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Absolutely Pure.
TWi powder nerer Tari«». A marrel ol
purity, »trength anJ whoitvomenew. More
«—owlml than lb* ordinary liuda, and
cucM benU in competition with Ute mal
ttt»4o of tow mm, ■>»! weight «Ina or
pfcetpfeato powden
«»id om\j la cans. BO TAL B4KIKS
POWP4B CO.. Mow Y«t
Surgeon Dentist«
Tlltpfc— L M. «owl
mmv oooo*. '
New Velvets and Velveteens!
Plain, Broradr and 1'iinrySlriped,
All i olorn, iu
New Corsets!
Com* an J tee them. The wocder'ul law prices
will **toauh »oa.
Are now coming In right along.
11B± Main Street.
0 been receiving New Goods daily at « -really Be
have a duceU price*. C n precede a'.<-d Ke
ling the* dacüaa. in
Oar Tory Finest Black Cash-sere reduced iron
«1.0« to 75 Cent« Per Vmrd.
Co'ored Cash ueree reduced 10 per ;en\
Mrgni'Went Lis* of VtiTtt and Velveteens, In
plain and broc.Ued. cheaper tk <n any other boa*».
Satin Barber a'l »hades, extra width, only 5o
oenta, worth fully T5 c"nta
Beat t^oilitT S 4 Ladle«' C jth, tew shades, lower
than »vor beJora.
raduction la Tabla Clotfc, Towels and
' Toweling.
Special Pargainsln lIo»i»rr, Conetsand Notlovs.
Spatial indue» oenta in Prints, (iingoaaa, Sheet
ings, Tickings Ac,Ac.
Everybody Invited to call and see oar
L. S. GOOD & CO.,
1181 Mala St.
IF vol" WANr TO
"Twin Brothers' Yeast."
13 Caked for 8 Cetil*,
SIIjmJUuj l&gisfor.
WKDMî'DtV, Al'Ut'Sr '4«, IHM.
PrrMins leaving the* clfy thraaxb
the Namvfr r»n h»v< the DULY
and NIMUy REGI.HTEK »fut to
aaj addm* at name prie* It la de
livered In the city, p«Mtiu;e paid.
The Weather.
Following shows the range of tempert
ture for yesterday, ad observed by C
Schnepf, the Market street druggist: 7 a. m .
74; m., 70; 3 p m., 73; 7p m, 71. Th
ann rue» this momie? at 5:25 and se'* a
6:39 this eveniog. The day s length is
Weather Indlcauvna
WasHniGTOJf, August 26 —1:30 a. oa.—
For the Ohio valley and Tennessee, gen
«rally fair weather, variable winds, suuion
at J temperature
For the lower lake region, senerally fair
weather, variable winds, nearly stationary
Index to Haw AdTerUMiaeau.
Wanted—Famished H*:«'
Pilk Umbrella»—I • CundliagA Co.
Largest (.«rocery House in West Virginia—Jos.
0peidel A Co.
Parvtance's Cordial K. H. List.
Waite Mountain Hammock Chair—Q. Mendel a
Gold Medal ('offée—H F. ReSrrns-fiscal Pate '
Charleatui: White Waah— McLaia Bros. -[Local
aCiaaa'a Fruit Jan— F wing Bro« -[Local Page.J
sad Spoon for aekool net.
\ -, Jeweler.
riety »T eaten* M pieecs far |4JO,
Ta aahe roooa far aar iaeaaalag
FaO Btaek we alkali offer aar ea tire
■tack at «pria« aad Maaiaser Salt
ing* at greatly red a red priera
c. hkm « nova.
Burnt« Brt*n tad the Girls is
A Total of Nearly Seventy-five Dollars in
Fines and Costs Assessed on
the Party.
The scene ia Police Court, yea'erday
morning, was a notable one. Both the au
dience and the evidence afforded mach food
for thought, and altogether the affair was
one shedding a flood of light upon the dark
sid« of life ia oar eitj.
▲iter some minor cases, representing the
ordinary ran of drunks and disorderlies, had
b«en disposed of by His.Honor, the cases of
Burnie Brown and the four girls found in
his house Sunday night, were called. About
thirty witnesses, white and black, were pres
ent, they, together with the police force, the
accused, and a number of city and county
officer* and newspaper men, pretty well 6U
iag up the space inside the railing. Oat
side, in the lofcby,
filled evtry available inch of room, and dur
ing the three hours of the trial scarcely a
man moved from his position, so great was
the interest in the outcome of this attempt
to break up a pernicious and outrageous
The defense was represented by counsel,
and the case was opened at about half-past
Line by the city calling Kober, Junkins,
who stated that the neighbors along
Eleventh and Chapliae streets and in alley
C. had made a great deal of complaint
about the house and about white women
soiEg there in buggies and on foot at all
hours oi the day and night. On Sunday
night, when the arrests were made, there
was so much noise that it could be heard
back on Chapline street. One of the girls.
Annie Tyre, was under the influence of li
quor. He had known the women to be
there as late as one and two o'clock in the
morning, and had known them to come in
ihe evening and stay all night.
Officer Watson testified to about the same
thing. He had heard Jim Lighttoot say it
was a bad house.
Officer Dunlap told about the same story,
and this evidence of the police was cor
roborated in every particular by the stories
cf neighbors, some of the testimony being ot
the most sensotional character.
made no attempt to deny the visits of the
girls to the house, or that they had frequent
ly stayed there all night, but sought to show
tbat they wtie merely friends of the
Brown family, having become acquaint
ed with them through working to
! gether at the hotels. A great
mass cf testimony was produced by the 11,
going to show that no act of acriminv
character had ever been seen in the home
and that the evil reports iato which tat
domicile had fallen was solely due to th
natural comment which would be exeitei
by white girls making visits to th^ houit
of a colored family at night and remtinin
there late or all night
At the conclusion of the hearing at noou
His Honor held that the kouse had be-»
proven to be
and he assessed Brown, as the proprietor.
#20 and ccsts. Annie Tyre, tor being ir
the house, knowing its reputation, zot $>
and costs, and Annie Birmingham and Ella
Tyre, for doing likewise, were assessed the
!»ame. It was not proven that Lizzie Tyrv
had ever been farther than the door. an<i
the case against her was dismissed. Tt>
case ot William Sims, who renttd the roooi
up stairs, was contianed.
The total of Brown s tine and costs wa
#13 75. aud that of the uirls #9 ÖÜ each
making a ^racd total of $72 25.
I'unrg tte course of the day Jim Light
foot and other colored men paid the girls
tin?e. the last one of them, Annie Tyre
being releatd about three o clock in th
at ttr neon.
Tte case of Hat son Joaee charged bj
his mother-in law with assaulting his wite
WJ.S yesteiday con inued by Justice Ara <•
on account of the failure of the prosecuting
witness to put inan appearance. Jo iet
was released upon hia own recoguizance.
Caught a Cuttle Thief.
Marshall Burkett, of Marietta, yesterday
brought up to Biliaire a man named Hater
wbo is charged with stealing cattle. H«
will have a preliminary hearing today, ana
will no doubt be sent to St. Clairs ville
where his partner, who waa apprehende
tosie time ago, ia Btaying.
A Bad Threat.
Fred Warner waa yesterday eveniug be
fore Justice Ark ®, charged with using loua
»nd profan, language and threatening to
disembowel John Schneider. In the nrst
case he was fined $1 and coats and in the
second he was placed under a »100 bone
to keep the peace lor one year, which oonu
waa furnished.
He Grabbed for a Watctu
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning, a*
Nuhtwatchman Stephen Crawford wa.
« a'i ding on Market street near the cornei
of Eleventh, Andy Mertz approached anü
endeavored to grab his watch. Mertz wat
arrested and taken before 'Squire Dam
»ho fined him $00 and aent hi.u to j ul to'
twenty days.
to liail
Yesterday morning about 11 o clock Bei
Stephens went iu to Warner's saloon, on th
south aide, and H >1* a pocket book con
taining Officer Gruoler arrestee
Saphena and took himbcfjre Sqaire Davi>,
who sent him to jail in default of |1.0<>»
bail. Thirty dollars ot the money wa
wrapped up in some rags under a washing
machine in Stephens, house
Hit With » Poker.
About ten o'clock Monday night Mik.
Kain and two other men went to the hous
ot Flo Lewis, on Sixteenth street, an
knocked at the door. A girl came to se
what waa wanted, and some worda pisse
between them and her ending in the wo
man ordering Kain to lear-*. He refuse«
to go, when she grabbed a poker and struct
him, knocking him through a wmJjw. d
A WUil Drunk.
A man named H. H. Groves hired »
horse and buggy yesterday tro-n Wardei
the liveryman, th^n became very druns aa:
waa driving the animal through the street»
on the South Side at a terrible pace, making
the mud fly in all direction«. Officer Dev
lin got hia eye on the man and arrest*
him. He was covered from head to foo I
with mud, as was the horse. The ougg\
waa broken and also covered with mud
Groves waa placed in the Eighth wart'
Shooting 8crape.
Monday evening awut half-past tea i
o'clock a shooting scrnoe occurred in alle
D, in the Fifth ward Five shots were fired
bot none of the balls found a victim At j
G lice headquarters the officiaU say Mrs
mis Hildebrand wa« being eecorted upth
alley by a atranger, who was holding au
umbrella over the lady, aa rain waa falling
Mr. Hildebrand took exception« to the com
pany, knocked his wif* down and, it ia
believed, fr d h sh>ts a?«r the stranger,
who sk pfied at a lively rate.
A Fanny Case.
In the Police Court yesterday morning
Jim I.tghtioot, the McLure Howe porter
was arraigned on complaint of fr rancU
Ixekr, charged with disorderly condnct
Wh«-» the 3:40 train arrived from S eaben
ville Lfonday afternoon Lightfjot and
the ctb«r portera made ihtir unusual
charge oa the helpleis passengers
The Sum* Houe porter secured
L*hr's checks and that gen
i!*Hiaa starte<Ktoward th« hotel when ,
Ligbifcot followed him up aad told him all !
firat-ciaaa men went up to tha McLure;
guestaatthat hotel »11 wore ailk panta »od
got good grab; the Water atreet hotel«
•ere for second cla* folka who wore jeani
trouaera and were aati»6«d with sauer kraut,
etc. Loehr told Lighrioot to dear out, but
the porter peraiated in following him, mak
ing additional comment# upon and com*
p%rifpnf between the hotele. Finally Loehr
had Lightfoot arretted. Officer Junkins
atated to the Court that there waa much
complaint about portera wrangling or er
pa Mengen at the depota and on the atreet.
The Court imposed a line of $1 and coata
and adminiatered a well-merited lecture to
the priaoner on the aubjecL
imnlted a Woman,
About 11 o'clock yesterday morning
Hiram Aldricb, who baa a room in the
building at ibe northwest corner of Market
and Tweilth atreeta, undertook to admiuia
ter a beating to a young woman named
Nellie Gaylord, who rocma in the third
atory of the aame building. The row waa
prefaced by Aldrich breaking open a trunk
b*losging to the woman ana reading aun
dry lettera therein contained from fly young
men about town. Tnis »soused a feeling
akin to jealouay, hence the chaatisement.
Miss Gaylord awore out a warrant for her
ataailaiit, and also begun a civil suit before
I 'Squire Phillips for the recovery of her ward
Police Pickup«.
Captpin Smith ia in Cleveland.
I There will be five casea before His Ilonoi
I this morning.
The finea and costa in Police Court yee
terday morning footed up $80.70.
Some of the evidence in the Burnie
Brown case, yesterday morning, waa ex
ceedingly apicy.
A fight occurred in Frank Healy's saloon
Monday night, which was quelled by the
proprietor ejecting the combattants. One
of the participants waa fined two dollars and
coeta in Police Court yesterday morning,
and a case against Healy waa dismissed.
urn OK MCWS,
Picked Up Here and There by RogUte
Be portera.
Jack o' Diamonds to-night.
Umbrellas were in demand yesterday.
One marriage license was issued yester
; da&
This is sort of temreranc3 w.ather, isn't
Two dteda of truat wee »dm:lted to rec
ord yesterday.
Ji'stk'E ScnrLTZE will preiide over a civil
auit in 'Squiie Arkle'^ court tc-day.
A bakgk loud of firebr.ck from up the
river is being unloaded at tic foot Ol
Twelfth street
The force emp'oyed in laying the new
orick pavement was compelled to quit work
yesterday on account of the excessive ruin
The visitors to the Turner's picnic at
Seibert'a Garden, Monday, express them
selves as hisjhiy delighted with that very en
jouable atî'air.
A recm'TIOX will be given by Mrs
i ffcomaa Huehes. on the Islaud. this evening
I ii hoccr of her visitor, Misa Fredericks, oi
Kaltimore, Md.
The Cottage Home Soiial will give an
rher of their deli^'hiful moonlight hops at
^hielicg P»rk the early part of nex1
I oi th. The invitations will issued next
The reception which was given at th»
I residence ol Mr. Joseph Bell, of Leather
! *ood, last evening, was postponed until to
T.ight on account of the inclemency of thr
! weather.
A TELEC.U4M from Desmoines, Iowa, re
I < eived la-t Light, said that Father Brazil!
^ priest who had been ordained in this city
j in 1^51, bad died there. He was a native o:
Ccunty Clare, Ireland.
A. <;kam> concert and moonlight picnic
«ill be given at the Park to-morrow even
ii g by the Arion Society and Opera House
; O'liestra It is neediest to say the affair
»ill be an elegaat one in all respects, av
the Arion has that reputation.
MHS L,. A. martin ia now engagea ic
canvassing the city for the sale of Genera'
I Ijrant's Memoirs. The first volume will be
i68ued from the press about the first of the
y*ar and the second in March. Tae work
will be bold OBly by subscription.
Frei» Gehring, the South Side piano
; manufacturer and repairer, is just com
pleting an ele.'ant upright which he will
have on exhioitton at the fair. It is a first
class instrument with a powerful yet fall
; rounded tone This is the first piano manu
j tactured in this city.
The bojs of the Eighth Ward Hose Com
< pany have been industriously engaged i<>
, tixirg up their hou e un'il it >8 one of th<
prettiest 'o be found. The walls have beei
handsomely papered and graced with pit -
tures, the ceiling kalsomined and man
other improvements have been made, which
J adds to its general handsome appearance
An interesting game of base ball wiil b«
ji'ayed on the new fair grounds thU after
aooa between a picked nine of the South
Side young men aud an up-town club com
posed of cleiks, engineered by Mr. J. R
I tlandlan. The game will commence at 2
o'clock and the ambulance will he on hand
to carry ort the dead and woufcled at 4
i with an extra vehicle for the umpire.
Transter of Keal Estate.
The following transfer of real estate wa
admitted of record at Clerk Hook's office
j jestorday:
I>eed made August 25. 18S5, by Ceceliu
i Gillespie to Andrew Gillespie, for the eas'
hsIf of lot No 111 on the north side of Cla»
street between Fifth and Sixth streets. Con
sideration $1,200.
Progress of the New Literary Society.
There was a large attendance at th
I Young Men's Christian Association room
I last evening, the purpose being to complet«
[ the organization of the literary society
which was constituted last Thursday even
I mg. The name adopted was the Long
fellow Literary Society, by which it will b
known hereafter, and will hold i's meeting*
every Monday evening at the V , M C. A
moms. Mr. G. H. Robinson was electee*
Retordin^ Secretary.
• A Big Bicycle Bare.
The Uniontown, Pa , bicycle boys hav»
arranged fur a grand bicycle race from tha
point to Wheeling, which will occur som
Mme in September, probably shortly afte
the fair here First, s» cond and third pri
ztswill be given to tbe victorious contest
ants, acd our boys will also give the firs'
man a h»no?ome gold medal. A delaga
tion will go out to mtot the men and escort
them to the city, wh-re they will be royallv
reated to a grand supper, being ona of the
A Serious Fall.
Müs Louisa Ptrry, a domestic employee
at the residence of John Walford 352
Jacob street, met with a serious acciden
early yesterday morning. It seems that sh»
was walking down the cellar steps with sev
eral dishes in her hands, when she slipped
and fell headlong to the surface below. One
of the plates was shattered and coming in
contact with her left wrist cut in it a terri
ble gash close to the hand, severing several
small art er ie end exposing the tenions. She
was otherwise badly brtnsed about the face
and body. Dr. Pipes aressed the wounds
Jo»ie Kramer's Band.
Mr. Benry Blumenbnrg received an ex
cellent picture yesterday of Josie Kramer's
White Sulphur'' band. Josie sits in the
foreground looking as rich as cream and as
happy as a clam at high water. The band
comprises ten members, am->ng whom are
the Yhariing and other Wheeling boys
Every face is true to nature and the instru
ment each member plays ia held in some
convenient manner. The band is grouped
in the lawn, j -ist in front of the famous
spring which with its familiar dome-ehaped
covering acd the zrove of fine forest trees
beyoi d make a beautiful and picturesque
background for "dot sweet leedle company."
Tbcrsday will be a grand ivy at the
Park, for on the afternoon and evening of
BtlfidKj&l. «1. .. .j Ü-' .'..fe.
that date will occur the grand conoert
and -iom«n>aehtf«et ot th« Anon Singin*
Society- Tho faü Opera Honse Band wiR
be present, giving »gj^^ncert ol ckwc
sod dance mnnc, and the day will be on
ot great enjoyment. In the e^mng ^e .
Park will be handsomely illuminated. while
firework« will add to the bnWy of the ,
.cène The Anon ie notable for its fine
entertainment», *nd »11 should go oat who
°*r" " _
Opening of *!»• Amu»«nient Season.
The Jack o' Diamonds which appears at
I the Opera House to-night is spoken of by
the mess every where as being one of the
I biie^test and most delightful plays ever be
fore the American public, Ihe piece is
written by Clay Greene, »uthoi f
M'liss, Chispa, and Sharps and rla s,
but is «id to exceed any of the«, m genuine
fun and brightness. It will be P"**"®
tc-nipht by the same company which made
Buch a decided hit in New \ ork last Feb
ruary. The following telegram was handed
the HicisTwlast evening,which shows what
a tuciees the piece and company have se
cured. XJkioktowh, Pa., August 25.
Managers Opera House, H heeling :
Frederic Brjton ia aoperb. Give him a
big house, as he is worthy. The play is
admirable, and the company very fiue and
HiroDZ. Jack 0' Diamonds is a great treat
8 Ewtso k K*in,
Managers Opera House.
11.« OuUide Feeder, to Organize a New
Union—Other Hewi.
Nothing new turned up in nail circle*
yesterday and things are running along
about the same aa usual. As the feeder s
union failed to act in regard to taking in
outside feeders aa members at its meeting
on Monday night, a meeting of these fee*
irs will be held at Knights of Labor Hall
•o nicht under the auspices of the trade*
Atsembly, for the purpose of organizing at,
indeoendent union, composed of tnoae wno
do nôilbelong to the one now in existence.
The Bellaire Independent of last evening
>ays: "Secretary Wise, of the Western Nail
Association, in contradicting the statements
tr ade by President Weir, of the Nailers As
roeiation, to a reporter of this paper, die
plays more prominently than anything else,
bis lack of practical knowledge. He is a
theorist and he bad a theory that runs
about thib wise: 26 nail machines >nthe
bands of inexperienced feeders will produce
on average of 300 kegs per day running
trom ihe smallest nail to the spikes. No
man with any practical knowledge
of the business would mike
such a statement. The B-tllaire nail work*
is manned—nailers and feeders altogether—
by aa good, efficient and reliable a set ol
men as can be found in any factory any
«here When 100 machines were in opera
rion here, fed by feeders, ground and at
tended by nailers it was a big day s work to
turn out a thoueand kegs of nails. It coulc
net always be done. Hence thtf statement
that men without experience can walk int u
rail factory and teat the avar-igi
of tie practical men when the;
all worked together to turn ou
?is many kega as possible, for their pay de
perdid upon the number, sounds ridicu'o'i?
»cd we are almost persuaded into the bälie
ibst the reporter added a hundred or m ir
to tbts number in Mr. Wises statement
His attempt to refute the statements o
President Weir regarding the amoun
the feeders produced by such reck
ten atatementa and his utter dis
regard of the statement as to th
number of machines out of the 3,30i
me re or less embraced in the territory o
he Western Nail Association, was a mani
frs'ation of weakness that was hardly ad
vistd by seme of the shrewder manufactur
>r* Ihe cold fact remains, and is no
loubt recognized by the manufacturers
hat the feeders will not take the machine*
-it the reduction, and the contest on^tha'
*core is virtually ended, just as Presiden'
WV»r stated. Something new may deveb(
•rem the manufacturera' meeting at Pitts
Movement« of WheeUngltes, wd the Corn.
tn| and Going of Strangers.
M. S. More, ot Knn»wti&, W. Va., is if
I be c y.
C. H. Booth and wife are here from Texas
on a vi ait.
.lud?«» Ok-y Johnson arrived in the cit>
y Bterday.
Mr. J. Murphyjand wife, of S.stersville
W. Va., are in the ci'y*
Mrs. S. W. Ccot. o' Sreub »v'.l'e, is tht
guest of rela'ivtsin the city.
Mr. Have Ku I Jr, fas sold his trotting
herse, Kmma D., to Casper Keim lor
Mr. Henrv Co'.emnn has goie to Fis»
Cr» ek to join the boys of the Lone Stai
Fij-hicg Club.
Miss Nannie Haye«, of New Castle Pa
;8 the guest of Misa Ella Caldwe.l, of Six
leemh street.
The Misses McVeiph, of C ncinna", art
the guests ot Miss C*rne HaudUn, ot 1j*
B< le avenue.
G W. K&tzebue, of New Martinsville
and W. B. Hayden, of Auburn, W. Va., ar»
at the St. James.
Miss Tillie Reilly, who has been spendinj
her vacation at Terra Alt i, returned horn.
Tuesday evening.
Dr. M. Sessler and son returned yesterdax
fiom a very pleasant trip to Cincinnati anc
intermediate points.
Miss Ella Sfuvageot, of the Garden Spot,
left yesterday 10 visit MiB9 France! Keller
ol Allegheny City, Pa.
Mr. Harry J. Mendtl and wife, oi Taylo*.
Texas, are visitiDg relatives in the city anc
will remain about two months.
Messrs. James Dickey. James Hall and
Robert McLure '.eave tc-Joy for Mackiuaw
Mich., and will bo gone several weeks.
Mr. Ernest Pollock uni wife and Johr
Atkerman and daughter of Padea s \ alley,
iepcr'ed for Niagara Falls yesterday.
Mistes Kate and Maggie Nightengale. 0'
Marietta, Ohio, w^oare the guests ot Misc
hen* Loos, of Main street, will return home
to morrow.
Misses Moilie Francis and Ka'e RoberU
♦wo charming young ladies of North Mair
street, returned yesterday from a very pleas
ant visit to Lake Chautauqua.
Miss Jennie Stentzel, a charming young
lady of Twenty-ninth street, has returned
home from an extended visit to friend« a'
Miltonsburg, Monroe county, 0.
Mr. Charles Ochsenkuhn has returned
from the l one Star Fishing Club at Fish
Cieek. Fiebing ha3 been very good and
,te bo*s are having an excellent time #
Mr. John Hope, at present employed in
the conjunction ot the new gas tank in th>
Fan End, will leave for Atlanta, Georgia
on Friday, where he will supervise the con
struction of a tank on a more extensive
P B. Reynolds ar.d family. W. H. Mc
Crnidev. F. J. Mitchell, J. S. Chilton, R L
Morris and E. E Woodson. we:e q i*rrereo
at the S'. Jam^s last nipbt, and .'eive to*
Morgantovo this morning, where the gen
tlemen will attetd school at the University.
Mr. E. R. Clark, formerly a resident of
this c«ty, »as just leturned after a four
years'»ojourn in Chin* aüd the Sandwich
Islands. Mr. Clark is quite a traveler,hav
icg been over a greater part of both conti
nents He is the guest of Mr. G. W. Bid
good, 1036 Chapline street
Mrs M. E. Whitakkr will resume her
classe« in vocal and piano music, on Mon
day, September 7th, at her room», No. 1513
Jacob street. __
Fall of Peril
A re those «»orders which, beginning with m ap
parently trivial inactivity of the kidney» or blad
der, term in» te» n Bright1» disease, dlabetee «rd
cystitis. The fir»t two not rnly interrupt the fonc
tion» of the rei a' organ», but de»troy tkeir «troc
ture with m much certalat' as tubercular consump
tioo does that of the luuf». Ho*letter'» Stomach
Bitten is an excellent diur«tic, piomoting 1 be ac
tivity of the»e organ* Without over exciting them,
thus averting ibe deadly maladie» tn which their
lnactiui 1» »0 prone to culminate. The remval
fr. m the Wood of Impuritiee which ta» kidne. I
akoold. but do not, when tMct«ve. *iet-, 1» an
other ben»Scent effect of thla inciBk^rabto saedi
cated »tinni'a-1 and depo real. il» -«.ten la. In
aP c*t sloo, a Su* wrtoratlv» of v'gor nd a d to
d'MBtioi^ roBiediet malarial dbesses a d banish*»
U*«r com faint aad ooost pat on. t
•>.. ..v.
In a Communication Read at Lait
Evening's Council Meeting.
A Resolution Looking to the Payment of
Per Diem to Kembers—Miscel
laneous Business Trans
Second Branch.
The Second Branch of the Citj Council :
aFsembled in its chamber at 7:45 last eveù-'j
ing, President Sweeney in the chair and the
following members present: Messrs. Cald
wtll, Clhtor, Crawford, J. B., Crawfjrd,
Robt., Delbrugge, Gilleland, Grace, H&rrell,
Hearne. Healy, Jaeger, Jones, Miller, Mc
Coy, McKinley, Peterson, Scott, Saanley,
Smith, Tracy, Vockler, Water house, Weir
and Mr. President—24.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.
The rules were suspended and licensee
ar&nted as follows:
Daniel Arndt, at No. 17 Sixteenth street;
iictnse annulled, rebate allowed, and new
.ictrse granted to David Arndt.
1 he application of John D. Schmidt to
keep a coffee house at No. 1411 Market
ctreet, with R. H. Grimm and Henry
Brandfass as securities, was granted.
Ihe applicacation of Charles Beeker to
keep a coffee house at No. 77 Thirty-third
«reef, with Wm. Fasnucht and Henry
Hanke as securities, was granted.
The application of McLaughlin A Mc
Ginley to keep a coffee house at No. 1233
Market street with Patrick M<:Ginley and
Henry Brandfass as securities, was granted
The application of S. C. Moore to keep p
coffee house at No. 1048 Market street,
with Henry Hanke and William Fasnacht
as securities, was granted.
Tbe application of Peter J. Gavin to keep
a ccffte house at No. 2300 Market street,
with S. O. Burdatts and Henry Brand la js
,i8 securities, was granted.
1 l.e application of John G. Kline to keep
a coffee bouse at No. 519 Market street,
with S. 0. Burdatts and Kilian Kress at
securities, was granted.
Wheeling, August 21, 1385.
To Iiis Honor, the Mayor and Council :
Gentlemen—In compliance with an or
dinance entitled, ''an ordinance to keep the
iisbursements of the city of Wheeling with
in the limits of its revenues, (sec. !>). I here
«iih report to your most honorable body the
»mounts extended up to August 21th, 1835,
on bthalf of each department, and on ac
count of contingencies, and the dillereice
between such amounts and the amount
designated in the appropriation ordinance,
is the limit of expenditure for the year in
each depaitment.
Df]xiitn<ent, S/ienl, Ralan't.
*u*l J of I'llblic Work» $31,706 52 « 6,765 9i
I'ire J>«']iariiutDt 12,820 '26 10,037 SI
ilv tn 2,148 89 6,151 11
iliiiir « 1,38« 37 1,0116t
-«.lit» Il,0.i9 76 M40 2j
lty rii>or>..,_. 2,876 33 2,Jr.i I.
832 60 67
.:ml I .Maie 4S4 lo 71"» 9<
l lut*: rj il'j......... 30( 12 696 8S
•'»liriei 4,200 45 3,19a j i
outÎ' grlicil-s 11,48.'» ill ^111,342 50
i'oni|>roniis« l.uau 1,101 75 3,.">98 2'<
l-omi of '71 5,001) 0"
l'iil 1 r HuiUling l.oan 6,7*0 49 k'180 4'.»
I.Oau 1*77 ..„ 6.C60 00 t
Loan "f IS-1 7,1102 ">0 7.i*l2 60
'Autrt Itoaxl 21,">66 56 2i>,939 0
<ia» Work? 44.SHM 08 73,0UU 32
<-* xees.«.
tKxbuiisted. ..
I I,cain call the attention of Council to
• be i^ceesity of amending the apP^P"^
ion ordinance so as to pfovide m^ns for
I he piyment of accounts against the city as
follow»: Assessor. Wharfm(BBte7'n?°uîes
l-Wization and Appear, reluud of taxes
' rhe'crde^on^ac(^om^ of refiîn^ng license
I patted by Council. P. W.Bo-g^
T! e report of rte Cleik was received and
iiltd, and his accompanying communication
I te'tned to the Committee on Hnauce.
Tr,e Committee on Claims reported that
t had examined bills agaiu3t the c.ty as
ollowt: M
AT. Ham Krsklne, legal servU-o* '•» *
\v. luioaway, cojiyiug In Black au«
ity Hank, ior atoilng Iwuks —•
* , sii
Total ,
*] be coromiH-ie recommended that the
bills be paid. .
R'temd tot** Committee on Finance.
The Commit' e on Real Kstate reP°rte<j
bills aggregating Î136. They were ordered
P*The special committee appointed to in
vestipwethe charges preferred by Health
0fin er George I. Garrison against a.
Gulli'-hP, clerk of the Board of Public
vVorks, t* ported t> e result of the exarmna
tion of the plaintiff and defendant, as here
tofore reported in the Register. The report
«as adopted and the committee discharged*
The special Committee on Health, ap
I pointed to investigate the sanitary condi
tion ot the city, submitted a voluminous re
port, which we summarize as follows: first
#ard, in good condition, excep some water
•n cutters; second ward. ?ood condition, ex
cept part ot alley C; Third ward in good
condition except part ot McCulloch street,
Fourth ward, iu good condition, except
creek bank; Fifth ward, in good condition
except part of alley B; Sixth ward, in good
condition, except at Cbapline and I wenty
seventh etreets; Seventh ward in good con
dition. except part of west end of Vi'gjnia
and South Front street«; Eighth ward, in
worst sanitary condition of any in the city,
many gutters needing immediate attention,
and also the line of the B. & 0. railroad.
To the Honorable Council of the City oj
Wheeling :
Gentlemen:—I have the honor to report
to your honorable body that 1 have, with
the consent of ihe Judge of the Municipal
Court leased from the City Prison Jotan
PaMt-rson, Win Smith and Jacob Taylor.
Gambling, that was eo effectually exter
minated by the grand jury, some time ago
has Retain made its appearance and is rap
idly r n the increase. I would ask that the
City Solicitor be iostrue'ed to draft an ordi
nance, iu conformity with the State laws
Tating it the duty of the Judge of the
Municipal Court to order the destruction ot
all gambling property captured by the
^°It haB been customary for the police I
when rbidin- these gambling houses, to re
lease prisoners, receiving money as security,
and at Police Court falsely swearing they
had arrested a man who was not arrested
and the Court sentences a man who is un
known or does not exist. 1 he law accom
plishes nothing, and the city is p'aced in
the humiliating position of making money
ky blackmail.
I bote it will be the pleasure of tb s
honorée bedy to pass an ordinance mak
ing it * T unishm^nt for an officer to koo*
icely return a fa se name at Police Couxt.
• B Jacob W. Gri rb,
Referred to the City Solicitor with in
structions to prepare the ordinance re
Wheeling, Augu- t 25,1885.
To the Mayor and Council:
Gevti.emen—We find it difficult to get
gravel and sand for paving purposes, and
what we do get costs us a great deal. As
* matter ot economy to ta» city, and to
«»fist us in carrying out our improvements,
especially the Chapline street extension, we
der ire your honorable body to pwmit us to
take sand and gravel from the old city hall
o* on Matke street We propose, if per
miesio i is granted, to commence excavating
on the nenbeast corner of said lot, where
we think no possible danger might anse or
occur bo any one. _ ,
B. A, Gallican, Clerk.
TWs brought on a ûiacu«s»on. boute of
i])p waited ♦© »rant the reqnwt
with* rush, but Mr. Shanley called Hfcn
tioH to the tact that the sand was worth
»boot one dollar » load, and thought the
city tu giving »»ay a good deal, aad Mr.
Bearne atked ii the city wai not viitoalij
increasing the alowance of money to the
Board. Mr. Sweeney «aid the sand «ai
worth fifty cent« per load, and a calculation
showed there was aboot $6,000 worth on the
let. iinaüy the matter was deferred un
til the next meeting.
To the Honorable Mayor and Council:
Gentlemen: The Board of Public Works |
respectfully asks your honorable body to |
adopt the folio wing resolution :
Resolved, That the City Clerk be author- I
ized to issue his order upon the receiver to i
pay to Jerry Mjles $120.80 for laying a j
eewer on Ch*pii& street to Fourteenth
street. B. F. Gallig ax,
Concurred in.
A communication was received trom the
Board of Public Works, calling the atten
tiou of Council to the irregular manner in
which Eoff street is laid out between Thirty
Stcond and Thirty-third streets, and offered
tbe following resolutions:
Resolved, That the Hoard of Public
Works be authorized to purchase the prop
erty on tbe northwest corner of Thirty-third
and Eoff street?, for tte purpose of straight
ening the west iine of Eoff street, south of
Thirty-second street, so as to conform to the
line north of Thirty-second street and if
Baid property cannot be purchased tor a
reasonable sum tb&t the Board be author
ized to instruct the City Solicitor to insti
tute proceedings to condemn so
much ot said property as will accomplish
the straightening of said line.
Adopttd, with the understanding that the
Board purchase the lot out of its own fund.
The report of the city Weigher, showing
that fees to tbe amount of $147 36 had been
collected, was read and approved.
Chief Dunning, of tbe Fire Department,
reported that be bad appointed John Peters
to be stoker of the Ùni'ed engine, vice
Edward Ntsgle, resigned. Concurred in.
The Committee on Ordinances reported
an ordinance annulling rule 15 of section 1
of the rules of order, so that the reports of
■be Clerk and Receiver shall come first
after tbe reading of the minutes at each
meeting. Adopted.
Tbe committee also reported an ordi
nance amending section 1 ot the license or
dinär ce, making a reduction ot license for
commission and forwarding merchants from
f 00 to $25. Adopted.
The tommittee al<o reported an ordi
nfince providing for the election of "an em
ploye ol the city to be known as the janitor
and engineer of the City Hall." Adopted.
The committee also submitted an ordi
nance amending rule 21 of section 1 of the
rules governing the Board of Public Works,
in relation to sewers, requiring corporations
or individuals to connect with sewers "ac
cessible" to property, instead of "adjicent"
to such property. Adopted.
1 he Committee also reported an ordi
nance creating a street known as Pike
street, extending from Alley 2 to the Na
ticnal Pike. Adopted.
A communication was received from F.
L. Haldeman, offering to cremate all filth
and dead animals, if the city would give
him a suitable piece of ground for theerec
iion of apparatus and contract with him
;iviig him the exclusive privilege lor five
{ years. Referred to the Committee on
I _____
j;j xr. swceney—
I Wiikreas, ' ho business of the city ia
irately embarrassed by the difficulty of se
I curirg a quorum both at Council and com
»bitte«? meetings; therefore,
Bceclved, That the Committee on Ordi
•mi eta be and ia hereby instructed to in
ijuire into and report the advisability of pay
ir<: members of Council for each attendauce
•it Council and committee meeting«, and
iine iDfmberi«. unless excuned for sufficient
oaufe by Council, for non-attendance at
*vch meetirgs. Adopted.
By Mr. Htarne—
Kfpolved, That a joint special committee
ocofcieting of three members from each
Drancb, be appointed to consider the
ïdvisat>ility of placing the fire and police
( partn.f nts uncer 6 JjJUoard, and what
iction will be neces.«aiy to carry the same
mtoffi'ect. Adopted.
By Mr. Cruse—
Resolved, That the Committee on Real
Estate report at the next session of Council
in what way the old City Building may be
most advantBgeously disposed of. Adopted.
By Mr. Gilleland—
Resolved. That smoking be prohibited in
In tt e balls of the Public Building during
-«saiocs of Council. Adopted.
Adj urned.
First Rraticli.
This Branch assembled at 7:45 o'clock,
His Honor the Mayor in the chair and the
tollowing members present: Messrs Bin
ee'l, Caldwell, Comerford, D. bbina, Farrell.
Gavio, Bailer, Happy, Hoffman, Myles,
Schultze and Wingerter—13.
The minutes of the last two meetings
were read.
The bicycle ordinance was taken up as it
came from the Second Branch, read and
The ordinance amending rule 15 of Sec
tion 1 of the rules of order, was adopted
The ordinance reducing the license tax
on commission merchants from |50 to $25,
» as adopted.
The report of the City Clerk was read,
and the action of the Second Branch con
curred in.
The applications for coffee houee license?,
handed in from the Second Branch, were
The repoit of the epecial committee ap
pointed to investigate the charges against
Clerk B. A Ga!l:gr»n, was read, and adopt
ed and V e committee discharged.
The report of the Commutée on Real
Estate wps adopted.
The action of the Second Branch in th*»
matter of stra'gh'ening Koff street, was
concurred in.
The action of the SecoDd Branch in the
matter of the payment of the bill of Jerry
Myles for work done on Bewer, was concur
red in.
Some ether unimportant business was
transacted and then this Branch adjourned.
L S. Goon A Co. sell dry goods the cheapest
Baltimore and Ohio.
Cheap excursion to Pittsburg every San
fay. Round trip only $150. Special fak*
Tain leaves at 4:40 a m., city time.
A RB O w V-TH.
TUlli«,Umi, Orui«, ttt^kmCtkM,
irnlly at* the fruit fr«Bwkl
Minm •* TM« /
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chioaco, III. Loul«. Mo.
Dr. PrlM'ftJftuffl Baking Powdir
Lupulin Yeast Gens,
»a ■» *«■* .
CNialHloMrlUbi.iUM • Warm B«pljr
to tbe CibhwIwMwi ta TMtwdafi
f* ike Editor of He Rttiäer:
Sib: In the communication of Mr. P.'B.
Dobbin*, in which he nji I had made an
erroneoos statement, that th« cost of fl50,
000 ia absurd, I think the gentleman it off
in common sens*. We ail know this: If
tbe county should purchase the buildiog
tfcat tbe $160,000 in mj statement will not
be sufficient to build the jail and i*baild the
Capitol bnilding, and if the Commissioners
will buy tight dollar ckaira, carpets, etc.,
then ten thousand dollara will
cot be sufficient. I have
done nothing more than told the troth to
the tax payers. fie says the former com
mittee ot tbe Boerd of Commissioners, ac
cepted tbe cffer from the committee of
Council. As a member of the 4»mmittee
on the commissioners' side I will say it was
not accepted and cannot be accepted,as the
Court Bouse can only be sold. The gen
tit men fays further that some members of
tbe Board of Commissioners have expressed
themselves favorably to the building of a
new Court House I know nothing of this
and cannot believe it unless the
gentlemen brings the proof. The
gentlemanlurther says I have misconcieved
my duties as commissioner of Washington
District and as chairman of the committee
ot tbe Board of Commissioners. This is a
falsehood. As chairman ot the committee
1 ibiLk it is my duty to inform the tax
pajers what is going on. I do not think
the commissioner»are justified i i taidiing a
debt upon the people without their consent,
and sfitrwards asking for authority fora
loan to pay that debt I am sorry, after
reading my communication of the 24th
instant, that the gentleman hits so small
a brain as to misrepresent
me in bis communication of the 25th inst.
The gentleman proceeds at the end of his ar
ticle to assert four-fifths ofjthe people of my
district are lavorable to the joint occupancy
of the Capitol building, and if this joint oc
cupancy is not consummated during my
present term as Commissioner my successor
»ill likely vote for it. I don't think the
gentleman is entitled to sneak for the peo
ple ot my district. I shall conscientiously
represent them in public matters as I have
always dont*. The threat as to my not bid
ing re-elected I burl back at the gentleman
with tbe scorn it deserves. M. Stikx.
l.ocmi up od the Face of tlie Long G'a-ta
Things yesterday took on a more en
coursgirg shape for the glass workers of
this section. President Smith of the As
sociation, came down to Bellaire yesterday
morning and immediately went into con
ference with a committee of manufac
turers, and the whole day wua epnnt
in drawing up a paper, presum
ably an article of agreement between
tbe manufacturers and men When the
conference &< joumed last night the docu
ment had Dot been completed, but it was
understood that as far as the ground had
been gone over the result was perfectly sat
isfactory to both »ides. Tbe work will be
r< commenced this morning and all the
jlaps workers are confident that a solution
of the difficulty has oeen reached and that
the long, cheerless strike will at last come *o
un ei.d. Everybody will no doubt look
at xicnsly forward to what the day will
bring forth, and it looks as if tho evening
*ill be one of rejoicing.
. New l ight ou KheutuatUm.
*1 had been completely disabled from
rheumatism. I used Parker s Tonic for
kidney disease, when to try astonishment
ihe rheumatism completely disappeared."
SowritfsMrs Henry Hogort. of So 454
Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kheu
matism arises from tbe failure of the kid
neys to eeparate the uric acid from tbe
Only *5.00 via. 11. «V O,
To Cincinnati and return Friday, August
28 Tickets good until August 31. Through
train without change,leaving 11:15 a. m and
10:25 D m.. city time.
-S* -
kn«wB tofaii. Iiiwlil hy nr/l»W
haauaadft 91.60 a batik. BoMtymeetdruaia*.
ctired to-day. Beit coflke in the market Far T
■tie at
a Vs. BBBZiaiNS,\
2317 MABZET 8TKEKT. | |
And at bit South Branch i4 ra, SCOl Jacobatn«L
au2ts I
au'.9 M*rkot St., Opp. MtLart Bono*.
loo Oroam
Uaa bm need by the beat famlllaa In Wheel Ii« la» 1
ovar twenty-one yean. ]ylt p
Administrator's Sale. J
iratcr with will annexed of fhaa. K. Bulger
c ice*'»d. I vtll offer tor aale on the prrmtaaa, Mo
UU Market itraet, (Beck'a Rtotk) at public auction,
cn MdM'AV, AK.l'eT ». IW, at 1 o cl- rk p.
in., one lot sfcelvüg, ota Couater, lour Tobocot
lablea ota I'ompey. ana bui*aldo Btove, ona loi of
Wir* Bc>Opn*, one Office Dtek; alao, the leataof the
•tore i(ca until Aprin. lMfi. 1 ermi of aale, eaah.
All |aMHhavingPM agalntt the eataie vtll
p care prea« lit th«m to the underatcned property
autheatlca-td. A. C. E'itR I KB,
au.'4h A dmlnlatrator of C. E. Bulger.
Special Notice.
rrctcd to «et Hon .48 of tha oiil;nan<e on of
leixe», which la a. fol Iowa :
SBC. to. It «hall be unlawful for any peraon to
I brow the water, .lop or oflal from hi'' or h « houw I
or kitrht n Into c r up«* any (treet, alley, public
•quare or landing of thU city. or permit or aulfer 0
tie unie to be done by any peraon to ht» or bar
eoiulo) meet, or beloaglng to hia or her fauilly ; n>»
•hall nay peraon »ufteror permit the waato water |
from hi.« or her hou«e or kitchen to run or tl >w Into >
or ui-on anr ttreet. (Hey. public »luareor lauding *
• hen th«re tre .»wer« on iueh «tie ta. aileya. pub
lie vjuaree or landing« accrenlble to (urh h >uae
IL» One provided tor violation« of th « aerion la |
no 1er* il an |1 nor more than 9M» and the ooau of
/II prnou« who have not corne, ted with aoce»
rll.'e »< wer» a. ordained In the above »action are.
hereby rctitied to do ao at one»-. Failure to oom-jll
ply er a dl.tmltion to do •<> will re»u't lw(
rro rctnlnu. and ault« mar he brought dally to c JE.
ice a compliance. '1 he validity of the above t (r4
tli u las ie. n rrcxntly tired and fully e.tabll«hc »)(
uKO. 1. ti AKRIfJON,
au"ta Wealth Officer.
vT con dl If on every family ahoultl u«e a Filter. '
We hare on hand both the Jew« tt and Kedzle, both "
of which are good. J
Goo. W. JoIiiinou'm Nodm, 1
an7 1210 MAIN STBEKT. j
Sucond-Hand Pianos and Organs
01 celebrated make«, tt low prlcaa and oa aaiy
forma, at ^
ma3 Twelfth Ht. under Academy of Mo.te. I
Cummer Hoarder« ««cured, or a good place to
dumilivr l>oard, can be found by advarUiing In
Tun Rauiai kb.
Cut this Out&£&<;
«ai, i wnnar haiaf SS&fftÜ \
will bring yon 1b Hull Monk v. la Ooe J
Month, than an* thing alaa in Awartra. Abeoluu j
eertataty. Moot ao capital. IL Toung, i7t ttrm o* fl
wich «treet, Maw Vom; j
ff KU In Um Patent 0»oa; «taaa, ATTOBMa 7
«E. F. u tm.
Geo. R.
10AKLY ! .
J*»****«»»*»**** *«♦«*#♦»**
ADES & 1

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