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Absolutely Pure.
Tkts po*J*r n«T»r Tari «a. A marrai ol
parity, «Uaogth aaJ who)«— nrniw. More
liwoiial than tha or dinar 7 hlnJa, and
cum* baaaM la compétition «Ith th« mul
titude of MM, «hart watght klam or
pfca^fcala powdan.
«old mlj la oana. KO TAX. BAKMTO
POW DA* CO., New York.
Burgeon Dentist,
That the People of Wheeling and
Vicinity Can Tell a Good Thing
When they see it.
They cad tell a Bargain at a glance, and
«• are gratified to see this. We like to
■ell good« to people who are posted and «bo
can appreciate a Bargain. We have had
(tince the last few weeks.) quite a ruab
À critical inspection will convince th«*
most skeptical that oar store is and always
has been for over twenty years tbe
This season especially w« |have made a bi*
hit in oar purchase.-«. We are confident y.u
can mpply yonrsclf so comfortably, so dur
ably and yet so cheaply yoa will be satisfied.
(ImLh, fchrtwN. KlMDkrK Com*
tort.«. Skirt». I utlerwcar, \ ni-u*,
Kall fciowK
Sills, Velvets, LaJiis' Cloth.
DRE«* «;OOD4. Ac.
Com« ard be conrinced of the absolute
trnthfulntss of oar assertions.
1104 Main Street.
H 33 "ST
Never Will Know!
Î00D & CO,'3
- . !*•■« people 'W know, for tbey ,lon't try t>
. _ . «»d out, and m long *.< they continu« ta buy •: the
the SUIta. «tor«*. re».t «ad h» n *«• thetr tiamtni; ad** it« -
what these f *°°k umdJ, lb y «til uerer kao*
govina, and Russia
Bulgaria and Roan:
Urr^T^ .he.tr »»»» » ""I "t
Ir the Chief Mxatiatomt laia»(t«ktf
vestigating '
Coaip^f our pre » «its ««kfd by »!1 other
uoni fur miu« >|ULIU a' ;<vxi*. If we don't <1T*
bkii fcK >»ou. s Fur i.&ss monev ia«a iu
tbt fOOC I
it u to the l|i>Mt of mit «ko »iah t« buy <>xkU
al Wttoa pr: .«• to v!Mt
1181 Main St.
50 and 75 Cents Per Pound.
•oweihtng Kit-« Try Tbea,»t
MoMBon EN'S.
Wt>«icir September prtf 11« *n>i «1 m «>T.
IBIpeimg äfrtjisifr,
The Weather
Following is the thermometer record
as obserred by C. Schnepf the Mar
hot meet drugs.s; 7 a. m., 60, 12 m. 74;
3 p, in., 81; 7 p.m., 71 The sunrises
dus morning at 5 4^ and sets at 5:S7 this
•mning, makir* the da js length 12 0>.
W*»th»r ln<Vc»lton».
WAimnrr.TOX, D. C. September 22.—For
ths Ohio Valley and Tenn«eee, ^en^ral'y
fair weather, except in the extreme north
western portion, local raiD*. variable wind«,
stationary followed by lower tec per* tu re
For.Lower 1-akf Region occasioned rains
sonthwe« to Bierth west winds, higher fol
lowed by lower temperature

nmx «« .>»w Aiit«mM«»au
ForMr -BvUdins i-0T ac rhirtteoth Sjpk».
CkMp Hoc.» tor .>*!•—C V. f*i ha>- 1er A Ca
C tum :« VV*r»— kv.it« Kr«.
K«r ?<•>•—A »iu«: '« him.
Rnl («Ute Ager»— C A N?h«. r*»r A
*t«rn*u>r. r*4i Kn^hts— t«. <taAUliog 1 v.o.
Tim«1 l»nl ■ ohM • fclnl iUilmad.
ikkruitn abu t uwnti l>; rector#--»..
â C*.
Kxcebwr Hià.»v Povdvr— L fl i.Ui.
tiop Te*»—n» - !4 « t'ig
ÄddiiioMi Locüi om Pirat Fi+çt.
Arf IE the pakür ajr«iavl
Ik yjf •testa »h« rlittni I* wll |m4n tor
Rlif wwklj KfMMtm IVjare
k2fUapMtfr* j UOK W . 4.KI HR.
RATE» TE* UTS tear».
fifty «TmInk M »lew tar |LSf,
iTthA • ksv« MV m »hitii aar Fall |
A <%4 CklMr^tita^stotk «I WmIcm,^
*wi DmU« Mm #f Mi|Bp,
Mm ui ri^oo4* mm* »rerrwittap,
jm* . »,
**Tfc® ) »Df t
L S Goop Jt Co. ie)1 dry goods the cheap^t j » 3|
Tl» Qpara On* of Gittert and Sulll
vaa'a Happiaat Hits.
Its Presentation, Lut Evening, Affords
Over Two Hour* of Enjoyment
to a Large Audience.
There can be no doubt that in the libretto
of 'The Mikado'" Mr. Gilbert ha* surpassed
»11 hi* pre vi ou* effort* at satire and bur
toque, and it ia equally certain that in set
ting it to mosic Sir Arthur Sullivan ha*
recognized hi* opportunity and made the
moat of it The reeult of their combined
genina haa been an opera which, while em
bodying many of the characteriatica of "The
Pirate«," and "Iolantbe," still ia totally
unlike any otber of their previoua sue ceases,
and ia certainly more enjoyable than any
thing which baa heretofore been presented
to a gmtefnl public in their name. True
the muaic of "The Mikado" does not abound
in these
which distinguished "Pinafore' or "The
Pirates," but it is no lees pleasing and
etnovaMe on that account, and the produc
tion ha*jumped into popular lavor in away
which bids fair to make glad the hearts of
proprietors and managers alike.
Last evening's audience gathereo at the
Opera Iloase with some misgivings. The
company to which had fallen the pleasing
duty ot first presenting the opera to the
Wheeling public had, tor some reason or
other, been prejudged in a manner reflect
ing anything but credit upon it* member*,
and the general expectation wa* that what
might be a meritorious production would be
in<nflerently sung. In this the audience
was, to use a popular but incorrect phrase
"agreeably di*appointed." After the open
ing choru* these prejent began to realize
that much amusement and satisfaction
awaited them, and from that time forth en
joyment reigned supreme.
is simple. The Mikadc of .Japan has ap
pointed Ko-Ko l.ord High Executioner 01
the Towu of Titipu, aud Poo Bah Lord
High Constable, Chancellor of the tlx
chequer, Attorney General, Keeper of th»
Reils Public Prosecutor, and so on through
a long list of other offices. Ko Ko has three
wards, Yum Yum, Pitti-Sung and Pts^Po
Narki Poo, the son of the Mikado, has tlec
from court rather than marry Katisha, am
disguised as a wandoring minstrel he visit*
Titipu and fails in love with Yum Y'um, wh>
is also beloved by K>Ko. This latter ha
preeeed his suit and has just succeeded in
having the weddin? day bxed when Nanki
Fco appear« in the village. The preeenc«
of the two lovers ta u ally cre»tes8otm
tfcirgcfa iLrrj, wiich is ad el to in n>
»mall digree by the arrivai of a messende!
from the Mikado wiih aa order tba- unies
the Kxecutioner, who has neglected hU
duties of late beheads some osa within *
month his office is to be abolished and th
citv relegated to the rank of a village
tur'trkmbuxg official
is readicg this irder, Nanki Poo and Poo
Bah approach and Ko Ko appeals t
räch in turn to sacrifice themselves that hi
cri.ce and the dignity ot the city ma
be preserved, and they in turn urge K >• K
to execute himself. The ma ter is final!
settled by Nauki Poo agreeing to offer hi
Leek to the sword in consideration of b*in;.
allowed to wed Yum-Yum and living with
ber thirty days. This arrangement is satis
factory to all concerned aud all goej wel
until Poo Bah m his capscity of Lord Cûie
Justice, makes the interesting discovery tha
according to law, when a married man i.
beheadttl his wile is buried alive iu hi>
£rave. This produce« consternation
once more, and as the bride object
very decidedly to such a ' stuffy death, th
match it off. After puz/.Kog over the ma
ter awhile, hewever, Ko Ko wants to kuo*
why it «on t do to tell the Mikado X<tnk<
Pto bas oeeu billed when he is really aim.
ai d suggests that Poo Buh draw up an affi
davit setting forih that an executioq ha
taken y lace, ai d attest the document with
ail of bis dc-zen or more official signature;
Poo Bah ttmi to do this
art? the lever is killed on paper in le.ra'
term. About this time Katisha appears o:
the scene and a very stormy scene ensue
between her at d her lover, which en is i>
his rejection ot her proffered love and h->
threats of dire vengeance. The first ac
closes with a love scene between Y'um Yun
at d Kanki Poo. in which an unlawful dit
»alien is very successfully carried oa.
In the secocd act the principal event i
the appesirarce (f the Mikado, who come
with his sui e to Titipn to see if his decre
orderiiyjan cxecction, has been carried oat.
He is presented with the document dra*i
up and attested by Poo Bah, and is muci.
o m.vo a: tie diligenceof his officials. Bu
Kattfba sprears and tell« the horrid«.
*i sdo that Kc-Ko. aided and abetted b?
Po-B*h. ano \um-Y'um, has lopped off th<
h- nd ot 1 is fon. The Mikado sees that a
NariiPcowa? disguised as a musieiai
K} couid cot have known who he w*s
btt cvertbe'eas the law set forth that who
ever should cause the deaih ot a member
of the royal family *bauli be boiled in oil
and be tells them the s atate-s will have t
be enforced. Im# ra;se» another row, H
npbr»id each other, bat finally a^tw, a*
tbe ci'y way of the mess, that K>Ko sail
TTmtv the disapr>poiuted Ka'isba, and then
havener intercede tor the other two. Tûis i
brought »boat in due course of time, a-ni
much tun, and the act ends with everojd
m a happy trame of m.nd.
In the trat act cne of the partieukrl
bryht bits is Ko-Ko « solo, "I ve pot a Littl
Ijst," in which he has set down a lon^e lin
et people who ' never will be xissed. Mr
Newboroujh, »ho took this role last nijh
was encored twice, and was gre-'ed wi'"
creat applause on concluding. Anothe
song which "took ' with the andiaace wa
the doo between Y urn-Yum and Xanki-Foo
in which tbev poured forth their disapprovtl
of the anti-tiirting law in a very laugh* )!
way. many kiss*« being mingled with thei
'assentations. They were recalled sev
eral time« by ths audienct
The eecond act has a ver"
♦ t?ecti*e qaartette between Pish-Tush, Yutr
Yi m. NansiPoo and Pitn-Sunsr. and to'.
Jcwirg came the laughable trio. "A Prêt'«
State of Thirç*. À quartette. The Flo'
*rs that Bloom in the Spring. " succeed
il ia effetir.g opportunity for fine work Th'
fits was encored as also Ko-Ko'« *.v
Tom tit sat on a Willow Tree Bough
*b»le hearty app'acse and laughter was a'
b est continually drawn irom the andiene
by I he many happy hits and ludicrous site
ations of the opera.
Pcricj the prepress of the second *
Miss Gertie Maddig&n, who took the role o"
PittiSurg. received a hand<ome Ax*
The Aihambra Palace rink will be ope.t
afternoons ard etenings this week.
There will be music Tuesday, Friday an 1
Saturday evening«.
Ad Tic* to Mother»,
Mr*. Winsiow's Sooming Syrup for ch't
dres teething, is the prescription of oue ci
the beet female nurses and physicians in tfe*
luted States, and hue been used for tor*
years with never tailing «nooses by ac
tions of moihen for their children. Du
ing the Dpocess of teething its value is û
calculable. h reheves the child from pair
curve dyseuteij and diarrhœa, griping it
the bowels, and wind colic. By giving
Health to the child it rests the mother
Prios 15c a bottk. .
~alb I over
Wrsn orderijMcriutioo ot one of
Conen to-night
Tbk» deeds of trust were Admitted to rec
ord yesterday.
Yesteedat somewhat resembled an In
dian summer daj.
The were quite a number of wild docks
in the river yesterday.
A lAnns extra force of men were pot on
at the new iras tank yesterday.
Alice Walton Comedy Company at
Cbarley Shay's Academy ot Music to-night.
Faci.kexstïix, ot McKeesport, and Jesse
Borkett, of this city, will skate a race at the
Chapline Street Rink next Saturday night.
A delegation of Pittsburgben and Mc
K»«porters will be down to witness Fridaj
stid Saturday's games between the Globes
and McKeesport nines.
A WAGOX loaded with coal broke a wheel
yesteiday afternoon while passing up Chan
line street, just above J<a Btlle avenue. Ii
was unloaded and removed last evening.
Residents of East Wheeling complain
that Jscob street was blocaaded for nearly
an hour Saturday evening by a B. 4 Ü
Mr Joh.v Thomas and Miss Ada Bran
con, of the North End, took a boggy-rid*
to West Alexander on Sunday, aud whilt
there dropped into see Squire Mayes. The)
returned as one.
Bexüy Kammer, who was employed ir
the Register press room, died last night a*
his heme from typhoid fever. He was be
tween fifteen and sixteen years old, and wat
quite a bright and energetic lad.
Je se BfRkkTT, of this city, won the dia
mond pin. in a great race in the Mammoth
rink, Pittsburgh, Pa., last Friday nifcht
Borkett skated against three competitors in
a mile dash and won with ease.
In another column will be found an ad
vertiiement announcing that Mr. Robert
Crangle desires to sell his fine farm in B il
molt county. Oh o wh ch lies below Bel
laire. It contains 240 acres of eleguit
(arming land, besides having many advan
A large audience greeted the Alice Wal
ton comedy company and the Martinetts at
Charley Sbay's Academy ot Music, aud
judging from the continual laughter anc
applaute, the company certainly presentee
an amusiog entertainment. See them anc
have a _rood langb.
A sct'tAi. session was tendered by th>
Wheeling lodge B. P 0. lvks on Sunday
to Harry S. Sanderson, Exalted Granc
Buler ot the order, aud on Sunday evening
a number of the Wheeling Elks accompan
ied him to Pittsburgh where he was tenderer
a royal recepiion that night.
A <;rasd musical entertainment will bt
given in the Fulton M. E Church to-mor
row evening, for the benefit of the churcb
repair fund. Refreshments will be ot
hand, and an enjoyable evenini? will be
i« u by tlœe attending. Mr F. W. Baum
er *iil uri is a p ano for the occasion.
I't.cK Joe Kramer and his band arrivée
it me last evening on the Andes from Whit«
•ni't-hur, »here they spent a pleasant sum
ner snd mace it pleasant for the viiitors bj
t < ir s*eet music. 1 he Professor and hü
>c.\* weTe welcomed buck home heartily by
a number of lriends who went to the whari
to meet them, and they were escorted home
The large columns and girders to sup
port the new gas tank being erected at th*
city works will be raised this morning under
the supervision of Mr. Jesse J. Morris of Pitts
burg. A rather novel feature connect-ed with
this work will be the introduction of a crew of
Greek sailors. Mr. Morns brought the sail
ors from Greece for the special purpose of
doing his climbing and adjusting the rig
ging; and he says that their agility and
reckless daring at lofty heights is something
wonderful to witness. The columns are 70
fee-t high and w eigh ï J tons each.
Go atd »ee Stacy. Adams & Co.'s Men'b
ficent hand made shoes, latest styles, at
J. W. Amk'ü's,
1143 Main St.
Hovementa of W&eeltngttfts, and th* Com
tos and Go lu* of Stranger«.
H. M. Brilles, of St Clairsville. spent
Sunday in the city.
Sco't Listen, of tbe Island, is quite il
*i'.h his disabled limb.
Harry C. Holliday. of Steuden vi lie, 0., i
h? guest of friends in the city.
Mr. Jchn Fenwick and wife, of Kentucky
•»re the guests of Mr. Jack Wilson, of Shor
Mr. C. A SchaetFer, we are glad to note
is out again aller six a weeks siege of lick
J R Cowden is acting Clerk of the Mu
ricijal Court pro tem., in the absence 01
C.'efrk Darrsh.
H. W. Callender, business manager o<
"The Willow Copse Company," was in thi
city yesterday.
George Pearce, a well known young mar
of SttubenviUe, speut several days in th
city, returning yesterday.
Mr Abe Wilson and daughter, Mia>
•^rah, who have been visiting friends ii
! tflain«vi)le, 1'»., returned home after a p'e±>
diit visit.
Atthor.y Dunle»y, Frank Bf>rry, Charle
I ftiplty. city ; James FinJley, oi Marûn'i
f'trry, Charles Kuckuck, of Burlington 0
I *nd Fraik Heller, of Fulton, entered th
Wheeling Business College yesterday.
, Mr. and Mrs. Fendenberg are the çnest
: of Mr Henry Seibert, at Pleasant Val!«y
, who is & brother to Mrs. Fendenberg. Th
couple drove all the way from Pittsburg ii
a buggy, and made a pleasant trip of on*
day and a ha'f.
Mrs. Wm. Leighton, Jr., of South Chap
lite street, will leave to day for Chicago. ac
I cotrpar.ied by her daughter, Miss Mamie
who ltavea to take a course in vocal in
struction. her »on George, who returns to
Harvard, and Miss Flanders, who has beer
their guest tor tome time past.
. Two Interesting On trie» to Come Off Th).
T*o vfry interesting games o! base ba
i will played on the new Fair Grounds nex
Friday and Saturday afternoons between th
I Globe*, ot Bellaire, and the McKeespor j
! club. In both ->f these games the Gbbe
will pr* sent an entirely new battery, and
in addition, all the weak spots in the nin
will be generally strengthened and the pub
île are assured that it will not be com
ptlltd to winess another Waterloo lik<
'bat of last Saturday Jones, formerly o* :
the .Allegheny s, will pitch tor the Mekees
j porters in Friday's game, and Smith, who
j pitched <or the Bells in last Saturday's
game will t»i 1 the ball Saturday. M lier
»ho pl*yed tftcocd base for the Bells, will
play at short tor the McK«esport nine ami
I oo a little slugging to tickle the grani
j stand.
tV.* ■ .« . *
A cc'd in :be Head cairns much discam
! tort sad annoyance and if of frequent
recurrence ot:en produce« serious result#.
The membrane of the nutl passages hf
i ccmes indamed and »topped op, an acri i
»i d poisonous virus is termed, Borr« forai
■ ic the h tad. dealntss, headache and roaring
! in the car« ensue and the sufferer finillv
dit rovers that he ha? the Catarrh. Thi.
! !o*' hsome cisease is by many considered
I jBv-nrable but new fails to yield to thi
power u ®y > Cream Balm. This is an
article oi ULûC^^ed merit, not a liquio JO*
.«tuff but a pleasant *od eflicacioas rem ed.
•hieb a child can ose. ït ù applied int >
1 the nostrils where it is absorbed. It opera
I >he passages, allays inflammation, beals all
1 sorea cleanses and soothes the membranal
I Kmrgs ar-i restores the sense of taste and
«■C.U, It give« instant relief; and a
a, and ah treatment will certainly care
r cures UK at druggist« or by maiL
an teed to , Dtnggis'i, Owega N. Y. j
ïftaâL >—»<»«*«.
* _?_£ally inrited to attend oar
kthsion to St Clawning of Pattern Hats
eland, Lorain & WheAuraday aad Friday,
er stone laying of the Be>w
«^House, Tueeday, Septembers**'***. #1 JI
leave Bridgeport at 8:25 and 9:l0/qfgh»
~ g tine. Fare tor round tri/
j in' if HMtjtri ,r..
DM From KU Iojarie*.
William Huey, Um min« boat at the Ben
wood mise, who waa ao seriously burned by
ike tzploaion on Friday morning, died yes
terday morning at 8 o'clock, nia injuria«
being lererer than at first suspected.
Mm tine ot Hailfeeders.
AU the factory oommitteea of Independ
f nt Order of Nail feeder a No. 5, of the Ohio
Valley, are reoueated to meet at the corner
of Market and Twenty-third rtree*, Gavin's
place, at 2 o'c'ock this afternoon. Â full
61tendance is desired, as important business
will be transacted.
Outon a Strife j.
Yesterday at noon the men employed by
Mr. Campbell, the brick contractor, went
on a strike The pavere, who received $2 25
per day, demanded $2 50, and the laborers
who received $1.25 ask for 91-50, which
amounts they claim the city paya its men
for the same work. They aay they will
allow co men to take their plaoea at the old
Patenta loaned.
Howard Bros., patent solicitor*, 1,207
Main street, this city, report the following
patents p ranted to Weet Virginians in the
second week in September:
Charles H. Fry, Wheeling, W. Va , caps
for fruit jars.
Selby C. Berry, Wiltiamstown, W. Va.,
stuffing box for steam engines.
Transfer of Real Estate.
The following transferof real estate was
left for record at Clerk Hook's office yester
?>eed made September 17, 1885, by Ida
M. Launder to Britton Falloure for a nor
tion ot lot No. 229, on the corner of Six
teenth and Jacob streets. Consideration,
Circuit Court.
. There was no business transacted in Pari
One yesterday beyond the continuing of the
cases of P. C. Wilson vs. Singer Manure
turing Company, J. J Cooper vs. Bridget
Cooper and Mary A. Finnerty vs. Percilla
In Part Two the case of Meyers vs. Ma •
shall, Van Fossen k Co. is still on trial.
Kerious Accident.
Mr. Hngh Barth, a well known merch&n'
from Wellsburg, W. Va., while passing fron
the rear of Jos. Spiedel & Co. s store, yes
terdav, had the misfortune to make a mis
fctep which precipitated him down the ele
vator shaft to the cellar tloor, dislocating
his left thigh. After the injury had beet
remeôif J the gentleman was conveyed t(
'he Abner O'Neal on which he returnee
Labor Not«».
A well authenticated rumor was picke:
up on the streets last night that forty-twi
heaters and roller« bad come down fron
McKeesport to Martin s Ferry on the even
ing train and gotten ou* at the Laughlii
mill where quarters had been provided foi i
them. It is also learned that twenty-fivi
extra policemen have been sworn into watet
the mills.
It is understood that the Brilliant nai
works will convert the pig on hand intc
mock iron.
The Brilliant glass works will start up
this week, it is understood.
Skipped Ills Creditors.
A bout o o'clock yesterday morning Night
watchman Stephen Crawford notified Mar
tin Thcrnton that the Italian Gennetti,
who occupied his building on Market street,
above Twelfth, was taking out his goods
nr.d evidently intended to beat him out of
the rent. Martin made an investigation
and found that Gennetti had almost cleaned
•he rcom of its contents, part of which
Were stored over the Italian's next th*
Opera House. Mr. Thornton got out an
attachment for what stuff could be seized
but informed one ol the Italians that he
would compromise with a month's rent
which was refused, as Gennetti had skipped
out. Th s makes the the third Italian whe
tias kfpt in the same place, each one hav
ipg sold out to another to keep their cred
iters out in the cold.
C. I. s. c.
The "Chautauqua Circle ' of this city
now entering on its sixth year, will meetfoi
reorganization, election ot officers, etc., ot
Tuesday evening, September 22d, at 7:3('
oVt^k in the Y. M. C. A. parfor. We fee
fully justified in saying that those who have
attended regularly the meetings of this "Cir
de," have found them an unalloyed delight
The Lrmer members, as well as any wht
would like to j. in the "Circle," are mos
cordially invited to attend this meeting
The course of study is varied and entertain
ing, as well as instructive. The books an
remarkably cheap. The expense of th*
course is very little and can be made les.
by judicious management. Persons cat
begin the C. L. S. C. course of reading an
titre, as it is not a progressive one, and is s
arranged that all are reading the sam
bcolsat the same time.
We extei d a cordial invitation to every
bcoy to attend this meeting.
Are I >r m or rat* DlnrrpntahV?
7 f V Editor qf ihr Rr$\sttr.
Sir:—I fitd the following in this morr
icg's It telligencer, under the head of Th
Burns Matttr:"
"Those men who, though Democrats, an
'eputable citizens, desire the good o'
the ccmmunity and the efficiency of th»
citj's paid police, and approved th* publ •
cation, ard many of them took the tron
Ke to so inform persons connecetd with the
paper." .
The writer of the above sentence evident
ty itteni'ed a direct insult to a majority 01
the people ot Wheeling when he inserted i'
in bic columns. The idea sought to be con
veyed bevond a doubt is that a Democrat.
generally speaking, is a disreputable person
but that the tew who are aeeeat approvt
tie course purseed by the Intelligencer
For ore, I resent this fling at our people
•td hereby call the attention of Democrats
iO the remark. Democrat.
Polie» Pickups.
In tfce Police Court yestejday morning
CWdlÎs Gordner, for carrying concealed
wrftpccs. gov ard coats. In default o'.
oajmftt te wfnt up for thirty davs Cbaa
ÏYy, for disorderly conduct on tte Island
got $10 and cesta and committed for thirt\
d»ja in dtfault of payment Geo. Holtz
claw, plain drunk, $1 and coits; paid. F,rec
Apple, tor afsaulting a news piper man, ^o'
$10 and costs. Adam Coleman, plain drunk
get tbe usual dollar. George Rafiner, fo'
-Liuf-itg eight soil illegally, got $10 and
coat a. Butler Collins got $1 for loitering
on the sidewalk.
Yesterday afternoon George Eoglehart, a
rr»idtnt of Slacktown, became quite ob
strtpfroua in tbe North End, and expressed
a determination to clean out that end of
town. Officer Desmond took George in
charge. when tfcat individual resented, and
pull* d a paling off a fence and atteapted to
strike tbe cfficer with it Notwithstanding
his restlesane«, however, George was landed
in the cooler.
An old gray haired man who had indulged
in too much booze, laid down in front of
Shirk's drug store, early this morning and
an t£cer was nnable to awaken him. H
was at last Aken to the lock np in a wheel
barrow by officer Croughan.
Mfssrs M c L* re hi. ix k M cG inky are
receiving another invoice of the taaoos
Sheboygan water from Sheboygaa, Wis
This is the greatest water that has yet been
discovered to make oee frei bright and five
him good health. Call at their pUce and
try it
Tbk Alhatcbra Palace rink Vnll he «pen
afternoons and ifmùmj&m çoflt
~X*a returning
1 vigor, ha iw
i tnt?;.upt«d
A Bridgeport Family Surprised by !
~ I
The Ceremonies of To-Day at St. Claire
ville—The Glass Workers—Arri
val of New Men at the
Laughlin Mill.
Yesterday tu the twentieth anniversary
of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan
Brows. It was also the eighteenth birth- |
day of their beautiful and accomplished
daughter, Misa Annie. In view of these
fact» their many friends in Bridgeport con
cluded to give them
the success of which was something beyond j
expectation. In the evening Mr. Joe i
Baggs invited the family to his residence for ,
supper, which invitation they gratefully ac
cepted, supposing it to be the entire even- <
ing's programme.
While the Brown family were at supper at
Mr. Baggs', the friends who had congregated I
at the residence of Mr. A. J. Baggs
invaded their home, taking with them
a large amount of eatable« and all other
things necessary for the enjoyment of a fine
supper and an evening a pleasant entertain
and the doors and windows locked, just as
Mr. Brown had left them, and when the
family came home and found their house
filled with company, the surprise was com
plete and they were all dumfounded, but
won recovered when one of the visitors rose
aid explained their presence. After con
gratalationa a very pleasant evening was
spent by the guests and host and hostesses,
who might properly be termed quests also.
The case of Isaac Russell vs. David Gar
rison was settled by arbitration yesterday,
Archie McCiarin and Joseph Ingram acting
as arbitrators.
There was a large turn out of colored peo
pie at the Mammoth rink last night.
Mrs. Will Hanlon has returned from a
visit in the interior of the State.
Mr. and Mrs. K Boremau are the guest6
of R. J. Alexander.
Bobfit Peters, a colored it an died jester
day afternoon.
Rev. Geo. Vibbert, of Boston, spoke yes
terday afternoon in the City Hall, on the
Third Parly. Mr. Vibbert is a pood, plain
speaker, and held his audience in the closest
attention until the close of his talk.
It was reported about town yesterday
that Rev. R. G. Wallace had informed hie
congregation last Sunday that he was going
to vote lor Dr. Leonard. Mr. Wallace ha.«
heretofore acted with the Republican party.
Others of his congregation will follow, and
the prohibitionists are feeling good.
The M. E. Church Conference at Barnes
ville closed yesterday.
The comer stone of the new Court House
at St Clairsville will be laid to day with im
posing ceremonies. A large crowd will go
out from here. Both railroads charge 60
cents for the round trip.
Lincoln Houston was in Belmont and re
turned home safe.
Judge J. H. Gaston has returned to St.
Clairsville. alter a visit with friends here for
several days. I
Isaac Pickett's child was hurt by a buggy
but is getting along nicely.
The camp meeting of Rev. hlijah Hen
derson cloted yesterday morning.
The Globes will have better batteries this
week. Manager Hartinstein is looking lor
a pitcher to help Dann. A gentleman in
Columbus, Darrah, of East Liverpool, or
Laird, of Wheeling, will be chosen.
Win. McGee came down from Pittsburg
yesterday to visit eld friends here.
J. Herrick has gone out to his home in
Belmont on a visit.
News was very scarce yes'erday. The
lock-up could not furnish even an item.
Ihe list of the Hint glass workers is not
prepared as yet and no conference was held
vesterday between the manufacturera and
Ihe men.
Col. C. L. Pcorman lingered with the
minsters in Barnesville yesterday.
Benson a Ferry goes down the river to
dav for rf pairs.
Rev. T. H. Taylor will go to Qaaker City
to do ministerial work.
Miss Maggie Moore has taken charge of
one of the ntw school rooms in Central
S. C. Garrard and family have returned
from a western trip
J S. Harrison has returned from a two
weeks' virit in Ohio.
F. H Hadiel has accepted a poiition
selling cigars fcr Oliver Porter.
Mrs. Henrv Sivers. of Cincinnati, is the
guest of Mrs" F. H Kick of Fifth street.
0 R. Wood is in Cincinnati viaiting
friends. t .
On Saturday evening Miss Louisa Brant
ftll and broke ter arm in Myers' First Xa
tu i.i>1 ritk.
William Ong, Lsq., of Wheeling, was m
town jfMerday.
Mis. Milton Hagar leaves to-day to join
1er husband in Iowa.
A watchman at the Laughlin mill said
last night that the 4 o'clock train had un
loaded seventeen new men last evening, all
of whom were immediately conducted to the
oew company boarding house in the ware
rcom. Matters are very quiet, no one hiv
ing made any attempt to disturb any of the
men at work. The company have eleven
pclice hired to protect their property.
Hon. Patrick 0' TernII addressed the Re
publicans last night.
The Board of Edc cation met last night,
and alter a jreat deal cf parleying, several |
bal'ots being taken, Daniel Johnson wa*
elecud Janitor at a salary of $:>0 per month,
he being a compromise candidate
A little fracaa occurred yesterday after
noon near the Laughlin Mill, waich was re
ported to be the outgrowth of difference«
between the men working and those on a
»trike. It was learned that thia was not
true and that it wa« merely a private qua*
Tut AlhatLora Palace rink will be open
a!1»ro(oni ai d evenings this werk.
There will be music Tuesday. Friday &nd
Sattirdsy evenings.
A YTmlVlng .Sltrleton.
Mr. E. fringe?, of Mtchanicsburg, Pa
writes: "I vm afiicted with lung fever
and abfct-ss on lang«, and reduced to *
walking skeleton. Got a free trial bottle o.
l)r. King's New Discovery for Consumption
which did me so much good that I bought a
dollar bottle. After using three bottl«
found myself again a man. completely re
stored to health, with a hearty appetite, anc
a gain in fle*h of 48 pounds."
Call at Logan A Co.'s Drug Store and
get a tree trial bottle ci this certain cure for
all Lung Disease*. Large bottles $1.00.
Ab End to Bona SerapUf.
Edward Shepherd, of Harrisburg, CI
•ay*: "Having received so much beneà
from Electric Bitten, 1 feel it my dut? to
let suffering humanity know it Have Wi
a running sore on my legior eight year«,
my doctots told me I would have to have
the bone acr*ped or leg amputated. I used,
instead, three bottles of Electric Bitten and
seven boxe* Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
my leg is now sound and well."
Electric Bitters ar* sold at fifty cents a
bottle, and Backles s Anica Salve at 25c.
per box by Logan k Ca
•Sqolr» W. H. Daria Ch*r*W Wkfc *•»"
Yesterday afternoon a man named Mar
tin Ptbler, acting as guardian for Gearge
Pebltr, went before 'Squire VV. H. Dfcns
and «ecured a summons for Peter Dangherty,
who, Pebler claimed, owed himf 12 ferrent,
and as he believed he was going to leare
the State he desired a levy made npon
the chatties of the debtor. Mr. Daogh
erty was brought before the 'Squire
ana papers for a levy were
ictccd m doe (arm. While in the 'Squire's
office Mr. Daugherty dropped his pocket
book, and, according to ihe Justice, the
Constable, at bis suggestion, grabbed it and
Uvitd'on the contents. Eleven dollarsand
fifty-live cents were taken from the book, to
satisfy the debt and costs, a part of the
former ($9) having been previously paid and
the rtmainder ol the money was handed over
to the o«nt r. Mr. Daugherty,however, claim
» d that 'Squire Davis had grabbed the pocket
bcf k hinuelt and handed it to the Consta
ta e. und on the advice of counsel he went
It-fore 'Squire Pctermaa and charged
'Squiie Duvis with petit larceny. Peter
nmit ifsued a summons for Davis, and set
th»- case for Saturday near, when this very
funny and curious atiair «ill be settled.
Secured by a Young Woman Frout Han
On Saturday, September 12th. the exam
ination of applicants for the Peabody schol
arship for the State at large was hsld in the
Third ward school building. The examiners
were Prof. A. H. Anderson. City Superin
tendent and Major J. M. Lee, of the Liusly
leu tute, under the direction Stats Super
intendent Morgan. There were five appli
cants representing as many counties, viz.:
Barbour, Hancock MonongaheEa, Ohio
and Tyler.
Questions in twelve branches were pro
posed— Blgebra, arithmetic, book-keeping,
English grammar, geology, (reography, pen
manship, physiology, reading, rhetoric,
spelling ana U. S. history—and the ordeal
whs creditably passed by all applicants, but
Miss Lizzie A. Holland, of Hancock, at
taining the highest grade, 93 per cent, was
pronounced the successful one. Miss
Holland graduated at West Liberty Normal
School under Prof. Gwynn, and has taught
several years success!ully in the Cum
berland, Md , schools. There is no doubt
ehe will in future retlect credit on her na
tivr State.
Ac Epitome of K«w< OoDMrnlai th* Boat*
and Boatman.
Following is the work done by the steam
er E. A. Woodruff, between Wheeling aud
Parkersburjr, the report being dated Sep
tember 20, 1^85:
Pulled snail at sugar refinery; wrecked
coal boat at Bellaire off lower whart boat ;
wrecked coal boat off Belmont coal works;
pulled snag ofl Gene Cresaps landing;
pulled !-nßg in Fish Creek; pulled sna.' at
Uub Maliens landing; pulled snag at
Picreol's landing; wreck in mouth of Fish
ing Creek landing; pulled snag in chan
nel at Shuman's landing; pulled
snag in rght chanuel at Sardis;
pulifd tiisg at Bowen'a landing; pulled
snag in Hay's ferry landing; wreck ol the
Reliefs hull; wrecked barge in channel off
Parr's landing; wreck and snags in New Port
landing; pulled snag in channel at Newell'«
Run; wrecked barge in channel off Cow
Creek; pulled snag« at Bull Creek, at
Bloom field's, and in left channel below
Harmar; pulled snags at head of Reppart'«
Marks at other place« : Oil City, 1 foot
and falling; Gre^nsboio. 10 leet 4 inchea
and stationary; Parker's, 1 foot 4 inches
and stationary. Lock No. 4, 1 feet 4 inches
and stationary; Rice's l anding, 3 feet and
stationary; Brownsville, 3 leet 3 inches
and stationary.
The Messrs Armstrong, of this city, took
their dccka to Charleston lart week. It is
ibeir intention to secure a good landing on
the Kanawha, where all business in their
line will be transacted.
The marks at Putsburg 'ast night indi
cated 2 feet and stationary. At Cincinnati
0 leet G inches and falling.
The steamer Andes leaves lor Cincinnati,
at 3 p m. to day. Charles Muhleman in
com mend and Mart Noll in the office.
1 he steamer Princess will lay up for re
pairs Wednesday morning1, but will be run
uirg is the afternoon.
IheC. W. Batchelor left for Pittsburg
this morning
The Diurnal leaves fo: Parkersburj: at 11
a. m. tc-day.
1 he Emma Graham is due up for Pitts
bure to-day.
The Granite State is laid up at Cincin
River 3 feet, 7 inches and falling.
Millinery Opening.
All are cordially invited to a'tend our
Fall and Winter Opening ol Pattern Hats
atd Bonne's, on Thursday and Friday,
Octobtr 1st and 2d.
1071 Main St.
Nervous Debilitated Men
You are allowed a free trial of thirty day»
of the use ot Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic
Belt with Electric Suspensory Appliance«,
for the speedy relie! ana permanent core of
Nervous Debility, loss of Vitality and Man
hood, and all kindred troubles. Also, for
many other disease«. Complete restoration
to health, vigor and manhood guaranty
No risk is incurred. Illus*rated pamphlet
with full information, term», etc., mailed
*reeby add rearing Voltaic Belt Co. Mar
shall, Mich.
Rcbert Lt'Kk. Lasjntt purchased the finest
Carriages ever broaght to Wheeling. All j
Csrmpes end Hacks lor lune&rals should
be ordered direct from the office ol the «ta
ble«, 1430 Market street Don't depend on
Ifaving yonr order any place else. j
MrCOHSHEY-Oo Sunday, SrMember 20,1S85, '
at 6 o'clock a m., Leu M "j*Hn.itih< hoar ,
of her pan>rta. Marram E. tad 'Her<n(i. MeCoia
h»y, ob fcootch Kidgt, »fed 2 yaara, 2 month* and S '
Fcneral will take p'.ao# t^-dty at 2 p. m., from the
rcaUence of Malin Payse. Internent at Scotch
cemctery. Frlfuditf the family laritod to
iCIMMBR—On Tu«eday. September 2S, lf«i. a' j
12: 0 o'clock a m.BEjisiE joanr* ■«•tu»
Ute Bento and M •ry kaœB'r, aged tf yam, 5
month' ard 21 day a.
Forerai nûdce her after.
• r,
jrmllj mm Ik* ft-slt frM wkkk tktj mn mm*». .
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, Ilk ~ •«. Lot**, «o.
Dr. Prict's Cram Bakiag Pnrétr
Or. Price*» Lvpilli lost Of,
wnnflATIOWAfc. ~^
)yZ7octl i«. w.m.*— .
BHoation Haaltiar. Ictmctka TTwegrh. 8*de
opeaa bept. 18. Cieealan wo« iK> apffleaUon.
*!üZ CHAPMAM M iOPdÇm. A., PnadpaL
Ptatem«* respecting the methods aadcoaiwtf
Instruction«111 be Mat« application. The aaxt
Una bqfl—OQob« 1.1» ]r<aa<»
Inj traction la the usual Ktdtnlc rtodiee andla
the profMilo *> school* of Law and lagtniwrla»
Location healthful; expenaes moderate. Soaaiaa
open« September 17. For catalogue, addraa "dart
oi the Faculty."
jrfirb O. W. C. Lüh, Prarident.
«en. ti. W. C. Lee. President. Infraction bj
text-books and printed lectarea, with causae o«
lee tut m od «pec£el subjects by eminent jurists
Tuition and feee ISO tor Malen of nlae montai. 3«
sinning September 17. For oetalogao and full I»
formation, addreaa Chaa. A. U rares, Profeeeor
Lav. Islington, Va. ];M
University of Pennsylvania.
L Dviiran or a art, four years' dasetc«
course. Degree A. B.
IL Tow** Saasmnc Bmooi, Br»-rear eoarsoi
In (a) (liemlitry, (b) (teology and Mlalng, (•) OtU
tecturejiadW to a 8. aad to teeimfcial degrees
P. C. (PracticalOi—Mt), M. B., C B., K. M., Archi
111. WRAaroa School or FWAirca aits Boom
out. Courses In Constitutional lav and Publie A4
mlnUtraUoo, Political Economy, Mercantile La«
and IVactloa, Finance, Bankin«, Ballroedlng. Da>
gwe Ph. B
IT. Corasa la Pbumopht, lour year«. Kaglleh
Latin. French, German, Mental and Moral Phlloeo
pby, Mathematics, General Sdsnee, extended la
i; ruction In Bio logy with laboratory work. Degrei
Liberal election* la and between theo* coursesc
ci one of «Second Yeftr.
V. Cor tan ia Mean. Two-yean' graded eoaiaa
»free Mua. Bac.
U Medical School, Three.years' graded eeorea
with optional lourth year. Degree M. D.
TIL Pkwta l School. Two-y ears' graded oooraa
Deeree D. D. a
VIIL VmiiJAiT School. Three-years' grad
od coarse il Biliar to Buropeaa schools. Degree ▼
Clinical and laboratory adrantagee • pretalaaa
feature la tbeee three seaoola.
IX. Law School. Two-years' ooum: dlpiota<
admit« to Pennsylvania Bar. Degree LL. a
X. Bioloaical School. Two-y nan' course, witt
extended laboratory work. Certificate admits k
MedlcAl School wtthoet examination, Speda
XL DarAKTMHrr or Philosopht. Two-year*
post graduate eourse In numerous subjects leadlai
to degree Ph. D,
In making laoury pleeee Aeelfy department.
BBY. JK8SB tTbITBK, Secretary,
University of Psnnsylranla, W«t Philadelphia, F
Every Busineu Man and Family
should have one.
The Latest Most Accurate.
It oontalna all rmilreada, poet roxi*, anJ al! po
litic*! dirlaton* ul the Ntata. It la Ioral
unble for Knftnoc*.
Pocket Edition, cloth md | 7t
f lain Kdition.......... _
Weekly UanisTuand Map »_»... 1 SA
A roiifite (arc lor Every Fur at ol
Illood and Mkln Diwraae From
rimj>lfN (o Ncrolfili.
DIFFIGt'BlWO HUMOB8, Hnmllliting Erap
tloti», Itch log and Buraing Skin torture«,
Loatbrome Kor«, and e*rry »pcelc« of Ilrhlng,
>caly, 1 'imply, nhented.BcrofulouaandGiatagloua
l>l»raa*e of ihr Blood, Skin and Scalp, «Ith loa of
Hair, from infancy to old aar, are («wlUveiy cure.'
by Cuticura Eeeolrent, tie New Bio«*! Purlfl.r, In
ternally, and Cuticura, 'he Great Skin Cur«, and
Cutiraraboap, the (treat .skin UeautiSer, csuroally.
I va< afflicted with Eczema on the Scalp, Faoa.
Earn ard >'•<•* vhi'b tbertriijtaiat, where I got your
remedies, pr< noun red on« of the worst caw« tftat
had come under hta ni>lkw. He adtM m« to try
your I oticura Berne,!!*», and after fire days'use,
my aca!p and part of my face »«*• entlraly cured,
and 1 hope in another week to hare ay «ara, ueck,
and theothar pajt of my fan- <urrd.
1» K. 4th Bt., hew York.
I tsve '«en afflicted sine« laat Mar'h with a Ski
llaeaae the doctor« oiled lUzrma. My faoe wa>
coveted with araba and «ore*, and theluhing and
burring were alaaoet unbearaMa. .-tealng your Cu
ticura fiemedt«« ao ilgh y r*c immanded, caadnde«
io aivf theru a Uia!. ualng the t uticura and Cutl
fora foap eaun ally, and Beaoitent li.twna lr, for
four moetba. 1 call wyaelf ru d, In gra Jtude Ut
»hieb I make thiapuhl:<- riaumen*.
Broad Brook, 0m a.
("rnn u Rkmedie* are aold eve*ywhare Me«:
CtTKtia, Me.; Ha* <i.vest, $10», soaP, 24c.
P>«i*rad by the loiraa Dxcu axd Cm«kic*i. Co.,
Bo un, Mw.
Send for "How to Cnra Skin Dlaeaawa."
Kir mi >b«a, and
piHI'LES, Blackhaada, skia B1
■ IUI gaby Humors, use teinta»
"CHICK III THE BACK," atlteh la th«
aide cramp«, a hooting acd abarp palna, rbeuaaat «,
neuralgic, aad rdau: palna. and avejy
external pale and «Hm aoolhed and ei
p«:led with wonderful celerity toy that
new, original. altaant and apaady anti
dote to pain aad imtamiaatioa, Jm Co
^■■■rtrtaa ru^n. Warranted the p«r
f.rtlon of elefant eitarnal rrmmtim, and vaatly an*
pariert* all ether plaater* At drugglata, Ï* ; • v«
for II 00. Mailed fre«. Porrq ajp Cim
• at ,
Tiie Science ot Life. Only IS
A Ereat Medical Work m üuM
Exhaaafd Vltalfty, Hemmta* PSféeal D»Wli
ty, Prrmalure DrrliDe la Mil, Krrrm of YVjtk
and the uatoU mberï* mmÊUag from iadiaovOM
and exocML A book lor rtrry an, youn*. aid
dit-w*4 uH old. ft flonutM IP prtmaipthn* Im
■il Br "Ute and chrosle dip im, tark om of vhick I»
issuable. So k>aod by U» author. «*•
Jot S T«r» U suc* *« »robBWy Beror bo
ion* Irll to tM M Of Itr pfcrririM. «10 mpl
bound in beaotUaJ Ficwb aatliû, es>ba«ai errren.
full rilt, rWBBtoed to bo • tart work la mfj
mb( axcfcanlcai, literary Bid prrrfaariaaal-than
Bay other arid la this country tar tUO, or tk*
dokt will be re-tun And ia rrery lntun«*. Priai
oniy «1.00 br null, past Mid. DlwtnÉiec «uni*
C rants. Hrrid no«. Oo)d bmUI tvarlnd the utMr
Zoo Oro^l
mm f¥ 11—,
A FINK LINE o, ***
— AID— ™ 1
John Fried,
*fW 1150 Sais gin1
Always United, Never DlvJ
Greetiug aad Farewell I« t,U
With adsgled nfret and tin1
ptttoM that thia U p«aUit<ii the Ian y)!
mj Ga&ATEKT HHIW <>■ K VKIII »ci ^
imiKi.t Clari s on Americui foil. '
1 rvgrat beta« forced to tak» ** «7 fj^ I
dltont an axh.blUoa »hu b th»y t
tally appreciated aad larUhiy
aaiMMt arektap pooelt •' Kiir..p, ^
opportQBltT «1 »erioK thi.« romi >u «u«.
• world wideiepuuiicn aad tux. .• >llK
couxtrr. I have mac* all arrange ut» «71
tracta lor III tmrtpc nation 'n it* l /rn. 1
the Atlantic My able and eipen»; id
Meaara. Janes *. Bailey an.I Jim.-, i. hr. t
will eondort thla unparalleled • olrrprlt« Ct£j
pereoral »urerrialor.
The public's obedient «errant,
l'Hll» KA3 T KlR.Nl !
Ten Tim«* a Grander Show Than K**r I
fore. More Acta Introduce,t
Feat urea
P. T. BA11NU3
ln<l hliGMtNt Stow >■ Kajth, Ul1U4 It U
Lwin, (ir»iW *n4 '«r*i.<l«r than K»w IM»
Worth a! N» w Fhuw A<14«4
tkl* Ymî.
3... 3 Triplr Circuiin Thre«- Hi? Kinn
2....Double Mrnap*n«a of R»r* i^au
1... Hope Klevaud 8t»fte IVfori: % :«
1 Moaeuni of Living Wondw»
1. Roman Hippodromund GloriouilUo
! l..lûbrolf(fi«fclCcnffrmof Strahl Tii»
j Ine;. aM<i Capital. Iccrtaa«! I%!1; » if
IIIIIDn îh> Wonder, and C
I JUIvIDU drtn'a Giant Pet
Tb* H«rrrkm> Dof Fa»« hoj. 4K*l X !»1
»NtoM'lM Nil* VAUéJASli. tt. H|
H Jade« -nab* Ckarm«r. ]M<«re*t *>'■'
fall CIrr-B» CoaipMlM. V» '<
Itiaplauil tte Wat 14. Ham »m • N
pcxlr«»* «itk nir; kl*4 of fhril!|:,< f» '-J
.« f.cal ( «i'pta. ( «tly aalurgM *t>4 !'• **"
roDtoiotBf » fr®« mv>! ",f> ■
«I anp butaa balagi «a mtU
Hgkt *»rry tWMi,
T*» »rtonuMH Ear,k D*f. t •' * 1
p. a. DhtiO^mm Hour U'H'I
Fir iW «I wruhgai
U* imd> «a tk> iiwt * h (On b»« t**«
H*tM M hi»-r'i m>k »w**. II!« >vi 'I
»iMWr—1< »■■b—i 4 I'cMt M t* F 'B
•I -b» 't lat |«m aM ÎBftw t: i<- » ■
r.. - UM mdram a
•rtiMA *e»»«M» U r**r?tMai M
CklMn« «r<*rt »4a* «WM r«
H it al F*»» Mi*— Wmm 1
m» in«»*
itnütf ib* *»*
» irtrrt*« W i! ti)
WtSSSZ r». ~~
Bt nmi or a mb» or «A. m
by bMMl «bitaMarflMkJ
• 1U, t» Lb* .iÉB*pi< h»to <urf te M
«JaMrr.im, u4 n«Mliik(VMi
M tM CM*tf Caart «I UM» «Mr. ««m Ttel
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