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SEPTEMBER 24, 1885.
NO. 7 (î
rjcaTiSK jU-gmi." : *.■ vnr. j
FiNALLV OAvenport
Upon by Republic im
at Saratoga.
The. -v
! P .ice. on toe
•r ---Noh v; N • \
\ily of Iss : 'S
" <en*eaib«'* 23.—I'ae
V r< State Iwpabü
tui told aad sioriny.
r:e w» re jaaay coutVr
■ Ke*olutions heard
- I ;i n'»Ht, und
Chaplaia of
a . Leech tuRtd the
.ar' i iare and bold 9*nd
- un. ^d recommend
■a relating or
; Ta Some rneai
.v. - i '.ha j>ro )ii«
% • * -»re opr>--»»d to
I. >u lir.'ull U1 i.ttol.
«ppeartd to be i
- >• i> ri1/: ?he J. le
- i.- ! I "r e fc »!i v-ry slow!*.
tea that the
tvr !:va'y there
1 .T » 'skvi-! Uo^ly. of
" i -o addre-w
u .1: t IsVjr intsrej*«.
n 1 V mon' prru
-vi'- C^a-vn
• x - - ta:r' it j ,td ;he
■ " ■
* 'i . ... -ti that .he (,'r.a
v c'-i to < ia
r •»■J • 'If i it

■ ■
• i >hk' •::-1 p m-*d '■•y

r^jlv: .-■« r-p}r
.-ii the c!» v? Wcw» re »à
t f#»r*»n« «• ni Oîîîri*
:• rs CorpTil Täti**
, ..r-"1 i: ha- m^arr that if
. . rallia .\ja th^t
•: '•? h.- .11 be ap
; .T kdaate oi' j-a
. : „*her C„'ura.
.n ied I' >1. Rlii».
• atsJ the did"
th>.> plies."
••• *•. 1 ver ]
* u • . »••-•rsn wer-} ep
. ' : *as unnairnomlr
■ I l.ikci.
- " • .il'ot h.v»ju»tb^n
• • .-enûijn !U»
■ •. >1» looj tor C*rr
- • fcea i* a>* * »id
Tho oSc:*!
" v,*j A fo'I" vs
'• » i«t, aip tAiiir ot
rti\»>Qport NomlnKtfil.
I- ; juilot »at thfü or 1er?«!, o-it ht
r- It ht.d i>»*en tooted un Mr
ha< hei r 'h' Or»"c»;l
ai r r eed *hv Montgomery coun'7
<• i-< vo'e t >r I"ä l>iv.>npo-r
*u i >'irtv tnen «-Handed h»»r nnre vo:>»
!'iv. • p rt. us did h!<o .Ifff-rsca, and
'• i'ly irnid »he almost eothtmnm. the
-irniiittiec of Ir:« IUv-ei. rt was nad* *!1
C;trr fur vrrriil fi.ire.
' ••rTt- pl-kc»''vea th*'- '.l«'d
» I " • Ct'.vi urinn < *r. "U'ti cd y-Ilirijf
r St • f af «\ wh••". hn Pime wt»«
>T'.- a tir I ;,»i t-'.n'.t • "!t>r
s d ' t" K:ar':! n cowVy. wi*
> v V V .ds.io-'î: of i ' ir.^or m ;n
ir;i''*o for CVap v. -y .ic -*•
, Ht PlA7Fv)£M
• I'n'nji N -» la I'll»
»» .% "t
• otl ii ÄS K'>lo*>:
«•I p» 'v ol N«w \ .'rk :n
j .-cinl, d-V. ; ...
- f't'9 oi' he e\ii i
« 1* » I "htv :% «•
: y>û»a i;." i >•
to • • " n "I
> ■ -0 »■ -b^r n> iy b? *ip- j
'I ( . S*l' i. I
: fC ! 'y bv c-apuci'T j
-t ■ t ; en force- ,
• *i: I >! o! i
• r * i"» the spirit |
! c . I oaii ,>ri,
• f
ei» s» ■ r i
'.si iitT
1 :i.Tf-s !ne
lJ to >Li t.l
•i»y r «»?
[ itjrw.ti
i *--u
• -i,
, - .. »"fi" vi .> ;K «'.i-tiand

■■••'••I i-i iti.-j tor " rn
!P TÎ «
ifca- la t. , " r!r- to lfi- i
.' •»* • i .4
trciifi " ' ' ' v "n *•> t'i •* n-e®» i*
; • • ■ :*lf p .«^tx,.;s c.
• -< - u< tb-» 'emiirti it
r- • «■! (> • a '.-in tor
'• • itkri . m a
" i»n
•• r »• - * os K>r
to--" Va.c'
l >\'.v wv*.»pi I»* (rw11
wu *t .vo-ld [
r • »* »iriii wan** a:id to
* '«• **+ 'jla wot ♦ 3'a-uiV 1.
' I'!»*"•"%«♦•*! >ri;ri»,
» 4 cordi-illv
11'begreHt «oMicrand :
iti en, l'lvgses S. Grant, in favor of har
nony and pood feeling between North and
>outh. we »dfist that au eud shall be put to
rimiual evacion ot equal civil and political
ighis, premised by the Constitution. I ho |
i^ht ot sutifa.'e uni a? be maintained free
te d untratnnieltd, and if that right id ua
awfclk denied to any part of thn people of
mv Si..te it« representation in Congress and
he Klectoral College should be reduced. i
^i\th—That the Legielatute having abol
-hv d'.utract labor iu the prisous in the,
»•a'e. that we ur/e the enactment of laws . |
et dir - to d'siribute ai equitably as pos* -
>!e the b irdeu of competition with f. ;a It
Seventh—That in contracts for State j
serk uo contrats be awarded to any jh-r-ton
:r corporatim discritnica'in^ against auy
.las*, or organization of laborers.
lii^hth.—That *ve comtneud legislation i
usr&Lteeiog the benefits of public schools !
.ii'. children ol the Stat >aaa stich control
>t lactoty employment as will surround the
vc'uen and children emplovedw.ih necessa
ry •&;« guards.
Nict ;—That slrirgent laws be pissed for
a rov ■ nient ot" the sanitary condition of
toil s of wcrkingiuen iu cities
Tenth—That we demand enforcement of
:1 !u* prohibiting th- importation ot con
tract labor.
'"«.»Tenth—Uecomnier.d legislation foster
.t i rricultura! at>d dairy itrer-sts.
r«elf*h—We favor the continuance of
thi Railroad Cjrnmission upon an unparti
tt» 5 basis.
rhirteenffc—'Tha' we declare in favor of
ing the National Government to assist in
th> improvements oi the locks aud deep^n
:r;> the Krie cacti I
lr<« l>mi'i I'iiM the Nominee.
;ara o'. v, Sept; tr.ber 23—Ira l'aven
CK ne t omiaee for (îcv-rnor, vas bom at
!i> rrelL-ville. Steuben county, N. V., June
i-U. Iiis fa tier. Coi ira Davenoort.
was an eariy Stiver in that section ot the
S'»te and un extensive landowner. Mr.
1 •! v^npor received his early i Juration in
th nicn school a: Ha'h, to which place his
p.-.et's removed. Subset u ont ly he at
et 'ltd !>r. Husseli s c T^sji ..e school a
w Haven f'onn. II1 has -wen m ich
v ttion • i :riT»' and study ar.I ij a
l; n .'f uincfc cult ire and
i?e:.er;»! I co*- ledge. In poli'is !
<1. I«...., ... h,.. ..t ..... V.„An !fa„_AU !
a-. Ut» *:v* *1—. d »o r"»prf?>;r»t the Cne |
n Tg Stetil :i -.vi Allegheny district î in '
•!. • fctste in 1-TTncd r elecV 1 in 1
- T.' ««r; »both î;fT7».< as r •• .h o' :h
Ci n milite on l'onnuto» and N' v^atton
V: L'ftvtoport in p-r ;al irp.vvan- e i
n ;bt but straight in fc arit H • ij
m..».en except as to his unv-uci.e wid-ti •«
heavy at 1 ii^ht in color. His umnn-rs are
•J i.ni: d ' at f>om»»wha* rtservnl and it«» i
re-fr kuo-n to joke '!• is îinely edma
•. i Hid a ' acbelor.
Fer « ir Contention To*niorro\v—'Th«»
!■ Hot %%♦•«« Co«>|T«*r .Did ilvll.
Saratoga September 23.—Traisa arri.
ic_r th:s mcrbi;.!! ■rju.-h: u Ur^e nbuibe»
; dtU^av« to tbe I>. ir.ocratic Conveuti >a,
wLi:h mee'a to mcrr'- «r Vo'tn,-» Mr. <i >
Ik' i: • the lie»,te: ar.- cf P. Ii. Flower-«, ^ot
it? " ud tfitblitL 1 • .uutera for his
(h.f.t ur tLe l'iûted States Hotel. Mr.
F'c'W'-r wt I st-rer» to dav, at J 'hew a ill
hf TO» <■- »-rtbrt 'O P'.lr'u hlâ intTea'S to th* :
fr it. Ir.e IMi men aw acuv«-ly a- work j
ht» i r_r ke country d':if »ates at th"y ar- j
Mr. fv", r <• bt MJTWB
j oi his (cctütt A ver» pn> niuoot
Itii-.-a'e fron» N* m Yj-< ("»• • said tili»
tn< « uir.i. " i b.- j/ht ti, ct course, betVMU
ti..I ai.d Ci ' — r. 1» i'- is loucd t'a&t y de
ck it»4 Illll i:»e mttr iL* of iL • party wo aid
'u'Ur. or it it would e.»'i»e anythiuj i.«n a
-p!i\Cooper will tot fc*1 pushed by the N" •*
'» i'. arJ King! county ra^-n bu] >ud :'-.t
p< iat of-ho».t.- thrir «trwigtb »od vi tc
ii ^ 'he Hill tr-r. thir t i.< only thv h-'': of
•hti" t*o counties th <»ov>rno-is to wir
l day."
Mill'* Nomina'ion Certain.
Svsatoi a, N. V , September —1 is
^okt^dfù to tiitfh; ti «• il II will have a ina
r.'y öl the tirét ballot in the i>--a>o- r .tic
• oaveL'ion to aif-rto* At a i vte h.< ir
Tan 'our 7 n-vcc, d r*,sr>l,i»i'.>'t>» p:»»<lji'ii; i»<9 t
•owe Rr Hill.
!;«.!• Cjri'ti « T«*nt Ifluwo l>owu~S«v(tr«ii
iVrMMiH lujurvtl,
ty*« ui4 lo tA- lif'j
i.'. VV. va. ScptfOibtr '-.I.—
! > ». Kir .. »:ÎI » (it h ' il -. A. U li»:» Q
•jf> b ' •* ; » ■ ■ i 1 ten: wis
.. i. .... : .i o i . v. i » lu a. y r .in
i n bo;«» :.pi.!: tL-f si.'.-v aii . Eoaki.il th
•» ». -nj. a i-K.-r: i:»».«. i p r>»in (.'twit J
,» d *im, w,d by • 'i^re" «;ortb- wit - I
\'ci.r ' •fUi aid a! :•» • '!
i. » : o' a1*— > « <ti a>. tKî M*"*o ,;r •*,
it '! ih»» j' ■: el-phaat vr<.za »n 'hf
i k, a s ro: n }«i!l ot wi-irt
i «i : i in twa;n »hi« - I» roie-i an i • •»<.
r- : nl" i.. ! tK •••r.t ft-' •«• ith a t-r-i<h to
•c:.» I. A scene ot w. à ccnf:;: ion folio*
i . Th»1 lamps hsmpa L;.d bev'i ex ir
^•i-lt<- i-r.f.a>h »h*» ;ir»--i3an l a-nid ;i
i-t.tb- uothirg could be h-»ard tut
-> r cf woT.-n and cbii'ir^n A'"»-r !
• i. . ,-i.r nfire ti » pan-'» < Mut J
■ r«i v^d st-v..r" r.' I dari»-ro t' |
• b'»t no i»r* wm k'I'»-«î. lî j oirw > '
i .< -'■< îo » at ?
it ... »t .n
A' Bs!hrv< (V—ottl*irnori■. ;!; »
II. Krror— ItftkifBore, 4; Htubnty, .»
! ji's—. 'a.r.m-jre . 1-* tt»»>ur.f, i 1. ï> tick
ou* ->y 1!t-l rv, i>. :>y .*! : s. .».
■ i'iiiNd-Jpbi.i — A ù *tic3, j; l.ouii
. !•», ii». l-.r.-or»— \. il »ic. I. .. r.'.ll
Î •. iid-,«-«— Ath t-'f*. . ; i.ou-sviiia. I!, j
c.'t r tl.ui« , 12; by Ktiof i
ja. r-.
-U 1-;t. \.o-Ai J, Bo to i I: j
Al ' «'bien.';« Pro.' l>»r.fs> s;
... »Vi,
' . t.- ; ■ !\ hov »i»-n'-ç ■; pitcher*, Me
»\.îm 'c ' LhuVmm.
7 «ren?, M* - •!.•»•••« S., Ljrtis . •
. . f. : v b • / '
* tV'tfj." — l'-TC'i ►. î'*»!!» h-'i>bi.4 |"î: t
1 T. I". ( • h,;, .» , S." « -• • !l •
M ici".
At \-w Yor«t — 'n 1 r* !7. IS tîil > 'J.
•<. •..ft.'» .' .W"T 'l oT.-C #; S w-i», ij.it

V. vCJ.
A Vunl^r.
• T -t.- iüi's S«ptnib(r '■> -A Mvwà >ii
1 . ! iriuvcb spr-i . j:Tt Th • m Jy >'
■ ' ru !! F, * B| lojtd .i w r* »b y tarm-er
U bn Ho'jg&l, wns Sound in a ravin** n.'sr
r« t<.-di.y borri .»y mu:ilated. Tut v »^«i^r
*» sn Iftt Itougtd's Safirdiy on a v..sit t )
» .i<oü ii. Ma&äSoM. ir. eudi.i£ tu t.u
' ; tl.kv. l»ut ion i:i,' Ht itii the wark oi
ri üib^( htr c-jiUii tuis ir.orntn.» and at h
tir a «sat i. intro'ii l>o i»ai\ ia :H • r*
ta.e, tfee boiy v. tosnd. The te mû j » |
m ■ ra covtreû uih'sh ol vi tl ••te»'um
•• !< cf ter «".'Ht -.r x~-a a woiu!
I h ;.*rr,;>v1 • -«,>rne»livancefjiv»»Pvni-Q --
>' a ii-ut) îtr.i^^ie. Th«» yotinj» won*:] »n
ot *»_•** atid 11'lit«» h \nd«oni<\ f n
»! > r is s S :o id. i ta inysterj ssu 1 great e<c
.t ttuert pr®v.tiN.
Mkv should be what thoy seen' " ani i'
>• v n't- d'itlVru) : tor nrv^ w!»h tooths 'hn
• nbouM roc try to ?tuile anJ liok co.»l
«• i f ands.in'..» How ni'fh ^isyr 'o f" * ■
f :»?n ^it'i a Hotrl? o{ S-»!.-a'.ioa I)!!,
► K-h c:tn bo beucht for 23 ceon.
îorman B. Eaton's Letter of Resig
iivil Service Reform and Chairman Eaton
Vi: dicated--Resignation Accepted to
Take Effect in November.
W asUXi.TON', SepttUlbiT —Thd follow
ng letter of resignation by Mr. Donnait B.
I'-aton, chairman ot the Civil Service Com
mission and the President's reply thereto,
which was reeeiv« J by Mr. Eaton this mom
ies, have been famished the Associated
Prtss for publication.
I". S. Civil Service Commission, )
Washington D. C., Ju'y 2s,)
Sik: In the execution of a purpose ot
which 1 informed you several weeki sin.-e,
i ma; respectfully tender my resignation as
Civil Service Commissioner, but out of dei
r>-nce to *our wiehea I will -not ur^'e its ac
cej'.anca until such time in autumn as you
ni&7 Cud convenient for a n^w appoint
It iiiay loi 1 hope, be thought inap
pr- jiriate if 1 add some *ords ot e,\p!ani
I'ricr to the pas-" »>:<; of the civil service
i:ct oi January 1 Oil>, IsS.ï, I had held under
uree enrlier IV'-si ieurs and was then hold
under President Arthur an oi' jinl pssi
ca closely analosous, to my present o ca
.-s Civil Servict Coma;ir>iouer.
For nearly the wui'e period. I had served
ithc-: ccmpoc:a:'.n, and had been e wi
pe.Id to bear ciy o»n travelling and
vtl ef expenses including iho-' ul a joutney
I » ».o -n I nrtmAro.ftnn i\f ïin ovton.
-ive report mad-> at the request of one of
• l'r - ii n -, iî ptinttd by Congress.
Lad taken an active par. by which ray
m.e wn.i lurgeiy tax* J, in consultation with
• .e prfparatiot: ut J ptis»age of that act.
When ;he um- arrived for the execution
: :•« provisions it seetctd to me that1 could
.s- fairly be cal Id upon to make further
iicriiice of my private juteredts in aid ot
;ivil service retorm.
liteices, the euemies of reform, were so
ciitd a? to charge that I had promoted the
i.-t fi r lb«* treble purpose of guiniog noto
i"tT. ;.l o a-:a sultry, Uut Pn-sid-nt
u ■■ ui. without iLe i; at. luimatiou 10 me
of bis purpose, Douiirca'ed me and I was
cr :■ rti:t-ct am eounni^ioner. \Vh:n I was
tnout t i decline ûi.'itds o; reiorai with
vKon i h id !abor"d for many y->ara in itä
K hat! ihi.-tcc 1 wad iu d..:y bound to ac
tp aud iho.ie enemies, with amiable con
->• ".cy, r-.adc Ct-ar the..- p :p,jv of char/
•I • rii'.-til ij'i . r. ad cowardly.
t te * . ! • i.jd dis^rac .la!
avare o'.ire t.» folljw any attempt to
• v. . e 10 <•' ::ifiic.t. and tmpr ticable
tvute. In such si'uafR□ 1 had hardly
ibtrtj 1 choice I en *ed upon my
..!;\.i..l . ies a. the (t. b.rt i purpose of
-t : tn*r*se ham y more than a year v thin
^iiith at leadt t!;e constr ictive wo-.k of
mu îng rule«! '.id re? tla'i'JK.s an 1 of eu
.oruiit: a • iw st-'etn ttt r.-> "uo?! d::lioult
to .la :••• ftccomrii/vd. .\t th* eud
of that tia>e I hau b-como more deeph
! ..n int'-ve. 'ed in the practical ap;>li
•.s'.iou of the new system, lis great utility
il:d ea-T processes h.. 1 gai'i^l the couaiea
i:» ion ot the President, united tno-c larg-.lj
he pfcriy in its powc." a..d secure I from a
■cir nûttre of thirteen members of the Dem
cre'i'. I'ciseof !■ ■■>.fSi-Dt V.ives <• <inai i
r um r» port deciaiio : the great usefulness
t .h" law r»rtd rtil-.s ud ■ • nmtr l.ng whit
• • • »cüwd as "tlf '.ntelügent, efficient. non
partisan av.d conscieuttcus work of the
• ,'ivil Service Commisfcion ' I could then
ic ibiigation to rem.iin long r That
htd hf et' done which enennies of reform had
Jedared -o be itnporiihle. The laws and
"jVs w->re vir.'l' -ated H there w ,-e im
.rtitlcai methods win h w.-re u.t full»
innMirxi, aud I remained to take ;>àr; in
b. ir development.
When a few i:. nths later, I w is »hont t"
.'.-i i p< ii be<Oi? r*:ie\**ii. th trifid*
t>: u:i«ied me tiv urging t;iai there would
.r a cri» ai cn>is lu cas a ne* part)
• . iu <i me into pow~r. and the ■ harge y,
a io.rn'.iri, that if I resign1,'1, it
iv. !J e !!»e'.r'fc fret» tfce f'.is.
I' -.-as cl-:.r 'no'.ijjh that no cxcujc
• •> n lcri r* i-«1. s^'l no d^. li.-aiioii
•f ;i \ co'iL'it'.ce it the nt'o: n
.i:.y < f t'w Pr. rideiiial canlidate.
• : »hi 'is* of the i B-ocrml party would
i 'ii\e :ne ir m t'iff »'.imaging plauti
siich cbar^ \ A* a private citi*
1 '■ th» imputation, but a« >»
i.blif ; liCfr ai'd n* in a private w»\
i r> .■ '.ai iit'H''t;«*d i- th the ^ i--«* of civil
. • »t :.jri ii> ri^ht 'o mal. - iu
pf ."in:, y t r i ■> ..n'tir-.l enemiesia e 'her
•atty to b>o sue» a chirgo to its tflju y
'-H" « fi! o,v T ra!' 1 «vhv ! I-Dtll'i Itut
r !»r.'ir.- a»; J should have r*»
c 'i • .' j a. ii i» b*e . r n ies*a-i — at ot
.i !■ .-i. c: y a.cfBs'On t>
fbr I »ht ti'd ) are regarded it ü?:i pemi -ious
•nri'ir. . •: y r*i it.-n int to »*»e siiint ot
i . t - o,.'. .«
Ccai:iii«.-«br -t.* u p;ii'u-,| an i
• • ■ ■ 'to bs ■ !•<! a> th.
• •..•(! i 'ff ■ f ntial term.
<o .>cVraiiot<* roast-ftiaed tue to
. i.i:i .11.. »ce uuti! ihe reform vfcy
: \ • r.\r'-:: «t.»;:«»». soclear !y d«-'iiiw«i :•
fht t br* 'illisi. j:jl.
i ! . . your as Presideut as ii
»*' '« i:r*" s as uovi-rcor ol Sv*
■ ■ •«-» bas artiwd. .v > -adiu
. ,».i ( >:i it.»« Jt-r pr- !fti'l to rejvr l i'u ;oi:
,i i> >.i i.r doaoîtûi. l.ver*' oik' of
ii'.v ov a mof 7<j ;r AJ.nini^tratioa dur
w!i s •' e civil .krvi.v ict and ra'e*
c po •> ■ ' «itb s in ich V> »d.h
I : <• ."y »S a dt • t! « / i'rH-l
k . r Af'u.' • •.« on it* ei n- »■ •
' 'I \ î' f •!. • mä'pn î; 'ou wK:
••••or.*»;' • >.a'n, aa • T> !.•
r- -îtfit *rf :hf s»- ed f• irpt>j— of ••
l'iW and r »I- -i ":i :h" 1■ -.r •
> «.«• lew i y:>t! h tiav
(i the r.b a ' but R'M*td io *!•. ;r ; :s i -
: ■! i : iency Se î ir >.h ! h« ve b-»v> i' !>•
urn •b«o ' ■ ' ot a ruetnb'T wf v.mr
: v.vo »"»•< Li ;»» tbe t*.«..'t ot LU e.'.'jjrr
■ roe iti t:î:ce a i :>*her sensé th »n belov of
■!ie neid of eoforru • ■» : h »- :r ri: .u
\.t publie s«n •*. -,»V:ch •lu* i tor.-ice
;-t a?>d »he r:«î«-» i %v>». tablwhed. :.r, 1 tn>u
■. se • f tb* b- 'kd ! a) .ht o See« >u tne
tx-Hal and ca^'cms servie, to vrai h ta.-»
• Äatr.iuatioro px^ni iu :iil part» of tbf
i'tion and whether the? lî publican»
: «»Ming over or new oiii.-ers fr-?a» ht* o'h- r
; iir;j—there his come no rea'^n t'or !> -
.itunc that tbe merit fiyctem ia cat 't.!
■r>n;ed as r .Tre«t henffit f> 'ne public ,<f*
lice, a v'reat ii.;luonce for hone.-:*y in
:vé. and a gréai reii-f to tho h -tdo:'-l»
. ' '"p.
As the principle? of i istic upan «ehtea
bat STî>t>-in is büfed. its fnd-vicy to *.;r.
[>re,«s jrntronac"', morjprirs and kl
voriîiôm, ita great encoura^-.'aient of tin
[>i.i lie sohoo!«, and its .«t'.pp~rt ot ail ai.;h
•V:»r!«c!«'r »nd n'anhoo^ in pjlitic», ..'e no#
ru oooiinff raore rapidly comprehended by
* peoj-!^ tMr> e> er before. I frei s-'.-e it
in, in 'he n»-:ir t't:::rf. ta hav^ not oak a I
?reatlv • nlarge^ ba* ar a'raost ::~.;h^!l :a-°1
(rufotcen;r r.t. Ir i' rr .1!; isi,.e bat
the perp'e and the politicians, a coa^ai f;r
the epoile system ot oi'ice on one Bide and '
the merit system ot olKce on the other. <
Friends of the latter contend for the free <
opportunity ot every citizen to win oflice I
lor bimst It by hia own merits; friends I
of the former for the exditivt* <
rieht of great otlicers and great poltt'ci^ns i
to uee all of the hundred thousand places he I '
can control and all the assessments they i
can extort to buy the press to elect them i
selves and to keep their party in power
against the will of the people. Between i
these extremes there is unquestionably a
'arge number of candid and patriotic citi- i
1 do not refer to those facta so decisive
of the perpetuity of the merit syatem with
vain conceit, that if they were otherwise or
the prospect was discouraging, my remain
ing a commissioner would avail anything,
but 1 wish to leave no doubt of my absolute
iaith in the continuing triumph of a reform
policy and no friend ci reform ha* the least
• ason tor thinking 1 ought to remain in my
«.tlice. Indeed the triumph of that policy
s now absolute la other words, were it
not tor the interference by Congressmen
und politicians with constitutional func
ions and the intended liberty of the Presi
dent and of other officers having the ap
pointing power there would be no opposi
tion wortliy of notice to merit the system ot
t dice. Tho^e who oppose it will with few
< xceptione be those only whose participa
tion in appointments and remov
als as an a:>- lute usurpation
and inttrmeddliog by which the
couLterpiece of government has been im
paired and in perpetuity is being threat
fitd. To that usurpation to the selfish
in.a o! those who promote it, to tiie gather
it g of spoils, and the distribution of oilices
«lieh are its motive force opeu compati
rons of merit lor appjintment and «up
I reesion of political assessments art fatal,
i'reaident Grant approved a civil service
rule—:o arreit that intermeddling
Concede to the President atid other ap
i ointing oncers the liberty which the con
iitution cotemplatea. allow those who have
: ?*-t means ot making a wise choit"} b;
•ween the spoils system und the merit sys
teni to be judge««, and I rep> »t the final de
eiaion is already t;iven and the contest is al
ready over. President Grant d>'cidid that
l.> itv.ein his last o'.lii'al declaration to
'orgiefs. lie declared it ' asourceof unri:
tai'on" tliat Congr-ss ! ad relumed an ap
; riation he l: »ci in a special message Tf.
■ •■ted in aid ot the continued r»ufnrv-«ment
» .u„ I, . Ao,JuT..t1
' t>n beneficial.
President Arthur in each anmi! message
after the civil service act realüriaed that
idginent of the Ksecutive Department, a
idgment which he declared express- i th'
iew ol every member of his Cabinet. lu
the daily acts of the present Administration
he came judgment is approved and nn
It is po-sible that a uutnber o( Cungosg
men and politician of th- domintn p.rtv
«'itb a consid' rable following ot ofice ^e-k
• re a ay, uoiwi'.hMnndini? the vas'ly aug
mt-Mtd ,-trei^;!j tf an cn.i Opened publ'C
opinion r«-;:i* the folly <>' ;ho e ot my owu
party in 1>71 by rmisiii -; the Hell matured
judgment and défit.i;e p<>'i y oi'iheiro*u
Administration on tbe reform issue, l! such
s o be a tact this is not the p'ucu lor
h◦ >v!r g why euch ai. ai'erap: would b-î far
uore oi iftatrous thi'.n the liepuolican restora
lion of the »noils system a/ainst th ; advice
t President tirant such a eourso, and the
< o» ti i t it would precipitate, would In re
iiird'efB of '!:•* g>>od resuhs of the civil se
ice RCf, or p.uv expérience it its adtuinis
ration. If any part 1 mijht have in such
. oonteft, I could far b«-tt«*r serve the cms*
' r> form in the extrcis» ot that fall liberty,
vfcica is hardly con-patible with tlw pro
priety if my pr sent cilice. And I hive
h" honw ot being.
Wiih the highest respect,
Your obedient servant,
IbRMAN I» 1£atox.
Th»> President.
The frvsiiltmt'il Ke;i!jr.
Iv\.-.i rrtVK Mansion*.
Washington, 1>. C., Sept. 11, lltfi. t
't. iii'.ii'itii It. hil-isi :
Mv I»; \u Sik:—I atn in rcCt.pt of your
ct'-r to:»*■ -inp your resignation as a metn
r of the 1 *'jùid of Civit Service Commis
I canr.ot re'ruin from expressing my sin
ere regret that you have determined to
wi'kdraw from a position ia the public ser
ice wher. your intelligent por!ortnanee ot
tu : v has h.-en of inestimable v.ilue to the
'ihe irieiida ofe'vil service re form and all
hive w!.o desire good go ver um -nt
tally appreciate ycur devotion to
»he cause in which yoa earh
o'isttd, and they have seen with satisf
ion that jour zeal atd faith have ,.c. led
•,ou to suppose that'.be refo; n in wh en
)cu «ere engaged is unsuited to the ruier
*.hich ordinarily govern progress in h i:mn
ullairs, or that it should at once reach pr
edion and universal acceptance. 1 ou
na\e bet-u willing patiently to accept gout
.tMill s as they could step by su p be _-a asd
holding every advance with unyellmg
•t' adlastnefH.
'J he 8iicce£S which thus tar attend -d :!:«•
■■(.'.k of civil pervice rt-îorm ia Jar..'« > due
O :Lfc fact that ils pr&ct cal lYion 's have
{rccreded i pen the theory that r°al s"d
! ;ealthy progress can only be made as *■ h
! the prople wi>o cherish pernicious poiiti
l*i IJ ta lj"g foitcrvrî a • j »-n v-il in
.t ous pa..-jii hi;', oi j. . .tjci tuai ta
t»-.g" ic n pitted by : f'ji o!'. rs • n
'atuial iinp'.,\- eut a .d b<-i: -fit^.
A rettyo:.' » 1.- '.olerati -n f^r "d préjudices,
irar -ft.. r • .. : i,io:i c! aid, h rensi
'e ui'.i/at • ' »very °.i stiu.natality tuat
•. it t.:i:v8 i-'.a: iv, a'.d a constant effort
• iru! "», are mi? ma wb. .h t'ùf I
« la. inort-jn ii! »ill ii: fi.''r»' be îurt'ioi
•cvatird, !!'<• o,<>t incorrigiiiît
V< i' n.tn «'• !.<!••• • i ■ fi i J:t: un : l t"C *u<e
. Ii.t, d !.p c; " !t I i il l t i ('1* CO irSt*
i-. re should • u-> riirr-1. er of priarpal,
«.r bftcu« . J Ci r>, su : hü 1*ws i«>f sh« ■ u
• H -u:cni u: r»! ru .-ftonM • p:i'l;v ex
• littu Hut the h • v.< •*•• •• S tu pria'-i,»!<••
: 11 ihn will no* t«» toi'v r 'i miles» the
'i 'litK'tric <■? th- p> ■ added tu th
•• it: n- • î'ion of d , i. a: J v .'oroui • x
• i ut:,T. •. I 'lie Lwa.
It i» :» BOarcc o! cv, •- - ulation th it th •» l
•■-m :■ y fritnlj •»' Civil Service r 1 > :u
.ur: hailed on the pru-iral .-.. te of tin
, ■ ■ ô :r.:d that the ü"m'.er h not ;re»:iT
: l£)(.?>■ jrofe.-i.in/ irioudline.'-J lor t!it?
. -«'ai i y ' il--1 i'-. :t'v »ni »ii'i a ..»• r
•li ue t-i-tt -i/'iU'C.i-n*- di«cre'l;,'n£e»'er
•Je. t te; in »•>.:U't ward witi» their a't-:.
»ltd Mw. and d»cry with critt
"i <• ! »b"r oi thiMt; jwctu.".;1." i:; the field
■ * *• t ou i i^'i.cr r1.-- conduiras which
■ i i i. 'i i|Utlilv » v»r-stri!j;ie, for ci j
i.,;- :• i.i ;ce a J .its of sovutu- j
mont ilrtc..-m lo u; i».ti itd loiiiiid..» i ;> r
J'he re'.*tôbCf in yojr letter to lue a:ti
tr.de of • n.euiL>-r« ^f my ( abinet, to nit?
u'.erit !■•• tem • s! loiished by :he civil s -r.i ••
. A», bcéi.I Jcin^; en .rely correct exhibit
m r.ppreciation ut hoceit eudeavor in trie
•;-n ticn of reform, ar.d a di-po-oiioa tn •! ■
i ::ice to prove sincerity which \*
.•ratifvin?. If such treatment of ih n» un
. u wboi'i th'» duty re.va of administering
•he govern ment according to retVro in»tn
o"s was a universal ml", and it etnww
a- d perplexities nttsading sich a
Admiii.-t:atiou w< re fairly rejardeit ;k s»'•
those p:ot.."MD(r to Ha frieailv to neb,
:;irtK'>d.« ihe avowed enetuii'S of the ci
.. . : t.îY-,i ied It.-.- enc.'iur^meni.
I ' -ii ve in Civil Service U form aud its , ■
npi ;k**!.<. i. in the most practical form 0 » :
ii. nir.oxii o'i..r rusoja be:au¥'' i'
o{ c"- ti p %r for the rich aud p ur ai:i;
to p nicipuion in public place holding, aud
..iid ■ c : :ht t'^e i? ». ii»ud w..en » ' c ir
i -cp'** w II .'e? tb- advantage °f a relianc-' '
uf iii cj, r; i y upon ui; i: ai-i fi'ues^ •
►i. «o o: in-peiid«"i'ce up >n ths caprica or i
?■ iv * vre.-1 vf those wha imprudently i
tsDd between the people and the ioachicer j
if their government. In the ore
:£se a r asotable intelligence and
ho education which is freely furnished or
breed upon the youih oi our iand are the
redentinla to office' the orber way is found
n favor secured by participation in partisan
?ork often unfit'ing a peuon morally, if
iot raertslly and physically, for the respon
iibilities and duties of pabl'C employaient.
You will agree with me, 1 thiuk, that the
lupport which has been given tr ibe present .
iamninriV'W in its efforts to prj:er.'«
ind advance this reform by a party restored
0 power aller an exclusion tor many years
rora participation in place attached to the
tjoblic sei vice confronted with a new syg
em prfcluding the redistribution of su -h
places in its interest, called upon to surren
1er advantages which perverted part nan
>hip had taught American people belonged
:o the successful party a^d perturbed with
he suspicion always ra:sed in such •
in emergency that th-^ir rights in thj conduct •
af this reform had not been scrupulously
regarded, should receive due a.kuo vle Ire
nen t and should conür-a oar belief ibat 1
there îb a seniiœeut among .no people bel- ]
ter than the de3iie to hold oiik-e aril pv'.ri- ,
otic impulse upon which may safely rest the
integrity of our institutions and the strength
tii.d perpetuity of our .-ovcrnment. I have
determined to re-juest you to retain your
present pot h'on until Novenibar 1st : ext.
at which time ybv.r res'ir.-iatiou may become
operative. I desire to e\press niy entire
confidence iu }(>t.r attachment to th cause
01 Civil Service lteform and your ability to
render it efficient nid and ! indulge the
hope and expectation tlmr notwithstanding
• hi acceptance pf jour resignation your in
terest in the object lor whi'.h you have la
bored so assiduously will continue beyond
ihe cf'ieial term which you surrender.
Yours very 1 rnly,
(jRoVEIt Ci.f.vki » n.
Fourni Class l'ont iitftfctei'H«
lollowirg fourth class pc^tmaUerj it>
nointed to-dav:
West Virginia—At N'avilie, lUxtor 7'ori
'.Hfh; Coiton iiill. .lames <« Kirks:
rretehion, Krerett S. Wilson; !.■ .lisvtlle
Mrs l.umn.ie Karle.
An ApjiVi:tiii',nt.
The President to-day apf ôrited S M
Sto« I slajer, o! Indiana to he As3i":;nt
foniiniisioner of the General !.a:;d Ollic v
vice Luther Harrison rest. neu.
Commodore Seiiim«'* i)e:t I,
CV .v„.iti.rii Mev A. S • •• •ica co nman 1
i!.t of \Vn=hin?ron Navy Yard, d'ed fl';d
I) ? 'y ut Hamilton, Loudon county, Va.
Arm y Promotions.
Colonel A&haiom Rvri, Assistant luspec
:or (itérai, w.s this morning appointed oy
be President to he inspector iietioral of
'ho :.rir,y with rr.nk of Brigadier < iuieral to
siiccwd (ien. Nelson Ii. Il.w's, retired
''apt. Henry J. Faraewoi.h K'jhth cavalry,
*tt»* been appointed Assistant Inspector
fieneia! with rank of Major to fill tfi*- va
CiiLCV <retted by p-oniofien of Col. B.irJ
Sierttng'a OMe
The SecrptHrv of the rrcavry vili make
a personal irive#ti(:'»:icn of t!: —i <• I Mr
Sterling wi ther a'the Ne» Vor!;
house, who was suspended un Monday but
will take no further action uctil after Col
lector Hcddens rep.irtî to hin all :h .• cir
eut.is!;.cct-B :i'ieudÎPfj th i removal of Ci,:t
Baton itLil the r»pp- it-ür.ci.! > *!r S Y. t-.*
HI !»l»n !l turni:i^.
The Posioüice Department is informed
hat Inspector Murphy y-slerday .-'anod
*ith liibbs. the defau'tlii» pos m;. tor of
Lewiston, Idaho .auf? H'olen pipers aad
money re jV d (or 'ht! l iiiti d St .tes.
M'liKAW'a Mill
T'irr.H Out Sw*»v;»l A|i|ioiiilm»<iiU to «ii
l* TI.al It«' VCD lit' I'Oflil Hill;»,
HiHri'tl to th* l otstfr
(ittAt 7(.v, W. \'a , September 2;!.— I he
following p< r«ons were appointed 'o posi
tiors iu the Iuterual i'eviutie Service oy
Collector McGraw yesterday:
Jacvi' »V. M an-li a! I of Binidolpb coun:v
Deputy Collector for the S-rwi.tl) Internal
Revenue Divition, composed of th : cou.ties
of Randolph, IVW, \V. '■ate-r, I'ocahoat »s
a: d PenJltut with otli •• a* Mir.20 F.ats.
I'hia posit i'.:i was formerly iicli iy Mr. J >hu
\\r. Connor of B-verly.
Siiru'l II riays, of Clenville Gil.n?r
couTtty. Deputy Collector for c e;ghth di
vision, ccmpoFed ot the counties of 'i.l ner,
('.»Ihoun, I»oddrid};e, Uarrison and L'.vs,
■ ith oilice at « • lenville. Mr. Hays suco-eds
"r. M. (i. Holmes, of Harrison county.
iViiliam Me' reerv, of Ualei.eh county, d -p
u y for the fifth division, composed of K.l
h, Booue, l.ojrau, Wyoming anci . IcDo*
e i counties. \ive William Workman.
Lee II. Vat.ce, of Clarksburg, sîaitip
leputy for the county of Harrisou, wit:.
!'ice at Clarksburg.
Jos. V. Williams, of Hardy county, I*. S
•Moreke«ptr, a^iyned to Hantiis oistiilary,
Maitiiisbur.', vice II. (i. BariUtt.
Atioriw A. Kile, of Penuieiot: co ir.ty,
;«■ .-I r. vi« h M. K Bopßs,
Stephen W. Poe, of J itylor county, G.v.i;»*
•r, vice Ftank T. Thayer.
TI'or. Ï. i.Hk , 1' S. Ganger. vice 1'in'jl
B. B;iker.
A bl.>uuLAri bUltJJit.
1 Man Tr;i*i linnet T.'nt H« Ifa« Tiicen
,>Io 1 phian«t 1- r'iviril Oyinij,
C)< , \i.o, S. pt -m'"t-r"2":.—A ''ii|(i'.!ar ■■ .se
iiiii dec . .ri"d iti thii city ye-t r^<«y.
About I o'clo-k i: the aitemoon, a clerk in
ï -iruj et ore »» Hiii't»»(d utr^et anH C
I i rt avet tie, an -wered a teli-phone ciï! 1
- reepotire to Lis <|ui ry of "Whoé- s ; .1 : • !
r-eeived the renlv t!"»t it wm ?ust
ivir- liaiwho «Hill: ' i'l .»*'»t-ll my wife
j[ I i i.ve iuf ' '• 0 twenty trrains >t mor
; ..i-'»-. jl rtlO »ill..s to S'-t' tli'1 1 livj the
» ! I - -i. in i'diiiM nrcî'v hoOIi
Ali>*r ihiitkiii? the niutiT o»er rm » ir
- .to fh< cl; r': concluded t" teil tii? p ■
i »■ iriHitHf, A p%<rul va^A.' iut<
rill llHli'l} 81 lit iO K Ha:a lî. F' .Ii',
•M r;v he vas f.juLil iyii _• under th- le
; hon« in an unrocsciuu* <
0 i-.Ft.p tatt h;ra pruvH miat.'Tfh • and
!-e »wpiud shur'iy bf'p*. I'«.vpu'deocy
>\<r Cf tic Ùltii I tH < . • '.U i. a. .0 i.UVtf
t-tiul.» »ii«e of the Buic'-î'*.
THt î-'RAIKl£ FIHiS.
1 •«'.-j F'VorîH uf Kalinor a .*»•*'! 1*. t'I*
ro:«il*rM to l'rojmriy.
K vii;i k, S. j'pw'ier Th»
* : h**rn I'icidc paFW%cr tri»:i; Iro'o 'ht*
t'o&st wftîi tit ju* i*tl ri< l.uUM
17 by prairie tirtA number ol !>ri ïiî'â
ave bti'îi fcurr.. d ht praiiie fires. M m of
rts tvt-re ptarted by farm-rs >n attemper»?
0 make Iii e breaks around their premises.
1 "ev-ral instances c« ir ibis city farmer*
i ,t al! lfcej Imd ta tins way. At <'irring
: . )5l> iuilm eaK uf here, 20 Util» u ,she!a
' ^r:«iti tti-re d» «troyed At Siraetbiier s»v*
r»l \V#ateri l'rjon repairmen v?-e t t
ti!fd to tî^rVt th* fluni»-« f >r h iura ti swe
i f »«hMon nr.d *vv r tank* of the Nirh-r t
'i.( itic. niid a sttn'i tir ripiri ce tas Irotn
-j •:> Wood
I N01 HLH MlNf. DlSAsTta
!'!•» Fr;it«li1ia Cnllfrir Flooded, r,u»! !*■ » •*
>1» il h. nwriril,
IVit/imi \t. Pa , Sfpiprcib^r 2^ — \
rightful üirtis'er occurred a: th : IVatcr!»
i^aiiinp of 'he Franklin colliery last »■ ven
us;, by whi< h four miner* lim! th^irliv--. I
tite manner (hey tipp d the o' ! >*o;kntr-,
th-nala<-£e b .dy of vtt->r lirt-t i:. •> . i
•tmpltlely I ib«» tu i : I •- dro^'ii'j/ '•
our a:" ti in *.-i «• cf ib- !r dJ-;i>-r» •• .»■•
o »fet-aue I .> ti D'jjj il. i: IijJi - h 11 nj
it en tecovmd.
,'he Sänke s' Convention at Chicago
"he Prcminirt Repräsentativ es Present—
President G>iage's Annual Aild.ecs
A Silver Resolution.
CuK AtiO, September —The handsome
luditoiiuui of iiaverley'a New Mius.rel
Theater, on Madieon street, which, a week
o day, was occupied by officers ot the Army
;f the Tennessee, who had ^a'hered to per
ictuate the memories of the long a^o, is
:rowded to day with a very < p,>osite gatli
;rin? l>oth as repard« :ipp>aran"e and b'.isi
H'ßs, in the capacious arm chair in the cen
,er oi the platform, wiurcin ' Old Te
jumacu ' res!' d in ease, sits a.tall heavily
milt, well proportioned gentleman, with
bîavy brown bra:! and high, expanding
forehead. This is I.ayrr.an J. Gt-org*, Pre:
ident (if ih" First National Hank, and like
w'.cc President ol the American Bankers'
Association. litlore hira, A.«wn on the
Uoor, are three hundred or ni'iro membvrd
of the Association, which, a t\>v moment'',
heiw viil be in at.Lual '.ou'en:!ou.
It is
Iti |iri-*«nl .»I I » <• * sKtTi^'.ajt«
of the financial chiefs cf the country: th:3
ihren:» o! nit n of p.-ave viauj/c or - >hc-r
mi' l—rT'} heudfd vi'terai..s iu tte world of
'nance, with stiff, . arched collars aud the
black stocks of ft quarter certtiryn-jo an)
younger disciples, whose beads ha.v not
iie-n whitened by anxiety or cruit'nance
nrrowtd by care. «J i-t cos' tm"«, Slick
ircadciotba and Sergt-s brin/ i.i the ir.<»j;r
ly, harmonize filly with rh>; uhs^nc-.' n*
. ilanousr.f a or "tivity that prevails Now
iù'1 '.î'en there is a low m.'.r'ü'ir ai J a
» «APA «Knn APilî.
. n;y finniîcicr mtJ.vî Lia _ irai, .
i'owziiulhe Iront news lion. J hn -I.
NtiOX, ex-Comptroll'r of t!i" Currency, is
••.\(ilair iieome » i**horr.- êti»<is*ic*%! t'axe.
'»H'Qt on parchmen* : i :tn inter^s'ed nrono,
.m Cid g wiii.-h f'irgr. sina'i I.-m v, o! M'ohi
f»n; -I. M(.î.tjf'Ti--y l' of lV'sbtir;; <«.
irabh, of Miiwaukee; il. B. Tuf. h?, c! St.
Louis; J. S. Barrett, of l.ouisvilla, c^n be
• •• > ici/t-d. Over in the corner Jad,i>e Po
:. iû of \ i imoiil, l ie-coated nud brass :>ut
med, as in ante-beilum da}s. i-> t.«huii^i
.r*eiiiiti.s wiiu i i.vurJ Atkineju, ihe eoii
.ii >it lîoaior.iuii Down iu the i-orni r :!. gravi
ai d Ji/niii'd Pio:e--«.'r Boll»*», ol' tli«* 1 "-»i
iittit; oi Pennsylvania, ia liwkioi; over tae
noies of hit itrthcomiri? «d'ires»-."i IMil
. »lion.- 'lore ni.U tb r-auij.;. lhe/a''i
erinj; »r» uo!> •- Pnuk S'ever*. <•; Dalcot i;
I K Ai î.-rfiiii, ol !ViiUi3flP- Bri/an ''ur
r y of New Ycrk. 1 t^Ȕ l: o*. Mon
r<-.Ȕ, II. lioojj nrid \V. !!. IV \*n. oi
I'«-» s;.-; mia; N. » »n S|\k» of M-i i:sr .
\\ia; ! r .'.k Miilvr, cl forci-k; Samuel
A. Meiri.l. of 1-jwu, Prank ii-.ivtn, ex
Trra.-tirir. cf B;s:-.n. nr.d nanv
■ ^(T3 v h' i-" iirtnri's h" • '■ n'' tnp irar>(*0-!8
tbe pi -.tiit »!- • ol liftbkii» Iii »Li*
c urîrv
IJfi " 'î «t»**, :n !i'a
Ml lia! \iMrf>-,
•. nuraM <■ tonetj rr i - «r?. :*»'•
•ni'!, us \ ,rr.*»-r«. tbev ii,] !S : "#> -,hnT"
i itllu*r.ee wbi h has t>> ftn po1«1'f in pro
»limine :he nn.'-i'-ii pr^ie so!'!'j»lftst hall
of :l.e iti> 'Ii cLi'iry A'Oon > h»oon
•irions which h' nit-n'iored «s •*or.»bl«*
='.rd hij/ltly important are: A we'i con
ducted and orderly State, where Iü- ami
property fi cd pafegnarda under thi ftirhfti'
erdorcenient of law; a general int-lli^enee
ar.d a gc ncrally devdop. d moral s-nse
fulî'cient to enforce in ibe average ind:
•• idvial the iii' lates of honor ou i
a condition cf industry and trade which
offers fair reward to those tvho <-ii»r f/e in
'h -fe pursuits. alawltl currency or m hit
:audard endowed in »ho h-.-h-.-n' p >-iib>
d>?rfe rtiih the ijunlity ui uuvar.in/ or
uniform value.
A Silver K«iAoiii(1ii:i Oilerri!.
Iir.ajr Jiuttly after the r-aoir/ uf the
I'r> s debt's addi-ä», un iavi ..;i i. t-m Hi«
•vl'Riiîard i uiatli, Mcrt:ieru i .i..i< and
S.. I'll'.!, Mu Utapotn ai.il Mapiton Dade
i. phce over'hetr lities. free ol • i a:»;e, '■>
vl iiSt I'm;!. Uulath. l'a.^o and ûsau.ap
o' f" w;i* '•>'»T.'-rd tnd ae<ei.t>;i
C- ive Committee rî--r«_ri t io fjl
lov.ii -
!'. •• "I 'I hi' :♦ is the ! hi 4 ■•ft
v.: :.!!hat tIi.-c Ira-'P of eilr^r Jr."' <i\.
• • .)»r •l-'* (ompr ff'ry la* ol i *7- ia iI-m
• ■ rit.l to lie 1 ■ • inure f ol ihep-o.'.
.• d . • • s th" weifar«! o: he .
i nit. and thf«' the law i>ho.ii i •>•«• uuni
- <i..-p. tid.d and rcnai . -m ri: "■■■.
i.n iofrniiiionala/>rei-iiu'tit of the It*:» I
ir •'cf.ii!:;.. '. iul nations eh<«l! ji • » e :nta"
...... . (.„ h, |0 ige I'titi rt- relalt-j'i < :
i.i.o vifvt r a« inonny.
•lor.ii W 1. Trt-nLolin, of I 'ha'^jlo-»
> (', opet.ed !f;e dii)cii?nic»ti. f ivorm/ c .•
.. '-..lion.
, , Convrurioii Hcgulrttr* Tiix.ltion .nr.!
I i\t h «*iV .•« .ïariiM.
S .o! « Fjm T • i . Septemb r 23.—Tie
f. rstitu'io: :>l C nven'oa adcp'.ed clàaè s
îo'lowi» rrstc-day: l'rov!d::' • for lh« ■ .
• j • < n -ion ••! ;-r--* « • ;. a Je.':
t-'.* :'-r ♦_ ic ! -.'.ni. hi i • ' i!i;r,i, i'.d
i. . • • - • ; '
»• >: ï ... ! I . •*.
Ir IF !>< . *fcd tr:»1 tili- : • li
.1 f • Î. 1. K\ - i bv ri-i' ii'c i : he
• Ji •( •, pi n ' f: '71 *' " Jtou. J. A
1 ii-iou- ? s! ». of wo* !
i! i ti.'.rfli" i:i the i.< !1 t w or
:r v .li, '.gc u ."}••!• ."i h to i>j-: "■*
i - ojr.un 8uftrafrecrji.se c i :he jro.r. i tha*
••.» n •> «.. »-«e triebt 'if • ' he a >p : \ o:
Le «.Oi'EtiiU'.i 1.
Deputy ilirrilTiMiul»ml iitlli-.I,
i.f);i-vii.i . Kv, Sfj.'emocr — W'oni
>r-s b^fn rtcoived sha' a v' in I.'eh>-r
: *v K«\. V«f*e>K 'he .! -r. : and Wri^h*
««•Hon, l'plnb hnnghü, dcpntj sfctf'l^ S»ra
Voit Mid V.M. Frsctis w n killed I'm
•». ioi .Hh 'i "'••«en warrtn » wit i orcH othf-r
I -J ti.e .»hove r.*mH ti> n went to iV"-'
v. »-fn hf ir ' of fhfl-cTri«e ioi
lr '.m'., ! ;hf p. :eiv»-' »hoo'în» thetn ! .»•»
•t h- it •xfirüi*1? Thern !i m .cd \ ;»t«*
. -M ov r the ki i'-ntf.
A lt'»nk tu 'tic Mil"«:-* H:»::• .,
P.- r.-.. > 'p'ombfT -•> —-'.ris • • »> i
.. . >t Ss't ^ ia the tLiri pçnl, (
• •uuird wcrV to<3ay u* rh<- op'ra* it's ;
. ic !**• tirit r." in 'lit1 ;
i ht Bf ioti (' Mt».0 8 h:H fa-lstM I'vJ- ■
t. r cit : *n.« i ♦ r»r .r- |'\* »»rik-ri. !
: <i :i>- 1 *:». 'innn •• ..r. 1 "h .t .-(
. . :.v ».»«• bight -u.
, . « r - I i. tri .-.cii: }.».•« : ri* t
II r onthcl.
terrible Fate of Two Finherinen —Four I
Tesseld Wrecked <»u the I.fike*.
Chicago, September J3.—A very heavy |
icrtherîy ga!e prevailed throughout the en
ire lake region yesterday and last night.
Vessel-nia?ttra who arrived during theni,'ht
state tha' the Mom was a terrible one, and |
bat the F*.a is runclng higher than at any j
previous time tbts fpuaon. Reporta have
at en received of four srbocners being
wrecked at various points on Lake Michi
gan, the crews fortunately being res uel n
?ach case bVars are felt for the safety o'
numerous other vessels known to b<-outside
Di port.
Two unknown fùbermtn were washed
from the north pier and drowned vtaterriay
ütteinoon. 'J'he lookout at tho life saving
station saw them walking on the pi r, a:i !,
realizing the dunger they wi-re in. signall d
thew tormurn. They paid no attention to
the warr.iug, atd proceeded about ti tv
jut da v. hen a tremendous breaker -as lifted
high over the pier aud descended upon t! e
limbera with a crash, carrying (ho two tre :.
The life boat start« d tù the rescue ifUtne
diattiy. as cid also two sailors «ho ju«;ptd
from a vessel lying cVjte by nud ran along
•.re pier in hopes of saving tb drowning
men. Hut tbess brave fellows were aho
swept into the lake, and ahhou^b a boat
was immediately loaned frc n the vessel
a: d iîfiit to ih> ir asiiilaa-je, they wujid
prc'jably have bi't-n ios". but for the oppor
tunc arriv.&J oi i". '.Ac saving ere v.
The two fishermen after a brief ba'with
ihe ïuff», tunk from rijbt, and at hough
'lié îife-aavt rs în.ide dilige"* 3e«r^"> their
bcdics were not rrcevjred.
A Cyclone onr til.. C m-i of M^iue.
W.t :|ii\i;tc n. Septem^T T'—I'he two
cjchd.ic disturbances y-gierday mort-ini»
on the Carolina coast at.d north of l.il;e
t :<:>rio un'.id over Ni» üaglat J with a '
mow decided ?t. : tetter near I'aatpoit,
The Wliul at Sandy Hmik.
Sandy IIook, N. .1 , September — \t
f.t.'.'own Inst evening there was little wind
:rotn tile northeast with light raid. The
wii.d was modern e at 11 p m . weit north
west, and s-eadtly increasing until a1' .t -
a. to., when i: had a force of for'y-eight
miles an hour and from the northwes».
'»Waihir cloudy with r. heavy fea. .V !• n.
in. nothing bad been seen or lizard of t ie
liûi.r'î' SR or (ienesta.
(J: Wi'-i \ ir^liila Tin- Olllrrra Mecti-il —
Sixt '!•*• tin^ .11 Wheeling.
>/■ -fit to M» R'gittfr.
rv-uii.i- Ti-v, W. \' \ , Sep'envier'J.!—
T! e Pres* ,A.-tsociation met tà:s aiorninjr
and proceeded to the consider*. ou ot ou*'.
ntsa conti.,Liu? ot reporte of various ot'i .-r*
at d committees after w eb the < of
the a<3ce:'ttion wer? «•' J. I'll. : vc
titers are President • I >!>t: M. H.ilr :ii :i
Stundard; Vice Prr^iil-n' M. W. >l!y
Oti>r)<ston Gazer-: II.ton:£ ■«.r •&:;
K ('.Smith. Ty!. : • i . y Curr'jp -in-iing
iffritary ( ïeor,.*» !. ;ab «, ('> ir . > ir »
New*; treasurer V.:. M. (). ItiAjon,
Or,.tor 1 lev. .1 (>. Th: . P.v A
• l»uri: th.- •. 'i '»
I» g V.". j. hr.
>0! , PtwitVal of t' • \V«> .t. h( ':,r: i
I n jit-ra!;.'i«n u . ir • «.• i ; ft«
ftoiubly. * rai.!'. »\-oJs Ot • • ".»ii• >. •
!i -in of 'i ? v ■ ii! Si!i i>l ' I■'...
;i'.o di l'Vi rii »D . :Art. t
. ii.. ion vi udiij.t' i at I •* '• 'n l' I.
il. 0. I'aweOn was ckcicd hutorian
r:; XI \ . .'.r.
• I .'I:».'.!' J.: ini«l th--atiiM.I pj.
::'i J J-.'inor Morriiili« aun ;alor. ion. »hu b
.'i iv e. "'i. 'e. Will bf
.1 I ; al Ivvo-I (j clorK this
ni; g ft' .h-* In t by th» ? ■< - J pr-ss.
Ike j.t- ' e»tefing r.illb«s h«-ld in Wfitvlir -J
I'i, ICi V» r .1; «H : * < • J.. T m Pr ibiiVy T'lilt r. <1
t!> T.-iiii..«-. «.
111 f, S'-fit- nr»#*r 'i'! —liternal
• "tor lu!- .iic la»! night
ncciwi a :' tch riving information of a
eotiiiict h< >i - n a nc»s»* of t î' Ts aid Cu
rt II ccr .'v 'moonshiners, ar.i Intimating
' • ' V ur I. .<1 fi r::ter VvJ Veti foul'y d<'a!'
h;;d. If. M. lirten. a i'rp'itr Collector,
i't Nu?ln:!le Sunday ni^rht wirb several
' 'icera nuo' ample a in nuuüiuti tor a bard
fit filet will» tbe ni»n'ifa'-ti"-ers ol iilitit
his! y. crd ten r*.:?'*« wer-r p-.r: of the
••t t> t oi v.iir. It had h^Hi a.r:."--i 'aat
• î'tn should receiv. reiafo."f.vue;:is
«nztt and he hud a d » -t.-n with
i: in v'ei r - vt utt-red itit«» th • lair ot ?h
r 'i t (ir'>(?n tele«r..phel, -lying:
IVom'Hs wnri; cnniiir.- i ia^; rn »hi. ibe lir.,1
■ ue it lu ocicck. 1 ji>r mm wi-rt* left to
ji : i'i .'i-vm or i-iu'ht •in.;i w ri* lired
•. >.• if h fi-'e?. and we rwi.tn J at » n 11
ai.'i toti'ai "•»' ill« ""il *»r ; ,\itudsive'e
>■ r.'. \V. r.-iaJ.- h s ar< b tr wi-re unaj.i'
to h*ar ot . .u or tiui 't ^m a'.a w.-ri
itvui in.
It :i|#r ! I, f t »Iw fît*,
••rpeur^d r ■. t h .• -M.i-n . or.Mp,lv I •••. j
• i.i tbe pi- • Uip'i ' h lb' 'i wiae
;( • w i r: t • 1 •• • t ;■ «
. .itr.ti ltd '
7r*i yiLLVi L»\ vü tjT-îIKt.
i».tr, in ■ . I.» I * I* ■ h I ..1 le Uiltirmik -
I* »v. 'V orbing J .'in w-li-i.tay.
< I * I • ' • — llumord
: ■ - at \ :*•' • • •• »orttnon '.ai
i ' ' r'!» :r'ng to
t 1 1 b'.cn i I com
•I !
:i t»
• Li!!- .i
■ .pi-, il H • h a! ' • -» ,:
.,v'fr. rr-P\I'O hi-inj C
p ■ , •«., -»»•■'•V ' r
-7 Iv?»
* r- •• !
I r* -or':». I.v 1 vh' th* hoiiv« ni i
vo. I n n v t r" i»* •*.*.. . m 1 • '.** ' b •
• !■: im ' ■■■ «»hff h'irt.
.1 11! Ï '
.Ki r MX, W. V> . S-p'eniSer —
ï*. -m-ne house w.jrth >1 bu'ied
•own hit ci^ht. Fl wat insured for W,
. .J owned bv J.-im f rto.""», Tim •
f *hi'1 r" h if oti'h. ! .»• >>»•
• ! itceadiary.
A Compromise l'rob«l»lt*.
I' , . S-p'ember - —A join» i-on
reri.p ' ! a c «nin irt»«* of Woltem '.»>nd •><*
:'i:S c:,.1 !.»<.; urr s aol workmen appoint
d to arra! 2e a sea!e ol waj'-j for th" eon
n? v".r, -net this inornin?. Alter diaciM
r. ■ the fr''*ioti th'-y placed -h» nvi'ter in
'■> hu-o! a saS committee of r*o with
*i- s .'l ■ *i'T to settle tne di:!erenc&'. It
• i" • 'ral :rr,pr-«gion 'ha* a cota promise
re ï fctf!. The fac'o'ies have been
tA r-cc lnif J'.ne arH 'O'.h are anxious
f f unie.
I m! fiât» M
' ■'>.* r h •• • only t) o rt-n
j.. ,v» i<d f-st-lleacu. Tàe r
i . !• n ; ...i.ur,3 fra^nnt
• •! tî.f ?'or;. Th°:e ia mor«î
r ;* w ittome ab'J Unexc# Jlioo
, : t. : tar any t - • •
n European Affairs Over the Rou
melian Revolution.
rhe Porte l barr.iôstJ îo Obtain War
Fjniis—The Roumeilans Tearing
Up Railv.ajs, Etc.
Constantixoim.k, September 2;!.—Count
S'elidotf, Kassian Mtnis'er, has asjured his
:olIeaguea that liussia is innocent of any
participation in the Iwumeliau mTjir. The
l'iüits, however, are convinced that this is
n answer to Sir Henry I)rummond Wo'lVa
mission which Russia interprets as the
orerunr.er of aa Angle Turkish ailianee.
The excitement in Macedonia is increw
in/, and crave events are
leat<>). Thp l'orte is embarrasse!
so obtain f inds tor t'.e transportation ol
iioops. Turkish vessels have beeu forbidden
to.'nterthe Clulf of Boorghas.
The Rourat-Iians are tearing up the rail
itays on the frontier and fortifying
the roadways. They cut the telegraph
lines and endeavored to blow up the
bridge over the Mariua river, but were
prevented by the timely arrival of a body ol
i ùikich troops, wit1', win»** thfy had » slight
.ikirmiêh. Turkish I'uridn have lallen b>'aviiy
!i> CoLstantinoplti. 1: is believed that
bexxefoith Kduaitlian tribute will uot be
blowing i'lltlntl.
l.iiv;- »X, St :>!i inber 2:» —An uneasy fe •!
: pii-vaiied in thi- I'aris !jour..e today.
U.mora ure current that s« rious disorders
have occurred in Macedonia. The Iftissisn
newfpapTS ronsder tue situation in the
i!a!Lan n< V.eioming more critical every
day and they doi.bt the possibility ol re
storing the s'a'n <|'io. l'riuce Alexander
I as -h n it » circular to the powi-rs in whi h
• <* .ncvip.c - s ir.e uiiur" 01 r. inrrn i.m
melia and H i'^rnri-v He |says he h<is ac
' . jvid n [v iiular elec'ion in no hostile
; lut lo '1 ura< y lie recogni/*« the Sul
. n suzfraui'ty and holds himself re
sjc.tsible for tlf public security. Ile
h l.i the powers to iutervei'e in
ordtr that union may be reoogni/.ed
•.? a atcomplishtd lucr, otherwise tin- pea
; V are resolved to do everything in tneir
pcwvr to ;pho!d the I'nion. l'rinc« Alex
»! dr-r has sent a dispatch to the Su'tati ol
! i',°y asking hitn to recognize the I'nion.
At Constantinople there in great excite
ii.t nt over the ntuation. The Sultan prided
»t ( Hiucil which wus called on Sunday last
■> settle the question ol sending troops to
lio'.roelia. Pending a decision several
•'.allions have been ordered to concentrate
o'i the ll'iumelian frontier. The Cabinet
via divided on the quemiou ol'
.•«• ndisg force to ltoumelia. Same
!' tLi n-inistra were in favor
.f d!?pat< '.ling iron clads wi h troop«i to
l'ii r^'K..' a «»apart town of Kisiern Itiu
rreüaat.J t-l,ll;ing.iryl.»rm<Hl oth-r d vicions
y wiiy of Adriar.ople and Macedonia.
<:!Jrt u.t-iiijfi'a tb<>tig!;t si.'Iicm ai the
!'i r in tr.-a y should be consulted before any
( : ive tr- ;.s were taki n. The embassador»
• I 1 he* I:. "i!y powi-rs a' <'ons'antmopl« were
Of nsui'cd by tie Sultan, but they had re
n ived n> i.rders from their ■-overninents as
!0 what co;:rfe they should pursue. lu ac
c rdRt'.''e«ith the wisheg of the Sultan ih'-y
I i. e ai-'.ed ior infraction! und a*' await
tr p rfp'i"t.
A 1 rin J"l<l Oui —(iriiernl ai»*l IVrnuPttl
Nolc H,
io I he
Wki t-i' tis, Sepiember 23—Some sur
prise was oaaMontd to day when it was
Earned that th«- merchant tailoring and
çentM furrishing go..ds rs' iblishment of
I! I! I r'ib'r.tk, a.vit for 1'rauk J Fred
r'tk, Lad been boH out to J. C Wright.
!•'-.[ a live attorney, and C;eor?e Harth,
,^on of Uuifh Hart, both ot th's town Mr
iiarth is au energetic young man and took
•' 'irfp ol tin- store immediately.
11 f s'Of.m-'r Ahner 0'Neil is do:ng a
• .t '.mo<nt ot freighting of la « bnrri«:»
. <r,t ■ I • rah!e amount of goodsto 'I t» oit»
•Mme a largely increased • : -1 n*'"«
•if <) fr 'jr m -rchants here.
V Fu i!* hweight, who hid c'.*',?<• of
'• S : »er ving machiro o'1!"' f >r DTK
av. arbr« ' as Nt, ar.d I'. II M r n
i.ahav ."as returned here by the eomo*';y
■« i iK ir outness right in tili« \i. it.:ty.
* ill ol John Beck. l»i'dy au fuie med
ai. I ii .Mitial citi'< n of this rouaty was
.••du ittnj '< {-r>ih.i»e ro-dny.
lii->. .1. S'raha.'ii, of U'est I.iberly, wn
i ' rr tu dar.
i I,.* t w a M '"or? lo the Hudson Ifoase
|.r..r, r / rapidly and will be a jT'-a'
; -r« a-e to :ic hof l capacity w!c;n »om
I t"•«» Kt»|ih- ut \\i«i Kittxil m an Kit«
«'Ml»» ' t* I" I'll l II tllf* I liglll«'.
I'" I.» ■. t <v v Spptember —T> n
I' • S, t):»- • v «if I !• • hnnt hidongi' ' to
i rr.'.n». w« !'V » • * ?;• rt in St. J bornas,
I" ». on Sii r ! "> arrived in this city
. • i.r»-•: Matthew Scolt Jumbo'«
. .ir i Ti / v»'ars. It took a Ion?
to I J 'h* little d<-ph^nt, as th>>
. it; M t'< Il 0! his hijir*<l f'.Ot WtjIJ
. .••• Lia: t > roar with p,»in. Kwper Sco"f
- hrr. .J'-'«!» ' Jf*«r tb- freight train i.|>
• ii .• '.'I ! >■ morning cl the ii <
. ■ t~ ,.t-l ! f mi Thumb and tocc-'l him to u
"hi • •* nnd tb»*n t irn^'J ■» the engine
. i .*■ : '"ubt. As he riah>-'] a? the lo
in ! -••i.rk h:m pffrar»* in (be head
! fî'ovf h;.- "i-*3 Fo far in that the roo'*
i !!y j..-î tfnr»'i 'h» bra n, ca'.-irjç a!
it.it:mt The skull ni fra<:
' h i» no o'h'-r Sorip-1 wer»- fractart-4
t pr.7? a rr.o' merit will *r<< ted of
I ,r.<\ » i i!c r.n the ipot wh'-'e JumSo
. nr d that «everù 'housand doü-ira w.il
- r 'ti'mU i iiy the p ople of St. i horn
1 Vtirif.ni Sot»! to IT<*r
► V"iv Ser)'<-'ibi-r -'S—Th«* sale of
i'uritan w,k an non need to tak«»
i'ac •: to ilny and drew a crowd ol yacbn
V* W all etreet nson and o"!er* w'--o a -
• n.'i!fd at tbe a>: nom» on Front
net Eoon. In«* t'O*' »ai purcW<-l
v Mr. I'dward her 3i-»n«T and
-trf owner tor $1
AI'«t the sale he »'ated -ba' he hvJ
pht 'he Huriian for a tenth nan iri Bm
r.. but wn>.'.d not p.i « r bis r>a . r ! r p ; <
\\ ten ic-di»v.
( hililr*>n Vki f*!i in .» Km mug II »u%«\
Pu vi i't t.*saM". W. \\ September
—V> m. Winter ar.d r*i* «ife 1' ft hom-i y<M
triüj xorniog ur,l i-.k-i their tiro cbi!
iren agnd tVr»-e aud fi e, :n the ho'i««*
L>urit? thtir r.i \ " 'be hon*» »coV fi •>
» /' ««- • ■ ' 'i* • ' T -- ^ T*l p ♦ fr, f V I
»Iiii Wüe tTiAr* j vJ..-aJ* i. j lie . ' >j •
irtu ^«re Lur.i^i ta 'I atb
Tilt r*tcntton < f ur.j »a«*f m i" - t
: * r • ' *n t o«1, fph !• i 'Inf • I nf
j ,f ^I utifn it tin* ef c'l
Dr threat »-'îecitoii !1 !■ nrrniv f
;nc ...J flr B'iü'j Svr-11» * "
i. V '5 er' • ff Vir iv.hi v.j *r
c. i'gh evrjji inaiö.

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