eigteenth to Eon, up Eoff to
Sixteenth, out Sixteenth to beyond Wood,
countermarch to Eoff, up Eoff to Twelfth,
down Twelth to Chapline, and down Chap
line to the Paxton Fountain, where the
following programme of exercises will be
üor.e through with:
Music....... Opera House Band
Song—"Columbia" .. :..8chool Children
Memorial Sertlte Hotliday Puât, No. 12
Music Op^ra House lland
< 'ration....... Comrade F. H. Crogu
song—"Star spanglid Banner" School Children
All day yesterday G. A. R. Hall was open
for the reception and arrangement of
flowers, and an immense quantity were
brought in during the day. The llall will
also be open this morning, and all persons
desiring to make further donations are re
quested to send them to the hall, next to
the German Bank, not later than 8 o'clock
It is earnestly desired that the members
of the various decorating committees, as
published yesterday morning, report at the
hall not later than 7:30 a. m.
Imtortkd Thueringer beer, on draught
to-day at Henry Blumenberg's saloon.
Why pay 35 cents lor one pound Sun
flower Baking Powder when C. K. Miller
sells it for 20 cents.
Jacob, the CHI*«*»« of Voir (»Id Home are
'•Looking at You."
Congratulations to Col. Jacob Kemple
are now in order, and will be extended with
out stint by our citizen?. A telegram from
Farmiogton, Maine, to the Now \ork
World, dated Thursday, says:
"While stumping the State for Blaine
last year Col. Jacob Kemple, of VS est \ ir
ginia, met Mi.-« Nellie F. Goodwin, of th s
place. An intimacy sprang up, the couple
com spondee4, and last night they were mar
An Enterprising, Sellable House.
Logan Jc Co , can always be relied upon,
not only to carry in stock the best of every
thing, but to secure the agency for such ar
:icles as have well known merit, and are
popular with the people, thereby sustaining
ihe reputation of being always enterprising
and ever reliable. Having secured the
agency for the celebrated Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, will sell it on a
positive guarantee. It will surely cure any
and every affection of Throat, Lungs, and
Chest, and to show our confidence, we invite
you call and get a Trial Bottle Free.
Mot u turtle soup and Bock Beer at C.
Siebke s new Tidal Wave saloon, Sheekey's
old stand, to day
An Answer Wanted.
Can any one bring us a case of Kidney
or Liver Complaint that Electric Bitters
will not speedily cure? We say they can
not, as thousands of cases already perma
nently cured and who are daily recommend
«5g Electric Bitters, will prove. Bright's
Disease, Diabetes, Weak Back, or any
urinary complaint quickly cured. They
purify the blood, regulate the bowe's, and
act directly on the diseased parts. Every
bottle gquaranteed. For sale at 50 cents a
bottle hy Logan A Co.
Why pay 20 cents for } pound cans Sun
flower Baking Powder when C. R. Miller
sells it for 10 cents for i pound cans.
Weak Locke's own make $2 50 shoes,
any style. J. H. Locke & Co., 1043 Main
a tie« i.
riety of colors: 56 pieces lor JUO,
at D A VI.SO* BKÜ.V,
«m Market Street.
WE have Just received a new
«toek •! Void Spectacle«.
leweler Car. Twelfth and Harket.
|150 WILL itJY
Locke's awn make Men's Call
Skoes in all the leading styles. .
These goods are made from choice
slock, are silk fitted throughout, j
aad solid aa a rock. We gaaran
tee tkem to fit better, wear laager,
aad have more style than aaj five
dolh\r shee in the market.
J. H- LOCKE A (U, j
W ma Mala Street |
or QMQUti
Bad Aceldeat,
A gathering boy named Norton, who
«Ork« at Hobbs, Brockunier k Co.'a glass
house, vu bad I j injured yesterday by a
companion. The latter, «ho is alto a gath
ering boy, had *a broken glass and attempt
ed to throw it into the scrap box, not notic
ing Norton, who was just passing. The
glass struck the latter on one cheek, catting
it in a terrible manner, making a decidedly
painful and ugly wound
Pattnli Granted Went Virginian».
Following is a h»t of patents granted to
West Virginians, May 26th, furnished by the
Howard Agency, 1207 Main street
Process of making cot nails and putting
heads on them—John Young, Wheeling,
W. Va. Papers tiled April 6, H35.
Automatic car brake—Garnet B. Mc
Laughlin, Petersburg, W. Va Papers filed
April It?, 1885.
Fertilizing grain drill—John F. Keller,
Sbepherdstown, W. Va. Papers filed No
vember 19, 1884.
Slight Mictake.
A man from it matters not where, stopped
in front of a Market street confectionary
yesterday and pointing to a pile oi fruit,
staked the proprietor:
"How much is them things apiece?"
"Twenty-five cents," re-pliea the mer
ci ant.
"Gee wbillikers ! I seed someplace where
strawberries was twenty five cents apiece,
but I thought it was only a joke. They're
purty big ones, though," and he passed on
j ust as the proprietor was about to burst out
laughing in his face.
He nad mistaken pineapples for big
Pleasant Entertainment.
The reception held in the First Presbyte
rian Church last night by the McKean So
ciety was a decided success, the programme
being a good one and rendered in an enjoy
able manner, It is as follows :
Chorus By the Band
Recitation Dewey Culbertaon
Piano hol.j M Us Nannie Fisher
Recitation ..MUj lv>ra Rotenberg
Piano Solo Mi&s Sophia Wright
Vocal Solo Mix» Annie DeKulb
Fecitation MiasS. J. Meholln
Harniucli* Solo „..Mr. Fml Seamon
The last act on the programme was not
by any means the least enjoyable aiid was
participated in by the whole audience.
They Stole Pretzels.
On Thursday night some boys, presuma
bly glass house boys, got hungry and made
a descent upon the house of Joseph Ritter, a
pretzel baker who resides at 183 Fourteenth
street The boys gained access by a back
window and scooped in a lot of the German
cakes, but when they went to divide them
up a dispute arose, which awakened Hilter,
and he saw them portioning out the eata
bles. Thinking that they would return he
bid in the coal house, and presently one of
the boys did return after more pretzels, but
just as he was entering the window Ritter
caught him and gave him such a good
spanking that he will probably remember it
lor 6ome time.
Bvy Buggies at Boyd's.
! egal and General New« Gathered U|>
The session of the Circuit Court enJs to
One deed of trust was admitted to record
Part One of the Circuit Court was in ses
f.ion a short time yesterday. It meets again
this morning.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted to record
a deed made May 28, 1885, by Elijah Day,
trustee, to Charles M. Dronsfield, for a cer
tain tract of land, known as lot No. C4, in
North Wheeling.
The case of the State vs. Ed. Webster,
charged with larceny ®f a watch from the
residence of Mr. Cecil, in Pleasant Valley,
in the latter days of July, 1884, was on trial
In Part Two before the following jury: M.
Kmsheimer, George Deusch, Thomas Bray,
Jr., A. Pareons, W. B. Odbert, Joseph Beir,
Ed. Sheppard, Henry Sonneborn, D. C.
Dinger, J. T. Lynch, C. A. Helmbright, and
William McConnell. Dovener was for the
defense and Prosecuting Attorney Jordan
represented the State.
The Kerr-Lunsford case is over, for the
present Yesterday morning Mr. Arnett
closed the argumeut for the contestant, and
Mr. Hubbard closed for the defense, th?
jury retiring at about half past two in the
afternoon. After being out one hour and
ten minutes they returned the following
verdict: "We. the jury find that the paper
writing dated April 27, 1881, wh ch is in
evidence, and a copy of which is exhibited
in the plaintiff"s bill, marked 'Exhibited A,'
is the true last will and testament of Loui«
Lunsford." A motion for a new trial was
at once made, and will be passed upon this
The Story About the Young Lady Canvass
ers Denied.
A reporter of the Register met the gen
tleman who was mentioned in the article in
yesterday's issue in connection with the
young lady canvassers and he stated that
the main points in the article were untrue
and without foundation. He thought the
joints were given to the writer through a
•pint of maliciousness and spite, and says
the young ladies who are in his employ are
rt spectable girls who make their living by
canvassing for the sale of books. He also
states ikat the reason he made arrangements
;o leave the house on Sixteenth street
*as because the rooms did not suit him,and
h« made no contract to keep them until
July, but merely said that he would prob
ably remain until that time. He admit«
hat the youug ladies traveled with him and
his wife, bat everything is transacted in a
business like and straightforward manner,
and that persons may feel perfectly safe in
dealing with anv of the young ladies who
may call upon them. This explanation is
cheerfully given in justice to the gentleman
and the young ladies employed by him, as
the Register has no desire to do the least
harm to their business.
Selling on small profits, I offer San
flower Baking Powder, one pound cans at
20 cents, one half pound cans at 10 cents.
C. R. Miller, No. 2339 Chapline street.
Scnflower Baking Powder, 1 pound
cans at 20 cents, one-half pound cans at ten
cents, at C. R. Miller's, No. 2339 Chapline
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The beat salve in the world for Cats,
Braises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin eruptions, and positively
cures Pile«, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale at Logan A Co.'a.
Lawn Mowers at Boyd's.
Workmen, take notice these hard times.
IT sell yoa 1 pound can Sunflower Baking
Powder for 20 cents; others ask you 35
cents for the same thine. C. R. Miller.
Jos. Webb will open his new saloon, 1617
Market street, with a grand Turtle Lunch
and other delicacies of the season, on Satur
day, May 30th, from 9 a. m., to 10 p. m.
Wear Locke's own make $2.50 shoes
any style. J. H. Locke Co., 1043 Main
NEW lot ot Milt and l.inle Thread
Gloves, at GKO. E.STIFEL ék CO. *.
Movement« of Wheellngit«», and the Com
ing and Going of Stranger«.
Miss Annie Gaus is a guest at Miss
Stcehr'a She is an accomplished young
lady and has a number of admirers.
Herman He««, a former Wheeling boy,
now ot St L« ais, who h&s been visiting
friends in the city, leaves for home this even
James Crawford, who left Wheeling
twenty yean ago lor St Louis, is in the city
on business. He has amassed a fortune
since leaving here, and is no« at the head
of the Collier White Lead Company.
A unanimous call has been extended by j
the v«stry of St Lohe'«, Island, Episcopal
church to Rev. John G. Gantt of Milesbur*.
Md. The call has been accepted tod Mr.
Gantt »ill preach hie Initial sermon Sunday,
June 28. J
Kater» North Vnd Kecldcaee aad HiIm
Off With Ka table« aad Tableware.
Some time Thnreday night thieves enter
ed the residence of Babbi Sessler, 831 Mar
ket street and got away with a number arti
cle«. Mr. 8essler has been eating at the
Stamm House for some time, during the
absence of his wife, but sleeps at home.
The thieve« gained access to the house fro®
the rear entrance and proceeded to the din
ing room, where they found a lot of cuuned
goods and eatables which they stowed into
two or three market baskets with a lot
off china ware and other portable articles.
They then went to the parlor, opened the
front window and stepped out npon the
pavement and made off with their booty.
t torn the articles taken and the fact that
tkey did not disturb anything else, would
suggest the idea that they were either in
ttnt on havicg a picnic or needed so:ne
things to start up housekeeping.
Storkers to Be Obtained from the Gov
ernment for Relative« Desii-iug Them.
Holliday Poet G. A. R. of this city is
taking action to secure from the Govern
ment bead markers for all unmarked graves
of deceased soldiers buried in the cemeter
ies adjacent to this city. They propose to
make out a permanent memorial record
which will embrace, with the name of every
deceased comrade in this vicinity, his age,
date of deat#, company and regiment, and
place of burial, etc. They request the rela
tives of ali deceased soldiers whose remains
are deposited in our different cemeteries
(whether supplied with head markers or not)
to furnish this information.
Spell names and give dates correctly with
company and regiment and name of ceme
tery, also whether marker is wanted or not.
Enclose same in envelope and send to the
Adjutant of J. W. Holliday Post G. A. R.,
Wheeling, W. Va., which will be placed on
record fcr future reference. This not only
applies to those already dead, but to those
that die in the future.
An Epitome of N ewa Concerning the Boat«
and Boatmen.
River 7 feet 3 inches and falling.
Steam will be raised on the new Courier
The Scotia passes down at 5 o'clock this
The Ironsides passed down at ô a. m. wiih
a tow of iron.
The Abner O'Neal will bring down an
excursion to-day.
The Louis A. Sherley will leave for Cin
cinnati at 6 o'clock Sunday morning.
I h ported Thueringer beer, on draught,
to day at Henry Blumenberg's saloon.
Happy Thought in the Night.
For years Mr. James 11. Ackley, of 163
Wrst layette street, Baltimore, had suffered
•\iih neuralgia eo that he could hardly sleep
Uut he writes, "One night 1 was suffering
\oymucb, and the thought struck me thai
J'xown's Iron Bitters would do me some
?ccd, and perhaps cure me. It was a happ"
: bought, and to my great joy it has entire!1
cured me, after using two bottles. Arte1*
three months I have had no return of th<f
rMrptoms. I cheerfully recommend it a?
fho best tonic I have ever used." Neu?
r Igia sufferers, take that hint!
Aim to co right and you will call ofteU
at Jos. Webb's, 1G17 Market street,*wher£
yr.u will find the best of Whiskies, Brandiep,
Wine, Beer and Cigars. Open on Satur
day, May 30th, Turtle Soup Lunch all day.
Young Hen, Read This.
The Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall, Mich ,
offer to send their celebrated Ei.ectro-Vof
on trial for thirty days, to men (young and
old) afflicted with nervous debility, loss of
vitality and manhood, and kindred troubles
AIho for rheumatism, neuralgia, paralysi.1,
and many other diseases. Complete restor
ation to health, vigor and manhood guaran
teed. No risk is incurred, as thirty dap'
trial is allowed. Write them ,at^ once for
Quirk Time.
Pan-Handle train leaving at 7:25 a. m.,
city time, arrives at Columbus at 12:35 p.
m , Cincinnati 4:40 p. m., Indianapolis
I 10:30 p. m., St. Louis 7 a. m. Leaving at
H:40*P m. arrives Cincinnati G: 10 a. m.t
Indianapolis 7 a. m., St. Louis 2 p. m , Kan
j saa City, 8 a. m,
! Wear Locke's own make $2 50 shoes,
any style. J. H. Locke & Co., 1043 Main
Yor can Bave money by buying Harness
at Boyd's, Market Square.
Mock turtle soup and Bock Beer at C.
I Sitbke's new Tidal Wave saloan, Saeekey's
old stand, to day.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for chil
dren teething, is the prescription of one of
the best female nurses and physicians in the
1'i.ited States, and has been used for forty
years with never failing success by mil*
iiocs of mothers for their children. Dur
ing the process of teething its value is in
calculable. It relieves the child from pain,
cures dysentery and diarrhœa, griping in
the bowels, and wind colic. By giving
health to the child it rests the mother.
Price 25c a bottle.
Wear Looke's own make $2 50 shoes,
Any style. J. H. Locke & Co., 1013 Main
But Hardware at Boyd s, it will save you
COLORED EuibrolUeriea, at GEO.
Turtle Soup at Louis Schwalb's First
National Saloon this morning. All are in
Lawk Rakes at Boyd's.
('AHOPT TOP and l'ongee Para
sol*. at GEO. E. NTIFEL A CO.'#.
/•ne Street M. E. Chnrch. -Preaching to
morrow at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m , by the pait-ir,
Kev. J. Henry H<-w. ilorning Subject: "Now and
Tlien." fcveûing: "A Noble Vouth Tested." Sun
day-s* hocil at 2 p. m.
V ni ted Presbyterian Church.—Ber. J. T.
McOore, I>. Ipa«tor. Serricea to-morrow at 10:"4>
a m. Ko service in the evening, Sabbatii-»chool at
2 p. m.
I"irst I'ne- Kvan. Lutheran Church.— Rev.
E. H. I>ornbta>»r, pastor. Serrioes to-morrow at
10:30 a in. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school at J p. m.
Strangers are welcome.
Hint Presbyterian Church.—Services to
morrow, at 10:50 a. m., by the pastor, Ref. 1>. A.
Cunnir.gbam, I>. P. Ko services at night. All are
invited. Sabbath school at 9 a. m.
Serond Presbyterian Church.-Serrices by
Jb-Y. Wm. H. Cooke, D. P.. pastor, at 10:30 a. m. No
( Teiiing service. Sabbath-school at 9 a. m. All
are welcome.
Disciples Church—S- riices to-morrow at 10:'î0
a in. and 7:30 p. m. tu ida;-school at 9 a. m., also
at 2 p. m.
Fourth Street M. K. Church.—Preaching
Sunday, May 21, at 10:30 a. m., by the pi'tor. Bct.
Jos. K. Smith. 1>. I). In the evening th* 1 accaîau
reate sermon of tta« Wheeling female C >1 ece will
1* preached bv the Rev. A. Harri*. Sun is y-school
at 2 p. tu. Young People's Meeting, Mt nday at
7:30 p. m.
■S99 ■
The Mail Hi«» to Clew D#w» To
Unless th« Scale of the Manufacturers' As
sociation be Agreed to—The
Points at Issue.
To-day all the sail manufacturera in
Pittsburg, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and
Illinois «ill submit to their men a new
scale of wages materially lower than that
under which the mills hare heretofore been
running, and unless the same be accepted
by the United Nailers—which contingency
is very improbable—the mills will close
down. The most important change in this
scale is the reduction ot three cents per keg
: in the price for cutting. The old price was
21 cents per keg for 10 pennies on a basis
of a |2.50 card rate, with an advance of 1
cent per keg for cutting for eaoh 25 cents
advance in the selling price.
fixes the price for cutticg 10-pennies at 18
; cents when the card rate is $2.50, and pro
vides that the cutting price decrease 1 cent
for every 25 cents fall in the selliog price, as
well as the advance contained in the old
scale. Under this arrangement the nailers'
portion with nails at $2.25 would be 17
cents, and at $2.00, 16, cents, with no dis
j tinction between steel and iron. As a mat
ter ot course, all other sizes run in the
same proportions as 10-pennies, and the
reduction extends to all branches of the in
i dustry.
! A manufacture in speaking of the exist
, ing trouble yesterday said:
"The Nail Association has had no idea
at any time of equalizing the difference of
wages between the East and West. We
! recognize that we must pay higher wages
I here in Wheeling than obtain in New
I England. But we do desire to reduce the
! present difference so as to enable us to
keep eastern men outjof our territory."
"What prices are paid in the East?"
"In New England, about 12} cents per
keg for 10-pennies, and in eastern and cen
tral Pennsylvania 13 and 14 cents. We
cannot market goods at a profit under
as has existed in the past."
"Will not the Eastern manufacturer meet
your cut by a corresponding cut in the
wages of his men, and thus bring about the
same old ratio in his favor?"
"Now that is a favorite argument of the
nailer, but there is nothing in it. Induc
tions can be forced by a manufacturer when
his workmen are unorganized, or there is a
{jreat surplus of labor, down to a certain
irait. Tnat limit oace reached, the em
ployer can not go further, because no skill
ed workman will work for a sum upon
which he and his family can not live in
comfort. They will say to the mauufac
unr, 'I can not live on that compensation;
ycu are forcing me into other branches of
industry.' Now that limit
in New England. Twelve and a half cents
a keg for 10-pennies is as low as you can get
na'lerstoworkforin America,aud as a result
of ibis our proposed reduction will simply
tend to close up the gap, while it insures
our men a steady run at what, with the
present low prices of provisions, clothing,
and everything else, are as good wages as
those obtaining in war times.
"Is the trading field of the Eastern men
limited to New England?"
"Oh, no, they ship all along the Atlantic
seaboard; from Norfolk and Richmond to
Mobile and New Orleans. When this terri
tory is full, they
loading nails at Buffalo for Chicago, which,
as you know, is one of our main distribu
ting pointe. As soon as they put their cheap
nails in the Garden f'iry they made a price
which we are compelled to meet or lose our
"Will the manufacturers enter into nego
tiations with the Nailers' Association in
case the latter shows a disposition to
treat ?"
"Well, that depends. I'll talk about that
again. But whether our scale is rejected or
negotiations are entered into, the mills will
stop pending a settlement."
Nailers are very reticent as to what will
be done, and no expressions of opinion
could be gained from them. It is inferred,
however, that the terms of the manufactur
ers will be rejected and that a shut-down will
be the result
' hat are the prospects out at the
Crescent?" asked a reporter of a Whitaker
mill man last night.
"Oh, I guess we are all right, but whether
the scale is signed or not our mill will shut
down for a week or ten days for repairs.
Mr. Whitaker has always done the square
thing with us, and while, of course, we have
no absolute means of telling what will re
sult, the boys are all feeling pretty good.
The mill has just put in a new pair of cold
rolls for polishing sheet iron, and there is
a corresponding improvement in our out
Imported Thueringer beer, on draught
to day at Henry Blumenberg's saloon.
ÄEW loi of Embroidered Kobe*,
, at GEO. E. STII'CL A < O.'M.
BraniU «iÎT»rtii«d a> abaolntely pur®
riiw»» can top down on a but stow until heatel.thaa
remove t.'io cover end «mrll. A chemut will nut ba rw
quired to detect the praaenoe of amrooola
In a million borna« for a quarter of a otaturj It ha*
Itood the cooaaaMn* reliable Wet,
Dr. Price's Special Flaroriiig Extractt,
TWetJ let ■>,■■■! li«Éiw<MlOTHmfhiei,Bl
Dr. Prie«1« Lupulin Y««st 0«««
for Light, Healthy Bread. The Bert Dry Bop
Taut la the World.
If you prefer f
See that the bottles which are placed before yd n
LABELSf without which the water is J
imitation. Unless you takexare what wjt J
is mixed with your, liquor% you arc swy^
to get APOLLINARIS. \ 0ko
Silenced Their Batteries of Buncomlie !
* w Pßittsi
Have won for us the enmity of all the clothiers and furnisher*
They accuse us of all sorts of things, and call us all kinds ol
names. But that does'nt excuse them for charging BIO
PRICES for their goods.
All thisthevdo because we will not join a combination to
keep the prfcjs up. Within the paôt two weeks we hav<
pretty clcarlj proven that no matter how LOW A PRICE an]
clothier or finisher may name for a certain make or style
goods we ab ays name a LOWER PRICE for the identical"
article. If y e would add Four or Five Dollars to the prices
oi our Suits jand 33 per cent to our Furnishing Goods, not a
word would Ihey have to say.
Low as tie Prices were last week, we have made still fur
ther reductons. Our line of
Seersucksr. Alpaca, Silk and Mohair Goats and Vest!
If the/ is anything to be had In the shape of an extra
good bgain wherever traffic goes on, whether in the sleepy ^
bazaarpf Constantinople or in the active, bustling thorough-*
fares <an American town, the Ladies are sure to find it out
J "r
And there is anything that can make a merchant feel that
he i?i the right road to prosperity it is to have the contin
uedatronage of the Ladies. OUR BOY'S CLOTHIN0
D^RTMENT has illustrated this agreeable state of things,
an««" the past three cr four weeks ol OUR GREAT SUIT
each day has seen increasing throngs selecting bar
g^ in Boy's and Children's Suits so liberally advertised by J
offered at such tempting figures. *
!• G

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