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■»iirtfoon UontlMC,
1217 «iÄflßfcr STHEEY.
I. M». nov)
si»* o<>o<>a
CA Kl'KTs«,
Cloaks, Biankets, Comforts,
Yarns, Ruga,
ANt> tNlf UOO0C»,
O fj n o O
fli'l»an oi.ujr •:«. i.^j u.l i».*y »U tiaim
lt> -u-il « ümp.
V.'o ip you lui u." I h. s 11:> :jou *nJ sliu; iy
3uy where they REALY SELL
and more Substantial Goods than
you will fiftd elsewhere.
This |>la,6 you wtU ttavl at tbe jorw ol
1151 Main Street.
lathsn r«cl»cJ trvrj wee* at low piW ».
P. N.—KrrriTrd tills day, SO l*oi.
•I'ltae Itrtl SOr e\er tulil in
iltiw cil}, hliirli He Mill •»«•!I ut ou))
4« «fuis.
TVTnl li St.
L. S. 000 D & Cd.
i*A l«iAl>S!
< .ou»« ,:iJ Sh.)f« Wr.»pn. An lnuu-ino »Met at
luvist net kr.o»n. All Kimt-Cl»»» l*llui
M»Io Ferfe«! fitting
L,. a. good «a* co..
OCI LlSTaml ,VI 1«I»X,
No. hid Market Street.
( *]ior%nJ for MUwtrmt*! book on "Diffames of
Ht1 èjrb «ii'l Kar." ocl7cii,MuAA'
<i. Ii. McMochfn At Mou.,
sei k *fck> r«.
irad.i <ui p hd >t manufkcturor'i pr'c««. £•->»
Aftte»ronl md«I (vrRt«^ ( b«M 9i. oc24
2UljffI«nj Ût?3t3Îcr.
SA 1 ( 8I>A V. I.IIOHKK Vi. IHM.
\V«*(%tli« r 1 oil tent loiid.
Washinv.tai, l> , October 24.—For
the Ohio Vall-v .hi-: Tennes*?«. .-»lightly
warmer iiiir w -it.. ^ wimU shifting to
eooihtrly, low« " ;>»'oi.,.»ter.
For lower :*..«» r«-i»iot» (*ir weather,
•inj.'' tr.ir i> L' tu ut.ii south, lower
bironiHn i . -4 m t^mperatarfi.
\U>tH t» »">» -»•>»
rll»«im«u ti
V *nt*.l - S ur».
Wüute-I -Ha»iu«—• M «Ii
► or ^:iV - »"■»• b.i*»- Ivln. ry IV ijoii
UidImI Ö'.il Miners.
I'^>iiil~ Aii«l Mo.>9 !.>r Sale ! Il - " Hrten.
Mira lot »t«e* -Neo'^itl A Hf>>.
M.u l.ibrar; l.»ioi> Kwiag Hr.*
Divnln'lno N «»• i« «• M*r<h I .v \ m t <*» n.
l'ibkrtaketsMMl Kuo«rtl l'uïCton-O. M> mloi
A V spU ndi l l.iü» I>»viJ \»ta lor*l IV
1^.,.U4 H.;: Kvtraet-M.llfoh««*- I o.*l
tx-* Itlor H.ikitirf I H. List-[ I ul
Additional Loral on First Puge
%onr J itilorii»«» h«tr
I». <•! \I>I.IX. A lO..
Onllillfr> an«l I lolbiers.
:i«j TMflltli Sim't.
tit: mntj»» Ihr publir agtiiioil
tageiil* Hliix Uiui lo *ell xnoils lor
u«t«n «frkl) |M)in«>iil<t. Th«*j Mr««
imixiMfM. J.MOH H. I« Itl'HK,
ncroK\ti:u TILI NE IXIa m va
nplj of rolorc 5Ä plrrrx lor $1.30,
mi l>iVIM»M BRO«.'.
M Hrlift Ntreer.
Lynvii's $2 50 shoe for n:en can't be
Barrel Ka« s to night on whetla at the
Alhambra Palace Kink.
Oi k stock of" piece kroods for Merchant
Tailoring is complete in every respect.
Come soon and Wave your measure for
Suit, Overcoat or Pants. J. Brilles,
1138 Main Street.
Bakrm race on wheels at the Alhambra
Palace rink U>ni<ht. This will be one of
the most laughable exhibitions ever wit
nessed in a rink. The contestants will be
required to get inside and strap the barrels
about their bodies and make a half mile
Fixkst line of ladies shoes for $2 ever
brought to the city, at Lyncha, 44 Twelfth
Whsn ordt-rinsr CAmazes from RoSer
Luke, either for funerals or evening drive»,
take tbe precaution to leave your order at
the stable otfiee, besides, i? will cost you no
more to ride in his handsome new Car
riage« than in the interior one« from other
I*RAves am» (liBSoN at the Grand Fam
ily Matinee, also tonight at the Chaphne
Street Kink.
1 y.attmeut
Major Grubb in his testimony last eight J
jefore the Invest i^tiog Committee took
:ccasicn to ssy Mr Taney "lied" to him.
because he promised not to publish the
itatement of Pearl Wood's affidavit. j
Mter that promise was made to the Major,
i'hief of Police Smith ca'Ied at th» Heg- I j.
ster office and wanted to know what waa
joing on or words to that cfleet? We ex-!
j'aiced to him about the affidavit. He
itated it waa all a lie and asked that his
.ersion of the matter be published. Tcis :
<?at«ment ct the Chief entirely changed ;
the titration and made it necessary to ;
publish »hat we knew of the affidavit. |
Now we submit, would it have been justice V*r
to our r* adew, or fair to the Mavor, who
was hunting Evidence for the proeecution
of the Chief, to have published the Chief's j#'
statement alou«? Would it no have been a v
an incomplete atii an unsatisfactory piece Bii
of news to have published cue version and the
not the other? Kspecially as the Chief s P°
version was a refutation of the affidavit.
True, we mi^ht have rent at the hour of mid- the
uk'ht to Mayor Grubb's residence and tim
aeked his august Honor's permissifn to
cancel th» obligation we had imposed upon me
ou:s> If to accommod i'.e him, an acoommo- *b(
dnriou which the Intelligencer refused, but i Kd
time «as precious, the hour late, and we 8e^
did not dr^aui of the gentle appellation , ^
which the Mayor had in store for us. Oth (0
er^ise we might have so done, and if he ab.'
bad refused Lis cousent we would bave *n
been comp, lied to pay no attention lo him.
We are »:l!ing to believe that our highly
moral Major at home, and our undignified
out on alark Mayor abroad, was not him
self when ho mr.de so vicious a lunge at
Our veracity.
KkITOR l)h Klt.ister
L'|> H*r.) nu.t The»« bp brumn
Uns marriage license was issued yester
Three deeds of ttust were admitted to
record yesterday. ! ~
There will be a barrel race at the Al- j ;n
ham'ora rink to nii;ht. | co
Sviirb LU vis yesieraay cooiraiueu
Frank Mo Adams to jùl in <Ji fault of $000
bail for carrying concealed weapons
Tuk stockholders of the Wheeling Plan de
ing Mill and Lum ber Company will m?et in
ibid evening for the purpose of electing a Jr
Hoard of Directors and officers. ce
Tue Central Prohibition Ciub will hold
a (iosp^l temperance meeting in Mcl.aiu's nc
hall Sunday at 3:30 p in Address by **
Rev. Keeler, of Bellaire A welcome to 'u
Tat: work of fitting up the City Hall is
progressing quite rapidly. The tir:t regu- je
Ur meeting of Council in November will sa
probably be held in the new quarters of the
ci,r- et
l'ut: nirviving members of Carlin s bat- i
tery are request-.d to meet at Busbv s cor- ç
n»-r, at !• o'clock this morning, to attend
the funeral of the late Louis Stroble, Or £
derly Sergeant.
•fou s Whortus, of Company 1, Fifteenth
Virginia Infantry, who has been au invalid *
for year?, has recured admission to the
Soldiers' Hotne in Milwaukee He leavej
for I he 3 ome this evening. I ~
Mi:-has iJkaw.s ± (finso.v, the musical ^
and skatorial artists, did not exhibit at ^
the Chaplir.e street rink last night owing ^
to the nor.-arrival of their baggage. They ^
will be on hand at the grand family matinee
and also to night, when they will give on<
of the finest exhibitions ever witnessed in
the rink. j
Tiik fuueral of the late A. \V. Clemens
took place yesterday afternoon. the remains ^
being brought up from tha Marshall county j,.
residence on the B A (), and ther.ee taken
to Mt Wood Cemetery. The pall benrers
were Messrs. John fl. Tappan, Robert
Campbell, Thomas Seamon and William
Richardson A considerable number of
old eiti/ecs gathered at the depot to await
the arrival of the remains but only the im
mediate friends followed the body to the
Cur S|>e€'i»Hy Till« Week.
Women* extra high mf, fine kid and
morocco button Shoes a' $2 (10 per j.air, at
J. W. Amu r's,
114K Main street.
15, ti KSEK.Lt»
A Rumor of Trouble.
Yesterday's Pittsburg Dispatch pays
"There are prospects of trouble in the J?
K of L. ranks. Some of the members are *
objecting to the action of (irard Master ri
Powderlv at the Montrtal convention. In *
this week s l.nbor Tribune one of them ~~
ehanu teri/es him as a demagogue.
oil No, Nu, Nul
To the K'likrr of thf Unjutrr • it
I suggest that in order to ascertain the »<
intoxicating power of 31 bottles of 'dive
b<er," about which everyone is at sea, that «
the investigating corninirtef. who are eight, A
♦est the case for themselves by making the hi
trip to Pittsburg lor that purpose. 6(
Please print this and oblige, w
Si «si rjhlk ft
Polle« Pickups. M
lu Police Court yesterday morning A
Henry Andersen, color» d, for disorderly di
conàui t, got $10 and cö.«ts He went to al
the hill Frederick Thompson got the dt
regulation doiLr for a plaiu drunk. He to
went t» the stone pile. Jabez (iosfiey, for b<
vagrar.cy, wont up for six mouths Barney a'
Brady was arraigned for drurikeuners, he "l
got a dollar. Flo Ray and May James, for m
being drunk on the streets, got one dollar di
each. Miss Flo went to jail iu default.
Import.IUI Meeting. il(
1 he new £as trustees held another very bu
important mee'ing yestotilay rpoming, the ti«
subject «p tor consideration being the pay yl
ment of money due and to become due on ei
the new ga* holder. About $8,000 is now Si
due, $o.0i:0 will become due November 5th, tr
about $10,000in January. ThcTmteesre- ut
solved to ask Council for authority to re
make an appropriation to meet their pay be
ments. The Board adjourned iO oeet next 1><
Monday. c:
Trau»(ers of Krai Estate. til
The following transfers of real estate was te
left for record at Cl-rk Hook s office jes
terday: Ol
Deed made October 2:t, lNtf, by Klisha in
Connelly to William Connelly, for a piece sp
of land on the headwaters of Peters linn oH
Consideration nominal. | ab
Deed made October 12, 1 *'83, by W. P. it
Hubbard and H M Utusell, special com-, m
missioners. to W. II. Caldwell, for lot No tei
7 on the plat of land laid out by said com- I i
missioners and situate on Wheeling Island M
Consideration, $l,»>03. I 1
1'iu te Tom*« Cnblu. afl
One of the woedt re of the present ag</ is ga
how this old time piay continues to draw wi
vear after year, and we might say genera po
tion after generation Fathers and moth *c
ere, yts, even the grandparents, have, as ; rei
children, laughed at the antics ot Topsy th<
and Marks, sjmpathi/ed with I'ncle Tom t .1
in his trouble and wept at the sad fate of aft
little Kva. Although we hud supposed th<
that every man and «ooi&n in Wheeling îtç
had at one time or other witne3sed this int
play, yet it seems, judging from the si,:» wh
of the audience at the Opera House last no
evening, as though this was a mistake or fro
else Huite a larje number consider it doi
worthy of a second patronage, as there was ma
standing room oniv down stairs. The 1 o
Draper Combination wcieb rendered this noi
play last night, hai tiaî modern feature of if
two Tcpsys aud a like number of Marks. Ca
yet even with this drawback the audience bit
geemed to erjoy themselves judging from all
the frequent applause. be
kes the Stand in His Own a
Denies All the Charges But the One t
Relating to Licenses to Peddle—
Pearl Woods Tells Her Lit
tle Story-Arguments J
To-Night. I
Committee, counsel and audience were I
p slow in coming together last evening,
stroke of seven finding the floor ot the
, bare of all but halfa-dozen occupants.
• gallery, however, was well filled, pto-1
having commenced to gather there at
ery early hour. Chairman pro tern
gell occupied hi« accustomed place at
table, and Messra, Miller. Crawford,
îbics, List, Comerford and Jones were
heir chairs by a quarter past seven. A
moments later the doors leadirg from
corridor to the hall, which up to that
e had been kept locked, were thrown
n, and about one hundred spectators
> had been standing outside rushed pell
II into the room and ranged themselves
mt the apartment. City Receiver
ward Dunaway acted as clerk in ill* ab
ce of Mr. (jallijfan.
dr Jones asked the attorneys if it was
iible for the examination ot witnesses
3e closed this evening. Ue would be
ent from the t it v uext week, and was
rious to conclude. It they could finish
would be willing to sit till 10 o'clock,
1 then give the attorneys from J o'clock
9 afternoon until as lute as was désira
to-night to hear argument. Mr. Hub- j
•d satd as far as he was concerned, he
iu^ht he would be through in it little
ile. Mr. Jones' motion was adopted •
animouely. Mr. Hubbard hsked leave
make some inquiries after witnesses,
i on ttoe committte assenting, the at
ney, accompanied by the defendant, left
» hall for a short time. Returning, Mr.
ibbard eaid he was eorry the witnesses
whom he had asked the committee to
it h&d not as yet come, ucr could be
pe they would appear in a few mo
unts. Ho thought, however, that they
tuld be present in the course of the even
and when they came he would a*k the
miuittee to hear them.
JA» OB W. CKl'lttl
To Hubbard:—
It is not true that I was grossly ami iu
cently drut.k at the Alharabra rick dur
» the Sangerfest; it is cot true that I
ink beer there, knowing th-re was uo li
Qse; it is not true that 1 told Barney fiai
an there was no license a? the riuk; it is
t true that I told Mr. Galligau, the day
er the concert at the rink, that i w;.s as
Il as a goo«-; I have granttd permits to
ddle; I never deprivtd the city of a
nuy of reveni» for the people
ire poor and unable to pay a
j; thev would come to me and
y they had ti'her to stoal or
»rve; 1 know the permit was of no value
ould the City Sergeant see fit to arrest
em; I have told several members of
mncil of the matter, and they have ap
oved my action; I did vitit houses of
ostitution in Pittsburg; 1 vitited them
cause 1 was Mayor; 1 would not have
ne had I not been Mayor; 1 knew there
;re saloons ia Wheeling that Wtrs run as
aignat'.on houses; the fict is notorious;
th a view to getting evidence to help
e in instituting reforms, I made the trip;
e fact is notorious that certain saloons in
is city are run as houses oi pros
ution; I told Porter Smith he must stop
e gambling; it Î3 not true that I secured
e publication ol articles iu the nt-wspa
:rs; 1 have uever carried information to
>y newspaper rnt-n against any officer in
e city of Wheeling; 1 did go tc a news
iper office to stop a publication;
hen I was at a euchre party at Mr.
inuy's, I was called out by a man who
Id me to go to the corner ot Tenth and
arket streets.
The witness went on to eay he had irnt
essrg. Beans arid Faris there and had ac
impanied them to Ida Ilolliday s Con
liuiog, the witness said :
I atked the woman if she would make
l affidavit; until I heard the evidence the
her night I thought Beans wrote it all;
aris dictated ; Beach first wanted the pa
>r; I would cot give it to him, 1 told him
thought the newspapers had no rit ht to
; it was an official docutneut; then Beans
anted it; Beans came to my house after
had gone to bed; he said Mr. Taney
anted me; I went to the office and saw
r. Taney; 1 told him ho could not bave a
>pv ncr read :he original; I said I would
ave it to him, as a man, what I ehould
>; he thought over it, and sail he would
>t print it; 1 then wpnt to see Mr. Hart,
asked him not to print it; be said he was
inning a newspaper, and would prt in it
hat he saw fit; he said he would print the
atttr the next mornirg and he oid; Mr
iney lied; Mr. Hart told the truth, the
atter was in both papers.
The witness related that he had exam
sd the ,.oüce docket alter comirg from
a Holltday s house. He eaw written
ere the words: "To be collected, ' but
e next day the words wi re scratchtd out
t that time the shape of the letters could
■ made ou*, but afterwards they were
raped and the paper pvlishtd, ' probably
ith a dirty thumb nail—it looked like
!)n the cross-examination, conducted by
r. While, the wiinea® said he was at the
lhambra during the Stengel fest and
ack there—he thought with Mr. Pollack
id Mr. Loose. He did not remember
inking with Mr. fialligan, i:or of going
the bar with him. He did not remem
r remarking to Mr. Galligan, the day
ter meeting him at the rink, that he was
Ii full as a goose." Mr. Galligaii'sstate
eut to that eneci voj pot true;
>*'» »rmcmKcp tul'.imf In Ufltii.rttri
e textdftj; I don't remember that he
Iked to me or I to htm; l it siv "I
n't remember," if that will|
it you; I do remember the conversa
m with Mr. Sweeney; I don't rt member
lether it ib true or not; there is a difler
ce uotween Kcrney Oalligan and A. J
teeney; I say Oalligan s r.-marw w not
le because 1 don't kno« it; you wili get
the truth as I understand it; I do not
member anything of the conversation
tween ilalligan and myself. I don't be
ve rhe statements are true; 1 will make
otjier atswtr
y—Tbsn you will not (»ns-v^r the nues
m eg to jour o*n knowledge of the taat
A —Vou have it; tlat's i>; I talked to
iliiijan about gambling a bug li i.<- a?o,
tue old City Building; it was last
ring; I expect Capt Smiih ba-j been in
ice a wetk when I lirst spoke to him
outgamb'irg: I don t rememSrr where
was; I talked to him in his office and iu
•store; vtry ilktly Mr McFadden in bis
I'imony, alluded to tL* oae iu wt store; i
inly remember of two conversai tuns with
■ Smith regarding games on the I»latd,
lave talked with tie Captain about
mblirg houses in the city; it was shortly
er he was elec'^d, I wanted to have
mbling stopped ; thereco;Jo it Council i
1 show what the conversa'ion was; I re i
rt*d to Council that the Chief i
uld no! stop j;amb!icg, and it was
ttred to the ommiitee on Elections;
report was made to Coui cil bfer 1 1
ked to Smith, I don't kr.o* how long !
er; I believed gambling was ^oingon; i
Captain told me it was; 1 think I could I
od in ray front door and thro v a stoue i
0 si« homes; I told Chpta'fi Smith i
ere th»*y w»ri; I knew who run th»a— I
I did not know, I to k him out on mv t
nt »"p and told him where ote wan; 1 <
1 t think it would be right to drag tho <
n s name in— he has qui;; I don t think (
tight to say what hcQ;e it was in, it is 1
there now, I will tell who it was \
the committee asks me to; the
jta^n didn't say much when I to'd
j; be ja^d, that so' tbnt is about !
1 could ever gin out of l»ii*i; it vpuld «
hard to tell ill that 1 told him I wsuid
ither cot cr.iW the gambler's came iti ; j
have no particular reasons for keeping
juie of tbeui back, one of ikera hf»s quit,
j? 1 wili teil who be is il the committee
ska it; the man has qui: now.
To White:— -j
Colonel, will you let nie tell eomething
lee Captain Smith told ineV
Col White—1 would be glad to have you s
■11 all you ever said to him.
tub story. I „
"Sometime last July, said the witness,
1 ask Captain Smith to pull three places '
rhere I believed gambling was goinj; on He fc
lid, 'All light;' he said he would pull ibe e
ouees at 11 o'clock, and wanted meto ?o L
long. 1 said I would, and ha said he J*
rould (.all for me at 10 o clock. I waited j
ntil 10:10, but the Captain did not come;
supposed potnetbing was wrong, as the 14
laces were dark. At 10:1 j the Captain *'
ame to ine and said his m»-n had reported "
he places empty and dark, and it was r.o _
se to go. Ile said he would go and pull c
, house of prostitution if 1 would say so.
told him be could do so, if he wanted to ji
iut that 1 would net go. The next day I fj
earned that, at 10:15 the night before, the 1
'aptain had been seen coming out of one
if the gambling houses. I won't tell the .
lame of the house—1 dou't see tir. 1 be- 1
ieve it will serve my etds better, to break J
ip gambling, not to tell the name Cap
ain Smith can tell. I won't gwe my rta- !
ions tor declining to tell. One of the 1
louses has been pul'ed and the other two
lave not. 1 made no eflort to have them
Sec. 7 of the otdinance in relation to
3ity Serifeant was then read by the wit
less, alter he had been assured that be
vouid not be interrupted, and then, in re
ily to a question as to whether he expect
>d the Sergeant to proceed to blindly swear
iut warrants, without personal knowledge
>f the facts, the witnesB said he thought he
;ould find out the facts.
A little further on this scene occurred :
Q —Were thero any grounds of reason
ible complaint made to >ou in reference
;o Chief Porter Smith's teglect of duty in
regard to gambling?
A.—There most assuredly was
(J.—Who made the complaints'.'
A.—The people of Whtelirg.
Q.—Cau you tell me who they wer*''
A.—I am just about as able to tell you
who didn't complain. It was the town •
Q —Can you tell who made com plait: I s
uf Porter Smith's negligence?
A.—I don't remember n .single person
Q —Do you remember of a sins;!« per
son sajing that Porter Smith did not do
his duty 7
A.—No; but I would swear people did.
Yes, I remember one—Mr. Laughlin.
Q —What complaint did he make''
A.—Hu said the Chief did not stop gain
Q —Did he mention auy particular
house ?
A.—He mentioned no name.
Q —Theu he made a general complaint?
A.—Uli, some people complained of one
house and some of another.
Q—Did you ever infurrn Chief Smith
ho-v he could obtain evidence '
A.—I don't remember.
Continuing, the witu- fs said:
1 have talked to Smith about gambling,
and tried to get him to do it; 1 don't re
member asking Smith to arree.t without a
warrant; I don't think he could do ii; I
havo no recollection of asking him, in
front of my store, to pull a gambling
bouse without a •«.arrant ; I know he could
not do it; I told him to pull a particular
house; I did not oiler to muke an oath
when I knew gambling was goiug on, 1
had been told there was gambling there;
Mr Smith is paid to lind out »beut the
gambling; the city pijs ÏJU.U'O a voir to
prevent it; I dou't alftajo follow out my
duty in the ordinances; ther- are
ordinances which it wouldn't do to
follow; 1 reported Mr Smith's not
doing it to Council; I don't remember of
reporting it to oth- ra before reporting it to
Council; I might, the papers *\re lull ot
it; some of it they got trom niR and tome
they didn't; 1 made no secret cl'it; I tried
to get public opinion with me,and succeed
ed; the houses stopped, and etar!eJ again;
I have made no effort to stopt it siDce
Council set'led me; I don't propoee to re
main settled; get the report ol the Commit
tee on Flections and se» whbl they did
with me; 1 asked for an investigation of
the police force; Council ordered it; then
it called a meeting and slopped it and tited
it into me; I asked the Chief to pull three
hous<s iu July; 1 never asked for an allida
\ita* toganibling 1 remember of two con
versations with Mr. Smith about gambling
at the Fair; I talked wi;h him fo long be
fore tho Fair because I wanted to give him
pleuty of time to make up his mind.
[Continued on First Rage j
Ot llio A and IS TeaHioxt of 11»o City
fccltool* Ye»tui«l>iy.
The meeting of the A and B teachers cf
the city schools was held jeeterday in.the
grammar room of the Ritchie schcol build
ing at 2:15 p. m. The exercises were of a
most interesting character Alter a few
pkarint introductory remarks by Supeiin
tendent Anderson the following piifi-rö
were read On the eubjett of Writing, by
Annie Moran, Centre school; Geography,
Mary D. Copenhauer, Madison school; 1
Sps ling, Lizzie D Carmack, I'nionschool;
Drawing, Decie L Hamilton, Ritchie
Primary History, F. Leour. Gaskins. Col i
ored school Arithmetic, Mir«m Dean, i
Ciay school: History, Laura A. Frew,
Washington school, Writing, Ketta Wo!
vington, Wubster school Af.er the read
ing of the papers Rev. Randolph, cf the
Fourth Street M. F Church was introduced
ar.d gave a twenty minutes' talk on the work
of the tetcher which was listened to, with (
the most earnest attention by all present
The dec or is a most pleasant speaker, and
all t»;e tea, hers feit at ot.,.e that t«ey
have in him a sj tnpathiiing friend. Iiis
ni*m r.-Mä n.nil i.rui'l'rul und wivg deliv- '
ertd in a way lung to be remembered
lif J D î'iprs bfirg present, male a !
fe i remarks, ia which he expressed him
self as highly pleased with the exercise«,
but favored h lorg« r sot&ion. Me I hit. l»s
that the entire Fri ay dtert non rhc.'ild be
devoled tu tl"». leuiou. Ho say we arid if
the Board of Kduoation in it3 wisdom t>*cs ;
fit to make the • change, Uie schools will I
surely be be? efittcd. Ail the papm retd j
were practical and showed thought and ]
study. This is the second mretirg under ,
the Lew Miime, and Superintend»nt An
iltrson in to !>•* congratulated in their sue
l€ më.
G Han I» Fatnüy Matinee thi4 afternoon
it the Chapline Street Rink Admission 15
;ents, children 10 cents.
tty u Hiidg- port OfllCfcr Aller a FrU- t
oner. t
About tea ot'ujk jm-niuy morning J
Marshal McConaughey, oi Btidgeport, ar- c
•estfd F'l. Anderson on a warrant sworn y
>ut by John Sttff, charging him with jump- j
njj onto a moving tta:n Wfeen the Mar- ii
thai got to the corner cf Main and Bank n
I reels, in Biidpeport, with his prisoner, c
he latter j°tked away and ran ovpr into
virkwood °od down ta tbe fiver near the
.aBelle glass works, The Marshal fol
owed in close pursuit and fired several
hots from his revolver in the hope of
topping bim. Anderson wadtd out into ^
herivtr up to his neck at d call»d to a h
nan in a skiff on the othsr tiîe that he B
toali pay ç"> to be taken orer. Alter he A
lad steed in the water till he was cbiiUd
hrouch, and finding that no one would ^
ome to his assis'anoe ke waded back to u
hore and eaie himself up. I.iter in ike a'
ay Officer Stoff arn &tei Kd Archibald, of r<
lartin's Ftrry, on the same charge. They lr
fill probably have a hearing to day.
Take uotice that our entire stock cf
teady Made Clothing must be sold out by tt
anuary 1st, 1SS6. J. Brim.es. "j
il«" Mt»n Strut. it
I» tie Co;iu.>* l<ai'U to Win eling?
"See I or!», you Rucister ir.an,'" paid a
oiuiusnt Democrat yesterday, "wbydoa'i
m tell vt.nr 'esteemed contemporary,' I
ink thai 6 what you call ir, to muzzle its
porters or else atop their propensity for
»tin g lies.
' What a up cow," said the R. M.
' Why there s plenty up,' he continued,
it was ocly the other day they manufac
ired a yarn that bad more pall :n it than
sough. Alter forcing the Council to
eci three Hetcooratic pas trustees, and
scover iDg how deep they had
it their foot in it, they go
I wor- and try to make it appear
iat one of the new elected trustees is
jout to resign because ot' pressure brought
» bear upon him, wheu in reality there
as no idea, mar or remote, entertained
y any of the trustees of resiguing; per
jn'ra, they were elected, and they propose
) stay elected. Then when they quali
ed, these 'esteemed' fellows undertook to
ictate what the ue* Board shall do and
ow they must 'rebuke' the Council that
lected them.
' Is thall all? said the R.M. "No, that
I notai!,'' ho added, wajming up to his
ork. ' I notice this morning they have
>i^ted an infernal, malicious statement on
heir readers that deserves the strongest
"What is it?" asked our K. M.
' 'What is it?' Well, I'll tell you what it
j. They have asserted there is a probalnl
tythat Harry Caldsell is to be recalled
rom Minneapolis to take charge of .he
as oflice and works at a ssl&ry of $2,400
1er annum. '
"The 1'lank, blank, blank tools' l>on't
bey know his health will not permit him
0 live here. If it would he could have had
1 posi'ion in a manufacturing eftablith
neiit for better than anything in the gift
if the Gas Trustees. The couldn't hire
larry CrTdwell to come to this country
gain and those people know it."
"Anything else you would like to say?"
euiarmed one very polite young man, as
16 extracted a chunk of gristle with his
Dedicated tootbpiek from between his
'•No, nothing.''
"All right ' I II call to rnurrow, after you
lave seen your remarks in print, and how
•cu like them."
Bakkki. It ace tonight on wheels at the
\lh:.mbra Pa'aee Rink.
Gkavch axu Giiisjx at the Grand Fa in
ly Matinee, also tc-niixht at the Ckaplir.e
Street Rink.
Hov«ni<>nt* of W . .,rllnijUn«,»!.(1 ItC Oi >• -
tup nod Uolnjc at Stranger«.
W. II Bi'Cäon, of Piukersburg, ia in the
K. (i. Atkinson, of Pitlaburg, ia iu the
M. I.eouard, cf Purkeraburg, is ht ihe
K it. Clemen*, ol Pittsburg, id at the
Statuta House.
II A. Botsford, (>f Cleveland, is stopping
&t the St. Jaiuetf.
W. McFudden, ol MouLdsville, vm io
[he ci'y yesterday.
John Garvin of Pittaburg, ia registered
it the St. Charles.
\V. B. Tyler, of Richmond, Vu., is btop
ping at the St. James.
Geo. A. Duuiiiiiaton, of the Grafton
Stniinel, is at the McLure.
J. S. Clark, of Columbus, lud , ia re^ia
ten d at iho St. James.
Mta C.N'. Iluley is Ijing very tick at
lier rifeideice on Chaplinesireet.
Mi;s Lizzie Dum an, of Steuliet.ville, ia
iheguff-t of P.Of. and Mrs. J. M. Lee
Mrs. E. P. Cooper, of Connelsville, ac
companied by her three children, are stop
ping at ib.; Stamm.
Mis W. B Si;r.p»on and Mrs Charles
F Bailey, of Wheeling, are the guest of
friends on Sheffield street, Allegheny —
Pitts. Com.-Gaz.
Colonel Philo Kimberly and David R.
Brook*, prominent coal operators of Wheel
ing, were registered at the Seventh Avenue
Hotel yesterday.— Pitta. Com.-Gaz.
Rev. James M. Alexander and family,
of Allahabad, India, will arrive in the city
thin evening aiid will be the gue'ts of Mr
J. J. Jones, at the Stamm House. Rev
Mr. Alexander will preach iu tho First
Presbyleriun Church tc-raorrow morning,
und at ihe Second Presbyterian in the
(!o and su- Stacy, Adams A Co.'a men's
finest shoes, finest thoea made, at
J W. Am.ck's,
1143 Main street.
- -
(■kan'D l-'umily Matinee "tbi-» afternoon
%t the Chaplin- Street Kink. Admission I j
ce&tP, children 10 cenia.
Ti k change which will lake place in
>ur business will here&fser ho mads public-;
it j.recent he convinced that goods will be
•old as advertised. J Hkii.i.es,
11 M Main Street.
•4Tlie Dy»|M*ptlr*fi Mt finjo."
' I am thirtt-live year» old," writes Mr.
hurles II Wang, ol West Sotn.rs, i'utnam
:ounsy, N V., "and had B'lflered from djs
lepsin for fifteen jearB The current treat
nent did me no good. Lietleesly aod with
>ut hop«« 1 gavî Parker s Tonic a trial. I
•an give the res nit in three words: It cured
ne. U will cure you."
Come early to the Bargain shoe aile, at
.y&ch's, -J4 Twelfth 6treet.
I»If n Million Dollar« Belonging to the
School k-iiixl Kt'iiid* i'il From lli\a * K y
to Chnrlt*t'»!».
Governor Wilson ariived in tbe city yes
erday morning via River Road, lie,
Auditor Duffy ni.d State Superiitecdent
iorgan, departed for Charleston on the
ftmioon train. Tie object of their visit
ms to personally FUjcrintsnJ ibe transfer
f some ball a million cr mere of bonds
donging to the School Fund, that were
epotited in the vault of the Exchange
!:»nk. to Charleston. 1 he purpose of the
ranfrfer '3 to avoid the expense ol an otli
er coming to Wheeling every three, or sis
lontbs, as the cafe may be. to atc&r the
ou note from the lûndè, when due.
Grvxii Family Matinee this bfternocn
t the Chaplin'- Street Rink. Ad misai m 15
ents, children 10 cents.
A Card.
"o H'Aciii it May Coiirtrn:
A report bas bien ia eircJatiùn durint?
be p'ist few days to the eü'ect that f.t th*
me tr the atihck on the l.augblin mill, at
larlin's Ferry. 1 was asked to loan to the
till company my guns, and another rumor
) the effect that I sent my guns over to be
fed against the strikers. 1 desire to Btate
l this publie mauner that there is no truth
i either rumor I whs not asked to iaan
>y guns nor did 1 loan then or aend tbem
ver to the müj
Respectfully, the public's eervant,
Louts Sen« .ai.B,
Proprietor First Na'ienal Salcoc.
WiiEKi.tx«;, October 23, 18*j
Mettloal Men u( Dtutluçt^n
ave t een bbb> t> • tu» foremtkl to give honor * Iiure
,nor -as dt« in the ras« of Uoatetter'e Stotnath
ttere. Abjuring o >1 'a<hijt rd proftrs tral pw.u
to, they luve trankly bo ce »vident* to It«
jr u » mcnn»o!rcini"1yiag dyipepsig, (ever anJ
up u.iioti» remittent, rht uaatisir, r\>ritipati»n,
■I r complaint. debility and renal dilordtM. With
I Intel Igest people 'bi< (aroraMo j.rf.le >tonal
rüitl hJi hf.J Hi Hue « eight, (special ty as it »a«
direct f0Sürn.atl0n ot that tl the people and
e pre«». Far more «fTrciual haa It proved than
imbutic a«xr.li.n. too o!»en ie*«>rt d to l-y the
cptietor-. ol riine.tiia of <<< ubtful valu* -lbe
a!n t n aruivbtd truth" about tbe t Itters I* n ore
an sufflclent to t-onvince a ikvpiic. Aaalaimly
;i ! . ol ton j.rt bet a > e u'i'lty, prompt and
orcugb in artton and pi.ro in cia^uaUtra, «I
,13«» avtet 'edty «ist
Over in Bridgeport. Early Yester
day Warning. *
About One Hundred Dollars in Cash
Taken—The Fourth Robbery in
a Week--The Thieves
Get Away.
The Br idgeport people had eu .nething to
talk about yesterday besides the minors'
strike and the possibility of a new post
master in lîfSS. In the morning, when
Willie Gitiin went to open the door of his
father's store, he found that some one had
beei. there earlier, and had not only opened
the store but the sale also. The door had
been opened by taking a cLisel aud goug
ing the wood away from around the lock
on the iront J cor and then pushing the
block holding the lock into the room, thns
leaving the doors entirely free to move.
got in they apparently turned their atten
tion to drilling a hole about three-eighths of
hu inch in diameter, immediately ncder
the knob of ihe safe door. Through this
bole the powder wasinsfried, and appar
ently in no small quantities either, a« the
entire Iront sheet of the door, including
lock and all, were blown off. The cafe is
only lire proof and had no burglar door to
hinder the crooksmen, who used an iron
bar, weighing about seventy-live pounds to
work up the drawers containing the valua
bles. In the safe there were nearly a hun
dred dollars in cash and a Smith A Wes
son revolver, both ot which were taken.
The books and papers
as was the case with other articles in the
«'ore. This is the fourth robbery this
week. The (list time, Will Fowler's rooms
were tried, hut unsuccessfully; next, with
better fortune, the thieves gained nil en
trance to Mrs Cos*' restaurant but found
but litile. John Schaler» place ».Horded
them still incre valuable prizes and Olivei
Porter's cigar factory still greater boity
They wtr* evidently freli» g pretty good
over their success ur.d concluded to try s
professional job on (iiiliu's sale No on»
bas been openly charged with any of thete
burglaries, but it is probable that someone
will be arrested before lont?.
Kihkkt Luke bap j lût purehaeeu the bo*8l
Carriages ever brought to Wheeling Al
Carriages and Hacks for funearals nhould
be ordt-red direct from the otiice of the 8fiv
blés, 1430 Market street. Don't depend ou
leavin* 'our order any place else.

(■rami Kxcurniou to ClilrnK»
The H & O. wiil give an Excursion tc
Chicago November 10th, at the low rai»
of $7. For further particulars efle email
Ki Go sht^sfor ladies, best wearing shot
wade, only $i.S0, at I.jnehs, II Twelfth
A Bible class was organized this *eek
It will meet every Thursday evening at \
o'clock to engage in praet'Cal study of tit
Script un a All young men who are df sir
our of fitting themtelves for active Chris
tian wora are invited to become members
of thisjclass.
The meeting for the study of the Inter
national Sunday-school Lesson, which it
held each Saturday at f> o'clock, is interest
ing aud profitable to all vho attend. W.
J. W. Cowden. Esq., conducts the study
this month, lûeryoody is invited.
The membership of the As.-ociatioa is in
creasing. Any young man, without re
gard to religious belief, may become a
member, and ihust er.joy nil the privileges.
The annual fee is $."> 00 for sustaining and
$1.00 lur ordinary membership
The social religious meetings held at
7;HO Saturday evening and I o'clock Sun
day afternoon are for young men, and all
such will be welcomed. The music is gocd
and short, interesting talks are made by
young men.
In the absence of Rev. Mr Dornblaser,
members of the Association will conduct
the Sunday eveniug service of the English
Lutheran Church.
The gymnasium fitted up recently is be
coming quite popular The apparatus is
of the best make.
The reading room is liberally supplied
with periodicals—dailies, weeklies and
A course of lectures ani entertainment
is being arranged for young men.
L. S.GoodACo. sell dry goods (he cheapest
Tu'kstv nvu cenn for baby shoes, at
Lynch s, cheapest man in the city, 41
Twelfth street.
Au Kplt'jfu« of Nr>»i Ooncêruthi 11*»
Li«»»-1 And HoHtmfn.
In January, lSjii, a collision occurred in
the Mississippi river between the Alice,
Capiain Joseph Collyer commanding, and
another steamer. From le ters receive i
it is inferred that several lives were lost
It is of great importance to ascertain the
exact year, day and hour of the collision
Any one possessed cl any knowledge on
the subject will confer a favor by making
it know, by letter, to River Reporter New
Orleans l'i( ayune.
Recarih.kss of the present advance of
Main g'reH, will »»11 bin entire stock c.f
K«-h<1 y Made Clotking fur I«-hb than tvrr
sold ht re Ik tot e
Hakrh Hu k to-»ii_'ht on wheels at ihe
Ahumbru iVlnce liink.
Secoiiil rronlijtxrlnn Olmreh. Iter. Win.
II. Cooke. I'. 1'.. I -■ ivnes tu-morrow at 10:10
a m., whrn I lev .In m. Alivaulrr will preach;
ant a; 7:i»ip in , when thr pevor »ill preach.
Saliktt'i-srliool ut K h in All m1 nrlconie.
First rrculivlfi'inii <'IiiiiiIi.~S-ervk-Oi will
tie resumed in th • i. ;.jir. >1 It cm re It.tout to-uior
row. lui past.r I:, v. I'. A. Cutiniugbatn, U X».,
will pre,ich :ii 14:80 ■ m . and th? H»v J M.
AI. kin der, i.i In Ia, ut |> m tiafcbalh-«chool
promptly at :• a in Wil. oti.e to all these servie« .
Kirnt Eni;. Kvnti t-ullmn«» Church.—Ree.
E II. 1'oriili ",.m! . [.1-I..r, •errire* lo-morTow m
10:30$ tu «lui i in I I.- r i'.IHK scr\Ue will
bv tuDd. tli 'I Mr I.« : - i r« l*iy r.f the Y. M
I.. A. fuoday-nlioo! si 1 |. in. Ail are wtlcmne.
tin Jed I'reoii) i>'i iiiii Cut'i ch.—Pev. J. T.
VeClure, I» I> , |..i«tn. wervii-e» to-morrow at
I0: I0h. lu an I p. .... :vtbbi h-tbool at 2 j. m.
All are invittO.
ZnneStrewt M r itioirli. -R»v. J. lieiuy
Hi—•, | M'.or -eni. i^l j tt.e | *«tor to morrow at
10:30 a. m >11.1 ; p. iii, 'i.ii.'aj-kclicoi »t2p. u>.
All are luvitcj.
Konr'.li Sè'ûei M K. C'linrrh.— Pr.-schlng
Suadij .it in S" .1 in ai.'l 7 ' n |. m , t.y the pastor,
K«v. H. r. Hani) ilpi. -un Iii—chool at Ï p. ui.
Voting People's Mutii.g Vi i la? *t7'30 p. m.
St. I.uk> Chiiï • It Iii ». I ï*. Cantt, |i I».,
rci tor I'lviueserin • i . n.-.ii..« al 1010* m.ar.il
7 :Uo Ii. m Mim!»» h i l .it p an. ferric«« ai
the Chapel eieii V? i-.ii'-i. mj ml T.30p. m. beats
IteiJy 'it' M. i- a M hiitea
Vr» j' F ti * i ht'e
E\<. KLkl »K Pt'WlEK.
ri^lj I.» al l».«' 11 »• C.r.H rs sn.l by
STL . JLX . it I 8 T ,
icit Kn 1. M.i in n ï m:», 101« Mn< Hi
loo crçnm
tidva u».«J t>jr tu* It-*, lauiilt.» le M tte-llEy lu
iTar twoaiy -uLe y eu a )ylt
— OTT—
MEK 'ö,
BOYS' cfc
— AIS 13«
In all desirable fabrics, such as
l'\>r Rusiinoss, Worl;, S^inuhi > <>r
Villi Dr«'««
Car. now be found at my place. Aluo,
In great variety, comprising, among other articles,
Full Lines of
CamoFs Hair,
Scotch Wool tf»
Swita Coiulc
(V I. Wi i'iwW
This Season They Will Achieve Their Greatest Victoiy,
In our Dressand Business Suits and Overcoats (« r ' 1 "
we rival the best tailors in quality ot £ccd«, excellence ' I
trimming, good work aud perfect fit, and sell these goods
at less than half of merchant tailor prices. No description
can do justice to the size and vaiiety of our s'ock. Make
your business to call and see these goods.
Boys' Clothing
Solitary and alone we stand among all the b ys' cloth e
stores of this cit> as the one establishment at which ''
styles ot the most celebrated boys' clothlig manulact ras
ol the United States can be leen. We have »he VERY I
CREAM oi all the New York. Boston and I'hUaceiphu
styles. Our Boy's Department is virtually an "exposition
in which can be seen alt the gems ol juvenile .lppare'. If
Children's Short rants Suits our variety is perfec tly bewil
dering, and our range of prices all that one could ask. 1 >
ents of boys from loto 18 years of age who hive be» n In
the habit of having their boy's clothing made to order I
cause laboring under ihe impression that no vt ry fine or p'
lect fitting suits could be lound all ready ir ai'e, are especial >
asked to'orne in and see the magnificent variety wt ca:i
show. We. ua't particular and fastidious people to coir.v.
and see for theniselver.

If you med any Underwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, l)rrü
Shirts, Woolen Shirts, Si k Umbrellas, Rubber Coats,
call on us.
Stock Perfect! Prices Low!
. SUTMÂN & 00,
Mammoth Clothiers, Six Floors, I
Cor. Main and Twelfth Streets, j

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