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The Government PtWlootd To
Bring Suit
Secretary Lamar WiH Bring the Matter
to i Head and Ask Some
Questions. s
Washixotum, October 36 —Three peti
tions hive been predated to the Depart
ment of Justice »skia* that suits in equity
m brought to vacate Bolls patenta, do»
o*o«d by the Americaa Beil Ttiephoae
Company. T«o of thaïe pétitions ware
preseoted bj tha Glob« Telephone Com
ptay and the other V; the * Mfciagton
T«k phone Com paar l>e D^u^en^of
Justice has rWsrred the petiuoaa. with m
torn pw,»icg paper», to the Depaitmaat of
ibe Interior tor the report and recemmen
daiioM of the Secretary of the Interior.
Tbk S-crerary of the Interior in tnrn has
retVrrtJ each to the Commissioner of
iVeats for hii report and opinion. Mr.
Moii'gocatiy haa not yet reported
10 the Secretary of the Interior, but has
submiited to bim a summary of the cas*.
Secretary Lamar directs and wiil order
that icasmuch as L * adrffe, opinion tnd
recommendation are in»i e i he will a)k all
interbred parties to appear before him and
commiwiomr of oattnts and explicit facts
»uJ antaer the fotlofriay:
Firjt, baa the ROTornment ri*'at to con
atitute and maintain such a suit for such a
purpose, and second, if it baa, da the facts
it they shall be presented «arrant or de
mand that snch su:t ba brought9 AH pro
«.eediogs will be had pablicly. v
UcuK■ • With «MM X «km CwtUd On
lu Eratoro Money.
Nin Yots, OctoVr -4 —To® New York
v.ar, Diîtrict Attorney Dorfitters news
pap-r, yesterday marine; had a sharp edito
rial saying that aU \h- p-r8jDS Ktr known
.a-.ijwhoieh.iais wealth-; KOtfy ifGrand &
tt'ard, and that ' «.-ver* ceut id the accursed
protilt» <*&n ue trace! " it calls upon these
persons to rfS'oTv» tlw money.
"1 mean every wotd in thai art&e,"
»aid Mr. Dorskeimgr 'I have the
c&me* acd shall conuoue to let the ku'^7
ka jw that i have poese*»ion of then. If
they do not make rtatiiutiou 10 the Grast
family I wul esj*js<e them. I
will compel then» t> give hack
their nicked paiii* by of law.
I bave not compared my Ji-t of niroea
vilh those on ib<* tirant iioa tieat Fund
Cof tnitte«. but I b-l(ev»> that there are
.cerne*.'« of tbo associatif «bowers ra
vaged id the wrong acd are now io pos
session ot'lbe spoils.'
A Huiho't salrld«.
- Ci.fcf suuiD Oc obr 2j —Oe« *œk ago
residents ot ib+ d»y «eer*»hoete*4 to learn
that the your g trifa of Jamea Qi a y le sad
loysteriouiljr disappeared öiuee then
tearch ha* been mid« ia tverj c jaoty in
Northern Ohio. Poads have öcaa dragged
àod everybody io Cleveland and adjoioirg
c.'îej h-ivi» besn interested ia the c*ae for
io-nj liai« and recently her husband
pla-ed their baby in the bands of a curs«,
it wt.s thought that the absence of
tft child petfytd on Mrs. Quayie's miod
and produced temporary inanity. Tc-day
the mystery was aci»cd. An employe cf
W. Cordon aho l'ves *a3t of the ci:v on
the lake shore, found tb* body cf Mis
Vuayfe weog-d ia b<»tw«-en t»o great roois.
S6#» had evidently beta in th« warer for a
week. Her clothing was torn from her
body and Ler fa"« wds so disfigured that
u was rot rtcognizabl# it 14 generally
bt'tdved that she committed «Ottilie
SklfldiDl Ut» r.ltnd.
CiwissaTi, O.-tober 25.—A special
tcom Sidney, O.. sa^s that K. E. 8tipp,
station agent and operator at the Daytcn
and Michigan lUi'vay depot in that
^la«e, was counting mcôey tonight
a man enter«] the office, drew a pistol aid
demandrd th« money. Stipp attacked
the robber and disarmed him. He drew
KCGtber pUtol and attec pvd to ehoot in
v*>n. Finally the m«*k fell from the rob
oer's (ace and John McLean, an iatimaie
friend ot S&pp's, was revealed. &tipp
premised to say nothing »boat the affair,
but official* of ihü road compelled him to
ciuse Ucl-ean's arr«st. lie says La was
tutpelied to the ueed by want.
M'h* Kit ht to tli« "Hlark tlamri"
Mit.warKKK,October25.—Sydney Kcseu
tald. of recent ' BUvk Hus«ar" and "Mi
t*do" injunction fame, in New York to
day caused the arrest of Manager Mc
•Caalf And lour members of the latter s
•opera c4L.'Pany. who have been prolncing
tin ' Blaek H'.**ar> io this cry during
\he week j .'at alos^d RoaeotUd claixs to
poeaess the copyright of the opera and d>
nuud* damage« to the »SJount of $2,04 0
t»r Monday and Tuesday eveoin^s enter
•»eats. The par.ie* arrested read*/ se
rand bail and the ma'ioee and eveaicg
pettormtnets were not intexfered with.
ttaiMcroar, iY>ïs., Ooto'jer 24.-—SfjA
Aan FenneU. o! Trum'ule, aus« to tkieci'y
\e»terday. Lut ou» ht wiiüa en the »free*
■<he waj «»i/.ed with * *ev?re byi/ophool»
ht, wfcich luted far Atveral hojr.«. lttoci
ihe comSincd effort* ai five policemen to
remove her to the »tvioa One of the
officers was badly bitten on the a*ci by the
woman. Mra. Kennel »u bitte»» by A Joe
last spring. Durir? htr rarity» »be wai
•"ootinually eryin? out "d-v." ''dû/?.
ltt?r ihe »as lak« n home by tiiend«.
'■Ju»h BtlUosk" Fanerai«
V.CXOX si. O.toVr 20 —I he funeral
Henry V. Shaw, "Joeh Billing*. took
p'*ce to Jay at Li&t-ohoro, bi« native town,
fhi services were wge'y at.eadtd.
fMtiU* Work (jr«a<wL;Bch.
Oalvutov, Tix , October 23—i
«ieflintch from D*on:«oa to the Newi
>ays- A I e^ro named Grime* was ai
Iwied lut cvenicg tkAr«td with ontragiof
1 wo little daughters of Vbfù Baker, Imnj
Dear thi« towa. The children »rp oal
nine and »ix year* old Giimci aoett
hit innocence. Mb «u «tronly guard*
la»t q irht'or'ear of hi* ka:nf htched.
A a Am««m- WtrU4.
C*n Any one bring m a cA»e of Ki4n<
<* Liver Complaint that EJr;tr»c Bib«
»ill not ipeedily cureT We aay they ci
fiot, u thousands of CAaea already perm
-"n' iy cored and who are dadly recommen
*ag Electric Bitter«, will prove. Bright
l>w*ue, Diabetea, Weak Back, or ai
•tfinary conplaiat quickly cured. Thi
porily the blood, regulate the bowel«, ai
act directly on tba aieeaaed part*. Eva
bottle stqaanuiteeA For «ale At M cents
fc*tle by Logan *C#.
A ■yatestom and ItrtiW* Affair at Ca
tvwtt-AWeU-Kaawm tyortlac Mao th*
fMa. ** I
Drraorr, October 25.—Shortly aùer mid
night Saturday night Orlando H. Ewar,well
known an cog «porting min of Um country
i* " Loa " Ewer, who kept
I a talooa in Port • Huron, was shot
near the Michigan Central depot in thia
eüy. He had mi*ed a train lor Flint,
and was evidently returning to tome hotel,
wfceiüie mi dragged« into an alley and
»hot in the tern pie. 4. bah contain^ $2,000,
which he wore ander hia clothing, aad
which be was knows to have bad two
hoars before the mord er, wee mining, I
and when be was found five minutes
after the first pistol report was heard it
was found that the dead man's pockets
bad been rifled. The murderer«, ol
whom there were evidently two, escaped,
aad vi yet there is no clew to
their identity. fewer was bere on a
yisit to his affianced. It is believed the
maiderers were gamblere, who knew of
the amount of money be had, and who fol
lowed him from Port Huron. Ewerwaej
promiaet in wteetMsg and athletic circle*.
nftiTHmitt frftMMUL —«
Tba Fiwach Sculptor« Object la Y Utting
Tbl« Co as try.
Niw Yost, October 25.—A cable dis
patch from Havre says that M. Bartboldi,
the eminent French sculptor, sailed from
that point to-day on the steamer Amérique,
for >» ew York. He has two objects for the
visit—first, to personally superintend the.
erection of his statue on the pedestal which
is now being erected for it, and tecond, to
meet the Congressional Committee which i
bee charge of the Lafayette statue, to be
erected in Wathington. At the sugges
tion of this committee M. Bartboldi has re
cently completed a model cf the statue of
Lafayette, which is on its way to ibis coui •
try, and this he hopes to be able to induce 1
the committee to accept
The pedestal on Bedloe's Island needa :
bnt fourteen more courses of stone to be
completed. General Stone is now laying i
the twenty-ninth course, and is going on
at the rats of five courtes every two weeks. <
The erection of the statue will be under
the control of Mr. Bartholdi and a French 1
engineer who accompanies him here for
that purpose, and it is intended to have
everything in readiness for dedication on '
July 4, 1836.
Mr«. Cul. <1. W. Woodford ü«a I.
Special to Ou Regvlrr.
WüSTox, SV. Va., October 25.—Mr*.
Woodford, wife of Col. A. W. Woodford of
tbU town was buried yesterday. She died
on Friday after a loog illness, and her
death, though rot unexpected, casts a
gloom over her maoy friends and relatives.
>he was tbe daughter of Rev. Jasper
Gather «ho died a short time ago
l yoamite In tli* Car Strike.
St. Locis, October 24.—Another sensa
tion was produced id street railway circlet
ta night. While a car was coming down
from North St. Louis on the Belleiontaine
line, it ran over tome object on th9 track
on Fourteenth street, between Bremen
avenue and Farrar street, which exploded
with a loud repoit and shattered one ot the
front wheel* ot the car and otherwise in
jured it Frcm the t fleets ct the explosive
on the track and ground, it is supposed the
explosive was dynamite. Only one passen
ger aaa in the car and he and the driver
were throes to the floor of the ear; neither i
mwwyuip. :. ^ - t-w«»
Maraou Get Some >• w IdMM.
Blai KPoot, Idaho, October 25—Tbe
conviction of Win. C. Garrison in the
United Sta'ee Court here, yesterday, of the
crime of unlawful cohabitatioc is likely to
giva the more ignorant Mormons a new
idea of the Edmunds law, Garrison took a
second wife against the orders of his bishop,
and was expelhd from the church. As
many Mormons have been taught to be
lieve that the Edmonds law was designed
solely to persecute them, this impartial ac
tion h likely to shake their faith in the
teachings of their leader?. The conviction
has created a profound impression. Bishop
Porter vas convicted on the same charge
Woman Murdered at Kockvllle.
Rocktiilb, Jm, October 25 —J. C.
Hennings, a ieckless and diisolute young
man living here, shot and killed Mrs.
Lottie Volner, a widow, whose hand
he fought in marriage and whom she re.
fused 11 he tragedy occurred about 8 o'clock
yes era ay evening. Our people are great
ly excited over the terrible affair, and talk
of Unchicg is freely indulged in. The
murderer is in jail, and a watch is beirg
kept over it, for fear that a mob may or
ganize and take Sennes out and harg
Kx-Governor Page, of Vermont, died
Saturday morning of bronchial pneu
The hennery on Henry Ward Beecher's
(arm, Pe^kskill, N. V., was burned
and 100 fowls were roasted to death. ;
A. portion of the barn adjoining was alio
burned. lx*s$50d.
Three men were pjisQced by sever ga#
wh'le cleaning out a sewer in Chicago.
Two cas*s of smallpox are repor ed in
Northern Dakota.
. At a wedding at Frost Mill, 8. Cr, In
ward Harden, toe g roc m after the feast,
killed Tom Stone and morally wounded
Alpheus Fulmers.
11—-— D—i- ---> L'/lxnl Rarmnn were
i^JW*WU W«v
cani-jcted in Pitrsburg yesterday of coon
A medical comuôcion, consisting of one
American, two French scJ tyo English
! Cta^an doctors, hai been appointed io
icq aire i&(* Kiel's eaairy.
Small pox um ixakjff oat in St. Lansent
College. Canada, and s;v«r»i &*.*bs have
otc^ned. .
At SriJ^pport, Coon , Bridget Farley
died late Saturday ci?ht in West Strat
ford, agtd 104 jcars 2 raûoîbs and 5 days
At Cleveland yesterday August Bienlow
%h« w<is arretted for passing a counterfeit
biH. bang»! himself in jail.
At New Yorji y£s»erday, Canon Farrar
preached in Trinity Ce ate}*, Hundreds
xere usable to train admission
Tbe Fourth fr^bvterian cburcb cf New 1
York yesterday ceirtosab-fl its centennial
Got. elect Fcraker, of ffifiç, FM in
Washington yesterday.
Walter Chenowjtb, a well known citizen
of Newport, B. I, committed suicide by
, drowning.
. j Y ester Jar, while Robert Wiggins, of
f I Pittsburg, wss intoxicated and was beating
I hie wife aad daughter, two men by the
I name of Stewart interfered sp^ beat Wig
, gits till be was insensible.
j - —
At SL I. .u'k—tio Browne and Mar
▼eus played their second gs*»e for the lo
t ßil championship before another eoot,
*( mow crowd to da) : Marrons, 0; Browne 6.
1- lualaou Approval of U»dieml Urn#.
's Dr. T. Q. Co od stock, Phytioian at Good
y S s mari tau Hospital, St Lou#, Ma, enjs
»y i ' For year* we bave need it in this hospital
d in dyspepsia and serrons diseases, aad si
ry a drink daring the dsoKas and in the cos
a valesceace ot lingering feftrs. It bai th<
BM9Î&9P approval of oar mescal staff.
A Powerful Samoa By Dr. TaJ
mage Yesterday.
P. : 1
Life for Life, Blood'for Blood, Substi
' tution—The Nobleness of
* ■-> Soff ^Sacrifice.
4Mci*l la tkt JU/ULt.
BfooKLYX, N. Y., October 25.—Profes
sor Henry Eyre Browne opened the ser
vicer in the Brooklyn Tabernacle this
morning with the organ aolo, Fint Sonata
in D Minor, by Bitter. Dr. Tataage ex
pounded the chapter in Levidcua abont
ancient aacrificea. The hymn sung was:
Sal ration, 0tha jojfal soaad '
"ifofÛMMM w uor «-• ;
A Mrerricn b*hn for •t*rj wmnt, ~
A cordial for cur lean.
The aabject of the sermon was "Blood,"
and the text waa from Hebrew ix, 22:
"Without »bedding of blood ia no remia
lion." The preacher said:
John G. Whit tier, the last of the great
ichooi of American poets that made tue
laat quarter of a century brilliant, asked
ne in the White Mountaies one morning
i fier prayers, in which I had given out
Jowper's famous hymn about "the loan
ain filled with blood." "Do you really
Klieve there ia a
>f the blood of Cbriet to the soul?" My
legative reply then, is my cegative reply
xow. The Bible statement agrtea with all
>hysiciana aud all physioiogUto and all
icientists in sai icg that the blood ia the
iff, and in the Christian religion it means
limply that Christ'» life waa given for our
it*. Hence all thia talk of men who saj
he Bible atory of blood is disgusting, and
hat they don't want what they call a
'slaughter-house religion," only thow«
heir incapacity or unwillingness • to
ook through tbe ngure or speeca to
ward the thing signified. The blood that
)q the darkest Friday the world ever saw,
xj/.ed or trickled or poarëd from the brow
ind the side and the hands and the feet of !
be illustrious sufferer, back of Jerusalem,
n a few hoars coagulated and dried up j
md forever disappeared ; and if man had
lepended on the application of tbe literal
)lood ol Christ, there woald not bare been
i soul saved for the last eighteen centu-1
In order to understand this red word of
ny text, we only have to have to exercise
LS much
.3 we do in everything el«e. Pang for !
>ang, hanger for hunger, fatigue for fa
igae, tear for tear, blood lor b!ood,
if« for life, we see every day illustrates ;
The act of substitution is oo novelty, al
hough I bear men talk as though tbe idea
if Christ's suffering substituted for our suf
enng were something abnormal, sorne
hing distressing odd, something wildly
«centric, a solitary episode in the worlds
listory, when I could take you oat into
hia city and before sundown point you
0 five hundred cases of substitution and
wlwitery aaiaH»» W ca* 4p hqhftif of
At two o'clock to morrow afternoon go
unong the place« of business or toil. It ;
rill b« no difficult thing fcr you to find
nen who by their looks show you that
hey are overworked. Thej are prema
urely old. They are hastening rapidly
owaid their decease. They have gone
hrowgh crises iu business that shattered
heir nervous system and pulled on the
>rain. They have a shortness of breath :
ind a pain in the back of tbe head, and at
night an insomnia that alarms them.
(Vhy are they drudging at business early
ind late? For fan i No; it would be dif
ficult to extract any amusement out of that
exhaustion. Because they are avaricious?
In many cases no. Because their own
personal expenses are lavish? No; a few
lundred dollars would maet all their
ivants. The simple tact is the man is en
luring all that fatigue and exa«pera'ion
ind wear and tear, to keep his home pros
perous. There is an invisible lice reach
eg f.om that store, from that bank, from
:bat shop, from that scaffolding, to a quirt
iceno a few blocks, a few tnilep away., and
[here is tbe secret of th«t basinet? eudur
snce. He is simply the champion cf a
homestead fcr which he wins bread and
vardrobe and education and prosperity,
ind in such battle ten thousand m«n tall.
01 ten business men whom I bury, nine die
ai overwork for others. Some sudden du
sase fkds them with nc power of resist
ince and they are gone. Life lor life.
Blood for blood.
At one &'(.lock to morrow morning, the
hoar when slamber Is most uninterrupted
and most profound, walk amid the dwell
ing houses of the city. Ilcre and there
you will find a dim light, because it is the
household custom to keep a subdued light
burning; ttyi :pou! of tbe bouses from
base to cap are as dark as though uuiu
habited. A merciful God bas sent forth
the archangel of sleep, and he puts his
v:Bgf over the citr. But yonder is a clear
light burning, »nd putsidn on the window
—« r»la»« nr nitrher contaluiae
food for ft »ick child, il.» food set in the
tresh ftir. This U the iixth eight that
mother has cat op with th'it snflerer. 8h«
hat to the Lut point obejöd the physician's
prescription, not giving s drop too mach
Ît too little, of ft moment too soon or too
\U. m my anxious. for the has
buried three children s«>} the «aine dis
ease, and she prajs and wop«., eiuù
^ rayer »od sob ending wiib a
(iÉ * *^e pale iheek By
dint of kindt^» sfcs ßistj the 1'V.le ore
through the ordeal Ar er u M ajl'dycf the
mother i» taken do*n. Brain or nervow
fever aeU in ftnd one day she leavfs the
convalescent ohild with its mother'» bless
ings and goee op to ioin the three in the
kingdom of heftvea. Life for life. Subs1!
tution. The fact is tiftt there are an acac
oou^:«d nnmber of mothers »ho. after they
bave navigated ft >arg£ fiy^ilr of children
through all the diseftses of Infancy an 4 get
tfrem fairly started 'np the Covering dop«
of boyhood or girlhood, have only strength
enough'left AO tie. Titey fftde away. Some
1 call 4 consomption; kotpe c&lj it uerrc»!
proetratien ; #oma pall it intermittent ôi
malarial disposition; bot pall it martyr
don of Um domestic ctofo Life for life
BI.XD rj« BLOcD.
Substitution. Or perhaps she lingers lonj
enough to ud j eon jet on tbe wrong roai
and hie former kinddess weco^ep rough it
ply when she exprexes anxiety aboaf him
I But she go?« right on, looking cart full
after hie appearel, remembering his ever
birthday with #>pe memento, and who
he is brought home worn tci vith dissipi
tion, nurses him till be gets well and «tari
IJüm ftgftin, ftnd hopes ftnd expects an
prays and counsels and suffers, nntil h<
strength gives oat and she l'aiig. 9b«
going, and attendants bending otst bi
pdlow, ask her if >be hfts »ny mestftge I
leave, ftnd she mftkss ft greftt effort to ss
1J something, bat oat of three or four minat<
jof iodistiftot attsrancs they can catch bi
three word« : "ify poor boy!" The »im
pie fact is the died for him. life for lifa
About twenty four jean ago there wtoi
forth from. oar homes hundreds o)
thousaa&f of men to do battle f«
their ootrbtry, All the poetry of wai
soon vanished and left them nothing but
; the terrible prose. They wa*:=aSME
in mud. They slept in «now
manJbed tili their cat feet
earth. They were swindled
honest rations and lived on i
J for a dog. They had jaw all fntftaurfl
and eye* extinguished, and limb« shot
away. Thousands of them cried for water
as they lay dying on the field the night
after the battle, and got it not They were
homesick and received no mer iff« from
their loved ones. They died II barns, in
boshes, in ditches, the buzzards and the
summer heat the only attendant« on their
obsequies. No one but the infinite God
who knows everything, knows the ten
thousandth pert of the length and breadth
and depth and height of anguish of North
ern and Southern battlefields. Why did
theie fathers leave thèir children and go
to the front, and why did these young men,
postponing the marriage day, start out in
to the probabilities of never coming back?
For the cOutitry they died»
une ro« tv n.
Blood for ftf&'cd: SnfrsfitntioM^ ^
But we need not go so far. What u
that monument in Greenwood? It is to
the doctors who fell in the Southern
epidemics. Why go? Were there not
enoogh sick to be attended in the* north
ern latitudes? Oh, yes; but the doctor
puts a few medical books in bis valise, and
some vials of medicine, und leaves his pa
tients here in the bauds of other physicians,
and takes the rail train. Bt-fore he
get to the infected regions he passes
crowded rail trains, regular and extra,
taking the (lying and affrighted populations
He arrives in a city over which a great
horror is brooding He goes
from couch to couch, feeJing of pulse and
studying symptoms and pwscribing, day
after day, night after nigh:, until a fellow
physician says: "Doctor, you had better
$o home and res'; you look miserable."
but he cannot rest while so many are suf
fern?. On and on until 60tne morning
Goda him in a delirium in wmcu ne tarns
ct home, and then rises and says he maat
go and look alter these patients. He is
told to lie dowD, but l.e fights bis attend I
anis until he fallback, and is weaker and
weaker, and dies for people with whom ,
he had no kinship and far away from his
family, and is hastily put away in a
stranger's tomb, and only the fifth part of
a newspaper line telîs as of his sacrifice, j
his name just mentioned among five Vet
he bss touched the furthest height of
humanitarian service, lie goes straight
as au arrow to the bosom of Him who
said: .'I was sick and ye visited mo." j
Life for life. Blood for blood. Sabstitu
In the legal profession I see the same
principle of i
lu 184G William FreamaD, a pauper
iz'.d aud idiotic negro was ut Auburn, j
New York, on trial for murder. He had
•lain the entire Van Nest family. The
foaming wrath of the community could be
kept off him only by armed constables
Who would volunteer to bs his counsel?
No attorney wanted to sacrifice his popu
larity by sach an ungrateful task. All i
were silent save one, a young lawyer with
feeble voi-e that could hardly be heard out- :
side the bar pala, aud tbin and awkward, j
It was William H. Seward who Baw that
the prisoner was idiotic and irresponsible,
and ought to be put in an asylum rather
(baa put to death, tie heroic counsel ut
tered these beautiinT wiorfc "I'Wpeak WW
la the hearing of a people who have
prejudiced the prisoner and condemned
me for pleading in hii behalf He is a
convict, a pauper, a negro, without intel
lect, se use or emotion. My child with an
affectionate smile disarms my careworn
face of its frown whenever I cross my
threshold. The beggar in tho street obliges
me to g ve because he says, 'God bless
you' as I pass. My dog caresses me with
fondness if I will hat roule on him. ifj
horse recognizes me when I fill his manger.
What reward, what gratitude, what sympa
thy and affection, can I es pect here?
There the prisouer Bits. Look at him.
Look at the assemblage around yon. Lis
teu to their iil-suppresged censures and
their excited fears, and tell me where1
among my neighbors or my ftlloTmcn,
where even in his heart, I can expect to
find a sentiment, a thought, not to say of
reward or of acknowledgment or even
of recognition? * * * * Gentlemen, i
you may think of this evidencs what you <
{lease, bring in what verdict you can, but
asseverate before heaven and yon, tbat to
the K'st of my knowledge and belief, the
prisoner at tho ür du» not &t this mo
ment know why it is that my shadow falls
on you instead of his own." The gallows
got its victim, but tho post mortem exami
nation ot the poor creature showed to all
the surgeons and to all the world, tbat the
public were wrong and William H. Seward
was rijhf. and that hard stouy step of
obloqtty in the Auourn court room was the
first ttep of tie stairs of fame up which ha
went to the lop, or to within one step of
the top, that last denied him through the
treachery of American politics. Nothing
sublimer was ever ceec iu an American
court room than William H. Seward with
out reward standing between the fury of
the populace and the loathsome ixbecila
I Ut ttf.AL.-M ur a Hb n.tfc AU1.-1
ihere was as remarkable an instance. A
brilliant bnt hypercriticiscd painter, Joseph
William Turrcr, was met by a volley of
auu»3 from kll ioe a,t galleries o| Europe.
Ilia paintings, which have since won the
applause of all civilised nations. "The
FiUh PUgna of IÇgypt," "^is^eraen on
a L-e Shore in Sqaally Weather," "Calais
Pier" "The Son Rising Through Mist"
aud "Dido Building Canhage," were tkeo
targtts for critics to shoot at. In defense
of this ooira<reout>ly abated man a young
an hor of »our ye&re, :uat one year
oat of college, came fouh with hi* pea ard
wrote the ablest and most famous fs»ye
I qq ^rt ibai tj)2 wr>rld ever saw, or e'er »ill
g££~-Jo$n Uaskln-'j Modern Btinters.
For seventeen years this author fcught the
: battles oi the maltreated artist, ana after
in poverty and broken hearteicess the
painter had ditd at.d the public tried to
nudo their cratlties toward him by piving
bim a big funeral acd burial at St Paul's
Cathedral, bis old time fnend took oat of
a tip tor n;net«?n tboimud nieces of pa
per containing drawing? by th^old psuoter,
and through many Weary and uccompen
sated month«, assorted and arranged them
I for public observation. People say John
< Russin his old days is are««, visas
1 thro pic and morbid, \VWe ver he may dc
th«t h# on2ljt not to do, and whatever h(
nay pay that he ought net to «ay bfiweft
. I bow ana hi« death, he «ill leave this work
; insolvent *■ far aa it bai any capacity ti
pay this author's pea for its chivalric an<
" CLranan defense of a poor painter's pet
Iriir John £asfcb for William Tarnt J
r Blood for blood. Sofofctiti**,
; What
liikis which leads one to enfler fc
i another. Nothiag so kindles enthusiast!
t or awakene eloquence, or chime« poet)
« cat toe. or moves nations. That principl
r js the dominant one ip our religion—Ohri
o the martyr, Christ the celestial hero, Chit
y i the defender, Christ the eabstitnte. N
• new princip'e, far it was as old as hnme
it nature; hot sow on grander, wider, high«
*orld-resounding eoale.
as champion for Israel,
d the giant of Philistine
ike dut, bat here il anoth
all the armies pf churches
militact an4 riamphant, hurl« the Goliatk
of heH into* feat, the crash of his brazen
armor like .a explosion at Hell Gate.
Abraham fa I at God's command agreed
to aacrifioe is aon Isaac, and the came
ast ia I ne bad provided a ram of the
as a ibatitate ; bat here is another
nd o the altar, and no hand ar
(iu p edges of taeeratioa and
»add b universe shivers and quakes,
sadhreemb i id groans at the horror. All
gcbd me» live for centuries been trjbg
to tell who da substitute was like, and
every oooapa eon, inspired and uninspired,
evangelistic, prophetic, apostolic and hu
map, talis sh rt, for
v Adam was a type cf Christ, because he
came directly from God; Noah was a type
of Christ, because he delivered his own
family from letage; Melchisedeck was a
type of Chri , because he had no prede
cefwr.or su< earn; Joseph was a type of
Christ, beca« t he vas put to death by his
trellrea; M tea a type of Christ, because
he «Ma deli srer from bondage ; Joshua a
types# Chrii because he was a conquer
er; 8<Sipaor a type of Christ, teoauae of
his streagtM&elaj the Hobs ai^eanf off
the iron gates of impossibility Solomon à
I type of Christ, in the fulinees of his do
i minion; Jonas a type of Christ, beoause of
the stormy sea in which he threw
; himself for the rescue oi others; but
• put together Adam and Noah and Mel
J chiaedeck and Joseph and Moses and
! Joshua and Sampson and Solomon and
Jonah, and they would not make a frag
ment of a Christ, a quarter of a Christ, the
half of a Christ, or the millionelh part of a
Christ. He forsooK a throne and sat
down on his own footstool. He came
from the top of glory to the bottom of
humiliation, and changed a circumference
seraphic for a circumference diabolic.
Once waited on by angels, now hissed at
by brigands. From atar and high up, he
came down; «past meteors, swifter than
they; by starry throne«, himself more
lustrous; past larger worlds, to smaller
worlds, down stairs of firmaments, and
from cloud to cloud, and through tbe tree
tnm and intn ihn pumpl's Stall To thrnilt
his shoulder under oar hardens and take
tbe laccea of pain through hit vitals, he
wrapped himself in all the agonies which
we deserve for our doing«, and stood on
the spilling decks of a wrecking ship, amid
the drenching surf of the sea, and passed
midnights on the mountains amid wild
beasts of prey, and stood at the point
where all earthly and infernal hostilities
charged on him at once, with their keen
When did attorney ever endure so muoh
for a pauper client, or physician for
tbe patient in the lazretto, or mother for
the child in membranous croup, as Christ
for us, end Christ for yon, and Christ for
me? Shall any man or woman or child
in this audience who has ever suffered for
another, find it hard to understand this
Chrittianly suffering for us? Shall these
whose sympathies have been wrung in be
half of tbe unfortunate, have no apprecia
tion of that moment which was lifted out
of all the ages of eternity as most eonspic
non», when Christ gathered up all sins of
those to be redeemed under kia one arm,
and all their sorrows under his other arm,
and said: "I will atone for these under
mv right arm, and wilt heal '
all those under my left arm.
Strike me with all thy glittering shafts 0
Eternal Justice. Roll over me with all
thy snrget, je oceans of sorrow !" And tb* !
the.-M™oSroied Zpfom beneath, '
hnirioânoe after Hurricane and cyclone and
then and there in pretence of Heaven and
earth and hell, yea, all worlds witnessing,
the price, the bitter price, the transcendent1
price, the awful price, (he glorious price, |
the infinite price, the eternal price, ku
paid that aets ns free. That is what Paul
means, that is what I mean, that is what
all those who have ever had their hearts
changed meag by my "blood." I glory
I am thrilled as I see the suggestive color
in sacramental cup, wuether it be of burn
ished silver set on cloth immaculately
white, or rough-hewn ftom wood set on
table in log-bnt meeting-house of the wilder
ness* Now I am thrilled as I see the altars
of ancient sacriBce crimson with the bl< od
of the slain lamb' and Leviticus is tç me
not so much the Qld Testament as
the New. Now I see why the
destroying angel passing over Egypt in tbe
night spared aU those hoases that had
blood sprinkled on their doorposts. Now I
know what Isaiah means when he speaks
of "one in ted hpßarel coming with dyed
garments from Bosrah;" and whom John
means when he so eloquently de
scribes a heavenly chit f'ain whose "vest
ure was dipped in blood;" and what Peter,
the Apostle, means when he speaks of tbe
"precious blood;" and what Job means
wben be refers to tbe blood that cieanstth
frort all sin, and wliat the old worn out,
decrepit missionary Paul mtans when, in
my text he cries, "without shedding of
blood is no remission." By that blood
y on and I will be saved or never saved at
all. In ail tha age* of the world God ha»
not once parrfont-d a single sin except
through in6 Savior'! expiation, and He
never will. Glory be to Uod that the bill '
back of Jerusalem was the battleficid Ion 1
which Christ oohfèved our liberty I
Tbe most exciting and overpowtriog I
day of last summer was the day I spent
Starting out with tbe morning train trom :
Drus&tiA, ötigium, we arrivea id aoout mu
who tu ig tie battie nai vi
from bis father ft tbomand times the «hole
Bctne reciud, accompanied os over the
field. There stood the old Hougomont ;
Chateau, the walla dented and scratched
and broken and (battered of grape shot '
and ^nnftft ^aU. There is the well in
which three hundred djing and dead were
pitched. There is the chapel with the
head of the ii'fant Chrfat shot of. There
: ohf gal,?* at wblcn for ywy bouts Kngiisb
and French armies wrettfed. Yonder
were the 160 guns ot the English and the
150 guns oi the French Yonder the Han
overian Hussars fled for the woods. Yon
der was the ravine of Ohaine, where the
French cavalry, cot knowing there was a
hollow in the groand, rolled orer ^nddrwn
troop aijter iiwop, i*o tnonsand bornes and
fifteen hundred men tu m bürg into one
' awful mass of suffering, hoof oi kickisg
horse« against brow and breast of captains
i and colonels and private soldiers the hu-,
man apd thé «»easily groan kept çp until,
the day after, all was shovelled under, be
cause oi Um mftlodor anting in that bol
! month of Jupe. "There," said oar guide
"tba Highland regiment« lay down oi
! their face« walling for the moment t<
spring upon the foe. In that orchan
twenty five hundred men wem. cut U
' pieces. Here st<v>d Wellington with «kit
hps, tnd by Uat knoU rcqe Marshal $îs;
on bis sixth horse, five baring been she
■— *-*— (U. .1 » 1
i UiswU OlflL SI ■■ « Iii6 films IM S-» **iMU
r broke and Marshal Ney with his bjd
, slashed of a sword and his bat off SM t
c ( face covered with powder and blood, trie
e I to rnlly bis troop« as be cried : 'Corns an
it ! »ee bow a marshal of France die« c
it ! the battlefield.' From yondi
o direction Grouchy was wpeoh
n for the French reiuilproement, but he can
r, not. Around those woods Blacber w
hour op that famous spot.
looked for to reinforce the English, and
just in time he came op. fonder ig the
field where Napoleon stood, his arm
: through the reins of the horse's bridle,
dazed "and unstrung, trying to go back.
Scene of a battle that vent on from twen
j ty five minutes to twelve o'clock on the
18th of June, antil four o'clock, when the
English seemed defeated and their com
mander cried ont: "Boys! can yon think
of giring way ? Remember old England !"
and the tides turned, and at eight o'clock
is the eveaing the man of desiiny, 'who
wm called by his troops Old Two Hun
dred Thousand, turned away with broken
heart, and the fata of centuries was de
! tided." No wonder a great mound haa
been erected there, hundreds of feet high,
I a mound at the expense of millions of
dollars and many years of rising, and on
on the top is the great Belgian lion of
bronze, and a grand old lion iris. But
our great Waterloo was in Palestine
There came a day when all hell came up
led by Apolljon, and the captain of our
salvation confronting them alone, the
rider on the white horse of the Apocalypse
going ont s gai nit the black heme cavalry
of death. From twelve o'clock at noon to
three o'clock in the afteracoo, the great
est battle of the universe went
on. Eternal destinies were being
I decided. All the arrows ot
hell pierced our ehiefrain, and the bat
« tie axes «truck him until Wow aal cheek
and shoulder and hand and foot were in
; carnadined with oozing life, but he fought
; on until he gave a final stroke with sword
1 from Jehovah's buckler, and the command
i er in-chief of hell, and «II his forces fell
! back in everlasting rain, and the victory
; is ours, and on the mound that celebrates
ihetricmph, we plant this day two figures,
not in bronze or iron or sculptured marble,
but two figures of living light—the lion of
Judah's tribe and the lamb that was slain.

TLe Guu Shop Kobbrrjr— Gcu«rat K«vi
Per»onat Note».
Ifytcial to Ihf Rfjltia.
PiRKGR£Bi'RO, October 25. — Officer
Lem Griffin hns been ferreting out the
gun shop robbery, and has landed Guy
Green and a young man named Qoliinger
in jail and recovered mos! of the property
The Ne2perly-Ste*art malte: *aa com
promised before the Recorder \esterday
morning. The ease against Mrs. N was dis
missed And Stewart held iu bond for six
moDihs, to keep ifce peace, at least ibis was
the undmtanGiog when the suit against
Stewart was dimiirwd, bet »hen Auerney
Bullock weut for hU client, fouud that
John had skipped for parla unknown.
Mr. C. P. Corbi t and family, to the re
gret of their ho&ts of tn^nds, let'c here yea
terday for Ashwille, N. C, where they will
locate permanently Mr. C. having ac
cepted a situation with the Stager Manu
facturing Company, wbith he so faithfully
eerved as agent in this ci'y fcr several
The traveling public will be pleased to
learn that Major W. I. Tibbetts, a well
and favorably known hotel çlerli, late of:
the Griggs House, of Portsmouth, Ohio,
bas accepted the position of chiel clerk o1
Hill's Central, this city, where he will wel
come his many friends.
Steasboat Agent Henry Ma) bury ship
ped on the Minnie Bay one day this week
317 barrels of oil for points bilow.
Steamboat circles Inrush an item of in
terest, by way of the n«w dtal whtreby
Capt. Maddy, of the Hibernia, transfers
the mail contract between here and Galli
polis to the Minnie Bay, the change to go
into c fleet Monday morning. This is the
result of an untimely stab at the iuUjett oi
othfis but C«q\ M failed to discover hit
mistake until loo lato to mend, j
The Ktory of Diu drr nn<l Confes*tou by
Anderson Said to be Utitrnc.
TO Ikt Editor uf (ht Reoiiter:
Pr Plbisast, October 24.
Dsar Sir—Iu your issue cf the l^b I
sea a telegram staiiujj tlat one Anderson
had been arrested for the murder of Hazel
wood, of Meigs couoty, Ohio, upon infor
mation ob'.aiued through Detect re Alf.
Barnelt, acd that Ar.^tyn tûù Uen kid
iog lor somotlmo, had been arrested,
placed in jail and hid confessed to the
mnrder, all of which is unfrae. The re
mains of Green Haztlwood, a eolored man
formerly living tear Porttr, ia Gallia
coanty, Qhio, was found hanging to a bush
near Concord Church, about five miles :
from here, and near the Kanawha river,
subsequent examination induced the be
lief that he had been murdered. On the
22d of this month Capt. Vf. W. Lee filed a !
4 pomplaint before Justine Woodyard, and
that night Daniel Anderson, who lived in
the vicinity of where the remains were
found, and at whose bouse Hazel wood was
last seen, was arrested. Yesterday he had
an examination and was sent to tail to <
await the ac:ion of a grand jury. He Las
confessed uothing, but on the contrary, de
nies all knowledge of Hazelwood after he
left his house on the morning of the 4th cf
June. Anderson was supposed to ^ave.
money with bitn bnt the79 *s no evidence
of the aoGuut, and (be probabilities are
that he didn't have much.
Tnere is but lit» le dcubt that he was
murdered, and that the remain« £,ad bee» ,
Dung up 10 ine woocç lopg ^iier me «ut
in?, and it« circummcces known are
strongly against Anderson and one other
man as belog the murderer«. Harnett bad
no'.hiog to do with the arrest, Capt Lee
and Mr. John P. Austin have wor^ up
the case, and should '«y emitted ro the
credit of anj developments so far made.
Pliase correct the above s'atem ent re
ferred to in jour issue cf the 19'fc inat.
Yours rap*ctfolly,
J. A. Gibhosju
Declared Off.
8t Louis, October 25.—'The Gaudaor
Hamm sculling match which was arranged
to be rowed on Cremour Lake, near this
city oo November 1, for {SCO aiiae asd '
• taercb&nta purse of tie same amount
added, hak Seen declared cf as a pufyliç '
evfnt o?)ng to tue »act thai the Missouri
Pacific Railroad would not give oarsmen a
percentage The match will be rowed in
the near future for the merchan t' parse .
alone, bat only subscribers to the purse
and a tew of their frieads will be present a{
the contest. Jar—s A. fjt ^objr, of this
:jty, Va;»*r c» Gaâ'dâaJ, has received a tel
| fgram from Wallace Boss stating be and
Teemer were willing to row Gaudaur and
mate. Mr. St. John has accepted the
proffer and he has telegraphed Bom to
mis* time aad (tat* howmuch he waats
• to tow for. w 1
•«(■day Cl««|D f la CtorslaM.
Olsvkuvp, 0., October 25.—The order
of the chief of police closing all th» zk
, loons on Sanday, was generally obetrvet
I to-day, and no arrests have yet been re
, ported- Ofte man closed V* doors, bp
I tapped a k«g ot beef oo th® sidewalk aa<
r I dispensed réfre.hinents'lo ill who passe*
t free «if charge ' A policeman knocked th
lJ flacet oot of the keg and dirpemi} th
This if onlf disturbance ri
I« «ore brave to live than to die.
n Therefore don't wait until a sligl
it cough developes itself into consumptio
d but secure a boule of Dr. Ball's Coag
te : Sjrup at the small outlav of 25 cents, ca
• j your cough« asd live on oappUy.
Chicago, October 2.V—'Tha following
communication «ai iaaued to-day :
Irish National Lsaock of A «aie a, |
Omets or the Piesd't asd 8tc'T, >
Li scour, Nu., October 24. )
To tke Oficrrt and Membtrt of Branrhtt :
Punuant to a reaolotioa of tha National
Committee of the League, pawed at ft
meeting held in Chicago in Aafaat laaf,
the executive hat been in communication
with Mr. Parnell with a view ol fixing tha
data for oar National Convention that
would «ait Mr. Parnell*a convenienoa and
that of auch other delegate! aa may ha
aent over to repreeent the home organiza
tion. We hare bow tha pleaanra to iniorm
yon that tbe third annual convantion ol
the Iruh National League of America to
be held in Central Muaic Hall, Chicago, on
Wedntaday and Thcnday, January 20
and 21, 1886, will ha attended by Mr. Par
nell and a strong delegation of hia col
laaguea. We earneatly truat that every
branch of tke Leagne will be folly rrpra
aentad thereat.
Wa ara approaching a moat momentoua
criaia in tbe long atrugfla for Irataad'e
national right« and no man or womaa of
Iriah birth or Iriah Wood,^ no trfta law a#
liberty, who feela ay apathy for oppraaaad
kindred or lore for tha dear old mother
land, ahould fail to lend a helping hand to
secure that victory which acetna now on
the verr eve of accompliahment Our peo
ple at home are manfully doing their part
deepite erery kind of ooertion and terror
ism. Let ua do oura and ahow
England that the \ old and
manly yet wiaa and prudent policy of
Mr. Parnell commanda the nniveraal and
hearty approval and support of the Irish
race at home and abroad. AH bracchea
and accietiea affiliated *ith the League
that hare aubecribed regular duea for the
current term, or hare contributed to the
parliamentary feed a sum equivalent to
the amount of duea, shall be entitled to
repreaentation and the basis of repreaenta- .
tion ahall be aa follows : Oue delegate for
every fifty membera in good standing, pro
vided, however, that iu the country dia
tricta where the number of fifty membera
cannot be eatily retched any number
from twenty to fifty shall be entitled to
oce delegate.
Aa the time ia short let oor action be
prompt and efficient. Let ua make thia
convention be a credit to our race and a
metsage of fresh hope, courage and mater
irl support to our kindled in Ireland in
their desperate struggle Against oppression.
[Signed ] Patrii k Koax, President,
Cbas. O'IUillt, Treasury,
Kcc.sr Wauh, Secretary.
- ... I
service vu ofciü u
Teateiday evening morning. In the even
ids RevF. 8. DeHasa, under the ausjneat
of the Oxford League, delivered the flrat
of » aeriea of lecture, which will be con
tinued in the Methodist church throughout
(he week. He took lor hia aubject ' Baby
lon a to the Valley of the tuphratia, and
delivered a very pleasant address in wblcb
he touched on biblical and historical points
in a manner pleasing and instructive to
hia hearer«. This eveuiog Be*. W. U.
Rider, A. M., of Wells ville wiU
discooiM on "An Apology for an
Apeologr. In connection with tho lec
ture the tollowing programme will be ren
dered: Anthem-'A Crown for Me by
the choir. Prayer by Rev. C. h. Walker.
itrnmental dnet by Mrs. Mo* McCann and
Mrs. Ric«. 8olo, "Out MotW« Way, by
W. II Hobb«. Benediction, Rev. Owl U.
H<Jo« Wier, of Wttfci»fton, Pa., U the
^On ^ ÔatnrdajMnight a very creditable
audience assembled at the Lureka rink to |
witness the performance of Peck t baa
boy and hi« pa," by Messrs. \N alsh and
Gillmore. The «how w«s vert funny, but
thçttiubie or walling till ? 0 clock lora
ten minute «how took considerable of the
vim out of «h® audience.
E J. A. Dre no en, Lsq , »nd L, 4.U
Drennen, Esq, of Minneapolis, and Mrt.
\V. D. Ccchr^n, of Grandftaw 0., are the
Kue»U of tbfcir fathar, Jame« II. Drennen,
Charlej Moore and William Melaon
languuh in durance vile.
Oh to lUferta«.
Qaitoa ikiUful bit of piloting wa« wit
ne«kd from the Suapension bridge yester
day afternoon. The Henry Brown, wa«
pushing twenty-four "emptiea heed uf her,
iix abreast, the moving mua looking a« if
it occupied about all tbj space thew *aa
in the riv*. TW Resolutewa. bound
down with two heavily ladened model
bargat. There waa not over seven foet cf
water in the channel, and nro«Awy not
that over Wheeling Ç:eak bar, where it
i. qui!« W»* W Bt,ola1t?
bs4 kept under full headway .he weald
have passed the Brown on tir» bar and
probably grounded. firing ker dangir
ehe slowed Çfc to « atandatiU, gava the
Prow a the wert bank of th* ri*er
waited for ker until about opposite 1 weltib
itreet, | lading tort of diagonally acrots
the stream. At the proper moment, and
when a colli»ion seemed inevitable Iba
Resolute rang to go ah«ad. Almoat in
.tamly «he ?tr&igbtened up and down
Jeam, the head of her tow appearing
to pa» the head of tha Brown a taw lew
than twenty feet apart. Bot that %aa aa
good a« a »ite and the spectators drew »
bog breath of relief.
Fca outs, bruisea, •prain. of «trains,
borna, scald», frost-bit*«, chilblain« and
bites of povonona inaoctt, nothing equala
Salvation Oil It annihilate« pain. Pnçq
26 cent« a bottle. . j
*4rHe *• •««»«*
Mrs. Win»lowV Boothinj Syrup fat chü
Iren tasthiag. is the j*«r.puon * oee (A
thebertfamusntsaee and
(Jniud Sutea, and ha. be« naed for lortr
rears with never failing ancceaa by m>V
lions of mother« for thai* cbildr«. Dtr
ing the pro«« of teething to vake is j*
i-^jSrsc- d£
h«sltk le the ckDd it rests tha aathsr»
PrW **1 a bottle. •
Uaotriafety iftbt Fatin ta Brest
I« Marry Ea*toad-~A Temporary wd
Provisional Victory of the
Libera)« Predicted.
Loxooa, Pal Aar 23—The low rate of
dieooeat «till toila to attract kawaa
who, to ooaarqaeace of the nacertaiat/ of
the future of poKtioa, trade tad finaace
which still waakeae pablic »alliai, we
no prospeal af easptoyia« maaey at aa tm
mediate at ympootiea jsafti. A leap
q uADiity of American Utea an Msg otr
ed oa acooaat af reoeat KagBeh pah
K Ai
lfo. call money at fe. The
of gold iron the Baak of Bag toad is aa*
pecttd to reealt to a riaa of haah
rate of diacou&t next week, hat
bo equivalent advance la oateide ratee la
expected. The Eooaoaiiat commeattof
upon th« aaatahle equilibrium of the Lib
eral party, sa; s the Libtnls «ill «tola
the coming election«, and that their viote
ry will be temporary and proviaioaal aad
will not outlast Mr. Qladatone'a political
life. Radicals, says the Economist, ara
mietaheo in assuming too confideatly that
the totere belongs to Mr. Chambtrlaia.
Claptraps, like cur»««, come home to
rooet. Mr. Chamberlain haa raited hopee
among the ignorant classes that are
doomed to disappointment when the
awakening dey cornea Mr. Cham
berlain will 6nd it more diffieak to
induce the people to tract him a eecond
time. A feature ef the past week waa a
boom in American secuntiee. Aliboagh
it ie believed that the fatare haa heea
largely die(onnt(d the impreeeion ia pre
vailenttbat higher pricee will be eetabiiaaed
than thoee now reached. Among rumora
effecting the market wae a report that eaw
company would control all Vaaderbik
roada and that Yanderbilt'a inteieet would
absorb the Erie road, while the Pennsyl
vania company would work iia pleasure
with the Pennsylvania and Reading. The
acheme, if realised, would beneficially to
line nee the fatare of the Londoa market.
oTHca MiiKKra
nim,utiuB*i tu.—wr-ouw ■ nrmtr
at 2} owicg to a (light revival is trad«
Beaux, October 26.—Bourre vaa quia!
and firm daring the week, general advaaoe.
Vikssa, October 26.—Bonn« waa firmer
the paat week.
FaiiiroaT, October 25.—Boor»« waa
irregular bot generally firmer.
iv tavpT.
Ca i to, October 2^.—Rieter Capriooe,
«bo baa arrived kera from Kkarioom,
•tatet that Staùa Bey Loptoo aad Cacsi
Bey bava been caat into cbaiaa. Thai
place, ab« aayi, baa baooma a »ecoad Mm
ca, and tbooaaada of Arab« an riakiag
the Mabdi'a tomb. 81m atatra that the f
■artMfc a> 8«da war« aMpriaad wlUe «a a
foraging expedition, Ueir rainai «aa cal
off and they anrreodered.
Dcai.ii, October 25 —Tha Patriot!«
Union baa iaaaid a long manifeato de
nooncing the Iriab Naikwal Laagn« 1er
baring Tor fir« Tetra embittered Iriab
bome rule, concert iodividoal liberty, u
Vorted money from the people aad fee»
mitted the perpetration of oatragea. Tb«
onion appeal« to tb« people to aaaiat their
independence of lb« leagoa and maintaia
I bo integrity of tb« empira.
caiova mavii'mto.
Manifeato cal la npoo «le vara to vol«
againat tyrrany of Mr. Paaaell aad eliqaaa
of patty tradera, ba«hrant farm ara and tdla
loongera, wbq Utm tb« Wgoa aad intiml
date tfce country.
adta*rix« Hurra.
Boha, October 26.—Serviae are invad
ing Balgaria, advancing by way of Küe
iura. Tbey croaaad tba frontier at aèaa
o clock to-oigbt. A force cf Bolgariaaa ia
advancing to meat tbem.
HICVCI.I ciacui
Will Wright »ill b« oo; »ooo os a aow
apodal itar.
Mr. T. 0. Cocbraa, tie «»II knowa Bai
laire whealmaa, vaa ia tow« 8atorday.
' Eighteen eighty-five baa be «a a woadar
ful year for record breaking, sot aa old
oao being left.
Fred Nortoa ia thinking of ge4üa*a
wbcf.l next »pilog aad joiaiag tb« gaag
in their rami})«.
Clem Smith, th« 1/cague repairer, ha«
bi« kanda fall of work oe ih« crippiad
at«eda cf ateeL
A meesiag «f th« Wheeling Wheal area
«ill ha held thia vrah, for th« parpoaa of
teeing a boat «inter quarter«.
Kirch, of Canal Dover, Ohio, waa lb
Iowa lait waeh. A foil akkal«d A2-lach
Colombia brought him h«re.
The wheal men will fana a atraag hoAy
in th« gymaaaiam, ahoaid H ho atartai
Thar can appreciate alkletio poetimaa, if
anybody CM,
The boy« «era arattarod ia their woadar
inga TMterday. Maay of ihoaa bettooM
U» day woaM ho th« laal day of good
roada thia year aad m «aah oaoaaatoa
hia favorite apia, «zpactiag to hid kadiaa
till aast apriag. The pivaaaat raoolloa
liooa they oarry iato viatar qaarlara, oal|
a wheelman oaa kaow.
Qr. Maaoa J no. Topping aad Harry
Oraher all lay elaia to the raoord of
climbing 8t Clairs villa hUL Oa thai oaa»
good day WiD Wright took tho eaafp off
tho hill kaçsa aetha "Waat Alexaador
Iaviaoibto." Thia oaly laaveo tho re*
I aowaed Bridgeport hUlaaooaqoarod. Try
I her. boy«.
I '"c that th? bottles which are\ laced beforeyott
1 lABELS, without "which the water is an
rJfation. Unless ycwtake t ire what, water
• nixed i.'ith your liquor, \ou are sttre not

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